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A Peace of the Pie - Opening

The Crystalia, a group of skydwellers on the verge of extinction, task Lily with finding the spring that is prophesized to save them. Months after setting off on her journey, Lily comes across this spring in the form of (Captain).

The northern tip of a remote island is said to conceal a mysterious palace.
Called the Ice Crystal Palace, it has been home since ancient times to unique skydwellers known as Crystalia, who radiate frost.
Erin: You have medicine just in case? And the map?
Lily: Yes, yes, don't worry. I've got everything in my bag right here!
Erin: Oh really... So what's this map here then?
Lily: Hm? Oh, that's a nice map, isn't it?
Erin: It'd be nicer if it was packed in your bag like it's supposed to be!
Lily: Haha. Thanks, Erin.
Erin: Oh dear... Are you sure you're going to be okay?
Erin: I really don't know why the Snow Maiden called on you... I mean, you're too young to be sent on such a mission...
Lily: I'll be fine. Don't worry! I'm all ready to go on the journey to find spring.
Lily: There's no time to lose. If we don't find it soon, we might all... We might all be wiped out.
Erin: That's true, but... But there are other princesses already on the search.
Lily: I'm determined to find it! You just wait and see, Erin!
Erin: I see you've made up your mind about it.
Erin: Well then, let's go over things one more time. There's a lot to remember when traveling outside.
Erin: After all, people are fundamentally different from us Crystalia.
Erin: We may look alike, but people don't radiate frost... And they see things very differently from us.
Lily: I know that! And the kind of food they eat is different too, right?
Erin: Oh, really? I haven't looked into that much.
Erin: Very few of us live outside the Ice Crystal Palace, but people are found all over the world.
Erin: Please avoid any unnecessary contact with them... But when you must, always be on your guard.
Lily: I know, I know! And if I have to approach them, I've got to introduce myself properly, right? Ahem...
Lily: Hello, I'm Lily! I can be a lily bit silly sometimes, but...
Lily: I mean, a little bit lily someti... No, a little bit silly...
Erin: You sound too eager to meet them. Always acting so enthusiastic... even though deep down, you're such a timid little mouse.
Erin: So is everything else clear? Like never ever going anywhere near the Souval?
Erin: Is that clear, Lily?
Lily: Yes, yes, it is! Are we done now?
Erin: Yes. We've covered the most important points at least.
Lily: I wonder what kind of flowers they have? And are there lots of furry animals in other lands?
Erin: I think so. But I only know what I've read in books...
Lily: When I find spring, I'll pick a bunch of your favorite flowers and bring them back for you, Erin!
Erin: Lily...
Lily: Hey, can I sleep over tonight? It's my last night before I set off!
Erin: A sleepover? You know what everyone will say!
Erin: They'll say I'm too soft on you. And that's why you're such a baby.
Lily: Pleeaase! Don't you want to stay up and talk all night?
Erin: Teehee... All right then, if you insist.
Lily: Yay! I love you, Erin!
So Lily sets off on her quest to find spring—to fulfill the mission of the Crystalia.
The outside world turns out to be far harsher than she'd ever imagined.
But after a few months, she finally happens upon spring.
It comes in the form of (Captain), the young captain of a group of skyfarers.

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 1: Bring Back Spring - Episode 1

Lily receives an order to return home. She is overjoyed, thinking that everyone at the palace know she has found spring. The crew gladly agrees to accompany her.

At the bow of the Grandcypher, a girl strains her eyes, staring intently into the skies ahead.
Lily: Hmm...
For hours she stares straight ahead, her fists clenched tightly shut.
Lily: Ah...
Finally the familiar outline of a certain island comes into view beyond a stretch of thick clouds. The girl cranes forward to see.
Lily: Yes!
Lily: That island there! That must be it! I'm sure! It's gotta be!
Lily: (Captain)! Lyria! It's my home! That's where I come from!
Lily is a young Crystalia girl.
She met the party while traveling the world alone, as mandated by Crystalia law.
Vyrn: Brrr... Doesn't it feel a bit chilly here, (Captain)?
Lyria: A-are you going to be okay? Will you be able to move in this cold?
Vyrn: What are you talking about? I ain't no cold-blooded rept—wait, are dragons technically reptiles?
Vyrn: A-anyway! It could be a primal beast for all we know, so let's find the source of this chill!
Lily: Sniff, sniff... What's this? Smells like... warmth?
Vyrn: Huh? I don't smell anything?
Vyrn: Hey, what are you doing? Get your nose away from (Captain)!
Lily: Sniff, sniff... This warm smell is coming from you.
Lily: It's the fragrant scent of spring. What I've been looking for all this time.
Lyria: Give (Captain) some space already! Any closer and—
Lily: Please, skyfarer! Take me with you!
Lily: I've been searching for so long. And now I'm sure. I'm sure you're the one to bring spring to me!
Lyria: Huh? What are you talking about?
Lyria: But you've only just met (Captain)...
Lily: I know I'm right because the coldness inside me has grown weaker.
Vyrn: Actually she's right. I don't feel it now. Even though you could feel her chill from thirty paces before.
Lily: Please, (Captain)! I need your help!
And from that point on, Lily joins the party, idolizing Lyria like an older sister and keeping everyone's spirits up with her sunny disposition.
Lily: Look! Look, Lyria!
Lyria: Oh right! Your island, with the, um...
Lily: The Ice Crystal Palace! I'll show you around as soon as we get there!
Lyria: Okay, great. Time for landing. I should get my things together!
Lily: I've already got my stuff packed up and ready to go!
Lyria: Good girl! And you're wearing a robe? Dressed up for the occasion, huh?
Vyrn: Haha, playing big sis again today, huh, Lyria? Everyone's saying it suits you so well!
Lyria: Vyrn! I-I'm just being my usual self...
Vyrn: Hahaha, you're not embarrassed, are you?
Lyria: Grrr...
Vyrn: You know, I thought you were kind of shy at first, but you've really settled in now, huh?
Vyrn: I still remember how you were so polite with (Captain) at first.
Lily: Well, I'm a skyfarer too now. So I guess (Captain) is my captain.
Lyria: Yeah, we're all good friends now!
Vyrn: I still can't quite believe it. I mean, I knew you were... quirky, but I never imagined you were some super-rare kind of skydweller!
Lily: Sorry. We promised the Snow Maiden not to talk about the Crystalia...
Vyrn: Ah, don't worry about it! Say, it's this maiden that ordered you back, right?
Lily: Yes. I heard it on the northerly wind. Her voice told me to hurry back.
Lily: I'm sure it's because I found spring... I mean, I found (Captain)!
Lyria: It was really brave of you to go on this quest all on your own! It must have been really hard!
Lily: Nah, it wasn't so bad! It was my mission after all.
Vyrn: Your mission, huh? Pretty impressive getting anywhere from this place. We're in the back of beyond here!
Vyrn: So what happens once you bring spring back? What do you need us to help with?
Lily: I'm, um... not sure!
Vyrn: Come on, you've got to have at least some idea.
Lily: Uhm... I think it was something along the lines of, uh... building bridges?
Vyrn: Sorry? Bridges? Sounds like it's a builder you need, not us. Is this palace of yours in need of maintenance or something?
Lyria: Oh, I'm sure everything will become clear once we get there. Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: I guess so. Hey, we can be builders if we need to, right? There's nothing we can't handle!
Lily: Haha, great! Thanks!
Having revealed the unusual truth about herself to the party, Lily makes a sudden homecoming visit.
The party lands at the remote island in hopes of lending a hand in her mission.

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 1: Bring Back Spring - Episode 2

Lily faces hostility in the city-state of Torwa. People, Crystalia, and Souval have engaged in a three-way struggle for ages now, and their resentment toward each other has never dwindled.

The crew sets foot in the city-state Torwa, the largest settlement on the remote island. With an airship port, it serves as a gate to the outside.
The party steps into a tavern for a rest and something to eat.
Lyria: Mm, maybe this stew, or... Oh, I can't decide. It all looks so delicious!
Vyrn: We can always make another order after, right? We've been in the air so long; it's time to just kick back and relax!
Lily: ...
Innkeeper: Here you are, travelers. The house specialty, pumpkin pie!
Lyria: Thank you! Oh wow, it looks so good.
Vyrn: Mm! No wait... Did we even order this?
Lyria: Nom, nom, hmm?
Lily: Munch, munch, huh?
Vyrn: Uh-oh, looks like that ship's sailed, huh? You guys must be starving...
Innkeeper: Ha ha ha, not to worry. That dish was on the house!
Lyria: Really? Are you sure that's okay?
Regular Customer 1: Hey, don't worry about it. The innkeeper loves giving stuff away...
'Scuse me, sir? I'll have a pie too!
Innkeeper: Well, you can pay, Roddy. No freebies for locals.
Regular Customer 2: What? I was counting on a free pie. I'm kind of strapped this month.
Innkeeper: This month? You're strapped every month, Santos. How much longer are you gonna go on living off your father, huh?
Lyria: Ahahaha...
Regular Customer 3: Heh heh. We like travelers around here, see. Go on! Eat up while it's still hot.
Lyria: Thank you. We will!
Vyrn: Yum, thish is delishish! I've never had anything thish good!
Lily: Ouch! It's hot!
Lyria: Why don't you like try blowing on it like this? Ffff, ffff...
Lily: Ah, good idea. Ffff, ffff...
Regular Customer 1: So where do you guys come from?
Regular Customer 2: Yeah, and what are you doing all the way out here? I'll gladly show you around if you like.
Innkeeper: Quit trying to score a date while they're eating. In fact, quit trying to score a date in my tavern, period!
Regular Customer 3: You hypocrite, Ganba! Everyone knows you met your wife in here.
Innkeeper: Huh? Okay, Milko, very smart. You win, girl.
Vyrn: Haha, there's no shortage of lively banter in here, huh?
Lyria: It's really, mmm, delicious, huh, Lily?
Lily: Mmm, yeah. Delicious!
Innkeeper: You're too kind. I'll tell you what: as a special treat, let me offer you one more dish on the—
General: Excuse me.
Innkeeper: General Hassan! You're early today. The usual, is it?
General: No thanks, I'm still on duty. I'm looking for... Ah yes, there she is.
Lily: Hmm?
General: I checked the passenger list... You're the Crystalia, I take it?
Innkeeper: What? A C-Crystalia?
Regular Customer 1: You're kidding! A Crystalia here in Torwa?
Regular Customer 2: Blankets, man, blankets! Fetch them now before we all freeze to death!
Vyrn: Huh? Come on, guys, what's all the fuss about?
Regular Customer 3: General, is it true? I mean, I don't feel a chill at all.
General: That's strange, I grant you. But look at those pointy ears under the hood of her robe.
Lily: ...
Regular Customer 3: Oh gosh, you're right. What are you going to do with her?
General: Something's brewing... The Souval's movements of late are alarming. Her being here might kick something off.
Lily: The Souval...
General: I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave our territory, miss. Finish your meal and go.
Lyria: What?
Innkeeper: Don't bother about the check. Just eat up and get going!
Regular Customer 3: We're sorry about all this. People are feeling very on edge at the moment.
Vyrn: Come on, you guys, are you for real? What possible threat can a little girl like her pose, huh?
General: Ah, skyfarers, are you? You need to realize that the situation here on this island is... complicated.
General: The people here have been struggling against humanoid beings for hundreds of years.
Lyria: Humanoid beings?
General: You've got the four major types of people. And then there are the Souval, a kind of fiery beastfolk, and the Crystalia, with their deadly icy aura.
General: We have a very different culture and way of life from the Souval and Crystalia, making them natural enemies.
General: We've had all kinds of wars over the years. The history of this island is one long three-way struggle.
Vyrn: You think another conflict is about to break out?
General: Yes. We've had countless reports indicating that the Souval are gearing up for an offensive.
General: They're a savage kind. They love battle. Right now they're just running recon sorties, but still...
Lyria: But poor Lily! I mean, she's not even radiating frost now!
General: And can you guarantee that she won't be tomorrow as well? Look, I don't expect you to understand, but we live by a good maxim here.
Regular Customer 1: "See some humanoids, run away."
Regular Customer 2: "See one humanoid, send it away."
Lyria: !
General: So that's why I have to ask you to leave. Of course you skyfarers are welcome to stay in the city if you wish.
Lyria: B-but...
Lily: Thank you. I'm done.
Vyrn: Huh? Lily?
Lily: It was very tasty, that, um, pimpkin—
No, pompkin—
No... Well, I loved the pie!
Lily: I'll be going now. Bye!
Lyria: Lily, wait!
Vyrn: Hey, here's your money, pal. We pay our way. Thanks for the great food.
Innkeeper: Glad you enjoyed my pumpkin pie...
Regular Customer 3: It was for the best. Those types just don't mix with us, you know.

