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A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Opening

Once upon a time, a small girl is taken against her will and trapped to become a research subject. Only the thought that a kindred spirit survives in the room next to hers keeps her going. The continued experiments take their toll on her body, but before her life fades, something in the next room regains a sense of self and splits its body to save her.

A long, long time ago, in a distant land...
A young girl lived.
???: ...
Kidnapped and held in a sunless room, she shivered from both cold and fear.
???: Sniffle...
But a quiet sound interrupted her thoughts.
???: Eep!
???: Was that... from next door? Who...
???: Um... Is someone there?
Straining her ears, she sensed the presence of another from the other side of the wall.
???: They took you too... didn't they?
???: Are you scared? I know I am...
???: U-um... I'm Shinsha.
Shinsha: Whoever you are... It's dark and cold here, but...
Shinsha: At least you're not alone. So don't be scared, okay? We'll be fine!
The girl placed her cheek against the wall, trying to give the stranger courage.
But little did she know...
That what waited on the other side was no person.
???: ...
It was a boneless mass without a heart. A failure never meant to be realized.
Shinsha: Are you feeling okay? I wasn't hurt, but maybe you were...
Shinsha: Sorry... If you're in pain, I guess I can't help much...
Shinsha: But... How about I tell you a story? Listening might take your mind off everything.
Shinsha: Which one to tell though... Umm...
Determined to keep her spirits up, she shared many tales with her silent neighbor.
She continued to do so, despite the procedures forced on her.
Shinsha: I'm okay... That wasn't so bad. Better than the other day... Um, never mind.
Shinsha: How about you? Are you okay?
Shinsha: If only I had some nectar...
Shinsha: It's a sweet and tasty drink that heals any injury or sickness.
Shinsha: But it's only for special people... like heroes and gods...
Shinsha: When bad people drink it... it turns into poison...
The passing days eroded her body, yet she continued to keep faith that her silent neighbor existed.
Shinsha: Thank you... for listening... to me...
Shinsha: Because you're here, I...
Her heart never wavered, so long as she kept believing she had a friend.
But her body was another story.
Shinsha: ...
Her sole comfort was the time she shared with her friend, as her mana and blood were drained.
Shinsha: It's okay... I'm... still here...
Shinsha: What story... should I tell next... How about...
Shinsha: ...
???: ...
But there was merit to the many days she spent believing in her friend.
???: ...
When her breathing slowed, another being was stirred into action.
It slipped from its resting place and slid into her cell from the narrow opening used for oxygen.
Shinsha: ...
???: ...
???: Shi...
???: Shinsha...
Shinsha: ...
Her story was nearing its end.
???: ...
But the formless being, a remnant of what once was, refused to let it finish.
The being carved up its own flesh, shaping it into the organs and bones that she was missing, and applied them to her body.
Shinsha: ...
???: Shinsha...
In a place devoid of blue skies, a young girl made a friend.
And a new story began.

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 1: Clipped Wings - Episode 1

Jorha—an organization that created inhumane weapons during the War and continued their research after, fearing a second Astral invasion. They kidnap a young girl named Shinsha and conduct experiments on her, ignoring her cries for help until she eventually loses her eyesight.

Once upon a time, people from the stars came to fill the skies.
They treated the skies' inhabitants—dragons and beasts and mortals—like toys, manipulating and altering them as they pleased.
The dragons grieved, and the beasts cried. The mortals grew angry and vowed to expel the star people from their home.
And so a long, painful, and bitter war raged.
The War, as it came to be called, eventually ended.
But tragedies did not.
Researcher 1: The specimen's compatibility is quite high. To capture it so young is a stroke of good fortune.
Shinsha: P-please... Let me... go home...
Researcher 2: Even without other materials, we shall be able to conduct experiments beyond expected scopes.
Researcher 1: Obtaining something of this caliber before another Astral invasion is truly a blessing from the gods.
Shinsha: Sniffle... Hiccup...
Researcher 2: Instead of beginning with measurements like we planned, perhaps it would be prudent to extract fluid samples first.
Researcher 1: True enough. There is no telling how much time we might have left.
Shinsha: What are you...
Shinsha: S-stop! Please! I don't wanna!
Shinsha: Nooo!
Blades that consume souls. Tools that steal the power of gods. Curses. Poisons. Forbidden arts.
Mortals created calamities of every kind, paying the price as the stars lost their luster.
Time passed, and so did the years. All that remained in the sky were fragments of stardust.
But stars do not vanish when they are obscured from sight.
Fearing the stars, mortals were unwilling to part with the afflictions of their own creation.
Researcher 1: Steeped in the veil of peace, the people of the sky forget the existence of our enemies.
Researcher 1: Only we Jorha have the power to resist our oppressors.
Researcher 1: Complacency will spell our doom... We must prepare for any and all threats!
No matter how their fellow skydwellers condemned them for their cruelty, brutality, and inhumane methods, the Jorha persisted.
Their campaign against the stars would not end until the night sky was wiped clean of their sparkling lights.
Shinsha: Hiccup... Ahh... It hurts... Why is it dark?
Shinsha: I can't... see anything...

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 1: Clipped Wings - Episode 2

After saving Shinsha, her mysterious neighbor begins to speak back to her. One day, after Shinsha requests to hold hands, the being forms itself into the shape of a person, and Shinsha gives him the name "Nectar."

A long, long time ago... Though it feels as if it happened yesterday...
Shinsha: ...
???: Shinsha.
Shinsha: ...!
Are you here with me? I'm sorry I didn't notice sooner.
???: Shinsha. No need to apologize.
Shinsha: But... You just taught me magic to sense my surroundings because I can't see...
Shinsha: And nothing hurts anymore, and I can walk again...
???: Shinsha. What else do you desire?
Shinsha: I've been given so much already. Just being able to speak like this is more than I can ask for...
Shinsha: But...
???: Don't hold back. Tell me.
Shinsha: Um... Well... I'd like to hold hands, if that's okay...
???: Hands...
The formless being had no hands nor legs, or even a mouth. But for the girl, it adjusted its body.
It conjured up the form of a person from the dregs of its long-lost memories...
???: Shinsha.
And extended a finger to the girl, hoping to offer some form of comfort.
Shinsha: Ah! So cold!
???: My apologies.
The fake hand had no warmth, and yet the blind girl sought it out.
Shinsha: Oh no! If you're this cold, you'll get sick! How about we hug for warmth?
???: No, Shinsha. That won't be necessary. I am perfectly healthy.
Shinsha: But...
???: Because I am not a person.
Shinsha: Oh... Um... Are you an animal then?
???: No, Shinsha. I am not an animal.
Shinsha: Hmm... What about a monster?
???: No, Shinsha. Not a monster. I think.
Shinsha: Oh, I know! That means you're a spirit!
???: No, Shinsha. I am not a spirit, fairy, or even an angel.
Shinsha: So... What are you?
???: Not sure. Don't really know.
???: Had an identity once—to be turned into a primal beast. But the skydwellers changed me into something else.
Shinsha: Is that all you remember?
???: Yes, Shinsha. I am afraid so.
Shinsha: Just like me... I've forgotten everything.
Shinsha: After everything I went through since coming here...
Shinsha: I don't remember what my mom and dad sounded like, what they looked like... their names... Nothing...
Shinsha: ...
???: Shinsha.
Shinsha: Do you have a name I can use? At least until you remember your old one.
???: You may call me whatever you wish.
Shinsha: In that case... What do you think about Nectar—the drink that heals?
Nectar: If that is what you want, then I will be Nectar from now on.
Shinsha: Nectar... Nectar.
Nectar: Yes, Shinsha.
Shinsha: Thank you for being by my side...

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 1: Clipped Wings - Episode 3

Shinsha, desperate to save an animal that was experimented on, learns from Nectar on how to share her mana. The researchers, observing this, pair Shinsha with other experiments to test the extent of her abilities. In this way, Shinsha meets and befriends Kushina, Kusuki, and Ugusu. Together, the group share in their pain and suffering, but dream of one day escaping to the Peach Spring Valley from Shinsha's tales.

Once upon a time, in a not too distant past...
A girl who was locked away met a fellow captive—an injured monkey.
Shinsha: Nectar... Nectar! She's really hurt!
The monkey in her arms struggled to breathe, soaked to the bone and weakening with every passing second.
Shinsha: She's going to die if we don't do something!
Shinsha: Help me, Nectar!
Nectar: Shinsha. I don't believe I can do what I did for you a second time.
Shinsha: Are you sure?
Nectar: Yes, Shinsha. I'm sorry that I cannot fulfill your request.
Shinsha: No, I'm the one that should be sorry... You must have pushed yourself greatly to save me before...
Shinsha: But... this little one...
The girl cried as she held the fading monkey. But her friend kindly offered an alternative.
Nectar: Shinsha. If you are willing to bear the burden of what this will cost you, then there might be a way to save this experiment.
Nectar: Channel your mana into her body, and her life could be prolonged... To live past this trial.
Shinsha: If I...
Shinsha: I'll do it! Teach me how!
Nectar: Very well, Shinsha. Place your hand here.
???: ...
Researcher 1: Restored through the raw mana the specimen summoned... Or perhaps... replaced using elements of a different origin.
Researcher 1: In any event, I never dreamed the specimen would have been capable of such a feat.
Researcher 2: It may not be a stretch to think the specimen was also responsible for stimulating a response from the failed primal beast.
Researcher 1: We need to see if the phenomenon repeats itself. There must be other instances of similar revivals.
Researcher 2: The research from our predecessors should contain methods for extracting mana. Let us perform tests with new specimens.
The girl's next meeting was with a dog bound in chains.
???: ...
Shinsha: ...
Shinsha: Um, what...
Researcher 2: Commencing activation of the test: begin the mana charge!
???: Woof!
Shinsha: Ah!
The dog opened his mouth wide and swallowed the girl's mana whole. Then his tail began to wag, and he pounced on her.
???: Woof, woof!
Shinsha: Hehe... Ahaha, that tickles.
???: Awo?
Shinsha: There's a good boy.
Researcher 2: ...
She gained another companion, though her days of suffering were far from over.
So long as she had her friends, she could endure anything necessary to protect the skies—because doing so, in turn, would also keep her friends safe.
Shinsha: And of course, the latest addition to our family is a lovely bird you know quite well.
Ugusu: Me! That's me! Ugusu! Right?
Shinsha: Hehe, exactly so. You are our newest friend.
Ugusu: Hehehe, yes! Love you lots! And your stories too!
Shinsha: What should I tell next?
Ugusu: Umm, how about... The Peach Spring Valley! I like that one!
Shinsha: All right. Hehe, you really do love it, don't you?
Ugusu: It's a fun place with lots of good food! Really pretty too!
Shinsha: It is. Nothing painful or bad ever happens there.
Ugusu: Sigh... Must be nice... I wanna grow up already!
Ugusu: Then I'll be big enough to carry you and Kushina and Nectar and fly us to it!
Shinsha: Wouldn't that be something!
Shinsha: But... What about Kusuki?
Ugusu: Maybe if he was still a small puppy. Now he's way too big and heavy!
Shinsha: Hehe, we'll just have to have you grow up even bigger then.
Shinsha: Nectar, you, Kushina, and Kusuki... I'd be sad if we weren't all there together.
Ugusu: Weeell, if it really makes you sad, then I'll grow a hundred times bigger! Just you wait!
Shinsha: I'll be looking forward to it!
Shinsha: Speaking of which... it's taking the others a while to return...
Shinsha: The experiments must be extra long today... I hope they're not too painful...

