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Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Opening

While waiting for the camera crew to arrive at the set of the airship, Sachiko and Rin look around to find a mysterious treasure chest engulfing them in a bright flash of light.

A young girl bounds grandly onto the deck of the Grandcypher.
???: Teehee! Look at my costume!
???: This fantastic costume sure is worthy of me, the cutest girl in the world!
???: Look, look! What do you think! Am I sooo cute that you can't even speak, hmm?
On the empty deck, the girl, who is in her own little world, clears her throat uncomfortably.
???: Ahem, It's a bit early...
???: Oh, Sachiko-chan!
Sachiko: Eek! A-Airi-san?
Airi: Nope! It's me, super swordmaster Airi!
Sachiko: I... see... You'll be a full-fledged skyfarer in no time at all!
Airi: Heehee, thanks! What are you doing, Sachiko-chan?
Sachiko: Heehee, I'm glad you asked!
Sachiko: Look! I'm the cutest archangel in the universe, descended from the cosmic heavens!
Airi: Wow! I think you look more like a demon than an angel, but it's super cute!
Sachiko: That's because I'm just so devilishly cute! Even though I'm an angel, I'm not all soft and fluffy! That's the poi— Huh?
Airi: Wow! Look at this guard rail! It's decorated with loads of super detailed little ornaments.
Oblivious to Sachiko, Airi stands in front of the Grandcypher's handrail.
Sachiko: Err, yes... Yes it is.
Airi: This is a reeeally big boat! Flying through the sky on it is gonna feel super great!
Sachiko: Hmm, but, since this is a set, I wouldn't expect it to be able to fly through the air...
Airi: Really? So, what are we gonna do for the scenes that are in the sky?
Sachiko: I expect they will use special effects... like a green screen.
Continuing their chit-chat on the deck on the ship, Airi and Sachiko wait, but nobody comes.
Airi: Hmmmmmm, everybody is late.
Sachiko: Darn! What are they hoping to achieve, leaving a girl as cute as me waiting!
Airi: Well, while we wait for everybody to turn up, shall we have a look around the set?
Sachiko: Why?
Airi: Y'know, to get used to the location!
Airi: C'mon Sachiko-chan! Let's go explore together!
Sachiko: Airi-san! Wait for meeeeee!
Sachiko and Airi enter one of the cabins on the Grandcypher set.
Airi: Wow! Just look at these rooms! They have every little detail! It's like I could really live in here!
Sachiko: Teehee! I'm glad the set is so good...
Sachiko: It will match my ultra-realistic performance!
Airi: Hmm, what's this...
In the corner of the room, Airi finds a huge treasure chest.
Sachiko: What do you think the film crew need such a big treasure chest for?
Airi: I wonder what's inside...
Curiosity builds up inside Airi, and she reaches for the treasure chest.
Sachiko: Ahh, don't mess around with the props! The costume department will get angry!
Airi: Oh, hehehe... yeah...
Airi: Thanks for reminding me, Sachiko-chan!
Sachiko: I'm glad you understand.
Airi: Well, shall we head back then?
Sachiko: I think we should. We would lose face completely if we were late too!
Sachiko moves to follow Airi out of the cabin.
Just as Sachiko is about to exit the cabin, she hears a strange noise coming from behind her.
Sachiko: Huh?
Sachiko spins around. The noise seems to be coming from the treasure chest.
An unseen power pulling her, Sachiko steps towards the treasure chest, unaware of what she is doing.
Sachiko: Huh? Why am I...
Sachiko stares fixedly at the treasure chest, and before her very eyes, the box begins to shake slightly.
Sachiko: Eek! Is... Is somebody in there?
As if in response to Sachiko's question, the chest shakes once more.
Sachiko: Humph! If you're trying to startle me, it isn't going to work!
As if there was nothing out of the ordinary going on, the chest falls silent again.
Sachiko: It's okay, it's okay, you can show me what you really look like.
Timidly, Sachiko reaches for the lid of the chest.
As the chest's lid is flung open, Airi comes back into the room.
Airi: Sachiko-chan! What are you doing!
Sachiko: Eeeeeek!
Right in front of her, Airi sees Sachiko trying to stop herself from being pulled into the chest.
Sachiko: Ahhhhhhh!
Airi: W-w-what! Sachiko-chan! What's happening!
Sachiko: I... I don't know! When I opened the lid... it just...
Airi: Hold on!
Airi, flustered, rushes over to Sachiko.
Sachiko: Is it because I'm cuuuute?
Sachiko: I refuse to be eaten! I'm not sure my agency is gonna be happy about this!
As Airi grabs Sachiko, light floods out of the chest, enveloping the two.
Sachiko: Eeeeeek!
Airi: Ahhhhhh!
But, their desperate attempts to resist the chest are in vain. The dazzling light envelops the two, and they lose consciousness.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 1: Three Girls Dream On - Part 1 - Episode 1

(Captain) and company continue their travels with Rin, Uzuki and Mio who've come from another world. Having checked the premises in advance, the crew learns of an inn at a nearby village where they can spend the night. On the way to the village, (Captain) and company hear screams and quickly change course to rush to the rescue.

Uzuki: Mio-chan... Wake up...
A voice can be heard. It is a friendly, familiar voice.
Rin: Mio? Wakey wakey sleepyhead!
Mio: Uuurgh...
Rin: Mio's coming round!
Mio: Shi... Shiburin?
Uzuki: Heehee, did you have a nice rest Mio-chan?
Mio: Shimamu...
Mio: (Sigh) I'm sorry, I just kept nodding off...
Mio: (This is just like my dream...)
Rin: It's fine, me and Uzuki took turns keeping watch.
By chance, Rin, Mio, and Uzuki have all ended up visiting a strange realm.
Safely reunited, the three girls are continuing their journey to follow the green creatures.
A rustling sound comes from a nearby bush.
Vyrn: Hey, you three! Do you need a break?
Uzuki: Vyrn-san! Thanks for your concern!
Lyria: I thought I saw a village just back there, let's rest there for tonight!
Rin: Thanks, Lyria! Is everybody ready?
Mio: Of course! I'm always well prepared! Let's go!
Uzuki: Yeah! Just a little further!
Villager: Ahhhhhhhhh!
Suddenly the crew hears a scream coming from the direction in which they are heading.
Vyrn: What was that! Well, whatever is was, we have to help out! C'mon, (Captain)!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 1: Three Girls Dream On - Part 1 - Episode 2

Rin, Uzuki, and Mio display impressive coordination as they work together to rescue the villagers under assault from the green creatures. As a token of thanks, the crew are invited to stay the night in the village, and continue on their way there.

