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Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Opening

In a solemn, secluded sanctuary, a group of monks watches over the Joya. The worldly desires suddenly overflow and take over their bodies, leaving only a young man to escape.

In a solemn, secluded sanctuary, a group of monks watch over a massive bell.
A palpable sense of tension hangs over the sparkling, snowy environs.
Joya: ...
Elder: Nothing odd so far. Looks like this year should pass without incident.
Young Man: It's a good thing we lent a hand. We wouldn't want to see a repeat of last year.
Elder: Hm, yes. Increasing observers and taking emergency measures seems to have paid off.
Elder: Watching over the Joya and assisting the Keeper is a necessary part of our duty as citizens of the village.
Young Man: Yes. We must remain vigilant. Speaking of which... This is the year of the monkey, so I hear Lady Andira of the Monkey Temple will be serving us.
Young Man: I've already asked of her whereabouts. It's very nearly time for the ceremony, so—
Joya: ...
Elder: Hrm? What's this?
Young Man: What in the skies? The flow of worldly desires shouldn't be this strong!
Elder: Is it happening again? Do not panic. Recall what you practiced. Stem the tide of worldly desires!
Young Man: Y-yes, sir! Right away!
Young Man: Oh no, they're overflowing! We have to take emergency control measures!
Villagers: Urgh...
Young Man: Sound the alarm, then—Hm? What's wrong? You're all looking a little pale in the face...
Villagers: Mortals... Submit to your worldly desires...
Elder: How can this be? They've all fallen victim to its power!
Young Man: Oh no... Has it already begun?
Elder: Nrgh... We have no choice. You must flee! Find the Keeper!
Young Man: What will you do, elder?
Elder: You don't have time to waste! I'm the elder for a reason... I've survived!
Young Man: Understood. Whatever happens... stay safe!
Elder: It's up to you now!
Joya: Gong... Gong...
As the year draws to a close, the sound of the Joya echoes across the skies once more.
Softly but surely, it threatens to ring in a chaotic new year...

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Year's End - Monkey Dreams - Episode 1

While napping on the deck of the Grandcypher, Andira dreams of the adventures of her ancestor, the Monkey King. When the crew goes to wake her up, they themselves start to fall asleep, but a young man rushes toward them and says the Joya is out of control.

Monkey King: We've finally arrived, Lord Tripitaka!
Pigsy: So this is Tianzhu, huh? That journey west sure worked up my appetite something fierce!
Sandy: Heh heh heh. Where do we receive the sutras? Ah, looks like the doorkeeper's over there.
Doorkeeper: Yawn... Just about break time. Wonder what I should order for take-out...
Monkey King: Um, excuse me! We're here to pick up some sutras, so...
Doorkeeper: Hm? Sutras, huh? Gonna need you to take a number first.
Monkey King: A number?
Doorkeeper: Gotta have one if you're gonna see the big man. If we didn't do it this way, we'd have a line wrapped around the whole neighborhood.
Monkey King: I suppose you're right, but... when you put it that way, it sure makes me feel unimportant.
Doorkeeper: Probably just your imagination. Anyway here's your ticket. You're number... one trillion twenty billion and three.
Monkey King: Thanks a bunch. How long do you think the wait's gonna be?
Doorkeeper: Hm... About five hundred years, give or take.
Monkey King: Gotcha...
Wait. Five hundred years?
Monkey King: T-that's not gonna work! We're in a hurry!
Doorkeeper: Oh yeah? Much as I'd love to do something about it, I'm just the doorman.
Monkey King: We just need to pop in, get the sutras, and leave. Five minutes tops! Could we have someone else get them for us maybe?
Doorkeeper: Huh? I don't think it works like that. The big man upstairs usually gets to decide that kind of thing.
Monkey King: But you've got serious problems with efficiency here! Can't you at least ask?
Doorkeeper: Listen. I'm just the doorman. You got any idea the kind of looks I'm gonna get if I bend the rules for you?
Monkey King: Sounds like a lot of red tape is involved... Whatever. I'll just ask him for the okay myself. If we can get that, then boom! Those sutras are ours!
Doorkeeper: Yourself? Wait. You're gonna ask him to change the rules just for you?
Monkey King: Yup. Waste of each other's time otherwise.
Doorkeeper: Wow, you've got some serious guts! You must be a serious big shot back where you come from!
Monkey King: Nope. Just a regular ol' monkey. Anyway... I'm off!
Doorkeeper: H-hold on!
Monkey King: Yeah? What's up?
Doorkeeper: You're meeting with Buddha, right? Here's your ticket. Number one trillion twenty billion and four.
Monkey King: Huh? I'm going to get the rules changed so I don't have to—
Doorkeeper: You haven't changed 'em yet, so you're still looking at a five hundred year and five minute wait.
Monkey King: I told you—
Pigsy: Forget the ticket business for now. I'm starving! What's good to eat around here?
Sandy: This certainly got bothersome in a hurry. Let's sleep for now. Tomorrow's another day.
Monkey King: Oh, come on. We came all this way just to wait in line for five hundred years? And it'll take five hundred years and five minutes to skip it?
Monkey King: No way I'm dealing with that!
Monkey King: Ook!
???: Sigh... You still have much to learn.
Monkey King: Hm? Are you Lord Buddha?
Lord Buddha: I have seen all. You remain afflicted by the three poisons.
Monkey King: Three poisons? Whatever! Now that you're here, we can grab the sutras and get out of—
Lord Buddha: Until you overcome the three poisons, I cannot give you the sutras... My apologies, but you must begin your training once more.
Lord Buddha: Hrah!
Monkey King: Whoa!
Andira: Yawn... Zzz...
Vyrn: Hey, Andira. You're gonna catch cold if you sleep out here, y'know.
Andira: Yawn... Okay, I've gotta wait in line. Got it.
Vyrn: Huh? I'm telling you to go sleep in your room!
Andira: Thanks. Here's to another good year...
Lyria: Hee hee... I don't think you're going to get through to her while she's sleeping, Vyrn.
Andira is one of the Twelve Divine Generals and serves as overseer to the miraculous Monkey Temple.
The Twelve Divine Generals are said to watch over the skies. They work tirelessly to bring happiness and fortune to the populace at the beginning of each year.
This year the duty falls to Andira, who rejoins some friends she met earlier in the year for a little adventure. Or at least... that's what they thought.
Andira: Hm? Lord Tripitaka? Oh... It's just you, (Captain).
  1. Morning.
  2. Sleep in your quarters, please.

