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Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - Opening

Pop idols Miria Akagi and Anastasia take a little nap before their main performance and awake in a glittering world of snow. As if that wasn't shocking enough, a jolly-looking giant runs past them. This series of mysterious occurrences leaves the two dumbfounded.

Miria: Good morning!
Anastasia: Dobroye utro... Good morning, Miria.
Anastasia—busy rehearsing lines—looks up at her jubilant co-star Miria Akagi and gently smiles.
Miria: Hehe! This'll be our first time performing together. I'm really looking forward to it, Anya-chan!
Miria: Today's gonna be a blast!
Anastasia: Da... I think so too. Tee hee, your costume is so cute!
Anastasia: Koldun... Ah, is it supposed to be a witch's costume?
Miria: That's right! One swing of my wand and out comes a dazzling magic spell!
Miria: And you'll be playing a swordswoman, Anya-chan? Your costume's super cute. You could pass for a fairy!
Anastasia: Spasibo... Thanks, Miria.
Miria: Hehe, I can't wait for the real thing! That reminds me! Since there's still time, why don't we have a rehearsal?
Anastasia: Da, that sounds good. Let's rehearse.
Miria: Yawn... Curse thee, naughty monster... Your days... are numbered...
Anastasia: Miria, did you do your best during practice? And did you get enough sleep?
Miria: Yeah, but... I was so excited to go onstage with you that... well...
Miria: I hardly got any sleep... Yawn...
Anastasia: Tee hee. We have time until the performance. I think it's okay if you want to rest.
Miria: Yeah... I think I'll take a little nap...
Anastasia: Yawn... Sonnyy... Me too...
The two snuggle up to each other and fall asleep in the greenroom.
Miria: Achoo... Hm?
Miria: Huh? What the?
Anastasia: Yawn... Miria? What's wrong?
Anastasia: Da ty chto...
The two awake to find themselves in a glistening, silver world of snow.
Although shocked at their sudden change of environs, an even greater surprise awaits.
Villager 2: Hold it right there!
Give us back our livestock!
Jolly Giant: ...
Both Girls: ...
Miria: Hm?

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - A Gigantic Encounter - Episode 1

While Anastasia and Miria stand agape at the giant running past them, mysterious green monsters approach from behind. Miria swings her wand in fear, which surprisingly releases a barrage of flames that subdues the monsters. Unfortunately this only causes the monsters to redouble their attack. Fortunately (Captain) appears to save the girls in the nick of time.

Anastasia and Miria have been transported to another world. Soon after waking, they witness villagers chasing a giant.
Both Girls: ...
The two are still reeling from the shock of it all.
Vyrn: Hey! Look behind you, girls!
Miria: Eep! Ah, umm... Behind us?
The sudden call for attention helps the two come to their senses. They turn around to see...
Green Monster: Shnargle! Shnargle-argle!
Miria: Yikes! W-what is this?
Anastasia: Kukla... A doll? But it govorit'... I mean, said shnargle-shnargle, yes?
Green Monster: Shnargle?
Miria: Huh? Eep! No, don't come any closer!
Miria swings her wand in desperation, drawing a magic circle to unleash a barrage of flames.
Green Monster: Shnargle! Shnar-shnargle...
Miria: Huh?
Anastasia: Molodezh! Amazing! But how did you do that, Miria?
Miria: Um... I'm not so sure myself.
Green Monsters: Shnargle!
Anastasia: Aaah!
Green Monsters: Shnar-shnargle!
The green monsters chase after the two, but (Captain) appears to drive them away in the nick of time.
Lyria: Whew, that was a close one. Are you okay?
Anastasia: Da. Thank you.
Vyrn: No need to thank us. Besides, this ain't over yet! Let's go, (Captain)!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - A Gigantic Encounter - Episode 2

Anastasia uses her ice magic to fight alongside (Captain) and succeeds in driving off the monsters. Miria, Anastasia, and the crew head toward a village in the snowy mountains to sit down and make sense of everything that's happened.

