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A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - Opening[edit]

Vacheron is the primal beast that caused two worlds to mingle once long ago, though the brave feats of (Captain)'s band of skyfarers were thought to have sealed it away for good. However, due to the overlapping of powers beyond human comprehension, space-time has distorted once more, causing a new set of guests to be guided to the skies.

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Airships sail across a vast sea of clouds dotted with floating islands.
This land of infinitely stretching skies has encountered other worlds in the past.
Such meetings were brought about by Vacheron, a primal beast that possesses the power to interfere with time and space.
Vacheron was once thought defeated, and its powers sealed away. However...
Tear: What in the world?!
Tear: Eeek!
Vacheron wreaked havoc in its final moments, leaving countless scars across time and space.
Elize: Where...am I? It's so dark... Wh-Where's Teepo?
A new shadow looms, manipulating the vestiges of Vacheron's power...
Stahn: Clouds? Sky? Wait, this island is FLOATING! This is incredible! ...Er, but what in the heck is going on?
Due to the overlap of powers far beyond human comprehension, time and space distort once more, bringing two worlds into close contact.
And once again, new guests are invited to explore these vast skies...

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - The Blue of His Eyes - Episode 1[edit]

Contracted by Sierokarte, (Captain)'s party sets out to settle a fraud case. Having caught the suspects, they also encounter a youth named Stahn in the process of being conned. He claims to come from a totally different world, and to be searching for a friend that came with him. Despite Stahn's sincerity, the party is dubious about his absurd story.

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Lyria: Umm... So we just need to look for someone who matches this description, right?
Vyrn: Bingo! If the info we got from Siero is right, they should be in this town right now.
On a mission from the Knickknack Shack, the party is hot on the trail of the suspect in a fraud case.
Eugen: For now, let's hit up a place that seems like it might bring out a nastier crowd.
Vyrn: Got anywhere in mind?
Eugen: Somewhere with plenty of people. No swindling is going to get done without a sucker to take the bait, after all.
Vyrn: That's a tavern, yeah? There's bound to be tons of people and info in there. Let's head on in and—
Eugen: Whoa, hold up.
Eugen: Don't you think those fellas who just stepped out of the tavern match the ones we're looking for?
Lyria: Lemme see. The hairstyles... The shifty eyes... Say, you might be right!
Vyrn: They're getting away! Let's tail 'em, (Captain)!
Eugen: It looked like they came this way, but...
Vyrn: Hey! That's them!
Lyria: They fit the description perfectly—this must be who we're looking for. Er, but what should we do?
Vyrn: Now that we've spotted 'em, there's no choice but to nab 'em. Let's do this!
Eugen: Sounds good to me!
Vyrn: Stop right there, punks!
Shifty Goon 1: Who the hell are you lot?
Vyrn: We know exactly what you're up to!
Eugen: So how about you give up your little game and come along quietly.
???: Uh...sorry? I don't think I follow.
Shifty Goon 2: Yeesh...
Shifty Goon 1: You guys are buttin' in at a reeeeal bad time.
Eugen: You're not gonna make this easy for us, are you?
Vyrn: Come on, (Captain)! Let's clap this rabble in irons!
???: Wait, what?!
Shifty Goon 1: Argh!
Shifty Goon 2: Damn it!
???: What the heck is going on here?!
Eugen: You're the only one left, pal. Don't make this harder than it needs to be.
???: Please, just wait a second!
???: You've got it all wrong! These guys aren't my friends!
Vyrn: Well, ain't that convenient.
???: It's true! And I certainly haven't done anything that would make people like you chase after me!
  1. All right, I believe you.
  2. You're a liar!

Choose: All right, I believe you.
Lyria: Call it a hunch, but he doesn't seem like a bad guy to me.
Vyrn: Then why were you pallin' around with trash like this?

Choose: You're a liar!
???: What?! Aw, geez...
Vyrn: Why were you pallin' around with 'em if you're not one of their gang?
Continue 1
???: They told me they'd spotted a friend that I'm looking for.
???: I was in the middle of having them take me to him.
Vyrn: For real? So wait, you're...
Eugen: I think we're dealing with the swindled here and not the swindler.
???: ...Swindled? Wait, are you talking about me?
The party explains the situation to the dazed, yet bright-eyed youth.
???: Oh, I get it. They were trying to pull a fast one on me, but you came along and rescued me!
Vyrn: That's about the long and short of it.
???: Sounds like I owe you one. Thanks!
???: The name's Stahn Aileron.
Vyrn: Nice to meetcha, Stahn. I'm Vyrn. This here's Lyria and Eugen.
Vyrn: And this is (Captain), the brave captain of our skyfarer crew.
Stahn: Captain? Hoooo! That's a pretty sweet title.
Eugen: By the way, you mentioned you were looking for a friend. Something up?
Stahn: Yeah, that's right. Although if those guys were lying to me, I just lost my only lead.
Vyrn: But your buddy's in this town, yeah?
Stahn: Uh, well, I can't say I'm totally sure.
Lyria: What do you mean?
Eugen: Got a bit of a troubling situation on your hands, do you?
Vyrn: If you feel like talking, we're all ears.
Stahn: Well, to tell the truth, I think I may have come here from a different world.
Vyrn: Seriously? You start with that?
Stahn: It's true—and I think a friend of mine may have come with me.
Lyria: And that's why you're trying to find him.
Stahn: Pretty much. Say, you haven't seen him, right? He's got black hair, he's a bit shorter than me, he's carrying a fantastic sword, his name is—
Vyrn: Wait, wait, wait! Back up!
Stahn: Um, what's the matter?
Vyrn: What do you mean, what's the matter! I haven't followed a thing you said since you started babbling about coming from some other world!
Stahn: Oh...yeah, I suppose that IS kind of surprising. It sure surprised me!
Eugen: You don't look surprised...

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - The Blue of His Eyes - Episode 1: Scene 2[edit]

Stahn explains that he came to this world after being sucked into a black rift. While he wants to track down his friend and find a way back home, he also feels he must repay a debt to the party for their help. Unwilling to abandon Stahn to his own devices, the party decides to accompany him in his search.

Bombarded with questions from the party, Stahn explains how he ended up in their world after being sucked into a black fissure that tore the very fabric of space itself.
Stahn: ...When I opened my eyes, I had no idea where I was. I'd never heard of the town I was in, and I couldn't even use any of my money!
Stahn: Plus, the ground was FLOATING! That was the biggest shock of all.
Stahn: That kind of thing doesn't really happen in the world I came from. Like, ever.
Eugen: Yeah, okay. I see where you're comin' from.
Vyrn: Sure, but I mean, come on. A whole other world?
Lyria: It may sound hard to believe, but I don't think Stahn is lying.
Vyrn: Me neither. He's the kind of rube who gets scammed, not the one who does the scamming.
Eugen: Ha! That's for damn sure! Heck, we saw it happening with our own eyes!
Stahn: Haha! Yeah, you really got me out of a bind with that one.
Stahn: Oh, right! I need to thank you somehow! You did save me, after all.
Vyrn: I don't know about that. If anyone needs a helping hand right now, I feel like it's you.
Eugen: Shouldn't you be more focused on finding your friend and figuring out how to get back to your world?
Stahn: I suppose, yeah. Everyone will worry if I'm gone for too long.
Vyrn: You're quite the headache, pal. You know that?
Lyria: Hey, (Captain)! Don't you think we should help Stahn out?
Vyrn: For sure! I can't see him lasting two nights out there without us watchin' his back.
Eugen: Then I guess it's decided. Sounds like you just made some new friends, champ.
Stahn: No! I'm supposed to be the one returning a favor! I didn't think I'd be on the receiving end again...
Stahn: I mean, are you sure?
Eugen: You sure are an honest kid, aren't ya?
Eugen: Say, that's quite the sword you've got there. You know how to swing it?
Stahn: I sure do!
Eugen: Well, you use that to bail us out of trouble when the time comes, and we'll call it square.
Stahn: You got it!
Vyrn: Haha! I like your moxie!
Lyria: Pleasure to have you aboard, Stahn.
Stahn: The pleasure is all mine!
And that's how the party came to know the company of the young and cheerful Stahn Aileron.

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - The Blue of His Eyes - Episode 2[edit]

Stahn believes his friend Leon to be located nearby, but the party's attempts to gather information end in failure. As they're ready to give up, Stahn spots Leon on the outskirts of town. But when he calls out to him, his friend mysteriously disappears. The party races to the forest in hot pursuit, where Lyria begins to detect a strange presence.

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Having agreed to aid Stahn—who claims to be from another world—the party sets out to locate his friend.
Vyrn: So about this friend of yours...
Stahn: His name's Leon.
Eugen: So this Leon character got sent here with you?
Stahn: Probably. I think so, anyway.
Lyria: You don't know for sure?
Stahn: I was actually on my way to meet him just before I ended up here.
Stahn: I spotted him walking through the streets, but just as I called out, I got caught up in some kind of rift.
Stahn: Next thing I knew, I was in the back streets of this town and Leon was turning a corner just ahead of me.
Stahn: I called out again, but I guess he didn't hear me. I lost sight of him after that.
Eugen: Hmm. All right. I think I'm caught up.
Stahn: He's not the type to wander about recklessly in a place he's not familiar with, so he should still be somewhere in town.
Vyrn: Say no more! What do you say we get straight to gathering info?
Stahn: Some good old-fashioned legwork, huh? Sounds like a blast!
Vyrn: You're too carefree for your own good, pal. Try not to follow any more shifty characters into dark alleys—they don't actually have any candy.
Stahn: Hey, don't worry about me. I'm old enough to watch out for myself!
Lyria: Hmm... No luck finding any news on Leon.
Stahn: I wonder if he's already skipped town.
Stahn: ...Wait!
Vyrn: Wh-what! Why you shoutin' out of the blue like that?
Stahn: Over there! That's him! Leon, wait!
Lyria: Hmm? Where?
Stahn: Aw, crud! He's gone...
Lyria: I didn't get a good look, but did he not hear you calling his name?
Stahn: He definitely should have, given how close he was. Something's not right...
Vyrn: You're sayin' he ran away from you, then? That'd certainly be a surprise, seein' as how you're buddies and all.
Stahn: Well, the Leon I know would actually go out of his way to call me an idiot and tell me to stop following him.
Lyria: Sorry, I'm confused. Aren't you friends?
Stahn: Through thick and thin! That's just the kind of guy he is.
Vyrn: That's quite the bizarre friendship...
  1. I think it's cute.
  2. Sounds complicated.