Choose: Morning.
Andira: Morning... Oh. Your hair's a mess, (Captain).

Choose: Sleep in your quarters, please.
Andira: But it's warm here... Mm...
Andira: Although... your shoulder's not a bad place to rest my head either.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Geez. She starts clinging to (Captain) as soon as she opens her eyes.
Lyria: Hee hee... She's awfully honest around (Captain). Maybe I should try being a little more... Yawn...
Vyrn: The contagion's spreading! You've got a big job to do as year spirit, right, Andira? Hence the outfit?
Lyria: Yawn... Oh, right! You're the Joya Bringer!
Andira: I think you mean Joya Ringer.
Andira: The sky is full of worldly desires. People's hopes... People's wants...
Andira: In moderation they serve as nourishment.
Andira: But an excess of worldly desires is dangerous. That's why we gather them in a bell we call the Joya.
Andira: For the sake of maintaining equilibrium, we... Snore...
Vyrn: Hey! Don't go back to sleep! You've still got explainin' to do!
Lyria: Hee hee... I remember hearing about this last year.
Lyria: The year spirit has the important duty of emptying the Joya when it fills up with worldly desires.
Vyrn: Oh, that's right! If the worldly desires flood out of control, then—
Vyrn: Yawn...
Lyria: Hee hee... You're feeling sleepy too, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Why am I super drowsy all of a sudden?
Andira: I know. Why don't we play karuta?
Lyria: Karuta? Oh, is this some kind of card game?
Andira: It's a traditional pastime where I come from. I made the cards myself.
Vyrn: Looks like fun to me... Should keep me from falling aslee—Zzz...
Man's Voice: Hey! Heeey!
Lyria: Hm? Is that an airship drawing near?
Man's Voice: Joya Keeper! People of the Grandcypher!
Vyrn: You're just imagining things. Let's get back to that karuta business...
Man's Voice: Worldly desires are overflowing this year too! The Joya is out of control!
Andira: Good work out there, everyone. So what do you think of karuta, Vyrn?
Andira: Hm?
Lyria: The Joya's...
Vyrn: Out of control?
Andira: Not again!

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Year's End - Monkey Dreams - Episode 2

After hearing of the issues with the Joya, the crew arrives at the island where the shrine is located. The young man explains that the overflowing worldly desires have turned the local villagers into the Joya's puppets.

Young Man: Looks like things are safe here. Right this way, everyone.
Andira: It's so quiet... Where'd everyone go?
Young Man: I don't know. The people of the village are already puppets of the Joya.
Andira: Puppets... So they're going to try and stop me from getting to the Joya?
Young Man: Yes. I must apologize for allowing this to transpire in the first place.
Andira: Oh, don't worry about it. This is all part of the job.
After hearing of the issues with the Joya, the crew arrives at the island where the shrine is located.
The young man explains the situation while leading the crew through an unassuming village.
Vyrn: Geez, the worldly desires overflowed this year too? Can't you slap an emergency valve on that thing?
Lyria: That must be why we were so tired earlier...
Young Man: Make no mistake. We put emergency measures in place to prevent a relapse of last year.
Young Man: But the Joya fell under the reinvigorated will and memories of all those worldly desires. It broke through our defenses instantly.
Andira: So it brainwashed the most powerful defenders on the island and took over in one fell swoop?
Young Man: Yes. Only a daring effort by the village elder allowed me to escape.
Young Man: I just... hope he's okay.
Vyrn: Don't worry about a thing! You've got Andira and the rest of us here! Those worldly desires are as good as quashed!
Lyria: That's right! All we have to do is get to the Joya and ring it a bunch, right?
Andira: Yes! Thanks for the help, everyone. Let's quell these worldly desires for good!
Vyrn: You got it!
Lyria: Yeah!

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Year's End - Monkey Dreams - Episode 3

On the way to the Joya shrine, the crew runs into cuddly animals, which turn out to be a trap. Just as brainwashed villagers close in on the crew, the young man creates a distraction and helps the crew make a break for it.