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 1: Clipped Wings - Episode 4

During a brief moment when Shinsha and others go to rest, Nectar and Kusuki share a private conversation. Nectar expresses his determination to take Shinsha at the first opportunity to escape, despite Kusuki pointing out their lack of airship and the harsh blizzards outside. Shinsha, on the other hand, spends a private moment reflecting on how much longer the group can spend their days together.

Shinsha: Once upon a time, in a land far away... Achoo!
Ugusu: Achoo?
Shinsha: Sorry, Ugusu. That was a sneeze...
Ugusu: Sneeze?
Ugusu: I've never heard that before! Can I do it too?
Shinsha: Huh? P-probably. Normally it just kind of happens when your nose feels itchy... But where is your nose?
Ugusu: A nose is where you smell from, right? Um, on my beak...
Nectar: Shinsha. Ugusu. Is something wrong with your beak?
Shinsha: Oh! Welcome back, Nectar! Kushina! Um...
Shinsha: Achoo!
Kushina: ...
(Oh no! Shinsha, are you feeling okay?)
Shinsha: Totally fine, nothing to worry about! I just didn't notice how cold it got... Too wrapped up in storytelling, you know?
Kushina: ...
(Geez! Ugusu, you promised not to bother Shinsha too much!)
Ugusu: I didn't! Shinsha said she's okay!
Nectar: Ugusu.
Ugusu: Wh... What?
Nectar: Her body is not fine. And you know she has a habit of hiding her discomfort.
Shinsha: Th-that's not true. I'm fine, really...
Nectar: Shinsha.
Shinsha: But... I really am, okay?
Nectar: Ugusu, this here is how Shinsha attempts to trick you into thinking she's feeling well.
Ugusu: Eh? Shinsha, did you lie to me? I can't believe you...
Shinsha: Eh, ah! Um...
Nectar: Sometimes you have to doubt what she says for her own good.
Nectar: Understand?
Ugusu: Mmm... Kind of, yeah.
Kushina: ...
(I don't! I don't get it at all!)
Kushina: ...
(More importantly, we need to get Shinsha to rest!)
Nectar: She has a point. That should take precedence.
Shinsha: But Kusuki isn't back yet...
Nectar: I can wait for him instead. Your health is a more pressing matter.
Kushina: ...
(Yeah! Come on, I'll even help you warm up!)
Ugusu: Me too! Let's share warmth!
Shinsha: Thank you, guys. Take care of Kusuki, Nectar.
Nectar: Understood, Shinsha. Sweet dreams to you.
Ugusu: My feathers are soft! Super soft! Hug me for good dreams!
Kushina: ...
(We can't sleep if you're making a racket!)
Shinsha: Hehe... Good night, everyone.
Nectar: ...
Nectar: Kusuki. Your experiment took a long time today.
Kusuki: Sheesh, you were awake? Scared me for a sec.
Nectar: I promised Shinsha I would wait for you. Besides, I don't need sleep.
Kusuki: Since you got plenty in the past, right? And now you're wide-awake forever.
Nectar: Perhaps so.
Kusuki: That was a joke...
Nectar: Was it?
Kusuki: I mean... I heard primal beasts live under different rules from sky-dwelling animals. So maybe that applies to you too.
Nectar: Primal beasts are immortal... But a failed one like me cannot be held to the same standard.
Nectar: I was only able to function because of Shinsha. My body has its limits.
Kusuki: Why don't you gather the pieces of yourself you've left all around the Sky's Sanctum?
Kusuki: Also take back the parts of yourself you gave to Shinsha. Might get to live a little bit longer that way and spend more of your lives together.
Nectar: Is this also a joke?
Kusuki: Sheesh... Sure, something like that.
Nectar: Enough with the unpleasant jests. What was given to Shinsha is hers to keep.
Nectar: I have no intention of reclaiming my other pieces either. Without them, I won't be able collect information on the outside.
Kusuki: What's the point of that anyway? You really trying to escape from the Jorha and get out of here?
Nectar: Yes.
Kusuki: Hah, guess you and Ugusu share a love of fantasies. You do know the Sky's Sanctum is surrounded by snow all year long, right?
Kusuki: And not just any snow. I'm talking raging blizzards. Jorha made sure to pick a place where nobody would ever find them.
Kusuki: Even if you had an airship, it'd take a skilled helmsman to get it off this island.
Nectar: So I just need to take an airship and a skilled helmsman from Jorha.
Kusuki: Are... you for real?
Nectar: I am.
Nectar: I have done what I can to replace her missing parts, but her body won't be able to withstand continued experiments.
Nectar: She will fade away into nothing if I leave her at Jorha's mercy.
Nectar: I won't let that happen. Not so long as I live.
Kusuki: Sheesh, talk about overzealous... You sure you shouldn't ask her first if this is what she wants—
Shinsha: Did Kusuki... come back?
Nectar: Yes, Shinsha. He returned a moment ago. He isn't heavily injured.
Shinsha: That's... good...
Kusuki: Sheesh...
Now, even in the present, the girl and her friends remain confined.
The days pass as the research continues...
Though she can't help but wonder how long things will remain the way they are...

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 2: Hanging by a Branch - Episode 1

The Diadem, created during the War to be used against the Astrals, changes its owner into the next Goblin King and allows for the creation of more goblins. After bestowing the next Goblin King with the Diadem, the Goblin Princess gathers a force to attack the Jorha. She seeks revenge against the descendants of the original researchers who created the Diadem, as well as all of mankind for the death of the previous king.

Eons ago... Far in the past... The Astrals invaded the skies and dominated the world.
But the skydwellers rebelled against their technological superiors, and a gruesome war commenced.
In the process, the skydwellers wasted the lives of those living under the same sky, setting fire to the islands of innocent creatures and slaughtering primal beasts.
Goblin Princess: They treated living beings as disposable tools... Created the Diadem to give birth to us.
Goblin Princess: The people who were subjected to the Diadem's power were changed, physically and mentally, into the perfect pawns to be used in their war.
Goblin Soldier: Grah?
Goblin Princess: Hehe... But of course you wouldn't understand. Mass-produced pawns aren't given intelligence, after all.
Goblin Princess: As the Diadem was passed throughout the ages, each successor inherited the powers of the previous master. Consequently, the pawns grew ever stronger.
Goblin Princess: And my role, as the princess, was to safeguard the Diadem after the previous master died... until the next successor.
Goblin Princess: Now I hold power beyond mortal constraints, and one day, all goblins too shall share it.
Goblin Soldiers: Princess! Princess! Princess!
Goblin Princess: Oh, my dear Goblin King... I have found a worthy successor to the Diadem you bestowed upon me.
Goblin Princess: And now... Now we will eradicate the mortals that scorned us and turn the world into a paradise for your beloved children!
Goblin Soldiers: Gyaha! Gyaha!
Goblin Princess: The first step... shall be to exterminate the descendants of the Diadem's creators in the Sky's Sanctum.
Goblin Princess: Revenge shall be sweet upon the imbeciles who cast us aside! Come, beloved children!
Goblin Soldiers: Yaaah!

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 2: Hanging by a Branch - Episode 2

Inside a room in the Sky's Sanctum, Shinsha spins tales for the enjoyment of her friends. Their favorite is the story of the Peach Spring Valley, a paradise they dream of traveling to one day. However, Shinsha admits that, though the valley is a wonderful place, she is happy enough to be together with her friends and that they shouldn't be overly concerned about her health. Hearing this, Nectar remains quiet, then insists that Shinsha rest.