Choose: I think it's cute.
Stahn: It is! Leon would get ticked off if you said that to him, though. He might come out swinging.
Vyrn: This dude sounds straight up terrifying...
Stahn: Nah, he's a good guy, I promise.

Choose: Sounds complicated.
Stahn: You think? He's pretty easy to understand, once you get to know him.
Continue 1
Eugen: Is now really the time for this? Shouldn't you be going after him?
Stahn: Oh, you're right! I'll lose him again!
Vyrn: That way leads out of town. Let's chase him down!
Lyria: U-uhm...
Stahn: Hmm? What's the matter, Lyria?
Lyria: There's something...off about this forest.
Stahn: Now that you mention it, I guess the air does feel kind of heavy.
Eugen: Do you sense a primal beast, Lyria?
Stahn: A what?
Lyria: I don't think so, but I'm not sure.
Vyrn: What do we do? Want to turn back?
Lyria: No, let's press on. This feeling does worry me, but we need to find Leon.
Stahn: Thanks, Lyria! But don't push yourself too hard.
Lyria: Thank you, Stahn.

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - The Blue of His Eyes - Episode 2: Scene 2[edit]

Entering the forest in search of Leon, (Captain)'s group encounters unfamiliar monsters. Stahn, however, recognizes the beasts as creatures from his own world, and uses this knowledge and his sword skills to help defeat them. Afterward, he happily explains how his sword is a partner that has been with him through countless adventures. This reverie is interrupted by Lyria's worsening condition, after which the party returns to town.

Stahn: Leon? Hey, answer me, Leon!
The party presses through the forest in search of Leon.
Vyrn: Where the heck did this guy get to?
Lyria: Hmm...
Vyrn: Lyria?
Monster: ...!
Vyrn: Agh!
Eugen: Monsters! Wait, what the hell are these things?
Stahn: Watch out! Hiiiii-yah!
Monster: ...!
Stahn: Stay on your toes, everyone!
Eugen: My bad!
Monster: !
Vyrn: Wow, you seem pretty calm!
Stahn: Of course I am. There are bound to be monsters in a forest like this.
Eugen: Have you seen those things before?
Monster: ...
Stahn: Sure. I think they're pretty common as far as monsters go.
Eugen: Huh... So that's what's going on here.
Monster: ...!
Stahn: We're almost in the clear! Haah!
Stahn: This is the end!
Monster: ...!
Stahn: Phew! Looks like that's all of them.
Stahn: To get back to what you were saying, was there something strange about those monsters just now?
Vyrn: We've done our fair share of traveling, but this is the first time we've ever seen monsters like that.
Stahn: Really?
Eugen: Really. Never seen that kind before.
Stahn: Which, uh, means what?
Eugen: Ain't it obvious? The fact that only you recognized them means they came from the same world you did.
Stahn: Oh. Yeah, that makes sense.
Eugen: Not that I really get what's going on here, though...
Eugen: Regardless, you took them down quickly. You're quite the fighter! I'm impressed.
Stahn: Thanks!
Eugen: And that sword... It's a fine piece of work. Seems well cared for, too.
Stahn: Heh. It's a pretty important sword.
Stahn softly strokes his blade with a contented expression.
Stahn: We've been on many adventures together, and it's saved me more times than I can count. It's my trusted partner!
Vyrn: Sounds like a good thing to have.
Stahn: Your weapon is quite powerful too, Eugen. I've never used a gun myself, so it was a sight to see.
Stahn: And it's got deadly accuracy to boot!
Eugen: Haha! Thanks, lad. I suppose you could say this gun is my partner, just like your sword is yours.
The two laugh as they exchange words, while Lyria scans her surroundings with a troubled expression.
Lyria: Could this be a primal beast? But it feels...different, somehow. Like many different presences all mixed together...
Vyrn: You okay, Lyria?
Stahn: You don't look so good. Don't push yourself too hard.
Stahn: We're not having any luck finding Leon anyway. Let's head back to town and rest up.
Lyria: But Leon might be wandering around in this forest all alone!
Stahn: Don't sweat it! Leon's insanely strong. I'm more worried about you right now.
Eugen: He's got a point. Let's get out of here for now.
Vyrn: Come on, everyone. Oh, and there may still be monsters hanging around, so stay alert.

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - The Blue of His Eyes - Episode 3[edit]

Back in town, (Captain)'s party is questioned by Stahn about primal beasts. While discussing what to do next, a local tells the group he saw someone who looked like Leon at the port. The party hurries to the scene only to find that Leon is no longer there. They then board the Grandcypher and take to the skies in hot pursuit.

Watch scene in game

The party returns to town with a sickly looking Lyria in tow.
Stahn: How do you feel, Lyria?
Lyria: Fine, thank you... I'm sorry about this.
Stahn: Don't worry about it. I'm just glad you're doing better!
Eugen: All right, let's take a quick break, then get to thinking about what to do next.
Stahn: Can I ask you something first?
Vyrn: What's up?
Stahn: Do you mind filling me in on what a primal beast is?
Vyrn: Oh, yeah. I guess you wouldn't know about that.
Eugen: To put it simply, they're beasts that were used as weapons in an ancient war.
Stahn: Weaponized...beasts?
Eugen: It might be easier to just think of them as extremely powerful monsters.
Stahn: Hmm... Yeah, I guess I can imagine that.
Local Man: Hey, you there!
Vyrn: Huh, what's up?
Local Man: You were looking for someone, weren't you?
Stahn: You mean Leon?
Local Man: Well, if you're looking for a slim, raven-haired swordsman with a cape, I just saw him.
Stahn: Are you sure?
Local Man: Sure I'm sure! He was heading towards the harbor.
Eugen: The harbor is in the opposite direction from the forest. We must have passed by him somewhere.
Stahn: Thanks for the tip! I appreciate it.
Local Man: Of course.
Vyrn: Well then, let's hurry down to the harbor!
Lyria: Let's! I hope we manage to catch Leon this time.
Eugen: Are we too late?
Stahn: Seems that way...
Having arrived at the harbor, the party resumes their search for Leon.
However, he is nowhere to be found. It seems he may have boarded an airship and left the island.
Stahn: Man, what do we do now?
Vyrn: Don't let it get you down. Have you forgotten who we are?
Stahn: Uh, sky...farers?
Eugen: That's right. And with an airship of our own, we'll catch up to him in no time.
Lyria: You said it!
Vyrn: So let's get a move on!
Stahn: Thank you, everyone!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - The Blue of His Eyes - Episode 3: Scene 2[edit]

Monsters assault the Grandcypher and manage to steal Eugen's gun as he is protecting Lyria. Eugen attempts to prioritize the search for Leon, but Stahn insists that what's important to his friends is important to him, and convinces the party to follow the thieving monster to a nearby island. Upon landing, Lyria once again senses an unusual presence before Leon suddenly appears in front of the party.

Stahn: Holy smokes, we're really flying!
Vyrn: If there was any more spring in your step, I'd be worried about you launching yourself off the ship.
Stahn: Aw, I'll be fine!
  1. I'm worried...
  2. Enjoying the airship?

Choose: I'm worried...
Stahn: Aw, come on. Lay off, (Captain).
Just as the conversation was heating up on the deck, a shadow descended over the group.

Choose: Enjoying the airship?
Stahn: Am I ever! You guys get to ride these things all the time, huh?
Just as the conversation was heating up on the deck, a shadow descended over the group.
Continue 1
Monster: ...!
Vyrn: Yikes! We've got company!
Stahn: Watch out!
Stahn: More incoming!
Lyria: Eek!
Eugen: Lyria!
Eugen: Ah!
After leaping to cover Lyria, Eugen's weapon is knocked from his hands.
Stahn: Eugen, your gun!
Monster: ...!
Seizing Eugen's gun in its claws, the monster soars into the air.
Vyrn: It's getting away!
Monster: ...
Vyrn: Aah!
The monster quickly flies away from the Grandcypher.
Eugen: You all right?
Lyria: I'm fine. But your gun...
Eugen: Don't worry about it. I'm not hurt, so there's no problem.
Stahn: But didn't you say that gun was your partner?
Eugen: Sure did. It's a real shame, but I'll just have to find a new one. Don't let it get to you.
Stahn: But the monster that took it went flying to that island right over there! If we chase after it—
Eugen: That's enough, Stahn.
Eugen: If we don't hurry we're going to lose track of Leon.
Eugen: What's most important right now is finding your friend and then figuring out how to get you home. Am I right?
Stahn: ...Yeah.
Eugen: Try to chase too after too many things at once and you'll end up losing sight of them all.
Stahn: I suppose.
Stahn: Leon is an important friend, and I do need to hurry and find a way back to my own world.
Stahn: I have family and friends waiting for me, after all.
Eugen: Glad we agree.
Stahn: But I also consider you—and everyone else who helped take care of me—to be my friends!
Stahn: And things that are important to my friends are important to me as well.
Eugen: Stahn...
Confronted by Stahn's honest gaze, Eugen gives a wry smile.
Eugen: Fine. You win... You know, you and (Captain) are kind of similar.
Stahn: We are?
  1. You think so?
  2. I don't know about that...

Choose: You think so?
Stahn: I don't quite get it myself, but...