The crew continues crunching its way through the snow on the way to the Joya shrine.
On alert for brainwashed villagers, they decide to take the long way around.
Vyrn: Sure is cold... You two okay?
Lyria: I'm fine, Vyrn. Seeing all this pure white snow piled up is kind of... exciting.
Andira: I know how you feel, Lyria. Makes you want to just roll around in it, right?
Lyria: It sure does! I'd probably regret it if I did though...
Andira: Haha! I'm just going to end up doing it again next year, anyway.
Vyrn: Haha! You really are a buncha kids, aren'tcha? Anyway, are we getting close to the shrine yet?
Young Man: We're about halfway there. Shall we rest for the time being? You never know what might be waiting for us.
Vyrn: Got that right! We've gotta save our strength if we're going to fix the Joya!
Young Man: Yes. And more importantly... the Joya is being guarded by the three poisons.
Vyrn: The three poisons? Care to be a little more specific?
Young Man: Yes. You see, the most distinguished members of the village have been—
Vyrn: Hm? Hold on a sec. There's something over there...
Lyria: Gasp! There's someone hiding behind that tree!
Young Man: What's this? Have they been tracking us?
Andira: We'll take care of this. Are you ready to fight, (Captain)?
Andira: As a descendant of the Monkey King, I hereby—
Animal: ...
Andira: Aren't you just the fluffiest thing!
Lyria: Oh my gosh, it's so cute!
Vyrn: Hold on you two!
Sigh... And away they go.
Animal: ...
Andira: Don't run! We just want to cuddle, okay?
Lyria: We have to avoid surprising it. Just walk forward slowly... slowwwly...
Vyrn: Good grief... There's no animal you won't try to cuddle, is there? Whatever. Let's take a break, guys!
Young Man: There's something strange about this...
Vyrn: Something up, buddy? Look's like something's eating at you.
Young Man: It's nothing. I'm just wondering... why isn't that animal hibernating?
Animal: ...
Andira: That's a good boy. I'm just going to pet you a little bit... Hm?
Lyria: Does anything seem strange about this? He's not running away. In fact...
Lyria: Gasp! This animal... is a puppet!
Elder: Bwahahaha! You've fallen into my most insidious trap!
Vyrn: Whoa! Are those the brainwashed villagers? There's tons of 'em!
Young Man: My word... Even you've fallen to the sway of the worldly desires? You have to wake up, elder!
Elder: You are the one who is fast asleep, my boy. The Joya speaks to you, and yet you remain deaf to its pleas.
Andira: I don't think we're getting through to him. He's overdosed on worldly desires.
Lyria: O-oh no! The villagers are closing in on us! And they all seem to be brainwashed!
Vyrn: Argh... What should we do, (Captain)? I don't know if we can handle them all!
Young Man: We have no choice. Wait for my signal, (Captain). I'll distract them while you get away.
Vyrn: What! Have you lost your mind, pal?
Young Man: I've learned a lot about worldly desires over this past year. It's time for me to put that knowledge to use!
Young Man: Take this, you dastardly disciples of desire! Secret art... New Year's Sunrise!
Elder: S-secret art? You managed to conceal such a thing?
Young Man: All right, it worked! Now's our chance!
Vyrn: R-right! What was that secret art about though?
Young Man: Ah, I probably should have explained that beforehand. They're special moves that are particularly effective against those tainted by worldly desires.
Lyria: It sure seemed effective on those villagers...
Young Man: Now then. I'm off. Whatever happens, Keeper... beware the three poisons of the Joya!
Andira: Thank you so much. You stay safe too!

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Year's End - Monkey Dreams - Episode 4

After slipping past the marauding villagers, the crew returns to the path leading back to the Joya shrine.
Andira explains more about the three poisons as they walk.
Vyrn: So the three poisons are basically the three biggest worldly desires?
Andira: That's right. Lord Tripitaka's tirades against them are collected in ancient scrolls.
Andira: They're the most dangerous of all worldly desires: Raga, Moha, and Dvesha. We must do everything in our power to overcome them.
Lyria: Raga, Moha, and... Dvesha?
Andira: Yeah. Hmm... How should I explain this...
Andira: Raga refers to attachment. To desire and greed. To want more than what you need.
Andira: Dvesha is anger and hatred. Particularly that which is centered around the self.
Andira: And then there's Moha, or delusion. To avert your eyes from reality without any attempt to understand the true nature of things.
Vyrn: Hmm... That's some pretty tough vocabulary to memorize. But it sounds like we're gonna have to deal with 'em sooner rather than later.
Lyria: It sure does. So these three poisons are going to stand in our way?
Andira: Yes, it seems so. The toughest guys in the village have probably been brainwashed to stop us.
Vyrn: Well that's a pain. Just dealing with the Joya is hard enough, let alone its burly bodyguards.
Lyria: Don't worry! I'm sure we can—Eep!
Lyria: Look! There's something on that side road! It doesn't seem like the shrine though.
Andira: Some kind of hut? It looks abandoned.
Vyrn: Perfect timing. Let's take a break and check the map. We don't want to get lost after coming this far!
Andira: Shall we, (Captain)?
After carefully examining their surroundings, Andira and (Captain) slowly open the door to the hut.
What the crew find inside, however, only throws them into further confusion.