Uzuki: RAAAH!
Green Creature: SHNARGLE!
In perfect sync, the three girls deal with the green creatures.
In perfect sync, the three girls deal with the green creatures.
Villager: W-whoa! That was amazing! Thank you so much for saving me!
Rin: We're just happy you're okay!
Vyrn: Hehehe! Rin, Uzuki, Mio, you guys have gotten super good at fighting!
Uzuki: Heehee, I guess we have!
Mio: Teehee, that's the power of our group, "new generations"!
(Captain) and the crew save the villager that was being attacked by the green creatures.
As a thank you from the villager whose life they saved, the crew is invited back to the village.
Villager: So, if it's not too much trouble, would you like to stay for a while?
Lyria: Thank you so much! We were just looking for somewhere to rest, so you've helped us out a lot!
Mio: Heehee! Aren't we lucky!
Uzuki: Yeah! That's super helpful!
Villager: Anyone would do the same! So, let me show you to our village!
Vyrn: We'll protect you as you go!
Rin: Us too! We're strong, we can help!
Vyrn: Hehe, okay! Right, let's go!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 1: Three Girls Dream On - Part 1 - Episode 3

(Captain) and company receive a warm welcome and learn that the green creatures have all gathered at the outskirts of the village making the resident very uneasy. By their request, the crew set out to track and watch for any suspicious activity from the green creatures.

Felling green creatures as they go, the crew makes its way to the village.
The crew is treated to a warm welcome and a delicious meal by the villagers.
Villager: So it's a good thing these guys all came rushing over.
Villager: Otherwise I would have probably been eaten by those green creatures! Hahaha!
Vyrn: He's quite carefree about almost being eaten...
Mio: Now, now, Vyrn-kun... Shouldn't we be thankful that everybody is safe and sound?
Villager: So, what are you guys doing around these parts anyway?
Vyrn: We're skyfarers that have taken a request to deal with the green-colored primal beast, like those creatures you saw earlier.
Rin: After chasing the green creatures for ages, we somehow ended up here!
Villager: I see, I see... Well, if you guys are famous skyfarers, then I have something to ask you...
As he says this, the villager's face turns serious, and he looks at (Captain) and the crew solemnly.
Villager: ...The truth is, recently those green creatures have been gathering outside of the village and acting weirdly.
Villager: It's making the other villagers uneasy, so could you please drive them away?
Vyrn: I see. Well, they certainly are creepy...
Vyrn: Sooo, we shall take your request! Just leave it to us, right, (Captain)!
Hearing Vyrn's words, (Captain) nods deeply.
The next day, having taken the villager's request, (Captain) and the crew are monitoring the green creatures.
Lyria: But... Is it really okay with you girls that you're getting dragged into this?
Rin: It's fine! Maybe we will find a clue that will lead us to our other friends...
Mio: And, we can't just leave when everybody looks so sad, right, Shimamu?
Uzuki: Yeah! Let's try really hard to bring back the villagers' smiles!
Vyrn: Right, so now we've sorted that, let's go!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 1: Three Girls Dream On - Part 1 - Episode 4

(Captain) and company step into the shrine at the outskirts of the village where the green creatures gather. Rin lights up the dark surroundings with a whiff of light magic, to which Mio comments "good thinking!" With the faint light as a guide, they continue to the depths of the shrine where the green creatures await.

(Captain)'s party chases after the green creatures.
Green Creature: Shnaarrgle. Shnnarrr?
Green Creature: Shnharr Shnarr Shnaa?
Green Creature: Shnaa Shnaaa...
Shna Shnaa Shnaa...
As the villagers had said, the creatures appear to be marching toward something.
Vyrn: Hey... Is it just me, or are we seeing more and more of these green things?
Lyria: Y-yeah... what could be ahead?
It seems that the creatures are eventually disappearing into a shrine on the outskirts of the village.
Following after them, the party steps into the shrine.
Rin: It's pretty dim and gloomy in here, just like I figured.
Mio: Everyone! Let's be careful to stay together!
Uzuki: Yeah! Huh?
Vyrn: Hey, are you all right, Uzuki?
Uzuki: I... I'm okay! I just tripped...
Rin: Uzuki, hold on...
Rin lights up a pale blue flame.
Rin: How's this?
Uzuki: Wow! Thanks, Rin. I can see where I'm treading now!
Mio: That's Shiburin for you! All right, let's press on!
Mio: But Shiburin, it's like you're too resourceful, you know?
Rin: Huh? Resourceful?
Mio: Exactly! Using magic to light up the ground underfoot... a regular pop idol would never think of that!
Rin: Y-you think?
Mio: Yeah! I'm calling you "The Magic Knight, Shiburin!"
Rin: Mio, come on now!
Mio: Sorry, sorry!
Uzuki: Hee hee... Be careful not to fall over, you two!
The boisterous party finally reaches an open space in the inner sanctum of the shrine.
In this wide space, the green creatures are squirming about in a strange fashion.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 2: Three Girls Dream On - Part 2 - Episode 1

Placed at the altar in the very depths of the shrine is a treasure chest that the green creatures are praying to. As (Captain) and company watch, the treasure chest appears to slowly open on its own, revealing something Rin, Uzuki and Mio find utterly surprising.

Green Creature: SHHHA-SHHNAARGLE...
Green Creature: SHHNAA-SHHNAAA...
(Captain) and the others see the green creatures forming a circle around an altar in the center of the space.
Vyrn: Hey... what are those things doing?
Mio: Hmm... kinda seems like a secret assembly. Do you sense anything, Lyria?
Lyria: Um... let's see...
Oh... Sorry, I'm not quite sure...
Just then, Uzuki leans forward.
Uzuki: ...Sounds to me like they're chanting some sort of prayer...
Uzuki: ...See! If you look closely, you can see a treasure box on the altar...
Uzuki: There must be a god or something in that treasure box, and it looks like they're praying to that...
Rin: Look! The box is opening!
The lid of the box slowly opens, and a girl peeps out timidly, cautiously surveying her surroundings.
Lyria: A... a girl?
Green Creature: SHHNAAA SHHNAAA!
Green Creature: SCHNNAA SHHNAAA!
The creatures slowly pile up offerings around the box.
Vyrn: (Gulp...) Is she like these green guys' god, then?
Lyria: But for a god, doesn't she seem kind of... flustered?
Vyrn: Y-yeah, good point... Um, you think it's better if we save her or something, then?
Lyria: Yes, I think so...
...Hm? What is it, you guys?
Lyria stares at the faces of Rin, Uzuki and Mio, which have rapidly changed color.
Seeing the girl, the three cannot hide their agitation.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 2: Three Girls Dream On - Part 2 - Episode 2

Out from the chest comes Sachiko, a pop idol just like the other three. Their unanimous gasps of surprise nearly give away their presence to the green creatures, but they pass by unnoticed thanks to Uzuki's quick thinking—imitating the voices of the green creatures and pretending to be one herself. Sachiko, on the other hand, still seems troubled by the green creatures proceeding with the ceremony.