Choose: I don't know about that...
Stahn: Hey! You don't have to look so insulted!
Continue 2
Eugen: Ha ha ha! I guess I may have a bit of a soft spot for people like you.
Stahn: Anyway, let's chase after that monster that made off with Eugen's gun!
In hot pursuit of the monster that took Eugen's weapon, the party lands on a small island.
Vyrn: This forest looks like it goes on for days.
Stahn: Agreed. I wish we could make it quick, but we'll just have to make a steady search for the monster that—
Lyria: Ah!
Stahn: Lyria? What's the matter?
Lyria: That strange presence I sensed before is strong here.
Vyrn: Really? There must be something nearby.
Stahn: No way! Leon?!
Lyria: That's him?
Leon: ...
Stahn: I finally caught up to you! What are you doing here? I was so worried abo—
Monster: ...!
Stahn: What the heck?!
Eugen: I've got no clue, but let's take care of these monsters first!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - The Blue of His Eyes - Episode 4[edit]

Finally reunited, Stahn happily approaches his friend. But to his surprise, a silent Leon draws his blade and attacks. As this happens, Lyria senses the presence of a primal beast. Leon's form begins to change, shifting between the shapes of multiple primal beasts whose powers exist within Lyria. She manages to suppress the primal beast's power, and after Stahn and (Captain) attack, the creature reveals its true form at last.

Watch scene in game

Chasing the monster that pilfered Eugen's weapon, the party at last comes face-to-face with Stahn's friend Leon.
Vyrn: We did it! Is that all of the monsters?
Stahn: Looks like it. And better yet, we finally found Leon!
Leon: ...
Lyria: But he seems kind of...
Stahn: Leon! I've been looking for you!
Stahn happily approaches his friend and...
Leon: ...
Stahn: What the?!
Leon's blade cuts through the air just in front of Stahn, who narrowly evades by leaping backwards.
Stahn: L-Leon? What are you doing?!
Lyria: Stahn! Get away from him!
Vyrn: Lyria? What's the matter? What's going on?
Lyria: I wasn't sure until a moment ago, but I definitely feel the presence of a primal beast!
Stahn: That doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but...
Leon: ...
Stahn: Well, it's clear that this isn't Leon.
Stahn: There's no way it could be!
Distancing himself from the entity masquerading as his friend, Stahn stares at it warily.
Stahn: Leon swinging his sword at me isn't an idea I can get behind, even as a joke.
???: ...
Eugen: Wait a minute. That's...
Vacheron: ...!
Vyrn: You've gotta be kidding me. Vacheron? Haven't we already taken him down?
Vacheron: ...!
Lyria: Eeek!
Vacheron's fierce roar shakes the atmosphere, tearing open a dimensional rift.
Stahn: Hey, that's the thing that brought me here!
Vyrn: A rift in space-time, eh? So it was Vacheron's power all along.
Eugen: I don't totally understand what's happening, but I think Stahn should enter that rift at once.
Stahn: What? No way! Aren't primal beasts supposed to be insanely powerful?
Stahn: I won't just run away and leave you all behind. I'm fighting too!
Eugen: Even if you wanted to—
Vacheron: ...!
Vyrn: Guys? I don't think we have time to discuss this.
Lyria: I'll try to suppress Vacheron's power again...
Lyria: Aaaaaah!
Vacheron: ...!
Eugen: Why does it keep changing shape?
Vyrn: Those are all primal beasts Lyria absorbed power from!
Eugen: Do you think it's possible for that thing to sense our thoughts and powers?
Stahn: Beats me, but either way, we gotta take it down, right?
Vyrn: R-right...
Stahn: Good enough for me. Let's get in there, (Captain)!
  1. That's insane!
  2. Right behind you!

Choose: That's insane!
Vyrn: True. Recklessly charging in when we don't even know what kind of power this beast possesses is incredibly dangerous.
Stahn: But we can't just do nothing!
As Stahn grips his sword hilt, (Captain) stands by his side.
Stahn: Okay, let's go.

Choose: Right behind you!
Vyrn: (Captain), are you sure?
Stahn: Right on. Let's do this!
Continue 1
???: ...!
Stahn: Haaaah!
???: ...!
Stahn and (Captain) cause the faltering primal beast's shape to distort once again, changing to a form they'd never seen before.
Lyria: That must be the primal beast's true form...
Vyrn: Let's finish this!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - The Blue of His Eyes - Episode 4: Scene 2[edit]

The primal beast defeated by (Captain) and the others possessed the ability to resonate with the powers and thoughts of its opponents. The party hypothesizes that it took Leon's shape because Stahn was thinking of him when he came to this world. Stahn then retrieves Eugen's gun from the rift, using it to return to his own world.

???: ...
The party finally defeats the primal beast.
Vyrn: Phew! Looks like we pulled through.
Stahn: It's incredible how that thing could sense our powers and thoughts.
Eugen: That's probably the reason it looked like Leon in the first place.
Stahn: Makes sense. I was calling out to Leon when I was swallowed by the rift, after all.
Stahn: Well, I'm just glad Leon wasn't actually trying to cut me down.
Vyrn: Haha! That's for sure!
Stahn: But I guess this means that Leon isn't here, huh?
Eugen: Chances are that's the case. I imagine he's busy looking for you on the other side, since you disappeared and all.
Stahn: You're right. I should hurry.
Stahn: Oh, wait! Is the rift still there?
Vyrn: Looks like it.
Lyria: It seems... smaller.
Stahn: No kidding. I wonder if I can make it through.
Stahn steps towards the dark void and peeks inside.
Stahn: Ah! That's...
Vyrn: What now? Why are you sticking your hand in there?
Stahn: Just a little... Yes! I got it!
Eugen: Hey, that's my gun!
Stahn: We're lucky it didn't get completely sucked in.
Eugen: You can say that again. Thanks, bud.
Stahn: No problem.
Eugen: I've got an idea. Mind steppin' away from there for a second?
Stahn: Uh, sure.
Eugen: Yeah, just like that.
Eugen points the barrel of his gun at the edge of the black fissure.
Lyria: Waah!
Stahn: Hey, it got wider! I might actually be able to pass through now!
Eugen: Whatever the case, you'd best hurry along. It's so unstable, it seems like it could disappear at any moment.
Vyrn: Not to mention that we don't even know why it exists in the first place.
Stahn: You're right... I'll be off, then!
Eugen: Take care, Stahn!
Stahn: I will!
Lyria: Tell Leon we said hi!
Stahn: You bet!
Vyrn: Since we never actually met this Leon dude, I'm sure he'll be surprised.
Stahn: Haha! You can bet I'll be telling my friends all about you guys when I get home.
Stahn: And about everything you did for me.
Stahn: Thank you for everything. Farewell!
Stahn: With a radiant smile and a big wave, Stahn enters the black rift and disappears.
Stahn's Quest: The Blue of His Eyes
The End

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - A Song of Celadon Skies - Episode 1[edit]

At a local restaurant, (Captain)'s party encounters a young woman who calmly disposes of a boorish man. They soon notice the woman being pursued through the streets by the same man, as well as a couple of tough-looking thugs. Sensing that she could be in danger, (Captain) and the others decide to lend a hand.

Watch scene in game

Vyrn: Boy, I'm starving!
Lyria: Me too!
In search of a meal, the party stops by a large restaurant in a certain city.
Io: Pretty crowded—must be a popular place. I just hope the food is good.
???: Aw, come on! Get over here and talk to me!
???: P-please, sir! I can't!
Vyrn: Huh? What's with all the commotion?
Boorish Man: Aw, what's the harm in havin' a quick chat?
Waitress: I'm working right now!
Vyrn: Wow! That guy's seriously out of hand!
Lyria: That waitress seems really uncomfortable...
Waitress: N-No, I really can't. I...
Boorish Man: Quit yer whinin' and get over here already!
Waitress: Eeek!
The man seizes the girl's arm and begins to drag her away.
Io: This is getting out of hand. Shouldn't we do something?
  1. Let's stop him.
  2. We'll help after we eat.

Choose: Let's stop him.
Vyrn: Yeah! That dude's gettin' way too pushy for his own good.
Just as (Captain) nods and stands up, someone else steps between the man and the waitress.

Choose: We'll help after we eat.
Vyrn: Are you crazy? We can't sit down and enjoy a meal now!
Lyria: He's right, (Captain).
Just as (Captain) nods and stands up, someone else steps between the man and the waitress.
Continue 1
???: That's enough.
As her dignified voice rings out, the woman seizes the man's arm with a grip of steel.
Boorish Man: Oww! The hell are you doin'!
???: It takes a special kind of jerk to latch on to a woman. Now unhand her this instant.
Boorish Man: Shut yer trap and mind yer business unless you wanna take her place!
???: Sounds like a plan.
The woman begins to twist the man's arm.
Boorish Man: Oww! That huuurts!
Customer 1: Yeah! Teach him a lesson!
Customer 2: Give it up, you old fool!
Bombarded with voices of disapproval from all sides, the man finally relents.
Boorish Man: Dammit! You'll regret this!
???: Are you all right?
Waitress: Yes. Thank you so much!
???: I'm glad to hear that. Sorry to cause such a fuss. I'll be on my way.
Vyrn: Dang. That lady has some serious moves.
Lyria: Oh my gosh, she was super cool!
The party members all voice their approval for how the woman disposed of the boorish customer.
Finished with their meal, the party leaves the restaurant.
Lyria: Man, I'm stuffed. That was delicious!
Lyria: Huh?
Lyria: Hey, isn't that...
Vyrn: It's the lady that got rid of that jerk.
Io: Uh, guys? I think she's being tailed by some weirdos.
Vyrn: Wasn't that the man she embarrassed back in the restaurant?
Lyria: They just went into a back alley.
Vyrn: She might have a bit of a situation on her hands. Let's get over there, (Captain)!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - A Song of Celadon Skies - Episode 1: Scene 2[edit]

The party finds the woman surrounded by ruffians in a back alley. However, as the woman begins to sing, the thugs instantly fall into a deep sleep. She then introduces herself as Tear Grants, and explains that she was swallowed into a dark rift and transported to this world. After deciding to help her learn more about her situation, the party leads her to the Knickknack Shack.