Anastasia: Hah!
Green Monster: Shnargle...
Miria: Wow! You can use magic too, Anya-chan?
Anastasia: Da... So it seems. How strange.
Vyrn: Phew, looks like that was the last one... Hehe, you girls are pretty tough!
Miria: Wow! Anya-chan, look! It's a flying lizard! C'mere, little guy!
Vyrn: What! I ain't no flying lizard!
Anastasia: Is this... mechta? A dream? I don't know...
Anastasia: Tee hee... I'm having fun though.
Vyrn: Sorry to barge in on the fun, but who are you girls?
Lyria: Are you skyfarers? Were you sent here to help?
Miria: Skybearers? Nah! Me and Anastasia are pop idols!
Miria: We're all about helping other people out with our cheers though! Hip hip hooray!
Vyrn: I was thinking of reinforcements, not a cheer squad, but okay.
Anastasia: Hm? Reinforcements?
Vyrn: Yeah. In fact, around these parts, there's been—
Lyria: Achoo!
Villager 3: Er, it's a little cold to talk out here, don't you think? How about warming yourselves up at the village?
Vyrn: Great idea! Care to tag along, girls?
Anastasia: Da... Okay. There are many things we want to ask too.
Miria, Anastasia, and the crew head for the nearby village.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - A Gigantic Encounter - Episode 3

At the village Miria and Anastasia learn that they've been transported to a different world and ask about possible ways to return to their home world. That's when the village gong suddenly sounds. The crew head outside to find a jolly-looking giant standing before them. The villagers are up in arms, ready to drive off the giant and protect their livestock. The crew joins the villagers for this battle.

Anastasia and Miria follow (Captain) and company to a snowy mountain village.
As everyone chats in the village's large cafeteria, the two girls learn that they are now in a different world.
Miria: Um, so... this world isn't a dream?
Vyrn: Hm... At the very least, it's different from the one you were living in before, it sounds like.
Anastasia: Mm... We really are in a fantasy world.
Anastasia: I'm a little worried... but I'm a little excited too.
Miria: Yup! Which means you're real and not just some stuffed animal, Vyrn-kun!
Vyrn: Of course I ain't no doll! And I ain't no lizard either!
Miria: Then what are you? Anya-chan, what do you think Vyrn-kun is?
Anastasia: Hm... A gekkon?
Lyria: G-gekkon?
Anastasia: Ah, that means gecko.
Vyrn: Oh, now I get it!
Vyrn: Wait, a gecko? I ain't no gecko!
Miria: Hehehe... Huh?
Miria: Huhhhhh?
Vyrn: What's wrong? Why the sudden panic attack?
Miria: Anya-chan! T-the performance! What are we gonna do about the performance?
Anastasia: Hmm, not good... We're not going to make it back in time.
Anastasia: The producer will be upset...
Miria: W-what should we do?
Miria: Hey, everyone! You guys must know a way for us to return to our world!
Lyria: Umm... I'm so sorry. I can't think of anything...
(Captain) shakes their head apologetically.
Miria: Sigh... So that's how it is, huh...
Vyrn: Sorry, guys. Really wish we could help, but we've got our hands full right now.
Anastasia: Ah, because of the gigant? That big person we saw earlier?
Just as (Captain) tries to answer...
Shout: It's heere!
It's heeere!
Warning bells and shrieks can be heard from outside the cafeteria.
Vyrn: Not good! Here we go, (Captain)!
Anastasia and Miria follow along as the crew rushes out the door.
???: ...
Miria: Y-you're that giant we saw earlier!
Villager 2: We must drive him away and protect our livestock!
The villagers take up their weapons to fight off the giant.
Jolly Giant: ...
Vyrn: Oh no, it's already here!
Lyria: (Captain)! Let's save the villagers!
(Captain) nods, weapon in hand.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - A Gigantic Encounter - Episode 4

The crew learns more about the legendary giant Frankurt. He suddenly showed up one day to raid the village and plunder its livestock and has since done so repeatedly. As a result the villagers have requested highly-skilled skyfarers to take down the giant once and for all. (Captain) and Miria offer to help. Anastasia, on the other hand, gazes into the distance, curious as to why the giant looked so upset when he ran off.

