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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3040023000 01.jpg Lancelot
Age 27 years old
Height 179 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Collecting weapons, studying tactics
Likes Training
Dislikes Cleaning his room
Final Uncap
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040023000 01.jpg Lancelot
Age 27歳
Height 179 cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 武器の収集、兵法の勉強
Likes 鍛錬
Dislikes 部屋の片づけ
Final Uncap

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  • Wogenstrom is German. "Wogen" translates to "billow" or "wave" while "Strom" means "current" or "stream".
    • Weissfluegel, or "Weißflügel", means "White Wing(s)"
  • Lancelot's name is based off of the Lancelot of Arthurian Myth. Sir Lancelot du Lac (of the Lake) was a knight of the round table and King Arthur's greatest companion.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
I'm glad to be able to celebrate your birthday with you. Let's enjoy ourselves!


Today's your birthday. Right, (Captain)?
Hm? Why do you look surprised?
Ha-ha! Of course I'd remember a birthday for someone as dear to me as you!
As luck would have it, I'm free all day today. So... if you'd like, (Captain), shall we go out somewhere together?
Oh! If you're nodding, then that means yes, right? Thank you, (Captain).
Well then, shall we go now?
Hm... Well, anywhere is fine by me! Do you have a place in mind, (Captain)?
No, wait! I'm not being lazy about your birthday plans! If you leave everything up to me, I know I can take you around to places you'll enjoy!
Ha-ha! Today is all about you, (Captain)!
Your wish is my command! Now let's make this birthday a fun one!


Happy birthday! I put together a special training session for you just for today.
Huh? You want to do something different? Okay, shall we take a stroll through the forest?
Ahhh... The weather today is splendid. I can hear the birds chirping from afar.
Oh yeah? You've seen birds like that in the forest near your home, (Captain)?
Hm? There's something on the ground...
Look! It's a snake skin! Ha-ha! What a lucky find!
Did you know? Snake skins are said to bring prosperity. There are even people who clean them up and make them into protection charms.
I know! Let's make a matching pair of charms for ourselves!
Heh-heh! I have a design in mind for you, so be looking forward to it!


Happy birthday! (Captain), what are your plans for the day?
Oh? You're free?
Then how about... we go out for a little walk?
I know last year was a little haphazard, so this year I've done a little planning in advance.
I was thinking we could walk along Feendrache and have some local food or go to my favorite weapon shop...
Or we could train together. What do you think?
Hm? Do none of those options interest you?
I see... You are a hard one to please, (Captain).
Then what if we... went on a rowboat trip over on that lake? Would you like that?
Oh! I saw your eyes light up! That's what we'll do then!
I don't know if I'm any good at rowing, but I'll try anyways. (Captain), you just sit back, relax, and take in the scenery.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
This is our fifth year celebrating together, isn't it?
When we first met, I thought you were someone who had a strong sense of responsibility—someone I could trust.
But after journeying with you for so long, now I know that you are so much more than that.
You've made me think that I want to be someone who can put his all into defending someone else.
Haha, you look happy to hear that. I like the smile on your face!
Actually, I have a present for you today.
Here are some props to help you with your core training! It all comes down to the basics for everything, right?
I'll show you how to use them. Would you be up for some training now?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
The new year is no excuse to skip out on training! Now let's get to work!


Usually I go see my parents back home for the new year, but hm... Would you like to come, (Captain)?
Great! Then why don't you come along with me for a visit?
I'd love to introduce you to my parents.
So yeah? You'll come? What's wrong? Just leave everything to me and I'll show you around while we're there.
Ah! And we should check out the local festival they have every year. They have food stalls and merchants and more!
Oh, I should probably warn you though. Be careful not to cut loose too much.
The older folks there seem to look down on that!


Looks like I'll be able to spend the new year with my parents again this year.
Huh? You want to come with me this year too? Sure, you're more than welcome!
Shall we check out the local festival again? Oh, and if there's any food you want to try, you be sure to tell me. I'll procure it for you!
I've an idea... Why don't we watch the New Year sunrise together this time?
There's a scenic spot only visited by locals in the know. You can get a full view of the town below, and the light morning mist makes for a real sight to see!
A long time ago, I used to stand there New Year's mornings and scream aloud that I'd become a superior knight...
All right, I think we've got a plan... Let's try hard to wake up early that day!


Happy New Year!
Just like last year, you came all this way to my home town. This is starting to become a yearly thing.
I've got something interesting I want to show you.
Would you look over there for a second?
Lancelot sets the small item he was holding in his hand on to the ground and lights it on fire.
Hahaha! Did the noise scare you?
This is what we do when the new year begins! The loud noise is supposed to keep bad spirits away.
And if you want extra luck, then you light this yourself!
That's what I used to tell Vane as a child to give him some courage. He was a scaredy cat.
But since you came all this way, be my guest! Light it up!
Don't worry. Just make sure you get as far away from it as possible after it's been lit. If you want, I'll stay right by your side.


I can't take any more... I'm so full!
Heheh, I didn't think I'd still be uncontrollably stuffing myself with mochi even at this age.
You managed to devour quite a lot yourself, (Captain). How many did you have?
T-that many? Then I guess you've got all the energy you'll need to participate in the annual New Year's kite-flying competition!
I'd been planning on making some final adjustments and practicing before it starts, but I'm too full to move right now...
Hm? Oh, that's a great idea! Okay, let's prepare ourselves in the meantime by doing some mental training until we can start running again.
First, we'll gauge the direction of the wind, then hold onto the kite and wait leeward for the right timing.
Next, we'll let the string out from the reel bit by bit and run windward!
Is it up? All right! Let's keep it flying like that and follow along with the wind!
Heheh, the mental training went perfectly! Now I can't wait to actually fly it!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Oh, that's right! Today's Valentine's Day.
You got me a gift, did you? Thank you! No matter if it's chocolates or macarons, I've got a real sweet tooth!