Boorish Man: You made me look like quite the fool back there, girlie.
Thug: Heh. She's a real beauty, this one!
???: Looking for revenge? What a thoroughly pathetic bunch.
Boorish Man: Why don't you just quiet down and take the beating you've got comin'?
???: ...Laaaaa!
In a beautiful voice, the woman sings a melody that causes the men to sink to the ground.
Thug: Whassis... song... I'm fallin'... asleep...
Boorish Man: Can't... keep my eyes... open...
Vyrn: She just sang them to sleep!
Io: That's incredible! Do you think it's some kind of magic?
  1. What a beautiful song.
  2. What a beautiful woman.

Choose: What a beautiful song.
Lyria: It's amazing! I could sense a mysterious power behind it too.

Choose: What a beautiful woman.
Lyria: S-she sure is pretty...
Io: Come on (Captain)! Don't go saying things that will get Lyria down in the dumps.
Lyria: What? No, you've got it all wrong!
Continue 1
???: Who's there!
Lyria: Um, hello.
Vyrn: You're amazing! Did you just put these guys to sleep with a song?
???: I did. I take it you were all at the restaurant earlier?
Vyrn: You bet! The name's Vyrn. This here's Lyria, and this is Io.
Lyria: And this is (Captain), captain of our crew of skyfarers.
???: My name is Tear. Tear Grants.
Tear: Skyfarers, was it? Can't say I'm familiar with the term. What exactly do you do?
Vyrn: Do you really not know what a skyfarer is?
Lyria: Well, see, skyfarers are people who form crews and fly around in airships.
Tear: Wait. You fly in...ships?
Io: How could someone be in Phantagrande and not know about skyfarers?
Tear: Is Phantagrande the name of this place?
Vyrn: Hey, are you all right? If you've got a problem, maybe we can help out.
Vyrn: (Captain) and I are actually pretty reliable, despite appearances.
Tear: Hmm...
Tear stares at (Captain) for a long moment.
Tear: I think I'm a long way from home. One never hears of skyfarers where I'm from.
Lyria: So you're lost? Is that it?
Io: Honestly, I'm not clear on how you got here in the first place.
Tear: You may not believe what I'm about to tell you, but...
Tear explains how she was swallowed by a black rift that seemed to have been torn in space.
Tear: It looked like the rift appeared out of thin air.
Lyria: A black rift, is it?
Vyrn: I've never heard of anything like that popping up out of the blue before.
Io: What do you say we try asking at the Knickknack Shack? We might be able to learn something.
Tear: Is that a place people go for information?
Vyrn: Something like that. It's run by an oddball, but you can't argue with the results!
Io: Shall we head over right away, then?
Tear: That would certainly help me out, but are you sure you can spare the time?
Vyrn: Don't sweat it! It's not like you know how to get there, am I right?
Tear: No, you're right. I thank you for the help.
Lyria: No problem. Let's go!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - A Song of Celadon Skies - Episode 2[edit]

After hearing rumors of the Dark Scar from Sierokarte, Tear theorizes that she must have crossed through it from another world. As there's nothing to be done about it at the moment, (Captain)'s party sets out to exterminate monsters that also seem to have come through the rift. Tear offers her assistance in exchange for passage on their airship.

Watch scene in game

Sierokarte: Welcome!
Lyria: Hello, Siero!
(Captain)'s crew brings Tear to the Knickknack Shack.
Sierokarte: Mmm? What's this? I believe I see an unfamiliar face mixed in with you.
Lyria: This is Tear Grants.
Tear: Is that a child?
Vyrn: I take it you've never seen a Harvin before?
Io: Harvins are all about that size. In truth, Siero is fully grown.
Tear: Is that so?
Tear: ...
Lyria: Tear? Something wrong?
Tear: Oh, sorry. It's nothing.
Vyrn: Tear's the reason we came here today.
The party relays Tear's story to Sierokarte.
Sierokarte: A black fissure, you say? Well well...
Sierokarte: Have you heard of something called the Dark Scar?
Io: I can't say that we have.
Sierokarte: It's a bit of a shifty story. Not terribly credible. More of a rumor, really...
According to rumors heard by Sierokarte, people had reported seeing a black fissure that materialized out of thin air.
Sierokarte: They call this fissure the Dark Scar.
Io: Sounds similar to the story Tear told us.
Sierokarte: What's more, people say that the Dark Scar is a link to another world.
Vyrn: Another world?
Tear: Does this Dark Scar resemble a gash that seems to have been torn in mid-air?
Sierokarte: I've never seen it myself, so I can't say. But I think you're on the right track.
Tear: So this really is another world...
Vyrn: Something wrong?
Tear: It seems as though I must have come to this world through the Dark Scar.
Io: W-wait, are you serious? Isn't it just a rumor?
Tear: I find it hard to believe myself, but that explanation makes the most sense, given the situation.
Sierokarte: Ah, so you're... Interesting. I thought it just a rumor as well, but I see now there may be more to it.
Tear: Siero, can you tell me anything else about the Dark Scar? Places where it materializes, for example?
Sierokarte: I wish I could help, but the stories are unreliable. Most people claim the Dark Scar vanishes soon after it appears.
Tear: I see... So I'm back at square one.
Sierokarte: Well now, I can't be sure this is related, but we've also had reports of unusual monsters appearing in various locations.
Lyria: Unusual monsters?
Sierokarte: That's right. And what's more, folks are at a loss for how to get rid of them.
Sierokarte: If the Dark Scar truly exists, these monsters may have also come from another world.
Vyrn: That makes sense.
Tear: Which would mean that wherever these monsters appear, there's likely a Dark Scar nearby.
Sierokarte: I suppose it would.
Sierokarte: Say, since you're here, do you think I could get you to take out some of those monsters for me?
  1. Since we're here?
  2. You bet!

Choose: Since we're here?
Sierokarte: Well, I was planning on asking when you first showed up.
Sierokarte: All this Dark Scar talk just made for a good opportunity.
Sierokarte: If you have more pressing matters to attend to, I won't force you.
Vyrn: Nah, we've got nothing going on. Right, (Captain)?

Choose: You bet!
Vyrn: Haha! Let's clean 'em out!
Continue 1
Lyria: If someone out there needs us, we can't just leave them high and dry.
Sierokarte: Then I leave it in your capable hands.
Tear: Could I have a moment?
Upon leaving the Knickknack Shack, Tear calls out to the party, a solemn expression on her face.
Vyrn: What's up?
Tear: You plan to board your airship and exterminate those monsters, yes?
Vyrn: That's the idea.
Tear: Would you allow me to join you?
Lyria: Uh, Tear?
Tear: If what we just heard is true, there's a very strong possibility that those monsters came from the same world that I did.
Tear: If that's the case, I think I could be of some help. I'm quite used to fighting them, after all.
Io: ...
Tear: In exchange, all I ask is for passage on your airship.
Lyria: Sounds like a deal to me. Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: We were planning to take you along from the very beginning, truth be told!
Tear: Really? Thank you.
Tear: But I'm afraid you'll need to let me do my fair share. I'll show you my talents when it comes time to take on the enemy.
Vyrn: You're awfully serious, aren't you?
Lyria: Then it's decided. Let's get back to the Grandcypher!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - A Song of Celadon Skies - Episode 2: Scene 2[edit]

As Tear joins (Captain)'s group on their airship, Io wonders if the party should trust her so easily. During their next fight with the otherworldly monsters, Io and Tear end up saving each other, deepening their bond.

Tear: So this is an airship...
Lyria: Oh, that's right. It's your first time riding one, isn't it?
Tear: Yes. I suppose it's normal in this world, though.
Vyrn: Normal as can be! Speaking of which, welcome aboard the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: It's nice to have you along.
Tear: The pleasure is all mine.
Tear: Ah!
Vyrn: Huh? What is it? Why are you staring at me like that?
Vyrn: You plan on calling me a lizard, don't you! And pestering me with questions about why I can talk!
Tear: What? No, I—
Vyrn: Because I'm not a lizard! I get why you'd be surprised, but I'm certainly not a—
Tear: No, that's not it! I'm just...
Tear: You're not all that much alike, but I happen to know a creature about your size who can also talk. So no, I wasn't surprised by you.
Vyrn: Seriously?
  1. Don't worry Vyrn, I'm sure you're cuter.
  2. What kind of creature?

Choose: Don't worry Vyrn, I'm sure you're cuter.
Vyrn: What are you talking about! Why would I be worried?
Vyrn: And why are we even talking about this in the first place?

Choose: What kind of creature?
Tear: It's actually a type of monster. It's herbivorous and calm, and its ears are all big and fluffy...
Vyrn: And it talks? I had no idea such things even existed. I mean, uh...why are we talking about this?
Continue 1
Vyrn: Oh yeah! So, why were you staring at me?
Tear: Because you're... Well, how do I put this? You're...
Tear: Very...cute.
Vyrn: Very what?
Tear: It's nothing! I'm sorry. Forget I said anything!
Vyrn: The heck was that about?
Io: How weird. (Captain), do you think it's smart of us to have brought her along?
Vyrn: What are you getting at?
Lyria: Do you not trust her, Io?
Io: It's not that I don't trust her, but...
Io: Isn't she just using us? It's not like she trusts us either.
Vyrn: Why do you think that?
Io: Think about her story—she's looking for clues to get back to her own world, so she asks for passage on our ship in exchange for helping us exterminate monsters.
Io: For someone in such an unbelievable situation, don't you think she's way too calm?
Vyrn: Even if that were true, she doesn't seem like a bad person.
Lyria: I agree! Plus, her singing was beautiful. I'd love to have her sing for me sometime!
Io: I give up! You're all too easygoing!
Monster: ...!
Tear: They're faltering! Surround them!
Monster: ...?
Vyrn: Come on! Let's do this!
Monster: ...!
Lyria: Yay! We did it!
Io: I've never seen any of these monsters before.
Vyrn: Me neither. Tear's advice sure is coming in handy, though!
Tear: It's too soon to let your guard down. We've got more incoming!
Monster: ...!
Tear: Haah!
Tear: Are you all right, Io? It looked like you got grazed a little bit.
Io: I'm fine.
Tear: ...I'm sorry.
Io: Huh? What for?
Tear: I'll try not to get in your way.
Io: No, that's not it! That's not...
Tear: What's wrong?
Io: Ah! Watch out!
Io gives Tear a sudden, powerful shove.
Tear: Eeek!
Monster: ...!
A monster's claw fiercely swipes past where Tear had just been standing.
Vyrn: Too close! You guys okay?
Tear: We're good. Thank you, Io.
Io: Leave it for later. There's still work to be done!
Tear: You're right. Let's finish this!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - A Song of Celadon Skies - Episode 3[edit]

With the strange monsters defeated, the party is still no closer to learning about the Dark Scar. After returning to the Knickknack Shack, they receive word of more unusual monster sightings and decide to head for the closest one first. But at Tear's request, the party changes its mind and makes for Valtz instead.