Rin: H-hey... Uzuki, Mio...
Uzuki: I-is that...
Mio: C-could it be...
All Three: Sachiko?
Sachiko: Huh?
Green Creature: SHHNARGLE?
The girl and the green creatures turn around in the same instant.
Green Creature: SHHNAAARGLE!
Mio: (Uh-oh! Did they notice us?)
At that moment, Uzuki takes control of the situation, raising her voice.
Uzuki: Shhnaargle shnnaargle!
Shhnaaa shnnaaargle!
Rin: (U-Uzuki?)
Green Creature: SHHNAAARGLE?
Uzuki: Shnnaaaa shhnaa!
Shhnaa shnaa shnaaargle!
Uzuki: (Pssst! Everyone! Now's your chance! Hide!)
Vyrn: (Y-yeah! Got it!)
Green Creature: SHHNAAA SHHNAAA?
Uzuki: Shnaa shnnaargle! Naa shnaa shhnnnaaa!
Lyria: (U-Uzuki-san, you're amazing! I never knew you could speak... Shnarglish!)
Having conducted this mysterious conversation with Uzuki, the green creatures turn their attention back to the altar.
Uzuki: (Whew... th-that should have bought some time...)
Mio: (W-wow, Shimamu! What was that just now?)
Uzuki: (Uh, um... I just opened my mouth without thinking...)
Rin: (To think you had that skill all along, Uzuki. Hee hee.)
Thanks to Uzuki's improvisational skills, (Captain)'s party avoids trouble.
However, Sachiko's confusion only grows.
Sachiko: H-huh? That was Uzuki's voice just now... wasn't it?
Sachiko: Oh, could it be... the shoot has already begun?
Sachiko: (B-but it's strange... I don't remember this scene being in the script.)
Sachiko: Umm? So what am I supposed to...
Sachiko: (W-what on earth am I being tested on?)
Ignoring the bewildered Sachiko, the green creatures calmly place what looks like firewood around the altar.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 2: Three Girls Dream On - Part 2 - Episode 3

The green creatures pile on the firewood around Sachiko, and begin to circle around her each with a torch in hand. (Captain) and company realize there is no time to devise a plan and decide to face the green creatures head on.

Sachiko: And why are those guys hiding themselves anyway?
Sachiko: Aha! I've got it! This must be a hidden camera show! I'm being pranked!
Sachiko: Geez, honestly! I've found you out already!
Sachiko: Hee hee. With my keen sense I can see through anything!
Sachiko: Hehehe...
Sachiko: Hehe....
H-huh? What... what's this?
Before she realizes it, the firewood is piled up around the altar in a large heap.
Taking pine torches in their paws, the green creatures begin to circle the altar.
Sachiko: H-hold on a minute... All right you can come out now. Come out this instant! Guys? Anyone?
Sachiko calls out desperately in the direction the party's voices had come from.
Vyrn: H-hey, who is this Sachiko? Is she one of your friends?
Uzuki: Yes! She's a pop idol, just like us.
Vyrn: It looks like things are gonna be heating up in a minute, if you know what I mean. We'd better save this Sachiko girl quick!
Rin: You're right. I was going to come up with a plan, but it looks like there won't be time.
Mio: All right! Then a head-on assault it is! We've no other choice!
Uzuki: Yeah! Let's rescue Sachiko-chan!
Lyria: I'll help out, too! Come on, (Captain)!
To save the captured Sachiko, the party rushes the pack of green creatures in an all-out assault.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 2: Three Girls Dream On - Part 2 - Episode 4

(Captain) and company make their way to Sachiko, clearing out the green creatures along the way. While Sachiko is under the mistaken impression that the entire scene is just an effort to surprise her, the crew must get to her before it's too late.

Green Creature: Shnar shnargle!
Mio: This is it!
Sachiko: M-Mio-san?
Mio: Sachi! We came to rescue you!
Uzuki: Sachiko-chan! Are you all right?
Green Creature: Shnar, shnargle!
Sachiko: Uzuki-san! Behind you!
Uzuki: Eek?
Rin: HA!
Green Creature: Sh-Shnaaa...
Uzuki: Th-thanks, Rin-chan...
Sachiko: Phew! Th-thank goodness...
...Hold on, what're you doing?
Rin: Uzuki, Mio! We're breaking through!
Uzuki: Right! Here we go!
Mio: Okay! I have your backs!
Vyrn: Those three are so in sync! C'mon, (Captain), let's show them our teamwork, too!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's save Sachiko-chan on the double!
Defeating the green creatures on the way, (Captain) and the others draw closer to Sachiko.
At the same time, however, some green creatures with torches are also nearing her position.
Green Creature: SHNAAARGLE!
Sachiko: What the... what are you doing? What's that?
Vyrn: H-hey... I have a baaad feeling about this...
Sachiko: I... I get it! Those torches are just props for the prank right? They're not really hot... right?
Sachiko: (.I feel like they're overdoing this a little...)
Rin: Everyone! Get to Sachiko quickly!
Mio: Grrr! You stupid green things, you're in the way!
Uzuki: I won't let them get the better of me!
Lyria: Let's hurry, (Captain)!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 2: Three Girls Dream On - Part 2 - Episode 4: Scene 2

(Captain) and company split their group in two in order to save Sachiko. Before the fire around the altar spreads to Sachiko, Rin reaches out to her. Just then, a black shadow appears to snatch Sachiko away. Both the crew and the creatures chase after the mysterious black shadow.