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Year's End - Poisons Undone - Episode 1

Finding a seat inside the abandoned hut, the crew soon notices that a stranger has been waiting for them in the corner: Raga, the embodiment of gluttony. He tries to tempt the crew with their favorite foods, leading Andira to respond with punishing force.

The crew spots a hut on the way to the shrine and decides to take a break.
Everyone finds a warm place to sit, and the sense of tension they felt before slowly begins to fade.
Vyrn: Whew... It's way warmer in here than I thought it would be!
Lyria: And it's so clean! Almost as if someone's been using it.
Andira: Look! There's a fireplace too... Ah! What happened to your face, (Captain)?
Andira: The way the snow's hanging off you it almost looks like a big old bushy beard! Let me clear that off for you.
Vyrn: Heheh, we could've started calling you Whitebeard, (Captain)! Anyway, let's check the map.
Lyria: Okay. Hmm... So if this was the first village, then...
Lyria: Hm? What's that smell? It smells kind of... good.
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, yeah...
Vyrn: Wait! There's someone over in that corner!
???: Om nom nom nom... What the? You're here already?
Lyria: Eep! You're right, Vyrn! It's so dark that I didn't notice.
Andira: Careful, (Captain). I'm sensing serious worldly desires from this one.
Vyrn: Serious? Like three poisons serious?
Raga: Bwee-hee-hee! Precise-a-mundo! I'm Raga, one of the three poisons, and I'm gonna make sure you never so much as lay eyes on Lord Joya!
Lyria: You've been lying in wait for us?
Raga: That's right. Got here sooner than I thought though. Could you wait a little? I don't want to fight you on a less-than-stuffed stomach!
Andira: I'm going in, (Captain). Try to avoid hurting him. As a disciple of the Monkey King, I hereby—
Raga: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I ain't done talkin'!
Andira: That's fine. It's pretty obvious what you're after. You intend to stand in our way, right?
Raga: You're real impatient, you know that? Listen. I'm in the middle of eating, so you losers are gonna have to wait until after I'm done with dessert!
Lyria: You're in the middle of... Oh my gosh! Look at that table, (Captain)!
The crew looks on in amazement at the massive table, which is covered in a smorgasbord of luxurious delicacies.
Vyrn: You're eating all that by yourself?
Andira: The spitting image of Raga... Gluttony, pure and simple.
Raga: Spare me your condescension! Who wouldn't want to eat tons of their favorite foods?
Raga: You wanna get in on this? I bet you've worked up a serious appetite coming this far!
Vyrn: Pft! Who wants your food anyway? You're a slave to a giant bell!
Lyria: Drool... It all looks so hot and delicious.
Andira: Huh? Lyria, no!
Vyrn: Hold on! Is it just me, or is Lyria acting a little... off?
Andira: She's under the influence of worldly desires. Not surprising. Joya's influence is particularly strong here.
Vyrn: For real? We've gotta make sure to keep those desires at bay!
Raga: Got plenty of fresh fruit here! Strawberries, oranges, and plenty of bright... red... apples!
Vyrn: D-did you say... apples?
Andira: You too, Vyrn?
Raga: Bwee-hee-hee! No need to resist. I know all your favorites. Like this... cotton candy!
Andira: Cotton candy?
Raga: How about it? You want some, don'tcha?
Raga: Bwee-hee-hee-hee! I've done it, Lord Joya! I've brought one of the Twelve Divine Generals to her knees!
Andira: ...
Andira: Oh. Um, I'll pass!
Raga: You'll what? How about an extra-large batch? Can't resist, can you?
Andira: Yeah, I'm good. You really don't need to get up in my face either. Seriously.
Raga: I-impossible! How can you resist while under Lord Joya's influence?
Andira: You're feeling fine too, right, (Captain)? Guess we'll just have to fight our way out. Kind of a waste of food though...
Andira: Let's send these worldly desires back where they came from!

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Year's End - Poisons Undone - Episode 1: Scene 2

After the crew brings Raga back to his senses, he apologizes for his actions, stating that he had succumbed to the Joya and its worldly desires. As the crew goes to leave, Raga cautions that the next of the three poisons awaits in the cave ahead.

Vyrn and Lyria return to their senses after Raga is knocked unconscious.
When he finally opens his eyes again, Raga apologizes profusely. His face is that of a man now free of the demon that possessed him.
Raga: Terribly sorry. It appears I lost myself in appetite. No thanks to Lord Joya...
Andira: So it goes. Resisting worldly desires is no easy feat.
Lyria: You were amazing back there, Andira! When he offered you that cotton candy, you weren't tempted at all!
Vyrn: Got that right! Just what you'd expect from one of the Divine Generals!
Andira: Hee hee... Obviously. Who'd want to eat cotton candy outside of a fair or festival? Atmosphere's important, you know!
Vyrn: Huh? Atmosphere?
Andira: You know! I'm talking about the bustling crowds and vibrant decorations of the fairgrounds!
Andira: If you're going to eat cotton candy, it's gotta be in an environment like that!
Lyria: Now I get it! You're absolutely right, Andira! Atmosphere is important!
Vyrn: Hmm... I'm not sure I get it, but whatever! Your attention to detail really saved our bacon!
Andira: Let's get back on the road. Based on this map, we should be able to take a shortcut through a nearby cave.
Raga: L-lady Andira, I regret to inform you that another of the three poisons awaits you inside that cave.
Andira: I had a feeling, but we can't afford to waste any more time.
Lyria: Right! We have to hurry to the shrine! I'm sure we'll be fine if we all work together.
Vyrn: You said it! Okay, then! Let's go find that cave!