Ugusu: Pop quiz! How many pebbles does Kushina have in her hand?
Shinsha: Um... Give me one moment... Hmm...
Shinsha: Got it! Five!
Ugusu: Wrooong!
Kushina: ...!
(Huh? But she did get it. This is five, isn't it?)
Nectar: One, two, three, four, five. I count five.
Ugusu: No way! One! Two! Three! Five! Look, that's six!
Kusuki: You missed one.
Nectar: No, Kusuki. He didn't miss "one." He missed "four."
Kusuki: Ha ha, very funny. You know what I meant!
Ugusu: Don't you know? One is before four!
Kusuki: Not the issue here. Listen, when you were counting...
Kushina: ...
(Look, Ugusu. One, two, three, four, then five.)
Ugusu: Huh?
Shinsha: Counting can be pretty hard...
Shinsha: Especially when you get to the higher numbers and have to deal with everything between ten and twenty.
Ugusu: I don't wanna do anything too hard...
Nectar: I share the sentiment. Numbers are unnecessarily complicated.
Ugusu: Yeah. How high can you count anyway?
Kusuki: Let's hear it, Nectar. After all that making fun of me.
Nectar: All right. After five is six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve—
Ugusu: Eleven? Twelve?
Shinsha: Yes. I'm not sure why, but after that comes thirteen, fourteen, fifteen...
Ugusu: Wait, hold on, Shinsha! What about a "dozen"? Where is that?
Ugusu: How many is it?
Kusuki: That should be another word for twelve... Though I'm not sure why it is.
Shinsha: That's twelve? Huh?
Kushina: ...
(It almost doesn't seem like a real word. I mean, do we ever really use it?)
Ugusu: I'm not lying! It is a real word! I'm trying super hard to learn!
Kushina: ...
(Sorry, I wasn't trying to doubt you...)
Nectar: Ugusu is doing a good job.
Ugusu: Yeah, I am! I deserve head pats!
Nectar: Very well.
Shinsha: There's a good bird. A smart, hard worker.
Ugusu: Hehe...
Ugusu: Ah! Shinsha, your hand's hot!
Kushina: ...
(What? Shinsha! You promised you wouldn't try to hide it!)
Shinsha: I-I'm fine, I promise! I don't feel bad at all...
Nectar: Shinsha, pardon me... You do feel hotter than normal.
Shinsha: Do I? I don't feel that different.
Nectar: ...
Shinsha: Hehe, your hand feels nice.
Ugusu: Do you wanna pet me? I'm fluffier than Kushina!
Kushina: ...
(Is this a competition?)
Shinsha: Thanks, Ugusu. Hehe, you weren't kidding. Your feathers are very soft.
Ugusu: Right? Fluff is always a mood booster! I'm super useful to have around!
Kusuki: Guess that means me and Kushina are too.
Ugusu: Sure, why not!
Shinsha: I'm not fluffy at all... It is kind of sad that I don't match.
Kushina: ...
(What about your hair? I really like it...)
Ugusu: Hmm... But soft isn't the same as fluffy.
Ugusu: But your cheeks are squishy! Squishy is pretty good!
Shinsha: Oh, really?
Ugusu: Really! Lemme nuzzle!
Shinsha: Hehe...
Kusuki: Haha, what about Nectar?
Nectar: Yes, what about me?
Ugusu: You're kinda hard all over... Which is good for your armor and sword, but...
Shinsha: But Nectar's...
Shinsha: ...
Nectar: It is fine. I am able to protect Shinsha without such accommodation.
Shinsha: I appreciate you and everyone else looking out for me...
Shinsha: But I'm truly all right, so don't worry yourselves too much over me.
Shinsha: The Peach Spring Valley must be a nice place where nobody is hurt and everything is beautiful, but...
Shinsha: What makes me happiest is being with all of you.
Kushina: ...
Kusuki: Her words, Nectar. Not mine.
Nectar: ...
Nectar: Shinsha. I insist that you take some precaution. You should rest.
Shinsha: Okay... I guess it is important for me to be healthy if I want to enjoy everyone's company.
Ugusu: We can play again when you wake up! And listen to stories!
Shinsha: Sounds perfect.
Shinsha: So long as we're together today, tomorrow, and the days after that...

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 2: Hanging by a Branch - Episode 3

The Sky's Sanctum rumbles and shakes—the Goblin Princess and her troops have come to ravage the Jorha. Nectar quickly gathers Shinsha, Kushina, and Ugusu, and leads them to escape their confinement. With no small amount of guilt, they leave Kusuki, elsewhere in the sanctum due to an experiment, behind.

Researcher 1: Using the extracted mana, it should be possible to overwrite the highest-priority functions...
Researcher 1: Did another room's experiment fail? Who...
Kushina: ...!
(What was all that noise and shaking? Shinsha, are you okay?)
Shinsha: Yeah, Nectar protected me! Nectar, are you hurt?
Nectar: ...!
Shinsha: Nectar! You're hurt, aren't you? Kushina, Ugusu, check him for—
Nectar: Shinsha. You need to listen to what I say from this point forward. Kushina and Ugusu, you too.
Shinsha: Eh?
Nectar: Shinsha. Promise me.
Shinsha: All right, I promise to follow your lead.
Nectar: For the time being, I need you to cut off the mana you use to sense your surroundings.
Shinsha: Okay... You'll be right next to me, won't you?
Nectar: Yes, Shinsha. Without fail.
Nectar: Kushina, carry Shinsha. I'll be three steps behind you.
Kushina: ...
(Can do!)
Ugusu: What about me? What can I do?
Nectar: You can go to Kusuki... No, never mind. Go with Shinsha and Kushina.
Nectar: In case we get separated, you'll need to guide us back together.
Ugusu: You can count on me!
Kushina: ...
(Does this mean you know what's happening, Nectar?)
Nectar: I do.
Kushina: ...
(I see. No time to waste then. Kusuki should be able to manage on his own.)
Shinsha: Kusuki...
Nectar: There's no time. We need to leave.
Shinsha: Okay.
Goblin Soldiers: Gyahahaha!
Goblin Princess: Burn it all! Kill everything in sight! Send them to join our king in the afterlife!
Goblin Princess: The monument to their history of control and torment shall be demolished here and now!

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 2: Hanging by a Branch - Episode 4

The Jorha researchers fall one after another to the goblin attacks. A few command Kusuki to take down the Goblin Princess, but not a single researcher is left alive at the end of the slaughter. Nectar and friends, though worried about Kusuki, decide to brave the cold world outside and escape into the snow.

Goblin Soldiers: Kill! Kiiill!
Assistant: Ahhhh!
Kushina: ...
Nectar: Kushina. Focus. Shinsha, please cover your ears.
Shinsha: O-okay...
Ugusu: Nectar...
Nectar: Ugusu, there's no time to save the others. I'm going to clear the path forward. Wait for my signal.
Kushina: ...
(Got it!)
Nectar: ...!
Goblin Soldier: Grah?
Nectar: I have no quarrel with you. Out of the way!
???: Bark!
Goblin Princess: I didn't expect much from the descendants of the Diadem's creators, but to think you'd stoop to playing with simple toys.
Researcher 2: The Diadem... You speak of the form-altering mechanism developed by one of Jorha's founders?
Researcher 2: Long lost to us... But that's right... The goblins were our pawns born from the Diadem!
Goblin Princess: There you go. But do seal your lips. We are no pawns of yours.
Goblin Princess: For goblins shall be the new masters of the skies! The time for your annihilation has come!
Researcher 2: Ha-Haha! Experiment 949! Capture this female vessel for the Diadem alive!
???: Grrr... Rrrr!
Researcher 2: At once!
Goblin Princess: So noisy.
Researcher 2: Huh...
Goblin Princess: Heh... Hehe... Ahahahaha!
Goblin Princess: Finally... The last vestiges of mankind possessing knowledge of the Diadem have been removed from this world!
Goblin Princess: The legitimacy of our king is secured! Ahahahahaha! The world shall soon face a retribution of its own making!
???: Grrr... rrrr...
Ugusu: This is... outside?
Nectar: Yes, Ugusu. Let us be off, Shinsha. Kushina.
Kushina: ...
(All right...)
Shinsha: ...
Carried into the outside world by her friends, the girl shivered from the harsh cold.
She knew, even without her sight, what had happened. The smell of fire and the screams of the dying were enough.
All the same, she feigned ignorance and allowed her friends to take her into the unknown.

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 3: Hounded in the Snow - Episode 1

Believing the best way to protect Goblin Mage is to hide her and Feena with Aletheia, Teena gets ready to take them to where Aletheia waits. Before she leaves, she commands Lucius not to act recklessly on his own. Electing not to worry her, Lucius vows to himself not to involve her in his revenge against the goblins.

Many years ago, a small, ordinary village spent its days in quiet peace.
A kind mother, her son, and her daughter all lived there, waiting for the father's return.
But the father's homecoming never happened.
The village was overrun by fiends that slaughtered everyone—even the innocent mother.
Her son and daughter managed to escape, the brother desperately protecting his sister as they ran.
A burning hatred grew within his heart that day... One that would never leave him.
Brother and sister became goblin hunters in order to exact vengeance.
The brother detested his father for failing to save their home. Yet he had to rely on his father's techniques to slay goblin after goblin.
Eventually he entered adulthood and finally completed his lifelong goal of slaying the fiends' leader.
Or rather... Their king took his own life, and the brother was left without a goal.
One door closed, and another opened. Brother and sister moved forward with hope in their hearts.
At least... they tried to.
The brother met with his long-lost father, then found himself approached by a young boy who wanted training. He obliged.
However, the pupil used what he learned to try and protect his sister when their village was attacked.
The fiends—goblins, as they were formally called—should have lost their king. But they had found a new one.
They invaded the pupil's village, under the guidance of their new leader.
The pupil faced them courageously. But the line between bravery and foolishness is thin.
He should have run. Instead, he paid the ultimate price.
Afterward, the brother attempted to slay the fiends' new king, but proved too weak to do so.
Regrets filled his mind. He wondered if he should have stayed with his pupil... Or given up the sword completely.
An emptiness grew in his heart, only to be replaced by a renewed desire for revenge.
Teena: I'm leaving now, Lucius.
Lucius: Go. The faster, the better. Who knows how long it'll take the demons to find Goblin Mage.
Lucius: Feena and her need to be in Aletheia's hands before then...
Lucius: Though it pains me to have to rely on his help.
Teena: Lucius, please. You know they'll be safe if our father's the one hiding them.
Teena: It still bothers me, what the princess said about female goblins being valuable... The reeducation they were trying to put Goblin Mage through...
Lucius: They won't get a second attempt. I swear I'll wipe them all out!
Teena: Lucius...
Teena: Promise me you won't do anything rash before I come back.
Lucius: ...
Teena: Please. Don't leave me behind... If you do something stupid and risk your life, I'll never forgive you!
Lucius: Fine. Get going already. Goblin Mage and Feena are waiting on the skyskimmer.
Teena: All right. I'll be back before you know it!
Lucius: Don't leave you behind, huh?
Lucius: (But this is my quest for revenge. There's no reason to bring you into it.)
Lucius: (I...)