Oh! Have you brought another sweet gift for me this year, (Captain)?
I'll happily accept it, of course! Wow... The wrapping is quite nice. Do you mind if I open it and have a little bite?
Mmm... Mmm... Incredible! I've never had anything so delicious! Where'd you get your hands on these?
What! You made them yourself?
By the way... have you given chocolate to your valentine yet? Hm? Why are you so quiet all of sudden?
I guess there's nothing you can't do, (Captain)! I've a whole new level of respect for you!
I see, I see... You're embarrassed to say, right?
In exchange for your gift, I'll lend you an ear and some advice if you'd like. Come see me anytime!


Whew... Training sure feels good! What do you want to do after we take a break?
Hm? You brought some chocolate? That was good thinking on your part to bring a snack.
Huh? Oh, I see... Today is Valentine's Day, huh? I completely forgot...
Thank you. I'm glad I could get chocolates from you again this year!
Mmm... Delicious! It has a citrus-like aroma to it too. This really hits the spot after a good workout!
I'm the luckiest lad in the capital to get chocolate like this, filled with all your kindness.
Now, shall we resume our training?
(Captain)? Your cheeks are turning red. Are you all right? Did you push yourself too much while sparring?
Let's see, where's the water flask... Here, if you don't mind sharing the same flask with me, have some water!


Yeah, I just finished a few things. Come inside.
This box... Oh! It's Valentine's Day.
Every year, without fail, you always remember me. Thank you!
Which one should I eat first...
Yum. The chocolate you make is really good.
Getting something like this all to myself just makes me feel really special!
(Captain)... You're so red...
You're really happy?
Heh heh... I never tell a lie. Your chocolate is really tasty!
Now that my energy's been restored. I'm ready to get back to work!


(Captain)... Cough, cough...
Oh, it's nothing—just a small cold. Did you come to check up on me because you were worried?
What's this? Ah, that's right. It's Valentine's Day today, isn't it?
Wow, I'm so happy. I didn't have much of an appetite from my cold, but I was just in the mood for something sweet!
Cough, cough...
This isn't good. You shouldn't get too close to me, (Captain). You might catch my cold...
Don't worry. Vane made me some porridge for lunch, so I did have something to eat.
I'll be fine after some rest. It's still cold these days, so be sure to take care of yourself, okay?
Thank you. Good night.

White Day Cutscenes
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Today's White Day, right?
Will you accept this token of my gratitude? I hope you like it...


I'm sorry for calling you here all of a sudden... I know it's just giving you a gift, but... being alone with you has gotten me a little nervous.
Ahem... Allow me to start over!
(Captain), your sincere thoughtfulness always leaves me in gratitude.
I hope that we can form a bond, bettering each other as we grow.
And so if there's anything I can do for you, then you need only ask.
I'll be counting on you even more from now on, (Captain).
This is a token of my feelings for you. I hope you'll accept it!


(Captain), I got you a gift as thanks for Valentine's. Will you accept it?
Ah, but I'd like for you to read the letter attached to it later. I'm a little embarrassed to have you read it in front of me...
(Captain), allow me the chance to say this now. I'm so deeply grateful to you.
You come running whenever we're in trouble, and even when the journey gets tough, you never forget to check in on the capital...
What made me happiest is when you said you love the people and places found only in our kingdom. The elation I felt in that moment is still precious to me.
Ah... I guess I ended up saying almost everything in the letter... I should've done that from the beginning.
Ahem... Well, my point is that...
I'm grateful for all you do. Please accept this as a token of my thanks.


Good... I've finished patrolling the grounds, so time to call it a day.
I'm sorry you came all this way to Feendrache only to have to accompany me on duty.
I just wanted to know if you saw any flaws or areas we could improve when we patrol.
And I wanted to say just how much I appreciate you.
(Captain) and Lancelot enter a deserted park and Lancelot looks into (Captain)'s eyes.
We can talk here.
I just want to say...
Happy White Day, (Captain). Thank you for everything.
You always seem to know how to help me. Can I ask that you always do so?
Heh heh... I'm glad I got to hear that answer.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
If you don't hand over the candy, I'll play a trick on you!
Hahaha! I feel like a kid again!


Hm... Why the serious expression, (Captain)? You've received a particularly serious assignment, I take it!
What's that? You want to think of a prank horrible enough to make ne'er do wells think twice before committing evil?
Why would you make such a request of me? Surely someone else would be more suitable.
You wish to enlist my proven capacity for strategic thinking? Hm... I see.
Heh. When you put it that way, I suppose I have little choice. Besides... I can't very well deny a request from you, (Captain). Not one this important to you.
Very well. Gather information on the target's current flaws and failings. We're going to spook this one good.
Hehehe... It's been too long. I can't wait to get to work.


(Captain)! Look at you all covered in ink! What happened?
I see... The mischief-maker from last year has popped up again, yes?
No problem! Let me help you out for some real payback. Take a look at this note.
Heh! After last year's Halloween, I did some thinking and wrote up a few tricks we could try.
So, which one is your favorite? Honestly, I like them all!
Heh-heh! We're about to go all out, so the fun starts now!


What's wrong, (Captain)? Why are you hiding in this wooden box?
I see...When you tried to give candy to some children, they attacked you...
I may have a way of getting even.
Wait right there!
I've received intel on our enemies!
It appears their leader is a tempermental lass who is currently enroute for a surprise water gun attack.
We may have the wisdom that comes with age, but they have the numbers. I suggest we strike in their only blind spot.
I will hide here and you will be in that box over there...
That's freezing!
Tch...Apart from the group I scouted, they had a strike team ready too?
We don't have a choice! We have to power our way through! You have our secret weapon ready, right, (Captain)?
All right...
Release the water balloon!


Lancelot: Oh, (Captain). What's the matter?
Lancelot notices something hurtling toward him from behind (Captain) and immediately ducks.
Lancelot: What in the skies was that...Toy arrows?
And isn't that the troop who gave us that surprise attack before?
Don't tell me you decided to switch sides...
This sure is an unexpected twist...
Heh, but if that's how you're going to play...then I won't hold back either!
Lancelot picks up two toy arrows lying near his feet and holds them out like a pair of blades.
Lancelot: Get ready for the Twin Arrow Attack of the Pumpkin Festival! Here I come!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Season's greetings!
This time of year always reminds me of the times Vane and I stayed up late to try and see Santa Claus!


