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Five Flowers of Fate - Opening[edit]

Xochitl Island is home to five maidens revered as goddesses, with adherents known as ichnia. Diantha, the most popular of these maidens, will soon turn sixteen and graduate.

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The curtain of night falls, and crowds gather in front of the altar. The excitement is palpable, and many struggle to contain themselves.
Diantha Supporter 1: Diantha! We love you!
Linaria Supporter 1: Linaria! Linaria! I would die for you!
Harie Supporter 1: Aaahhh... Harie!
Canna Supporter 1: Canna! Give us some words of inspiration!
Diola Supporter 1: Diola! Diola!
This is Xochitl Island. Those shouts are coming from crowds of devotees, anxiously awaiting the appearance of the divine.
They worship beings said to bring fortune and prosperity to the island. On Xochitl these adherents are called ichnia.
Diantha: One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four... Step, step, turn...
Paying no heed to the tumult on the other side of the wall, a girl works on memorizing various movements and gestures. One of her companions addresses her.
Harie: Hey, Diantha. It's good to practice, but practice too hard and you won't last through the performance.
Diantha: I'm fine. Really, I'm fine. Oh... It's almost time to go on.
Head Priestess: Welcome, ichnia! The maidens will be ready soon! Thank you for your patience!
Ichnia: Woooo!
Diantha: Huh? Wh-what? That sounds like a lot of people!
Diantha winces at the sounds of a much larger gathering than she expected.
Harie: Come to think of it, I did hear there would be a big crowd today...
From the wings, the two girls sneak a peek at the audience. The house is full to overflowing. Stunned, the girls look back at each other.
Diantha: Wow. That's a lot of people. I guess the ichnia aren't the only ones who came to see us.
Harie: It looks like it. There are even a lot of people from off the island... I don't think I've ever seen a crowd this big.
Diantha: I'm getting kind of nervous...
Canna: Huh? Having a big audience makes you nervous?
Diantha: Yes! Doesn't it make you nervous?
Canna: Why? It's not like the routine is going to change because there are more people here.
Harie: Hahaha... That's true, but...
Canna: So we just sing and dance like we would for any audience! Come on, let's go!
Diantha: Wow, nothing gets her down.
Diola: Bwuuuh... What should I do when I get home...
Linaria: Heh heh! I'm so excited! Everybody's here to see my adorable singing and dancing!
Linaria: I'm totally going to give it 200 percent today! So hang in there, girls!
Canna: Yeah! Let's give it everything we've got!
Hm? Isn't it time to go on yet?
Harie: Hmm... It should be any minute now...
Diola: Bwuhhh... I think I'll have steak for dinner...
Staff Member: Get ready, ladies!
Harie: We're ready! Hey, Diola! Come on, we're going on!
Diola: Huh? Coming...
The girls walk toward the altar. On the way Diantha quietly hums something to herself.
Diantha: I pray that the future...
Diantha: Will be full of great things...
As she does, the girls arrive at the altar, determination brimming on each of their faces.
Diantha: Okay... Here goes!
Head Priestess: The maidens have arrived! Watch, and you will see the miracle that safeguards our island's prosperity!
Head Priestess: Keep an eye on Diantha! Her progress over these last two years since her debut has been astronomical! And now... enjoy the show!
Harie: Let's go, girls!
Maidens: All right!
Ichnia: Woooo! Yeah!
Woooo! Yeah!
The musicans begin to play as the ichnia start clapping and shouting along in unison.
Maidens: Ready, okay!
Maidens: Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl!
The five girls shout the incantation to start the show as light begins to emit from their bodies. The crowd roars.
Ichnia: Woooo!
The girls are overwhelmed by the ecstatic cheers of the ichnia.
Diola: What? Wow! There are so many ichnia here! Wonderful!
Enveloped in cheers, one of the maidens leans in to whisper in Diantha's ear.
Linaria: You'll be moving on soon, won't you? And you won't be singing with us anymore?
Diantha: That's right.
Linaria: You're so lucky. Quitting the game while you're still more popular than any of us. It's not fair.
Diantha: Come on, it's starting.
Head Priestess: We'll start today's concert with everyone's favorite tune: Never Ending Fantasy!
Maidens: Thank you for everything! You are my most cherished treasure. One, two, three—I love you.
Diantha: (The maidens are selected from all the fourteen-year-old girls who were born and raised on the island.)
Diantha: (Once chosen, those girls tour the island, giving concerts until they turn sixteen.)
Diantha: (I'm almost sixteen. So this tour will be my last performance. It will finally be over.)

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 1: Maidens Blooming on the Altar - Episode 1[edit]

The crew pays a visit to Xochitl Island, drawn by rumors of the spectacular maidens there. They get the chance to see a live performance and are blown away.

