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Official Profile

Age 22
Height 84 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies Painting pictures (even though she's bad at it), making sweets
Likes Children, paintings
Dislikes Katzelia, shallow adults
Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 22歳
Height 84cm
Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 絵を描くこと(ただし下手)、お菓子作り
Likes 子供、絵画
Dislikes カッツェリーラ、上っ面な大人
Character Release
Source [1] [2]




  • Katzelia is her brother.
  • Her full name is Haaselia Alois Gangnus.


  • "Mondlicht" means "moonlight" in German.
  • "Haaselia" is a play on the German word "Hase"(ハーゼ), which means "hare" and the German word "Lila"(リーラ), i.e. purple/lavender in English, which is displayed in the colour of her overcoat.
    • This is further playing on The Moon's rabbit imagery.

Special Cutscenes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), happy birthday.
I know it's not much, but I have a little something for you.
A portrait of you. Here, take it.

  • Choose: Wow, you're good at this.
    Why, thank you for the compliment, (Captain).
  • Choose: It's very... individualistic.
    I really like the finer details of your face, so I made sure to include it all.

I hope you'll hang this up in your room.


Today's your birthday, (Captain).
Meaning it's been a year since we first met... Time sure flies by.
It brings me such relief to see you growing into your own.
Haha, I apologize if it seems like I'm treating you like a child.
I just can't help but worry about you, (Captain).
It's only natural when you consider that the entire crew depends on you.
(As do I...)
Haha. May we share many more wonderful moments together, (Captain).


Congratulations on celebrating yet another day of birth. You've grown again.
I'm a little jealous, to be honest. The loss of baby fat in your cheeks and your increasing height...
As you can see, we Harvins are often mistaken for children, even when we are well into our adulthood.
On the other hand, it is useful since people relax their guards around us.
My, my, that sounded suspicious, didn't it?
I wasn't implying anything devious by it. You believe me, don't you?


Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm glad to have observed your growth over this past year.
A part of me was envious to see you lead your crew with such unbending strength and courage.
There was even a period of time where I attempted to learn martial arts, in imitation of you.
Unfortunately, I have never held anything heavier than a paintbrush in my life, and so I had to give my attempts rather quickly.
I also have some reservations about hurting others...
But you'll continue to keep me safe, won't you? I'd appreciate it greatly if you would.


I wish you the happiest of birthdays! This is the fifth time we're celebrating together, is it not?
If, five years ago on this very day, you had asked me if I thought our relationship would last this long, I would have said no.
Although your adventures are always fraught with peril, so I wouldn't be surprised if you suddenly met your untimely end...
Ah, I shouldn't be speaking of such awful hypotheticals. My apologies.
All I wanted to say is that it's important that you do not take your time for granted and instead treasure every moment you have.
Birthday or not, I'm always grateful for you and everything you've done, (Captain).
I hope you feel the same way about me, (Captain). Nothing in the world would make me happier.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), happy New Year.
Will you accept this gift?
This New Year's money is a small token of my appreciation.
I imagine your expenses for giving each crew member a gift can't be cheap, so I was hoping to lighten that burden—even if only by a tiny bit.
So what do you think you'd buy with this New Year's money, (Captain)?
Come to think of it, I don't really know what your interests are.
Haha, I hope you'll tell me more about yourself in due time.


Happy New Year. Another wonderful new year has begun.
Have you decided on any resolutions yet, (Captain)?
It's important to set goals for yourself. It makes difficult goals that much easier to achieve.
Even if those goals may be cruel and coldhearted...
Oh, don't mind me. I'm just talking to myself. Haha...


Happy New Year. Let's have another good year together.
Oh, do I seem a little listless? I suppose there's no point trying to hide the truth from you.
I was flying a kite a little while ago, but the plain white design bored me, so I decided to paint my own work of art onto it...
For some reason, every crew member who saw my kite in the sky ran away terrified.
Which is why I'm now terribly upset that I've ruined their festive mood.
I'd like to speak with the affected parties directly and apologize, but I only vaguely remember the color of their clothes...
It'd be wonderful if you could help me identify those crew members, (Captain).
You should also tell me where their rooms are too.
I have a lot I want to clarify with them.


(Captain) and Haaselia go for their first shrine visit of the year together.
(Captain), shall we draw our fortunes?
(Hehe, I wonder how surprised the captain will be if I pull the best one possible?)
With unfounded confidence, Haaselia reaches for her fortune.
(T-terrible luck? Impossible...)
O-ohoho! It seems I will have moderate luck! What about you?
Amazing luck? W-well, well!
I hope this year proves to be good for you! Ohohoho...
Later that day, while (Captain) isn't looking, Haaselia tears her fortune into pieces.


It's a beautiful morning today. What do you think of this scenery, (Captain)?
Rich or poor, the sun rises for us all.
I don't know about you, but I find that both incredibly inspiring and horrifyingly depressing.
No matter how far you fall, the world will continue to revolve, undeterred. It's almost as if reality is mocking your efforts.
Ah, I'm sorry. It's the start of a new year, and I'm already bringing down the mood.
I wish to create a just world—one of peace and equality. One day, the sun will shine upon such a world.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ah, (Captain). You look well.
Would you accept this gift from me?
Specially hand-made chocolate from yours truly.
Oh, what an embarrassing thing to say...
Do let me know later how you enjoyed the taste.
If you like it enough, I'll gladly make more for you next year.
I'm good with pastries, particularly layer cake and chocolate fondant.
Haha, I'm already looking forward to next year, (Captain).


(Captain), will you accept my chocolate this year too?
To be honest, I've been waiting for today ever since last Valentine's.
My, my, (Captain), you show me your carefree smile oh so easily.
I had the naughty thought of captivating you with my chocolates...
But you captivated me with that charming smile instead.
Haha. Quite the sinner, aren't you?
I hope to see many more wonderful smiles from you this year, (Captain).


Here are your chocolates. It's almost standard procedure by now, isn't it?
Oh? I guess if you're that happy to have them, it was worth the effort of making them myself.
(This child is an open book to an astonishing degree.)
(Which makes manipulation easier for me.)
(But am I the only one that feels like being too open means you have something to hide?)
Ah, sorry, (Captain). I was just thinking...
Picturing the future of our relationship, hehe...


A gift from me to you, (Captain)—full of love.
Which reminds me... I heard my brother causes you no end of trouble on Valentine's Day.
He seems to always have the wrong impression about us and never ceases to voice his opinion about it.
If he ever troubles you, just let me know. I have a special something prepared...
Ah, you need not concern yourself with that. A peaceful outcome would ultimately be for the best, of course.


Here you go, (Captain). As you may have already noticed, it's a box of Valentine's chocolates.
It may look the same as any other chocolate, but don't be fooled by its appearance. I've poured my heart into this box.
What am I saying? How embarrassing. It's not like we're lovers...
Although I'm not opposed to the idea—if it's what you want, (Captain).
(Sigh... Why am I getting all sentimental?)
(Who am I even kidding? I need to stop this absurdity at once.)

White Chocolate Cake
White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Why, you smell great today, (Captain).
Hm. A gift for me, as thanks for Valentine's?
Thank you. What a joy.
Haha, how adorable. I can feel the love you put into every cookie, (Captain).
Hm? You're looking awfully fidgety.
Ah, you must be wondering whether you did a fine job in making them.
Haha, there's no way that treats you poured your heart and soul into could be unsavory.
Even if they do not match my preference, the fact that you thought of me is what really brightens my day.
If you ask me, the secret to tasty treats is envisioning the smile of the other person as you go about baking.
So there is no need to fret, (Captain). I gladly accept the gift.


(Captain). Ah, yes, today's White Day.
Dearest me! Could that thing in your hand be a present you so painstakingly prepared for me?
Thank the gods! You don't know how happy this makes me!
Hm... Perhaps that was too forced.
But truthfully, I was looking forward to these.
I find it embarrassing to express my feelings. That's why I tried putting on an act, even if I'm not very good at it...
Thanks again for this kindness, (Captain).


Come to give me my present?
Hehe, I knew you'd be coming. A soul as kind as yours wouldn't forget to repay me for Valentine's Day.
Ah, that sounded bad, didn't it? Sorry, I didn't mean it that way.
I can't help but have expectations for you, you see.
It's natural to expect things from someone you trust...
And I trust that our bond isn't easily broken.


Hehe, so I am to receive a present this year as well. I'm terribly grateful.
Ah, if you're wondering about that enormous pile of sweets on my desk, those are from my brother.
He caught me by... I mean, I happened to run into him and had no choice but to receive it all.
Are you worried you should've brought me just as many?
There's no need to be. I value the person giving the gift more than the gift itself.
And any gift from you is something I shall dearly treasure.


Oh? Is this in return for my Valentine's gift? Why, thank you!
(Was I too enthusiastic in my response? No, I'm sure it was fine. (Captain) would appreciate the sincerity.)
Oh, my! This is the confection I had my eyes on earlier!
((Captain) really has a knack for this. It's as if my likes and dislikes are an open book, just waiting to be read.)
(Wait, was I really being that obvious?)
(There's simply no way! This is pure coincidence, plain and simple! My acting is second to none!)
Ahaha... I'll be sure to enjoy this with a cup of tea later...
Racked with anxiety, Haaselia is unable to lay her hands on the snacks gifted to her by (Captain).

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat, it is!
Haha. Surprised, (Captain)?
Sorry, I couldn't help but tease you when I saw your adorable face.
Here, take this pumpkin cookie as my official apology.
To be honest though, I simply wanted an excuse to give you a treat...
I hope you feel all the love I poured into that cookie. Enjoy.