The green creatures block the party's way as they try to reach Sachiko.
Green Creature: Shnaaar!
Vyrn: Argh! There's too many of them, we can't get through!
Rin: (Captain), let's split into two groups.
(Captain) agrees to Rin's idea.
Lyria: Rin-san! Leave this to us!
Rin: Thanks. I'm counting on you, Lyria... You too, Vyrn.
Vyrn: You got it! You guys be careful too!
Mio: All right! Operation "Save Sachi," commence!
Uzuki: Yeah! Here we go!
Having split into two groups, the crew approaches Sachiko's position from different directions.
Sachiko: Honestly... I haven't the faintest idea what's going on now...
Green Creature: Shnargle shnaaar! Shnargle shnargle!
The green creatures with torches are stood in front of Sachiko.
The green creatures' prayer ceremony seems to have entered its final stages.
Sachiko: (Come on, director... cut already... this getting out of hand...)
Green Creature: Shnaaar!
Sachiko: (This is a hidden camera show, isn't it?)
Green Creature: Shnargle?
Sachiko: (I mean, I can understand their professionalism toward their work, y'know, staying in character and all, but...)
Sachiko: (Couldn't they just take a little time to explain, given how cute I am and all?)
Sachiko: (I-I don't want to be a party pooper, but they really are going overboard here...)
Green Creature: SHNAAA!
At that moment, the green creatures throw their torches onto the firewood.
Sachiko: WHAT THE—
The firewood at the base of the chest below Sachiko begins to burn.
Sachiko: H-huh? It's, um... getting rather hot in here...
Sachiko: And uh.. somewhat smoky, too...
Sachiko: D-don't tell me... this can't really be...
Just as the fire at the altar begins to take hold, Rin, Uzuki, and Mio appear.
Green Creature: Sh-shnaaargle?
The chilling blue flames emitted by Rin drown out the fire in an instant.
Rin: Sachiko! We've come to save you!
Sachiko: R-Rin-san! Th-thank you...
Uzuki: Sachiko-chan! Are you okay?
Mio: What great timing! All right, let's get out of here!
Sachiko: Uzuki-san! Mio-san! Thank you so much...
Rin, Mio and Uzuki all stretch out their hands to Sachiko...
But at that moment, a black shape rises up and swallows her.
Rin: Wh-what?
The pop idols' outstretched hands grasp only thin air.
Having taken Sachiko, the black shadow flees into the distance...
Green creatures are hot on its tail.
Uzuki: Huh? Th-that's...
Mio: It's heading for the cave exit!
Rin: (Captain)! Chase after that black thing! Please!
(Captain) glances over at the three girls with a look of concern.
Uzuki: Don't worry, we'll be fine!
Mio: Please, go after Sachi! (Captain)!
The girls' cries of desperation strike a chord with (Captain).
With a brief nod of acknowledgement, (Captain) heads off after the black shape along with Vyrn and Lyria.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 3: Rhapsody on a Treasure Chest - Part 1 - Episode 1

Airi wakes up in an unfamiliar place. Just as she's about to venture off in search of Sachiko, a black creature shows up. It gets ready to hand something over to Sachiko, but pulls back in open hostility to the (Captain) and company who show up.

A gentle breeze caresses her cheeks, and soft shafts of sunlight filter through the gaps between the trees tickling her eyelids.
As Airi opens her eyes, she is greeted by an unfamiliar place.
Airi: Huh... what... Why am I here?
As Airi recalls her fuzzy memories, she remembers the last place she had been in.
Airi: Err... so the treasure chest began to glow... and then Sachiko-chan was sucked in...
Airi: Oh... that's right! I have to find Sachiko-chan!
Just then, a sound comes from a nearby thicket.
Airi: Huh?
Airi draws closer to the bush, which continues to rustle.
Airi: Sachiko-chan, are you all right?
Black Creature: Shnargle!
Airi: Shnargle?
Black Creature: Shnaaargle!
Airi: Shnaaargle, you say?
Airi stares intently at the black creature.
The black creature bows, and Airi, following along, bows back.
Black Creature: Shnaaargle, shaaargle-shnaaar!
Airi: (Sigh...)
The black creature puts a paw in its pouch, and is about to take something out, but at that moment...
(Captain) and the crew show up.
Vyrn: Hey! You over there! Get away from that black thing!
Airi: Huh?
Black Creature: Shnaaargle!
As soon as it sees (Captain)'s crew, the black creature reveals its hostile nature.
Black Creature: SHNAAAR!
Airi: Eek!
Lyria: (Captain)! Let's save her!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 3: Rhapsody on a Treasure Chest - Part 1 - Episode 2

After taking care of the black creature, the crew exchanges self-introductions with Airi. They learn that she's a pop idol just like Rin's group and is actually friends with them. Airi decides to tag along as they head back to reunite with Rin's group.

The party drives off the black creature and rescues Airi.
Vyrn: Are you hurt? I'm Vyrn. And you are?
Airi: Pleased to meet you! I'm Airi!
Lyria: Airi-san! I'm Lyria. And these are...
Airi and the members of (Captain)'s party each briefly introduce themselves.
Vyrn: So... Who are you, Airi?
Airi: Well, I might look like a knight right now, but, I'm actually a pop idol!
Lyria: ...A pop idol?
Lyria: U-um... might you be a friend of Rin, Uzuki, and Mio, by any chance?
Airi: Huh? You guys know them?
Vyrn: Heh! Know them? We're all friends!
Airi: "Friends"? You're already friends?
Airi: If you're all friends... does that mean you've already registered to join their group at the agency?
Lyria: Registered... at the "agency"? Um, is that like the Knickknack Shack? What kind of requests do they deal with?
Airi: Huh?
Airi: (Oh right... this is the middle of the shoot! I shouldn't be departing from the script like this!)
Airi: (All right! Time for some acting! I'll show them my amazing improvisation skills!)
Airi: Oh, it's nothing! So, about my three friends...
Vyrn: They were on an adventure together, but something came up and they got sidetracked...
Airi: I see, so that's what happened...
Lyria: Oh, but... if we catch up with those black things, we should be able to meet up with them!
Vyrn: Oh yeah, that's right! We have no time to be chatting!
Vyrn: We gotta catch up to those black things! Oh, Airi, what are you gonna do now?
Airi: Um, actually... I'm searching for a friend right now, as well...
Airi: But, I'm not sure where to start looking... so is it okay if I go with you guys?
Lyria: Of course it is! That's fine, right, (Captain)?
(Captain) happily agrees to Airi's request.
Vyrn: All righty! Come on then, Airi! Let's go after those black things together!
Airi: Got it! I'm right behind you!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 3: Rhapsody on a Treasure Chest - Part 1 - Episode 3

Airi tries her best to explain to the crew the type of treasure chest she had discovered, but to no avail. Just then, a black creature hoisting a treasure chest with Sachiko's screams coming from within passes by them. (Captain) and company dash to her rescue.