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Certain rumors lead the crew to visit Xochitl Island.
Lyria: Excuse me! Could you please tell me—
Island Youth: Yes? What is it?
Lyria: Erm, we came here after hearing about the maidens of this island, but...
Island Youth: The maidens? They happen to be here in town. It's almost time for their concert.
Lyria: Yay! Where can I find this concert?
Island Youth: It's at the plaza in the center of town. I'm actually on my way there if you'd like to come along.
Lyria: Thank you so much! Oh, I can't wait!
Vyrn: Yeah, I'll bet you can't. You've been blabberin' about the maidens nonstop ever since we heard about them.
Lyria: Eh heh heh. I just thought it must be so wonderful... singing and dancing, wearing beautiful costumes...
Island Youth: Hahaha! That's awesome! Wait 'til you actually see them! You'll be spellbound! Come on, let's go!
Vyrn: Wh-what the... This place is packed!
Lyria: Is everyone here to see the maidens?
Island Youth: Yes, that's right. And lately we're even getting visitors from off the island.
Island Youth: But the crowd's extra big today.
Vyrn: Hm? What's that there? It looks like they're holding glowing sticks of some kind...
Vyrn points at a group of people holding sticks that light up in various colors.
Vyrn: They're kinda flickery... Are they candles or something?
Island Youth: Oh, you mean the tlepilli? They're kind of like torches.
Island Youth: You make your own when the maidens start their tour. Here, this one's mine.
The youth takes a torch from his pocket and lights it with a spark from another torch nearby.
The flickering flame shines through colored glass, illuminating everyone's faces in an orange glow.
Vyrn: Whoa! That's pretty impressive.
Lyria: It's beautiful! Almost like something from a fantasy!
Island Youth: The ichnia—that's us, the maidens' devotees—show support for their favorite maiden with the color of their torch.
Island Youth: Orange is for Diola.
Island Youth: Red is Harie.
Island Youth: Light blue is Diantha.
Island Youth: And green is Canna.
Island Youth: Then there's pink for Linaria.
Island Youth: You wave them like this during the concert to cheer your maiden on.
The youth demonstrates by waving his torch in a unique twirling pattern.
Ruffian: You're a Diola fan, huh? And you're just goin' around lettin' these outsiders see the Diola twirl, eh?
Island Youth: Heh. And I see you're a Linaria fan.
Ruffian: If we're showing off to outsiders, our moves are the best. You wanna rumble?
Island Youth: Heh. If you insist! We may be small in number, but no one can beat our moves!
Vyrn: What's happening? The air's getting kinda tense...
Lyria: Stop! No fighting!
Youth & Ruffian: One, two! One, two! One, two! Ayayayayay!
Their cries rent the stormy air, and the two men each begin a strange dance.
Lyria: Ay... ayay?
Island Youth: Whew... Impressive for a Linaria fan.
Ruffian: Heh! You're not too bad yourself, Diola fanboy. We'll settle this later at the concert. See ya.
Vyrn: Wha... Huh? What just happened?
Island Youth: Oh! Sorry about that. I almost forgot about you.
Island Youth: We show each other whose faith is stronger by how we cheer on our maiden. So... I just get so fired up.
Lyria: Hahaha... You were both really good! And your tlepillis are beautiful!
And so guided by the island youth, (Captain) and company make their way through the other spectators and stop right in front of the altar.
Although they feel somewhat guilty about pushing their way to the front, the crowd welcomes their presence, eager to spread the love of their maidens to outsiders.
Vyrn: Hey! Looks like it's about to start!
Head Priestess: The maidens have arrived! Behold the miracle that upholds the prosperity and vitality of this island!
Head Priestess: Keep an eye on Diantha! Her progress over these last two years since her debut has been astronomical! And now... enjoy the show!
Maidens: Ready, okay!
Maidens: Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl!
Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl—an incantation spun from the ancient language of Xochitl Island.
Harie: Hello, everyone! Thanks for coming to see us today!
Harie Fan 1: Harie! Sigh... I'm so happy to behold your lovely countenance!
Diantha: We're going to sing our very best today!
Diantha Fan 1: Diantha! Diantha! Woooo!
Linaria: Make sure to watch and see how cute I can be!
Linaria Fan 1: We love you, Linaria! Linaria! We would die for you!
Canna: You see? It's the same as any other concert. Just smile, sing, and dance! Ahahaha!
Canna Fan 1: Canna! Your relentless optimism and positivity give us life!
Diola: Now let's see... First we were going to do... that move. What was it called? I wave my arm like this, and the next step is...
Island Youth: Ah, Diola... The way she stands so aloof from the others... It's simply divine!
The ichnia enthusiasm explodes at the sight of the maidens. (Captain) and company are overwhelmed by the intensity.
Maidens: Yes, this is a neo fairy tale. In this world that has forgotten how to believe.
Maidens: We've descended as the stars of hope to clear the clouds of darkness by shining our dancing light!
Ichnia: Woooo!
Lyria: Wow!
The song ends, but the ichnia's cheers continue to rend the air.
Lyria is entranced by the vision of the dancing maidens clad in sparkles.
Island Youth: Heh heh... So how did you like seeing them live? Weren't they fantastic?
Lyria: Yes! They were phenomenal!
Vyrn: Heh heh! The singing and dancing was awesome, but the best part was the energy from the crowd! They were so in sync!
Island Youth: Our faith gives the maidens power, and the maidens' singing and dancing brings prosperity to the island.
Island Youth: To us, the maidens truly are the goddesses of this island.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 1: Maidens Blooming on the Altar - Episode 2[edit]

The crew agrees to looking after the maidens on their upcoming tour. In preparation for the next day's departure, (Captain) and company spend some time getting to know the maidens.

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Lyria: Hm-hmm!
Vyrn: Heh heh! You really like that song, don't you, Lyria?
Lyria: Hee hee... Oh, I'd love to see them again... The maidens singing and dancing...
Vyrn: Uh-oh. She's got it pretty bad!
Head Priestess: Might I speak to you for a moment? I can see that you are skyfarers.
Vyrn: Huh? Who are you? How did you know that we're skyfarers?
Head Priestess: My apologies. I am the head priestess. I manage the maidens' tours and concerts.
Head Priestess: You might say it's a side effect from my job selecting maidens, but I can often tell what someone does just by looking at them.
Vyrn: Wow. That's pretty cool.
Lyria: Head priestess... Then you're the maidens'... So, um, what did you want to talk to us about?
Head Priestess: I saw you during the concert. One look and I knew: you're skilled skyfarers.
Head Priestess: I would like to hire you. Will you hear my request?
Vyrn: You want to hire us?
Head Priestess: Yes. I'm looking for security to accompany the maidens on their tour. We're upscaling the concerts, so we're short-handed.
Head Priestess: I know it's short notice, but I'm willing to pay extra remuneration for your services. What do you say?
Vyrn: Security? To, like, vanquish island monsters and stuff?
Head Priestess: Yes, if any monsters show up. It's not likely, but it does happen.
Head Priestess: Essentially you would guard the maidens and ensure nothing happens to them during their upcoming tour.
Vyrn: Well, the pay's not bad... What do you think, (Captain)?
Security for the dancing maidens—the crew imagines that would involve showing ichnia to their seats, as well as managing crowds of countless people.
Managing such an extraordinary number of people would be an enormous responsibility. With that in mind, they make their decision.
  1. Let's do it! We might learn something!
  2. Nah, not our kind of thing.

Choose: Let's do it! We might learn something!
Vyrn: Good point. We'll get a lot of experience for taking on such a big responsibility, which'll be helpful for future jobs.

Choose: Nah, not our kind of thing.
Vyrn: Hmm... It's true we don't want to rush into anything. If there's trouble, it could turn into a huge scandal.
Head Priestess: I see. That's too bad. I thought that if there was any crew I could trust to guard the maidens, it would be yours, but...
Lyria: So, um, (Captain)... We're not going to guard the maidens?
Lyria: But they're so cute and sing such wonderful songs. Just the thought of them in danger...
Seeing the sadness on Lyria's face as she worries for the maidens' welfare, (Captain) finds it hard to refuse.
And so (Captain) decides to accept the request under certain conditions.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Hey, it's not bad to do this kind of work once in a while! In fact I'm looking forward to it!
Head Priestess: Thank goodness. Your assistance is most appreciated.
Vyrn: But these maidens are, like, the island's goddesses, right? Should you really be hiring outsiders as their bodyguards?
Head Priestess: Yes. If all the guards are from the island, well... Each of them is an ardent follower of their favorite maiden, so the security would become... uneven.
Vyrn: I see. So that's how it is, huh?
Head Priestess: Besides...
Lyria: Besides?
Head Priestess: Never mind. I'll tell you the rest later. Let me take you to meet the maidens.
Lyria: Hee hee... I can't wait.
Vyrn: Hm? You're in an awfully good mood.
Lyria: Heh heh... I was just thinking about how now we can meet the maidens and see more of their concerts.
Vyrn: Good grief. I didn't think Lyria would get so obsessed with these maiden girls.
(Captain) and company head for the maidens' lodgings—a local inn that they rented out.
The head priestess opens the door, and the crew peeks inside.
Head Priestess: I've returned.
Lyria: This is so exciting...
Harie: Welcome back. Oh! Are these the new security guards?
Diola: Bwuh... I could go for some fish...
Canna: Oooh! Wait—are they from off the island?
Head Priestess: That's right. I have my reasons.
Linaria: Tee hee hee... Reasons, reasons!
Diantha: I understand. If you chose them personally, I trust them.
Linaria: Uh-huh, uh-huh! I want to make it through our tour in one piece! This is Diantha's last one after all!
Lyria: What? Her last one?
Diantha: Oh, well...
Diantha: Maidens are chosen from fourteen-year-old girls born on the island, and we work as maidens until we're sixteen.
Diantha: I turn sixteen this year, so this is my last tour.
Linaria: Ohhh, we'll miss you sooo much! Since you're abandoning us when you're the most popular and all.
Harie: Stop it, Linaria. Not in front of our guests.
Linaria: Well, I'm only fourteen! I'm the new girl! Second most popular is the very best I can do!
Harie: I... don't know what to say to that... Ha ha...
Linaria: But... you know? Miss Priestess?
Head Priestess: Watch your tongue, Linaria.
Linaria: Hm-hmm!
Unfazed by the head priestess's rebuke, Linaria goes off to get a drink of water.
Harie: Sorry about that. A lot of the girls who get chosen to be maidens are a little weird.
Diantha: Hahaha... Um, well, I know this is a big job, but I hope you'll take care of us.
Head Priestess: In any case now you've all met.
Head Priestess: (Captain), I need you and your crew to be ready to leave tomorrow morning.
Harie: We sometimes run into monsters on the road we'll be taking tomorrow, so make sure to get plenty of rest.
  1. You're too kind.
  2. That won't be necessary.