Happy Halloween, (Captain).
Won't you try playing a trick on me this year?
I already got my turn last year; it's only fair that you get yours too.
The children at the orphanage used to play tricks on me all the time, so I'm rather used to them.
Do go easy on me though.
I might let out a yelp if I'm not fully prepared...
Oh, I'm only kidding. I'm sure you wouldn't take things too far, (Captain). Haha...


So you've come.
Trying to play a trick on me? You better put in your full effort, or you'll regret it.
Hehe, did I surprise you? That was my version of a full effort trick.
I have to keep you on your toes, or else you'll grow bored of me.
And if that happens, I'll lose my place in your crew.
It would make me happy to continue staying by your side forevermore, so trust that I'll always be putting in my best effort.


When (Captain) enters Haaselia's room, the captain is surprised to find children with their faces painted to resemble zombies.
Why, hello there, (Captain). Would you like to join us?
The children wanted some face paint, so I decided to make them look like animals. Don't they look adorable?
Now that is a curious expression you're wearing. Is there something wrong with my painting abilities?
It may be my first time painting, but I assure you, they look like animals.
You think so too, don't you, (Captain)?


Phew... All done.
Ah, (Captain). I just finished up painting the children's faces.
Last year's face painting was such a hit that they asked me again this year.
It was quite the task with how many children there were, but being able to see them smile makes it worth all the while.
Would you care to try, (Captain)? I'll be extra careful painting your face.
Oh? Why are you walking away? Are you trying to spare me the additional work?
Worry not. I'm in an excellent mood today.
All you need to do is trust me and my work. Leave the rest in my capable hands. Now, come hither. The brush awaits.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Season's greetings, (Captain).
Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Ah, sorry, I didn't mean to treat you like a child.
I, however, do believe in the jolly old man.
Teehee, you must think I'm childish.
The mere thought of how Santa brings smiles to children all over makes me jealous.
I'd like to be more like him someday.
You may find me arrogant for thinking so, but I'll hope you'll support me in the endeavor.


Hello there, (Captain). Season's greetings.
I'm putting decorations on the holiday tree. Would you like to join me?
Doing this reminds me of the orphanage.
Making cake and trading presents with Lette and the other children...
I treasured the reprieve I felt in those moments away from the austerity of the imperial palace.
I can't go back to the past anymore, but I pray that some of this holiday cheer reaches Lette and the children—wherever they might be.
It'd be great if you could join me for a silent prayer, (Captain).


(Captain), you came at a good time. Take a look.
It's a snowman based off of you.
Since tonight is the holy night, I also added a red hat in the spirit of Santa Claus.
The two black spots there are the eyes, the dot in the middle is the nose, and the dots at the bottom form the mouth.
Hehe, it's a very unique snowman, isn't it?
Oh my, that's quite the stare. Is it not to your liking?
You're a nice person though. I know you'll forgive me for it.


A little ways away from the holiday party, (Captain) stumbles upon Haaselia all by her lonesome.
(Captain)? The celebrations are still ongoing, aren't they?
You're wondering about me?
I simply... wished to escape my brother's gaze for a moment.
He has an embarrassing habit of complimenting me without end in front of any crowd of people.
I must admit, it's almost impressive how he can bare his true feelings without hesitation.


Well, if it isn't (Captain)?
I was handing out gifts to the children earlier. They're just so cute when they're happy.
Seeing their innocent smiles fills me with a sense of joy. It's like my very soul is being cleansed.
The same goes for you as well. I'm blessed to have met as pure a heart as you, (Captain).
A pure heart mends the souls of others. I hope to be more like you in that regard.

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Small Gentlewoman

(Captain) and company look into a child abduction case with the help of a Harvin woman named Haase. After its resolution, she takes out a card which transports the crew to a mysterious battlefield.

The crew accepts a request to look into a serial child abduction case on a certain island.
They go around town asking locals for info on who the culprit might be, but everyone seems to be equally clueless.
Vyrn: Sigh... This is gonna be one tough case to crack.
Lyria: Yeah... Another incident could be happening while we're still trying to figure things out...
???: Eep!
As the crew walk around wondering what to do next, Lyria bumps into a Harvin woman who happens to be passing by.
Lyria: Oh, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?
???: Yes, it's nothing really. I should have paid more attention to where I was walking.
Vyrn: You alone, little miss? Best make it home soon if that's the case.
Vyrn: There's some nasty creep out there kidnapping children left and right. In fact, we're looking into it right now.
???: Why, thank you for your concern. However, I must say I'm a full-grown woman even if I may not look the part.
Vyrn: Oopsie, that's my fault. Sorry about that.
???: Ahaha, no worries. Enough people get mixed up that I've gotten used to it.
???: Anyhow, I am well aware of the kidnappings. I, too, have come to this town to find out more.
Vyrn: Wait, you mean you're a skyfarer too, Braidy Girl?
???: No, not quite...
???: ...
???: Erm... If you don't mind, is it all right if I join you in your investigation?
???: Though I did come here of my own volition, I didn't exactly come prepared.
???: As soon as I heard that pure, innocent children were being victimized, I just knew I had to do something and flew out my house...
  1. I know the feeling.
  2. Why is that?

Choose: I know the feeling.
Lyria: Me too. I want to rescue those children as soon as possible...
???: Likewise. There's no way I can let this go...

Choose: Why is that?
Vyrn: I get that you want to help out...
Vyrn: But it's not like anyone asked you, right? Is there some other reason you're going out of your way to do this?
Continue 1
The Harvin woman recounts a tragic episode, a tinge of regret in her tone.
???: The child of a friend of mine was once swindled by treacherous rogues and died in the aftermath.
Lyria: That's awful...
???: Simply recalling the incident fills my heart with such anguish.
???: What they did... was unforgivable...
Lyria: Huh?
???: Ah, please don't mind me! My point is I can't bring myself to overlook any knaves who would toy with the lives of children.
She brushes aside the painful memory.
Haase: I haven't properly introduced myself yet. My name is Haase, and I'm a painter who lives in the neighboring town.
Haase: When word of the kidnappings reached my ear, I knew I could not just sit idly by.
Haase: And so I ended up coming in a mad rush... Despite the fact that I have neither the strength nor the skills to catch whoever the culprit might be...
Haase: After regaining my composure, I decided to look for someone who'd be able to help.
Vyrn: So that's your story...
Vyrn: Truth is though, we're not exactly getting anywhere with our investigation either.
Haase: What do you say I use myself as bait?
Haase: The culprit just might bite if I play the part of a child well enough. Being Harvin helps.
Lyria: That's too dangerous!
Haase: I understand that all too well. But children are being preyed upon as we continue to deliberate.
Haase: So please...
As youthful as she may appear, Haase's steadfast determination and resolve are evident in her eyes.
  1. Let's solve this case together.

Choose: Let's solve this case together.
Vyrn: Yeah... It's not like we've got any other leads to work with anyhow.
Lyria: If it gets risky, we'll be there to protect you! Right, (Captain)?
Haase: Thank you. I'm glad to have run into such a respectable lot.
And thus the crew ends up working together with Haase.
They make their way to an empty back alley.
Haase wanders about, pretending to be lost, while (Captain) and company watch from the shadows.
Haase: Mommy! Where are you?
Vyrn: We'll just have to hope the perp falls for it... You guys think it'll work?
Lyria: Look, over there! Someone's coming!
A lone man walks up to Haase.
Suspicious Man: Why, hello there. You lost?
Haase: Um... I got separated from my mom...
Suspicious Man: Sorry to hear that. I'd be glad to help you look for her.
Suspicious Man: Actually, why don't you stay in my house in the meanwhile? After all, it can get really lonely out here.
Haase: But Mommy told me not to go off with strangers...
Suspicious Man: Haha, relax—it'll be fine. You like candy by any chance? You must be starving out here all alone.
Haase: Nuh-uh, I'm okay. I can wait until I find Mommy.
Suspicious Man: Tch, screw this.
You're comin' with me whether you like it or not, missy!
The frustrated man forcefully lifts Haase up while covering her mouth.
Lyria: No! Haase!
Lyria: Let's go rescue her, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Hold it right there! You must be the bum who's been making off with children all over!
Suspicious Man: Where the hell did you folks waltz in from!
Vyrn: You're cornered! Give it up already!
Suspicious Man: Tch, we'll see about that!
The incensed man pulls out a knife and holds it by Haase's cheek.
Suspicious Man: You make one move, and I'll make sure she stays scarred for life!
  1. Let her go!

Choose: Let her go!
Suspicious Man: Heh! I will as soon as you—
Haase: (It's now or never!)
Suspicious Man: Oww!
A surging pain welling up in his finger, the man involuntarily releases Haase.
She had taken advantage of the momentary distraction brought on by (Captain) and chomped down hard on the man's finger.
Haase: Now, everyone!
Vyrn: All right, punk! You're done for!
Suspicious Man: Eeek!
(Captain) and company hand the perpetrator over to the authorities and report the completion of this job to their client.
Vyrn: Whew... Down with another one!
Lyria: Mm-hm! I'm glad we found all the kidnapped children too!
Haase: Thank you so much, everyone. I couldn't have done this without you.
  1. You did your part too.
  2. He didn't hurt you, did he?

Choose: You did your part too.
Vyrn: That's right, Braidy Girl! You put yourself on the line so that we could catch the creep!
Haase: Haha, all I did was fish him out. It's a good thing it worked out in the end.

