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Cinderella Fantasy ~Keep Dreaming in the Sky~ - Opening[edit]

Having changed into their costumes ready for the shoot, Mio, Mika, and Kirari are hurrying to the set, when, out of nowhere, Mio is engulfed in light. Mio closes her eyes from the dazzling light, and when she opens them she finds herself in an unfamiliar forest. There she encounters (Captain) and the crew.

Watch scene in game

Mika: Look, Mio! Quick, quick! Everyone's waiting!
Mio: Heeey! Wait up!
Mio: Hey, Mika. What's going on with your collar?
Mika: Nothing’s going on with it! Look, it’s ‘cos you slept in that Rin and the others are being kept waiting!
Mio: Nnargh, I’m sorry! It’s just, this morning I was having such a strange dream…
Mika: A strange dream?
Mio: Well, Uzuki and Shiburin had these swords, and they were clanging them about as they were fighting!
Mika: Oh, Mio! You've been playing too many video games!
Mika: Come on, let's go. Hmm… Where are we shooting the first scene again?
Kirari: Heyloooo!
Kirari: Hey, you guys changed! Oh, you both look sooo cute!
Mio: You've changed too! Oooooooh, your costume is so cool! It's even got a shield!
Mika: Leave the compliments for later, we've got to go already! Everyone's waiting, remember?
Mio: Then watch out, Mio is taking the lead!
Mio: Huh, what's going on? What's this light, all of a sudden?
Mika: M-Mio! What's going on? Don't tell me they've starting shooting already!
Kirari: Oh my goodness! Mio that's so cooool! How are you doing that?
Mio: Wha?? I have no idea. What's happening to me?
Mio: Huh?
Mio: Huff… What was that just now? It was so bright.
Vyrn: Hey! Who are you! Where did ya come from?
Mio: What? A stuffed animal…but it talked? Is it a prop?
Vyrn: I'm no stuffed animal! There's no time for this though, watch out!
Mio: Wha??
???: Shnargle….
Mio: Heeeey! What is this? Has the shoot started already or something?
Vyrn: Where in Sky World is this girl from?
Lyria: I've no idea. It suddenly got really bright, and before I knew it, there she was.
???: Shnargle!
Vyrn: In any case, we need to deal with this green thing! Let's go, (Captain)!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Keep Dreaming in the Sky~ - Ending[edit]

Everyone is happy that the three are reunited, but Mika is concerned that they do not know the way back to their original world. Mio tries to cheer her up, and Kirari says that even if they become separated she will become big again and find them. Everyone follows Kirari’s instructions, and she starts to grow again. Just then, Mio opens her eyes to find it was all a dream. Feeling refreshed, Mio dashes off toward the set, with Mika and Kirari in tow.

Watch scene in game

Kirari: Oooooooh, Mr. Lizard, your belly is all squishy! Like a big bowl of jello!
Vyrn: I keep telling you, I'm not a lizard… If only you'd listen…
Lyria: Everyone, I'm really glad you were reunited!
Mika: Thank you! But… the trouble isn't over yet…
Lyria: Huh? What do you mean?
Mika: Well, we still need to get home…
Mika: But, you don't even know how we got here in the first place…
Mio: There's nothing to worry about, Mika! We're together again, after all!
Mio: As long as we are together we'll be OK! Right…? Mika?
Mika: Pfft! Well, I guess so, but..
Mika: That's exactly why we need to make sure not to get split up again.
Kirari: Noooo probelmo! Cos' even if we did get split up…
Kirari: I'd just become super big again and find everyone in a jiffy!
Vyrn: Now that you mention it, can Kirari become big again if she wants to?
Lyria: I wonder… I absorbed all the excess power, but…
Kirari: If everyone shares their happiness with me, then I can become even bigger than before! Waaaay bigger!
Lyria: I'm not so sure that's how this works…
Kirari: Gahahaha! KIRARI POWER! The source of all my chirpiness!
Vyrn: Kirari… power? (What goes on in this girl's head?)
Kirari: That's right! Mr. Lizard, Lyria, come on, say it with me… KIRARI POWER!
Kirari: Come on, everyone! Mio, and Mika, and you too, (Captain)!
Mika: It's a bit embarrassing, gathering around like this…
Mio: I'm getting into it! Look, (Captain)is feeling it too!
Kirari: Nyowah!
Mio: What! She- she actually got bigger!
Mio: But, how? Kirari, what are you doing?
Mio: Kirari! You musn't smash up the buildings!
Mika: Mio! Mio, are you all right?
Mio: Huh? Was it… a dream?
Mio: Yeah, I must have been dreaming. However big Kirari may be, that was a little too far…
???: Nyowah!
Mio: Huh?
Kirari: Boy oh boy! That earquake was soooo shaky!
Mio: So… it was a dream…
Kirari: Ah! The shoot is about to start! We need to gather on set!
Mika: Aaaaah! She's right! C'mon Mio, we need to go!
Mio: (So, it was all a dream… It was pretty crazy… But still…)
Mio: It was fun…
Mika: Mio?
Mio: Oh, nothing!
Mio: Right, let's go! Mika! Kirari! The stage is all ours!