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 1: Bring Back Spring - Episode 3

On the way to the Ice Crystal Palace, the crew expresses concern over the tension between the three groups. Lily, as optimistic as ever, allays everyone's fears.

The party continues on to the Ice Crystal Palace. Lily guides them through the Central Plains stretching across the middle of the island.
Lily: Ding-a-ling-a-ling, someone's at the door!
Lyria: Dong-a-long-a-long, I've never seen them before!
Lily & Lyria: Dung-a-lung-a-lung, who are you, hun?
Vyrn: Oh man, how did you come up with that infantile song?
Lily: Hee hee, did you hear that? He called it infantile!
Lyria: Haha, you meanie, Vyrn! We worked hard to make that up.
Vyrn: What's up with you two? How come you're so giggly all of a sudden? You were fuming a minute ago.
Lyria: I'm still fuming now! But I guess Lily's over it...
Lily: It's just the way it is here. The frost we radiate is dangerous. Don't be angry on my account, please.
Vyrn: No, okay, I hear ya. It's a complex situation you've got here; I can see that.
Vyrn: We're outsiders, so it's hard for us to get a handle on things, but I guess the locals have their reasons for acting the way they do.
Lyria: I guess...
Vyrn: But isn't it those Souval guys who've gotten everyone living on a knife edge at the moment?
Vyrn: I mean, that guy did say they're mobilizing for war. They sound like a dangerous crowd.
Lily: I'm sure everything will be okay with the Souval.
Lily: There hasn't been a big war in ages. And I don't know much history, but we have these tense times every now and then.
Vyrn: Humph. You think that's all it is? Well, let's just hope it blows over before it escalates.
Lyria: Yeah, let's hope so... Oh, look, that's the hill we're looking for! The Ice Crystal Palace can't be much further then.
Lily: Yes, we're nearly there now! It's just the other side of the hill.
Lily: ...
Lyria: What's the matter, Lily?
Lily: Haha, it's nothing. It's just that I feel so fluttery all of a sudden.
Vyrn: Yeah, I'll bet. With all that's happened, you'll have a lot to tell your friends.
Lily: You bet there is! About spring, about all of you, about the other islands I've seen, about—
Monster: Gwaaargh!
Vyrn: Whoa! Bad guy alert! (Captain), get ready to fight!
Lily: Huh? But that, that monster is...
Lyria: Come on, Lily, don't just stand there! You're in danger!
Lily: Oh, sorry!

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 1: Bring Back Spring - Episode 4

Things take a turn when the crew is attacked by Souval war beasts. Erin, of the Crystalia, shows up shortly after to guide the crew to the Ice Crystal Palace.

Deep in the forest, a chill hangs in the air. Almost at the Ice Crystal Palace, the party huddle together as they venture on.
Lyria: Brrr, it's getting colder and colder...
Vyrn: Yeah. Even having (Captain) with us isn't enough to combat this chill, huh?
Vyrn: Hey, Lily, where is this Ice Crystal Palace then, huh? I don't see anything like a palace around here.
Lily: ...
Lyria: Is everything okay, Lily? Your face is blank.
Lily: Hm? It is?
Vyrn: You're so easy to read. It's the monster we just fought that's on your mind, right?
Lily: Hm? Oh, yes, that's right.
Lily: I think it might have been one of the Souval war beasts.
Lyria: Huh? Souval war beasts?
Vyrn: You mean their army keeps monsters like that? Wow, they're serious about this war...
Lily: Maybe.
Lyria: Ooh, I really hope it doesn't come to all-out war...
Vyrn: Yeah, it's worrying, all right... Are your people guarding the Ice Crystal Palace well?
???: The palace will be fine... The Souval can't stand the cold.
Lily: Erin?
Erin: Lily...
Lily: Erin! It's you!
Lily: I'm back, Erin! Look, it's me! I'm back, I'm back!
Erin: Haha, welcome home, Lily.
Lily: I missed you so much! Look at who I brought with me! This person is the spring we were looking for! And this here is my new dear friend!
The young girl throws herself at her best friend, giving her a warm, affectionate hug.
Erin gently strokes Lily's head.
Lyria: It must be great to be back, Lily!
Vyrn: Yeah, brings a tear to your eye, huh? They've got a lot to catch up on. I guess she's Lily's best friend here, right?
Erin: ...
Erin: (Oh, Lily...)
Erin: (You poor thing, coming back at such a time...)
Lily: Erin, are you okay?
Erin: Hm? Oh yes, I'm fine...
Erin: And you must be our spring, I take it. The Snow Maiden told me about you all.
Lyria: Oh, yes. Hello. We're skyfarers from—
Erin: Yes, I've heard about that too. Please, allow me to show you into the palace.
Vyrn: Oh, thanks. But do you mind if we just rest up for a while first? We've still got quite a way to go, right?
Erin: No, not at all. The entrance is just there. The palace is underneath that little shrine.
Erin: Come...
With that, Erin starts to walk over to the shrine. The party follows, looking puzzled.
They follow her into a tunnel beneath the shrine, noticing a strange glow at the far end.

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 2: Heart of Ice - Episode 1

The Snow Maiden calls for all Crystalia princesses to return home at once in anticipation of a perceived threat. Erin is saddened that Lily cannot enjoy more of her time outside.

It is a few days before Lily's return to the Ice Crystal Palace.
Erin, holed up inside, gazes quietly at an ice crystal with a smile.
Erin: Hmm?
Erin: Flowers... Animals... A huge, salty... puddle?
The mysterious crystal arrived on the northerly wind, delivering fragments of Lily's thoughts and experiences.
Erin: Haha... You certainly seem to be enjoying yourself, Lily.
Erin: It seems the big wide world suits you better than—
Crystalia: Erin! Erin! Something terrible has happened!
Erin: What? What is it?
Crystalia: That great pile of ash we found on the Central Plains seems to be what's left of the Souval Chieftain.
Erin: What? How could this have happened?
Crystalia: We don't know. All we know is that they've unleashed their war beasts all over the island.
Crystalia: We must prepare ourselves. It could mark the beginnings of a great war.
Erin: What is the Snow Maiden saying about this?
Crystalia: She's very alarmed. It seems she's going to summon the princesses back from their quests.
Erin: Really? Lily too?
Crystalia: Yes. We have to get as many of our kind as possible back to the palace and then depending on how things unfold...
Erin: You don't mean? The Snow Maiden is thinking of Cryoquietus?
Crystalia: Yes. As a last resort to protect the Crystalia.
Erin: But our Lily...
Crystalia: Nothing's been decided yet, Erin. For now let's just keep our eyes peeled for any suspicious activity.
Erin: Yes, I suppose you're right.

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 2: Heart of Ice - Episode 2

The crew learns more about Lily's mission from Erin: to secure the help of the spring that suppresses Crystalia frost so that the three groups can engage in peace talks.

Led by Erin, the party continues along the underground passageway from the little shrine.
They emerge to the sight of a dazzling ice palace, fitting in such perfect harmony with its surroundings as to defy belief.
Neither Lyria nor Vyrn can hide their astonishment at the spectacle.
Lyria: Oh, wow! It's, it's magnificent! So beautiful!
Vyrn: Holy scales! I was only kidding when I said it needs maintenance! Seriously, I don't want to upset whatever god must have created this paradise!
Lyria: That chill... Is that because the palace is made of ice?
Vyrn: Is it ice though? Or is it crystal? Whatever it is, it's definitely not made by people!
Vyrn: What is it made of, Lily? Lily? Hey, where'd she go?
Erin: Lily is just over there. She's been summoned by the Snow Maiden.
Lyria: Who's that again? Oh yeah, the important person who called to Lily on the wind!
Erin: Yes... I suppose in the outside world, you would call her important.
Erin: She's the Goddess of Ice, the forebear of the Crystalia people, a mother to us all. She is the spirit of ice that presides over this palace.
Vyrn: Hold on, I'm confused! This one maiden is all those things?
Erin: Yes.
Vyrn: So, um, are you Crystalia actually spirits then?
Erin: Hm, an interesting question...
Vyrn: Huh? I'm actually looking for answers here, you know! What are you all exactly?
Erin: That's... hard to say.
Erin: We are what we are. If I asked you to explain what you are, could you do it?
Vyrn: Of course I could! Just look at me! I'm a dragon!
Erin: And what is a dragon?
Vyrn: You know, a creature with wings... and fangs... and stuff.
Erin: Like a bat?
Vyrn: Hey, I ain't no bat! Dragons are way bigger than bats, right? And way cooler!
Erin: Well, you don't look much bigger than a bat to me. And what do you mean by cooler? Cool like ice? Like us?
Vyrn: Look, there are all different kinds of dragons, okay? And I mean cool as in... um...
Erin: ...
Vyrn: Hmm, how can I explain it? I mean, I'm... well... Oh man, what am I?
Lyria: Oh Vyrn, don't feel bad! It's okay. I know what you are, and that's what matters.
Erin: I'm sorry... I didn't mean to distress you.
Erin: Perhaps we can say that one's kind is defined by a shared sense of identity? Communities are formed based on a shared perception of the world.
Erin: Or so I've read anyway.
Vyrn: Shared perception, huh?
Erin: Yes. So you see... We struggle to understand each other because us Crystalia are such different beings and see the world so differently.
Erin: I'm guessing you're curious why the Snow Maiden summoned Lily?
Lyria: Oh, yes. I suppose she wanted to talk about Lily's mission?
Erin: If only that was the only reason...
Erin: ...
Vyrn: Hm? Actually, about that. What's this thing about Lily's mission to bring back spring?
Vyrn: I mean, what's (Captain) actually going to have to do? Lily mentioned something about building bridges.
Erin: Lily is our hope. Spring is how we refer to the person with the key to preserving our species.
Erin: You see, after a long history of warfare, we Crystalia are heading for extinction.
Lyria: What!
Erin: It's true. That's why the Snow Maiden has decided we must strive for peaceful coexistence with other species.
Erin: But the cold we exude—what humans call our hearts of ice—just freezes other beings to death.
Erin: So we could never propose coexistence even if we wanted to.
Vyrn: Right, now I'm starting to get it. That's why you need this spring. To get rid of the chill, huh?
Erin: Exactly... In our history there have been several recordings of beings that can counteract our coldness.
Erin: Thus we've been looking for someone with that special quality. Someone to help us build bridges to facilitate peace talks.
Lyria: Gosh, all this talk of building bridges and talks... Lily and (Captain) have a lot riding on them, don't they?
Erin: In truth I wish I could take Lily's place, but it's a mission that must be carried out by our princesses.
Vyrn: Princesses? You mean Lily is a princess? Actually that kinda makes sense. There's something... refined about her.
Erin: Well, our princesses are not like yours. I mean, they do command respect, but there is no idea of royalty here.
Vyrn: Oh, right. You guys sure do things funny around here. It's really fascinating!
Erin: Do you think so? From my perspective... it's you people who do things strangely.
Vyrn: Haha, yeah, you could be right about that. Is it okay if I ask you more questions? My mind's buzzing now!
Erin: It would be my pleasure to try to answer, though I'm not sure I'll be able to explain very well.
Lyria: (I hope Lily's okay.)