Choose: He didn't hurt you, did he?
Haase: I appreciate the concern. But thanks to the opening you created for me, I was able to get away unscathed.
Continue 2
Vyrn: You totally kicked butt yourself, Braidy Girl! You got his finger good!
Haase: Hehe, I just acted on impulse really. I surprised myself even.
Haase: Tch, might as well have bitten off a finger or two...
Vyrn: Hm? You say something?
Haase: No, nothing at all.
Haase clears her throat before turning back to the crew with a smile.
Haase: I now see how trustworthy you all are.
Haase: And so... there's something I'd very much like to discuss in earnest.
Vyrn: Hey, no need for formalities.
Haase: To begin with, would you please take a look at this?
Haase takes out an old, dog-eared card from her pocket.
The illustration on it is abraded, making it unrecognizable.
Lyria: I feel a really strong power coming from this card...
Haase: You can sense that?
Lyria: What exactly is this card?
Haase: You'll find out soon enough.
In the next instant, the crew narrow their eyes as they are engulfed in white light emitted from the card.
When (Captain) and company open their eyes back up, adjusting to the light, they stand speechless at the sight before them.
The thunderous clamor of war sounds aloud as countless primal beasts battle with monsters slithering about.
Vyrn: What in blue blazes just happened! We were in town only moments ago!
Lyria: Haase! What is this—
Just then Lyria realizes that Haase is nowhere to be seen.
Lyria: She's not here!
Vyrn: No way! Don't tell me she really got lost this time!
Lyria: What do we do? What if she's—
Monster: Graaaaow!
Lyria: Eep!
Vyrn: Darn it! We'd better find Braidy Girl fast!
Confounded by the sudden turn of events, the crew grows anxious.
They deal with an incoming threat first before heading off to search for Haase.

Haase's Secret

The crew fend off the threat on the battlefield and find themselves back in town. Haase explains that they were transported to a memory of the War, where a certain primal beast studies the tactics of skydwellers to eventually best them; she also reveals her true identity as royalty and that the primal must be stopped if she is to return to the empire.

After vanquishing the monsters in the unfamiliar battlefield...
(Captain) and company are once again enshrouded in a white light and find themselves back in town.
Vyrn: What the... What just happened? Was that a dream?
Lyria: I can still feel it all... That was too real to be a dream...
Haase: Nice to see you all made it back safely.
Lyria: Ah! Haase!
Vyrn: Where were you the whole time! You have any idea how worried we were?
Haase: Sorry for making you worry. But I was here the entire time.
Lyria: Huh, what do you mean?
Haase: You look confused. Though I suppose that's only a given.
Vyrn: Wait, Braidy Girl, you're sayin' you know what's up with that place we were just in?
Haase: I'll explain everything in order.
Haase takes a deep breath before calmly continuing.
Haase: The world you were just in is a memory of the War.
Lyria: How is that even possible!
Vyrn: So it was a sort of dream then?
Vyrn: Except I don't get why something like that would happen so suddenly...
Haase: The reason lies with this card.
The expressions of (Captain) and company stiffen up at the sight of the card.
Vyrn: That reminds me—the moment that thingy went all shiny...
Haase: I apologize for startling you. But I figured things would proceed more smoothly if you all experienced the other world for yourselves firsthand.
Haase: A primal beast dwells within this card. An extraordinarily powerful one.
Vyrn: No way!
Haase: He repeats the memory of the War endlessly inside the card to master all sorts of attack patterns.
Haase: So that he can secure a guaranteed victory against skydwellers for when he materializes in the real world.
Haase: Unless we do something about it, that is exactly what will come to pass.
Lyria: There must be a way to stop him!
Haase: Indeed, there is. That's where you come in. I'd like you to enter this memory and stop the primal beast's learning process in warfare.
Haase: If you can best him time and time again, the amount of knowledge he must accumulate increases greatly.
Haase: That could delay his manifestation in reality so long that he considers victory over the skydwellers an impossibility and gives up.
Vyrn: Huh, I see...
Haase: Do you believe everything I've said?
Vyrn: It'll take a while for all that to sink in.
Vyrn: How'd you get ahold of something so grim to begin with?
Haase: Hm, I suppose it's only fair that I reveal myself if I expect you to trust me.
A short silence ensues before Haase finds the resolve to speak of her past.
Haaselia: Haaselia Alois Gangnus... That is my full name.
Haaselia: The truth is... I was born into the ruling family of the Galgenia Empire.
Lyria: You're royalty? Whoa!
Haaselia: Yes. This card has been passed down from generation to generation in the empire. Stopping that primal beast has been a mission of the imperial family for ages.
Haaselia: But one day... Those who sought to use the card wrongfully started a coup.
Haaselia: I figured the least I could do was make it out of the castle with this card safely, and so I ran.
Haaselia: I'm sorry for keeping my identity a secret until now. But I must remain cautious.
Vyrn: You mean you're still on the run, Braidy Girl?
Vyrn: How can you afford to be getting involved in other cases when your life's in danger?
Haaselia: Indeed, I would be safer off hiding in a secure location.
Haaselia: But the thought of someone terrorizing helpless children compelled me to action.
Haaselia: Oh, this must all sound so bizarre to you...
  1. I believe you.
  2. Sounds suspicious.

Choose: I believe you.
Vyrn: Come to think of it, the way you talk and carry yourself really gives off an upper-class feeling!

Choose: Sounds suspicious.
Lyria: Hey, Haase's not suspicious at all! I mean, just look at how polite and elegant she is in everything she does!
Continue 1
Haaselia: I appreciate the vote of confidence. Thank you.
Haaselia expresses gratitude and relief in her smile before reverting back to a serious tone.
Haaselia: Thankfully my pursuers have not discovered me. And the card remains safe in my hands.
Haaselia: However, I alone cannot stop the primal beast.
Haaselia: Which is why I was searching for people who could assist me.
Haaselia: If we can stop the primal, the card would lose its meaning...
Haaselia: And thus the knaves who seek to overthrow the empire would cease their coup, allowing me to return home... At least that's what I'm hoping for.
Haaselia: So please... Won't you consider my request?
  1. Count us in.
  2. You really think we can help?

Choose: Count us in.
Vyrn: Considering we'll get to save you and stop the primal beast, there's no way we'd turn you down!

Choose: You really think we can help?
Lyria: I'm sure we can handle it, (Captain)!
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Haaselia: Thank you so much, everyone. I'm so fortunate to have stumbled into you all.
Vyrn: All righty then! Let's get ready to roll with the punches!
The crew graciously agrees to help Haaselia with her plight.
In order to save this royal Harvin, they enter into the throes of battle once more.

Haase's Daily Grind

Haaselia reminisces of the past. As the sixth imperial heir to the Galgenia Empire, she is seen as little more than a figurehead. She plays her role as a graceful and refined lady well, even if her true personality is quite the contrary. Haase works hard with her best friend and servant, Lette, in hopes of one day being able to provide financial support for an orphanage.

Vyrn: Now! Go for it, (Captain)!
Lyria: We can do this, (Captain)!
The sky and earth tremble in this ancient recollection of the War as the crew engages in a battle of epic proportions.
Haaselia watches the battle unfold from a vantage point.
Haaselia: Hehe, this is going really well. What a wonderfully naive bunch they are.
Haaselia: This brings us one step closer to our goal. Wouldn't you agree, Moon?
The Moon: ...
Haaselia: This is all for those children... A farewell gift in a sense...
It all began before Haaselia was chased out of the empire.
One day she is exchanging words with the emperor in the audience chamber.
Emperor: Haaselia, my beloved daughter. Your comportment at the city fair was most befitting of a princess.
Emperor: Many of the esteemed guests praised you to high heaven. You make me proud.
Haaselia: Your gracious words are always a blessing, Your Imperial Majesty.
Emperor: I'm feeling exceptionally well today. If your heart desires it, I'd like to give you a present.
Haaselia: I only acted as I should as a member of the imperial family. I do not desire a gift.
Emperor: Hahaha, I see you've grown to be as modest as your late mother was!
Haaselia: However...
Emperor: Yes? Speak, my daughter.
Haaselia: Well, it's nothing really...
Haaselia holds back what she wanted to say, perhaps appearing timid in the process.
The Galgenia Empire consists of several smaller countries.
Being last in line as the sixth imperial heir, Haaselia holds the least authority in the imperial family.
As such her official duties mainly involve entertaining the guests at city fairs and serving as a judge at the games held there. Many view her as little more than a figurehead.
She is never entrusted with affairs of state, and her words are taken lightly among the rest in the family.
Because Haaselia understands that all too well, she hesitates to speak her heart before her father.
Haaselia: I take my leave now.
Once again Haaselia leaves the audience chamber with her innermost thoughts kept to herself.
As she returns to her room, Haaselia encounters a group of nobles in the hallway.
Haaselia: ...?
Hm, what's going on here?

Katzelia: Well, if it isn't Haase!
Haaselia: Good to see you too, Brother.
Katzelia: My adorable little sister. How do you do today?