Ah... It's the holiday season. But I don't feel like going out with all the crowds. I guess I should tidy up my room a little...
Hm? Oh, hey there, (Captain). You want to help me clean my room? No way! I can't let you do that!
I mean, it's not like I have anything to hide. It's just that you're the captain and it's your holiday break, you see...
Humph... You don't give up, do you? Fine. I'll let you help me this just this once, (Captain)!
In exchange, I'll take you someplace to eat after we're done! Heheh... Now where should we go?


Today's the holiday party, huh? I remember going to those parties when I was a kid...
Heh-heh, it was so funny! Vane could never remember the words to the songs and made a mess of holiday caroling...
So I'd be sure to sing to him over and over again for practice. Ha-ha! What a great memory...
Huh? You want me to sing something now? I dunno... You can't just put me on the spot!
You really really want me to? Well, if you insist... But just a little.
Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to sleigh on this jolly holiday!
A-ha-ha-ha! You're embarrassing me with all that clapping...
All right! Now it's your turn to sing for me, (Captain)... And don't try to blush your way out of it!


Happy holidays!
(Captain), did you look outside?
There's so much snow! It's a fluffy white world out there!
When I was young I would play outside by making snowmen on days like this.
Together, the body and head would be made of three big balls. The head would get a helmet which was just a bucket, and I think I even added a sword to make him look a soldier.
I'd name him after a famous warrior, and then Vane and I would salute him.
Heh heh... Those were fun times.
Huh? You want to see a warrior snowman?
As a matter of fact, I could make an even better snowman than before!
Will you help me make him especially big?
Let's surprise all the crew members!


Happy Holidays!
Thanks for keeping watch out here on the deck despite it being so cold. Here, I brought you something warm to drink.
It's so cold you can even see your breath...
This reminds me of the time I patrolled the streets of Feendrache on a cold night like this before I became captain.
The cold was so brutal, I could feel it seeping into my bones...
An old lady thanked me and gave me a cup of hot tea to drink when she saw me patrolling out in the cold.
The warmth of the tea and the feeling of being depended on made me so happy. Thanks to that, I was able to keep going.
Maybe that's why I wanted to come and bring you a warm drink myself.
Since the party preparations are pretty much complete, would it be all right if I stayed and kept watch with you?
Heheh. All right then, let's stick this out together!

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Calm Before the Storm[edit]

It was in this country that our heroes met Lancelot, the knight who led the Order of the White Dragons that protected the royal capital. Lancelot took an interest in (Captain) for being a captain of an order at such a young age, and the party invited Lancelot to join their order.

During their journey, the party visited a most exceptional country that was said to be prospering thanks to the supernatural protection provided by the primal beast Sylph.
The party joined an extermination squad in order to eradicate Fafnir, who had devoured the primal beast Sylph.
The party put off their monster hunt until the following day. They were guided by Lancelot of the Order of the White Dragons throughout the interior of the Royal Palace.
Lyria: Sir Lancelot... What sort of place is this?
Lancelot: This is the palace’s banquet hall. It is used for a variety of events held year round, such as balls and ceremonies.
Vyrn: Hey hey... Lyria! Lancelot is probably pretty busy, so don’t pester him.
Lancelot: Hahaha! Don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine.
Just as the party came close to the guards’ station, an angry voice could be heard.
Soldier 1: Hey you! Draw your sword!
Soldier 2: I would be more than happy to fight you! Come here...
Lancelot: You guys! Be aware of just where you are!
Soldier 1 & 2: Sir Lancelot! This guy is no good!
Lancelot: Bloodshed in the royal court is strictly forbidden.
Soldier 2: But this jerk challenged me first!
Soldier 1: That’s not it! He badmouthed me first!
Lancelot: This is no good. The rules must be obeyed. No exceptions.
Thus disciplinary measures were handed down to the soldiers from Lancelot.
Lancelot: (Captain). I am sorry for showing you such an unedifying spectacle.
Lancelot: We will hold off on exterminating Fafnir until tomorrow. The soldiers are also probably pretty tense.
Vyrn: Whoa, Lancelot surprised me by suddenly making that scary face and then coming to a stop.
Lyria: Yes... Leading an order seems to be a terribly difficult proposition!
Lancelot: The Order of the White Dragons also has a lot of members. Everyone must abide by common rules to maintain order.
Lancelot: In particular, members hurting one another is absolutely forbidden.
Lancelot: That rule is absolute, even for the Captain. Anyone who throws our military discipline into disarray will face judgment and be expelled, no matter who they might be...
Lyria: And the life of a knight is no picnic either, is it.
Lancelot: Sorry for frightening you! But...
Lancelot: That said, it was pretty difficult for you to have put together an order, wasn’t it? Right, (Captain)?
  1. Maybe not...
  2. I’m relatively free, maybe...

Choose: Maybe not...
Lancelot: Hm... So there was some leeway.

Choose: I’m relatively free, maybe...
Lancelot: One certainly has much freedom in the skies.
Continue 1
Lancelot: However... You must be pretty popular, to be leading an Order at your age.
Vyrn: You know it! I think you would know the reason why if you came along with (Captain)’s Order.
  1. You are always welcome to!
  2. However, this Order...

Choose: You are always welcome to!
Lancelot: Hahaha, what fun! You are inviting me, too?

Choose: However, this Order...
Lancelot: That's it! So you are now sending me on a mission to eradicate Fafnir as the Captain of the Order of the White Dragons.
Continue 2
Lancelot: Ah... Here’s the guest room. Aren’t you tired from your long journey? You should get enough rest so you’ll be ready for tomorrow.
Vyrn: Ohh! Thanks for making the effort to guide us!
Lyria: Good night! Sir Lancelot.
Lancelot: Good night...
Lancelot: (An Order, huh? I wonder what sort of missions they have gone on? They certainly are interesting!)
Thus the eradication of Fafnir that had been close at hand was delayed. That night passed quietly.
To prepare for the battle that tomorrow would bring, our heroes took a brief respite.