Choose: You're too kind.
Harie: Ha ha... It's so comforting to hear you say that. You definitely are professionals.
Vyrn: Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
Harie: Oh... Uh, I guess I mean it's encouraging to meet someone who knows the value of rest.
Diola: Because the ichnia always want to keep going and going.
Vyrn: Yeah... Their passion is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

Choose: That won't be necessary.
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You mean we're not even gonna sleep?
Canna: Wow! You can beat monsters in your sleep? That's incredble!
Vyrn: No, I'm pretty sure even (Captain) can't do that.
Linaria: Tee hee. But I love that you're so eager!
Continue 2
After some small talk, (Captain) and company say good night to the maidens.
And so (Captain) and friends are appointed as bodyguards for the Xochitl Island maidens. They decide to rest in preparation for the next day's journey.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 1: Maidens Blooming on the Altar - Episode 3[edit]

Lyria joins in on the maiden dance, inquiring as to the meaning of the phrase Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl. None are able to answer.

Watch scene in game

Early the next morning, (Captain) and companions traverse the highway with the maidens, keeping a watchful eye out for monster attacks.
Diantha Fan 1: Hey, do you see any monsters?
Diantha Fan 2: Nope. It's all clear on my end.
Diantha Fan 3: Nothing unusual here either.
Vyrn: Is it just me... or is the security reeally tight over there?
Vyrn points out a confused formation of ichnia with Diantha at its center.
Harie: Well... Diantha is the most popular, and that means a lot of people sign up to be her security.
Diantha Fan 1: Ha ha ha! We won't let any monsters lay a finger on our beloved Diantha!
Vyrn: You guys really seem willing to be her human shields.
Diantha Fan 2: Of course! We will guard her with our lives!
Vyrn: That's some dedication. But, uh, why would you be willing to do that?
Diantha Fan 3: Because... we're Diantha's ichnia. We're her believers.
Diantha Fan 1: You saw it, didn't you? How she sparkles! How she sings! And dances!
Diantha Fan 2: Ahh, how can I express it... Diantha's singing and dancing is like...
Diantha Fan 3: It's like... it seeps into you.
Diantha Fan 1: Yes. There's no other way to describe it.
Lyria: I've only seen it once, but I know what you mean! Probably.
Vyrn: Hrrm... I'll have to watch more closely next time.
The sun rises high in the sky, and the party decides to break for lunch.
Head Priestess: I have some food ready for all of you. Please, help yourselves!
Vyrn: Wow! There are apples! You're awesome!
Diola: Sandwiches, sandwiches... Munch, munch...
Harie: Hey, where'd Diantha go?
Lyria: Um, I think she went that way.
Lyria glances around. Suddenly something catches her eye.
Diantha: Uhhh... Let's sing together... Have all the fun we can... And turn...
Lyria: ...
Having finished her meal early, Diantha is practicing her dance steps. Lyria watches intently.
Diantha: One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four... Step, step, step, hand twirl, and pose...
Lyria: Hm...
Diantha: Eek! Oh, Lyria. H-how can I help you?
Lyria: Oh! I'm sorry. Your maiden dance is just so wonderful—I couldn't help watching.
Lyria: Um, would you let me watch a little longer?
Canna: Ohh! Lyria! Do you want to be a maiden too?
Harie: Now, Canna. Don't jump to conclusions.
Diola: Hmm... But she is kind of like a maiden.
Linaria: Tee hee hee. Lyria is pretty adorable.
Lyria: What! M-me? Hahaha... Um, I don't know...
Canna: I know! Try dancing with us!
Lyria: You'll teach me? Oh, but I think I'd fall over myself.
Canna: You just need practice! You'll be fine once you get used to it! Here we go! On three!
Maidens: Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl!
Canna: That's our chant for starting a concert. We start with the chant and a pose! Like this! Bam!
Lyria: Uh... Like this? Bam!
Vyrn: Oh yeah, the chant from yesterday's concert. What does it mean anyway?
Canna: Come to think of it... I don't know. Do you, Diantha? You like that kind of stuff, right?
Diantha: Hmmm... I looked it up in some books, but I couldn't find it. I think it must be a very old incantation.
Diantha: We still use a lot of words from the island's old language, but... We don't know what they mean anymore.
Vyrn: Huh. Now that you mention it, you do use a bunch of words I've never heard anywhere else.
Diantha: Right? There's ichnia for fans of the maidens, tlepilli for their torches...
Diantha: I've always wondered where the words came from. I've read so many old books on the island, but I haven't learned a thing.
Vyrn: So... you want to be a scholar or something?
Diantha: No, I just like reading. Storybooks, cookbooks, all kinds of books.
Harie: She reads so much it's like—when did you have time for that? Have you read anything good lately, Diantha?
Diantha: Let me think... I did read an interesting story the other day. It was about the statue at the altar.
Lyria: At the altar... That big stone statue?
Diantha: Uh-huh. One day a long time ago, the person in charge of altar maintenance forgot to do the afternoon cleaning.
Lyria: Uh-huh...
Diantha: So when he went to do the nighttime cleaning, he felt a warm, nasty wind, and he heard a groan...
Diantha: He sensed something behind him, so he turned around... and there was the statue, moaning and crying tears of blood!
Lyria: Eeek! Er, uh, um, hey! Diantha! W-will you show me the next part of the dance?
Diantha: What? Don't you want to know what happened next? So the statue—
Lyria: Nnngh... Diantha, you meanie!
Diantha: Hahaha, sorry! Okay, let's get back to the dance.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 1: Maidens Blooming on the Altar - Episode 3: Scene 2[edit]

Diantha describes to the crew what it's like to dance for the ichnia. She's surprised to find herself speaking her heart about the matter—something she's never been able to do.

