Xeno Clashes

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Icon Element Fire.png Xeno Ifrit Clash | Icon Element Water.png Xeno Cocytus Clash | Icon Element Earth.png Xeno Vohu Manah Clash | Icon Element Wind.png Xeno Sagittarius Clash | Icon Element Light.png Xeno Corow Clash | Icon Element Dark.png Xeno Diablo Clash

These showdowns used to be full-fledged events that were only available for a limited time. They are now always available in the Special Quests section.

Xeno Ifrit Shop.png Xeno Cocytus Shop.png
Xeno Vohu Manah Shop.png Xeno Sagittarius Shop.png
Xeno Corow Shop.png Xeno Diablo Shop.png

Each clash has an event shop where event drops can be exchanged. It is always available.