Study Abroad[edit]

Lancelot is ordered by King Carl to accompany (Captain)'s party for the sake of the kingdom's development. In order to develop a better kingdom, he sets out on a quest to see these fabled "countries without kings" with his own eyes.

Lancelot, the captain of the Order of the White Dragons, was ordered by King Carl to accompany (Captain) and the others to learn of the world outside his kingdom.
King Carl: For the betterment of the kingdom, I want you to gain new perspective by traveling the wide world.
King Carl: Lancelot. I trust you will bring great changes to our land upon your return.
Lancelot: Aha! I, Lancelot, devote myself to the good of the kingdom!
Lancelot: I've received a direct order from His Majesty the King... but where to begin...
Vyrn: Yeah, working for the betterment of the kingdom is good and all... but he didn't exactly say how.
Lancelot: Perhaps he means for me to figure it out on my own.
Lancelot: ...I know! First we'll go to other lands and observe.
Lyria: I see, you want to learn from other countries!
Lancelot: Exactly. You can't learn from a place without seeing it and experiencing it yourself.
Vyrn: Hm, is there anywhere in particular you want to go then?
Lancelot: Let me think... I was once surprised to hear there are countries without kings ruling over them.
Lancelot: I would like to see how such countries are developed...
Vyrn: A country without a king huh? That's quite a change from your kingdom.
Lyria: We haven't decided our next destination yet so why don't we go there, (Captain)?
  1. Why not? This is a good opportunity!
  2. Maybe there will be jobs for us!

Choose: Why not? This is a good opportunity!
Lancelot: I heard it's a peaceful place, so it may be a good chance to get some rest.

Choose: Maybe there will be jobs for us!
Lancelot: Isn't it rare to find a nation in the skydoms that doesn't need help from a skyfarer?
Continue 1
Lancelot: Sorry to drag you all into it. And thank you, (Captain).
Vyrn: Alright, then let's see the nation Lancelot was talking about!

Study Abroad: Scene 2[edit]

Lancelot arrives at a country without a king with (Captain)'s party. He is surprised by the way the country is run and as he worries about the inexperience of the militia, the town is invaded by monsters.

(Captain)'s party arrive at a small country without a ruling king.
Since there were no knights in the country, (Captain)'s party is greeted by the volunteer members of the militia.
Militia Captain: Oh...! You must be Sir Lancelot! I've heard much about you.
Lancelot: I've heard of your country without a king, and wanted to see for myself. My apologies for the sudden visit.
Militia Captain: I see, our ways must be very foreign to you, Sir Lancelot.
Militia Captain: Here, any citizen can participate in council meetings. Because of this, everyone strives to become somewhat knowledgeable.
Militia Captain: What's more, every child has a duty to attend school.
Lancelot: Every child attends school!? Not only those who wish to become scholars...!?
Lancelot: But wouldn't those who seek professions like knights or artisans have less time for training...?
Militia Captain: Yes, you're right... between the literary and military arts, you could say we put emphasis on the pen rather than the sword.
Lancelot: (I see... the members of the militia here seem somewhat proficient in combat, but they're not as reliable as the knights of my kingdom. )
Lancelot: (Time is limited. How to decide... it's a tough choice. )
Lyria: I-It looks like Lancelot and the others are talking about some important stuff...
Militia Captain: Ah, sorry we took so long. If you'd like, one of us could show you around the town as we go on patrol.
Lancelot: I appreciate it. Please...
Militia Captain: This is bad! Captain! Monsters... a group of monsters destroyed the city walls!
Militia Captain: What!? Impossible...!
Lancelot: What's the status of the wall? Can it be repaired? Where are the monsters heading, what were they doing after breaking down the wall?
Militia Captain: W-Well... the monsters, they entered the town after breaking the wall down...we can't repair the damages because there are too many...
Lancelot: I see... then we must first take care of the monsters inside the town. Can we lend you a hand?
Militia Captain: I would be most grateful! We will focus on the invading monsters. Please take care of the monsters near the wall!
Lancelot: Leave it to us! ...I'm sorry for making this decision, (Captain). But I must protect the townspeople...
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! (Captain) won't abandon people in need. Right?
Lancelot: ...And that's why I stay with you skyfarers.
Lancelot: Now, let's go! We mustn't let anyone be harmed by those monsters!

Study Abroad: Scene 3[edit]

(Captain)'s party defeat the monsters that appear. The country's militia valiantly fights to protect the people from monsters, but struggle due to lack of experience. The party, along with Lancelot, hurries over to assist them and face off with the monsters.

Lancelot: ...Hmph... Good, the area around the wall seems clear.
Lancelot: Gather some of the militia here, and have them stand watch. That should be more efficient.
Lancelot: We're more experienced then they are. Let's hunt down the monsters in the town!
Militia Captain: Don't panic! Please follow our instructions and calmly evacuate the area!
Monster: Grrrrrrrrrrooooooarrrr!!
Militia Captain: Ugh... the monsters got in this far...? Men! Get in position!
Militia Captain: Protect the citizens! Go!!
The militia fight hard to protect the citizens of the town.
However, due to their lack of experience, they eventually begin losing ground to the monsters.
Monster: Roooooaaaarr!!
Militia Captain: Ugh...! We must protect them...! We can't afford to lose...!!
Lancelot: Are you alright!? We're here to help!
Militia Captain: Sir Lancelot...! I'm fine, but we haven't finished evacuating everyone...
Lancelot: Understood. First, we evacuate everyone that's left! One squad head to the walls, do not let any more monsters inside!
Militia Captain: Yes sir! ...But, what should we do about the monsters already inside...?
Lancelot: Leave that to us! (Captain), I need your help for a little while longer!
Vyrn: Of course! Let's show them our power, (Captain)!

Study Abroad: Scene 4[edit]

(Captain)'s party successfully fend off the monster invasion. Impressed with Lancelot's competence, the militia captain asks him to become their advisor but he refuses out of loyalty to his own kingdom. Lancelot promises to send one of his men in his place, a proposal that would strengthen the diplomatic relationship between the two lands.