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 3: Hounded in the Snow - Episode 2

After Teena and friends part with them, (Captain) and crew receive a request to scout out goblin activities from the Menean Empire's General Vizan, as a measure to prepare for their assault against the new Goblin King. The crew is sent to an island wrapped in harsh blizzards, where goblins were spotted heading toward.

Once upon a time—even though I know it wasn't that long ago... I was kept in a cold, dark place.
Gran is the Main Character

A warm hand reached out to me and brought me to the blue skies below... where I met someone I came to care about a lot.
Djeeta is the Main Character

A warm hand reached out to me and brought me to the blue skies below... where I met someone I came to care about a lot.
I made many precious friends, and discovered so many tasty foods and beautiful places.
But... I also learned that the skies can be filled with sad, painful experiences too.
Vizan: Thanks to your crew's cooperation, the Menean Empire's goblin-hunting force was able to successfully defeat the Goblin King.
Vizan: We'd hoped to deal with the rest of the goblins swiftly... But that was wishful thinking in hindsight.
Vyrn: Can't believe they got a replacement king already...
Lyria: The attack on the village, and then Miya's brother...
Gran is the Main Character

No matter how awful the situation, (Captain) always stays by my side.
Djeeta is the Main Character

No matter how awful the situation, (Captain) always stays by my side.
But it hurts to see someone else lose that kind of bond.
Vizan: A new king and a new invasion. The Menean Empire is in a dire state.
Vyrn: Guess it's time to round up the troops and get to goblin huntin' again, huh?
Vizan: That's what we intend to do, but we have to scout before making any decisive moves.
Vizan: The new king is crafty. If we act recklessly, they'll have the advantage.
Lucius: Sorry I'm late.
Lyria: Lucius! Guess you've said goodbye to Teena and the others.
Vyrn: They're gonna be just fine with Aletheia! He's not called a master swordsman for nothin'!
Lucius: What have you discussed so far?
Vizan: I was about to explain that we plan on scouting our enemy's movements.
Vizan: The other day, we received a report that someone spotted a group of goblins. Take a look at the map... This island here.
Lyria: Umm... If this line represents height... That means it's really high up, right?
Vizan: Yes. With the elevation and strong currents in the area, the island is always blanketed by heavy snow. Not even special vegetation can be found there.
Lucius: What business would the fiends have in such a place?
Vizan: It's possible that they have secret allies lying in wait.
Lucius: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa, calm down! We're still talking maybes, okay?
Vyrn: Could be they're just looking for a good place to hide out in.
Lucius: Right...
Vizan: The air currents and potential ambush make this quite a dangerous task.
Vizan: Which is why I would ask your crew to take on this request, as you've already proven you're more than capable of handling it.
Vyrn: Hehe, be kinda hard to turn it down after a compliment like that! Besides...
Lucius: What... Why are you all looking at me?
Vizan: I think everyone is well aware of the vendetta you have against goblins.
Lyria: Teena's not the only one worried about you going off on your own. Right, (Captain)?
Vizan: Blizzards surround the island every day, so I would heavily advise against doing that.
Vizan: Otherwise, I'll be forced to give this mission to someone else.
Lucius: Treating me like a child?
Vizan: I know you aren't. That's why I'm trusting you with this.
Vyrn: Lucius is a member of (Captain)'s crew!
Vyrn: Means you gotta listen to your captain, or else we're leaving you on the ship! Got it?
Lucius: Good grief...
There are plenty of horrible things that can happen in these skies.
But that's all the more reason for me, (Captain), and everyone in the crew to stick together.

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 3: Hounded in the Snow - Episode 3

Arriving at the freezing island, the blinding blizzard proves to be difficult to navigate through. Lucius volunteers to scout ahead on his own. While trudging through the snow, he quietly wonders to himself what he needs so that he can defeat the Goblin King. His thoughts are interrupted by a howl and a disturbance in the distance.

And so the brother leaves for a snow-filled island to chase after the fiends...
Too cowardly to involve his sister and friends in his quest for revenge.
Vyrn: Yikes! Knew what to expect, but still, this blizzard is crazy!
Lyria: Ah... So dizzy...
Supporting the woozy girl, the captain turns around to see one man walking across the deck.
Vyrn: Hey! The heck are you doin'! You promised not to go off by yourself, remember?
Lucius: It's highly likely that we'll be separated if we travel through this blizzard together.
Lucius: I'll check for clues by myself first, then come back. Leave the lights on for me.
Lyria: But...
Waving his crew's concerns away, the man jumps straight into a world of white.
He proceeds blindly forward with the wind howling in his ears.
Lucius: ...
Nothing but snow fills his vision. His heartbeat is the only other sound filling his ears.
Alone, he asks himself what he wants to accomplish... What he is meant to be doing.
And he wonders why he bothers trying at all, why he hesitates, why he burns with hatred... Why, why, why—
Lucius: I...
Lucius: I will slay the king, without a doubt... And for that purpose...
Inside the raging blizzard, he feels himself sinking deeper into the empty recesses of his weary heart.
???: Awooo...
Lucius: Was that... a wolf?
Hearing a beast's cry, he realizes his crew could be in danger if they are taken by surprise.
But before he can return to the ship, something in the snow catches his eyes.
Lucius: Is that...

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 3: Hounded in the Snow - Episode 4

Lucius stumbles upon Nectar, Kushina, Ugusu, and Shinsha being attacked by a wolf. Realizing these are residents of the island, Lucius defends them, hoping to later question them for information.

Trying to save their precious, beloved friend, the beasts do their best to escape the dark prison.
But the unfamiliar winds and falling snow hinder their every step.
For a moment, it seems as if the outside world is letting them know that they don't belong.
But they quickly realize it is punishment for leaving a friend behind.
???: Awooo!
Nectar: Agh...
Ugusu: Nectar!
Nectar: Ugusu, stay back! Run away with Shinsha and Kushina!
???: As if... I'd let you!
Kushina: ...!
Ugusu: Ahhh! Stop it!
Right as the large dog—or rather, wolf—leaps at the monkey and girl, another figure appears through the snow.
Lucius: Haaah!
???: Grr...
Lucius: Halt! Are you residents of this island? I've got questions for you!
Ugusu: You've got it all wrong! We're trying to get out!
Lucius: A bird that speaks fluently...
???: Awooo!
Nectar: Kushina! Take Shinsha and Ugusu and leave!
Kushina: ...!
Lucius: Tch... That's a tough looking wolf. Guess we can't chat with it in the way.
Lucius: No way around it!
???: Awooo!
With one more howl, the lone wolf faces off against glinting steel.

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 4: Nectar and Ambrosia - Episode 1

Lucius and Nectar's attacks drive the wolf off. Lucius, sensing that the situation is complicated and will require a long explanation, brings the group back to the airship.

Right now! We've got a problem! The outside world's all white! We can't see and it's cold!
But we gotta get to the Peach Spring Valley! Full speed ahead to make our dream come true! It just sucks that...
We got attacked right away! Then this weird scary guy came! Is he a friend or another bad guy?
Lucius: Haaaah!
???: Grrr...
Kushina: ...!
Nectar: Kushina. Let him be.
Ugusu: But... Why...
Lucius: Hey. I assume you all know what's happening on this island. Am I wrong?
Shinsha: W-well...
Nectar: Shinsha, allow me.
Nectar: Depending on what you're looking for, we might have answers.
Lucius: All right. Then follow me. Having a long chat here isn't a good idea.
Ugusu: Too cold...
The scary guy's a dark knight! He seems nice under all that frowning.
I hope me and my friends can have a fun adventure now that we're outside...
Just gotta believe! We can do this! Adventure time!

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 4: Nectar and Ambrosia - Episode 2

Back on the ship, (Captain) and crew listen to Nectar and friends tell their story and explain that the wolf is their friend Kusuki. Upon Lyria sensing that Nectar's aura is similar to a primal beast's, Nectar explains that he is the failure of an attempt to become a primal beast. The group is also shocked to learn that goblins were created by skydwellers to be used as weapons during the War. They then hypothesize that Kusuki might be being controlled by Jorha or the goblins, and debate going back to save him.