Jolly Giant: ...
The giant breathes a loud sigh before scampering off, forfeiting its battle against the crew.
Just then, Miria and Lyria detect a fragrant scent.
Miria: Sniff, sniff... Does anyone else smell that?
Lyria: It smells a little like meat, doesn't it? Mm... Whatever it is, it smells delicious!
Villager 1: It always smells like that when he comes around.
Anastasia: The gigant... What kind of person is he?
Villager 2: He is Frankurt, a giant spoken of in legend throughout these snowy mountains.
The villagers begin to explain everything they know about the giant.
The tale of the legendary giant was passed down through generations, until he suddenly showed up one day without warning.
He has attacked the village numerous times, plundering a great number of livestock on each occasion. His reasons for doing so are unclear.
The troubled villagers have sent in requests for skilled skyfarers to take down the giant, but so far none have succeeded.
Miria: I see... But why do you call the big guy Frankurt?
Villager 3: Hm... Frankurt is a term we use around these parts. It refers to a person who's genuine and doesn't put on airs.
Villager 2: We thought well of him at first. Who could doubt that genuine smile of his?
Villager 3: But now it's just disgusting! Why did he have to go and take our livestock?
Villager 1: Well, whatever the case, we were able to fight him off this time thanks to you. Thank you.
Vyrn: Pushing him back was the best we could do. He could come back any time.
Anastasia: Please be careful.
Vyrn: Yeah, so... that's why we're not exactly free to help you girls right now. Sorry.
Miria: It's nothing to apologize over, Vyrn-kun! Besides, we'd like to help!
Lyria: You'll help us? As in help protect the village from Frankurt?
Miria: That's right! The villagers are having a hard time. I want to lend them a hand!
Vyrn: Are you sure? Won't that producer guy be upset if you don't head back to your world soon?
Miria: I'm sure our producer will understand if we explain the situation! At least, I'd like to think so...
Miria: Besides, our producer will be even more upset if we were to leave these people in constant fear with no hope of happiness!
Miria: I'm an idol who brings smiles to everyone's faces! That's why I have to help everyone!
Vyrn: Hehehe, you might be young, but you've got a heart of gold. We gladly accept your help, Miria!
Villager 1: Ah, those wizards will be joining our fight, then? That's a tremendous relief!
Villager 2: This is cause for celebration! We can only offer meager fare and lodgings, but we're happy to have you.
Vyrn: Meager is right. The food here is—
Lyria: V-Vyrn, don't!
Villager 3: It is merely the truth. We apologize, but there simply is no one here capable of cooking a proper meal...
Miria: There's no need to apologize! We're just glad to have any food at all!
Miria: Right, Anya-chan?
Anastasia: ...
Miria: Anya-chan? Hey!
Anastasia: Sorry... Da... I'll help too, of course. I want to bring smiles back to the villagers as much as anyone.
Anastasia: But just one thing worries me.
Anastasia: Gigant... The big man... He looked very sad.
Anastasia looks curiously in the direction the giant ran off to.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - The Crying Giant - Episode 1

(Captain) and company struggle in their search for the giant. Along the way Miria befriends a few animals who lead the crew to the giant's location. To everyone's surprise they find the giant frolicking with the animals, but he runs away the moment he realizes he's being watched. Miria wonders: can a giant so beloved by animals truly be as terrible as the villagers say?