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 2: Heart of Ice - Episode 3

With conditions ripe for war, the Snow Maiden expresses concern that peace talks may be difficult even with the spring present.

Lily: Cryoqu... Cryoquite... Cryoquietus?
Snow Maiden: ...
While the party speaks to Erin, Lily listens to the will of the Snow Maiden, the goddess of ice, whose voice can only be heard by the Crystalia.
Lily: Absolute zero? I don't understand all this.
Snow Maiden: ...?
Lily: Oh! I-I'm sorry for neglecting my studies!
Lily: But I've got some great news, Snow Maiden. I brought you spring!
Lily: It's a human by the name of (Captain). A wonderful, brave skyfarer who's willing to help us with the bridges!
Snow Maiden: ...
Lily: What? A great war? You've called back all the princesses?
Lily: Oh...
Lily: But wait! I mean, we're not at war yet, are we? There's still time!
Lily: I'm so close now. I'm going to complete my mission and bring hope to everyone on the—
Snow Maiden: ...?
Lily: But, Snow Maiden, we'll never know unless we try!
Lily: Just leave it to me. I'm very well-traveled now, you know. I've learned things. For example, um...
Lily: Huh? What was that? The ceiling just shook!
Crystalia: It's a disaster! There are war beasts just outside the shrine! Erin and the skyfarers are trying to hold them off, but—
Lily: What? Eriiin!
War Beast: Gwaaargh!
Vyrn: Hey, I thought these goons were supposed to hate the cold? What happened to that, huh?
Erin: I don't know. Usually they can't stand it.
Lyria: I can sense something. It's almost as if... they know they're going to die.
Vyrn: What? You mean this is it? The Souval are finally—
War Beast: Gwaaargh!
Erin: Agh!
Lily: No! Leave Erin alone!
War Beast: Guuurgh...
Erin: Lily... You saved me! Is the Snow Maiden all right?
Lily: Yes, she's fine. We must protect the Ice Crystal Palace now. Watch this, Erin. Now you'll see just what I can do!

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 2: Heart of Ice - Episode 4

Lily proposes going to Wolfire Land to discuss a cease-fire and to make peace with the Souval. The crew agrees and gladly accompanies her.

The party manages to drive back the war beasts. But the Crystalia are thrown into confusion now that the war has turned into a reality.
Erin: You skyfarers are very strong fighters... Thank you. You really helped us.
Lyria: Oh, it's nothing! Is everyone in the palace okay?
Erin: Yes, they're all fine. I don't think that was a planned invasion. Those beasts just happened to find their way into our palace.
Erin: But everyone's feeling restless...
Vyrn: Yeah, it sure looks like the Souval mean business, doesn't it?
Erin: Perhaps Cryoquietus is unavoidable...
Lyria: Sorry? What's this Cryo-something?
Erin: Oh, yes, it's, um...
Lily: Wait a minute, Erin, there's still another way. I'm sure of it!
Erin: I don't think so, Lily...
Lily: No, there is. I'm going to go over to the Souval's place and ask them to hold off on waging war.
Erin: What? You're going to ask for a cease-fire? But what good would that do?
Lily: It's a step in the right direction! I haven't finished my mission yet.
Crystalia: Sorry, but you'd be wasting your time. No one would ever listen to us Crystalia.
Lily: No, I'm sure they would. Right, Erin?
Erin: I don't know... But anyway, I can't allow you to go to Souval territory. Wolfire Land is too dangerous.
Erin: I wouldn't even send an official envoy for fear of her not coming back alive.
Lily: Oh, but, but...
Lyria: Don't worry, Lily.
Lyria: It's okay. We'll come with you to help you negotiate the cease-fire!
Erin: What? You?
Vyrn: Sure, you've seen we can handle ourselves, right? I dunno what these Souval dudes are like, but we can keep Lily safe from them.
Crystalia: Really? But why would you risk your own lives for something like that?
Lyria: I don't understand everything that's going on here, but I know one thing: Lily's one of us!
Lily: Lyria...
Erin: I see you've made up your mind about it.
Crystalia: What? Erin, are you mad?
Erin: Don't worry, I'll talk to the Snow Maiden about it. I'm sure she'll understand.
Erin: But promise me one thing, Lily... As our special envoy, make sure you do us proud and come back safe!
Lily: I will! I'll make you all proud!
So it is agreed that Lily, as a special envoy of her species, will set off with the party for Wolfire Land, the home of the fierce Souval.
Erin and the other Crystalia help them prepare, praying all the time for the safe return of their single greatest hope for the future.

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 3: Rachis of Fire - Episode 1

Amidst the uproar over the assassination of the Souval leader, his son Grueler appoints himself the new chieftain. After much consideration, he declares all-out war against the other groups on the island.

It is a few days before Lily's return to the Ice Crystal Palace.
Atop a mountain in Wolfire Land, the Souval are gathered in a plaza, all looking up excitedly at a podium.
Grueler, the muscle-bound son of the Souval chieftain, appears onstage.
Grueler: My Souval brethren! There is one reason and one reason alone I've summoned you here. Some of you will already have heard the news...
Grueler: My father, our chieftain, has met with a fiendishly cruel end! We have discovered his ash-stricken body.
Grueler: Make no mistake—this was no accident! All evidence points to an assassination!
Grueler: Nevertheless we mustn't jump to conclusions. As we speak, our medics are investigating the case.
Souval 1: It was the peoples' doing! Come on, let's sack Torwa!
Souval 2: I bet it was the Crystalia! Let's raze the Ice Crystal Palace to the ground!
The crowd seethes with anger and hostility, clamoring to avenge the murder of their chieftain.
Souval 1: What will it be, Grueler! You've got to make a decision! You've got to lead us!
Souval 2: Yeah, don't keep us waiting any longer. We demand revenge! As our new leader, you've got to give us revenge!
Grueler: ...
Grueler has been listening in silence to the calls for justice, his eyes closed. Then with a little sigh, he looks up.
Grueler: Quiet now!
Grueler: I understand how you all feel, and I will answer the call. I hereby declare myself the new chieftain of the Souval!
Grueler: And...
Grueler: This is where it ends! Our history of humiliation will go no further!
Grueler: All troops, prepare for deployment! We're going to wipe out the people and the Crystalia! To start with, release the war beasts!
Grueler: Everyone, this is the final battle.
Grueler: Valiance and honor till death!
Souval 1: Valiance and honor till death!
Souval 2: Valiance and honor till death!

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 3: Rachis of Fire - Episode 2

The crew discusses Souval chieftain's assassination and who the culprit could be, but they come to no conclusion. Lily presses on as a special envoy of the Crystalia.

The party heads to Wolfire Land, the home of the Souval, to request a cease-fire in hopes of progressing peace talks.
Along the way they go over the information the Crystalia have gathered about the Souval.
Lyria: Their chieftain was... assassinated?
Vyrn: I don't know the details, but it looks like that was the spark for this whole thing. They're blaming the people and Crystalia.
Lyria: The Crystalia would never do something like that!
Lyria: But the people in town wouldn't either...
Vyrn: I was thinking the same thing.
Vyrn: But with all this jibber-jabber about a conflict going back hundreds of years... I don't know anymore.
Lily: Lyria, Lyria! I can see it! Look! The mountain where Wolfire Land is!
Lyria: Huh? Oh! Wow, that's really steep!
Lily: Indeed. Um, miss, the path to the summit is exceedingly steep.
Lyria: Huh? Miss? Why are you talking strange all of a sudden?
Lily: Oh, well, I'm the special envoy of my people, so I need to be extra polite, I thought.
Vyrn: Haha, you're taking this pretty seriously, huh? Nice one. Let's hope you can sweet talk the Souval.
Vyrn: Anyway we'd better keep our guard up from here on. They're pretty brutal, right? You said they were beastfolk?
Lyria: Goblins and things like that? Is that the kind of beastfolk we should be expecting?
Lily: Well, there have also been reports of the Souval muttermor... Um, mattermif... Um, metamuf... Er...
Lyria: Lily, we're not there yet, so let's talk normally. We can practice formal speech together later, okay?
Lily: Oh, thank you! So I heard that the Souval change form if they get angry.
Vyrn: Metamorphosis, you mean? Geez, I thought they were bad enough to begin with. But they morph into something worse? Like what?
Lily: Um... Erm...
Lily: Things that go... Aw, aw, arooo!
Lily: Something like that I guess. I've never seen one, so I don't know.
Vyrn: Hahahahah! What was that? That wasn't scary at all!
Lily: Well, everyone says it's a really terrifying transformation.
Lyria: Teehee. It's okay, Lily. We'll protect you no matter how dangerous these Souval might be.
Lily: Thanks, Lyria. You're so cool!
Vyrn: Yeah, well, this is no time to be getting cold feet. Come on, (Captain), let's press on.

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 3: Rachis of Fire - Episode 3

The crew spots a Torwan scout about to be killed for sneaking around Wolfire Land. Lily immediately jumps in to disarm the situation but only arouses suspicion.