Lucius: Generations of researchers continuing work on inhumane weapons since the War...
Vyrn: Not like it'd be impossible for the Astrals to come knockin' again, but this...
Nectar: After the War, other skydwellers condemned them, but the Jorha researchers believed in the righteousness of their actions.
Nectar: In the Sky's Sanctum, they processed living organisms and extracted their mana, among other things.
Lyria: Living...
Lucius: You... Your name's Shinsha, right? Are those experiments the reason you have trouble walking?
Shinsha: Yes. But Nectar gave me artificial hands and legs...
Showing them is a little scary... But they're also proof of Nectar's kindness.
Shinsha: Besides those parts, he replaced a lot of other things too.
Lucius: Hm...
Lyria: A lot of other things... too?
Lucius: Nectar... You appear to know quite a lot. How do we know you aren't Jorha yourself?
Kushina: ...!
Nectar: Kushina. I'd be suspicious too if I were in his shoes.
Lyria: Um... You were also experimented on by the Jorha, right?
Lyria: I can sense the faint aura of a primal beast coming from you.
Nectar: It's faint because I am the remains of one, used as material for Jorha's research.
Ugusu: But not anymore! Now's different!
Ugusu: Sky's Sanctum is gone! We're all going to the Peach Spring Valley!
Lucius: Wait a minute. What do you mean the Sky's Sanctum is gone?
Ugusu: Err, some weirdos going "gyaha" set it on fire.
Vyrn: Gyaha?
Vyrn: You're talkin' about goblins, aren't ya!
Kushina: ...?
Lucius: Do you not know what goblins are? No... I suppose you wouldn't. Not if this is your first time outside.
Lucius: Burning down their research facility... Goblins must have a bone to pick with Jorha.
Nectar: The fragments of myself I left scattered around Sky's Sanctum had some information to report on that.
Nectar: These goblins, as you call them, appear to have been instruments of war created by the Jorha long ago.
Lucius: Are you telling me... they're weapons? Created not by Astrals, but by skydwellers?
Nectar: During the War, such creations were not regarded as inhumane.
Lyria: War is truly awful...
Ugusu: Goblins? Or whatever. Makes sense they hate people.
Ugusu: I hate experiments... And I hate Jorha too.
Shinsha: Ugusu...
Ugusu: Oh! But I don't hate people! Shinsha is a person!
Ugusu: There are good people and bad people! Good monsters and bad monsters!
Ugusu: Shinsha and Nectar and Kushina... and Kusuki! All good! At least I think so.
Shinsha: Kusuki... Something must've happened to him, considering he attacked even us...
Lucius: Are you referring to that wolf?
Nectar: Yes. You saw his fighting form. His covert one is on the smaller side, for scouting and ambushes.
Nectar: He was regarded as one of the more finished experiments in the Sky's Sanctum.
Kushina: ...
Shinsha: That's right... Maybe the researchers did something to him when everyone was under attack.
Lucius: Or the goblins.
Lucius: Just like your bird friend said, there are good goblins among the bad. We know one that's friendly toward people.
Lyria: You're talking about Goblin Mage!
Lucius: Yeah. When she got taken by the fiends, she acted strange for a spell.
Vyrn: Oh, right... Could be the same thing happening with this Kusuki too.
Ugusu: Has to be! Somebody did something! Kusuki is a good friend! He'd never hurt Shinsha!
Ugusu: Nectar, can we find Kusuki? We said we'd go to the valley with everyone!
Nectar: ...
Vyrn: It'd help us out too if you calmed your friend down, since we gotta explore 'round here.
Lucius: We don't know where the Sky's Sanctum is either, and while directions are welcome, having a guide would be much better.
Lucius: What do you say?
Nectar: Well...

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 4: Nectar and Ambrosia - Episode 3

Lyria suggests that everyone first rest before any plans are fully decided. She prepares treats and hot tea, as well as a comfortable room for Ugusu and friends to rest in. While everyone else rests, Nectar privately expresses his thanks to the crew for showing Shinsha and his friends kindness, and offers to guide them to the Sky's Sanctum.

Lyria: U-Um, I know it's important that we don't waste time, but...
Lyria: Everyone should warm up first! You've got to be freezing still, even after brushing all that snow off!
Vyrn: Ah! Lyria's right! My bad, we got so wrapped up in chattin' about the island.
Vyrn: We've got some water already warmed up for Lucius! How about putting it in a bucket and using it for a foot bath?
Lyria: (Captain), I'll go make us some tea!
Gran is the Main Character

Offering to help, (Captain) accompanies me to the kitchen.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Offering to help, (Captain) accompanies me to the kitchen.
I put tea leaves and water into a pot, then look through shelves for snacks as it boils.
Lyria: What about this one? Hm? Yes, (Captain)?
Lyria: Mm-hm, that's right. I was saving this for a special occasion.
Lyria: Ehehe, that's exactly why I want Shinsha and the rest to have it.
Lyria: Listening to them... It reminds me of myself before I met Katalina.
Lyria: I was all alone in a dark place... But I didn't even know how to feel sad or scared.
Lyria: After Katalina freed me, and I met you... I learned about so many wonderful things in the world.
Lyria: There's so much to see, and I'd like Shinsha and her friends to know that...
Lyria: Starting off with something most people find tasty!
Gran is the Main Character

With a kind smile, (Captain) fills the Grandcypher's nicest cups with tea.
Djeeta is the Main Character

(Captain) gives me a loving hug and brings out my favorite tea set.
I know that they'll have sad, painful experiences out here.
So it's important that they realize there's good things too.
Ugusu: Munch!
Kushina: ...
Shinsha: Ugusu! Ugusu, remember your manners, okay? And don't forget to thank Lyria.
Ugusu: Nom, nom... Gulp...
Ugusu: Okay! Thank you, Lyria! It's super tasty!
Lyria: Ehehe, I'm glad you like it!
Lyria: There's still plenty, so help yourselves.
Shinsha: Thank you, Lyria. You're all very kind...
Vyrn: Our captain's not one to judge!
Vyrn: You need an airship to get out, right? Once we're done with our mission here, we'll take you to the nearest island.
Vyrn: Don't worry about being our guide or nothin'! Blizzard's pretty crazy, so we won't blame you for sitting tight.
Kushina: ...
Ugusu: Kushina says thank you too!
Ugusu: But Kushina, why didn't you tell them yourself?
Nectar: Ugusu. Kushina uses Shinsha's mana to communicate through our minds.
Nectar: Her throat cannot produce the sounds necessary for vocal communication.
Ugusu: What? Nobody told me that!
Shinsha: It never really came up before, so that's probably why.
Ugusu: Guess so!
Lyria: Hehe...
I'm not sure I did a good job letting them know they've got friends out here...
But it's nice to see them relax a bit.
Lyria: Make yourselves comfortable in this room, and feel free to ask if you need anything else.
Kushina: ...!
Ugusu: What is this! Wow! So fluffy!
Shinsha: Don't tell me... U-Ugusu, stop! You shouldn't jump on it!
Nectar: Ugusu, over here.
Ugusu: Wow... This has to be the king of all fluff!
Vyrn: Uh, it's just a bed...
Ugusu: You can't fool me! Beds are hard! Used for tests!
Vyrn: This is for sleepin'!
Vyrn: Anyway, are these enough blankets? We can bring more if you need.
Ugusu: More blankets? You mean we get to turn up the fluff even more? No way!
Lyria: Don't forget to give the pillows a try as well. You're going to have the best sleep ever on them!
Ugusu: Sleep... I'm already sleeping, aren't I? This has to be a dream!
Nectar: Though this might feel like a dream, I can confirm you are awake.
Ugusu: Everyone's super nice, the food's tasty, and the king of fluff is here too... If this isn't a dream...
Ugusu: Then is the Grandcypher actually the Peach Spring Valley?
Vyrn: No valley here. Just an airship.
Ugusu: Hmm!
Vyrn: What is that valley place anyway?
Ugusu: It's an awesome place that's warm and has lots of tasty food and nothing bad ever happens there!
Lyria: Like a paradise... A perfect land?
Ugusu: Yeah! We're all heading there together!
Kushina: ...
Ugusu: Now that we're outside, we can find it! Definitely! For sure!
Shinsha: It'll truly be... a dream come true...
Shinsha: ...
Nectar: Shinsha, please take full advantage of the captain's hospitality and rest.
Kushina: ...!
Ugusu: That's right! You gotta be tired! Sleep or else you'll get a fever again!
Lyria: Shinsha, over here! The pillow's on that side, so... Oh! If you lie down...
I help Shinsha and Kushina into bed, then pick a spot in the same room to sleep too.
I hope they'll be able to have sweet dreams...
Lyria: ...
Shinsha: ...
Nectar: (Captain). Lucius. I thank you both for looking after Shinsha.
Nectar: Kushina, Ugusu, and I will take you to the Sky's Sanctum.
Lucius: You intend to leave Shinsha on the ship?
Nectar: Yes. So long as you don't mind.
Nectar: The snow wouldn't be good for her body.
Lucius: You have a point... (Captain), seems we've already earned their trust.
Lucius: But what about you? Not worried that our ship might be stolen while we're away?
  1. We can't leave Shinsha by herself.

Choose: We can't leave Shinsha by herself.
Lucius: Ah, more worried that Shinsha will need someone to look after her? A valid concern.
Lucius: She can't walk for long, and though she can sense her surroundings with magic, she can't see with her eyes.
  1. We should have Lyria stay with her.

Choose: We should have Lyria stay with her.
Lucius: So you intended to have Lyria watch over both the ship and Shinsha...
Lucius: If that's what you want, then I won't object. Got no reason to.
Nectar: (Captain), thank you for your consideration toward Shinsha. Once the blizzard lightens a little, we will depart.
Nectar: Some of my fragments remain in the facility. They will guide us the right way for certain.
Lucius: (Just you wait, fiends... We'll find you!)

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 4: Nectar and Ambrosia - Episode 4

With the Sky's Sanctum under her control, the Goblin Princess proceeds with her plans to take over the skies—all for the sake of the previous Goblin King. Desiring Shinsha's ability to draw from an endless supply of mana, she commands Kusuki to kidnap her, which Kusuki appears to accept.

Many years in the past... Though it feels as if it were mere days ago.
The Menean Empire's heir was given the Diadem, allowing him to become the king of goblins. His first act was to declare war on the world.
Oh, our brave king! Worthy of all our lives! The entirety of the skies should belong to you!
I have given the Diadem to one who would choose glorious self-determination, above all else.
A new king chosen by goblins... An invincible one who will lead the charge forward.
But my love shall forever be our one true champion. Once the world is under our rule, it shall be yours!
Goblin Princess: I have kept the Diadem from prying eyes... Attempted to use our enemies' own toys against them...
Goblin Princess: But Jorha and their creations have certainly dropped in quality. They turned tail so swiftly.
Kusuki: My apologies, my Master...
Goblin Princess: That girl... If she truly has an inexhaustible supply of mana, then she's of use to us.
Goblin Princess: Hurry and fetch her for me. I'll utilize you both until you break.
Kusuki: Nothing... would make me happier...
Goblin Princess: Though power and knowledge build with each owner of the Diadem...
Goblin Princess: Our king was truly unique.
Goblin Princess: And now the time has come for all of us to ascend!
Goblin Soldier: All hail! Goblin King!
Goblin Soldiers: All hail! All hail!
Goblin Princess: All hail...
I'll do everything in my power for your beloved children, until my dying breath.
Wait for me. Once victory is ours, I shall have eternity to serve you...