Miria: Mr. Giant! Frankurt-san!
Lyria: Looks like he's not around...
The crew has split up to look for Frankurt, the giant.
With Miria and Anastasia bolstering their ranks, the villagers decide it's time to seek out the giant themselves.
But no matter how much they search the mountains, there's no sign of the giant.
Vyrn: Geez, considering how big he is, he sure knows how to keep himself hidden.
Miria: Ah!
Vyrn: Hm? You found something?
Miria: Yeah! I found a raccoon!
Raccoon?: ...
Lyria: Aww! Look how cute it is!
Miria: Hey, come here. I'll give you a nice back rub!
The friendly-looking raccoon approaches Miria.
Miria: Haha! Aren't you just adorable!
Vyrn: Sigh. We didn't come here looking for a raccoon...
Squirrel: ...
Rabbit: ...
As Miria pets the raccoon, one animal after another emerges from the bushes to gather around Miria.
Miria: Hahaha! They're all so friendly!
Miria: Hey, no licking! Haha! All right, now it's my turn for a little mischief!
Raccoon?: ...
Lyria: Wow! I can't believe how friendly those animals are being!
Vyrn: That's for sure. But we don't really have time to play with animals, Miria.
Miria: Haha! I bet these little guys know where that giant went. Let me try asking!
Miria: Hey, everyone! Do any of you know about the giant that lives around here?
Animals: !
The animals begin marching into the forest as if to guide Miria.
Miria: Yay! Looks like they know something! Let's see where they lead us!
Vyrn: Whoa! Is Miria incredible or what?
The crew follow the animals deep into the forest where they find a most surprising spectacle.
Animals: ...
Frankurt: ...
The giant appears to be playing happily with the animals.
To show their affection, the animals climb onto the giant's shoulders and fingertips, snuggling happily against his colossal frame.
Frankurt: ...
Miria: Wow, that's amazing! The animals love him even more than they love me!
Frankurt: !
The moment the giant spots the crew, however, the animals scatter.
Frankurt: ...
Vyrn: Careful, guys. He might be getting ready to attack.
Frankurt: ...
Although the crew remains wary, the giant runs off at incredible speed.
Vyrn: Wh-what did I just see?
Miria: Hm...
Miria: (It's hard to imagine him being a bad person when the animals love him so much...)
Miria mulls over this strange turn of events as she looks in the direction of the giant's escape path.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - The Crying Giant - Episode 2

Some time after bumping into the giant, Anastasia looks up at the beautiful night sky. She then spots the giant nearby, who has been moved to tears by such a beautiful sight. Anastasia calls out to the giant in a gentle voice, but he simply runs off. Anastasia wonders: can a giant who weeps at the starry night sky truly be such a terrible person?

Some time has passed since the crew found the giant playing with animals in the forest, and the sun has long since set.
Vyrn: Hm, it's already dark. Probably gonna get dangerous from here on out. Let's pack it up and try again tomorrow.
Anastasia: Da, that's right. Strange though, isn't it? The sun has set, and yet there's still light.
Anastasia looks up at the sky and opens her eyes wide.
Anastasia: Krasivaya...
Anastasia: It's beautiful. So many zvezdas... I mean stars. They're shining bright.
Anastasia: And there are so many I've never seen before. The way they twinkle is so beautiful.
Vyrn: Hm? Aren't stars all the same?
Anastasia: Nyet... No, they are not. Size, brightness, color... They have many differences.
Lyria: Hehe... You know so much about the stars, Anya-chan.
Anastasia: Only a little. But I love zvezdas—I mean stars. I think they're beautiful.
Anastasia: Tee hee...
Anastasia laughs happily before noticing a nearby boulder move ever so slightly.
Anastasia: Chto?
Frankurt: ...
Anastasia: ...!
Lyria: What's the giant doing in a place like this?
(Captain) draws a weapon in a hurry.
Anastasia: Podozhdite! Wait!
Anastasia holds (Captain) back.
Anastasia: Slezy... He's crying.
(Captain) looks up at the giant.
Frankurt: ...
The giant peers up at the night sky and weeps openly.
Lyria: Is he getting emotional because of the stars?
Anastasia: Navernoye... Probably.
Anastasia: Gigant... Um...
Frankurt: ...!
Anastasia: You like the zvezdas—the stars—too? Aren't they beautiful?
Frankurt: ...
Anastasia: Vy—I mean you—understand how beautiful the stars are, don't you?
Anastasia speaks calmly to the giant.
Frankurt: ...!
Anastasia: Ah...
But the giant does not respond, choosing to run away instead.
Anastasia: ...
Vyrn: Geez, what's up with him?
Anastasia: I don't know, but...
Anastasia: (He doesn't seem like a bad person...)
Anastasia thinks calmly to herself as she remembers the giant's tears.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - The Crying Giant - Episode 3