Fighting war beasts along the way, the party continues toward the top of the mountain.
They pick their way carefully to avoid provoking the Souval before meeting with their new chieftain.
Vyrn: Uh-oh! Quick, someone's coming!
Lyria: Everyone, behind that rock!
Lily: We're going to hide? But wait—listen! Someone's running...
Scout: Huff... Wheeze... Damn it! They're sharp! But I'm not going to die! Not now!
Scout: Agh!
Souval Vanguard: Hah! Too slow! We don't take kindly to being spied on!
Vyrn: Whoa! That's a Souval?
Souval Vanguard: Hm? What's that scent? I've never smelled a creature like that before...
Souval Vanguard: Wherever you're hiding, come on out!
Lyria: Agh!
Souval Vanguard: Behind that rock, are you? Show yourself! You can't deceive a Souval's nose!
Scout: Haha! Scared, are you? A mighty beastman acting like a chicken!
Souval Vanguard: Hm? Are you talking to me, you little runt?
Scout: I don't see anyone else here, do you? Come on, you savage. If you're going to kill me, get on with it!
Scout: But you should be scared. Scared of the bonds between us people. My comrades back in Torwa will make you pay!
Souval Vanguard: Tsk! You talk of making us pay?
Souval Vanguard: Forget about waiting for a declaration of war! I've had it! This is revenge for our former chieftain!
Scout: Enough chat! Fight, you beast!
Souval Vanguard: You will die now!
Lily: Um, hello!
Scout: Wha—
Souval Vanguard: Huh?
Vyrn: Oh man! What's she playing at?
Lyria: Lily, no! What are doing?
Lily: Erm, pleased to meet you. I'm, um, Lily.
Scout: Get out of here! You'll be killed!
Souval Vanguard: Wait... That smell... No... You're a Crystalia?
Lily: Um, yes. I'm special envoy Crystal, of the Lilalia pe—
Lily: No, sorry, I got that wrong. I mean, I'm special envoy Lily of the Crystalia.
Souval Vanguard: Stay back! Don't come any closer! I can't believe it! For the Crystalia to strike at us!
Souval Vanguard: Damn it, I need reinforcements! You won't get a step closer to Wolfire Land! Not over my dead body!
War Beast: Gwaaargh!
Lily: Ack! No!
Vyrn: Look out! He's going to try to get reinforcements. We've got to do something about this war beast before he gets the chance!
Lyria: You're right. Lily, over here!
Scout: Wh-who the heck are you? A Crystalia, and a human, and a... what?
Vyrn: It's not important now. We're skyfarers. That's all you need to know! Leave this to us, dude!
Scout: Thanks! I owe you!
War Beast: Gwaaargh!
Lily: Oh, but I want to stop the fighting!

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 3: Rachis of Fire - Episode 4

(Captain) and company desperately plead their neutral status, but no one is willing to listen. Lily, a Crystalia, being among the crew only hastens the Souval plan for war.

Vyrn: Whew, we did it!
Lily: Sorry, I know we were supposed to stay hidden.
Lyria: It's okay. It's not your fault. Anyway let's get out of here quick.
Souval Vanguard: There! There they are!
After defeating the war beast, the party is suddenly surrounded by Souval who start closing in slowly.
Vyrn: Look, guys, listen up, okay? We're not here to fight! We don't want this!
Lyria: That's right. We came here to talk to you.
Souval Vanguard: Keep them surrounded! That little girl's a Crystalia. She's not using her freezing powers, but stay alert just in case.
Lily: Yes, um... Hello, Souval friends! I am the special envoy, Lily!
Souval Vanguard: Archers, take aim! Make sure you hit the mark!
Lily: Hello, I said! Hello! Please, I want the fighting to stop!
Lyria: Lily, no! Be careful!
Souval Vanguard: Fire!
Grueler: Wait.
Souval Vanguard: Grueler? Er, you heard him! Stand down, everyone.
Lily: Grueler? The new Souval chieftain?
Grueler: Hm, so you're a Crystalia, are you? And no ordinary one, I see.
Lyria: That was close. But their chieftain's so...
Vyrn: So intimidating? Tell me about it! But at least he's not a shoot first, talk later kind of guy.
Grueler says nothing. He just studies Lily and the party with a long, observant gaze.
Then he casts his eyes down for a moment before looking back at the party with a steely resolve.
Grueler: So... You've joined forces with the people, have you, Crystalia?
Lily: What? Joined forces?
Vyrn: Hey, quit jumping to conclusions! It's nothing like that, okay?
Lyria: We're just skyfarers. We only came here with Lily because—
Grueler: Bring in the core war beasts. She may be only a child, but we mustn't underestimate this Crystalia.
Souval Vanguard: Are you sure? I mean, can we afford to split our forces right now?
Grueler: It won't be a problem. In any case the threat has to be eliminated sooner or later.
Souval Vanguard: Yessir!
War Beast: Gwoooargh!
Vyrn: Whoa, they're bringing out the big guns now, huh?
Lyria: We can't run though. Or we'll never be able to explain what we're hoping to achieve.
Lily: Lyria, (Captain), please lend me a hand in this fight!

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 4: Dream of the Departed - Episode 1

Grueler calms down briefly to listen to the crew. When Lily brings up peace talks, Grueler agrees to discuss the matter in a council of war with his advisors.

The party manages to defeat the core war beasts. Dumbfounded, the Souval ready their weapons and stand poised to fight.
Amidst them Grueler quietly surveys the party and Lily.
Vyrn: Wheeze... huff... Well, we got out of that one somehow, but it looks like it ain't over yet!
Lyria: Oh no, there's more and more of them coming...
Lily: I-I'm the special envoy of the Crystalia! I want you to stop fighting! Please!
Souval Lieutenant: Chieftain, we've brought more war beasts. What do you want us to do?
Grueler: ...
Souval Lieutenant: Chieftain?
Grueler: Did you see how well they fought? I wasn't expecting that.
Grueler: Especially that human... Might be as much of a threat as the Crystalia—or even more so.
Grueler: If they were intent on it, they could have escaped by breaking through our ranks.
Souval Lieutenant: They... We wouldn't let that happen, Chieftain!
Grueler: Humph, no. But they didn't try to escape, did they? And for some reason that Crystalia isn't using her freezing chill either.
Grueler: For one of those cowards to actually enter our territory and earnestly claim to be an envoy...
Souval Lieutenant: It's certainly something that's never happened before.
Grueler: No. But it could be a new tactic. Either way we shall hear what they have to say.
Souval Lieutenant: Valiance and honor till death...
Grueler: Exactly. Friend or foe, whoever fights with valiance and honor deserves to be treated with respect.
Grueler: You have command now.
Souval Lieutenant: Sir!
All troops, withdraw!
The Souval fighters lower their weapons and start to file out in orderly lines.
They have mixed feelings about the sudden change of orders, but there is no trace of hostility in their expressions. The party tries to make sense of this.
Vyrn: What's going on? Are they really backing down? Or is this just some sneaky tactic of theirs?
Grueler: Crystalia and you skyfarers, come. I invite you to Wolfire Land.
Lyria: What? You mean you're going to stop fighting us?
Grueler: Don't misunderstand me. I agree to listen to what you have to say. Then I'll decide.
Lily: Thank you. Thank you, sir!
Grueler: Just come.
A room somewhere in Wolfire Land. The party sympathizes over the death of the Souval's former chieftain and explains the Crystalia's idea.
Having heard what Lily has to say, all the Souval present, including Grueler, seem taken by surprise.
Grueler: Spring? Peace talks?
Lily: Yes.
Grueler: ...
Grueler: I don't believe it. Or at least I wouldn't if it wasn't for your human companion there.
Vyrn: Right? With (Captain) here, you guys can talk on an even playing field.
Grueler: So you're telling me she's willingly subdued her deadly freezing powers?
Lyria: Yes. And I have to say I don't know all the ins and outs of your history, and I know there are reasons for all this tension, but still...
Lyria: Lily here is serious. Before she met us, she was traveling all on her own and had some really difficult times when—
Grueler: Okay, that's enough. Let's not waste our time getting sentimental.
Grueler: Hm, the Snow Maiden... When you think about the decades she's spent bolstering their defenses...
Grueler: (All this talk of a cease-fire and discussions... It looks like perhaps the Crystalia had nothing to do with Father's death.)
Grueler: (But people alone lack the power. They couldn't have done it.)
Grueler: (Who was it then?)
Lily: Don't you believe me? Please, sir, give me the benefit of the doubt.
Grueler: Just come.
Grueler: ...
Grueler: I understand your position. I'll treat this as a formal request from the Ice Crystal Palace.
Lily: You will? So you mean—
Grueler: Don't get ahead of yourself. I must gather my advisers and call a council of war. Then I'll give you my answer.

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 4: Dream of the Departed - Episode 2

The crew takes a tour of Wolfire Land, learning that as belligerent as Souval may be, they also value honor. Just as Vyrn wonders how the three-way struggle started, Lily suddenly collapses.

The party awaits Grueler's decision. Meanwhile they look around Wolfire Land.
Lyria gazes down at her feet to avoid the curious looks they're all getting from the Souval.
Lyria: Umm, everyone's staring at us...
Vyrn: Are they? I can't say I've really noticed. I mean, I get way worse than this all the time.
Lyria: Really? You mean people are always staring at you?
Vyrn: Haha, of course! Well, in towns and stuff at least.
Vyrn: Sure, it doesn't happen when I'm on the Grandcypher though. There's plenty of guys more weird than me! But that's a whole 'nother story.
Lily: Lyria, Lyria!
Lyria: What is it, Lily?
Lily points at a Souval farther down the street.
Lily: See that man up ahead? The one with the pots and pans?
Lyria: Hm? Oh, yes, he's cooking pimpkin pie!
Souval Vanguard: Doo-dee-doo! Dee-doo!
Vyrn: Say, you're right! Like the one we ate in Torwa before. But wait, is that what it was called?
Souval Vanguard: Hm? Hey, aren't you those guys from before?
Lyria: Sorry, have we met?
Lily: It's the first Souval we ran into, remember?
Vyrn: Haha, Lyria, try to pay more attention to people, not just to food.
Souval Vanguard: You guys shouldn't be so spaced out when on enemy territory, you know.
Lyria: Haha, I suppose that's true.
Souval Vanguard: It is. So anyway are you guys hungry?
Lily: Hm?
Souval Vanguard: You're the special envoy, right? For now at least we are to treat you like guests. And it's polite to offer guests something to eat.
Lyria: Oh gosh, that's very kind of you. Thank you.
Lily: Yay, pimpkin pie!
Souval Vanguard: Pimpkin? I've never heard of pimpkin. This is meat pie.
Souval Vanguard: Oh, wait, I forgot. The Crystalia are vegetarians, right? Wait there. I'll go get some fruit.
Lily: Oh, don't worry about it. I'll just eat the crust.
Souval Vanguard: Ah, quit being polite.
Vyrn: Who knew, huh? They look like brutes, but they're actually pretty considerate.
Lyria: Yes. All we've heard up to now is how they're savage and love to wage war.
Vyrn: Well, they do seem pretty violent, but not all the time, I guess. No metamorphoses as of yet, huh?
Souval Lieutenant: Not many of us can transform into beast form.
Vyrn: Oh, you're back!
Lily: Um, no, Vyrn, this is that man Chieftain Grueler was talking to earlier.
Souval Lieutenant: The man you were talking to just now is Ginta. I'm Gile. But it's not important.
Souval Lieutenant: The truth is we Souval are also in decline.
Souval Lieutenant: Spinal columns unique to our kind, what outsiders call our rachis of fire, seem to be atrophying more and more with each generation.
Souval Lieutenant: Now even the most purebred among us can only morph under special circumstances, such as when our lives are in danger.
Vyrn: Wow, that's fascinating, but are you sure you should be telling us this? It sounds like something that should be kept secret.
Souval Lieutenant: Chieftain Grueler asked me to tell you because you revealed information about the Crystalia before.
Souval Lieutenant: He decided to tell you something of equal significance.
Lyria: Really? Why would he do that?
Souval Lieutenant: We live by the creed: valiance and honor till death... I guess you people wouldn't understand.
Souval Lieutenant: And anyway we've learned about tactics now. Even if we can't become the beasts we once could, Chieftain Grueler will lead us to victory.
Souval Lieutenant: And now I must be going.
Vyrn: Valiance and honor? Is that like some code of chivalry?
Lyria: I guess so. After all, they just let us in on a big secret of theirs.
Vyrn: Yeah, I really don't get these guys.
Vyrn: Seriously, just who's causing all the trouble in this island's three-way struggle? How come wars break out here all the time?
Lyria: Um, well... I have no idea.
Vyrn: There's gotta be a root cause. Lily, do you know?
Lily: Huh? Sorry, I was never very good at hist—
Lily: Ugh...
Lyria: Lily! Lily, what's happened? Lily! Wake up!