Harie: All right, everyone, break's over! We're heading out!
At Harie's command the party's break time comes to an end, and they resume their travels.
Lyria and crew take the lead, still out of breath from the unfamiliar exercise of dancing.
Lyria: Huff, huff... Dance practice... can be tiring... Heh heh...
Vyrn: Gasp... Wheeze... It is pretty intense... You girls are something else...
Diantha: Hee hee... We practice like that all the time. We're not allowed to make mistakes.
Lyria: Not allowed? Why not?
Diantha: The island's maidens are strengthened by the faith of the ichnia.
Diantha: And that strength protects the island. Our power keeps disasters and enemies away.
Vyrn: Whoa! That's some serious power!
Diantha: And the ichnia... Well, they seem to expect the maidens to dance perfectly every time.
Diantha: If we mess up, the ichnia will lose faith, and our songs and dances will lose their power.
Lyria: What! So you can't make any mistakes at all? That's scary! Isn't it, (Captain)?
  1. You look nervous.
  2. You girls sure work hard!

Choose: You look nervous.
Diantha: That—
Hearing (Captain)'s words, Diantha's face grows pale.
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong, girlie?
Diantha: Oh... it's nothing. Really. It's just... I do get nervous.
Diantha: Lately people from off the island are coming to the concerts, so I feel even more pressure to get it right.

Choose: You girls sure work hard!
Diantha: ...!
A look of astonishment flashes across Diantha's face.
Lyria: What's wrong?
Diantha: Uh, well... It's like I just told you. The ichnia expect the maidens to dance perfectly...
Diantha: So... that's the first time anyone's said that to me.
Continue 1
Diantha: ...!
Oh, I... I'm so sorry! You don't want to hear about any of this...
Lyria: What? Hee hee! We don't mind at all!
Diantha: (No one's ever said that before... Maybe it's because they're not from here.)
Linaria: Hrm... I don't think I like this...
Harie: Um, excuse me, (Captain). We're about to go through a forest. We tend to run into a lot of monsters there, so...
Vyrn: Oho! Time to show you what we got, huh? Let's do this, (Captain)!

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 1: Maidens Blooming on the Altar - Episode 4[edit]

(Captain) feels the pressure as Linaria clamors for attention. The other maidens explain that it's best to simply go along and tell her how cute she is.

Watch scene in game

Linaria: (Captain)!
Linaria Fans: ...!
Lyria: Oh! Linaria!
Linaria: Lyria, Lyria! Did you see my dance?
Lyria: I did! You were all fantastic!
Linaria: How did you like my singing and dancing? Tell me, tell me!
  1. It was super cute!
  2. It was just average, I guess...

Choose: It was super cute!
Linaria: Tee hee hee! Aren't I just the cutest? Tee hee!
Lyria: You are! You're adorable! I can see how you were chosen to be a maiden!
Linaria: Hee hee. I'm not that cute. There just weren't that many cute girls on the island.
Vyrn: Uh... I can't tell if she's being modest or insulting.
Linaria Fan 1: Grr! The nerve of that newb! Getting all friendly with Linaria!

Choose: It was just average, I guess...
Linaria: Average?
Lyria: Eh heh heh... I think that means that you're all incredible. Right?
Linaria: Tell me, tell me, tell me! What do you mean, "average"? Compared to who? The other maidens? The people in town? Maybe... compared to Diantha?
Linaria: I am a maiden after all. I'm way cuter than any of the other girls. Right? Or wrong? Tell me, tell me, tell me!
Linaria refuses to back down. (Captain) flinches under the pressure.
Harie: Uh, hey, Linaria? What's wrong? (Captain) looks troubled.
Linaria: I'm confused—that's what's wrong! What do you mean, "average"? Tell me! You know I'm the best, right?
Linaria grabs (Captain) by the arm and holds on with unbelievable strength.
Linaria: It's not just my fans, you know. All of the ichnia say I'm adorable!
Linaria: But my supporters are the absolute best! Their tlepillis are the most elaborate!
Linaria: They go for days without sleep to make them! Isn't that incredible?
Vyrn: Wh-what's with this chick? She's kinda scaring me...
Linaria: I know! You should just join in on the Linaria-loving! Come on, you know you want to!
Lyria: What? N-no! You can't have (Captain)!
Linaria: Then how am I supposed to prove exactly how adorable I am?
Linaria: Come on! Be a Linaria supporter! Please? Please?
Linaria Fan 1: Grr! The nerve of that newb! Getting all that attention from Linaria!
Continue 1
Linaria Fan 2: I cannot let this slide. As a Linaria fan, I can't just look the other way!
Vyrn: So, (Captain). These guys are glaring daggers at us. Is everything okay?
Linaria Fan 1: But you know...
Linaria Fan 2: This feeling... this jealousy. This situation... I think I might actually like it!
Linaria Fan 1: You too?
Vyrn: I don't get it... What are these guys even talking about?
Head Priestess: A moment, Linaria? I need to speak to you.
Linaria: Oh. Okay, I'm coming!
Diantha: Linaria and the head priestess have been talking a lot lately. I wonder what it's about.
Harie: Yeah... Sometimes I have to wonder what that girl is thinking.
Diola: Oh, Linaria? She likes it best when you tell her how cute she is.
Canna: Yeah! And she knows exactly what she wants! I really admire that about her.
Harie: Yeah. I guess Linaria is like that.
Diantha: I think she's amazing. It's like she was born to sing and dance in front of a crowd.
Diantha: If we were the same age, I couldn't compete. I doubt she'd even see me as a threat.
Diola: Yup. That's why you're her second favorite.
Diantha: What? Second favorite? What do you mean?
Diola: Getting compliments is first, and you're second.
Diantha: Hrrm... I don't really get it.
As they talk the party comes within view of a city wall.
Diantha: That city... That's where they have the biggest altar on the island.
Harie: And where we're having the biggest concert of this tour—the grand finale.
Lyria: The biggest concert...
Canna: Tee hee! You'll love it! It has the flashiest special effects!
Diola: Kaboom...
Lyria: Ohhh! I can't wait! Can you, (Captain)?
And so (Captain) and company set foot in a new city. In the heart of it lies an enormous altar.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 2: Onboard with the Maidens - Episode 1[edit]

As the crew helps the ichnia and maidens set up the venue for the concert, they notice the strong bonds between Harie, Canna, and the ichnia—something Harie believes to be the key to prosperity on the island.

Watch scene in game

The crew arrives at the biggest city on Xochitl Island, relieved to have made it without running into any major trouble.
Head Priestess: And now we will get ready for the concert. Ichnia, please work together to set up the stage.
Head Priestess: We've scheduled two days for construction at the great altar, so please don't try too hard to get it all done today.
Diantha Fan 1: Yes, ma'am!
Linaria Fan 1: Heh heh heh... I would be most grateful for the chance to work through a few nights if it means I get to serve Linaria!
Harie Fan 1: Um, is there anything I can do to help? I'm not very good with manual labor.
Diola Fan 1: In that case, you can help make confetti.
Head Priestess: Harie. I'm going to talk to the city's ruler. You're in charge while I'm gone.
Harie: Yes, Head Priestess.
Vyrn: Wow, girlie. The head priestess must really trust you.
Harie Fan 1: Heh heh... When all is said and done, Harie is the maidens' real leader!
Harie: I am? I don't know... It's true I get everyone to agree a lot and stuff, but...
Harie Fan 2: And you always take charge before a concert. You're the coolest! I mean it!
Vyrn: Here's an idea: when you're done being a maiden, you should think about starting your own crew of skyfarers!
Harie: My own crew...
Vyrn: Yeah! Skyfarers are a rupie a dozen, but it's not easy to find someone who can lead 'em!
Harie: Really? I hadn't thought about what I'd do after this whole maiden thing. But that's definitely something to consider.
Harie Fan 1: No, no, stop! Don't talk to the maidens about leaving the group!
Harie Fan 2: That kind of talk gives us all the blues!
Vyrn: Uh, right... Sorry, I guess.
Harie: Hahaha... I'm only fifteen, so I still have a whole year to go.
Harie Fan 1: But... Just thinking about it... I'm tearing up.
Harie Fan 2: But all maidens move on in the end. There's nothing we can do about that.
Harie Fan 1: When it's your time to go, we'll give you the best send-off ever!
(Captain) leaves Harie to the hordes of girls surrounding her and goes to help the ichnia with the construction.
The work makes full use of all of the knowledge and experience that (Captain) gained while traveling the skies.
And the ichnia—being veteran builders—assemble part of the wooden frame for the great altar at blinding speed.
Harie: So, um... We really appreciate you helping with the construction and all, but are you okay? You're not too tired?
Harie: You fought monsters for us the whole way here after all.
Vyrn: Heh heh! We haven't even broken a sweat!
Harie: Thanks. But don't overdo it, okay?
  1. I'll do the best I can.
  2. There's nothing I can't do!