(Captain) and the crew find a cave that looks like it belongs to the giant. Before they can tell the villagers about it, Miria and Anastasia stop them. The girls believe that the giant is good at heart. The crew decides to find out by venturing into the cave.

After much time spent searching in the mountains, (Captain) and company finally spot a set of giant footprints.
They follow the trail to a massive cave.
Lyria: I wonder if the giant's in there...
Vyrn: Probably. Let's report this to the villagers.
Miria: Hm... Could you hold that thought, Vyrn?
Anastasia: Ya... I'd also like you to wait.
Vyrn: What's up with you two?
Anastasia: I've been thinking. Is the gigant really a bad person?
Vyrn: I mean, probably? Sure, he's kind of a weirdo, but he also attacked the village.
Miria: But you saw how trusting and attached the animals were to him.
Miria: Can someone like that really be such an awful person?
Vyrn: That's... Hmm...
Anastasia: The gigant has a heart. He doesn't understand words, but kindness always gets through.
Miria: Right, so let's try asking him why he's doing this! There must be a reason!
Vyrn: Hmm... This could be dangerous. Are you girls sure about this?
Anastasia: If the gigant's a bad person, we may be putting ourselves in danger...
Anastasia: But still... I want to know what's in his heart...
Miria: It'll be okay, Anya-chan! If the giant turns out to be bad, I'll be there to protect you!
Anastasia: Spasibo. Thank you, Miria. I'll protect you too!
Vyrn: Heh... Looks like you two are more than ready. Let's go ask this giant a few questions!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's go!
The crew sets foot in the enormous cave, assuming it to be the lair of the giant.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - The Crying Giant - Episode 4

The crew finds Frankurt cooking sausages made from the livestock he took from the village. Although the sausages themselves are too small for a giant to eat, a nearby wall features a mural of many people—one significantly larger than the others—happily eating together. The crew comes to the realization that the giant simply wants the villagers to enjoy delicious food. But when the giant notices the crew spying on him, he suddenly attacks.

The crew carefully presses onward through the massive cave.
Before long, a scrumptious aroma from deep within the cave fills their nostrils.
Lyria: Sniff, sniff... I remember this scent from the village...
Anastasia: Yes... The village smelled like this when the gigant arrived.
Miria: That must mean we've found his home!
The crew proceeds with renewed vigilance.
After a short while, (Captain) and company arrive in a wide open, cavernous space. They find the giant inside.
Frankurt: ...
Vyrn: What's he doing? Is he cooking something?
Lyria: Sniff, sniff... Wow! It smells delicious!
Anastasia: Gotovka... What's cooking?
The crew observes the giant's every movement and realizes that he is rolling up tiny sausages and cooking them on skewers.
Vyrn: Oh no... Don't tell me he's cooking the livestock he plundered from the village...
Vyrn: Sigh... Guess we know he's guilty. Doesn't get much worse than stealing from others to fill your own belly.
Miria: Hmm... Those sausages look a little small for someone his size though.
Lyria: You're right. There's no way he'll be full after that.
Vyrn: Hey, yeah... Then what's he actually doing?
Frankurt: ...
As the crew looks on suspiciously, the giant stops humming and stares sadly at the wall.
There, the crew sees a simple mural, likely carved with stone.
It appears to portray a group of people—one big, the rest small—enjoying food with smiles on their faces.
Miria: The big guy in that drawing must be the giant...
Anastasia: And the malyy—I mean little—people are villagers?
Miria: Mr. Giant, do you plan on using that food to feed the villagers?
Miria: Vyrn-kun, you remember how they said they don't have any good cooks in the village?
Vyrn: Hm?
Vyrn: Hey, you're right! Then that food must be
Frankurt: ...!
Vyrn's voice alerts the giant to the crew's presence.
Frankurt: ...!
The giant panics and looks about wildly as if searching for an escape route.
Miria: It's okay, Mr. Giant!
Frankurt: ...!
Vyrn: Not good! Looks like he doesn't understand words after all!
Frankurt: ...!
Lyria: Ah!
Anastasia: Please calm down! We just want to talk to you!
Frankurt: ...!
Vyrn: Is he going to attack? If push comes to shove, we might have to defend ourselves...
Miria: But we don't want to fight!
Vyrn: We're toast if we don't fight back! Here he comes!
Frankurt: ...!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - The Crying Giant - Episode 4: Scene 2