Watch scene in game

Vyrn: Phew! Looks like we've taken care of all the monsters in this area.
Lyria: Seems that way. But I don't see anything resembling the Dark Scar around here.
Tear: Neither do I. But to be fair, the rumors said that even when it does turn up, it disappears soon afterwards.
Tear: Tracking it down might prove difficult.
Vyrn: Well, what do you say we head back and flush some new info out of Siero?
As the party heads back to the Grandcypher, Tear follows along with Io in the back of the group.
Tear: Thank you for earlier, Io.
Io: Aw, don't worry about it. It's not even worth mentioning.
Tear: I'm sure you're not thrilled about having some woman who claims to be from another world suddenly show up and stow away on your airship, but...
Io: Wh-what are you talking about? How many times do I have to say that's not—
Vyrn: Hey! If you two don't pick up the pace, we'll leave you behind!
Io: Don't you dare!
Tear: Io! ...What was she trying to say?
Sierokarte: Well met, everyone! Fine work handling those monsters. How did it go?
Vyrn: As we thought, nobody except Tear had ever seen any such monsters before.
Io: But there was no sign of the rumored Dark Scar.
Lyria: Did any news come in, Siero?
Sierokarte: Nothing about any Dark Scar, but we have more reports of monsters.
Vyrn: Where are they this time?
Sierokarte: One moment, please. I'll be right back with the files.
Tear: ...I'm sorry.
Vyrn: Hmm? What's the matter?
Tear: I was just wondering if my presence might be burdening you in some way.
Tear: Surely you have other things that need your attention. I can figure something out on my own.
Vyrn: Hey! Why are you acting like we aren't in this together?
Lyria: That's right! We need to hurry and take care of those monsters!
Tear: Thank you...
Io: Tear? Are you—
Sierokarte: Sorry to keep you waiting! We've had reports of monster sightings in two locations.
Lyria: Which one should we start with?
Io: Ah!
Tear: Hmm?
Vyrn: Well, it probably makes sense to start with the closer one. What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Either is fine.
  2. Let's go to the closer one.

Choose: Either is fine.
Vyrn: This Dark Scar thing isn't something we're just going to stumble upon, right?
Vyrn: Since it might up and disappear, I feel like we should probably check the closer one.
Lyria: Good point. Let's do that.

Choose: Let's go to the closer one.
Lyria: Got it! That would be this one here, then.
Continue 1
Io: ...
Tear: Hold a moment.
Vyrn: Something wrong?
Tear: Not that one. The other one. Valtz, is it? Let's start there.
Vyrn: You sure about that? If we head to the farther one first, we may lose track of the Dark Scar.
Tear: That's fine.
Lyria: I don't understand.
Tear: This one seems to have had more instances of monster sightings, which means they need our help more.
Vyrn: She's got a point. Let's head to Valtz, everyone!
Sierokarte: I leave it to you. Take care!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - A Song of Celadon Skies - Episode 3: Scene 2[edit]

Io asks Tear why she suggested they head to Valtz first. She claims there were more reports of damage from that area, and also that she noticed the change in Io when Valtz was mentioned. Io then admits that her teacher—someone very dear to her—is located in Valtz, at which point Tear shares a similar story that helps the two of them grow closer.

(Captain)'s party heads for Valtz on the Grandcypher, looking to exterminate monsters from another world.
Io: Do you have a moment?
Tear: Of course. What is it?
Io: Why did you suggest we go to Valtz first?
Tear: It's as I said—the situation seems worse over there.
Io: Is that the only reason?
Tear: It also seemed as though you were more concerned about Valtz.
Io: You noticed that?
Tear: I apologize if you feel the comment was uncalled for.
Io: No, that's... not it.
Io: I lived in Valtz before joining up with (Captain) and the others.
Tear: I see.
Io: What's more, Valtz's archduke was my teacher.
Io: He taught me magic and so much more. I adore and respect him a very great deal.
Io: I couldn't stand seeing the people or archduke suffer.
Io: But I didn't want to say anything, since I'd only be bringing it up for my own selfish reasons. It's embarrassing.
Tear: I know exactly how you feel.
Tear: I have someone similar in my life. Someone who raised me and taught me all sorts of things.
Io: You do?
Tear: Indeed. So I understand how important those people must be to you.
Io: Oh.
Io: You always seem cool and collected, but you're surprisingly nice.
Tear: Huh?
Io: Um, Tear?
Tear: Yes?
Io: Thank you for noticing.
Tear: You're welcome.
Having arrived in Valtz, the party follows the information they received at the Knickknack Shack to where the monsters were spotted.
Vyrn: I see them! That's gotta be them, right?
Monster: ...!
Tear: Stay sharp. Here they come!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - A Song of Celadon Skies - Episode 4[edit]

The party works together to take on the monsters, whose incredible numbers lead them to suspect the existence of the Dark Scar nearby. To test that theory, they break through the lines and straight into the heart of the monster horde.

Watch scene in game

Monsters: ...!
Vyrn: How can there be this many of them?
Io: They have us surrounded!
Having arrived in Valtz to exterminate monsters, (Captain)'s party finds itself faced with an unbelievable number of foes.
Monsters: ...!
Tear: Don't be distracted by their numbers. Just stay calm and—
Tear: Io!
Io: Huh?
Tear: Don't even think about it!
Tear: Be caref—
Io: Behind you!
Tear: Ugh!
Io: Watch yourself too, okay?
Tear: Thanks. I knew I could count on you.
Io: That goes without saying!
Vyrn: How can there possibly be this many of them? And they keep coming!
Lyria: There's no end to it!
Io: There must be a Dark Scar nearby.
Tear: It's certainly possible. And if so, there's no point in fighting these monsters until we do something about the source.
Io: Then let's break through and find whatever the source is!
Vyrn: Sounds like a plan. Let's move, (Captain)!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - A Song of Celadon Skies - Episode 4: Scene 2[edit]

When Lyria senses a primal beast, Tear reveals that she had the same sensation when arriving in this world. As the party stands alert, they are suddenly approached by Vacheron, the primal beast capable of interfering with space-time. The party is shocked to see it after they've already defeated it, but before they can react, the power of Tear's song causes the primal beast to reveal its true form.

Heading in the direction of the monster horde, the party breaks through and presses forward.
Io: Do you have a moment, Tear?
Tear: What is it?
Io: I know you may just be tagging along with us because you need to get back to your own world, but...
Tear: What? Io, it's not like—
Tear: Huh? What is this feeling?
Sensing something extraordinary, the entire party comes to a halt.
Vyrn: The air feels heavy all of a sudden. Why is it so hard to breathe?
Io: This isn't normal. There must be something here.
Lyria: Wait... I sense a primal beast!
Tear: This is the same sensation I felt when I was swallowed into the rift!
Vyrn: It is? But that would mean...
Lyria: Here it comes!
Io: You've got to be kidding me. Isn't that...
Lyria: Vacheron!
Vyrn: Didn't we defeat this thing already?
Tear: Vacheron? That's a primal beast, then?
Lyria: Yes, one that can interfere with space-time. But we already destroyed it...
Tear: How can that be?
Vyrn: We're just as confused as you!
Vyrn: But if Vacheron is involved, it's not surprising that space-time has distorted to the point where we're connected with other worlds.
Lyria: Wait a moment. Something's wrong.
Lyria: That Vacheron seems... different from before.
Tear: Different how?
Lyria: I don't think that's Vacheron at all...
Vyrn: Then what is it?
Lyria: I can't put it into words, but I feel the presence of another being deep within Vacheron.
Tear: Stand back, everyone.
Io: Tear, wait! You can't face it alone!
Tear: It's all right.
Taking a step towards Vacheron, Tear takes a breath.
Tear: ...Laaaaa!
Tear's beautiful and mysterious voice echoes out, enveloping everything in the area.
Io: What's going on?
Lyria: I feel as though I'm being protected by something. Is this the power of Tear's singing?
Vacheron: ...!
Vacheron: ...?
Vyrn: Look! Vacheron is...
Vacheron draws closer to the party, then suddenly pulls back as if repelled by something.
Its shape begins to distort and crumble.
Vacheron: ...
???: ...!
Vyrn: It changed shape!
Lyria: This must be the primal beast's true form.
Io: I'm not sure how you did it, but you're incredible, Tear!
Tear: Forget that. The real fight starts here.
Vyrn: Looks like we found the cause of all this trouble. Let's take care of business, (Captain)!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - A Song of Celadon Skies - Episode 4: Scene 3[edit]

(Captain)'s party defeats the monster that was projecting the shape and power of Vacheron only to find the unstable Dark Scar remaining in its wake. Io then admits that she originally mistrusted Tear because she felt Tear was only with them out of necessity. After confirming they are now true friends, Tear passes through the rift and returns to her own world.