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???: Well, if it isn't Haase!
Haaselia: Good to see you too, Brother.
???: My adorable little sister. How do you do today?
His name is Katzelia Alois Gangnus.
He is the fifth imperial heir and shares the same mother with Haaselia.
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Haaselia: Did you have business here, Brother? I suppose you were meeting with the nobles gathered about?
Katzelia: We just finished up a performance and saw off our guests.
Katzelia: I wish you could've seen me taking up the conductor's baton and creating that beautiful melody with the orchestra, Haase.
Haaselia: Haha, it's nice to see you're as infatuated with music as ever, Brother.
Song-Loving Noble: Good day, Lady Haaselia.
Song-Loving Noble: What lovely finery you're wearing today.
Haaselia: Haha, thank you. I must say, your dress matches your beautiful golden locks very nicely.
Song-Loving Noble: Ah, you flatter me, Princess. I had it custom-made just for today's performance actually.
Song-Loving Noble: I had been eagerly awaiting for this day to come.
Song-Loving Noble: Your brother is simply marvelous as the imperial maestro. I enjoyed myself so much that I lost track of time.
Haaselia: I'm pleased to hear that. It makes me proud to hear a dear brother praised.
Song-Loving Noble: Have you any interest in music yourself, Lady Haaselia?
Haaselia: While I do fancy music, my main interest lies in art. I've been known to take up the brush every now and then.
Song-Loving Noble: Is that so! I'd love to take a look sometime!
Haaselia: And I'd love to show you if the occasion ever presents itself.
Song-Loving Noble: Aah, like brother, like sister. How nice that both of you have such passion for the arts.
Song-Loving Noble: Will you two continue to pursue your personal interests in lieu of matters of government?
Haaselia: Er, well...
Katzelia: Oh, please don't tease my little sister like that. Haase is much too young to be concerned with politics.
Haaselia: Why, that's not true! I consider myself knowledgeable about the fundamentals of government!
Katzelia: Aahahaha! No need to stretch your wings too far, Haase. I'm sure your brothers will be more than enough to handle matters of state.
Katzelia: There's no need to dwell on it. You should just be yourself.
Haaselia: ...
???: Would you stop treating her like a child? I assure you Haaselia has more than grown into her own.
Katzelia: Ah, you were present too, Uncle?
Archduke: I see you're still putting all your effort into music, Katze. It's good to know you two are doing well.
Katzelia: What brings you here, Uncle? I heard you had urgent business to attend to and would not be present for today's performance.
Archduke: Indeed, I finished up early and rushed here hoping to make it in time for your show, but I ended up being a bit late.
Archduke: Anyhow, Haaselia. I take it that, unlike your brother, you've developed a keen interest in politics?
Haaselia: Yes, well... You must think I'm rather brazen...
Archduke: Hah-hah-hah! As if! I'm more impressed than anything!
Archduke: I'd say all members of the imperial family are duty-bound to study governmental affairs. We can consider your brother the exception.
Archduke: But why, I wonder. I had always assumed you shared your brother's disinterest in matters of state. Perhaps to an even greater degree.
Haaselia: There's an orphanage I'd like to provide economic relief to...
Archduke: An orphanage?
Haaselia: Yes. I have a personal attachment to that place...
Haaselia: But I feared that it would be deemed little more than a selfish whim, and so I've not said a word of it to my father.
Haaselia: For my wish to be heard, I felt that I had to accomplish something noteworthy first.
Haaselia: That's why I've been pursuing studies in my own free time.
Haaselia has a reason for explaining herself in such detail.
Her uncle, the archduke, is a philanthropist who contributes greatly to the empire through investments and donations.
If there was anyone who could help Haase get funds to the orphanage, it would be her uncle.
Haaselia is hopeful that her uncle will respond graciously.
Archduke: So I see. I had no idea you felt so strongly about this.
Archduke: I'll speak to your father on your behalf.
Haaselia: Really?
Archduke: Yes, anything to help out a dear niece.
Haaselia: Thank you, Uncle. I have no words for your kindness.
Katzelia: Hm... I always took you for a child too young to care about politics. Who'd have guessed you'd be studying up on your own...
Archduke: At this rate you might even outdo your brother one day...
Archduke: But enough talk. It's almost time for my next order of business. You'll have to excuse me.
Katzelia: I'll see you to the gates. You came all this way in hopes of seeing my performance after all.
Katzelia: You're still on duty after this, Haase?
Haaselia: Yes, I have two more functions to attend to.
Katzelia: I see. Don't push yourself too hard, okay?
Haaselia: Thank you for your concern, Brother.
Having said goodbye to her brother and uncle, Haaselia has returned to her quarters.
Plunking herself down on a chair, Haaselia breathes a deep sigh as if to relieve herself of fatigue.
Haaselia: Sigh... How I wish my brother would stop treating me like a child...
Haaselia: He believes he knows everything about me, but that couldn't be further from the truth.
Haaselia: My uncle, on the other hand, understands me oh so well. I should aspire to be more like him.
???: Teehee, Katzelia's reputation took a bit of a beating back there.
???: But it only goes to show how much he loves you, Haase. It's nice that you two get along so well.
Haaselia: You're only saying that because you know how I really feel, right? Ugh, acting all nice and polite in front of everyone really wears me down.
???: Haha, it's always a delight to hear the real you, Haase.
Her name is Lette. She is Haaselia's servant and close friend.
Haaselia tries her best to appear graceful and refined in public, but only because it is expected of her.
Lette is the one person she can confide in and show her true self to.
Haaselia: I'm already twenty-two. Why does he still see me as a child?
Lette: You'll always be his adorable little sister no matter how old you are, Haase.
Lette: After all, you're such a cute little doll that sometimes even I just want to cuddle you up.
Haaselia: Isn't that just a more roundabout way of calling me a child?
Lette: Oh, you think so? Hm, I never thought of it that way.
Haaselia: You're too nice for your own good.
Lette: Teehee, thanks.
Haaselia: That wasn't a compliment.
She releases a sigh of incredulity and stretches out her arms.
Haaselia: I'm almost jealous that Katze gets to focus on his hobbies. I, on the other hand, have functions to attend one after another.
Lette: Haase, how are you holding up? You've really been pushing yourself lately...
Haaselia: I'm fine. In fact if I don't start working harder, I'll never be able to curry favor with my father.
Haaselia: I can't afford to be lazing about when those children need me.
Lette: (Haase can be a bit haughty and spiteful, but there's no doubt she gives her best at everything she does.)
Lette: (It's all part of her charm.)
Haaselia: Hey, what's with the smirk?
Lette: Oh, it's nothing.
Lette: (I have to be here for her.)
Haaselia: Just so that we're both clear on this, you'll be sweating it out right beside me. I can't do this all alone.
Lette: Right, of course. I'll be glad to assist as always.
Haaselia: I have more functions lined up for the day. We need to get going to the next one.
She gathers her wits about her and departs the room with Lette.
Just another day in the life of Haaselia.

Protecting What Matters

Amid much political intrigue in the castle, Haaselia and Lette find reprieve by visiting an orphanage and handing out snacks to the children. Haaselia, in particular, finds joy in teasing a cheeky boy named Flek. They are all blissfully unaware of the tragedy that looms.