As the giant desperately fights a losing battle, Miria and Anastasia throw down their weapons and approach the giant. The giant sheds tears of joy after realizing he's successfully communicating with people for the first time ever. He then follows the crew to the village to apologize for stealing livestock and hands out kebabs, laughing along with everyone. The two girls are overjoyed to see such a peaceful resolution.

Frankurt: ...
In pain from (Captain) and company's assault, the giant sinks to his knees.
Miria: ...!
No, we can't do this!
Lyria: Miria-chan?
Miria discards her weapon and runs toward the giant with open arms.
Frankurt: ...!
Miria: It's okay. Everything's gonna be okay.
Anastasia: ...
Anastasia follows Miria's lead, placing her weapon on the ground and approaching the giant.
Vyrn: H-hey! That's dangerous!
Anastasia: It's okay. I'm sure he'll understand us.
Anastasia: Hey, gigant...
Frankurt: ...?
Miria: You're... not really a bad person, are you? You weren't trying to hurt the villagers?
Frankurt: ...
Anastasia: You wanted the villagers to enjoy the food you made, correct?
Miria: And you wanted to teach them how to cook. You just wanted to become friends with them!
Frankurt: ...
Miria: You're not a bad person at all! Deep down inside... you're super nice, right?
Frankurt: ...!
The giant is clueless as to what the two girls are saying.
But before he knows it tears are welling up in his eyes.
Humans have come to understand his true intentions for the first time ever.
Where words fail, feelings prevail. The giant understands what the girls are trying to say.
Frankurt: ...!
Miria: There, there... It's okay. Who's a nice giant? You are!
Anastasia: Not being able to communicate with words is difficult. I know that as well as anyone.
Anastasia: But you still did something bad. That hasn't changed.
Miria: That's right! Shame on you for that!
Frankurt: ...
Vyrn: Whoa... They're not just communicating with the giant...
Lyria: They're making him realize the error of his ways too.
Miria and Anastasia gently reach their hands out to the depressed giant.
Miria: Let's go apologize to the villagers together, okay? I'm sure they'll forgive you.
Anastasia: They'll understand your chuvstvo—your feelings—just like we did.
Frankurt: ...!
The giant nods, reaching out and touching the girls' outstretched hands with his pointer finger.
Villager 1: Ah, welcome back, skyfarers! I'm glad to see you're—
Frankurt: ...
Villager 1: Gasp! F-Frankurt! T-the giant! He's here!
Miria: W-wait! Please wait!
Anastasia: Please listen to us. He's not a bad person.
Villager 2: W-what? There's no way we can believe that!
Miria: We're begging you...
With serious expressions on their faces, Miria and Anastasia bow before the villagers.
Lyria: I'm with them. Please listen to what they have to say!
Villager 2: If you truly feel that way, then very well...
Anastasia: Ogromnoye spasibo! Thank you so much!
The crew explains why the giant stole the village's livestock.
Villager 1: I see... So Frankurt wasn't trying to hurt us after all...
Villager 2: He stole our livestock in order to make food for us to eat? He wants to be friends with us?
Frankurt: ...
The giant slowly lowers his head in the direction of the villagers.
Villager 1: ...
Frankurt: ...
The villagers can barely contain their surprise when Frankurt begins handing out kebabs. A delicious smell wafts through the air.
Villager 2: You cooked these for us, Frankurt?
Villager 3: They smell incredible. My mouth is watering already...
Frankurt: ...
Miria: You made some for us too? Hehe, thanks!
Anastasia: Spasibo. Thank you, gigant. Chomp...
Anastasia: Ochen' vkusno! It's very tasty! Munch, munch...
Miria: Yeah! I don't think I've had anything like this before! It's delicious!
Villager 1: Chomp, chomp... T-this is good! What in the world is this?
Villager 2: The world has such delicacies in it? If not for Frankurt...
Villager 3: None of us would have ever known!
Frankurt: ...
Villager 1: Frankurt, you made this for... for us?
Villager 2: Thank you, Frankurt.
Frankurt: ...
This gentle giant still doesn't understand the language of people.
But the smile on his face from seeing the villagers enjoying his food is a genuine one.
Miria: Hehe!
Anastasia: Tee hee...
Seeing the villagers and Frankurt smiling together, the girls can't help but smile themselves.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - Ending