Io: Ha! Not nearly as tough as I was expecting!
???: ...
Lyria: I no longer sense anything odd. We should be in the clear.
Vyrn: What was that thing?
Io: I can't say for sure, but I think that primal beast was only projecting Vacheron's form and power.
Lyria: I agree.
Vyrn: Wait! Take a look at that! In the spot where the primal beast used to be!
Io: Ah! Isn't that the Dark Scar?
Tear: It must be. It's exactly like what I saw in my own world.
Lyria: It looks as though it could vanish at any moment.
Tear: You're right. I wonder if it's because we've defeated the primal beast.
Vyrn: Good point! It's probably unstable because the head honcho is out of the picture.
Io: You mean it's about to disappear?
Tear: That seems likely. Which means monsters will no longer be able to come through.
Io: That's a relief. But...
Tear: Looks like I need to be on my way.
Vyrn: Oh... I guess that's wise. If the Dark Scar seems ready to vanish, it's probably best to hurry.
Tear: I agree. Thank you, everyone.
Lyria: No, thank you! Having you around made things much easier for us.
Vyrn: Get home safe, you hear?
Tear: Understood. Well then...
Io: Tear!
As Tear turns her back to the party, Io calls out to stop her.
Tear: Io?
Io: I, uh... I thought you were only with us because you needed to get home.
Io: I felt like you didn't really trust us, and I didn't like that.
Tear: Oh, Io...
Io: But you put all that aside and saved me and the others from the monsters.
Tear: I did what anyone would have done.
Io: Yeah, I had a feeling you'd say that.
Io: Oh, and I also wanted to thank you for picking up on the whole... Valtz thing.
Tear: Io...
Io: I guess I was the one being distant all along.
Io: And I'm so sorry! I really do think of you as a close friend now!
Tear: I feel the same way. I consider myself lucky to have made irreplaceable friends like you and the others in this world.
Io: Yeah!
Tear: Thank you, Io.
Tear: Vyrn? Lyria? (Captain)? I can't thank you enough.
With a smile on her calm face, Tear turns her back to the party.
Tear: Farewell.
Without hesitation, Tear approaches the Dark Scar and disappears into it.
Moments later, the unstable Dark Scar fades away.
Vyrn: Off she goes.
Lyria: Yup.
Io: All right, this is no time for standing around with our heads in the clouds. We still have things to do!
Io: There may still be monsters lurking nearby.
Vyrn: All righty, then. Let's take out the trash!
Just before the party takes their leave, Io stops and turns back around.
She smiles, staring at the space where the Dark Scar was just a moment ago.
Io: (Thank you, Tear. I thought your singing was beautiful.)
Io: (I wish I had asked to hear more of it when I had the chance...)
Io: See you again.
Tear's Quest: A Song of Celadon Skies
The End

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - Friends From the Sky - Episode 1[edit]

As (Captain)'s party heads through the forest, a mysterious doll tumbles on them from above. At the same time, they find a girl being kidnapped by a pair of suspicious men. As they attempt to save her, the doll suddenly flies towards the young girl. The men flee, as well as the girl and her doll. The panicked party chases after her.

Watch scene in game

Vyrn: Hey, are we there yet? We must be getting close to town, right?
Katalina: Shouldn't be too long now. Getting tired?
Lyria: Nope! I'm fine! Am getting a bit hungry, though...
Vyrn: Ha ha! Now that you mention it, I could go for a—
Vyrn: Ouch!
Lyria: Vyrn! Are you okay?
Vyrn: What was that!
Katalina: It looked like something fell on Vyrn's head, but...
Katalina: Hmm? What's this?
Lyria: Some kind of stuffed toy, I guess?
Vyrn: What's something like that doing in a place like this?
Lyria: Maybe someone lost it?
Vyrn: In the middle of the forest? Hmm... Well, that aside, it sure is a weird doll.
Lyria: I dunno. I think it's kinda cute...
Vyrn: You think? Man, I just don't get it.
Katalina: It feels odd. There's a strange elasticity to it...
Katalina: I can't tell if it's fluffy, squishy, or bouncy. Hmm, I could definitely get used to this...
Vyrn: Whoa, Katalina! What are you doing!
???: Eeek! Please stop!
Vyrn: What was that?
Lyria: A scream?
???: Easy there, little miss!
Kataline: Someone's being attacked! It came from over there—let's go, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Over there!
Lyria: That girl's in trouble!
???: Stop it! Let me go!
Shifty Goon 1: Tch! Quit makin' this harder than it needs to be!
Shifty Goon 2: Pipe down already, stupid brat!
Vyrn: We need to hurry!
???: Oh no... Teepo... Where are you? Ah... Teepo!
Katalina: Ack! What the!
The doll Katalina held in her hand suddenly begins to move.
???: Elly!
Vyrn: Yikes! It talks! And... flies?
???: Elly! Elly!
After floating into the air, the doll lets forth a mighty yell and flies towards the ensuing struggle.
???: T-Teepo!
???: What are you doing to Elly?! Let her go!
Shifty Goon 2: The hell is this thing?
Shifty Goon 1: A monster! Wait, a doll? Ack!
Having been on the receiving end of the mysterious doll's attack, the men waver, allowing the girl to slip free.
???: Oh! Teepo, I'm so glad to see you!
The doll flies into the chest of the small girl, where she clutches it tightly.
???: Elly, I'm so sorry I left you all alone!
Vyrn: What am I looking at here?
Shifty Goon 1: Damn... What the hell is this nonsense!
Katalina: This is no time to be standing about in a daze!
Katalina: Hey, scum!
(Captain) and the others leap in front of the men to protect the girl.
Shifty Goon 2: Okay, now what?
Shifty Goon 1: Damn it, she has friends! Let's book it!
Lyria: Phew... Looks like they're gone.
Vyrn: They sure took off in quite a hurry. The heck was that about?
Lyria: I'm glad it didn't turn into a fight, at least. Now then, are you all right?
Lyria calls out to the girl while leaning in to take a closer look at her face, but the girl clutches her doll to her chest and takes a step back.
???: Um... Ah...
???: Back off! You're just gonna be mean to Elly too!
Lyria: Uh, actually, we're—
???: Save us, Jude!
???: Let's go, Teepo.
Lyria: Ah! Please, wait!
The girl turns and runs, ignoring any attempts to stop her.
Vyrn: Okay, what was their deal?
Katalina: They seemed terrified. It's probably dangerous to leave them alone in this forest.
Lyria: I agree. Let's go after them, (Captain)!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - Friends From the Sky - Episode 1: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain)'s party chases after the girl, eventually finding her surrounded by monsters. To their surprise, the girl and her doll unleash powerful magic that eliminates the monsters one after another. Finally, the group comes to their senses and leaps in to help them dispatch the remaining foes.

The party dashes through the forest, chasing after the girl who ran away.
Vyrn: Look! There they are!
Lyria: Oh no! Those monsters have her surrounded!
Monster: ...!
Katalina: (Captain)! We need to hurry and...
???: ...Teepo!
???: Right. Let's do this, Elly!
Monster: ...?
Lyria: Wow! She took those monsters out in one shot!
Vyrn: Holy smokes, she's tough!
Monster: ...!
Katalina: It's not over yet—there are too many of them. Let's lend a hand!
Monster: ...!
???: Eeek!
(Captain) jumps in, cutting down the monsters that were closing in on the girl from behind.
???: Ah...
???: You okay, Elly?
???: Yes. But, um...who are you?
Lyria: We're here to help!
Vyrn: All right! (Captain), let's wipe out the rest of these baddies!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - Friends From the Sky - Episode 2[edit]

With the monsters gone, the girl—who is named Elize—finally drops her guard. She introduces the party to her doll Teepo, and explains how they came to this world through a strange black void. Though the explanation leaves many unanswered questions, the group finds themselves unwilling to abandon the pair, inviting them to come along.

Watch scene in game

Katalina: Right. That should be the last of them.
(Captain)'s group helps the girl with the strange doll dispose of the enemies in the area.
Lyria: Are you all right?
Lyria calls out to the girl, who replies with a small nod.
???: ...
???: They don't seem like bad people, Elly!
???: I don't think so either, Teepo.
???: Thank you very much, all of you.
Lyria: Ha ha! You're welcome. But you're quite strong yourself, um...
???: Elize. My name is Elize Lutus.
Lyria: Nice to meet you, Elize. My name is Lyria, this is Katalina, and this is Vyrn.
Lyria: Lastly, this is (Captain), the captain of our band of skyfarers!
???: Lyria, Katalina, Vyrn, and (Captain)? Got it!
Vyrn: Uh huh...
???: I'm Teepo! Thanks for the help, everybody.
Lyria: So your name is... Teepo?
Vyrn: Come on, Lyria. Aren't there better questions you could be asking that thing?
Katalina: Settle down, Vyrn. I understand how you feel, but now isn't the time.
Katalina: Are you alone, Elize?
Teepo: How could Elly be alone? I'm right here!
Katalina: Good point. Sorry about that. But is it just you two? Do you have any family?
Elize: ...No.
Teepo: We were with Jude, but we got separated and then this weird black void showed up!
Elize: It was a kind of scary black gash that opened in the air.
Teepo: And we got sucked into it!
Teepo: We fell into this really dark place and I got separated from Elly.
Elize: Next thing I knew, I was in a forest I didn't know, Teepo wasn't there, and freaky people were trying to take me away!
Elize: I thought I'd never see you again, Teepo.
Teepo: It WAS scary, but you still did great, Elly!
Lyria: You sure did.
Elize: Aw, thanks.
As Lyria squeezes Elize's hand, the girl gives a rosy-cheeked smile.
Vyrn: A black void, huh? How the heck would falling into one of those bring you to a place like this?
Katalina: No clue. Oh, and Elize? Who's Jude?
Teepo: Jude is Elly's friend!
Elize: He must be worried. I need to find him.
Lyria: Well, if we're looking for someone, we should start by heading back to town.
Vyrn: Plus, if we stand around here gabbing much longer, we'll probably get monsters on our case again!
Elize: Er, is this not Windor?
The party arrives at the nearest town, where Elize observes her surroundings with a concerned expression.
Vyrn: Is Windor the name of a town?
Teepo: It's not a town, it's a country! The Kingdom of Windor!
Katalina: This is the Erste Empire. I've never heard of a country called Windor.
Elize: That can't be! We were supposed to be traveling with Jude in Windor.
Lyria: What could this mean?
Elize and Teepo claim to have been in a country called Windor.
They were on a journey to find a friend named Milla while also investigating something called the "Crystallization Anomaly."
Vyrn: Windor? Crystallization Anomaly? No idea what you're talking about.
Elize: Then where am I? And Jude...
Lyria: Oh, Elize...
  1. I'm not sure what to do.
  2. We need to help her.