Some months of day-in, day-out official duties pass before she and Lette find the opportunity to visit an orphanage incognito.
The children inside are elated at the sight of the two and gather around them.
Haaselia: Hey, everyone! I made snacks!
Girl: Mm, that smells so good!
Boy: Ooh, gimme, gimme!
Haaselia: No pushing, okay? I brought enough for everyone—form a line, please.
Haaselia hands a bag of snacks to each child in turn.
Girl: Yay, I love cookies.
Boy: Ehehe! Thanks!
Haaselia: Aww, look at their faces light up at such a simple gift. Aren't children the most adorable little things?
Lette: (Good. Haase's enjoying herself.)
This visit was made possible by Lette's efforts.
Seeing how swamped Haase was with her public service, she had been planning this trip to the orphanage for some time.
Orphanage Director: Thank you for coming all this way, Lady Haaselia.
Haaselia: No worries, Director. I do it of my own volition.
As Haaselia continues handing out treats, one child munching on a cookie approaches.
???: As sucky as your art is, Haase, your cookies are some of the best I've ever had!
Haaselia: You again, Flek? I wish you'd stop teasing me about that.
Flek: But it's the truth!
Haaselia: I don't deny the fact, but you don't have to remind me every time I'm here. You could've simply complimented me for the cookies.
Flek: Heh, I was trying to be nice, you know! Just my way of saying that you could try being as good at drawing stuff as you are at making treats!
Haaselia: Sigh... You just don't know when to quit, do you.
After shaking her head, Haaselia looks straight into Flek's eyes, a smirk playing on her lips.
Haaselia: By the way, do you know what it means when a child like you picks a particular person to tease?
Flek: Wh-what are you trying to say!
Haaselia: It means you like that person and want their attention.
Haaselia: So... You must really like me, huh?
Flek: Sh-shut up! Not in a million years!
Haaselia: My, my, your face is all red. I must've hit the bullseye.
Flek: No, that's not it!
Haaselia: Oh dear, I must be mistaken then.
The chuckling Haaselia almost seems a different person from her usual self in the castle.
Lette gently chastises Haaselia for her conduct.
Lette: Would you stop that already? It's unbecoming of you.
Haaselia: The cheeky boy needed to be taught a lesson.
Lette: You've changed so much since we first met.
Haaselia's initial encounter with Lette happened a long time ago when she visited the orphanage on business as a child.
When the princess presented the orphanage with a painting she drew herself as a gift, a little girl pointed out that it was awful.
That little girl was Lette.
Haaselia was well aware that her painting skills needed work.
But because she was an imperial princess, no one ever dared to openly speak their mind about it.
That was precisely why Lette's words struck Haaselia as pleasantly refreshing.
From that point on, Haaselia would make repeated visits to the orphanage just to see Lette. The two became fast friends despite their respective standings in society.
It wasn't long before Haaselia invited Lette to the castle as her personal servant.
Lette: Then again I was a bit of a jerk at the time, so perhaps I'm not one to talk.
Haaselia: I used to be so docile in those days. Meeting you has really toughened me up in so many ways.
Lette: At the same time, I bet coming here has shown you how cute and pure children can be.
Haaselia: You always were good at changing the subject... Though I will admit I've come to like children better.
Haaselia: (That's why I want to keep this orphanage safe... I have too many precious memories of Lette and myself here...)
Orphanage Director: Haaselia... Is something on your mind?
Haaselia: Hrm? Why do you ask?
Orphanage Director: Well... It's just that you looked a bit troubled for a moment.
Orphanage Director: I wondered if it might have anything to do with His Imperial Majesty not showing his face in public lately.
Haaselia: ...!
Taken aback by the director's startlingly accurate conjecture, Haaselia finds herself speechless.
About a month ago, the emperor suddenly fell ill, setting the imperial family into disarray.
With the second heir's recent assassination to top things off, it was no longer fitting for Haaselia to broach the topic of relief for those in need.
The emperor's sickness was kept a secret from the masses, but the second heir's assassination was already a well-known fact among the populace.
Rumors began to spread that perhaps the emperor, too, was a victim in the assassination plot.
Orphanage Director: If I may be so bold... Do you think we will be able to receive continued funding?
Orphanage Director: If a new emperor were to rise to the throne and cut off support to us, I don't know what I'd do with these children...
Haaselia: Don't fret. My father is alive and well.
Haaselia: Even if what you say does come to pass, know that I'll be around to do something about it.
Orphanage Director: Aah. Thank you so much, Lady Haaselia.
Haaselia: ...
However, her words are scarce consolation.
While biting on her lip, Haaselia recalls a bitter conversation by her father's bedside.
Emperor: Haase, it's good to see you...
Haaselia: Are you well today, Your Majesty?
Emperor: I'm feeling better than usual... Haase, come closer...
The emperor's fingers, weak and devoid of life like dry twigs exposed to the chill of winter frost, brush against Haaselia's cheeks.
Haaselia: You wanted to talk, Your Majesty?
Emperor: Haase, I wish I had been a better father to you...
Emperor: As you may already know, my death draws near... There's something I want you to have...
With shaky hands, the emperor produces an old, worn-out card.
Emperor: I'd like you to have this... When the time comes, you'll know how to use it...
Haaselia: This is...
Haaselia is unsure of what to make of the seemingly worthless card, something that can hardly be used as a keepsake.
Recalling her father's words, Haaselia places a hand on the card in her breast pocket.
Haaselia: (What I want is money... But this waste of paper wouldn't be enough to feed the kids a single meal.)
Haaselia: (Grumbling won't solve a thing... I'll have to take matters into my own hands.)
Haaselia looks to the children as if to remind herself what it is she must protect.
She notices that a few of the children who are usually present are nowhere to be seen.
Haaselia: Director. Some of the children don't seem to be around. Have they gone on an outing?
Orphanage Director: Ah, you must be referring to the ones who've found foster parents. All thanks to the good graces of the archduke.
Haaselia: My uncle?
Haaselia: (He really did it... I've got nothing but respect for him.)
Flek proudly joins in on the conversation as Haaselia cracks a smile.
Flek: Heheh! I guess I should say I've got foster parents coming to pick me up soon too!
Haaselia: Lucky for you. Congrats.
Flek: You better not cry just because I'm not around anymore, Haase!
Haaselia: Oh, please... It's not like you're going to kick the bucket.
Haaselia: It'll be different next time, but I'm sure we'll be able to meet up again. Right?
Flek: Nuh uh, not happenin'! You won't get to see me again until I'm all grown-up!
Haaselia: Why do you say that?
A flush of red coloring his cheeks, Flek makes a bold statement.
Flek: I'm gonna be the suavest, coolest man on the block when I come of age... Then I'll be back to sweep you off your feet and walk down the aisle with you, Haase!
Haaselia: My, what a manly thing to say.
Haaselia: But you'd better grow up fast, because I might get married before you get your chance.
Haaselia: I've already had countless marriage proposals, and there's been talk of arranged marriage as well.
Lette: That's right. Haase can be so charming—especially on the surface. Explains her popularity with men.
Haaselia: Lette, you could've left out the "surface" part.
Flek: Hah, you're kidding! Who'd want such a bad-tempered lady for a bride!
Haaselia: And who was it again that fell in love with this bad-tempered lady?
Her playful retort is accompanied by her soft, relaxed countenance.
The little time Haaselia is able to spend at the orphanage is pure bliss compared to the restricting confines of the imperial court.
Little does she know of the grim tragedy that awaits her.

Truth and Deceit

Haaselia one day receives a surprise visit from Flek, who claims he can't get along with his new foster parents. She lets him stay the night—an opportunity Flek seizes to murder Lette. It turns out the archduke's experiments on children were discovered by Lette, and he sent over the experimented Flek as a solution. Haaselia escapes by using the power of a primal beast known as The Moon, swearing revenge against the archduke.