Right before their big performance, Miria and Anastasia awaken from what seemed like a most heartfelt dream. The two agree to go out for sausages after the performance, but for now it's their turn to ascend the stage and deliver an even sweeter dream to their fans.

Miria: Hehe... I want to eat more... Yawn...
Anastasia: Yawn... Good morning. That was a very good night's rest.
Miria: Morning. Hngh...
Miria: I feel like I had this really nice dream... where I was kind of hungry.
Anastasia: Chto? You too, Miria? I think we might have had the same dream.
Miria: Haha, could be...
Miria: Waaait! What time is it? When do we go on stage?
Anastasia: It's okay. We still have some time left before the concert.
Miria: Thank goodness. But we should really get going!
Anastasia: Wait, Miria. Your clothes are a bit ruffled.
Miria: Oh no, you're right! And so are yours, Anya-chan! We've gotta get 'em straightened up!
Miria: Hehe... Hey, Anya-chan. After the concert, let's go get some swirly sausage!
Anastasia: Davay! I want to eat one too! Let's go, Miria!
Miria: Yeah! Okay, that should do it. Time to get going, Anya-chan!
Anastasia: Da, Miria!
The two girls don't remember much about the dream they shared, but they know it was a sweet one.
Now, they ascend the stage to bring an even sweeter dream to their screaming fans.
Cinderella Fantasy
Snowy Mountain Story
The End

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - Day 1

Delicious scents waft through a massive cave with a high ceiling towering overhead.
???: ...
While whistling a happy tune, the massive figure delicately manipulates tiny skewers with his fingers.
???: ...

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - Day 2

Lyria: Now that you mention it, we never had time to properly introduce ourselves!
Miria: Haha! Hey, you're right!
Miria: I'm Miria Akagi, and I'm an idol that loves wearing cute clothes and singing cute songs!
Lyria: Miria-chan... Hee hee, our names are so similar! My name's Lyria!
Miria: Wow, you're right! Nice to meet you, Lyria-chan!
Lyria: Hehe, nice to meet you too!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - Day 3

Anastasia: Menya zovut Anya.
Lyria: M-menya? Um, er...
Anastasia: Izvinite. Sorry. Those are words from my homeland.
Anastasia: Menya zovut Anya. It means my name is Anya. Anya's my nickname, you see.
Lyria: Really? That's a very cute nickname! It's downright... Anyazing!
Anastasia: Anyay... zing? Don't you mean... Anyalievable?
Lyria: Hehe, super cute! I'm looking forward to celebrating a very happy Anyaversary with you on the crew next year!
Anastasia: Hehe... Same here.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - Day 4

Miria and Anastasia search for a giant with (Captain) and the crew.
While searching in a snowy mountain forest, the pair discover a group of tiny animals.
Raccoon?: ...
Miria: Oh my gosh, aren't they just the cutest? Hehehe!
Anastasia: They're so fluffy...
Miria: So fluffy and wuffy! This... is happiness!
Anastasia: Tee hee... Fluffy wuffy. They make me happy too.
Raccoon?: ...