Choose: I'm not sure what to do.
Vyrn: No kidding. I've got no clue what's going on.
Katalina: But we can't just leave her alone.
Lyria: Elize, let's think about where we can go from here.

Choose: We need to help her.
Lyria: I agree. We can't leave her alone!
Lyria: Elize, let's think about where we can go from here.
Continue 1
Elize: You mean you'll stay with me?
Lyria: You bet! Me, Vyrn, Katalina, and (Captain) too! We'll all stay together!
Elize: ...Really?
Teepo: Great! We're saved! Right, Elly?
Elize: Thank you, Lyria!
Lyria: No problem.
Vyrn: Now that that's settled, is someone finally going to ask the big question?
Teepo: About what?
Vyrn: About why the heck a doll is moving and talking!
Teepo: Oh, come now. You're just like me, right?
Vyrn: I'm not a doll! What in the skies are you, anyway!
Elize: Teepo is Teepo.
Vyrn: That doesn't explain anything!
Teepo: Gosh, I've never met a lizard that stressed out so much about the small stuff.
Vyrn: I'm not a lizard!
Elize: You're not?
Vyrn: Of course not! And we're not talking about me right now anyway!
Lyria: Calm down, Vyrn. Let's just say Teepo is Teepo and leave it at that.
Elize: That's right, Vyrn.
Kataline: I don't think you'd get an answer anyway, no matter how much you ask...
Teepo: I'm Elly's best friend, and that's all you need to know!
Lyria: That sounds nice. I want to be friends with you guys, too!
Elize: Do you mean that?
Lyria: Of course! Let's be friends!
Elize: Yes!
Teepo: Yaaaaay! Lyria's our friend! Way to go, Elly!
Vyrn: Heh. I really don't get Lyria's ability to just go with the flow like that.
Katalina: Well, it looks like she's enjoying herself, so I guess it's okay.
Thus it came to be that the party would know the company of Elize and Teepo for a short while.

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - Friends From the Sky - Episode 2: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain)'s party suspects a primal beast may have been involved in Elize's situation. They then happen upon Sierokarte, who informs them that children with no families have been mysteriously disappearing. Elize declares that aiding the children comes before solving her own situation, and the party begins searching for the suspicious men they saw in the forest earlier.

Elize says she appeared here after being sucked into a black void.
Looking to gather information, the party tries asking people around town. However...
Lyria: No leads, huh?
Elize: Nope...
The party asks about Windor, Aenyr, Jude, Milla, the Crystallization Anomaly and the black void.
But no matter where they inquire, no one knows a thing.
Teepo: What'll we do if we never see Jude again?! Noooo!
Elize: Please don't say things like that, Teepo.
Teepo: Not to mention we haven't seen the Crystallization Anomaly over here at all.
Elize: Yeah, I'd like to tell Jude about that as soon as we can.
Katalina: I've been thinking, but...
Vyrn: What's up? That's quite the look you've got on your face.
Katalina: A black void being torn in mid-air and transporting someone to a place they don't know?
Katalina: There's no way a situation like this is normal. All that comes to mind is...
  1. A primal beast?
  2. Teepo?

Choose: A primal beast?
Vyrn: Makes sense. If the power of a primal beast is involved, it's possible!
Katalina: I know one primal beast that could bring about a phenomenon like this...

Choose: Teepo?
Teepo: Me?!
Elize: Teepo had that power?!
Teepo: Did a new power awaken in me without me even realizing it?!
Vyrn: Stop it! That's obviously not the case!
Lyria: One possibility could be a primal beast.
Katalina: Indeed. If a primal beast's power is in play, even the most unfathomable of phenomena are fair game.
Katalina: I know one primal beast that could bring about a phenomenon like this...
Continue 1
Vyrn: No way... You mean Vacheron?
Lyria: The primal beast capable of interfering with space-time. But we defeated him already...
Teepo: Hey! Hey! What's a primal beast?
Elize: It sounds amazing. Is it like a Great Spirit?
Katalina: It's different from a spirit. Primal beasts were weapons used by the Astrals during the War.
Elize: Wait. The War? Astrals?
Teepo: I didn't get any of that!
Katalina: Apologies. Regardless, they're beings that possess incredible power.
Teepo: That's terrifying! We'll be eaten for sure!
Katalina: Eaten? Well, I don't know about that, but primal beasts are—
Sierokarte: Well, if it isn't (Captain)!
Lyria: Oh, Siero! Hello!
Sierokarte: Hello to you as well. I didn't know you were all here.
Vyrn: Hey! Maybe Siero might know something?
Sierokarte: Oh? Is something the matter?
Sierokarte: I see! That's quite the strange story, isn't it?
(Captain)'s party explains Elize's situation to Sierokarte.
Teepo: You're pretty in the know, right, Siero? Got any hot tips for us?
Elize: If you know anything, please tell us!
Sierokarte: Sorry, I have no idea. I'll look into it, though.
Vyrn: Well, let us know if you learn anything.
Sierokarte: In the meantime, do you think I could get you to take on a separate mission for me?
Vyrn: You've got a mission for us?
Sierokarte: Well, it's still under investigation, so mission might be the wrong word for it, but...
According to Sierokarte, children may have started to go missing in town.
Lyria: What do you mean they may have gone missing?
Sierokarte: The children in question live in the slums and don't have any family to begin with.
Sierokarte: So we aren't totally sure what's going on—and frankly, no one's kicked up much of a fuss.
Vyrn: Well, that gives me a minor case of the creeps.
Vyrn: If you get any more information, let us know.
Elize: Um...
Sierokarte: Understood!
Vyrn: All right, so I guess we'll—
Teepo: Everybody wait!
Vyrn: Ack! What's your problem!
Teepo: Quiet, you! Elly has something she wants to say!
Elize: I, um...
Lyria: What is it?
Elize: I want to help those kids.
Vyrn: Huh? But not only do we not have any leads, we need to hurry up and get you—
Teepo: Don't you feel sorry for them?!
Elize: Those kids might be out there somewhere! All lonely and scared...
Teepo: We've got to do something! Come on, (Captain)!
Lyria: Elize... Teepo...
Elize: (Captain), please! We're okay with waiting until after the kids are safe.
Vyrn: Well, if you're gonna go that far... Right, (Captain)?
Sierokarte: That'd be a huge help! Well, I leave it to you!
Katalina: So where do we start? Sierokarte said that there were hardly any leads, after all...
Vyrn: I guess we're back to gathering information the good old-fashioned way.
Elize: Wait.
Teepo: Elly has an idea!
Lyria: You do, Elize?
Elize: Well, I was thinking that those men who tried to take me away back in the forest might be behind this.
Katalina: That's... definitely possible.
Katalina: Why else would they take off so quickly after seeing us? And why only go after children with no families?
Katalina: It's because they want to avoid being found out.
Vyrn: Story checks out. What do you say we head to the forest?
Katalina: The place where we met Elize was... This way, I believe.
Monster: ...!
Elize: Eek!
Teepo: Oh no! Monsters!
Vyrn: Hang on... I've never seen ones like these before.
Monster: ...!
Teepo: We have!
Elize: This monster is weak against darkness!
Elize: Let's go, (Captain)!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - Friends From the Sky - Episode 3[edit]

(Captain)'s party scours the woods where they first met Elize. They soon encounter monsters known only to her, and are able to defeat them thanks to her advice. As they move deeper into the woods in search of the suspicious men, they talk about how both the monsters and Elize most likely come from the same distant world.

Watch scene in game

Vyrn: Phew! Guess that takes care of 'em!
Seeking clues related to children disappearing from the slums, the party returns to the forest where they first met Elize.
There, they fight and defeat monsters that only Elize and Teepo recognize.
Teepo: It's all thanks to us, Elly. You and me!
Katalina: You were a huge help. But the fact that only Elize knew those monsters must mean—
Vyrn: That they came from the same place she did?
Katalina: There's a strong possibility.
Lyria: I wonder if they came with Elize and Teepo... But there weren't any monsters when we first met them.
Katalina: Good point. There's clearly a lot we don't understand, so for now let's look for clues related to the case.
Elize: It was around here, right?
Teepo: Yup! This is where I heroically rescued Elize!
Vyrn: Could there really be clues here?
Elize: Um... Could we try going over there?
Vyrn: Huh? Why do you ask?
Elize: When those people tried to take me away, they were headed in that direction.
Lyria: Wow, Elize! You have a great memory!
Elize: N-no, I—
Teepo: Oh, stop it. You're going to make me blush.
Vyrn: Nobody's talking to you!
Vyrn: Forget you. Let's hurry and take a look over there!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - Friends From the Sky - Episode 3: Scene 2[edit]

The party discovers a deserted shed deep in the woods. When Elize and Teepo hear voices coming from behind it, they move in to investigate. Suddenly, suspicious men—who refer to Elize as merchandise—appear and attempt to steal her away until (Captain) and the others arrive. When the thugs try to retreat, they come face-to-face with Vacheron, a primal beast capable of interfering with space-time, and one the party believed they had already defeated.