About a month has passed since Haaselia's last visit to the orphanage. She is painting in her room.
Yet she appears somewhat glum.
Haaselia: (Should I really be idling away my time with brush and canvas?)
Haaselia doesn't consider her recent use of time to be very productive.
It started about a month ago, when the emperor passed away and the first imperial heir ascended the throne.
The fourth in line was imprisoned on charges of assassinating the second. The imperial court was in turmoil.
It was no time to be worrying about the orphanage—disaster could fall upon her very being any day now.
And Lette has been going out of the castle rather often lately, further compounding Haaselia's anxiety.
Haaselia: (Where could Lette have been going without telling me...)
Haaselia: (It gets so lonely in here...)
As Haaselia continues sketching on the canvas to soothe herself, knocking on the door is accompanied by the voices of guards outside her room.
Imperial Trooper: Pardon the intrusion, Your Imperial Highness, but a boy has come to the castle wishing to speak to you.
Haaselia: A boy? What's his name?
Imperial Trooper: I was told you'd understand if I said Flek...
Haaselia: (Flek? He's never come to the castle before. Why now?)
Imperial Trooper: Should I send him away?
Haaselia: No, I know Flek. Let's show him in. Give me a moment.
Haaselia puts aside her half-completed painting, tidies herself up, and leaves the room.
Haaselia and the guard go together to the castle entrance, where they find Flek waiting.
Haaselia: This might be the first time we've met outside the orphanage. How odd it feels.
Haaselia: You know, only a month has passed. Weren't you going to become the suavest, coolest man on the block before seeing me again?
Haaselia: Or have you come because you just couldn't stop thinking about me?
Flek: ...
Haaselia jests in good spirits, but Flek is unresponsive, his expression colored by gloom.
Haaselia: What happened to your happy-go-lucky self?
Flek: So I went to live with my new parents... But we didn't get along too well...
Flek: I couldn't take it anymore and just flew out of the house...
Haaselia: Hm, so that's what happened, huh...
Understanding Flek's plight, Haaselia offers him words of consolation.
Haaselia: I guess that sort of thing happens. But it's not your fault—no need to be so down about it, okay?
Flek: Still though...
Haaselia: (Maybe I'm asking the impossible here...)
Haaselia: (He had already left his birth parents, and this time it was entirely his decision to leave his second home... It's only a given he'd feel at fault...)
Haaselia: Stay in my room today.
Flek: ...
Would that be okay?
Haaselia: But it'll have to be our little secret. I'll never hear the end of it later if anyone knows I let you stay.
Haaselia: I'll think about what you can do in the future. For now you can stop worrying about it.
Haaselia: So come on in.
Flek: Okay...
After returning to her room, Haaselia takes note of Flek's heavy eyelids and urges him to get some shut-eye.
It isn't long before Flek begins snoring away after getting on the bed.
Haaselia: He must be exhausted.
Gazing at Flek's sleeping face, Haaselia gently strokes his back and pats his head.
Haaselia: (He can be a real cheeky brat at times, but he's oh-so cute too.)
Haaselia: Looks like he'll be asleep for a while. I may as well get back to my painting.
Haaselia takes a moment of repose from her canvas and looks out the window. She realizes the sun has already set.
Haaselia: Is it that late already?
Haaselia: Wow, I'm surprised he's still tucked in. I just hope he doesn't sleep so much that he wakes up in the middle of the night.
Haaselia: Mmng... Watching him snooze away has gotten me sleepy.
Just as Haaselia yawns and begins to doze off, Lette enters the room.
Lette: Sorry I'm late, Haase.
Haaselia: No worries. Sorry to bother you with an errand when you just got back, but could you get me a pillow?
Lette: Hm? What for?
Haaselia: Flek's here. A lot's happened, and I'm having him stay here for the night.
Lette: Flek? I suppose that's okay, but did you let his parents know?
Haaselia: It's not that simple, you see. I waited a bit hoping to talk to you about it, but...
As the two continue discussing the matter, Flek awakens.
Haaselia: Good morning, sleepyhead. Or should I say "good evening"?
Flek: ...
Haaselia: Hm? You're still half-asleep?
Flek remains irresponsive as he stares absent-mindedly at the ceiling.
But the moment he notices Lette, he immediately turns to her the way a predator turns to its prey.
Lette: (Something seems off about him... His eyes are blank, like those of a puppet...)
Lette: (No, it can't be!)
Lette: Haase! Get away from Flek right this moment!
Haaselia: What's wrong, Lette? What kind of a joke—
Lette: Ngh...
Flek: ...
Haaselia: Wha...
Haaselia is still dazed at the all-too-sudden turn of events.
She takes another look at Flek's tight grip on a bloodstained knife and Lette collapsed on the floor before realizing what has happened.
Haaselia: Lette!
Having come to her senses, Haaselia runs to Lette's side while calling out her name.
Haaselia: Lette! Pull yourself together!
Lette: Haa... se...
Haaselia: Thank goodness, you're alive!
Lette: Rgh... Hack... Wheeze...
Blood spurts out from Lette's abdominal wound every time she coughs. A puddle of crimson soon forms on the flooring.
Lette: I can't breathe... The wound must be really deep...
Lette: Haase... I have one last favor to ask of you...
Haaselia: Don't say it'll be your last! You'll make it through this!
Lette: Heh... Acting selfish at a time like this?
Lette: Please... Just listen...
Haaselia naturally simmers down at the solemnity of her plea.
Haaselia: ...
Lette: Thanks...
Lette: There's something I have to tell you... about your uncle...
Haaselia: My uncle?
Lette: His charity operations... are nothing more than a front for his child experimentation.
Haaselia: Child experimentation?
Lette: That's not all... There's a black market that revolves around him.
Lette: Comprised of disgusting folks who gather around to watch the experimented children for show...
Lette: I started wondering why there wasn't a single letter from the orphanage kids who were adopted, and looked into it...
Lette: That's what I've been going out so often for lately... And that's how I discovered his secret...
Haaselia: I thought my uncle was helping the children...
Lette: He probably sent Flek as an assassin... to bury me along with his secret...
Haaselia: Then that story about Flek running away from home was...
Flek: ...
Lette: Most likely a lie... They experimented on him and brainwashed him into doing this...
Lette: I've kept quiet about it up until now to keep you safe... I'm sorry...
Haaselia: There's nothing for you to apologize about! This was all my uncle's doing! That cretin!
Just then a guard kicks the door in and storms inside.
Imperial Trooper: Tch, still alive?
Lette: Please, Haase... You need to get out of here...
Haaselia: What are you saying! You're coming with me!
Lette: Haase... Thanks for being a friend... For showing me what it means to be family...
Lette: I've already lost too many people in my life... I want you to live...
Those are her last words.
She quietly shuts her eyelids, the vivid image of her wound a stark contrast to her peaceful expression.
Haaselia: No fair, Lette... Why am I the only one who gets to be upset...
Imperial Trooper: Humph, dead at last.
Imperial Trooper: Hey, brat! Get to work and finish off the princess next!
Flek: Yes, understood.
Haaselia: ...!
Sensing Flek approach, Haaselia jumps back by reflex.
Her back is now against the wall, with no room to run. Flek continues advancing like a leopard closing in on its prey.
Haaselia: (What do I do! There's no weapon lying around, and I don't know how to fight barehanded!)
Haaselia: (Even if I do manage to fend off Flek somehow, there's still that guard by the door... I don't see a way out!)
Haaselia: (I'm sorry, Lette... I don't think I'll be able to keep my promise...)
With Flek's knife—fresh blood dripping from its tip—pointed at her, Haaselia is all but ready to die.
Just then...
Haaselia: What the...
Haaselia: The card from my father is glowing!
???: You who live your days in deceit...
Haaselia: What's happening! Who are you?
The Moon: I am The Moon, the one who exposes deceit in every form and embellishes the truth with fabrications.
Imperial Trooper: What in the skies is that monster!
Haaselia: Y-you must be a primal beast!
The Moon: Indeed.
The Moon: The life reflecting in your eyes is a shadow of its former self. Do not waver. Show your compassion by ending his torment.
Haaselia: You're telling me to kill off Flek?
The Moon: ...
The Moon's silence can be taken as a clear affirmative.
Haaselia: (He's right... If I die here, I'll never be able to avenge Lette!)
Haaselia: (But how could I possibly kill a child...)
For someone who's always wanted to save children and give them a brighter future, Haaselia is essentially being asked to do the impossible.
Especially given that the child in question is a victim himself merely being manipulated by adults.
It ends up being Flek who saves Haaselia by giving her the resolve to take action.
Flek: Please... Just finish me off...
Haaselia: Flek! There's still some of you in there...
Even if she doesn't take Flek's life, there would be nothing but endless punishment and torture awaiting him later for failing his mission.
Considering what would be best for Flek, Haaselia makes up her mind.
Haaselia: (The least I can do is make sure he goes peacefully...)
Imperial Trooper: Urgh, useless tot!
Imperial Trooper: I'm the one who'll be killed off if you fail your mission! Enough—I'll take her out along with that monster myself!
Haaselia: You're the one who's going to meet your end.
Haaselia: Moon... Lend me your power and veil the truth uncovered here today.
Haaselia: Lette is alive, and Flek never killed anyone. I'll carry the burden of the truth myself.
Haaselia: Use your power to make it all go away! Nothing out of the ordinary happened here today!
The Moon: So you choose to embellish the truth with fabrications... Very well, I grant you my power.
A white light envelops the room in the next instant.
Imperial Trooper: Guaaah!
Flek: Thank... you... Haase...
The light engulfs all, stripping the two of their lives.
Haaselia: (Goodbye, Flek... Lette... I'll never forget you two...)
What remains in the room is an ominous silence and utter desolation.
Haaselia eludes her pursuers and escapes from the castle, meeting up with her brother Katzelia, who is also on the run.
Engulfed in the problem of imperial succession, Katzelia found himself being targeted and fled the castle as well.
Haaselia keeps the truth to herself and explains that she must depart for the same reason.
Daybreak. Katze and Haase flee to the nameless wilds on the edge of the empire. Only the steward is there to say goodbye.
Steward: There are no words to describe what this has become.
Katzelia: Don't cry. This is not a final farewell.
Katzelia: I shall return! And when I do, the trial will commence!
Steward: Oh, Lord Katzelia... One day you will become emperor. You are the only one truly suited to rule!
Steward: Thus never forget, my lord, that even at your lowest moments, you must maintain your grace!
Steward: Grace is the essence of authority. Continue to refine yourself so that the people may honor you with their esteem!
Katzelia: Very well. From this day forth, I shall act as the legitimate heir to Galgenia.
Steward: Lady Haaselia...
Haaselia: I will accompany Brother wherever he goes. If he is to be the next emperor, then I will play the role of his attendant.
Steward: Ah... How noble...
Katzelia: Haase, the road ahead will be full of hardships. Please support your foolish brother.
Haaselia: Of course. I will always be with you, Brother.
Katzelia: The blame lies with me for not having the foresight to notice our uncle's machinations...
Katzelia: Just having you around will give me the strength to move on... That's why you must never stray from your brother's side.
Haaselia: Yes, Brother.
Haaselia: (He still treats me like a child despite the situation...)
Haaselia: (Then I won't rely on him either. I'll take revenge myself!)
Deceit being the facade that shields her true intentions, Haaselia's desire for vengeance burns bright.
She vows to return to the empire one day as she departs the island with her brother.

Vengeance Is Everything

When the crew overhears her conversation with The Moon, Haaselia decides that no flimsy excuse will do and so decides to reveal her true purpose. (Captain) and company refuse to go along with her plan; an enraged Haaselia responds by unleashing The Moon on them.

Haaselia and The Moon watch the battlefield from an elevated platform.
Haaselia: What a good-natured bunch they are... We've only just met, yet they do not hesitate in the slightest to risk their lives in battle for me...
The Moon: Why not ask for their cooperation in the fulfillment of your goal? I believe they've proven themselves strong enough.
Haaselia: I'm sure they are. But do you truly think such a compassionate group of children would take kindly to the idea of revenge I have in mind?
Her retort to The Moon is overheard by others.
Lyria: Did someone say revenge?
Haaselia: ...!
Haaselia turns around in surprise to see the crew looking suspiciously at her and The Moon.
Lyria: And that primal beast beside you... It gives off the same sensation as that card!
Vyrn: And here I was thinking we were fighting to trounce that primal!
Vyrn: But now we see you going all buddy-buddy with him! What's the deal, Braidy Girl? You were playing us?
Haaselia: Generous to a fault though you may be, I see now you are no simpletons.
Haaselia's expression softens as she takes a deep breath, then looks proudly at the crew.
Haaselia: That's right! I fooled you all!
Haaselia: My true goal is to become empress of my home, Galgenia!
Haaselia: I'm going to usurp the authority necessary to personally execute my uncle and every last person who dealt in his trade!
Haaselia: I'll drag them to public grounds and make them confess their sins! Simply taking their lives would be letting them off easy!
Vyrn: All right, now you've lost us! What's execution got to do with all of this?
Haaselia: Let's just say there are countless filthy scum in this world who don't deserve to live another day.
Haaselia: Wouldn't you like to be my pawns in this game?
Haaselia: When I ascend the throne, I'll give you anything your heart desires. You have little to lose.
  1. We don't need anything from you!
  2. How about you calm down?

Choose: We don't need anything from you!
Haaselia: Ahahaha! Nice to know you're not so cheap as to be bought!

Choose: How about you calm down?
Haaselia: I'm as calm as a millpond. You're the ones who are in a mad panic.
Continue 1
Lyria: I don't know what made you this way, Haase...
Lyria: But you're too kind of a person to be thinking bad thoughts like revenge and execution!
Haaselia: I figured you might say that.
Haaselia: Even if you did know what I've been through, you'd find some other way to remonstrate with me anyhow.
Haaselia: But enough is enough! You're going to be the cornerstone of my revenge!

