Tales of Arcarum

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Event: Tales of Arcarum

Tales of Arcarum is a limited-time event in which you can play Replicard Sandbox quests, collect Sephira medals, and exchange them for various rewards.

Event-exclusive bonuses apply for all zones while active. Sephira medals can be collected from any boss, but bosses related to forging the featured Arcarum Summon will provide bonus medals.


Sephira Medals

  • Sephira medals can be obtained by clearing Replicard Sandbox quests.
  • They can be collected and traded in for various items.
  • Sephira medals will be reset with each run of Tales of Arcarum.

Expedition Rank and Tales Missions

Rank up by completing Tales Missions

Rewards and expedition rank points can be obtained by defeating foes and completing various Tales mission objectives.

Obtain a certain number of expedition rank points to raise your expedition rank. As your rank rises, you can obtain crystals and unlock various expedition rank bonuses that can be used in Replicard Sandbox quests.

There are four different ranks: C, B, A, and S. The higher your rank rises the greater the bonuses are, so aim for completing as many Tales missions as you can!

Event-Exclusive Guidebooks

The phantasmal guidebook, an event-exclusive Sephira guidebook, can be equipped only during the event period.

This special guidebook comes with effects that can strengthen weapon skills, and other beneficial effects can also be unlocked by defeating certain foes.

Even if you haven't unlocked any basic guidebooks yet, equipping the phantasmal guidebook will help you make progress in Replicard Sandbox expeditions!

The phantasmal guidebook can't be equipped at the same time as the universal or special guidebooks.

Tidings of Sephira Bonuses

  • The RP and EXP bonuses gained when Tidings of Sephira is active will be triple their usual value during the event period.

Event-Exclusive Story

Collect Sephira medals to unlock an event-exclusive story for the featured Evoker. Clear the story's ending to unlock their bonus pose!

The bonus pose can also be unlocked by viewing the ending in the journal after the event has concluded. However, requirements to unlock the bonus pose must have been fulfilled during the event period.

Event-Exclusive Bonuses

The following bonuses will be active during the event period.

  • Defender gauge increase +1
  • Sephira gauge increase doubled
  • Tidings of Sephira RP and EXP bonuses tripled

Play Replicard Sandbox quests to use these bonuses to your advantage and strengthen the MC, characters, and fully forge Arcarum summons!

If Replicard Sandbox Isn't Unlocked

If you have yet to unlock Replicard Sandbox but have unlocked Arcarum: The World Beyond, you'll be able to play through the Replicard Sandbox tutorial and quests in one Here Be Staves zone during the event period. Once the event period ends, you will not be able to access Replicard Sandbox until all Extreme quests are cleared in Arcarum: The World Beyond.

Other zones in Replicard Sandbox can be played once their unlock requirements have been fulfilled.

Arcarum: The World Beyond must be unlocked to take part in this event.

Arcarum: The World Beyond can be unlocked by clearing the free quest Inchoate World on Amalthea Island once you've cleared Chapter 44 Story: On One's Honor.

Expedition Rank Bonuses

Raising your expedition rank provides bonuses that last until the end of the event.

Rank B
Bonus Effect
Rank A
Bonus Effect
Bounty lvl 2Item drop rate is boosted
Duration: Indefinite
Rank S
Bonus Effect

Event History

# Dates Featured Arcarum Featured Evoker Notes
1 November 2022 Justice Maria Theresa New reward: Bonus Pose for Maria Theresa
2 March 2023 The Hanged Man Caim New reward: Bonus Pose for Caim
3 May 2023 Death Nier New reward: Bonus Pose for Nier
4 June 2023 Temperance Estarriola New reward: Bonus Pose for Estarriola
5 July 2023 The Devil Fraux New reward: Bonus Pose for Fraux
6 August 2023 The Tower Lobelia New reward: Bonus Pose for Lobelia
7 October 2023 The Star Geisenborger New reward: Bonus Pose for Geisenborger
8 November 2023 The Moon Haaselia New reward: Bonus Pose for Haaselia
9 January 2024 The Sun Alanaan New reward: Bonus Pose for Alanaan
10 March 2024 Judgement Katzelia New reward: Bonus Pose for Katzelia
11 May 2024 Justice Maria Theresa 4★ uncap for Bow of Sigurd Militis and Wilhelm Militis
12 July 2024 The Hanged Man Caim 4★ uncap for Solomon's Axe Militis and Spymur's Vision Militis