With the help of (Captain)'s party, the monsters were repelled from the city and the repair of the walls begins.
Militia Captain: Thanks to all of you, we were able to keep the damages to a minimum.
Militia Captain: I don't know how we can thank you... now I see how painfully unprepared we are...
Lancelot: I was impressed by you and your men's strong will to defend the town. Now all you need is the training.
Militia Captain: Yes... but sadly, we do not have an instructor to train us. ...Sir Lancelot.
Militia Captain: It would be an honor if you could stay with us and become an advisor for the militia.
Lancelot: An advisor...!?
Lancelot: ...No, I cannot do that. I'm truly honored that you would ask, but my devotion belongs to King Carl.
Lancelot: I'm here on orders from King Carl himself. I cannot betray his trust.
Militia Captain: ...You're absolutely right. That was shameless of me... Please forget I mentioned it.
Lancelot: ...I can't stay here, but...
Lancelot: What do you say to the idea of bringing in one of my trusted men as an advisor for the militia?
Lancelot: In exchange for teaching the military arts, we would like to learn of your ways of building and running schools where children can learn.
Lancelot: It would be great if we could work together as this would be beneficial to all involved. Do you agree?
Militia Captain: Oh...! I couldn't ask for anything more! Our countries would have much to gain from this.
And so, (Captain) and the others return to the airship with the gratitude of the militia and the townspeople.
Lyria: You were so impressive back there, Lancelot! Just as expected of a captain of knights!
Lancelot: Haha, I'm flattered but I have a long way to go. I must continue to devote myself to my duties!
His journey to learn more of the world outside his kingdom continues.
And so, Lancelot continued to further his knowledge through his travels.

The Dedicated Knight Falters[edit]

The crew is honored at an awards ceremony for their role in saving Feendrache twice from disaster. Later that night King Carl and Lancelot ask the crew for help with monster extermination.

Feendrache has now been twice saved from seditious plots by Lancelot and the crew.
(Captain) and company have once again returned to Feendrache to attend an awards ceremony in their honor.
Lancelot: Thank you for going out of your way to come back here.
Lancelot: His Highness insisted that I personally extend his gratitude to you and your crew.
Vyrn: Heheh! What an honor!
Lancelot: The purpose of this ceremony is also to soothe the fears of the citizenry.
Lancelot: Nonetheless you have little to worry about, (Captain).
Lancelot: Stalls have already been set up in town ahead of the ceremony, so why don't you soak up some of the atmosphere before we start?
Vane: So this is where you've been, Lancey!
Vane: Get your formal armor on! You're behind schedule!
Lancelot: Whoops, you're right.
Lancelot: Vane, take over for me and show everyone around.
Vane: You got it, buddy!
People from across the land have gathered in the throne room and the ceremony begins.
King Carl: Most esteemed (Captain). On this occasion we thank you for your steadfast support during our kingdom's darkest hour.
Vyrn: Heheheh, (Captain) can't resist a kingdom in peril!
King Carl: Our gratitude to you for your dedication to helping people knows no end. Thank you.
King Carl: Siegfried. You have time and time again come to our aid.
Siegfried: No, the capital would surely have been lost without the ardent efforts of these young knights.
King Carl: Don't sell yourself short. This land would've fallen without you.
King Carl: All of Feendrache is indebted to you.
Siegfried: Your Highness! The honor is all mine.
King Carl: Vane, Percival. We must also extend our thanks to the two of you.
Vane: Hehe. As long as you and everyone else is safe, that's good enough for me!
Percival: Anyone would have done the same considering the circumstances. There's no need to thank us.
King Carl: Haha, is that so? I see you two are the same as ever.
King Carl: And finally, Lancelot.
Lancelot: Your Highness!
King Carl: Your new armor suits you well.
King Carl: That gift is a representation of your devotion and loyal service.
Lancelot: I humbly accept this gracious gift! I vow to redouble my efforts to serve you and the country!
King Carl: Citizens! Hail your heroes! The saviors of Feendrache!
The crowd breaks out into applause and raucous shouts of joy.
With the ceremony over, everyone enjoys the after banquet, feasting and making merry to their heart's content.
That evening King Carl, accompanied by Lancelot, pays a visit to (Captain) and the crew in their guest chambers.
King Carl: Thank you once again! I trust you enjoyed yourselves at the banquet?
Lyria: Yes, it was a lot of fun, and the food was delicious!
King Carl: Hah hah hah! Wonderful! I'm glad we were able to finally show you some hospitality.
King Carl: Now as for our visit... Lancelot.
Lancelot: Yes, Your Highness! (Captain), the truth is we have another great favor to ask of you.
Lancelot: I mentioned this before the ceremony, but the people are uneasy after being brought so close to disaster not once, but twice.
Lancelot: As a result we have increased the number of monster extermination patrols to show the might of the White Dragons.
Lancelot: If the citizenry know that the knights are close by, that should assuage their fears.
Vyrn: Mm-hmm, sounds good to me!
Vyrn: So what's this favor you want to ask us about?
Lancelot: (Captain), we'd like you and your crew to join those monster-hunting raids.
Lancelot: Your involvement as the saviors of the kingdom are sure to galvanize the population.
Lyria: Yes, that makes sense. Let's help out, (Captain)!
King Carl: Goodness, we've done nothing but rely on you since the very beginning. We are forever grateful.
Vyrn: Hehe, that's super encouraging coming from the king!
Starting tomorrow the crew will accompany the Order of the White Dragons on their monster hunts.

The Dedicated Knight Falters: Scene 2[edit]

The patrol arrives at a small village where they are hailed as heroes, but Lancelot overhears unsettling doubts about King Carl's rule from the villagers.