Choose: I'll do the best I can.
Canna: Yeah! Hang in there, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Whoa! Where did you come from?
Canna: I'm really impressed, (Captain)! You're helping with everything!
Canna: So let's give this our all! Together!

Choose: There's nothing I can't do!
Canna: Wow! You are super positive, (Captain)! I knew you would be.
Vyrn: Whoa! Where did you come from?
Canna: To be honest, I've always admired you, (Captain).
Canna: I mean, you agreed to work security without a second thought! You don't have to think—you just take action! I should follow your example.
Vyrn: Wh-what's that supposed to mean? Are you implying that our captain doesn't think?
Canna: No, it's just a matter of trying something first, then thinking about it. I like that! I wish I could live life that way!
Vyrn: Yeah... I still don't think I like it...
Harie: Hahaha... Coming from Canna, that's the highest form of praise.
Canna: All right! I think I'll go help out over there!

Continue 1
Canna: All right! I think I'll go help out over there!
Continue 2
Canna Fan 1: Excuse me... Canna...
Canna: Yes? How can I help you, my dear ichnia?
Canna Fan 1: I was hoping... you would do that thing you do...
Canna: I get it. You're running out of steam, huh? It has been a long day after all!
Canna Fan 1: Yes... And I'm getting pressure from all around me... I can hardly stand it.
Canna: Okay! I'll do it!
Canna: Hang in there! I know you can do it! So don't give up!
Canna Fan 1: Ahhh! Aaaahhh! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Canna's words of encouragement cause her fan to break down in tears, unable to contain his emotions.
Vyrn: Uh... Hey, buddy, are you all right? What's the matter?
Canna Fan 1: Oh, well... I work for this company, you see... And I recently got promoted to manager.
Vyrn: Wow, so you're kind of a big deal.
Canna Fan 1: You might call it the pain of middle management. I get a barrage of complaints from above and below, saying I'm not working hard enough.
Canna Fan 1: So having someone tell me to keep trying just hurts.
Canna Fan 1: But sometimes I just want someone to say it anyway. Not in a get it together kind of way though, but a more I'm rootin' for you kind of way.
Canna Fan 1: Maybe that's why... a lot of Canna's fans are people like me. Because she's so positive and encouraging.
Canna: Don't worry! If anyone can do it, it's you! Right?
Canna Fan 1: Right! Thank you, Canna.
(Captain) and Vyrn watch as the small-statured Canna supporter walks away.
Vyrn: I see... So maiden fans come in all shapes and sizes.
Harie: Yes. And it's strange, but fans that gravitate toward one particular maiden over the others all have similar personalities and lead similar lives.
Harie: That's why the ichnia have such solidarity. And I think that's what makes our island prosper.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 2: Onboard with the Maidens - Episode 2[edit]

Diantha confides in the crew, telling them of her stage fright. Despite this Lyria encourages her to push on, after which she heads toward the great altar to practice for what will be her final performance.

Watch scene in game

The sun sets, and the day's work comes to an end. (Captain) and crew find Diantha standing alone behind the inn.
Diantha: ...
Vyrn: Hm? What are you doing sulking out here?
Diantha: Oh, I... I was just thinking. After this concert I won't be a maiden anymore.
Lyria: Hmmm... That is kind of sad to think about.
Diantha: Sad? You think so? I was thinking about how, after all those concerts, now it's finally over.
Vyrn: Huh? You kinda make it sound like you just wanna get it over with.
Lyria: Don't you like being a maiden?
Diantha: Well... no. I don't like going out in front of people.
Lyria: What! I would never have guessed!
Diantha: Oops... I said it.
I wasn't going to tell anyone.
Vyrn: I get it now... Makes sense that you've been practicing so hard lately.
Diantha: Yes. They say bad things will happen if we mess up during a concert, but... mostly I have to get it right for my own sake.
Diantha: Because if I make a mistake, I'll have an even harder time going out in front of everyone.
Vyrn: Good grief. It's not so easy, huh?
Diantha: Sigh... I'm sorry for all this whining. I know it's not very maiden-like, heh heh.
Diantha: All right! This is the last stop on our tour! So I'll give it one last push!
Vyrn: Yeah! Your last concert's gotta be absolutely awesome!
Lyria: Yes! And we'll be cheering you on all the way!
Diantha: (That's right. This is my last concert. So I have to do my best.)
Diantha: I'm going to go practice at the great altar for a bit.
Lyria: Oh! I'll go with you!

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 2: Onboard with the Maidens - Episode 3[edit]

Bandits are acting out at the great altar, going so far as to set fire to the altar statue. When the ichnia get knocked out for trying to break it up, monsters emerge from the flames to pounce on the bandits.

Watch scene in game

Thug 1: Let's see here... Wittle maidens? Are there any wittle maidens at the great altar?
Thug 2: Gahahaha! You can barely hold yerself up! You been drinking too much!
Diola Fan 1: Excuse me! Please stay away from the altar!
Thug 1: Wha? But the maidy-waidies are comin' to the altar, ain't they? We're just waitin' fer 'em.
Thug 2: Hello, fair maidens? Are you up there?
Diola Fan 1: Hey! That altar is a sacred place! You can't climb on top of it!
Thug 1: Sacred? But it's just a big ol' rock.
Vyrn: Hey, what's with them? Is something going on here?
Diola Fan 1: Oh, good, it's security! These men won't listen to anything I say. I don't know what to do!
Diantha: Climbing on the altar before a concert? The ichnia would never do that. Are they not from here?
Diola Fan 1: No. They're drinking during tour season, so I think they must be tourists from another island.
Vyrn: What a hopeless couple of hooligans. Come on, (Captain), we'd better go stop them.
Vyrn: Yo, punks! Get down here if you know what's good for you!
(Captain) and company move to drag the thugs down from the great altar.
Thug 2: What's with the big honkin' statue?
Thug 1: That ain't a very happy face. Here, I'll pretty it up for ya.
The thugs look around until something catches their attention.
Thug 1: This should put some life into that stupid-lookin' face of yours!
The thugs splash some torch oil onto the statue and set it ablaze.
Thug 2: Gah ha ha ha! Now that's a good-lookin' statue!
Diantha: Wh-what are they doing? Everyone's hard work is going to go up in flames!
Diola Fan 1: Grr... I can't stand for this! You hoodlums will pay!
Thug 1: Wazzat?
Diola Fan 1: Let me tell you something! That altar is sacred, and I will not let you outsiders defile it!
Vyrn: Yeah! We worked hard to set up the stage for this altar! What if you burn it all down?
Thug 2: Hey, we were just giving that shabby old statue a face-lift.
Thug 1: Yeah! You should be thankin' us!
Thug 2: Wait... That girl—isn't she one of the maidens?
Thug 1: Hey there, pretty wittle maiden! Come drink with us!
Diantha: ...!
(Captain) steps forward to block the thugs' advances.
Diola Fan 1: You defile not only our altar, but Diantha too? How low will you go to insult us and our culture!
Thug 2: To hell with your culture! Raaahhh!
Diola Fan 1: Ungh!
Diantha: Aaah!
Seeing the ichnia struck down by the thug's blow, Diantha lets out a scream. Just then an odd aura fills the air.
Lyria: ...!
(Captain)! Something's coming!
Fire Monster: ...!
Thug 1: Wha... A monster?
Thug 2: Aieee! Somebody help!
Monsters appear from amidst the flames to attack the thugs. The crew is dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events.
Vyrn: Uh... I don't know what's going on, but it looks like we're up! Let's go!