Vyrn: Hey, check out the shed!
Trusting Elize's memory as they press through the forest, the party discovers a shed nestled between some trees.
Katalina: It may be used for nothing more than a hunting shack or storing lumber, but let's take a closer look just in case.
Teepo: Nothing here...
Elize: It's so quiet...
Lyria: It doesn't seem like there's anyone around.
Katalina: You're right. I'm going to take a look inside.
Lyria: What!
Teepo: It's dangerous to go by yourself!
Elize: Yeah, I'll go with you!
Vyrn: Since we've all come this far, we might as well go in together.
Katalina: You too, (Captain)? All right, you win. Shall we?
Teepo: Let's go!
Elize: Go go go!
Katalina: Keep it down!
Teepo: Wah!
Elize: Okay...
Lyria: Huh? It's deserted.
Vyrn: Total ghost town. But it looks weirdly roughed up in here.
Elize: It is rather messy.
Teepo: I can't stand people who don't clean up after themselves!
Lyria: What should we do?
Katalina: Well, it looks like the kids aren't here, so I guess we should search elsewhere.
Vyrn: Enough talking, then. Let's move!
Vyrn: Hmm... All right, what next?
Katalina: If we start searching these woods without any clues, we'll be out here forever. Let's head back to town and see if we can track down some information.
As the party begins to head back, Elize—who is walking along in the rear—stops dead in her tracks.
Elize: Hey, Teepo? Did you...
Teepo: Yep. I just heard something.
Elize: From behind the shed, right? Do you think someone's there?
Teepo: It might be the missing kiddos!
Elize: Let's take a look.
Teepo: Yeah, I bet they'd be lonely in a place like this!
Elize: You said it!
Elize: Ah! Teepo, look!
Shifty Goon 3: What the hell is this! Where did they go!
Separated from the party, Elize stumbles upon two men peeking into the shed through the back door.
Shifty Goon 4: Damn. Our buddies and the merchandise are both gone! This wasn't part of the plan, was it?
Shifty Goon 3: Hell if I know. The shed seems really busted up, though. Maybe something happened...
Teepo: Elly, those guys are kinda scary. Let's get back to the others!
Elize: Yeah. Let's go, Teepo.
Teepo: Hurry, Elly! Hurry!
Elize: Teepo, don't push me! Eek!
Panicking during her retreat, Elize steps on a branch, breaking it.
Shifty Goon 3: Who's there!
Elize: Oh no...
Teepo: Oh no oh no oh no! They found us!
Shifty Goon 4: Stop right there, you!
Elize: Eek!
One of the men seizes the retreating Elize by the arm.
Shifty Goon 3: Hey! I bet this kid is part of the merchandise.
Shifty Goon 4: Trying to run, eh? Tell me where the others went!
Teepo: What's your deal?! Elly is nobody's merchandise! Let her go!
Elize: No... Please... Let go!
Shifty Goon 4: The hell's with this stupid toy? Cut it out!
Elize: Stop it!
Lyria: Elize!
Vyrn: We lost sight of you! What's going on here?
Katalina: I'm going to have to ask you to let her go.
Elize: You're here!
Teepo: They came to save us!
Shifty Goon 3: This ain't looking good, man.
Shifty Goon 4: I got eyes, ya idiot! Let's book it!
Shifty Goon 3: Damn! You mean she wasn't merchandise?
Vyrn: They're running!
Katalina: They may be related to the case. We need to follow them!
Katalina: What?
A black mist suddenly wells up in front of the retreating men.
Shifty Goon 3: The hell?
Shifty Goon 4: Aaarrggh!
The men are abruptly swallowed by the mist.
Vyrn: What's going on!
Lyria: I know this feeling... It's a primal beast!
Katalina: It's...
The black mist condenses before the party's eyes to reveal a primal beast.
???: ...!
Vyrn: Vacheron! I had a feeling, but... Didn't we already defeat this thing?
Elize: THAT'S a primal beast?!
Teepo: It's huge! It's terrifying!
Lyria: What could this mean?
Katalina: I don't know, but here it comes! Get ready, (Captain)!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - Friends From the Sky - Episode 4[edit]

As Vacheron’s form wavers, the missing children reemerge one after another. Lyria's power begins to resonate with the beast, which alters its form again and again in response. Seeing how painful this is for Lyria, Elize leaps to the front with Teepo and deals a powerful blow to the primal beast. This ends the resonation and returns the beast to its true form.

Watch scene in game

(Captain)'s party confronts the primal beast Vacheron, who they already defeated once before.
Elize: This should do it!
Vacheron: ...!
Vyrn: Did we do it?
Teepo: Way to go, Elly!
Katalina: Yes. But I feel as though it's far weaker than the last time we fought it...
Lyria: Something's not right...
Vacheron: ...
Vyrn: What's happening?
Vacheron's form begins to crumble away.
Suddenly, from the mist that had assumed Vacheron's form, figures begin to emerge.
Katalina: Could these be the missing children?
Teepo: You're telling me this primal beast was the kidnapper?
Lyria: I don't know, but—
Lyria: Ah! Aaaaggh!
Katalina: What's wrong, Lyria!
???: ...!
Vyrn: What the heck is going on!
Lyria is seized by a sudden pain as Vacheron begins to shift from the shape of one primal beast to the next.
Lyria: Aaaaah!
Katalina: These are all primal beasts that Lyria has absorbed!
Lyria: It's resonating...with the powers...inside of me!
Vyrn: R-resonating?
Lyria: Aaaaahhh!
Elize: Hang in there, Lyria!
Teepo: Lyria's in trouble! What do we do?
Katalina: This primal beast must be adopting that shape by resonating with its opponent's power and thoughts.
Elize: It's that primal beast's fault that Lyria is suffering...
Elize: You can't do that!
Vyrn: Hey, Elize!
Elize takes Teepo and stands in front of the primal beast, protecting Lyria.
Lyria: Elize, no... It's too dangerous...
Elize: But...but you're...
Elize: You became friends with me and Teepo!
Teepo: You're an important friend, Lyria!
Elize: So I won't let anyone hurt you!
Lyria: E-Elize...
Elize: Let's go, Teepo!
Teepo: Leave it to me, Elly! Let's protect our friends!
Elize: Yaaaah!
???: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa! It's changing shape again!
Katalina: Its power was unstable to begin with, but this... Was its resonance ability just destroyed by Elize's attack?
???: ...
Katalina: We haven't seen this yet. Could it be its true form?!
Lyria: I believe so... The resonance has stopped.
Elize: Lyria!
Lyria: I'm okay! Thank you, Elize.
Vyrn: All righty, then! All we've got to do is trounce this chump!
Elize: Let's go!
Teepo: Yar!

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - Friends From the Sky - Episode 4: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain)'s party succeeds in defeating the primal beast. The missing children are discovered unconscious but safe, most likely swallowed by the monster after they had been kidnapped by the men. The group also finds a dark void where the primal beast had been. Clutching Teepo to her chest, a courageous Elize passes through the void and returns to her own world.

???: ...
At long last, the party succeeds in defeating the primal beast after it reveals its true form.
Elize: We did it!
Teepo: Are we tough or what?!
Vyrn: You two are a force to be reckoned with, that's for sure.
Elize: Tee hee!
Teepo: Didja hear that Elly? They praised us!
Elize: Yeah... Oh, wait!
Elize hurries over to the children who were regurgitated by the primal beast before it took shape.
Elize: Are they okay?
Katalina: Yes. They seem to have lost consciousness, is all.
Teepo: Isn't that great, Elly?
Vyrn: So what does this mean? Was that primal beast behind all this?
Katalina: No. It must have been the work of those men from earlier. They did refer to Elize as merchandise, after all.
Katalina: The kids that were trapped in the shack must have been swallowed up by that primal beast.
Vyrn: That makes sense. It also explains why those old dudes were so surprised!
Katalina: It's likely they were planning to cover their tracks by only targeting and selling children with no families.
Lyria: That's terrible...
Elize: That's...
Teepo: Elly...
Katalina: It's all right. These kids have managed to escape, and it's all thanks to you, Elize.
Elize: Thanks to... me?
Vyrn: That's right! If you hadn't said you wanted to help them, we may not have made it in time.
Teepo: Aren't you glad we helped out, Elly? Case closed!
Vyrn: Yup. Seems like that's tha—Wait! Look over there!
Elize: Hey, that's...
Teepo: That's the hole that sucked up Elize and me!
Lyria: Really?
Elize: Yes. I came here after falling through it.
Vyrn: So if you pass through it again, you should be able to go home?
Lyria: Possibly. But isn't that risky?
Elize: ...Teepo.
Teepo: I know, Elly.
Elize calls out to her airborne friend Teepo and clutches him to her chest.
Elize: I'm going.
Lyria: Elize!
Vyrn: Are you sure about this?
Elize: To tell the truth, I'm a bit scared. But Jude will worry if I don't get home soon.
Teepo: It'll be okay, Elly. You've got me!
Lyria: That's true... Teepo, watch out for Elize, all right?
Teepo: Leave it to me!
Vyrn: And don't get separated this time!
Katalina: Take care.
Elize: Okay. Well...
With a soft smile, Elize waves to the party.
Elize: Thank you, everyone. Goodbye.
Teepo: Bye bye!
Lyria: Goodbye! Let's meet again someday!
Elize: I'd like that.
With the gazes of her new friends pushing her onward, Elize summons her courage and takes a step forward.
She firmly grips her dear friend to her chest, so as to be sure they won't get separated again.
The small visitor then disappears from the world of skies.
Elize's Quest: Friends From the Sky
The End

A Tale of Skyborn Bonds - Ending[edit]

(Captain)'s party defeats Fractera, correcting the dimensional distortion, and Stahn, Tear, and Elize return to their own world. The party thinks of them often while on the Grandcypher, dreaming of the day they might meet again.

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(Captain)'s group succeeds in defeating the primal beast Fractera and correcting the distortion in space-time.
However, doing so means saying farewell to friends they've come to know and love.
Stahn: You should visit my world next time. I'll introduce you to all of my friends!
Elize: Goodbyes are sad...but we're still friends.
Teepo: Don't forget about us before the next time we meet!
Tear: I'll never forget any of you. I hope we meet again one day.
Aboard the Grandcypher, (Captain) and crew remember their companions who had left for other worlds.
Lyria: It's not the same without them, huh?
Katalina: It's really not... but we've got no time to waste.
Io: That's right! We need to keep ourselves in tip-top shape for the next time we meet!
Eugen: I'm sure they'll be moving on with their heads held high as well.
Vyrn: What do you say we head towards the next island?
What remains in their chests is a sense of warmth, along with a slight loneliness.
Keeping those precious feelings in their hearts, the party embarks on a new adventure.
A Tale of Skyborn Bonds

The End