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Weapon Plus Mark

Summon Plus Mark

Sometimes, weapons or summons will come with a +1 on them. This adds bonus ATK and HP to whatever has it. Plus marks can be transferred by either using it directly as upgrade fodder, or by stocking the bonuses. The maximum bonus is +99 for weapons and summons and +300 for characters. Plus marks can even be applied to weapons, summons or characters already at their current level cap.

Plus Mark Bonuses

Equipment and characters with plus marks grant extra stat boosts for each plus symbol.

  • Weapons and Summons
+5 ATK and +1 HP for each plus mark.
Maximum of 99 marks per weapon or summon.
  • Characters
+3 ATK and +1 HP for each plus mark.
Maximum of 300 marks per character.

Obtaining Plus Marks

All draws have a chance of yielding a +1 item, which is a major reason it is recommended to perform all 100 rupie draws each day. Occasionally, some draw promotions will cause all Premium Draws to come with a +1. This can be a major source of plus marks if you are willing to forgo increased rates from Premium Gala and Flash Gala to draw during these promotions.

High Level raids also have a chance to drop Weapon Plus Marks (up to +3) directly.

Arcarum Mimics have a chance to drop Summon Plus Marks (up to +3) directly.

Resetting Plus Marks

If a +1 comes on an item that you do not want to lose, you can reset its bonuses, which adds it to either your Weapon or Summon Plus Mark storage depending on the source item.

From the Inventory screen, select the weapon or summon with the bonuses, then scroll down to the buttons at the bottom. Click Plus Marks, which will display a screen asking if you would like to Add Plus Marks or Stock Plus Marks. Clicking Stock Plus Marks will allow you to choose the amount of Plus Marks that you would like to put directly back into your stock.

You can also mass stock Plus Marks from the Inventory screen. Selecting Plus Marks at the bottom of the Inventory menu will bring you to the Plus Mark Stock menu. From there you can choose up to 20 characters, weapons, or summons to mass stock Plus Marks from, but not from multiple categories at once. Stocking Plus Marks in this way will transfer all the plus marks from the selected items or characters into your storage at once.

If you reduce a weapon or a summon with bonus, the bonus will be automatically transferred to your Plus Mark Stock.

Plus Mark Strategy

As Plus Marks can be moved around quickly and at no cost, it is recommended to apply them to any party you're using heavily or for difficult content. Weapons should be prioritized over characters for Weapon Plus Marks, as they give a larger bonus to weapons and the entire party benefits from it instead of a single character.