Vengeance Is Everything: Scene 2

By the time the crew defeats The Moon, Haaselia is no longer around. He reveals everything to the crew—from what Haaselia has been through to The World's control over him. Through this strange series of events, (Captain) and company end up with the card of The Moon.

The crew scores a victory against The Moon.
They look around and see Haaselia nowhere in the vicinity.
Lyria: Where did Haase go?
The Moon: She has already slipped out of this world and ventured far away. So that she may exact her revenge one day.
  1. Revenge? Tell us more.

Choose: Revenge? Tell us more.
The Moon: Very well. Given how involved you've become, you have the right to know.
The Moon explains the tragedy that befell Haaselia.
Lyria: It's awful what happened to her...
Vyrn: Yeah, it's pretty messed up. I totally get why Braidy Girl would want revenge...
Vyrn: What did you stick around for then? Wait, maybe we should start with who you are.
The Moon: I am The Moon, one of the Arcarum.
The Moon: We Arcarum primal beasts took on different forms in the past, but things changed when The World recreated all of us.
The Moon: He is, in essence, the founder of the Arcarum.
The Moon: He wishes to create a utopia for us to live in.
Lyria: A utopia?
The Moon: In preparation for the next time a battle of such magnitude as the War breaks out...
The Moon: He found it necessary to gather data on the powerful skyfarers, so that we might ensure our own victory.
The Moon: Your crew members have been chosen as our opponents for this data collection.
Vyrn: Us?
The Moon: Information on the tactics and strategies employed by the mighty can prove invaluable on the battlefield.
The Moon: As a puppet of The World, I entered into a pact where I would lend my power to Haaselia if she were to provide me with suitable skyfarers.
Vyrn: I don't know what you guys are up to, but you sure it's okay telling us all this?
The Moon: Our intense bout has freed me of The World's shackles. I am now but a drifting soul.
The Moon: Haaselia may look young and inexperienced, but she is strong at the core. Even without me, I am certain she will achieve her goal.
The Moon: Without her or The World, I am in need of a new purpose. As such I wish to serve you.
The Moon: From this point forward, you shall be my masters.
(Captain) and company end up acquiring a card after this bizarre turn of events.
The faded part of the card comes into full view, revealing an illustration of The Moon seemingly grinning at the crew.

Truth in Lies

Months after the duel with The Moon, the crew gets to meet up with Haaselia. She repents for her past actions toward the crew and wishes for everyone's help in stopping the archduke's evil deeds. But in truth, she still yearns for revenge more than anything else.

Months after the crew's repeated bouts with The Moon, they pay another visit to the island where they first met Haaselia.
The decision to do so came when they received a letter—purportedly from the missing Haaselia—wishing to meet.
To determine the authenticity of the letter, the crew heads for the specified street corner and do, indeed, find Haaselia there.
Haaselia: Long time no see, everyone.
Lyria: Haase...
Haaselia: ...
Haaselia: To be honest I wasn't sure you'd come.
Haaselia: Especially after what a horrible thing I'd done to you...
Lyria: Please don't think of yourself that way! We had no idea what you'd been through...
Haaselia: No, I'm the one at fault! For manipulating you all!
  1. Don't worry about it.
  2. Nice to know you have a conscience.

Choose: Don't worry about it.
Haaselia: But what I've done is unfor—
Vyrn: Heheh! You should know that we're all super nice guys in the crew!
Lyria: Teehee, I feel the same way too! We don't mind anymore what you did at the time!

Choose: Nice to know you have a conscience.
Haaselia: ...!
Haaselia: I suppose what I've done is unforgivable...
Lyria: Cheer up, Haase! It's never too late to start over! We'll be here for you!
Lyria: Everything turned out okay in the end. And we're not that angry either. Right, (Captain)?
Continue 1
Lyria: Also Moon later told us what happened to you...
Lyria: After hearing that, I couldn't think of you as a bad person anymore!
Haaselia: ...
Haaselia: Hah, ahaha! You're such a curious bunch!
Haaselia: After losing to you all, I took some time alone to put things into perspective.
Haaselia: I was wrong. Getting revenge won't bring loved ones back to me...
Lyria: Haase...
Haaselia: But that doesn't mean I've forgiven my uncle and everyone else involved in his trade.
Haaselia: I want them to repent for the horrible things they've done, even if they have to spend the rest of their lives reflecting on their actions.
Haaselia: Yet I have neither the power nor the connections to make them do such a thing.
Haaselia: After traveling the world in search of people who might be able to help, I've come to the decision that there's no one I have more faith in than you lot.
Haaselia: Of course, I don't expect you to forget the trick I pulled on you.
Haaselia: But if you can place your trust in me, I ask that you please lend me your strength.
  1. Gladly.

Choose: Gladly.
Vyrn: After hearing what you've been through, Braidy Girl, there's no way we'd leave you hanging!
Haaselia: Thank you.
After a respectful bow, Haaselia turns to (Captain) before calling out.
Haaselia: Moon. I take it you were listening?
The Moon: It has been a while, Haaselia. I trust you've been well.
Vyrn: Whoa, he came outta nowhere!
Haaselia: I cannot do this without you. And as someone directly involved in all this, nor can I afford to just sit on the sidelines.
Haaselia: Will you lend me your strength so that I may fight alongside (Captain)'s crew?
The Moon: Very well. I fully accept every shred of deceit and truth lying within your heart.
The Moon turns into particles of light before returning to the card.
Haaselia takes the card from (Captain) and carefully puts it inside her pocket.
Haaselia: It looks like I won't just be a burden after all.
Haaselia: Pleased to come on board, everyone.
And thus Haaselia's pact with The Moon is renewed.
With an imperial heir on the run in their ranks, the crew depart for their next adventure.
During her travels with the crew, Haaselia takes a little time for herself, drawing on a canvas while taking in the view of the distant skies.
Haaselia: You can come out. No one else is watching now.
The Moon responds to her lone mumbling by making himself visible.
The Moon: You called for me?
Haaselia: There's something you're hiding from me, isn't there?
The Moon: What leads you to believe that?
Haaselia: You went easy on that crew during the battle earlier, didn't you?
Haaselia: Or perhaps I should say, you fought earnestly but chose to cede victory to them since you were already certain of your liberation from The World's grasp?
The Moon: My true purpose is to defeat The World. As long as I have freedom for myself, victory or loss against the crew bears little meaning.
Haaselia: I'm aware of that. But surely you also had something else in mind.
Haaselia: Your other objective was to have me taste the bitterness of defeat so that I would reconsider my goal... Tell me I'm wrong.
The Moon: ...
Haaselia: Come now, Moon. Is it really necessary for us to be sounding each other out?
The Moon: ...
Ha, haha... Bwahahaha!
The Moon lets out a bombastic laugh before speaking his mind.
The Moon: You are most unfit for the role of empress. There has never existed a sovereign state that prospered under misrule. You would ultimately fall to the blades of dissidents.
The Moon: But there is more than one path for you to accomplish your goal. Help set your brother up as emperor so that he may serve as your puppet ruler.
The Moon: Your deepest desires would surely come to fruition then.
Haaselia was always out of touch with politics, and she lacked the charisma necessary to lead an empire well.
Even if she did manipulate her way into the seat of empress, and forcibly executed the archduke and those plying in his black market trade...
There would be too much ill will from the common people, leading to many who would want to assassinate her.
However, by helping her brother ascend the throne, she would be able to control the empire from the shadows.
All Haaselia would have to do is take advantage of her brother's unconditional love for her.
That is The Moon's plan for her.
The Moon: As you have a bit of a tendency to overestimate yourself, I strongly doubted you would lend an ear to any advice I might have.
The Moon: Thus I decided that thrusting the truth before your very eyes would be the best course of action.
The Moon: I'm rather fond of you, believe it or not.
Haaselia: ...
Haaselia: Hehe... Ahahahaha!
Haaselia breaks into laughter, after which her expression gently eases up.
Haaselia: So how about that? I hate to admit it, but things turned out just the way you wanted.
Haaselia: Truth be told... After losing you and wandering all over, I came to the same conclusion.
Haaselia: Katze will no doubt take every lie I tell him as truth.
Haaselia: That being the case, there is no need for me to take the role of empress myself.
Haaselia: (I just need to reveal Uncle and the black market fiends for who they are and get Katze to execute them.)
Haaselia: (If I can't find proof, I'll just make it up as I go along! Whatever it takes to send them to the guillotine!)
The Moon: Hahaha, indeed.
Haaselia: My, what a crafty fellow you are. Why does someone so ill-natured have to be my partner?
The Moon: Fate must have drawn our kindred spirits together.
Haaselia and The Moon continue trading quips with each other, grinning the entire time.
The Moon: By the way, Haaselia, what is it you've been drawing this entire time?
Haaselia: Can't you tell? It's the landscape back home.
The Moon: What... a bizarre portrayal it is...
Haaselia: You'd better not be the next person to mock my artistic talent.
The Moon: A touchy subject, I presume?
Haaselia: Well, thank you for not being direct.
Haaselia gently puts her brush down and then proceeds to rip her drawing to shreds.
Perhaps it is her way of declaring war on her targets who are still enjoying the leisure of their courtly lives in the empire.
Haaselia: I refuse to let a single failure deter me! Brand me a coward, despise me all you want—I care not!
Haaselia: But I will not stop until I've plunged every last one of those despicable vermin into the depths of utter despair!
Haaselia grins as if (Captain) stands before her.
Haaselia: You may not take kindly to what I must do, but know that I have no intentions of relenting.
Haaselia: I hope we get along well enough, (Captain)...