Proceeding with their monster-quelling patrols, (Captain), the crew, and the Order of the White Dragons reach a small village.
Villager 1: Gasp! Aren't they the White Dragons? They're the ones keeping the kingdom safe!
Villager 2: And those guys with them are the skyfarers that saved the kingdom!
The villagers give the passing column a warm ovation.
Vyrn: They love us! They really, really love us!
Percival: It's because a tiny village like this isn't able to keep away all the monsters that live in the area.
Lancelot: That's why they've been waiting for us.
Lancelot: We'll have to do our best not to disappoint them.
Lancelot starts to prepare for the coming expedition against the monsters.
As he is doing this, the chatter of the villagers reaches his ears.
Villager 1: I know we depend on the order, but we got caught up in two disasters thanks to old King Carl...
Villager 1: Trouble's brewing again. I can feel it...
Villager 2: He ascended the throne way too quickly if you ask me, right after the last king died.
Villager 2: He's always been known for his generosity, but I'm not so sure he's cut out to be king...
Villager 1: I heard that his older brother always kept a firm hand on the rudder. If only he'd stayed healthy...
Lancelot: ...!
Lancelot: (How could they say that? Their shaken faith is worse than I expected.)
Lancelot: (To go so far as to question His Highness's governance—)
Lyria: Lancelot, what's the matter?
Lancelot: Ahem. It's nothing.
Lancelot: Let's set out! Those monsters won't take care of themselves!
Vyrn: Yep, leave it to us! Come on, (Captain)!

The Dedicated Knight Falters: Scene 3[edit]

Lancelot overhears villagers criticizing King Carl's style of governance—Percival surprisingly agrees with the villagers. Percival then asks Lancelot what his priorities are, sending Lancelot into a rage.

Lancelot: (We've managed to purge the evil from the land, but not the anxiety that's taken root in people's hearts.)
Lancelot: (There must be something I can do for the people and for the kingdom... but what?)
Percival: Hey, Lancelot.
Lancelot: ...
Percival: Hey!
Lancelot: Huh? What is it, Percival?
Percival: Stop staring off into space.
Percival: We don't know where the monsters will attack from. You need to stay on your toes.
Percival: I shouldn't have to tell you that.
Percival: We can't afford to slip up now.
Lancelot: Yes, you're right. Sorry.
Percival: Humph. Were you shocked by what those villagers said?
Lancelot: So you heard them too?
Percival: It's not that surprising. It was more or less expected given the circumstances.
Percival: It seems his reputation as a soft-hearted ruler has become a cause of concern for the people out here.
Lancelot: Ugh! Don't tell me even you believe that drivel!
Percival: Quit barking, you lap dog.
Percival: Heh. His Highness this, His Highness that. You're more of a bootlicker than a knight.
Lancelot: What did you say? Are you questioning my chivalry?
Percival: Look, if you're going to call yourself a knight, don't forget who it is you're meant to protect.
Percival: So who is it? A single man who bears the crown, or the entire populace of a country?
Lancelot: ...!
Percival's words send Lancelot into a barely concealable rage.
Suddenly monsters fly out from a thicket, aiming for Lancelot's back.
Lancelot: Wha?
Percival: You're gonna have to launch a better surprise attack than that.
Vyrn: Oh no! They got us surrounded!
Lancelot: The village won't last long against a horde of monsters this large! We've got to stop them here!
Lancelot: (Just what I need to regather my thoughts!)

The Dedicated Knight Falters: Scene 4[edit]

Upon returning to the castle after a day of monster hunting, Lancelot is visited by King Carl. The king urges Lancelot to leave Feendrache with (Captain)'s crew to explore the skies and expand his horizons.

(Captain) and the crew help the order complete their patrols. They all return to the castle unscathed.
The patrols are scheduled to continue for tomorrow. In the meantime Lancelot agonizes over what he had heard earlier at the village.
Lancelot: (Just defeating monsters alone isn't enough to allay the fears of the people.)
Lancelot: (But... what else can I possibly do?)
Lancelot: (When it comes to my principles, Percival probably takes me for a fool.)
Lancelot: (Huh? Who could that be at this hour?)
King Carl: I'm sorry to disturb you, Lancelot.
Lancelot: Your Highness? I'm sorry you have to see the knights' quarters in such an unkempt state!
King Carl: It's all right.
Hahaha, I see what you mean.
King Carl: I believe Vane was supposed to have tidied all of this up.
Lancelot: My deepest apologies.
King Carl: But you must also take some of the blame for allowing your quarters to get into such a state.
King Carl: And just what is vexing you so much that you'd neglect your basic duties?
Lancelot: Forgive me. It's something too trivial for a knight to be as troubled over as I have been.
Lancelot: However, I have by no means been neglecting my duties!
King Carl: Yes, yes, no need to get worked up. Hoho... You're quite the earnest fellow.
King Carl: I've been worried about you for some time now, Lancelot. You work too hard.
Lancelot: I'm a knight! It's only natural that I should give my life to my king and country!
King Carl: And for that I am grateful. Nevertheless I'd like for you to stretch your wings every once in a while.
King Carl: How about it? I can ask (Captain) personally if you'd like.
King Carl: It might do you some good to take a gamble on those skyfarers and get away from your duties for a while.
Lancelot: Your Highness?
King Carl: Hoho. That's an order, Lancelot.
Lancelot: (It's as the king says. Perhaps some time away will do me good.)
Lancelot: Thank you for your concern, Your Highness. I am ever grateful.
And so Lancelot leaves with the crew at the behest of King Carl.
Lancelot is being given the chance to observe his country and his order from a broader perspective.
He will need some time to discover the path to his own brand of chivalry.

The Loyal Knight's Resolve[edit]

Lancelot takes some time away from the White Dragons to the see the world with the crew. He's still preoccupied with his inadequacies as a knight and decides to clear his mind by hunting some monsters.

Lancelot leaves the White Dragons temporarily to travel with (Captain) and the crew.
He agonizes over what he lacks in order to be a better knight.
(Captain) is concerned about Lancelot's state of mind and suggests that he sit out the next mission.
Lancelot: Thank you for looking out for me, but I insist on helping you with the request.
Lyria: Are you sure, Lancelot?
Lancelot: Yes. Seeing as you've invited me on board, (Captain), I'd like to do my share.
Lancelot: Besides, I'll end up with cabin fever if I don't get out and stretch my legs.
Lyria: Really? Well, okay, but don't push yourself too much.
Lancelot: Thank you, Lyria.
Lancelot: Now, we must dispatch those monsters laying waste to the farmlands. To battle!