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Year's End - Poisons Undone - Episode 2

Andira and company enter the cave to the Joya, where they run into Dvesha, the embodiment of rage. Furious that he couldn't attend the shrine maiden performance, Dvesha begins to bring down the cave, sending Andira and the crew into action.

After checking the map, the crew finds its way to the cave leading to the shrine.
The crew advances cautiously, only to be startled by an angry scream.
???: I have had it up to here with everything!
???: Unacceptable! Absolutely unacceptable!
Vyrn: It sounds like another one of those weirdos... Is he screaming to himself?
Lyria: He sounds really angry. Another one of the three poisons?
Andira: Yeah, it sounds like this one's Dvesha. Hatred and rage have taken hold of him.
Dvesha: Huh? What're you jerks starin' at?
Vyrn: Uh-oh! We've been spotted!
Lyria: We'd like to pass through here, if that's okay!
Dvesha: Oh, you would, would you? And you've got a Divine General with you? There's no way in hell I'm letting you through!
Andira: I had a feeling you'd say that. Looks like this calls for another show of force. As a descendant of the Monkey King, I hereby—
Dvesha: All right, lemme give you a chance!
Dvesha: If you really wanna get through here, then hand over one o' those special tickets to the New Year's Gala!
Andira: Huh? Special ticket? New Year's Gala?
Dvesha: Don't act like you don't know! It's a singing, dancing, shrine maiden extravaganza!
Dvesha: A special ticket guarantees front row seats!
Andira: Well, if it'll let us skip the part where we fight you... Where can we buy one?
Dvesha: Buy one? You just don't get it, do you? You gotta win a raffle to get your hands on one!
Dvesha: I got one last year, but this time I got screwed! Nobody's a bigger believer in the shrine maidens than me! Nobody!
Vyrn: So basically you're upset you lost a raffle. Got it.
Lyria: It seems like he might be too angry to bother with us, at least.
Andira: Hey, you're right... He's so caught up in his own worldly desires, he pretty much forgot we're here.
Andira: I'll just sneak over here, and—
Dvesha: Grraaah! Is nothing fair in this world?
Vyrn: Whoa! He's got earthquake-inducing rage powers?
Lyria: Oh no! If this keeps up, the cave's going to collapse!
Andira: When Joya's power meets rage of this caliber, the result is beyond human comprehension!
Vyrn: Hold on a minute! He's that ticked off?
Andira: So it goes. Let's get to it, (Captain)!

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Year's End - Poisons Undone - Episode 2: Scene 2

Even after returning to his senses, Dvesha can't help but feel remorse over his inability to see the shrine maiden performance. To cheer him up, Lyria and Andira sing and dance for him, allowing the crew to move forward with a clear conscience.

The crew defeats Dvesha and prevents the cave from collapsing.
Even after returning to his senses, however, Dvesha can't help but feel remorse over his inability to see the New Year's Gala.
Dvesha: Sob... That concert is the only reason I have to live.
Dvesha: I scrimped and saved, working hard every day for the opportunity to cheer for my maidens from the front row.
Dvesha: Sigh... What do I do now?
Vyrn: Hmm... You're really bummed out about this, huh?
Lyria: There's going to be another concert, isn't there? You just have to do your best to make it to the next one!
Dvesha: I can't... I'm a watcher of the Joya. This is the only time of year I can take a day off.
Dvesha: I'll have to wait two whole years for my next chance, and I'm not sure I have it in me...
Andira: Oh, okay. I didn't realize you had such an important job. You do deserve better.
Lyria: Yeah... This isn't just a concert. It's the one time a year you get to have fun!
Vyrn: Now I get it. This is the only chance you get to recharge!
Vyrn: Oh, I know! It's not a perfect replacement, but what if we had Lyria sing for you?
Lyria: Huh? You want me to—
Vyrn: You like singing, don'tcha? Why not see if you can cheer this guy up?
Lyria: B-b-but!
Lyria: T-thank you for everything! You're my most cherished treasure! One, two, three! I love you!
Vyrn: Nice, Lyria! You knocked it out of the park!
Andira: You're really good at this, Lyria!
Lyria: Hee hee... Are you feeling better now?
Dvesha: Yeah, I am... Thanks.
Dvesha: If I had to be honest though...
Dvesha: I'm a fan of the maidens first and foremost. As in: maidens plural. The ensemble part is everything. A solo act just doesn't have the same magic...
Vyrn: Is that so? I guess beggars can be choosers...
Vyrn: Oh well! You can take it from here, Andira!
Andira: Huh? What am I supposed to do?
Vyrn: You can create mirror images of yourself, right? That means you can create your own ensemble!
Lyria: If it's okay with you, I'd like to help out too! Let's do our best to put this poor man back on his feet!
Andira: That's really not what my powers are for!
Andira 1: Okay, everyone... Let's give it our all.
Dvesha: Whoa...
Andira 2: Let's see... Swing your arms out. Step and turn...
Dvesha: This is it! This is what I wanted to see!
Andira 3: All right. Ready to sing?
Andira begins to nervously sing the tune Lyria taught her while her spectral ensemble dances.
Andiras: T-thank you for everything! You're our most cherished treasure! One, two, three! We love you!
Dvesha: Whooo! Yeah!
Whooo! Yeah!
Lyria: Yay! That was super wonderful, Andira!
Vyrn: Yup! And now that our downer Dvesha over here is in high spirits again, we can push forward with a clear conscience!
Dvesha: You were amazing, Lady Andira! Encore! Encore!
Andira: Huh?