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 5: Sticky Situation - Episode 1

(Captain), Vyrn, Lucius, Nectar, Kushina, and Ugusu depart for the Sky's Sanctum, leaving Lyria and Shinsha behind to guard the ship. Shinsha apologizes to Lyria, believing that it is her fault Lyria is also left behind, but Lyria explains that watching the ship is an important duty too. They exchange encouraging smiles, trying not to worry about their friends.

For a while, the wind howls as snow covers the world.
But the violent weather doesn't go on forever, and we're given a short opening.
Vyrn: Okay, time to head out for that sanctum place! Everyone ready?
Lucius: Good to go.
Nectar: I am prepared. Lyria, please take care of Shinsha.
Lyria: Of course! We'll be waiting for you guys!
Shinsha: Nectar. Kushina. Ugusu... Please do whatever you can for Kusuki.
Ugusu: Leave it to us! We're all coming back together!
Shinsha: And then we'll head to the Peach Spring Valley... It's a promise.
Shinsha: Right, Nectar?
Nectar: Indeed... Shinsha.
Shinsha: Kushina, make sure nobody pushes themselves too hard.
Kushina: ...!
Lucius: We're not bidding our final farewells. We need to get a move on before the goblins leave the island.
With no more time to waste, the group disembarks from the ship.
Shinsha: ...
Lyria: Okay then, Shinsha! It's really cold out here, so let's head back inside.
Shinsha: Thank you, Lyria... And I'm sorry.
Shinsha: It's my fault that you had to stay behind too...
Lyria: Don't worry about it! I think everyone will be back pretty late tonight.
Lyria: We should keep the ship lit up so they can find their way back! That's our job while they're away.
Shinsha: That's... true! Keeping watch is pretty important, isn't it?
Shinsha: Let me know how I can help. I'd love to learn more about the ship!
Lyria: Of course! Follow me!
It's probably cold and scary out there, facing goblins in the snow. That's why we need to get everything ready for a warm welcome back!
Neither of us are alone either. We can do this!

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 5: Sticky Situation - Episode 2

On the way to the Sky's Sanctum, Nectar reveals that he is running out of mana and doesn't have much time left to live. He then requests that (Captain) and crew take care of Shinsha and friends, as he now knows they are kind and trustworthy.

Ugusu: Kushina says stick close to her! She'll help us be brave!
Vyrn: Oh? That's awesome! You seem pretty strong, huh? Pushed that wheelchair like it was nothin' earlier!
Kushina: ...!
Ugusu: She's a tough girl! If you make her angry, she chops you good. Hurts lots.
Nectar: Ugusu. It's not good to make Kushina angry.
Ugusu: Okaaay.
Nectar: Kushina. I'm sorry, but... I'll need you and Ugusu to watch over Shinsha from now on.
Kushina: ...?
Nectar: I'm running out of mana. I don't have much time left.
Kushina: ...!
Vyrn: H-huh? What? The heck are you talkin' about!
Nectar: The truth. I never had that much time to begin with, as the failed remains of a primal beast. The many years of experimentation did not help either.
Nectar: My memoryless, unconscious body only regained a temporary semblance of self after Shinsha shared her words and mana.
Lucius: Why are you sharing this now? We have nothing to do with it.
Nectar: I intend to impose on the goodness of your characters. (Captain). Vyrn. Lucius.
Nectar: Please teach Shinsha, Kushina, and Ugusu how to live in the outside world.
Lucius: You...
Vyrn: N-now hold on a sec! Of course we'd take care of 'em if it comes down to it...
Vyrn: But don't you think it's too early to be droppin' your last will?
Vyrn: You promised to go with your friends to the Peach Spring Valley!
Ugusu: Yeah, yeah! Shinsha's body has your parts in it, right?
Ugusu: Isn't she gonna be in trouble without you? You can't leave her!
Nectar: The fragments of myself that I gave are already a part of Shinsha, as they have received her mana for so long.
Nectar: Even if I cease to function, they will not.
Ugusu: B-but...
Ugusu: That's not the point!
Ugusu: You're gonna make Shinsha super sad! She's gonna cry! And I'm gonna cry! And Kushina too!
Ugusu: So... you can't...
Nectar: You are good at comforting her. I know you can get her to stop crying.
Ugusu: That... really isn't the point...
Lucius: Save the waterworks for when we get back to the ship. And just because you're going to die one day doesn't mean today's the day.
Lucius: Come on.
Ugusu: ...
Lucius: Any monsters we run into—you can leave them to me.
Kushina: ...!
Vyrn: Sigh... Always the shy one, ain't he? Couldn't hurt to be more honest now and then!

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 5: Sticky Situation - Episode 3

Back on the ship, Shinsha expresses to Lyria that, during her confinement, she was able to stay as herself thanks to the presence of her friends. She is thus willing to do anything necessary in order to help them. Meanwhile, (Captain) and company reach the Sky's Sanctum to find Kusuki waiting for them, alongside other experiment subjects and the goblins.

Shinsha: So that's what happened... The empire kept you in a research facility...
Lyria: Ehehe, that's kind of why I'd like to help you guys out.
Lyria: Just like how Katalina, (Captain), and Vyrn did the same for me. They showed me so much about the world.
Shinsha: Hehe, I guess that would make you my new teacher... Wouldn't it?
Lyria: Your teacher... Of course! You can count on me for anything!
Shinsha: All right! Then what should we do first?
Lyria: Umm, how about...
Lyria: I was thinking of doing the dishes. Would you mind drying them for me, Shinsha?
Shinsha: Not at all! I don't have much trouble with stationary objects, so just lay them down where I can reach.
Lyria: Being able to use mana to sense your surroundings is really amazing!
Shinsha: The credit should go to Nectar. He's the one who taught me how to use my mana in different ways.
Shinsha: Without him, I wouldn't be here...
Not only because he taught me about magic and aided my body.
His presence alone saved me.
Being alone... truly terrifies me.
If I'd been alone this whole time, I don't think I would've survived.
Some point along the way, I gave up dreaming about the valley. I contented myself with having friends.
That's why I'm frightened now for Kusuki, all alone in the cold harsh world.
And I'm unable to do anything for him...
Kusuki, Kushina, Ugusu, and Nectar always said they'd stay by my side.
That promise itself, even if it can't be kept, is enough to keep me going.
I truly wish for everyone to make it through this.
And I'm willing to do anything to make sure it happens.
Lyria: I'm planning on making hot soup for everyone to enjoy when they come back. It'll be a simple one, but...
Lyria: Can you separate the leaves on the cabbage for me?
Shinsha: I sure can! Leave it to me!
There isn't much I can do. As frustrating as it is, that's reality.
But my friends still brought me with them into the outside world. That's why...
Ugusu: I see it! That's the sanctum there!
Vyrn: Huh? You talkin' about that rock face there?
Nectar: The surrounding area must have thawed as a consequence of the goblins burning up the facility.
Lucius: Then the cold immediately froze everything into ice.
Lucius: I'm impressed that it all blends in so well. Is it because it's been here for a while?
Nectar: The original Jorha members designed the structure to blend in with the snow, as they intended to hide themselves from persecution.
Vyrn: Not sure we woulda ever found the place without you to guide us...
Lucius: Need to check if the fiends are still waiting inside.
Vyrn: Right! We should hide first and look for a good place to—
???: Awooo!
Kushina: ...!
Nectar: ...!
Ugusu: Ah! Kusuki!
Vyrn: Whoa, chill out, will ya? Aren't you guys supposed to be friends?
Kusuki: No... wrong...
Kushina: ...?
Kusuki: For... my master... I will...
Lucius: Tch! You're going to blow our cover!
Goblin Soldier: Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
Goblin Soldiers: Kill! Kill!
Monster: Groaaar...
Vyrn: Wh-what's goin' on? I'm seein' more than goblins here...
Ugusu: Experiments! Like us! From the Sky's Sanctum!
Vyrn: Say what? Shouldn't they be your pals too then?
Nectar: No!
Nectar: They're our enemies if they side with the goblins!
Nectar: (Captain). Lucius. Don't bother saving them. Slay every single one!
Lucius: Fine by me... The fiends are mine.

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 5: Sticky Situation - Episode 4

The fight between Kusuki and Nectar intensifies. Kusuki explains that he chose to side with the goblins, leading Nectar to face him with no sympathy. Kusuki howls as the battle goes on. Elsewhere, Shinsha suddenly experiences pain.

Nectar: I told you already, Kusuki.
Kusuki: Grr...
Nectar: You may have your reasons. But I don't have time to save anyone but Shinsha.
Nectar: If you get in my way... Then I'll cut you down!
Kushina: ...!
(Wait, Nectar!)
Kushina: ...!
(Kusuki, the goblins did something to you, didn't they?)
Kushina: ...!
(They must be controlling you by either placing you under a spell, threatening you, or...)
Kusuki: Wrong...
Kusuki: I chose to do this. Me alone.
Kushina: ...
(But why...)
Nectar: Because the one who collared him wasn't Shinsha... It was the Jorha.
Kusuki: Hah... Think what you want.
Nectar: A dog remains loyal to its master. Am I correct to believe that your masters changed from Jorha to the goblins?
Kusuki: Shut up...
Nectar: Just checking. If this is what you've decided by your own will, then I have no reason to object.
Nectar: Though this fragmented leftover has no intention of losing to a lost puppy.
Kusuki: Shut up!
Kusuki: Awooo!
Shinsha: Ah... Ah!
Lyria: Shinsha! What's wrong?
Lyria: So pale... And shaking too... What...
Lyria: What do I do?
Bad things always happen without warning. You can never be prepared.
But that's why we overcome challenges together... No matter how far apart we might be...

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 6: Inner Demons - Episode 1

Kusuki uses his special connection with Shinsha to forcefully siphon mana out of her, but in a brief moment of distraction, Nectar knocks him out. Their victory is short-lived, as Nectar is struck down and loses his human form. The Goblin Princess appears, seething with rage.