Conducting an Empire

Haaselia and (Captain) are invited to Emperor Katzelia's music festival. When Haaselia tries to suggest that Chairman Schlangehr was pardoned for her sake, Katze changes the subject and commends her instead. Their older sister Luvera joins and a warm moment between the siblings follows.

Some time has passed since Katzelia was throned the emperor of Galgenia.
He's holding a music festival today and the party is in full swing.
Vyrn: Hey, this looks fun! The whole hall is filled with music!
Lyria: It's so nice to see everyone enjoying themselves! And Katze makes a really cool conductor too!
Vyrn: You'd never think the government was in turmoil just a little while back.
Haaselia: It's a relief to see harmony being restored. I was worried for a moment there.
Having been invited to the music festival, (Captain) and friends wander the venue searching for Katzelia.
Schlangehr: Now for the next topic on our agenda. There are issues with river management in the northwest.
Katzelia: If we don't intervene, the rivers will flood at the first sign of a storm. Disaster prevention is of utmost urgency.
Lyria: Oh, there he is! Hey, Katze! Long time, no see!
Katzelia: Oh, (Captain)! So glad you could make it! I hope you're enjoying the festival?
Lyria: We are! Thank you for inviting us!
Katzelia: And Haase! How wonderful to see you looking so well! Come into my arms!
Katzelia opens his arms wide for a hug, but Haaselia shirks away from him.
Haaselia: The same goes for you. I was expecting to find you worn out from work, but you clearly have energy to spare.
Katzelia: I suppose I do! I've been looking forward to this music festival. It's been great to unwind from the stresses of everyday life.
Katzelia, arms still wide open, invites Haaselia in for a hug once again, but she responds with only a reluctant smile.
Schlangehr: You must be the crew who aided His Imperial Majesty. He speaks highly of you. And Haaselia—a pleasure as always.
Schlangehr: I didn't get a chance to introduce myself last time. I am Schlangehr Rela Gangnus, the chairman of this country.
Schlangehr shakes (Captain)'s hand and offers a few cordial words to break the ice.
Vyrn: Hey, Braidy Girl. Is it just me, or is this guy a totally different person from last time?
Haaselia: He's been forced to spend the rest of his days playing a good person.
Haaselia: He's keeping his promise by the looks of it, but this is just...creepy.
Schlangehr: What is it, Haase? Do I happen to have something on my face?
Haaselia: No...I was just thinking how unusually...friendly you are today.
Schlangehr: Oh, my. I almost forgot I have a meeting to attend!
Schlangehr: I must be off. Please excuse me.
Schlangehr walks out with a beaming smile on his face.
Katzelia: I did suggest he take the day off and enjoy the festival, but he's always keeping himself busy, that one.
Vyrn: You must be busy too, being the emperor and all. You could probably do with a day off yourself!
Katzelia: Well, you have a point there.
Katzelia: I held this music festival to ease the public's concerns about my enthronement and the changes happening in government.
Katzelia: I want this festival to demonstrate that the country's heading in a new direction.
Katzelia: But that's enough about politics! What did you think of my conducting out there, Haase?
Haaselia: What conducting?
Katzelia: Why, the concert I just performed in. I, the emperor, ascended the conductor's podium and led the orchestra into glorious harmony.
Katzelia: I informed you in the letter, did I not? What time I would be performing.
Haaselia: Oh, right. Now you mention it. I'm afraid it utterly slipped my mind.
Katzelia: No... I can't believe it!
Katzelia: You mean, you missed the show? Why, Haase? Why must you be so cruel? What have I done to deserve this?
Haaselia: I jest. (Captain) and I saw the whole thing.
Katzelia: You... You did?
Haaselia: I was just winding you up, Brother. I mean, how often does one get the chance to send the emperor into a spin?
Vyrn: Katze hasn't changed. Even as the emperor, he's still wrapped around her finger.
Lyria: Hehe! At least he's staying true to himself!
Katzelia: Ahem. It's been such a long time since I was reuinted with Haase, my excitement's getting the better of me.
Katzelia: It is undignified for the emperor to lose his composure in public. Please follow me to my room.
Katzelia: All right. We can speak in privacy here.
Once the group has entered the room, Katzelia turns to Haaselia and gives her a pat on the back.
Katzelia: You've lost weight. Are you eating properly?
Katzelia: The stress of me being away isn't getting to you, is it?
Haaselia: Relax, I'm fine. In fact, I'm actually very well.
Haaselia: And I thought I told you to stop smothering me.
Katzelia: I know. But that's just how I show my love. Hate me for it if you like, but I'll never change.
Katzelia: No matter how kind or cruel your words may be, I accept them all. That is the true meaning of love.
Vyrn: I know I said he hadn't changed, but I take it back. He's gotten worse.
Haaselia: He's beyond help at this point. My mean jibes don't even affect him anymore.
Haaselia: Maybe he wasn't the best person to come to about this...
Katzelia: See, I could tell there was something on your mind. Come on, let it all out. Big brother will make it better.
Haaselia: No. I just wanted you to take a look at this.
Haaselia pulls out a stack of parchment papers.
Haaselia: This is a proposal I wrote about the country's orphanage policies.
Haaselia: After seeing how orphanages are run in other countries, I have became aware of the issues in our own. It's all written in there.
Katzelia: This is what you've been up to?
Haaselia: I can't sit by idly while my brother is serving as the emperor.
Haaselia: It's not the perfect proposal, by any means. I feel that there's something missing.
Haaselia: That's why I came to see you. To get your opinion.
Haaselia: You've had a busy day, so you could look over it at a later date. Don't keep me waiting too long, though.
Katzelia: I didn't realize you were thinking about the country.
Katzelia: All right. But as much as I love you, Haase, I shan't go easy on your proposal. These policies concern the whole country.
Haaselia: Of course. Please don't, in fact. You'd get a wallop right to the face if you did.
Haaselia's smile fades and her voice quietens as Katzelia turns his eyes to the document.
Haaselia: There's one more thing.
Haaselia: It was quite a shock when you pardoned our big brother Schlangehr despite how much you hate him.
Haaselia: But now that I think about it, I realize you did it to divert the investigation away from me... after I killed the archduke and his lackeys...
Katzelia: Haase.
Katzelia, eyes still fixed on the documents, begins to speak without airs.
Katzelia: I think the present situation is the best outcome we could've asked for Galgenia.
Haaselia: ...
Katzelia: Perhaps it was an arbitrary judgement, but my main priority is to stabilize the country, and now Schlangehr is in agreement with that too.
Katzelia: I do not regret pardoning him of his crimes. And no one can argue that the pardon deviates from any laws or customs either.
Katzelia: In the past, conflicts resulted in casualties and survivors. But now we have the present.
Haaselia: What do you mean by that? You think things are better now?
Katzelia: Yes. Because you and I, Haase, have fought tooth and nail to reclaim Galgenia and make it so.
Haaselia: ...!
Katzelia: You avenged the people you wish you could've protected, and that was necessary for us to reform the country.
Katzelia: You fought bravely, Haase. You are a pride to the imperial family. It's thanks to you... that we have the present.
Haaselia: I'm honored, but...
As Katzelia raises his head to meet eyes with Haaselia, she turns her face away.
Haaselia: If you're going to read my proposal, then please hurry up and read it already!
Katzelia: R-right you are. Let us begin.
Lyria: Those two look like they're getting closer, don't you think?
Vyrn: That's what being open and honest about your feelings will do for ya!
Katzelia: Hm? Who is it?
Luvera: It's me. I'm coming in, Your Majesty.
Luvera: So there you are. I've been looking for you.
Luvera: You invite me to your party, then leave me out there on my own?
Katzelia: Sister, where have you been? I didn't think you were coming. I didn't see you at the music festival nor the party.
Luvera: I got so engrossed in my magic research that before I knew it, I'd forgotten about the festival.
Haaselia: How have you been, Sister? It's been a while.
Luvera: Good to see you. As you can see, I'm just full of beans!
Luvera: It sounds like you've been busy, Haase. I didn't mean to listen in, but I overheard your conversation earlier.
Luvera: You can't let her show you up, Katze! Remember, you succeeded the throne because I allowed you.
Luvera: If you don't conduct yourself like a suitable emperor, I might just come back and challenge you for the title!
Katzelia: Sigh... I suppose you're encouraging me, in your own way.
Katzelia: If I should ever stray from a noble path, then I ask you take me to the gallows.
Luvera: Good! Then there'd be a reason to put it to good use. Poor thing's just been sitting there since I had it constructed.
Luvera: Don't worry, Haase, I'll be here looking after Katze.
Luvera: You go and fulfill your duties, and return to our country someday holding your head high.
Luvera pulls Haase in for a gentle hug.
Haaselia: I will, Sister. I will keep forging ahead on my own path.
Katzelia: Wait... Why will Haase hug Luvera but not me? Why, why does she always reject the comfort of my arms!
Vyrn: Cool and collected as always, Emperor!
Katzelia's outburst breaks the tension in the room, causing a smile to crack onto everyone's face.
In this peaceful moment, the siblings are united in the feeling that they can build a bright future together.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
援護いたしますわ、(主人公)さん I'll cover you, (Captain).
かかってきなさい Come at me.
背中はお任せください I have your back, everyone.
呆気ないわね How pitiful.
油断大敵ですわよ We must remain wary.
その程度? Is that all you can do?
よそ見はいけませんわよ、(主人公)さん Don't get distracted, (Captain).
威勢がいいわね I admire your gumption.
お宝を見つけましたわ What splendid treasure we've found.
目障りよ! Out of my way!


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