The Loyal Knight's Resolve: Scene 2[edit]

Back on the Grandcypher, Vane visits Lancelot in his room, and they have an open discussion about Lancelot's worries. Thanks to Vane's forthrightness, Lancelot breaks out of his slump, and the crew turns back for the capital.

(Captain) and company complete the request and return to the airship.
Vane not in crew

Vane stops by to visit.
Vane: Hey, Lancey, are you in there?
Vane is a crew member

Lancelot: Yes, I'm here.
Vane's shoulders sag as he looks around the appalling mess of a room.

Vane not in crew

Lancelot: Vane! What are you doing here?
Vane: Hehe, it's been so long that I just had to see your face again!
Vane's shoulders sag as he looks around the appalling mess of a room.
Continue 1
Vane: Geez, I only took my eyes off you for a second...
Vane starts tidying up the clutter without waiting for Lancelot to respond.
Vane: There. At least I have somewhere to stand now.
Vane: I feel like tea. You want some, Lancey?
Lancelot: Sure, why not.
Lancelot: Heh, you always were a busybody.
Vane: Eh, you might have a point. Can't say I've noticed myself.
Lancelot: Thanks, Vane. I really mean that.
Vane: All right, I'll be in the kitchen.
Lancelot: (You've always been by my side for as long as I can remember.)
Vane returns to the room with steaming cups of tea and a plate of cookies.
Vane: Tea is served! Drink up!
Lancelot and Vane chat idly while sipping their tea.
Eventually there is a pause in their talk, and Vane's expression grows serious.
Vane: Lancey, what's bothering you?
Lancelot: Huh? What makes you say that?
Vane: You can't hide it from me! It's written all over your face!
Vane: Not to mention your room's a disaster area whenever you're bothered by something.
Lancelot: Ugh, am I that easy to read?
Vane: Hehe. Well, I'll leave the jokes at that.
Vane: So why don't you fill me in?
Vane: I probably won't have anything insightful to say, but maybe it'll make you feel better.
Lancelot accepts Vane's kind words.
Lancelot: Yeah, you do have a knack for looking at things impartially.
Lancelot: I've been thinking about what I lack as a knight.
Lancelot: What do you think a knight should protect?
Vane: Huh? Well. Let's see here...
Vane: What should a knight protect... protect... protect...
Vane desperately tries to come up with an answer to Lancelot's question.
Vane: Sorry, Lancey, but I'm stumped when it comes to tough stuff like this.
Vane: I just try to protect the ones I care about with my own two hands.
Vane: I mean, that's pretty much it. King Carl, our friends in the order, the citizens... I want to protect them all!
Lancelot: Heh, now that's a very Vane-like answer. I feel the same way you do.
Lancelot: But what if the citizens are unsatisfied with the king's rule? What then?
Lancelot: When the interests of the king and the people diverge, what is the role of a knight? What is my role?
Vane: Hmm, His Highness is a kind soul who always puts his people's needs first.
Vane: There must be a misunderstanding if the people aren't happy with a king like that.
Vane unfolds his arms and slaps his knee as if stumbling across a revelation.
Vane: That's it, Lancey! We can break that misunderstanding, one piece at a time!
Vane: Our country's full of good people. If we can just show them what the king is thinking, then I'm sure they'll come around!
Lancelot: ...!
Vane: After all it's part of our job to make sure everyone lives in peace and harmony, isn't it?
Vane: Now that's a goal worth fighting for. Right, Lancey?
A smile of satisfaction flashes across Vane's face.
Lancelot: Snort... Pfft... Fwahaha!
Vane: What? Was it something I said?
Lancelot: Sorry, I shouldn't have laughed. But you're right, Vane.
Lancelot: You're a true friend I can always rely on.
Vane: Lancey!
Lancelot: I feel a burden being lifted thanks to you.
Lancelot: Break time is over. Let's ask (Captain) to fly us back to the capital.
Vane: Nice! Now that's the Lancey I know!
The Grandcypher heads back to the capital at Lancelot's request.

The Loyal Knight's Resolve: Scene 3[edit]

Lancelot is about to go to the castle, but Siegfried wishes to know if Lancelot has found the answer he has been searching for. Siegfried challenges Lancelot to a duel in order to test Lancelot's convictions.

The Grandcypher arrives at the port of Feendrache.
Siegfried not in crew

Lancelot steps off the airship and is greeted by Siegfried.
Siegfried: So you came back, Lancelot.
Lancelot: Siegfried! Did you come here just for me?
Siegfried: Yes. The king is waiting for you.
Siegfried: But before that, there is something that I have to ask you.
Siegfried: Did you find an answer to what a knight should be?

Siegfried is a crew member

Lancelot steps off the airship. Siegfried calls out to him before he can continue on to the castle.
Lancelot: What is it, Siegfried?
Siegfried: Did you find an answer to what a knight should be?
Continue 1
Lancelot: Humph. You're always in tune with my anxieties.
Lancelot looks at Siegfried with an unshaken gaze.
Lancelot: I have my answer. I'm no longer lost.
Siegfried: Oh? And what is that, if I may ask?
Lancelot brings his fist to his chest.
Lancelot: A loyal subject doesn't blindly follow a king's decrees. Loyalty means correcting the king when he has been led down the wrong path.
Lancelot: A knight doesn't just protect the king from threats. He protects the will of a king who loves his country and is loved by his subjects.
Siegfried: Hmm...
Lancelot: I think that's how true chivalry can play a role in protecting the realm.
Siegfried: I see. That's a good answer.
Siegfried: But to achieve that will take strength wrought from steadfast determination that can withstand any danger.
Siegfried: Allow me to test your resolve, Lancelot. Show me your chivalry!
Lancelot: Siegfried...
Lancelot: Very well. I'll meet you head on!

The Loyal Knight's Resolve: Scene 4[edit]

After being recognized by Siegfried for his swordsmanship, Lancelot receives an apology from King Carl for his shortcomings. Lancelot renews his pledge of fealty to the king and Feendrache.

