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Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls on a Quest~ - Opening

Having all changed into costume for a movie shoot, Rin, Uzuki and Ranko are in the waiting room. However, the three girls are suddenly wrapped in a mysterious light. When Rin awakens, her friends are nowhere to be seen. Instead, a giant, green creature is looming toward her.

Uzuki: Hey, Rin! What do you think of this costume?
Rin: Heehee… It suits you!
Rin: You seem so excited. Well, I understand how you feel.
Uzuki: Yeah! You don't get to shoot a fantasy film every day, after all!
Uzuki: And everyone's going to be in it! I have to thank Mr. Producer!
Rin: You're right. This is our big chance after all. Let's make the most of it… (yawn)…
Uzuki: Oh, Rin, are you tired? Let me guess. You were up all night reading the script?
Rin: …Yeah. I didn't really have a good idea of the fantasy world, so I wanted to brush up a little.
Uzuki: Ahaha… It's definitely not easy to act in a fantasy movie, is it?
Ranko: Drown in the darkness!
(Translation: Good work everyone!)
Ranko: My brethren! Behold the wings of my awakened form!
(Check out this costume, everyone!)
Ranko: Mwa ha ha! Long have I awaited this moment!
(I can't believe this day's finally come!)
Rin: Good morning, Ranko. Something tells me you won't have any problems with the shoot…
Rin: Humph. I'm going to give it my all, too.
Uzuki: All right! I'm going to play the hero's part perfectly?
Uzuki: Huh? Something's glowing? What could it..?
Rin: Huh? Uzuki… She vanished?
Ranko: This light… could it be, perchance…? Mwa ha ha… The time of guidance has come!
Rin: Wha-? Ranko too?
Rin: Huh? And now… me? What on earth…?
Rin: Unn… The light died down?
Rin: Huh? Is this… outside? Are the others…?
Rin: Huh? An earthquake?
???: Schnaaaaargle!
Rin: Huh? What was that?
Vyrn: Hey, are you OK? Not a good time to be spacing out!
Rin: What is this? The stuffed toy's talking to me?
Vyrn: I'm not a stuffed toy! Come on, (Captain)! Let's show this Primal Beast who's boss!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls on a Quest~ - Ending

After reuniting with her two friends, Rin is eager to search for a way to return to her original world. But, it turns out that she had dozed off in the waiting room, and everything had just been a dream.

Ranko: Ahhhh… A blue wind caresses my feathers…
Uzuki: Wow! The sky's so vast… The island I was on was so tiny…
Rin: Hmm… You're right. These Airships are amazing things.
Vyrn: Whew… The requests to cull those green things have died down, so that's one thing outta the way!
Vyrn: Good thing you guys were able to meet again after being separated and all. Bit of a strange reunion back there, but hey.
Lyria: That's right! It's so reassuring to be around your friends!
Rin: Yeah, about that… We really can't thank (Captain) and you guys enough.
Lyria: Oh, but you three still have to find a way to return to your own world.
Vyrn: Travelling to another world, huh… If you ask me, that sounds harder than our search for the Sky Map Pieces…
Uzuki: It'll be fine! We're all together now, so we'll find a way for sure!
Ranko: Mwa ha ha… My magic brims with power, rendering the impossible possible!
(I'll help too!)
Rin: …I guess it'll turn out all right, then.
And so Rin wished for a way back home. In order to return to her original world, she faced numerous adventures…
???: Rin! Wake up, Rin!
Rin: Uhn..? Uzuki..?
Rin: Huh, this place is? Where's the sky?
Uzuki: The sky? Heehee, were you dreaming, Rin?
Ranko: Hast thou been entranced by the Book of Magic?
(You dozed off while reading the script, didn't you?)
Uzuki: Come on, the shoot is gonna begin soon, so snap out of it!
Rin: All right, all right, Uzuki! Ugh… So I fell asleep? …Then, all that just now was…
Rin: (That was a pretty long dream. My head's still kind of fuzzy…)
Rin: (What a crazy place that was. Islands floating in the sky, talking stuffed toys…)
Rin: (Uzuki and Ranko were there, too… Some of the people were pretty cool… It wasn't too bad, really…)
Uzuki: Oh, looks like Mio and the others have finished changing! Rin, let's go quick!
Rin: Uh, yeah. Hold on, I'm coming.
Rin: (Now I think about it, I think there was someone else I know in the dream…)