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 2: Onboard with the Maidens - Episode 4[edit]

The head priestess is not very pleased to walk in on the mess around the great altar. After asking the crew to help with clean-up, she and Linaria have a private conversation about a secret plan—one that could potentially send shockwaves across the entire island.

Watch scene in game

Fire Monster: ...
Head Priestess: What is the meaning of this!
Diantha Fan 1: We can explain, Head Priestess! A pair of thugs set fire to the great altar, and...
Diola Fan 1: When Diantha stepped in to stop them, monsters came out of the fire.
Head Priestess: What! Diantha, what did you do?
Diantha: I-I didn't do anything! I just tried to help the ichnia...
Head Priestess: Is this part of the maidens' power? Interesting... Well, the important thing is that you're safe.
(Captain) and crew tie up the thugs and assess the damage done to the altar.
Head Priestess: The statue is covered in soot, but fortunately the fire didn't spread to the altar decorations.
Diantha: Yes, ma'am. It just needs a good cleaning, and it'll be good as new.
Head Priestess: I agree. I'm sorry, (Captain), but could I ask you to handle that tomorrow?
Vyrn: It'll be nothing compared to swabbing the deck! Just leave it to us!
Head Priestess: Thank you... By the way, has anyone seen Linaria?
Diantha: I haven't seen her outside. Maybe she's in the inn?
Head Priestess: Perhaps. I'll go check on her.
Linaria: Oh, Head Priestess! I heard there was a fire? At the altar?
Head Priestess: Linaria. You're all right.
Linaria: Of course I am. There's still so much I want to do!
Head Priestess: That's right. And I can't afford to lose you.
Head Priestess: Our plan is sure to bring even greater prosperity to our island.
Linaria: Head Priestess, when are we going to do it? When will I...
Head Priestess: Shh!
Diantha Fan 1: All right, see you tomorrow!
Diola Fan 1: That's right, more setting up tomorrow. We can do it!
Some ichnia pass by, but neither of them notices the head priestess or Linaria.
Head Priestess: No one can know about this, Linaria. It's too soon for our plan to be revealed.
Head Priestess: This is a gamble that may very well destroy the culture of our island.
Linaria: Yes, Miss Head Priestess.
Linaria: (Tee hee hee... This is gonna be big!)
Head Priestess: Please, Linaria. Do not mess this up.
After their brief conversation, Linaria bids the head priestess a good night, her eyes bright with determination.
Umbeknownst to them, their plan would soon shake Xochitl Island to its very foundation.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 3: The Final Performance - Episode 1[edit]

Recalling the utter dread and anxiety she felt on the day she was chosen to become a maiden, Diantha realizes she has yet to overcome those fears and pushes herself to practice harder.

Watch scene in game

Girl 1: Come on, let's go to the dance!
Diantha: No... I think I'll pass.
Girl 1: What! But it's no fun if we don't all go!
Diantha: But I can't dance... And I don't really like those loud places.
Head Priestess: That is a problem.
Diantha: Head Priestess?
Head Priestess: You are Diantha, correct? I understand today is your fourteenth birthday.
Girl 1: Fourteenth? Head Priestess, does that mean...
Head Priestess: Yes. Diantha, you have been chosen-chosen to be a Xochitl Island maiden.
Diantha: What! A maiden? Me?
Diantha: But I... I couldn't! I don't know how to sing or dance!
Head Priestess: Don't you worry about that. It will be our job to teach you.
Diantha: B-but...
Head Priestess: The decision was made by ritual. As per tradition it cannot be overturned.
Head Priestess: Get ready and come to the inn tomorrow. I'll explain everything there. Understood?
The head priestess wouldn't listen to a word I said. To this day I can still see her back, walking away from me.
Then my intensive training started. The days were long and hard. But...
Head Priestess: My dear ichnia! Today we present to you our newest maiden!
Diantha Fan 1: Woo!
Diantha Fan 2: Woo!
Diantha Fan 3: Woo!
Diantha: Huff... Huff...
That's when my first concert started. I was so scared my legs were shaking. I've always been timid. That day I felt like my chest would implode.
Followers: Diantha! Diantha! Diantha!
Diantha: (S-so many people... I'm supposed to sing and dance... in front of that?)
Diantha: (I'm scared!)
Nevertheless the ball of destiny had started rolling, and it couldn't be stopped.
They practically chased me out of the dressing room and onto the altar.
Diantha: Pant... Wheeze... It was just a dream. What a nightmare.
Diantha: I... should practice.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 3: The Final Performance - Episode 2[edit]

The maidens continue practicing until the very last minute. When they get onstage, Linaria announces her decision to break off from the group and perform solo, an unprecedented decision that makes all present feel uneasy.