(Captain) and the crew are hot on the tail of the black creatures.
Vyrn: By the way... What does this friend of yours look like, Airi?
Airi: Well... I'd say she is about 3.9 inches shorter than Lyria.
Airi: Her hair is light purple and the ends sort of bounce upwards at the sides.
Airi: Her favorite phrase is probably "I'm the cutest girl in the world!"
Lyria: Well, if that's what we have to go on, she should be easy to find!
Vyrn: Hmm, what where you doing when she went missing?
Airi: Err, well... She opened the lid of a treasure chest in a cabin, and then BOOM, a big light burst out, then "AHHH," we fainted!
Lyria: Treasure chest?
Vyrn: "BOOM, a big light burst out"? From the chest?
Airi: No, I don't think so...
Vyrn: What sort of treasure chest was it? Do you remember any specific details?
Airi: Errrm, well, it was box shaped but... It's hard to explain...
Vyrn: Think, Airi! Did that box have any clues on it that might lead us to your friend?
Airi: Hmmm, I think if I saw it again I could explain better...
Airi: Oh! Wait! Aha! I remembered something!
Airi: Yes! It made me feel odd, you know... that feeling.
Vyrn: Huh? That feeling? What do you—
Black Creature: Shnargle! Shnargle!
Sachiko: SOMEBODY!
Black Creature: Shnargle! Shnargle! Shnargle!
As if on cue, a troupe of black creatures carrying a treasure chest passes right in front of the crew.
Lyria: Vyrn! Look!
Vyrn: Is that... Sachiko?
Airi: What a coincidence! That's my friend's name too!
Lyria: If we don't hurry, they're gonna get away again!
Vyrn: Maybe Sachiko is inside that chest, Airi!
Airi: Huh? That box they're carrying... is Sachiko-chan?
Vyrn: Well don't just stand around idly! Let's get after her!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 3: Rhapsody on a Treasure Chest - Part 1 - Episode 4

(Captain) and company are relieved to lay their hands on the treasure chest. But before Sachiko can get out, the treasure chest shuts itself once again locking her within. As if to protect Sachiko, the treasure chest bares its fangs at the crew.

Black Creature: Shnargle-argle!
(Captain) and the crew have recovered the chest from the black creatures.
Carefully, the group lifts the lid.
Sachiko: Oooh oxygen! It's delicious! Ambrosia of nature, so fresh in my lungs!
Airi: Sachiko-chan! Are you okay?
Sachiko: Huh! Airi-san! What are you doing here?
Airi: Why? Well, shouldn't I be asking you the same thing? You just popped out of a box!
Sachiko: Haha, it's like we can't get away from each other!
Vyrn: Heehee, they seem happy enough, don't they? We needn't have worried!
Lyria: Yeah, it's good that she's safe!
Sachiko: Who on earth are you guys?
Airi: Erm, well, they seem like they're friends with Rin-chan, and they're not bad people!
Airi quickly introduces (Captain) and the others.
Sachiko: So, what you're saying is... you know Rin-san and the others?
Lyria: Yeah! We were with Rin-san, we were trying to rescue you together!
Sachiko: I-I see... Well, anyway, thanks so much for saving me!
Sachiko: It must be an honor for you to be able to hang out with me, the cutest girl in the world!
Lyria: Yeah! I'm super happy that we're friends now!
Sachiko: You're my... f-friend! Th-thanks!
Suddenly, the lid of the chest slams shut.
Sachiko: Nooo! Not again!
Sachiko: I-I'm sorry! Don't shut the lid!
Vyrn: We didn't do anything!
Sachiko: The lid, it's just like before, it's chewing at the back of my head and pulling me in!
Lyria: Ch-chewing?
Sachiko: Yes, chewing! The pressure is immense!
Airi: Erm... Sachiko-chan, don't you think that this could be the chest's doing?
Sachiko: What do you mean? It's just a chest!
As if protecting Sachiko, the chest bares its fangs at the crew.
Vyrn: Astrals above, what's going on!
Lyria: We have to help Sachiko-san, (Captain)!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 4: Rhapsody on a Treasure Chest - Part 2 - Episode 1

With (Captain) and company's help, Sachiko tries to get out of the chest. But now green creatures come by to snatch away the chest with her still inside it. The crew chases after them.

(Captain) and the crew subdue the angry, fang-baring chest.
Sachiko: Ergh! This chest really didn't like me becoming friends with you!
Vyrn: Maybe it likes you, Sachiko!
Sachiko: Well, I guess it is the destiny of somebody as cute as I to be liked by everything, including treasure chests.
Sachiko: Saying that... I would really like to get out of this chest...
Sachiko: Hmm?
As Sachiko tries to get out of the chest, she disappears back inside before the crew's eyes.
Green Creature: Shnargle! Shnargle!
Green Creature: Shnargle! Shnargle!
Hoisting the boxed-up Sachiko onto their shoulders, the green creatures run off.
Sachiko: Eek! W-what's going on out there?
Vyrn: Hey! They've taken her again!
A little while later Rin, Uzuki, and Mio appear.
Mio: (Captain)-saaan! Lyriaaa! Vyrn-kuuun!
Lyria: Mio-san! You're all safe!
Rin: Yeah! You don't look too bad yourself!
Uzuki: Huh? Airi-san?
Airi: Uzuki-chan! Whoa, your costumes are super nice, they really suit you!
The girls chat for a little while, celebrating their reunion.
Sachiko: (Muffled) H-hey... don't forget about me!
Sachiko: Oh c'mon! Don't look so happy! You can chat when I'm not being eaten by a chest!
Vyrn: Uh-oh! We've forgotten about Sachiko! We should go after her, (Captain)!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 4: Rhapsody on a Treasure Chest - Part 2 - Episode 2

On (Captain) and company's way to rescue Sachiko, they find the green and black creatures at odds with each other. Airi attempts to reconcile with them in their language, but it only produces the opposite effect as the creatures band together against the crew.