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Year's End - Poisons Undone - Episode 3

The crew leaves the cave and continues onward. There they find a hot spring and a musician with unrealistic aspirations. Andira determines that the musician is Moha, the last of the three poisons, and the crew goes to snap him back to his senses.

After cheering up the depressed Dvesha, the crew leaves the cave and continues onward.
Just before they reach the shrine, however, they stumble upon a most unexpected sight.
Andira: A hot spring!
Lyria: Oh my gosh, the steam is so warm! What a nice pick-me-up after that freezing cave!
Vyrn: Got that right! Let's take a nice long dip after we deal with the Joya!
Andira: Good idea... I'll be ready in five...
Lyria: Andira? Wow, she fell asleep standing up!
Vyrn: That takes skill. She must be tuckered out after all that singing and dancing.
???: You're here to relax too, huh? Trying to forget about the world and all its problems?
Lyria: Eep! There's someone else here!
???: Hahaha, sorry about that. Did I surprise you?
Vyrn: Looks like a regular ol' upstanding citizen. Did you manage to avoid getting brainwashed by all those worldly desires?
???: Worldly desires? There's an idea. I could use that as a theme for my next song.
Lyria: Your next song? Are you a musician?
???: Heheh, you caught me! What gave it away? The fact that I'm a little... off-kilter?
Vyrn: The fact that you said you were making a song, duh. It's dangerous around here, y'know! Take your instrument and hightail it somewhere safe!
???: Instrument? I don't have one. Too expensive.
Lyria: You're a musician without an instrument? Oh, I know! You must be a singer!
???: Maybe in some far off future. Everything's still in the planning stages right now.
Vyrn: Planning stages? You look like you're in your thirties. Shouldn't you be further along by this point?
???: Yeah whatever. Dreams don't have an expiration date!
???: I'm going to be a star one day. That'll show all those jerks who said I was a screwup!
Lyria: Vyrn, you don't think... he might be one of the three poisons?
Vyrn: No doubt about it. He's gotta be Moha. Can't see reality at all! Andira, we've found the last of the three poisons!
Andira: Can I eat the last one? Okay, thanks a bunch...
Vyrn: She's still sleeping? What kind of weird dream is she having?
Moha: It's cool. Don't want to overexert yourself. If you need to sleep, sleep.
Andira: You think so? You're so right...
Lyria: Eep! Has Andira been taken over by worldly desires?
Vyrn: Stay with us, Andira! You've got a very important job ahead of you!
Moha: It's fine. No worries. Like I always say, just do it tomorrow!
Andira: Yawn... Um...
  1. Good morning!
  2. Don't give in to worldly desires!

Choose: Good morning!
Andira: Morning... Oh. Your hair's a mess, (Captain).
Andira: Wait... Didn't we already have this conversation?

Choose: Don't give in to worldly desires!
Andira: Worldly desires? Oh. Right.
Continue 1
Moha: Gah, there you go again. And I was so close too!
Andira: That's right. I have a very important job ahead of me. A job to protect the entire sky!
Andira: Thanks for the assist, (Captain). Let's snap this guy back to his senses!

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Year's End - Poisons Undone - Episode 3: Scene 2

The crew finishes bringing Moha back to his senses, and he promptly apologizes for his behavior. Andira thanks the crew for all their help, and together they stride valiantly into the Joya's inner sanctum.

The crew finishes bringing the third of the three poisons back to his senses. He promptly apologizes for his earlier behavior.
Moha: I'm really sorry, guys. The Joya shrine's just ahead. Please... You have to be careful!
Vyrn: We will! The time has finally arrived, Andira!
Lyria: Let's do our best! We can't let any more innocent people fall victim to the Joya!
Andira: That's right. Thanks for all your help so far, everyone.
Andira: I never would have made it here on my own.
Andira: Whatever worldly desires we happen to run into, as long as I have you guys by my side, I can't lose!
Andira: Now, then. Let's go, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods in agreement.
With the shrine ahead of them, our heroes stride valiantly into the Joya's inner sanctum.

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Year's End - Poisons Undone - Episode 4

The crew has defeated the three poisons and arrived at the Joya shrine.
At long last (Captain), Andira, and company stand poised to quell the Joya, which appears quite strange indeed.
Joya: Gong... Gong...
Andira: So this is the Joya... It's engulfed in so many worldly desires!
Joya: Gong... Gong...
Gong... Gong...
Andira: It's not your fault. The worldly desires just made you forget who you are.
Andira: But that's why we're here... To save you!
Lyria: Yes! We're going to ring you a bunch this year too!
Vyrn: Okay, gang! Let's do this!
With a smile on her face, Andira looks at her trusted allies before taking a step toward the Joya.
Andira: My name is Andira!
Andira: I guard the West-Southwest as one of the Twelve Divine Generals. As a descendant of the great Monkey King...
Andira: I challenge you!