Doesn't matter what time period you're from. Everyone's got something they value above all else.
And if you end up having to choose between your number one and number two, of course you're gonna pick one.
My priority is always my master, being the dog that I am.
Dogs don't get to choose their masters. Masters are the ones who choose. That's how it works.
What a pain, right?
Kusuki: You know what I can do... Take as much mana from Shinsha as I want!
Kushina: ...!
(Stop it! Stop this, Kusuki! You're hurting Shinsha!)
Kushina: ...!
(Her mana won't run out, but her body can't withstand it!)
Kusuki: What a pain! Don't like what I'm doing, then kill me... If you can!
Nectar: Kusuki...
Nectar: Very well.
Nectar: For Shinsha's sake, I shall slay even my friends!
Kusuki: Fight me! I'll rip your face off!
Kusuki: Awooo!
Nectar: ...!
Kushina: ...
Ugusu: Hold on...
Goblin Soldier: Gyaha...
Lucius: Their numbers don't mean a thing without a commanding officer to guide them.
Vyrn: Uh, pretty sure they can follow orders if they managed to burn the sanctum down together.
Lucius: I know. Their commander has to be nearby. Whether it's that mage or princess...
Lucius: Doubtful it's the king though. Not with the size of this troop.
Kusuki: Ha! Weak! Failure!
Nectar: Kusuki... Enough idle chatter.
Kusuki: Yeah... Time to crush your windpipes. After you're dead, I'll give Shinsha to the princess...
Kusuki: ...!
Kushina: ...!
(H-he grabbed his tongue!)
Nectar: Running your mouth like that... You always did have a bad habit of trying to hide your emotions.
Nectar: Now that I have a direct channel, taking control of your stolen mana is... simple!
Kusuki: Wha—
Kusuki: Aaargh!
Kushina: ...!
(Kusuki! Nectar!)
Kushina: ...!
(Are you okay?)
Nectar: I am... fine. This shape was only ever an imitation of the real thing.
Nectar: Looks like maintaining it is now more than I can handle.
Kushina: ...
(Kusuki is unconscious... I guess his fighting form makes him pretty durable.)
Kushina: ...
(Why was he going against us?)
Nectar: That's...
Nectar: ...!
Vyrn: Think they wrapped things up over there! We should regroup and head inside!
Nectar's Voice: (Captain)! Lucius!
Lucius: What...
Nectar abandons his human form as he leaps.
His viscous body expands to cover (Captain) and crew from an oncoming hail of spikes...
Vyrn: Th-the heck?
Lucius: Nectar!
Vyrn: Where'd that attack come from?
Goblin Princess: How dare you...
Goblin Princess: How dare you harm my beloved children!
Goblin Princess: You filthy mortals!

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 6: Inner Demons - Episode 2

Ugusu is captured by the Goblin Princess, but is saved by Kusuki before he can be struck down. Kusuki explains that he pretended to be on the princess's side in order to catch her in a moment of weakness, seeking revenge for his fallen Jorha masters, but ended up using his only opportunity to save Ugusu instead. Kusuki then faints, the taste of freedom lingering.

Vyrn: Nectar! You gotta get up!
Kushina: ...!
(These spikes are made to drain mana!)
Kushina: ...!
(We have to get them all out of him!)
Vyrn: Kushina looks real panicked, but what's she sayin'?
Vyrn: Ugusu! We need a translation here!
Vyrn: H-huh? Ugusu, where'd you go?
Goblin Princess: Looking for this?
Ugusu: ...
Vyrn: Ah! When'd she manage to grab you!
Lucius: Get your tainted hands off the bird... Princess of the fiends.
Goblin Princess: I wonder who the truly tainted one is among us. Surely murdering my brethren earns you the title of fiend.
Lucius: Pretty conceited worldview you got...
Lucius: Considering you attacked my home first and took the lives of innocents!
Goblin Princess: Just who do you think created us? Made us for the sole purpose of fighting their battles, then disposed of us once we outlived our usefulness?
Goblin Princess: Mankind robbed us of our freedom! Commanded us to die one after another!
Goblin Princess: Is it such a crime to rebel against our oppressors?
Lucius: What a hypocrite! For all you have against us, you sure were quick to use Kusuki for all he's worth.
Lucius: Just admit it: there's no noble purpose. You're just a self-serving tyrant, and you don't care who you have to sacrifice for your desires!
Goblin Princess: I've wasted enough of my breath on you.
Goblin Princess: My brethren! Prepare the second volley—
Kusuki: Awooo!
Goblin Princess: ...!
Damn it. The perfect chance to take revenge... and I passed on it.
Wasted all that time I spent wagging my tail for that stupid princess.
Didn't even think about it either. Saved my friend, just like that. Must've taken a bigger hit to the head than I thought...
Kusuki: Pull yourself... Together... Ugusu...
Ugusu: Eh?
I know better than anyone that I was made to follow my master's orders.
But despite that, if I'm able to protect my friends...
Kusuki: What a pain...
Then I guess I've got some self-determination after all.

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 6: Inner Demons - Episode 3

Ugusu warns the crew that the surrounding air is filled with poison, but his warning comes too late. With numbing agent slowing them down, the crew is defenseless against the Goblin Princess's attack, but Teena shows up in the nick of time to save the day.

Kushina: ...!
(Kusuki! Ugusu!)
Ugusu: Ngh...
Ugusu: Ah!
Ugusu: Everyone! Don't breathe it in!
Lucius: Breathe what in?
Ugusu: The air! She's using some weird poison!
Goblin Princess: Noisy bird.
Ugusu: Gah!
Kushina: ...!
(Stop it!)
Lucius: Poison?
Goblin Princess: Indeed. But you've received the warning a little too late.
Goblin Princess: You see, there are traps beneath the snow emitting a numbing agent that doesn't affect our kind.
Goblin Princess: We applied a light dosage so you wouldn't detect it... Though it seems the noses of animals are more sensitive.
Lucius: And what makes you so confident that a weakened numbing agent will stop us?
Goblin Princess: Oh, I'm under no delusions that it will. It's not meant to stop you.
Goblin Princess: But a slightly slackened grip or delayed reaction... That can spell death for skilled warriors in the heat of battle.
Lucius: Implying you're on par with me? Best try putting up someone that actually stands a chance... Like that king of yours!
Goblin Princess: Only a mutt would bark so incessantly. Your attacks won't reach me.
Goblin Soldiers: Protect! Princess!
Vyrn: Whoa! Darn it, when did they surround us?
Goblin Princess: Hehehe... The numbing agent works on more than just the sensations of your extremities. From touch to smell... it affects your entire body.
Goblin Princess: It will be impossible to counteract because the change is so slight. Brilliant, wouldn't you say?
Vyrn: Shoot... We played right into their hands!
Goblin Princess: Oh, to be the one to eliminate the enemies of our king! A legendary tale this shall make!
Goblin Princess: Now die for our future!
Goblin Princess: My magic was negated? Who...
Lucius: It's...
???: Really, Lucius! What would you do without me?
Lucius: Teena!

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Chapter 6: Inner Demons - Episode 4

Having gotten the gist of the situation from Lyria, Teena arrives by skyskimmer to aid in the fight. Nectar, Kushina, and Ugusu take care of the numbing agent, and the crew squares off against the Goblin Princess.

Teena: Lyria filled me in on what was happening. I flew over as fast as I could on the skyskimmer.
Teena: It wasn't meant for high altitudes, but... Guess it was worth pushing it to the limit.
Lucius: Sure was... Thanks for the save.
Teena: Let me know if you've got any injuries, (Captain)! I'll fix you right up!
Vyrn: No injuries, just poison! Area's littered with numbing agent, and we got gassed with it...
Teena: Numbing agent? Need to take care of that first before we deal with the effects...
Ugusu: I know where it's coming from!
Nectar: Ugusu... Tell me... Where...
Teena: Uh... Did that slime just talk?
Vyrn: He's a friend! We'll explain everything later!
Lucius: Nectar, can we leave the gas to you?
Nectar: Yes... I can handle that much... even in this form...
Kushina: ...!
(I'll help! Ugusu, let's go!)
Ugusu: Okay!
Goblin Princess: I'd like to see you try.
Lucius: Right back at you. As soon as we take care of your trap, I'll cut you down in the blink of an eye.
Lucius: Lop your head right off... Though maybe if you tell me where your king is, I'll consider sparing you.
Goblin Princess: Trying to disparage me? Or a joke in poor taste? A foolish endeavor, either way...
Goblin Princess: But make no mistake—I'll be the one severing your head!
Goblin Princess: Kneel before me. My beloved children and I will free you from this mortal coil!

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Ending - Episode 1

The Goblin Princess is defeated for the final time. With not much longer left to live, Nectar prepares to detonate himself and his scattered fragments to destroy the Sky's Sanctum. Upon learning this, Shinsha jumps off the Grandcypher mid-takeoff, forces her frail body through the snow, and finds him. She expresses her desire to be with him no matter the circumstances, and their shared feelings allow the two to form a pact, saving both their lives.