Repelling the green creatures as they go, (Captain) and the crew chase after the boxed-up-Sachiko.
Following the Sachi-in-the-box, they see what seems like the green creatures and the black creatures confronting each other.
Sachiko: What's g-going on? I'm not enjoying this!
Sachiko sits frightened in the chest, being carried along by the green creatures.
Airi: Sachiko-chan! We've come to save you!
Sachiko: Airi-san?
Green Creature: Shnar?
Black Creature: Shnargle-argle?
Airi: You can't have her! Sachiko-chan is my friend!
Uzuki: Airi-san! Can you understand them?
Airi: No... It's just my intuition or something!
Uzuki: Intuition?
Mio: But still... if we can't talk to them in their own language, how can we get our message across!
Airi: Oh! That's true! Well then...
Airi: Shnargle shnargle shnaar! Snargle argle aaar... Shnargle, snar-snar.
Green Creature: Shnar!
Black Creature: Shnaaar!
Hearing Airi's words, the green and black creatures' expressions change suddenly.
Green Creature: SHNARGLE!
Black Creature: SHNARGLE!
Rin: Are they... angry?
Airi: Hmmm. I tried to ask them to return Sachiko-chan, but I might have said I want to burn her instead...
Vyrn: Great apples of fire! They're seething!
Sachiko: Do something! Anything! Just do it quickly please!
Airi: It's okay, Sachiko-chan! Even if trying to talk to them didn't work out, we'll get you out somehow!
Lyria: C'mon, everybody!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 4: Rhapsody on a Treasure Chest - Part 2 - Episode 3

The green and black creatures fight over the treasure chest containing Sachiko. Flabbergasted at Sachiko's cheerful proclamation that conflict occurs because she is so astonishingly cute, the crew nevertheless faces off against the creatures to rescue her.

Sachiko: Eeeeeek!
Black Creature: Shnargle!
Green Creature: Shnargle-argle!
Airi: Oh, (Captain)-san! The black creatures have taken Sachiko-chan now!
In the midst of the frenzied brawl between the green and black creatures, (Captain) and the crew attempt to rescue Sachiko.
Green Creature: SHNAAARGLE!
Black Creature: SHNAAAAAARGLE!
Mio: Sachi's been pulled over to the green side now, (Captain)!
(Captain) and the crew rush to and fro, as the Sachi-in-the-box is pulled back and forth by the green and black creatures.
Sachiko: Why do you all want me so badly! I know everybody loves me, but you don't have to fight! There's enough Sachiko to go around!
Vyrn: Hey, Sachiko! We're saving you right now! Just hang on!
Without answering, Sachiko hangs her head, her shoulders trembling.
Sachiko: ...Well I'm not going to be going anywhere anytime soon, am I...
Sachiko: This ugly dispute has all happened because I'm the cutest girl in the world...
Sachiko: I never realized being sooooo cute would be a problem!
Lyria: S-Sachiko-chan?
Sachiko: Teehee, well, I am the cutest in the world, no doubt about it, so this sort of stuff will happen... It can't be helped.
Sachiko: But please! Stop fighting over me, already!
Vyrn: Hey, y'know, she kinda looks like she's enjoying this whole debacle doesn't she?
  1. But she's so cute, we can't just leave her...
  2. Well, shall we leave her to it?

Choose: But she's so cute, we can't just leave her...
Sachiko: Teeheehee! Even you, (Captain)-san, can't resist my cuteness, you must be madly in love with me!
Sachiko: If I'm reeeaaally so cute, maybe you could praise me a little more?
Sachiko: Then, (Captain)-san, I hereby give you the right, nay, the privilege of being the one who rescues me, the cutest of them all.
Sachiko: It's like a gallant knight rescuing their princess from a castle tower, isn't it? Ride to my aid, as if your life depends on it!
Vyrn: That girl... she seems much more annoying all of a sudden...

Choose: Well, shall we leave her to it?
Sachiko: Huh! W-wait a minute!
Sachiko: You can't just leave me here! Where are you going? You're joking, right?
Sachiko: ...Hello? (Captain)? Anybody? This can't be happening!
Sachiko: I'm sorry! I just got caught up in the moment! Help me! Pleeeaaase!
Vyrn: That girl... she seems much more cute all of a sudden...
Continue 1
Vyrn: It can't be helped, we have to save her! Let's go, (Captain)!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Chapter 4: Rhapsody on a Treasure Chest - Part 2 - Episode 4

It turns out the green and black creatures are actually fighting not over Sachiko, but rather the chest itself. Rallied by Sachiko's "The camera crew's not going to be happy if they find out chest's missing..." (Captain) and company once again do battle with the creatures.

(Captain) and the crew have become caught up in the battle over boxed-up-Sachiko.
Extricating her is proving more difficult than expected, and boxed-up-Sachiko remains the enemy's prisoner.
Green Creature: Shnaaaaargle!
Sachiko: Ummm... You're going to be letting me out of here soon, right?
Black Creature: Shnaa-shnaaargle!
Sachiko: (Gah, I could really use a bathroom break around about now...)
(Captain) and the others have retreated somewhat to size up the enemy forces.
Vyrn: Hey, you guys! (Captain) is gonna try to rescue Sachiko again!
Airi: (Captain)! Take me with you, please!
Rin: We're coming too.
Uzuki: This time we'll get her, for sure!
Mio: Haha! We're all together on this one!
Lyria: (Captain), let's go.
United in their common cause, (Captain) and the others put all their energy into their latest attempt to free Sachiko.
Green Creature: Shnaaa-naaargle!
Black Creature: Naaa-naaa-shnaaaargle!
Just then (Captain) and the others appear in front of the green and black creatures.
Vyrn: Listen up you shnarglers! You've had your fun, now let Sachiko go!
Green Creature: Shnar?
Black Creature: Shna-nar?
Sachiko: Y-you came back for me! All of you!
Vyrn: You bet we did! (Captain), let's finish the job.
The crew forces its way in between the green and black creatures.
In the middle of this fierce fighting, boxed-in-Sachiko, true to form, finds that she somewhat enjoys being fought over.
Sachiko: Eeek!
Lyria: Now what! Sachiko-chan is over there! She's gone over to where Uzuki-san is!
Uzuki: Oh! I see her! I'll go get her!
Green Creature: Shnaaargle!
Sachiko: Wah!
Vyrn: Blazing skewers! Now she's over there!
Rin, hurry!
Rin: I see her! I'm on it!
Black Creature: Shnargle-shnar!
With (Captain) and crew joining the fray, this was now a three-way battle between the green and black creatures and the crew.
Just then, (Captain) spots a gap in the green and black creatures' defenses, and charges through to where boxed-in-Sachiko is.
Green Creature: Shnargle?
Black Creature: Shnargle!
The chest is thrown off balance, and, in an instant, spits Sachiko out.
Sachiko: Gah!
Airi: Sachiko?
Rin: There she is! Quick, go grab her!
Uzuki: On my way!
Mio: Out of my way, I'm the fastest!
In a flash, all four idols launch themselves toward Sachiko.
Sachiko: Oof!
Just before they crash to the ground, Airi, Rin, Uzuki, and Mio bundle Sachiko up in their arms.
Airi: Phew! We made it!
Sachiko: Huff haaa haaa... Th-thank you so much...
Mio: Hehe! We've got our Sachi back!
Freeing Sachiko lifts the crew's spirits.
Green Creature: Shnargle!
Black Creature: Shna-!
But the black and green creatures ignore Sachiko, and continue to struggle over the treasure chest.
Vyrn: Huh? What is going on here!
A question mark floats above the crew members' heads.
Lyria: Um.... In other words... that... (Captain)?
(Captain) hears Lyria's words but can only nod dumbly.
Just then Sachiko gets to her feet, looking immensely proud.
Sachiko: Heeheehee. Oh I'm so glad that one as cute as I has not one scratch on her!
Uzuki: You're... welcome?
Sachiko: Now then everybody! I, the cutest girl in the universe, have one final favor to ask of you all!
Rin: A favor?
Sachiko: Get that treasure chest back for me! That chest was originally a piece of scenery used for a film shoot...
Sachiko: If it gets out that it was removed from the set, we'll be in big trouble with the prop master!
Airi: Oh! I think she's right!
Mio: I guess there's nothing for it, Sachi! It's time for the ultimate battle-to-end-all-battles!
Vyrn: All right, leave this to us! Now that we've got Sachiko we don't have to hold back!
Sachiko: Very well, (Captain)! Everybody! Give it your all! Do this for me.
Sachiko: (Those creatures, how dare they... There's quite a price to pay if you toy with the pure heart of a maiden such as I!)