Watch scene in game

Thanks to the crew's cleanup efforts, the formerly soot-covered statue now looks newer than ever.
Diantha: Oh, the statue... It's all clean.
Vyrn: Heh heh! What'd I tell ya? Compared to cleaning a ship, this was a piece of cake!
Head Priestess: Thank you very much. Now the show can go on without any delays.
Head Priestess: That being the case, tonight's the night. I need you all to be ready.
Maidens: Yes, ma'am!
The maidens begin their final adjustments for the evening's concert.
Harie: And then at this part we turn. Then we all spread out, and...
Diantha: One, two, three, four, and step, right?
Canna: Uh-huh...
Linaria: What! But I want to do something bigger! Better! Cuter!
Diola: Bwuhhh...
Vyrn: Wow, they're still getting ready right up until showtime. I'm impressed.
Diantha: I'm telling you—we shouldn't do the jump there! It should come a little later!
Linaria: What's your problem! Why do you hate all of my ideas?
Diola: Sandwiches would be nice for lunch tomorrow...
Harie: Just calm down... I think it could look really cool if we do it in like a wave, don't you?
Diola: Maybe I'll have fried fish some time soon...
Diantha: Okay... So we can do the jump in a wave starting at stage left.
Linaria: Hee hee. Then it's settled!
Diola: I wish I could go somewhere that serves good fruit...
Vyrn: Uh, excuse me! One of you's not listening. Is that okay?
Harie: Oh, Diola? It's fine. Watch.
Harie: All right, let's do it!
On the altar the girls start practicing the new choreography they just discussed.
Diola: Um, I think it went like this... and then this?
Diola, who didn't appear to be listening at all, does the new routine perfectly from start to finish.
Vyrn: Now I've seen everything. She was just sitting there staring into space...
Harie: That's just how she is. She understands everything. It's the weirdest thing.
Diantha: That's why ichnia say that, in a way, she's the most maiden-like of all of us.
Harie: Right then. It's almost time for the show! Let's get it together!
After a few more run-throughs and some fine-tuning, the routine is complete—just in time for the concert.
The sun has set at last, and the ichnia gather for the performance.
Diantha: I pray that the future...
Diantha: Will be full of great things...
Diantha leaves her dressing room and heads for the altar. Soon all the girls are there.
Cheering Ichnia: Woo!
Head Priestess: Soon we will begin the final performance of this tour. But first we have an important announcement to make.
Diantha: ...
Diantha Fan 1: Diantha, no... It's her last concert...
Diantha Fan 2: No! Don't look away. Burn her last performance into your memory!
Head Priestess: Let's hear it from the maiden herself. Linaria...
Linaria: Coming!
Diantha: What?
Harie: ...!
Diantha Fan 1: Wha! Linaria? Why? Yo, Linaria fans! What's going on?
Linaria Fan 1: Don't ask us! We're just as confused!
Linaria: I have a very big announcement for you ichnia today.
Linaria pauses. All eyes are on her as everyone present hold their collective breath in anticipation, stunned by the unexpected turn of events.
Linaria: You've heard me sing as a maiden of the island, but from now on... I'm going solo!
Diantha & Harie: Wha...
Diantha Fan 1: Wha...
Linaria Fan 1: Wha...
Ichnia: What!
Vyrn: Wha... Hey! What's wrong? Why is everybody so shocked?
Diantha Fan 1: Th-the maidens are supposed to go on tour for two years, storing up power to safeguard the peace and prosperity of the island. And...
Diola Fan 1: And there are always five of them. That's the tradition. It's been that way for ages. But the head priestess—
Linaria Fan 1: She's breaking down the whole maiden system. She's trying to change things!
Head Priestess: Yes... I have always had my doubts about the old system—the practice of having five maidens... and the age limit.
Head Priestess: It takes work to train new maidens every year, and the best of them must eventually leave us. I find that regrettable.
Head Priestess: But more than that, if the maidens could gather the faith of the people over the course of many years, it would make them even more powerful.
Head Priestess: In short if we wish for true prosperity, we must not try to present a mere symbol... but to become gods in the truest sense!
Head Priestess: We will reconstruct the island's system by starting with the number of maidens. Linaria will be the touchstone.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 3: The Final Performance - Episode 3[edit]

Linaria declares that Diantha, too, will continue to perform solo after completing her time as a maiden. Taken aback by the fact, Diantha makes a wrong turn at the very last step. The unprecedented series of events sends the venue into utter chaos.

Watch scene in game

Linaria: Um... I want you all to keep telling me how cute I am...
Linaria: And I want you to keep telling me how cute I am forever and ever, even after I'm done being a maiden.
Linaria: So whether I'm a maiden or not, I'm going to keep singing and dancing!
Linaria Fan 1: Wh-what!
Linaria Fan 2: She says she's going to keep singing and dancing after she turns sixteen... Like a maiden... but not a maiden.
Linaria Fan 1: Should we be happy about this? We should... Right?
Linaria Fan 2: O-of course we should! This is... this is the best thing to ever happen to us!
Linaria Fan 1: But when Linaria is no longer a maiden, will we be able to keep believing in her? Aahhh!
Diantha Fan 1: Hey! Calm down, people!
A shockwave runs through the ichnia. Their world has been rocked to its core.
The confusion spreads from the Linaria fans to everyone present.
Head Priestess: This was the reaction I had expected... and why I need you, (Captain).
Head Priestess: I needed someone who would not be restricted by the island's traditions, who would protect Linaria like they were paid to do.
It's said that even the language of Xochitl Island changed over the course of time through interaction with foreign cultures.
And in just the same way, perhaps the tradition revolving around the maidens could also be changed—at least that is the head priestess's plan.
Linaria: So now you know I'm going to do solo concerts, but...
Linaria: Diantha's going to put on solo concerts too! She is my rival after all!
Diantha: Wh-what?
Diantha Fan 1: D-Diantha too? How is this happening?
Linaria Fan 1: The island's faith is coming apart at the seams!
Linaria: Sooo... I hope you'll keep coming to see me, everyone!
Linaria Fan 1: W-wooo! Linaria!
Linaria Fan 2: Linaria!
Diantha: Linaria! What's going on here?
Linaria: Tee hee hee... I told you, didn't I? No abandoning me!
Linaria: And now I've said it right in front of everybody. So you get to be my rival forever! Tee hee.
Diantha: W-wait!
The crowd remains unsettled. The musicians begin to play, the sounds of their instruments cutting through the bewildered commotion.
Harie: Th-the music's starting!
Linaria: All right, girls! Ready? Okay!
Maidens: T-Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl!
Four of the maidens are bewildered. But the most troubled of all of them is Diantha herself.
Diantha: (Wh-what's happening?)
Diantha: (I have to keep doing this even after I'm no longer a maiden?)
Diantha: (No! Concentrate... I have to concentrate!)
She desperately tries to regain her focus, but her steps are confused...
Diantha: (Now turn, and then...)
Diantha: (One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four... Step, step, step, hand twirl, and pose...)
Diantha: Eek!
At the very last step of the song, Diantha trips on her own feet and takes a spill.
Ichnia: ...!
Lyria: ...!
I sense something! (Captain), be careful!
Diantha: I... I m-messed up...
Linaria: ...!
Diantha Fan 1: Diantha...
Linaria Fan 1: Ergh... damn it! Uhhh... What a... what a klutz! Am I right?
Diantha Fan 1: S-say that again!
Linaria Fan 1: I mean, c'mon! Linaria had such high hopes, but look at her.
Diantha Fan 1: Why you!
The newly announced solo artists' followers make up the majority of the fans—more than half the total number of ichnia.
First the announcement of the solo performances, and now a slip-up by a supposedly perfect maiden. Small holes pierce through the ichnia's hearts.
Emotions spill through those holes with the force of a rock-shattering flood, and before long the entire venue is filled with chaos.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 3: The Final Performance - Episode 4[edit]

Amidst the squabble among the ichnia, Lyria senses a fearsome power come to life. Just then the altar statue lets out a low rumbling growl and begins to shed tears.