Goblin Princess: Ah... Ahh!
Lucius: Revenge really isn't the way to go, is it...
Goblin Princess: My... king...
Goblin Princess: I'm coming... to join you... my dear...
Goblin Princess: ...
Lucius: ...
Teena: Lucius...
Lucius: She never gave up the location of the Goblin King.
Vyrn: Don't think she ever woulda... Hope Vizan won't mind too much.
Lucius: Crushing one of the fiends' leaders is a win in my book.
Lucius: Besides the advantage they had with her intelligence... Losing a female goblin has to be a big blow.
Vyrn: She did say they were valuable...
Teena: Well, Lyria and her friend are waiting on the ship still. Let's head back!
Nectar: Ugusu. I need you to go first and let Shinsha know things are settled.
Ugusu: Oh! Right! I can do that!
Nectar: Kushina. Can you carry Kusuki back to the ship? I don't imagine he'll heal well in the snow.
Kushina: ...!
(Leave him to me! But... Are you going to be okay?)
Nectar: I will collect the fragments of myself around the sanctum and restore my body.
Nectar: I do not wish to return to Shinsha in this state.
Kushina: ...
(I understand. Please don't exert yourself though.)
Teena: Why don't we take the skyskimmer if you're heading out now? Best to take your injured dog friend back as soon as possible...
Ugusu: Skyskimmer? What's that?
Teena: Hehe, it'll be quicker to show you. Come on! Lucius, I'll catch you later.
Lucius: See you.
Lucius: So?
Vyrn: Huh? So what?
Lucius: You must have a reason for sending them away first, Nectar.
Nectar: I do.
Nectar: Members of Jorha from other islands will come looking for materials to salvage from the Sky's Sanctum.
Nectar: Any information they find can lead to danger for Shinsha. I intend to detonate my fragments around the sanctum and prevent that outcome.
Vyrn: Wh-whoa... Sounds like some crazy fireworks.
Vyrn: But... Wait. Aren't you kinda fragile at the moment?
Nectar: I am.
Vyrn: How're you gonna heal if you blow up your other parts?
Nectar: Healing is unnecessary. This portion will be detonated with the rest.
Vyrn: Huh? You serious—
Lucius: Read between the lines.
Lucius: If healing won't do much to prolong his life, then let him do what he wants.
Vyrn: B-but...
Lucius: He'd have a hard time resting in peace if he passed on with regrets, especially one like this.
Nectar: For this plan, I must impose on your kindness once more.
Nectar: (Captain), please take care of Shinsha, Kushina, and Ugusu. Kusuki as well, if you'll allow it.
Lucius: Demanding fellow, aren't you? Let's go, (Captain).
Ugusu: Ah! They're back!
Lyria: I see them! Heeey! Welcome back!
Gran is the Main Character

(Captain) and the others come trudging through the white landscape.
Djeeta is the Main Character

(Captain) and the others come trudging through the white landscape.
Gran is the Main Character

Lyria rushes to the captain, and Teena to her brother.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Lyria rushes to the captain, and Teena to her brother.
As best as I can, I follow behind them, searching for my own friend...
Shinsha: Nectar...
Lucius: (Captain), I'd advise taking off as soon as possible. We don't want to stick around for the big tremors.
Teena: Tremors... You don't think we could get swallowed up by an avalanche, do you?
Without delay, the airship rises, and the island is left below. It's an unbelievable sensation.
Lyria has to hold me up as I begin to tremble. In a tearful voice, (Captain) speaks...
Lyria: No... Nectar...
I feel the rumble of the ship beneath my legs. As weak as they are, I wouldn't feel anything at all if Nectar hadn't been so kind to me.
In the distance, I hear Nectar's fragments erupt... For the sake of destroying the Sky's Sanctum.
Shinsha: ...!
Kushina: ...!
I wonder how many years it's been since I last stood without stumbling. Before I realize it, I've arrived at the edge of the deck.
I have to go.
My mind goes blank when I hear what Nectar plans to do.
That's why (Captain) notices Shinsha approaching the edge before I do.
Right as (Captain) goes to grab her, I find myself grabbing the captain's sleeve.
That split second of distraction is enough for Shinsha to leap.
That's why (Captain) notices Shinsha approaching the edge before I do.
Right as (Captain) goes to grab her, I find myself grabbing the captain's sleeve.
That split second of distraction is enough for Shinsha to leap.
Lyria: Um... (Captain)!
Lyria: If we ever had to leave each other... and never meet again...
Lyria: I think I'd want to spend our last moments together.
Lyria: Even if it meant I would lose my life...
Lyria: That's probably how Shinsha feels about Nectar.
Lyria: So...
Gran is the Main Character

A quiet moment of grief passes between us.
Djeeta is the Main Character

A quiet moment of grief passes between us.
Then (Captain) hugs me tightly and doesn't let go.
  1. I feel the same.

Choose: I feel the same.
The precious body Nectar gave to me crumbles.
But it doesn't matter. I won't need to use it for much longer.
Shinsha: Cough... Nectar...
I drag the remainder of my body along, to the place where we first met.
Shinsha: Nectar...
What awaits me there...
Is the person I most want to be with, no matter what form he takes.
Shinsha: Nectar!
I take him in my hands like he once did for me. He is cool to the touch, but filled with familiar gentleness.
Nectar: Shin... sha...
Shinsha: Yes, I'm here.
Nectar: Why...
Shinsha: You were there for me before. Now it's my turn to be here for you.
Nectar: Shinsha... You should... be out there...
Shinsha: I'm not going anywhere. Not without you.
Nectar: I am merely... a failure...
Shinsha: I'm sorry. I knew what your true form was like since the very beginning, but I also knew you didn't want me to learn about it.
Shinsha: I feigned ignorance... so we could be together...
Nectar: ...
Shinsha: I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... Everything you did was to save me...
Shinsha: But I wanted to be with you, no matter the cost...
Shinsha: We could be in the Sky's Sanctum, the outside world... Peach Spring Valley or even the bottom of the skies...
Shinsha: Doesn't matter where... Just please, let me stay by your side...
Feeling my breathing and heartbeat slow, I hold Nectar in my arms. Together we fade...
Shinsha: Kushina... Kusuki... Ugusu... I'm sorry I couldn't keep our promise...
Teena: Shinsha... She...
Kushina: ...
(Shinsha... Nectar...)
Ugusu: You're lying!
Ugusu: Shinsha and Nectar wouldn't leave us! They...
Lucius: Ugusu...
Ugusu: They can't! They just wouldn't!
Lucius: What is that?
Lyria: This sensation... Could it be...
A long, long time ago, the Astrals left beasts in the world of the skies.
The beasts formed pacts with islands and protected the citizens that lived there.
But those pacts were not limited to only islands...
Nectar: ...
Shinsha: Nectar!
I latch onto Nectar, trying to keep him close. He looks at me in surprise.
Nectar: Shinsha...
The pacts allow for the beasts to demonstrate their true potential—to unlock dormant powers without losing control.
The parameters even permit a failed primal to form one with a person.
With a new pact made, the formless remains of a dying soul are given new life.
Shinsha: Will you go with me... to the valley together?
Nectar: Yes, Shinsha. If that is what you wish for, then I shall desire the same.
Nectar: With Kushina, Kusuki, and Ugusu too. Let us all travel there.
Shinsha: Promise?
Nectar: I promise.
The light fades, and the clouds above part to reveal an approaching airship.
Lyria: Shinsha!
Ugusu: Nectar!
My friends wave eagerly from the deck.

A Tale of Kindled Bonds - Ending - Episode 2

The crew bury the remains of the sanctum's other experiment subjects and take a moment to reflect on their future. Nectar, Shinsha, Kushina, and Ugusu wish to go on a journey to find the Peach Spring Valley, while Kusuki joins up with Lucius and Teena so he can finish avenging the Jorha. Lucius, after seeing the Goblin Princess fall because of her obsessive revenge, wonders what he needs to be able to defeat the Goblin King down the road.

Kusuki: This the last one?
Kushina: ...
(Yeah... That's the last one of the experiments.)
Kushina: ...
(They could've been our friends if things had been different...)
Shinsha: It's awful we can't give them a proper ceremony, but I'm glad we're able to bury them at least...
Shinsha: (Captain). Everyone... Thank you for helping.
Kusuki: Feels weird. I should be there with them.
Nectar: You receive a constant supply of Shinsha's mana. It is highly unlikely you will perish if she is alive.
Kusuki: Sheesh... Sound so casual about that. You sure it's a good idea to leave me be?
Nectar: I fully understand that you aren't able to disobey the orders that Jorha gave you.
Nectar: But now the Jorha members of the Sky's Sanctum are no more.
Kusuki: Still... Just because they're gone, doesn't mean their orders are too.
Kusuki: That female goblin was the same. Loyal to her king until the end.
Kushina: ...
(Does that mean you can't stay with us?)
Kushina: ...
(Because we might be hurt again...)
Kusuki: Yeah. Gotta carry through an order first.
Ugusu: Carry through?
Kusuki: ...
It was extremely dangerous for Shinsha to go jumping off the ship.
But she stuck to her guns and managed to get the best outcome possible.
Teena: All right, I've decided!
Lucius: Decided what?
Teena: From now on, no matter how hard you try to leave me behind, I'm following after you!
Lucius: Listen—
Kusuki: Hey, you. You're going after the goblins, right?
Lucius: Yeah, I am. We've got a score to settle.
Kusuki: Good. I've got a bone to pick with them too.
Kusuki: Guess I'll be sticking with you.
Ugusu: Hey! Kusuki, you're not coming with us to the valley?
Kusuki: Have to make this trip before going there. Wipe my slate clean.
Kushina: ...
(That means...)
Kusuki: The last command I have to obey is avenging the Jorha members from the sanctum.
Shinsha: And once that's done, no more orders ever... You'll be able to finally relax.
Kusuki: Yeah. Won't be trying to bite you all again, that's for sure.
Kusuki: You okay with that?
Shinsha: Well... I was the one who broke our promise first by jumping off the ship.
Shinsha: If this is what you need to do, then I won't stop you... I can't.
Shinsha: But... Just... take care, okay?
Kusuki: Don't worry. I'm not crazy like you and Nectar.
Kusuki: How about you, Lucius? I won't be dead weight. Could be your sister's guard too.
Lucius: Revenge, huh...
I grab the dog by the collar and dump him by Teena, leaving him in her care. Teena smiles at him.
I'm reminded that I have to protect her smile at all costs. I'm her brother, after all.
It's us or the fiends now. They need to be destroyed before they can launch a full-scale war.
Can't be like that princess... Getting wrapped up in vengeance and making a fatal mistake.
I'll lose again if I fight with the Goblin King as I am now.
My blade won't reach, and I'm not sure what's missing.
I don't have any answers for my problems ahead... But I know what's at stake. I won't ever forget that.
The End


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