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Ending

The crew quells the Joya's worldly desires and returns peace to the island. With her duty as year spirit fulfilled, Andira can't help but smile from ear to ear.

Lyria: Okay, Andira! Can you teach us how to play karuta now?
Andira: Sure! First you lay out all these picture cards on the floor... Then one person reads the card names.
Vyrn: Hmm... And then you gotta grab whichever card matches the description? What do the pictures mean?
Andira: They reflect the sentence that describes them. Whoever grabs the most cards wins.
Andira: Everyone ready to play? I'll read the first one!
The crew has quelled the Joya's worldly desires and returned peace to the island.
After the villagers thank (Captain) and company for returning them to their senses, the crew takes its leave.
With New Year's just around the corner, Andira invites everyone to play a friendly game of karuta.
Andira: Let's begin...
Gird your fundoshi! Hard to mast!
Vyrn: Fundoshi? Uh, let's see...
Lyria: I know! Is it this card?
Soriz: Yesss! Get in my belly, you tasty, tasty crabs!
Andira: Correct! That was fast, Lyria!
Lyria: The crabs were so delicious, how could I forget?
Vyrn: Hahaha! You ate them up lickety-split!
Vyrn: So wait... You made us into cards, Andira?
Andira: Yup. I made them myself! They're full of memories from the past year.
Lyria: Oh my gosh, that's wonderful! I can't wait to see what card comes up next!
Andira: Hee hee... Then let's move on to the next one. Keep your eyes peeled, (Captain)!
With her duty as year spirit fulfilled, Andira can't help but smile ear to ear.
She returns to the company of good friends, continuing her quest across the skies in search of Tianzhu.
The year of the West-Southwest may be drawing to a close, but Andira's journey is only just beginning.

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Day 1

Andira: Hey there, (Captain)! Ready for the start of the new year? If you've got time, wanna help me make some New Year's karuta cards?
Andira: I'm making a special deck right now! The reading cards are all done, but I still have to finish the picture ones.
Andira: Oh. Actually... if you've got time, wanna play a little? I'll give you a hint, and you pick the character card that fits best!
Andira: Hee hee... Got your card-grabbing hand ready? Then let's begin...
Blasted Phantom Thief... I'll catch you if it's the last thing I do!
Andira lays a handful of character cards in front of (Captain). But which one is the correct one?
  1. Rackam
  2. Barawa
  3. Monika

Choose: Barawa
Andira: Whoa, impressive! And correct! That line was from none other than the great Detective Barawa!

Choose: Rackam
Choose: Monika
Andira: Bzzt! The guy who said that... was the great Detective Barawa!
Continue 1
Barawa: If we find the treasure, we'll find Chat Noir!
Andira: Hee hee... He did a great job cracking the case, only to catch a cold right afterward!
Andira: Okay. Let me just fill in the card, and... there we go! Keep this up, and we'll be finished in no time!

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Day 2

It's the end of the year, and (Captain) is helping Andira create special karuta cards aboard the Grandcypher.
That was the idea, anyway. They're playing a trivia game with the unfinished picture cards right now.
Andira: Haha! Using just the picture cards is a lot of fun too!
Andira: I've still got a bunch left that need to get filled in, so let's keep playing!
Andira: Ready? Here we go!
Gigante Suit engaged!
Andira lays a handful of character cards in front of (Captain). But which one is the correct one?
  1. Black Knight
  2. Colossus
  3. Nicholas

Choose: Nicholas
Andira: Wow, you got it! I just can't stump you!

Choose: Black Knight
Choose: Colossus
Andira: Bzzt! They definitely have to suit up, but you're a little off! The answer is... Nicholas!
Continue 1
Nicholas: I'm comin' for ya, abominations!
Nicholas: Time to finish this! Hyper Repulsion Crusher!
Andira: Hee hee... I hope Nicholas and Marie live happily ever after.
Andira: That wraps things up for today! Let's keep it up for next time!

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Day 3

Andira has enlisted (Captain) in the creation of a special karuta deck for the holidays and is playing a quiz game along the way.
Andira: Wow, (Captain)! You're really putting these cards away!
Andira: I'm happy you're enjoying the pictures I'm drawing, but I was hoping to give you a tougher challenge...
Andira: Anyway. Up next...
I'd like your daughter's hand in marriage!
Andira lays a handful of character cards in front of (Captain). But which one is the correct one?
  1. Stan
  2. Helnar
  3. Eugen

Choose: Stan
Andira: Correct! Stan it is!

Choose: Helnar
Choose: Eugen
Andira: Bzzt! Hee hee... Pretty tough, right? The correct answer is... Stan!
Continue 1
Stan: W-would you grant me the honor of allowing me to go out with Aliza?
Andira: What do you think's gonna happen with those two?
Andira: Up next! Oh wow, this one's a toughie:
To sense the seeds... of murderous rage!
  1. Vira
  2. Jin
  3. Kaz

Choose: Jin
Andira: Wow, you got it! I thought that would stump you for sure!