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Ending

Sachiko and Airi return to the crew's airship in advance. As they continue to search for clues on a way to return to their world, they decide to open up the chest again. An intense flash of light engulfs them and they find themselves back home in the world they came from. They wonder if it was all but a dream, but the green and black lint stuck to their clothes suggests that their adventure in the skies was much more than a mere dream.

(Captain) successfully retrieves the chest from the black and green creatures.
The crew reports in on its success at the village, and returns to the airship.
Several days later...
Sachiko: Wow... We're really flying...
Airi: Hard to believe, isn't it?
Sachiko: It's not special effects, we're really flying on a huge ship...
Airi: The breeze feels so nice.
Sachiko: Yeah, I guess it does.
Airi: I wonder what those green and black things were fighting about, though?
Sachiko: Maybe it was about territory or something...
Airi: The chest seemed really important to them. Maybe it was a symbol of power or something?
Sachiko: We never got a chance to ask them about it, so I guess we'll never know.
Airi: I wish we could have asked them.
Sachiko and Airi gaze at the endless expanse of violet sky that stretches out before them.
Sachiko: We're in a completely different world now.
Sachiko: How are we supposed to get home?
Airi: Producer-san and the others must be really worried.
Sachiko: I feel so sorry for them, worlds apart from a girl as cute as me...
A solemn atmosphere descends on Airi and Sachiko.
Airi: Sachiko-chan...
Sachiko: What is it?
Airi: I'm sorry...
Sachiko: Huh? Airi-san! What are you talking about?
Airi: Back then...if I hadn't suggested exploring the set, we would never have...
Sachiko: You can't blame yourself! I'm the one who opened the chest! We're both in this together.
Airi: Hee hee... Thanks, Sachiko-chan.
Sachiko: You don't have to worry, Airi-san. I mean it!
Airi and Sachiko fall silent, staring out at the calm sea of clouds.
As if to break them out of their reverie, a sharp gust of wind blows between the two girls.
Airi: Come to think of it, where is that chest now?
Sachiko: Hmm... It must be somewhere on this ship, right?
Airi: Hee hee. How about we go and search for it together?
Sachiko: Yeah! It might give us some kind of clue to getting back home!
Airi and Sachiko search the ship, eventually finding the chest in the corner of one of the cabins.
Airi: Ah! Here it is!
Sachiko: Hmm... It looks so normal now.
The chest suddenly starts to make strange noises.
Sachiko: This... The same thing happened before...
Airi: Sachiko-chan...
Sachiko: Airi-san... I'm going to open it again.
Sachiko: C-Could you stay with me while I do?
Sachiko reaches out a trembling hand toward the chest.
Airi: Of course. We're in this together, right?
Airi slips her hand into Sachiko's with a reassuring smile.
The two nod to each other.
Sachiko: Ready?
Airi: Sure.
Sachiko & Airi: Here we go!
The moment the chest's lid is thrown open, light floods out from within.
The dazzling light fills the entire room.
Sachiko: Urrrgh...
Airi: Are you okay, Sachiko-chan?
Sachiko: Yeah... How about you?
Airi: I'm fine. I must have fallen asleep or something.
Sachiko glances around the room.
Sachiko: Yeah, I must have, too...
Airi: Well, there's no point in staying in this room any more.
Exiting the cabin, Sachiko and Airi hear a distant clamor nearby.
Following the noise, the girls step out onto the deck to find a group of stagehands hard at work.
Staff Member: Oh, Totoki-san, Koshimizu-san! Good morning!
Sachiko: Huh? Oh, right! Good morning!
Airi: Morning...
Sachiko: The ship seems different. What happened to the rest of the crew?
Staff Member: Oh, you're already in character! You're such a pro!
Sachiko: Um, right!
Staff Member: The other cast members will be arriving soon, I think.
Staff Member: Would you two mind waiting over there for now?
Airi: Sure... Thank you very much.
The two idols take a seat, waiting for the rehearsal to begin.
Sachiko: Airi-san! Was it all just a dream?
Airi: I guess... It must have been a dream, right?
Airi: Huh?
Airi reaches out and plucks something from Sachiko's outfit.
Airi: Sachiko-chan, hold out your hand.
Sachiko: Huh?
Airi places something that looks like tufts of green and black fur into Sachiko's hand.
Sachiko: Huh? Is this...?
Airi: Hee hee. Maybe it wasn't a dream after all?
Sachiko and Airi share a secretive smile.
The staff member from before approaches.
Staff Member: It looks like most of the cast is here now, so if you'd like to follow me?
Airi & Sachiko: Right!
The set had suddenly become much busier.
Airi: The only thing that's left is to give this performance our best shot!
Sachiko: Hee hee, it's bound to be a great movie. It's got the cutest girl in the world in it, after all!
Staff Member: Totoki-san and Koshimizu-san are here!
Airi and Sachiko take a moment to stretch and take a deep breath.
Airi & Sachiko: Good morning everyone! We'll do our best today!
The whole set comes alive, infected with the girls' enthusiasm.
A spotlight shines down on Airi and Sachiko.
This glimmering stage is only the beginning...
"Cinderella Fantasy: Keep Dreaming in the Sky"
The End

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Day 1

???: H-huh? What's going on?
???: This is weird... Even if I open my eyes, it's still dark...
???: It's kinda cramped in here.
???: W-where am I?
???: W-w-why am I here?

