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Critical hit rate, unlike how it is commonly defined in other RPGs, is a random chance to deal additional damage, only to enemies weak to the damage's element or enemies without an element, on a separate damage multiplier. Because of this limitation, it means critical hit rate is useless against the other 5 elements. General purpose teams will find little use for crit, but the introduction of damage resistance against non-weakness damage has given a new life to Crit-based setups.

All sources of critical damage are additive. When multiple sources of Critical Hit proc, the boost in damage gets added up. For example, if both level 75 Silva's Ability Critical.png TacticianGain Status CriticalUp.png50% / 50% Critical Hit Rate UpDMG is slightly boosted for critical hits
Strength: 50% chance of dealing 50% more damage.Duration: 3 turns
At level 75:
Buff increased to Status CriticalUp.png75% / 75% Critical Hit Rate UpDMG is slightly boosted for critical hits
Strength: 75% chance of dealing 75% more damage.Duration: 3 turns
and 4* Odin's Status CriticalUp.png30% / 30% Critical Hit Rate UpDMG is slightly boosted for critical hits
Strength: 30% chance of dealing 30% more damage.
proc at the same time, Silva's damage will be boosted by 75% + 30% = 105%.[1]

Critical damage is still affected by the damage cap, although high-powered crits can push particularly strong attacks a fair amount past the soft cap.

Sources of Crit[edit]

Critical Hit sources can be found in buff form and in character and weapon passive form. Both critical damage and crit chance can vary between sources.

Character Extended Mastery Perks[edit]

Critical Hit EMPs are one of the most common ways to obtain crit for characters that possess them. When maxed out, each Crit node gives a 25% chance of adding +25% Critical damage from EMPs for the turn.

A character gets a guaranteed Critical Hit EMP if they are Human, Draph, or Attack style and can have additional Crit EMP as individual perks.

Weapon Skills[edit]

The weapon skills Verity, Restraint, and Celere provide Critical hit chance. Crits from these sources add +50% damage. Critical Hit commonly appears as a Small skill in tandem with an Attack Up skill.

SSR Weapons with Critical Hit skills:

Character Passives[edit]

Some characters passively have a chance to score a critical hit:

Critical Hit Buff[edit]

Status CriticalUp.pngCritical Hit Rate UpDMG is slightly boosted for critical hits
buffs are generally self-only buffs for Attacker characters. Niyon and 4* Odin are ways to give a crit buff to the entire team.