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - Day 5

Anastasia: Tayna... How mysterious. The scenery on this snowy mountain is so beautiful.
Anastasia: Tee hee... It really brings back memories.
Lyria: Does it remind you of something from your past?
Anastasia: Da. The first time I met my producer, snow was falling in the town we were in.
Lyria: Wow, what a mysterious way to meet!
Anastasia: Da. It was a very nice meeting.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - Day 6

Miria: Okay, let's get searching! Time to pull out all the stops!
Vyrn: Hehe, you're always full of pep, Miria!
Miria: Yeah! Being an idol is all about being peppy and doing your best to cheer people up!
Miria: And afterwards, my producer gives me a pat on the head!
Miria: But... my producer isn't here in this world.
Vyrn: Hm... I'm not sure if this'll work as a replacement, but...
With a flap of his wings, Vyrn hovers close to Miria and gently pats her on the head.
Vyrn: There, there, Miria. You're doing a good job!
Miria: Vyrn-kun! Thank you! Hehe.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - Day 7

Miria: Hey, Vyrn-kun! Can I pet you?
Vyrn: What the? That's pretty sudden! I'm not a pet, you know!
Miria: Yeah, I know, but... you just look like you'd feel really good to pet.
Miria: Just a little bit! Please!
Vyrn: Hmm... Fine I guess. But just a little bit.
Miria: Hooray! Who's a good boy? You're a good boy!

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - Day 8

Anastasia: Your hair is very krasivyy—beautiful—Lyria.
Anastasia: It's like the nebo... the beautiful, blue sky. It feels like it's going to swallow me up.
Lyria: Hehe... Your hair's wonderful too, Anya-san!
Lyria: It's like the snow. Beautiful and fragile and cute...
Anastasia: Tee hee... Ogromnoye spasibo. Thank you, Lyria.
Lyria: Same here. Hehe.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - Day 9

Green Monster: Shnargle!
Frankurt: ...
Green Monster: Shnargle?
Frankurt: ...
The giant slowly extends an enormous palm out to the green monster.
Green Monster: Shnargle!
Sensing no hostility from the giant, the monster hops onto his palm.
The giant then carefully lifts the monster up and places it delicately on his shoulder.
Green Monster: Shnargle-argle!
Frankurt: ...
The two very different beings happily vanish into the depths of the mountain.

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - Day 10

Girl: Sniff... Where am I? Oh no, I'm lost... Sniff...
Frankurt: ...
Girl: Gasp... F-Frankurt!
The girl shivers in terror at the giant's sudden appearance.
Frankurt: ...
Silently, the giant points a finger into the distance.
Girl: Huh? You want me to... go over there?
Frankurt: ...
The giant gives a tranquil thumbs up before vanishing into the snowy mountain depths.
Girl: Th-thank you.
The girl follows the direction the giant was pointing in and safely makes it back to the village.
Frankurt: ...

Cinderella Fantasy ~Snowy Mountain Story~ - Day 11

Frankurt: ...!
The giant, full of vim and vigor, strikes a stylish pose.
Miria: Wow! That's awesome! I'm gonna try it too!
Miria: Hup!
Anastasia: Oh... Ypa...
The two girls mimic the giant's movements.
Vyrn: What are they doing?
Lyria: Well, they can't communicate with words, so they're using poses instead. Hup!
Vyrn: You too?
Vyrn: Looks fun. I'm getting in on this too.
Frankurt: ...
Miria: Hahaha!
Anastasia: Tee hee...