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 4: Dream of the Departed - Episode 3

A strange dream plays out in Lily's mind. She learns of how people, Crystalia, and Souval came to hate each other.

Lily: Hm? Where... am I?
Lily comes to in a place she doesn't recognize, but which feels strangely familiar.
Lily: Are we at the Central Plains? No, it looks similar, but it's not...
Indigenous Folk 1: Oh, hello there! Great weather we're having today, isn't it? So what brings you out this way?
Indigenous Folk 2: Haha, hello. It's harvest time for us. How's the hunting going for you?
Lily: Hm? Who are they? They look to be friends...
Suddenly all sorts of sights and sounds play through Lily's head. Like memories, only this is the first time she's experiencing them.
Lily: In the olden days...
Lily: The Crystalia and the Souval... They lived peacefully, side by side, sharing the island.
The words come out of Lily's mouth like she's explaining something to herself.
???: A thousand years ago, the Crystalia and Souval lived peacefully together.
???: But then, during the course of the War people came and started to colonize the island.
???: They created cities and ports, spreading into whatever territory they wanted.
Settler 1: Huh? Stop hunting? Why would we do that?
Indigenous Folk 1: Because you people are taking all of our quarry. Look, if you're not prepared to meet us halfway...
Settler 1: Are you threatening us? Humph, sorry, but we don't negotiate with savages!
Indigenous Folk 1: Savages? How dare you?
Settler 1: What the—
Argh! You m-monster!
???: The naturally stronger Souval made the people well aware of their strength and determination not to be dictated to.
???: So the people noted the Souval's weakness—the freezing heart of ice only the Crystalia possess—and they exploited it.
Indigenous Folk 1: Aaagh! What, what is that weapon?
Settler 2: Die, you monster! This is revenge for my father!
Indigenous Folk 1: But the Crystalia wouldn't... We're not the monsters! You! You're the... Urgh...
Settler 2: Hahaha, they go down like flies! This weapon is perfect!
???: The Crystalia were infuriated. Though a peaceful species, they couldn't ignore the slaughter of their fellow islanders.
???: But the humans were crafty. This time they exploited the Souval's so-called rachis of fire.
Indigenous Folk 2: Agh! What happened? The forest is on fire!
Settler 2: That's it! We've flushed them out! Burn every last inch of their land to the ground!
Indigenous Folk 2: Settlers? How did you get ahold of fire that can overpower our cold?
Settler 2: How d'you think? We asked the Souval! If you don't like it, take it up with them!
???: The perpetrators of these terrible crimes were duly punished in their own society.
???: But the seeds of resentment had been sown.
???: Soon the animosity was in everyone's blood, not their minds, and conflict became the norm.
???: Crystalia princess, you are our last glimmer of hope... This, I believe, is our last chance.
???: Please, save this place! Save the souls blessed by this island!

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 4: Dream of the Departed - Episode 4

Lily awakens to learn that it may have been the Sun Lord who showed her the dream. At the same time, Grueler returns from his war council and consents to the peace talks.

Having slipped abruptly from consciousness, Lily has been carried to a room somewhere in the Souval settlement.
Her eyes flutter open and she yawns as she gazes blankly at the ceiling.
Lily: Ahhh... Good... morning...
Souval Vanguard: Oh, so you're awake at last, are you? What happened to you then?
Souval Vanguard: Hm? And you've got tears on your cheeks, look. Have a bad dream, did you?
Lily: Tears? Oh, you're right. But I can't remember the dream.
Lily: I just kind of feel like I've seen something terribly, terribly sad...
Souval Vanguard: Oh? Maybe it was a dream given to you by the Sun Lord.
Lily: The Sun Lord?
Souval Vanguard: Yeah, he used to live here among us. He's sort of like your Snow Maiden. But they say he disappeared more than a hundred years ago.
Souval Vanguard: There's no one left among us who knows how to reach him. But you're a Crystalia princess, right? Maybe the Sun Lord wanted to give you a message.
Lily: Oh my, you really think so?
Souval Vanguard: Hey, I wasn't exactly being serious, you know! I mean, maybe that's it, maybe not.
Souval Vanguard: Anyway are you feeling okay now? Commander Grueler's asked to see your friends already.
Lily: Really? They must be discussing the peace talks proposal!
Souval Vanguard: They're in the guest quarters. Just around that corner and straight ahead of you.
Lily: Thank you! I'll go straight there!
Souval Vanguard: Oh, about that pie, it was—
Oh, too late, she's gone.
Souval Vanguard: I guess I can tell her next time I see her.
Souval Vanguard: What am I talking about? What next time?
Lyria: So have you come to a decision?
Grueler: Yes.
Vyrn: Come on then. Don't keep us in suspense! I haven't got any more nails left to bite!
Grueler: Why? It doesn't affect you skyfarers either way, does it? I don't understand you.
Grueler: Anyway, here's what I've decided.
Grueler: We will stop our preparations for war... temporarily.
Grueler: And under certain conditions, we'll enter into these peace talks as requested by the Ice Crystal Palace.
Lyria: !
Vyrn: All right! I knew you'd see sense!
Grueler: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I didn't say the war's over, did I?
Grueler: There are still unanswered questions about our former chieftain's death. We don't know who the assassin was.
Grueler: As such, the first talks will concentrate on getting to the truth of this matter. And that's non-negotiable.
Grueler: So let both the people and the Crystalia know. If either refuse, we'll consider them responsible for the assassination, and that will start a war.
Grueler: You can continue your role as envoy and deliver the message. Think you can get everyone onside?
Lily: Yes!
Lyria: Lily! Oh, thank goodness you're up and about again.
Lily: Yes, I'm fine. Thank you, Chieftain Grueler!
Grueler: I'm not looking for thanks. Okay, we're done here.
And so Grueler agrees to provisional talks, albeit with certain conditions.
The party quickly sets off for Torwa and the Ice Crystal Palace, determined to keep things moving in the right direction.

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 5: Mixed Feelings - Episode 1

With news of Souval consent in hand, Lily makes for the Ice Crystal Palace while the crew heads for Torwa.

Having left Wolfire Land, the party reaches the Central Plains.
With imminent war avoided and the prospect of peace talks a genuine possibility, the mood is one of relief.
Lyria: No sign of war beasts around here.
Vyrn: That Grueler guy's got great leadership, huh? One snap of his fingers and he can pull his troops out completely.
Lyria: It's great that we put a stop to the war for now.
Vyrn: I can't see the Crystalia having a problem with his demands, so it's just gonna come down to persuading everyone in the city.
Vyrn: I say we split up now. We'll go talk to people in Torwa, and you can head back to the Ice Crystal Palace, Lily, and see if...
Lily: ...
Vyrn: Lily? What's wrong? Are you tired?
Lily: Oh, no. It's just I had this strange dream before. But I can't remember a thing about it now.
Vyrn: Haha, why doesn't that surprise me? I guess your head's in the clouds again. Okay, well, onwards and upwards?
Lily: Yes, we have to make this work! Okay, I'll go back to the palace then. See you later!
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Okay, guys, let's head over to—
Lyria: Lily?
Lily: Yikes!
Lily wheels around with a strange expression on her face. Lyria gives her a hug.
Lily: Lyria, I...
Lyria: It's okay. I know. You've been really brave, but you can relax now.
Lily: Huh?
Lyria: I know all this has been really hard for you. I know how scared you've been.
Lyria: I'm sorry. I should have said something before, but I was worried about it interfering with your mission.
Lyria: Don't worry though. We'll handle the rest. You can just go relax back at the palace, okay?
Lily: ...
Lily: I... I...
Lily: Waaah! I was so scared! I just wanted to run away and hide!
Lily: Those people in Torwa were so scary, and, and the Souval wouldn't listen to me, and... Oh, that awful dream I had!
Lily: The whole mission's been a nightmare!
Lyria: I know, Lily... I know.
Tears stream down Lily's face while Lyria tries to comfort her.
Lily herself hadn't realized the pressure she was under, but now it's like a great weight has been lifted.
Lily: Okay, I'll get going now. Bye!
Lyria: Stay safe!
Vyrn: Sorry, Lyria. I had no idea what she was going through.
Vyrn: I guess I figured the mission was always gonna be tough and she'd just cope. But I forgot she's just a kid.
Lyria: Don't feel bad. She wanted to show everyone how grown up she was, I guess.
Vyrn: Tsk, what a doofus I've been. Man, next time I see her, I'm just gonna play some games with her or something.
Lyria: Teehee... Anyway we should get going. We've got a message to deliver to the people of Torwa, right?

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 5: Mixed Feelings - Episode 2

The crew is shocked to find Torwa preparing for war. They try to appeal to General Hassan with the possibility of peace talks, but it is too late—war has already begun.