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Day 2

Airi: Hmmm, this outfit... it's a little tight.
Before a rehearsal, Airi is backstage looking in a mirror, testing her sword.
Airi: Super swordsmaster Airi, at your service! HYAAH! RAAAH! HI-YAAH!
Airi: Oh no! My button's pinged off... Where did it go?
Airi: Well, this is a problem... If I don't find it soon, then...
Airi: I'll be late for rehearsal!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Day 3

Green Creature: S-shnargle?
Rin: Phew, are you okay, everybody?
Uzuki: Yes! Teehee! I was able win as a trio with Mio-chan and Rin-chan!
Mio: Right! Shiburin, Shimamu! Let's keep going! Onto the next one! Next!
Lyria: Heehee, Mio's really revved up!
Mio: I sure am, Lyria! I'm just so happy I could reunite with everybody!
Vyrn: Hey, you guys! C'mon, let's take a break before we do anything!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Day 4

Green Creature: Shnargle?
Green Creature: Shnaaar... shnargle argle!
???: Eeeeeep... What's that creepy noise I can hear?
Green Creature: Shnargle shnar...
Green Creature: Shnargle!
???: Eeek! W-where's that sudden shaking coming from!
???: Is somebody out there! Please let me out of here!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Day 5

Green Creature: Shnaaar!
Black Creature: Nyaaar!
Mio: Nice one, Shimamu!
Uzuki: Teehee! Peace!
Mio: By the way, where have Sachi and (Captain)'s crew got to?
Rin: Maybe we should go and find them... but, these green and black things are in the way, we'll have to get rid of them!
Mio: That's just what I expect from you, Shiburin!
Rin: Mio, Uzuki, we need to hurry!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Day 6

The green and black creatures are all scrambling for the boxed up Sachiko.
Black Creature: Shnargle!
Sachiko: AAAAAAH!
Green Creature: Shnargle argle!
Sachiko: Why are you guys always going shnargle argle argle? Why! WHY!
Sachiko: Somebody! Anybody! Heeelp meee!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Day 7

Airi: (Captain), look!
Airi: I think I'm super good at action scenes, but... what do you think?
Darn it! That button has pinged off again!
Airi: Where did that pesky thing go... Can you help me find it? It's my favorite button...
Airi: Oh, you will? Thanks, (Captain), you're the best!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Day 8

Sachiko: Erm, (Captain)...
Sachiko: Did you help me get out of that treasure chest?
  1. Of course I helped.
  2. I haven't helped yet...
  3. Yes, yes, I helped.
  4. I'm sorry, it was impossible...

Choose: Of course I helped.
Sachiko: Teehee! I guess you can't help it!
Sachiko: Since it was a cutie like me that was in trouble, I bet you worked tirelessly to save me, not even sparing time to sleep!
Sachiko: But remember, you should also worship me as the cutest in the skies tirelessly too!

Choose: I haven't helped yet...
Sachiko: Teehee! I guess it was inevitable, you just had to help somebody as cute as—
Hey, what do you mean "yet"!

Choose: Yes, yes, I helped.
Sachiko: Huh! Why did you answer like that?
Sachiko: I've been saved, you should be delighted! How about trying to be a bit happier?
Sachiko: (Did they really help me? For some reason, I think they probably didn't...)

Choose: I'm sorry, it was impossible...
Sachiko: W-what? What was impossible!
Sachiko: Hahaha, you're joking, right? But then... what were you doing until now?
Sachiko: I can't believe somebody as cute as me got locked in a treasure chest!
Sachiko: Huh! Where are you going! Don't ignore me!
Sachiko: You have to save me before the event ends!
Sachiko: Please! Help me, quickly!
Continue 1

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Day 9

Vyrn: Woo! Rin, Uzuki, Mio, you guys look like you've become proper skyfarers!
Rin: Really? I'm not sure I feel particularly skyfarer-y...
Vyrn: Heehee, every pop idol inherently has the makings of a skyfarer in them!
Mio: Hmm, well both pop idols and skyfarers act for someone else... So, I guess in that way they might be similar?
Lyria: I'm going to carry on looking for a place where you three pop idols can put on a performance.
Mio: Ooo! Yes, yes! So, once we have finished with the request, everybody can think of something!
Rin: Great idea! Now that we've all been reunited, I really wanna perform with you girls!
Uzuki: Yeah! So let's work hard and finish up this job!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Day 10

Airi: Sachiko-chan! Oh, it's terrible!
Sachiko: W-what is it! Why are you in such a fluster!
Airi: Somehow or other, I feel...
Sachiko: Yeeeeees?
Airi: I feel like I'm in a different realm!
Sachiko: Huh? Err... yes.
(She's only just noticed now?)
Airi: I thought that the shooting of our film was weird!
Sachiko: B-but Airi-san... You've been talking to everybody just like normal...
Airi: Yeah! I thought it was for a scene! I was trying to get in character!
Sachiko: Ah, I see...
Airi: Oh, no... I left all my laundry drying in my house...
Sachiko: (Sigh)
Airi: Well, worrying about it isn't gonna get us home!
Airi: Coming here is like going on holiday to another country. We should enjoy it!
Airi: So, Sachiko-chan, let's go and have fun together, yeah?
Sachiko: O-okay! I'll hang out with you if you'd like me to.
(Airi-san is really something...)

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~ - Day 11

Vyrn: This is the last day we have to spend fighting these guys!
Mio: Well done, everybody! Let's make one last push and get through this with smiles on our faces.
Rin: Are you ready? We should try our very best so we don't regret anything!
Uzuki: Yeah! Let's try super hard, but remember to smile, too!
Lyria: Teehee, you're all really upbeat!
Airi: Leave it to me! Today is Airi day!
Sachiko: Heehee! I, the cutest pop idol of them all, am invincible! So, seeing as I'm gonna be there, it'll be fine!
Sachiko: (I'm getting on pretty well with these guys… Right?)
Sachiko: (Keep working hard for me, everybody, no sleep until you're done!)
Vyrn: Right! You all seem ready, so let's go!