Siegfried: Hmm. I detect no hesitancy in your swordsmanship. You've come into your own, Lancelot.
Lancelot: There's still much I have to learn, but I won't be stopped anymore.
Lancelot, victorious over Siegfried, returns to the castle.
King Carl: Siegfried has told me of your troubles. I'm sorry about all of this.
King Carl: My weakness as a statesman has been a great burden on your shoulders.
Lancelot: That's not true, Your Highness!
Lancelot: My indecisive heart was a result of my inexperience as a knight and nothing more.
Lancelot: But knowing my own inadequacies is what drives me forward.
King Carl: I see. Lancelot, your king and your country need you. Please, we must place our faith in you.
Lancelot: I don't deserve such praise. I aim merely to serve the kingdom with loyal devotion.
Lancelot: Should I have doubts about Your Highness's judgment from this point on...
Lancelot: I will relay my opinions unflinchingly at the risk of insubordination.
King Carl: Hmm... That's a terrifying thought...
King Carl: Heh heh heh. Well, try to go easy on me.
Lancelot: Your Highness!
His torment dispelled, Lancelot has turned over a new leaf as a knight.
From this day forth he will be an ardent knight who defends his king and his country; his people and his friends.

Now, Then, and Always[edit]

Revisiting the royal capital Feendrache, Lancelot and Vane overhear two maids talking about them in the castle. This sparks a lively conversation between the pair about their childhood days, where each reveals how much he had respected the other, reinforcing their bonds of friendship.

Paid in foreign money instead of alma, the knights of Feendrache's Order of the White Dragons have taken work in other countries.
Meanwhile, Lancelot and Vane have left (Captain)'s party in order to undertake restoration of their country.
During this time, they now return to the capital for the first time in a while, visiting King Carl.
Vane: Ha ha! It's good to see His Majesty looking so well, eh, Lancey?
Lancelot: Yeah! Let's try not to cause His Majesty any more anxiety!
Vane: Yeah, you betcha!
Lancelot and Vane are strolling around the castle exchanging lighthearted banter, when they overhear some maids talking.
Cheerful Maid: Hey! So is it true Lancelot and Vane are childhood friends?
Quiet Maid: Why… yes, it is. Didn't you know?
Cheerful Maid: Really? I never knew! No wonder they get on so well.
Quiet Maid: Hee hee, those two have excelled from a young age.
Cheerful Maid: Wow… that's so cool… it's like a different world from ours!
Lancelot: Ha ha! Hear that, Vane?
Vane: Ha ha, yeah… those girls might've been surprised to see the younger Lancey, though…
Vane: Heheh… you were quite a mischievous rascal back then, man!
Vane: Oh yeah! Remember that time at the festival, when you saw through that stall owner's bogus lottery game and exposed him?
Vane: And when you played the trick at Halloween and got scolded by that old couple?
Lancelot: Ugh… that was… I mean, come on, I've moved on from then, right?
Vane: Ha ha! Good thing you matured fast, Lancey!
Lancelot: Humph… If you wanna play that game, then… you might be a little taller than me now, but remember how small you were back then?
Lancelot: And what a crybaby you were? I seem to remember you were always saying how scary and painful sword training was, hmm?
Vane: Ha ha ha! Did I say that, now? But, well…
Vane: I'll admit I was always a crybaby back then.
…That's why I looked up to ya so much, Lancey.
Vane: I mean, you've always had this strong and reliable vibe going on. Always admired that.
Vane: It was just awesome when you got that recommendation for knighthood, man.
Lancelot: Vane…
Lancelot: …You know, at the time I became a knight, I actually thought you were better.
Vane: HUH?
Lancelot: You may have been a crybaby and a weakling, but you used your desire to help others to drive yourself toward becoming a knight.
Lancelot: Hah… After all, you were the one who taught me it wasn't one's skill with the blade alone that gives one strength.
Vane: …Heh heh! Guess I am a little useful, then?
Lancelot: Hey, come on now, you're more than "a little." I'm counting on your help from here on, OK, Vane?
Vane: Yep! Right back at ya, Lancey!
Lancelot and Vane from the Order of the White Dragons reflect on their childhood friendship, which has held fast over time.
And when the next disaster inevitably befalls Feendrache, these two will be sure to work together to overcome it.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ヴェインとは幼なじみなんだ Vane and I are childhood friends.
ぐっ…ランちゃんはよしてくれ Rgh... Cut it out with the "Lancey," will you?
白竜騎士団団長ランスロット、参る! I am Lancelot, captain of the Order of the White Dragons!
魔物の気配がする…警戒を怠るなよ I sense monsters... Keep your guard up.
焦りは禁物だ…慎重に進もう Haste makes waste... Let's take it slowly.
さぁ…先を急ごうか Okay, let's move!
常に学び…常に成長していかねばな We must continue to learn and better ourselves.
もっともっと剣の腕を磨きたいものだ My swordplay could always use more work.
(主人公)には不思議な魅力があるな Your charisma draws people to you, (Captain).
(主人公)!ここは俺に任せろ! I've got this, (Captain)!

Other Appearances[edit]

Rage of Bahamut[edit]


Lancelot, Twinfang Prodigy[edit]

SV Lancelot, Twinfang Prodigy.png SV Lancelot, Twinfang Prodigy E.png
Click to reveal card data

Whenever this follower attacks, gain +1/+1 if an allied Vane, Indomitable Knight is in play.

I've been handed a royal decree from the king to seek knowledge that will benefit our country, but I don't even know where to begin... I think I'll start by observing other lands.


(Same as the unevolved form.)

There must be something I can do for the people of this kingdom... but what? What should a knight protect? That's the question I have to answer.

Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Lancelot, Twinfang Prodigy
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Unbridled Fury[edit]

SV Unbridled Fury alt.png
Click to reveal card data

Deal X damage to an enemy follower. X equals the number of allied followers in play.

With twin blades in hand, I'll cut a path to glory!

Class Swordcraft
Card Pack Promo
SV Portal Unbridled Fury
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Tales of Asteria[edit]