Once more the party arrives in the city of Torwa with hopes of persuading the powers that be to enter into peace talks.
But when they get there, an unexpected development awaits them.
General: So all infantry units are present and accounted for. Captain, you lead an assault formation.
Captain: Yessir. Very good, sir! On the double!
General: Sharpshooters are to secure central elevated ground. Protect the city defenses and keep our allies covered!
Sniper: Sir! We won't let a single enemy slip through, sir!
General: Make it quick, men! This is a golden opportunity with the enemy off guard now. It's time we took this island for ourselves once and for all!
Military personnel are running all over the city. Agents and skyfarers are in evidence too amid the chaos.
Lyria: What's going on?
Vyrn: I dunno exactly, but one thing's pretty clear: they're getting ready for combat!
Scout: Hey there! So you got away okay, huh?
Lyria: Oh, hi. You're the soldier from Wolfire Land, aren't you?
Scout: Yeah, listen, thanks for helping me out back there. They caught me spying on them.
Scout: But thanks to my intel, we learned they were planning the biggest offensive in the island's history.
Lyria: What? But no! You don't mean all these troops here are...
Vyrn: Yeah, the situation's changed now. You've gotta stand down. Grueler's pulled his troops back because—
General: Ah, there you are! I was worried about you young skyfarers.
Lyria: Sir, please, Chieftain Grueler has ended hostilities. There's no need for all of this.
General: Hm? What?
Vyrn: Lily persuaded the Souval to stand down. And then we agreed to...
Vyrn explains to the general the Crystalia's proposal and the terms demanded by the Souval in return.
At first the general greets the news with suspicion, but that gradually turns to confusion and surprise.
General: Peace talks? Those humanoids want that?
Vyrn: Yeah, that's right. They don't really want to fight each other, you see. So you guys need to stand down too.
General: ...
General: We can't do that.
Lyria: What? But, but you have to! You have to believe us!
General: It's not that. Even if what you say is true, we can't trust the enemy.
General: Over the years we've tried to make concessions, and we've tried to compromise with the humanoids. But every time it's ended in disaster.
General: I understand your position. I assure you I want peace just as you do. But it will never happen. We cannot coexist.
Vyrn: But that's what the talks are for! To discuss how you can coexist.
General: Dreams like that only come about because our species don't fully understand each other.
General: Just look at the differences. Their hearts of ice, their rachises of fire. Those are threats to our existence, pure and simple.
General: And now we have this chance given to us on a platter. We have to eradicate the threats once and for all.
Lyria: !
General: There's nothing more to say. If you're going to leave, I ask you to do so without delay.
Vyrn: What's the matter with that guy? He just doesn't get it! Sigh, back to the drawing board, huh?
Lyria: So how about me then?
Vyrn: Lyria?
Lyria: Should I be eradicated as well?
General: Hm?
Scout: Hey, what are you talking about?
Lyria: Well, I'm not normal. I was experimented on by the Empire. I can control primal beasts.
Lyria: Yes, I've got a few things about me that are a little strange. Maybe more than a few!
Lyria: So if being different makes me a threat, you'd better kill me too.
Lyria: Right?
General: ...
Lyria: What's the matter? Doesn't that make sense?
Lyria: You know, Lily put her life on the line to carry out her mission. To take a message to the Souval.
Lyria: Can't you see what that means? Can't you understand the weight of the gesture she made?
General: Gesture?
Vyrn: You wouldn't be the only one. We didn't get how big a deal it was for Lily at first either.
Vyrn: But please, General. For mercy's sake!
General: ...
General: It's too late.
Vyrn: Come on!
General: I know, I know. But the wheels are already in motion.
Vyrn: What?
General: Our troops are launching a surprise attack as we speak. The war is already underway!
Lyria: I have to find Lily!
Vyrn: Hey! Lyria! Come on, (Captain), we've gotta go after her!
Scout: Um, what are your orders, sir?
General: ...
Regular Customer 1: Did you hear that?
Regular Customer 2: Yeah. Talks, huh? About us all living together in peace. That girl's really something.
Regular Customer 3: Yeah, totally amazing. Lily, was it?
Innkeeper: ...
Innkeeper: Just what is it that we're afraid of exactly?

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 5: Mixed Feelings - Episode 3

The crew does everything possible to stop the skirmish between the Torwans and Souval. But alas, it is impossible to stop two opposing forces each so bent on crushing the other.

Vanguard Soldier 1: Waaargh!
Souval 1: Grrrgh!
Vanguard Soldier 2: Now's our chance! We all move in together!
Souval 2: It's not going to be that easy! I'll die before I let you get past me!
The retreating Souval army has come under a surprise attack by the vanguard of the people's army from Torwa.
Caught off guard from the rear, the Souval are at a massive disadvantage, being picked off before they know what's happening.
Yet despite their compromised position, the Souval muster their strength and attack any people they see. The Central Plains become a bloody scene of chaos.
Lyria: Huff... Wheeze... Oh no! It's really happening!
Vyrn: Aw man, what a mess! What are we going to do now?
Souval 2: You scheming little—
Peace talks? You tricked us, damn it!
Vyrn: It wasn't a trick! Please—we can explain all this. Just stop fighting!
Souval 2: The Torwans planned all this from the start. We should never have trusted you.
Lyria: Please! Where's Chieftain Grueler? We must speak with him agai—
Vanguard Soldier 2: Get out of our way! What are you talking to the savages for anyway?
Vyrn: They're not savages! Get back to Torwa, all of you. What's the point in all this bloodshed?
Vanguard Soldier 2: Hm? You've changed your allegiance, have you?
Lyria: What? No! How could you say that!
Vanguard soldier 2: There's only one punishment for betraying your comrades! No mercy!
Vyrn: Tsk! There's no point trying to talk to these guys. They're too fired up.

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 5: Mixed Feelings - Episode 4

General Hassan hands the crew papers declaring Torwa's acceptance of peace talks and sends them off to the Ice Crystal Palace. Knowing that the Crystalia are under attack by Souval, the crew rushes to save Lily.

The fighting gets more and more intense. The Central Plains become one huge, chaotic battlefield.
The party desperately tries to stop the fighting, but both sides of the battle are in full swing, and no one is in the mood for talks.
Vyrn: Wheeze... Wheeze... It's no use. We can't stop them. There are too many of them.
Lyria: But we've got to do something!
At that moment a sudden, blinding flash of light envelopes the whole area.
The party looks up to see a blue pillar of light rising from the ground in the direction of the Ice Crystal Palace that reaches up to the sky.
Vyrn: Whoa! What's that?
Lyria: I don't know, but you can just feel the energy in it!
Souval 2: Huff... Huff... The fighting's starting in the Ice Crystal Palace now too.
Vyrn: What? I don't get it.
Souval 2: It's Chieftain Grueler. When the war started, he put his initial plan into motion—to destroy our natural-born enemies first.
Lyria: Agh!
Lyria: Move! Everyone move!
Vyrn: Lyria, it's too dangerous! You can't risk crossing this battlefield now.
Lyria: I have to! I promised I'd protect her!
Vyrn: I know you did. I'm as worried as you are. Come on, let's skirt around them.
Lyria: But we'll be too late if we do that.
General: All troops, stand down!
Scout: That's a direct order from the general, men! Stand down! The city council has made its ruling!
Vyrn: Hey, it's the general!
General: Ah, there you are. I'm sorry it took me so long, but I've persuaded the city council to join the talks.
Lyria: Really?
Scout: Sir, it's chaos on the battlefield. Our ranks are broken and the order to stop fighting can't get through.
General: Humph. Well, we have to put a stop to this somehow. First things first let's secure a safe path to the Ice Crystal Palace.
General: I need you to deliver these papers to the Souval chieftain while I get things under control here.
The papers that the general hands over are a formal agreement to talks and an acceptance of the Souval's terms.
General: I don't imagine she'll be in any mood to forgive us, but please also pass a message from me to that young Crystalia, Lily.
General: Tell her I'm sorry.
Lyria: Leave it to us! We'll do everything we can.
Scout: This way, folks! I'm afraid there are still troops from both sides in the way, but you should be able to make it!
Vyrn: No problem. We'll get through! Even if we have to use some muscle to do it!

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 6: All Individuals - Episode 1

The Snow Maiden begins to invoke Cryoquietus to protect the Crystalia. If completed, the palace will reach absolute zero, sending all Crystalia into hibernation. Lily is shocked, and in response Erin urges her to leave the island and live her life.

The Crystalia stand gathered in eerie silence, offering prayers.
Before them, the Snow Maiden, enveloped in cold that could freeze even the Crystalia, exudes a light more powerful than ever before.
Lily: War? It's started?
Crystalia: Yes, just moments ago.
Erin: ...
Lily: But... But it couldn't have. Chieftain Grueler said he wouldn't.
Crystalia: It was the people of Torwa who cast the first stone.
Lily: No, that can't be right. Lyria and everyone went to Torwa to talk to them.
Crystalia: Lily, they're advancing on us. The Souval army, led by their chieftain.
Lily: But I don't understand... I have to go talk to him again. There must be some kind of mistake!
Crystalia: There is no need. The Snow Maiden has decided to invoke Cryoquietus.
Lily: Cryoqui... That's all too complicated for me.
Crystalia: Cryoquietus is a powerful barrier that covers the entire Ice Crystal Palace. It is our last line of defense.
Crystalia: We will go into a kind of hibernation and be completely cut off from the outside world as the temperature falls to absolute zero.
Lily: Hibernation?
Crystalia: Yes. After a few years, or a few decades, or even a few centuries, we will awaken again.
Lily: We're going to sleep for that long?
Lily: But what about my friends? If this cryoquietus happens, then I won't be able to see Lyria and everyone else anymore!
Crystalia: Unfortunately so.
Lily: And... And... I won't be able to see fields full of flowers, or swim in those huge puddles...
Lily: You mean I'll have to say goodbye to all of that?
Erin: Lily...
Lily: I'll work harder! I'll do much more! I'll do anything!
Lily: So please, please don't make Cryoquietus happen!
Doing her best to keep a smile on her face, Lily implores her fellow Crystalia.
But they all look away sadly.
Lily: Please, Snow Maiden!
Snow Maiden: ...
Lily: Hm? It's, it's like my thoughts aren't reaching her.
Crystalia: She is deep in concentration. The barrier will be coming to completion soon.
Lily: ...
Erin: Lily, come with me!
Lily: Erin?
Crystalia: Erin, what are you doing? What about the Snow Maiden? Her life could be in danger!
Erin: I'm sorry! Please, Allie, don't try to stop me!
Erin grabs Lily's hand and they run together to the entrance of the palace.
They sprint through the passageway and out of the little shrine. When they reach a fork in the path, Erin stops and grabs Lily by the shoulders.
Erin: Go, Lily... Go explore this vast open world!
Lily: Huh?
Erin: You've given so much for us. You've worked so hard. Now go and be free!
Erin: Forget your mission now. I can't let you be a victim of our kind's fate.
Erin: Do it for me, Lily. Live a full life. The one I never could...
Lily: ...
Lily: No!
Erin: Lily?
Lily: I won't let you be a victim either. I won't let anyone. This world belongs to all of us.
Lily: So I've got something to do. You wait here, Erin!

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 6: All Individuals - Episode 2

Although Grueler now knows the Foe—a mysterious organization— is behind his father's assassination, his mind is already set on ending the three-way standoff once and for all. Just then Lily appears before him to plead her case.

In the forest where the Ice Crystal Palace lies, the Souval army advances in formation.
Led by Grueler himself, they show no sign of being troubled by the extreme cold.
Grueler: Circle formation! Keep the cold at bay! We have nothing to fear as long as we keep up our fire breath.
Souval Lieutenant: Chieftain, we've discovered a strange shrine. We believe the Ice Crystal Palace lies beyond it.
Grueler: Good work. Okay, change to spearhead formation. I'll take the lead.
Souval Lieutenant: Yessir!
Grueler: Heh... I never expected this centuries-old feud to be settled in my time.
Souval Vanguard: Chieftain Grueler! A report from the medics in Wolfire!
Grueler: It'll have to wait. We're at a critical juncture here.
Souval Vanguard: B-but it's about our former chieftain's cause of death.
Grueler: What?
The Souval vanguard whispers the findings of the report into Grueler's ear so that no one else can hear.
Grueler: There's no mistaking it?
Souval Vanguard: No... I don't really understand what it means though.
Souval Vanguard: If the bullet that killed him dates from the War, then...
Grueler: ...
Grueler: So the assassin was from the Foe that my father warned us about... Those devious fire starters...
Souval Vanguard: Huh?
Souval Lieutenant: I see. So it was as you feared, Chieftain. The troops are in formation now. How do you want to proceed?
Grueler: We advance.
Grueler: I don't like being manipulated, but the fuse has been lit now.
Grueler: It looks like whatever happened, this is how it was always going to end. We need to strike now before the cold gets worse.
Souval Lieutenant: Yessir!
Grueler: Well, our history is indelibly steeped in blood. At least we can maintain our pride.
Lily: Chieftain Grueler!
Grueler: It's you...
Lily: Hello again. Sorry, but I have to speak with you!