Choose: Vira
Choose: Kaz
Andira: Bzzt! That one was hard, wasn't it? The correct answer... is Jin!
Continue 2
Jin: This murderous rage I sense... is coming from that massive watermelon?
Andira: I wonder what kind of training you have to undergo to tell when a fruit is trying to kill you?
Andira: Wow, we're halfway through the deck! Let's keep it up and finish the whole thing!

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Day 4

Andira has enlisted (Captain) in the creation of a special karuta deck for the holidays and is playing a quiz game along the way.
Andira: Okay then... You might be on a roll, (Captain), but this next one's gonna stump you for sure!
Andira: Here we go!
When I eat pastries, I only eat the crust!
Andira lays a handful of character cards in front of (Captain). But which one is the correct one?
  1. Lecia
  2. Aliza
  3. Lily

Choose: Lily
Andira: Ding-a-ling-a-ling, you just won big! Lily's all about the crust, but I like the filling. Together we're unstoppable!

Choose: Lecia
Choose: Aliza
Andira: Buzz-a-buzz-a-bzzz! The answer is... Lily!
Continue 1
Lily: Ding-a-ling-a-ling, someone's at the door!
Andira: Lily sure was amazing, wasn't she? I've gotta do my best just to keep up!
Andira: Next one!
Icnia! Tlepilli! Xolotl!
  1. Diantha and Friends
  2. Lowain's Crew
  3. Grueler's Group

Choose: Diantha and Friends
Andira: Bingo! Let's give another warm round of applause to those plucky Xolotl priestesses!

Choose: Lowain's Crew
Choose: Grueler's Group
Andira: Haha, not quite! I don't think they like singing and dancing! The correct answer... was Diantha and friends!
Continue 2
Maidens: Ready, okay!
Maidens: Tecniuhtli Xolotl!
Andira: Hee hee... There sure were a lot of ups and downs, but the performance at the end was worth it!
Andira: Hey, I wanna play too! How about you read the next card?

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Day 5

Andira has enlisted (Captain) in the creation of a special karuta deck for the holidays and is playing a quiz game along the way.
Andira: Hee hee... We're coming up to the final stretch! What should I pick next...
Andira: Here we go!
O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Montague?
Andira lays a handful of character cards in front of (Captain). But which one is the correct one?
  1. Gareth
  2. Heles
  3. Paris

Choose: Paris
Andira: Wow, you got it! That's right... It's Paris!

Choose: Gareth
Choose: Heles
Andira: Afraid not! The answer is... this guy!
Continue 1
Paris: I won't rest until I'm the first one to slap that idiot.
Andira: Paris sure has been through a lot, hasn't he?
Andira: Let's keep it going with another card.
This guy kills time with his squad... to the max!
  1. Eustace
  2. Lowain
  3. Ghandagoza

Choose: Lowain
Andira: Don't hate, congratulate! Yourself! Because you got it right!

Choose: Eustace
Choose: Ghandagoza
Andira: Bzzt! Wait up, (Captain)! Lowain's the bro you were lookin' fo'!
Continue 2
Elsam: Aww man, I thought my idea was gnarly... but, y'know, don't hate, congratulate.
Tomoi: No way, bro... More like it wasn't great, commiserate.
Lowain: No, it's fate, commiserate!
All Three: Get a date, commiserate!
Andira: Haha! Okay then. Let me just fill this one in, and...
Andira: Ah! We're almost finished with the whole deck! Just one more round, (Captain)!

Auld Lang Syne 2016 - Day 6

Andira has enlisted (Captain) in the creation of a special karuta deck for the holidays and is playing a quiz game along the way.
Andira: Okay... Here we go!
Everything is topsy-turvy. What is real? What is false?
Andira lays a handful of character cards in front of (Captain). But which one is the correct one?
  1. Lucius & Teena
  2. Phoebe & Morphe
  3. Heles & Seruel

Choose: Phoebe & Morphe
Andira: Bingo! They ran a fortune–teller's booth, right?

Choose: Lucius & Teena
Choose: Heles & Seruel
Andira: Bzzt! Wrong pair! The correct answer was... these two!
Continue 1
Morphe: Hey, Phoebe! We've got customers!
Phoebe: Hm? Morphe, is that you? Yawn...
Andira: Yawn... Just thinking about them is making me sleepy...
Andira: The final card's up next. I'm tearing up a little just thinking about it, but... let's make this a good one, (Captain)!
Andira: Okay... Here we go!
  1. Sturm
  2. Christina
  3. Percival

Choose: Percival
Andira: Haha, jackpot! It's none other than Percival, the Lord of Flames!

Choose: Sturm
Choose: Christina
Andira: Bzzt! Haha, I could've sworn they called someone a mongrel at some point too, but the correct answer... is Percival!
Continue 2
Percival: I already know why you're stealing into my chambers in the middle of the night.
Percival: You idiots have a death wish.
Andira: Without further ado, let's fill in the final card...
Andira: Okay, we're finished! Thanks so much for your help, (Captain)!
Andira: I bet you're looking forward to the new year! Let's invite everyone on the ship to celebrate it together!
Overjoyed at finishing her deck, Andira cheerfully prepares for the New Year's festivities to come.