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 6: All Individuals - Episode 3

Lily is overwhelmed by Grueler's frenzied rage, yet she stands her ground and calls for a cease-fire. The Souval are impressed with her force of will, and the crew shows up with a Torwan peace accord.

Lily stands all alone in the face of Grueler and his army.
The chieftain's fierce glare is enough to make her want to turn and flee, but she stands her ground.
Lily: Um...
Grueler: An impressive cold you exude. Without your spring, you really are a princess of ice.
Lily: Um, I need to talk to you again. Please!
Grueler: Do your fellow Crystalia know you're here? What are they doing now?
Lily: Um, well...
Grueler: War has begun. If a Souval is the last one standing, then we'll have won.
Grueler: So prepare to fight. Unless you're going to say that you're too young to die?
Lily: No! I have no intention of fighting you.
Grueler: It's too late for that! You had your chance and now it's gone.
Lily: Agh!
Grueler: Blood is being spilled on all sides! Everyone is fighting for the survival of their kind, for the demise of their enemies!
Grueler: What you're doing is an affront to both our ancestors who died fighting for our respective causes!
Lily: ...
Souval Vanguard: Silly brat.
Souval Lieutenant: She leaves us no choice.
Grueler: This is your last warning. Ready your weapon! You have some pride at least, don't you?
Lily: Pride?
Lily: ...
Lily: Wish me luck, Lyria...
Lily takes a step forward, all trace of fear now vanished from her eyes. Her resolve harder than ice.
She throws her staff down on the ground.
Lily: !
Grueler: Humph. They may call you a princess; but in the end, you're still just a child.
Grueler: Very well, you asked for it! Crystalia princess, you will crumble to dust!
Lily: I have a name, you know! It's Lily!
Grueler: Hm?
Lily: My name is Lily. Like your name is Chieftain Grueler.
Grueler: What are you on about?
Lily: If you die, that's the end of Chieftain Grueler.
Lily: If Ginta dies, that's the end of Ginta. If Gile dies, that's the end of Gile.
Lily: We're all individuals!
Ginta: She remembered my name...
Gile: You see us as individuals rather than just Souval, your enemy?
Lily: Exactly. Whatever your kind, your lives matter to me, so I'm not going to budge! For everyone's sake. For you too, Chieftain Grueler.
Grueler: Impertinent kid...
Grueler: This hatred can't be tamed! If we go on like we have been, the Torwans will kill us all!
Lily: Lyria and the others went off to talk to them.
Grueler: And, look, the war has started. Which means your friends have failed!
Lyria: Lily!
Lily: Lyria, you're here!

A Peace of the Pie - Chapter 6: All Individuals - Episode 4

The momentary peace is lost when a bullet seriously injures Grueler, forcing him to turn into a monstrous beast. With the entire island at stake, (Captain) and company go up against him.

Lily continues desperately to persuade Grueler. Though they try to hide it, the Souval troops can't help being moved by her naive yet laudable words.
Then the party arrives at the little shrine and meets up with Lily again.
Grueler: You again. You escaped that bloody battlefield, did you?
Vyrn: Sorry, we're one step behind you guys, huh? But, look, we brought something for you. (Captain)!
(Captain) nods and pulls out the papers the Torwa general gave the party.
Grueler reads the official acceptance of the peace talks and looks visibly troubled.
Grueler: This is ridiculous, trying to negotiate now that things have gone so far.
Vyrn: But as we speak, the general's on the Central Plains calling his troops back.
Lyria: Please! Do the same. Have your men stand down.
Grueler: Humph. What about the centuries of humiliation my people have had to suffer?
Lily: Chieftain Grueler, please!
Erin: You are the Souval chieftain?
Lily: Erin! And... what are all of you doing here?
The party turns to see Erin emerge from the shrine, followed by the other Crystalia.
Allie: Erin told us what you'd said, Lily. So we all decided together.
Erin: Chieftain Grueler, we've stopped the Cryoquietus. The temperature will soon start to rise.
Ginta: What? You expect us to believe you'd leave yourselves wide open to attack?
Erin: We believe in Lily. And we want to trust the Souval. We Crystalia still wish for a peaceful coexistence.
Erin: That is the official stance of the palace as well. The Snow Maiden is in full agreement.
Gile: Disarmament? For the Torwans and the Crystalia to make such a gesture is...
Grueler: So it's ended, eh? Hm...
Grueler: ...
Grueler: Very well, we'll stand down. All troops are to return to Wolfire with immediate effect.
Gile: Yessir!
Lyria: Oh, Chieftain! Thank you! Thank you so much!
Vyrn: Yesss! Way to go, Lily! Now you've really completed your mission, huh?
Lily: Yes! Thank you, Chieftain Grueler!
Grueler: Stop thanking me. And don't jump the gun. There's still a huge void between our species that we have to bri—
Lily: Huh? Th-that was a gunshot!
Grueler: Oof!
Lyria: Eeep!
Vyrn: What just happened? Whoa, he's bleeding bad!
Erin: Quickly, we have to help him! Allie, fetch the first aid box from the palace!
Ginta: Who did this? Who's responsible? It was all a setup, wasn't it? Right from the start!
Gile: Wait! This bullet, it's the same as the one used to kill his father.
Grueler: Grrr... Guuurgh...
Ginta: He's coming around, look! Thank goodness!
Gile: Hm? Uh-oh, this is bad. Everyone get clear! Run away!
Grueler: Gwoooaaargh!
Grueler: Gaaargh!
Lily: He's... turning into...
Lyria: Look at those flames! They're so ferocious that they'll overwhelm him!
Grueler: Kill! All enemies must die!
Vyrn: Get clear, you two! He's lost his mind!
Grueler: Gwoooaaargh!
Grueler's howls rip through the skies. Roaring flames arc from his body, burning everything around him to a crisp.
The searing heat blasts the cold from the Ice Crystal Palace clean away, leaving everyone in despair.
Erin: Oh no... The palace... The forest...
Gile: All troops, wheel formation! Protect the Crystalia!
Allie: Oh, thank you! Everyone, do whatever lieutenant Gile tells you.
Ginta: This way! This way! Ugh, no, the flames are too strong! It's too hot even for us!
???: We need water! Bring more water! The Ice Crystal Palace will be destroyed otherwise!
Lily: Ganba! What are you doing here?
Ganba: Ah, hello there! Well, I had something I needed to tell you. The name of my specialty. It's pumpkin pie!
Lily: Ah! And, Roddy, you came too? And Santos!
Roddy: Hey there! Listen, I wanted to apologize for bef—
Yow! That is hot!
Santos: Geez, you idiot, you can say sorry later! Come on, back to the river for more water, quick!
Lily: Oh, Milko!
Milko: Haha, I brought as many people as I could from the city. We'll soon have this fire out, don't worry!
Lyria: Wow, thank you, everyone!
Grueler: Where... Enemies... Where... Kill, kill, kill...
Erin: Look out, Lily! Grueler's still on the warpath!
Gile: He must've been hit in his vitals... Please! He'll keep going until his heart stops beating. Can you stop him?
Vyrn: Sure, you can count on us! I promise!
Lily: Stay with us, Chieftain Grueler. We're not letting you go down like this!

A Peace of the Pie - Ending

Grueler informs the crew about the Foe who are responsible for shooting him and his father. Now that peace has been restored to the island, Lily goes off with the crew again to learn more about the spring and continue her adventures.

Hassan: Hm, the territorial issues are all fine. We happily accept those terms.
Lily: Um, the other thing everyone said was, um... Let me read it aloud: distribution of goods.
Grueler: Let me see... Ah, yes, that seems reasonable.
Hassan: How about this? We schedule a regular meeting for ongoing talks? It'll be easier to coordinate with each other that way.
Lily: Oh, yes, that's in my notes somewhere too. Allie suggested it.
Grueler: Hm, a regular meeting... Interesting idea.
Allie: Erin, the Snow Maiden has gone into hibernation.
Erin: I see... She's obviously exhausted herself.
Allie: Yes, but she was very happy—happy that Lily's determination had paid off. And that we made such an important decision for ourselves.
Allie: She asked that we manage the palace by ourselves from now on.
Erin: Well, that's quite a responsibility... But it's not something we'll let Lily shoulder on her own.
Erin: The spark of hope that Lily and her friends have given us is something all of us on the island must nurture together.
Ginta: Ow! What's in this thing?
Gile: Try not to flinch. The Torwans prepared this compress. I know it stings, but it's incredibly effective.
Ginta: Hm... If it's so good, how come you haven't got any on your wounds?
Gile: Don't worry. I'm going to see how it works on you and then ask the Torwans to make it even better for me.
Ginta: Why, you—
I'll wipe that smug smile off your face with my fists! After I recover, that is...
Gile: Hahaha, give it your best shot!
Following a miraculous recovery by Grueler, the historic peace talks take place with (Captain) being a witness to the ground-breaking negotiations.
Though the representatives of each faction show obvious caution, the general mood of the meeting is positive.
Vyrn: We've really got to go now, but... Is that okay with you, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes. This is an important time for Lily, she must be very busy.
Vyrn: Still, I bet she would want to see you off.
Lyria: It's okay. I'll see her again. I'm sure of it!
Lyria: That's why I won't say goodbye!
Lyria: I don't!
Vyrn: Oh, Lyria...
Lyria: Sniff, sniff...
Lily: Hey, why are you crying, Lyria?
Vyrn: Better give her some space. She's just sad she won't be seeing Lily for a while and—
Vyrn: Huh? Lily! You came!
Lyria: Lily! What are you doing here?
Lily: I'm one of the crew, right?
Lily: Oh, look. I brought some pies from Ganba. He made them for us all as a parting gift.
Grueler: So I'm not too late. Good. We owe you skyfarers a great deal. I wonder if I could discuss one more thing with you?
Vyrn: Um, sure. What is it?
Grueler: It's about the talks. We discussed meeting on a regular basis.
Grueler: I feel that it's only been going smoothly because we had spring among us, but now we'll have to manage on our own.
Grueler: So we asked Lily to try to discover what gives your captain the qualities of spring, and to see if she can acquire them too.
Lyria: What? You want her to study (Captain) and become spring herself?
Grueler: I mean, we don't even know if it's possible, but we should at least give it a try. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears.
Lily: So you haven't gotten rid of me yet!
Lyria: Lily, that's great! I'm never getting rid of you! Yay!
Lily and Lyria run off together, absolutely delighted by each other's company.
Grueler: Haha, those two are like siblings. Oh, yes. One more thing, (Captain)...
Grueler: I have to tell you about the bullet that killed my father.
Vyrn: Oh yeah, we heard a little bit about that. It was an unusual bullet or something, wasn't it?
Grueler: There are some powerful forces operating behind the scenes around here, you see. They're known only as the Society and the Foe.
Grueler: The Society is a group of people attempting to gain control over the whole world by ensnaring primal beasts and using their powers.
Grueler: While the Foe is a group of fanatics who worship the Astrals and are determined to sow the seeds of war all over the world.
Vyrn: No way!
Grueler: We don't know why they're doing it, or how many of them there are. It does seem like they're working against each other though.
Grueler: My father was killed by someone in the Foe in an attempt to destabilize things here.
Vyrn: That's terrible! Do you think they might try something again here?
Grueler: Humph, don't worry. The Souval aren't easily duped, especially not twice. But you watch your backs too. Those guys are dangerous.
Lyria: Oh, (Captain), the Grandcypher's ready to take off!
Lily: Yes, time to go.
Grueler: Well, I wish you good luck. And remember the watchwords of the Souval: valiance and honor till death!
Lily: Goodbye, Chieftain! Thanks for everything!
Lyria: Oh, I know! Let's do that song I taught you before at the talks! The friendship greeting we said we'd all use from now on.
Grueler: Oh, um, I... I don't think we actually agreed to that. Lily just kind of assumed—
Lily: Ding-a-ling-a-ling, someone's at the door!
Lyria: Dong-a-long-a-long, I've never seen them before!
Grueler: Dung, um... Dung-a-lung-a-lung, Grueler's having, um, fun...
Barriers between cultures are never easy to bring down.
And perhaps these different skydwellers will never fully understand one another.
But, nevertheless, believing that people can get along together is a great way to set off on a new adventure.
A Peace of the Pie
The End.

A Peace of the Pie - A Peace of the Heart - Episode 1

On their visit to the Ice Crystal Palace, Ginta and Gile are accompanied by a scout. The scout has come to tell Allie about his crush on her, but he struggles to communicate his feelings since neither the Crystalia nor the Souval share the notion of infatuation. Allie nonetheless invites the scout to come to the palace again sometime, deepening the relationship of the factions that much more.

A while has passed since Lily and the spring-scented crew left the island.
The scars of war are healing, and each of the factions is readjusting to everyday life.
As of now, there hasn't been any major change in how we live.
The peace talks have helped us take a great step forward, but it's just the first of many.
The most important things are still to come. Each and every one of us has a lot to think about...
About how to live together with the other groups.
Allie: Ding-a-ling-a-ling, Allie's at the door!
Erin: Uh, d-ding-a-ling-a-ling, it's Erin...
Allie: Don't be so shy, Erin! C'mon, let's try again!
Erin: I-I can't, Allie... Please don't force this...
Allie: Come on now, didn't we all decide this together?
Allie: We have to start interacting more with the other groups.
Erin: You aren't wrong about that, but that song...
Allie: Weren't you the one who asked Lily for her secrets?
Erin: Mmph...
Allie: The class she taught was really helpful. I was impressed by everything she learned from traveling with the crew.
Allie: We've got to study up too!
Erin: Yeah... But don't you think her class was a little...
Lily: Ding-a-ling-a-ling! It's your teacher, Lily!
Lily: Let's begin our class about the other fractions—er, factions!
Lily: First of all, the most important thing is just to say hello. Be nice and cheery and you might get a gold star!
Lily: The second thing's to eat together. The food'll be yummy, and you'll have fun.
Lily: And, um, the third thing's, uh...
Lily: Oh yeah, just snack once a day! But if you really can't help yourself, then ask (Captain) for more treats.
Lily: (Captain) will be like, "Oh well, what can you do..."
Lily: And then after that, there's, uh...
Erin: Partway through she just started giving random tips about life on the Grandcypher.
Allie: Like when she told us about the cleaning schedule in detail.
Erin: Oh, and how she kept on talking about the ingredients in red bean dumplings.
Allie: Ahahaha, yeah, you're right about that. But at least it seems like she's having fun.
Allie: Okay, now let's practice how to give a friendly hello.
Erin: Huh? Are we really going to keep this up?
Ginta: Spark-a-dark-a-doo, Ginta's comin' through!
Erin: Oh, Ginta?
Ginta: That's my name—and I tell you, this place's as frosty as ever.
Erin: Hehe, we'll put on some tea for you. Would you mind, Allie?
Allie: Of course not. But it might feel a little lukewarm to you, Ginta.
Ginta: No problem. That's just the price of being a hottie.
Gile: Don't be crude, Ginta. And what sort of hello was that just now?
Ginta: I don't stand on ceremony, Gile. Guess I just march to the beat of a different drummer.
Gile: Really now... Hello, young ladies. I'm sorry for barging in like this.
Erin: It's all right. But I'm surprised to see you both here, Gile.
Gile: Well, as a matter of fact, we've got a guest for you.
Scout: Uh... H-hi...
Erin: You're the person from Torwa who, uh...
Scout: Yes, I serve in Torwa as a scout. My name is—ahem!
Scout: Dung-a-lung-a-lung, Lin—
Allie: I'm back!
Allie: Huh? Hello there, Gile! Are you doing well?
Scout: Ah... Sigh...
Gile: No problems here. Is everything in order for you?
Allie: Yes, and fortunately the trees in the forest have begun recovering.
Gile: Good. Commander Grueler's been agonizing over that.
Allie: You don't need to worry about it anymore. Besides, we're partly to—
Scout: G-Gile, sir, the, um...
Gile: Ah, that's right. Allie, do you know this young man?
Allie: Yes. I've seen him in the distance a time or two...
Ginta: Guy says he needs to talk with you, Allie.
Gile: But your average person can't get too close to Crystalia.
Gile: So he asked us to use our Souval flames to get him here.
Erin: Wow... I'm impressed. He's willing to do all that to step outside his group.
Ginta: What a hassle. It's not like we're much better equipped to deal with the cold.
Gile: Heh. Weren't you the one who ran this by Commander Grueler?
Ginta: A-annoying much? I didn't have any idea he'd dole out permission just like that.
Erin: You asked Commander Grueler for permission?
Ginta: And got it without a moment's hesitation. The chieftain's really a cut above.
Grueler: A request for cooperation? Humph, I see...
Grueler: Very well, it will be a fine chance for us to show others the upstanding conduct of Souval warriors. We're able to mitigate the cold with our fire breath, so help that man reach his destination safely.
Grueler: But go prepared. Do you understand?
Grueler: One idle word can be enough to turn a relationship on its head, for good or for bad...
Ginta: Well, at any rate, we brought him here.
Gile: Our flames do have their limits, though, so I must unfortunately ask you to keep this to the point.
Scout: Y-yes, I know. Gulp...
Scout: U-um!
Allie: ...?
Scout: I-I can't do this! Hold on—I need a minute to prepare!
Ginta: C'mon, we just told you there was no time to waste.
Ginta: And you sure knew how to speak your mind when we tussled back in Wolfire Land.
Scout: Y-yeah, but I'm so on edge my mind's a blank!
Ginta: I guess... But is this really so complicated?
Scout: Weren't you listening when I explained a minute ago?
Ginta: Sure was. Basically, you've got a massive crush on Allie, right?
Scout: Right, so I want to phrase this nice and romantically to...
Scout: Er... Huh?
Ginta: Huh?
Erin: Allie's...
Allie: Your crush?
Scout: Wh-wh-wha!
Gile: Ginta, what have you done...
Ginta: Lighten up! We've got enough frowns here as it is.
Gile: Looks like you weren't listening very closely after all.
Gile: Wasn't he going on and on about how when you like someone, you have to tell them yourself?
Ginta: Ah, yeah, now that you mention it... My bad, my bad. Guess I had a slip of the tongue!
Scout: That's it... Everything's ruined...
Ginta: You're getting a bit carried away. C'mon, I said "my bad" after all.
Gile: Wait, there's something wrong with him. Even in this cold, his face is still bright red!
Ginta: Huh? Let me take a look...
Ginta: Whoa, he's burning up! What's going on!
Gile: I'm not sure, but we've got to do something.
Erin: U-um, should I get a first aid kit?
Gile: Yes please. Are you all okay after hearing about his massive crush?
Allie: Y-yes... We're not quite sure we understand though.
Scout: Huh?
Erin: We've heard the word "crush" before...
Allie: But how would you explain it in Crystalia terms?
Scout: Wh-what? You mean...
Gile: It's not a notion that we Souval have either. But we understand a crush as the desire to create a pair-bond with someone.
Scout: Wha—
Erin: Pair-bond?
Allie: What's that? Do you understand, Erin?
Erin: Um, well, I read about it in a book before. He probably wants you to be his—
Scout: Stop, stop, stop... I can't handle this!
Scout: Don't say anything moooore!
Scout: Pant... Pant...
Ginta: H-hey! Are you sure you're okay?
Scout: S-sorry. I got a bit carried away.
Gile: D-don't sweat it. If anyone should be apologizing, it's me.
Scout: Groan... Mmph... It's fine. I was out of line...
Scout: How could someone like me—a guy who's never even had a girlfriend—be dumb enough to think he had a chance with a cute girl like Allie...
Ginta: Aaand now he's in tears.
Scout: Time to get my head out of the clouds. I'm going to move to an unknown land and raise vegetables that no one's heard of...
Allie: Vegetables no one's heard of?
Erin: His tears are turning into icicles...
Scout: Heh, heh-heh-heh... And once in a while I'll take a day off to teach the local kids how to read and write.
Scout: One day those kids will be the driving force behind this island's peace.
Ginta: Gaaack! Tsk... My rachis of fire has taken about all it can handle.
Gile: Mm. I'm sorry, but it looks like it's time.
Scout: Groan...
Ginta: Hey, try and stand. Here, grab on tight to my shoulder.
Scout: Sorry, I've been nothing but trouble for you...
Ginta: Hey, same here. You'll have to finish telling us your plans some time.
Gile: Erin, Allie, my apologies. I'll arrange a later date when we can continue this conversation.
Erin: Oh, don't worry on our account. Take care.
Gile: Of course. Farewell then.
Allie: ...
Allie: U-um!
Scout: Allie...
Allie: I'm not sure what just happened, but come back sometime.
Allie: Tell me all about your crush then.
Scout: ...!
Allie: Got it?
Scout: Ah, aah! Of course!
Allie: Hehehe, that's a promise!
Scout: Hahaha. One last thing, then...
Scout: Dung-a-lung-a-lung, Lin—
Gile: Rrmph...
Allie: Gile, are you okay?
Gile: Nothing to worry about. The temperature just made me a bit lightheaded...
Allie: Sorry for stopping you on your way out... I'll see you later!
Scout: Ha... Hahaha...
Ginta: Hey, time to snap out of it. We're back to the Central Plains.
Scout: In the end I couldn't even tell her my name...
Scout: The cold and the faction differences weren't even the main problems—I was just pathetic.
Ginta: What are you mumbling about? Damn it, your weight is killing me!
Scout: Ah, sorry. I never expected I'd be crying on your shoulder though.
Ginta: Enough talk already. If you're feeling better, then walk on your own, Linus!
Linus: Huh? How do you know my name?
Linus: I've never had the chance to tell it to anyone from the other groups.
Ginta: You kept yelling it out when you were practicing your speech on the way there. Bet you thought the wind drowned it out, huh? Don't underestimate a Souval's senses.
Linus: Ginta...
Ginta: Hmph.
The walls between factions can't be removed in an instant.
Who knows—we might not ever reach a really deep, mutual understanding.
But we need to have faith there's a way we can all exist together.
Isn't that right, Lily?