Watch scene in game

Linaria Fan 1: Hah! You Diantha fanboys see that?
Linaria Fan 2: Flubbing right at the end of it all? Your Diantha must not love you very much!
Diantha Fan 1: What! Don't think we'll let that slide, punks!
Diantha Fan 2: We don't care if you laugh at our moves! But talking like that about a maiden is taboo! Take it back!
Linaria Fan 2: Yeah? You want a piece of me?
Everyone at the concert is visibly upset by the announcement that the objects of their devotion would be splitting up.
In their confusion perhaps they were trying to soften the blow by directing their pain at something else.
Diantha: S-stop!
???: Ngh...
Lyria: ...!
(Captain)! This feels like...
Canna Fan 1: People, people! Causing trouble at a concert is prohibited!
Linaria Fan 1: Aahh? You stay out of this!
Canna Fan 1: Wh-what? Why you—
Lyria: Everyone, stop! Something's coming... Something very powerful!
Statue: Grrr...
Linaria Fan 1: Huh?
Diantha Fan 1: What was that? Did the ground just rumble?
Statue: Roooar!
Head Priestess: !
Linaria Fan 1: The statue... It's the statue!
Harie: The statue... is crying?
Statue: Graaargh!
Diantha Fan 1: Ah... Aaahhh!
Vyrn: Uh-oh! Let's go stop that thing!
Lyria: I sense something... I don't know what it is! Please be careful!

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 3: The Final Performance - Episode 4: Scene 2[edit]

When ominous shadows come flying out of the statue, all suspect that Diantha's misstep may have been the problem. The maidens retrace that last step hoping to undo any calamity, but doing so merely transforms the altar into a nest of monsters.

Statue: Rraaargh!
A figure jumps from the statue, throwing a vast shadow over a terrified crowd.
Diantha: What?
Head Priestess: What is that?
Vyrn: I have no clue what's going on. You got any ideas, priestess lady?
Head Priestess: No... I don't know... I don't know anything...
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria. Is that a primal beast? But you didn't sense it when we first got to this island, did you?
Lyria: No... But something started gathering around the statue...
Lyria: It must have started when the ichnia started fighting. No, maybe a little before that.
Head Priestess: I can't even guess as to what could have happened.
Head Priestess: But the mistake at the end of the concert may be what triggered its appearance.
Diantha: ...!
Head Priestess: I don't mean to accuse you, Diantha. I'm still not satisfied with that theory, even if it is my own.
Head Priestess: Whatever it is... it's never been talked about, not even among fellow head priestesses.
Diola: ...
Vyrn: Hmm... If it was the end of the performance that was the problem...
Canna: Then why don't we try doing that last number again?
Harie: Yeah... Come on, girls. Let's go to the altar.
Diantha: (What do I do? Is this... my fault?)
Canna: Come on, Diantha! Cheer up! Let's go!
Diantha: Th-thank you, Canna.
And so the party heads for the altar situated in the center of an empty concert venue.
The air is filled with a strange aura—almost a poisonous odor. The five maidens cautiously ascend the altar steps.
Harie: All right. Let's go, girls!
Maidens: Ready, okay!
Maidens: Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl!
The maidens loudly sound the incantation signaling the beginning of a performance. But the glow that is supposed to protect the island and lead it to prosperity does not appear.
Head Priestess: What! No... That's impossible!
Linaria: What's happened to us?
Diola: The maidens' power... It's gone.
Canna: Uh, well, let's try it again! One more time!
No matter how many times they repeat the chant, the light of the maidens' divinity stays dark.
???: Rrrr...
Diola: What... is that?
Monsters: Graahh!
Vyrn: Wh-what the! Monsters? A whole boatload of 'em!
Vyrn: Argh! We can't fight them off and guard the maidens! Not without help. Retreat!
Rather than bring forth the maidens' glow, their incantation transforms the altar into a den of monsters. (Captain) and company bolt away as fast as they possibly can.
Every maiden's face is the same pale shade. They have lost their sparkle—what fate awaits them now?

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 4: The Voracious Devourer - Episode 1[edit]

Ever since the performance, a miasma pervading the island has further spread the nest of monsters. Quelling the primal beast responsible for it is the first step, but how to go about that is another issue.

Watch scene in game

A miasma has hung over the island since the maidens' last concert, and the monster's nest that appeared on the great altar grows bigger by the day.
The crew barely managed to escape to a neighboring town with their lives. Now they make plans to protect the people of the island.
Lyria: Well... I know for sure that what came out of the statue was a primal beast.
Vyrn: And that golden thingy is what's doing this to the island, right?
Lyria: Yes. So the only way to stop this catastrophe would be to pacify the primal beast.
Canna: Hmm... So how do you stop a primal beast?
Lyria: That... I don't know yet...
Head Priestess: (I can't believe there was a primal beast in that statue...)
Head Priestess: (Were the maidens' powers keeping it sealed there? No, that can't be... Is there something I don't know yet?)
Vyrn: Hey, you okay there? Something wrong?
Head Priestess: I'm fine... Anyway, I'll try to find out more about that statue.
Harie: But there aren't any records left from the time that statue was built, are there?
Head Priestess: That's right. They say that this island didn't originally have a writing system.
Head Priestess: But I still have to find some kind of clue to solve this problem...
Head Priestess: Diantha, will you help me? You enjoy reading, don't you?
Diantha: Yes, Head Priestess.
Canna: Diantha's really down...
Harie: Yeah... She's really bothered by what happened at the concert.
(Captain) and company do some investigating of their own, but days pass without any clear solution found.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 4: The Voracious Devourer - Episode 2[edit]

The maidens discover that their song and dance must be paired with the ichnia's faith to quell the island's primal beast. As they consider ways to restore that lost faith, they realize Diantha and Linaria are nowhere to be seen.

Watch scene in game

A few days have passed since Diantha and the head priestess began digging into old documents at the library.
With no solution in sight, all (Captain) and the crew can do is beat off the monsters as they come.
Diantha: ...!
This text... Head Priestess!
Head Priestess: Did you find something?
Diantha: Yes. Here, look at this!
Head Priestess: I see.
Head Priestess: The primal beast who dons a golden mask... A voracious devourer that once nearly destroyed the island. It's said that its power can distort reality, changing the fate of all things.
Head Priestess: The... miasma... that the monsters crawled out from exists because the fate of space itself has been twisted.
Vyrn: So why did it come out now of all times?
Head Priestess: The maidens' songs and dances... I believe they were a ritual to seal the primal beast away.
Diantha: I think I read in a book once that on one island, they lull ferocious primal beasts to sleep by singing.
Harie: So that means we have to hold another concert... and not mess it up?
Head Priestess: Yes, but you won't be able to. Not now.
Head Priestess: A maiden gets her powers from the ichnia's faith. They are another part of the key to sealing the beast away.
Vyrn: So you're saying that riot was a bigger problem than we thought.
Head Priestess: Yes, what happened during the last concert—Linaria announcing her solo career—has shaken the ichnia's faith.
Head Priestess: Now the primal beast has been revived... and their trust in the maidens—in us... has been lost.
Head Priestess: I was a fool. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been so reluctant to let the girls go when they turn sixteen.
Harie: Head Priestess, what should we do?
Head Priestess: Perhaps we must find a way to regain the ichnia's faith... and hold another successful concert where the last one failed.
Canna: If that's the case... surely we can give it a try!
Harie: But we don't know if...
Canna: Don't worry! I'm sure they'll understand! We just have to keep talking to them!
Harie: Heh heh... You're right. Let's give it a try!
Together the maidens work to come up with a plan to regain the ichnia's faith.
Diola: Hey, Diantha isn't here.
Harie: She's not anywhere in the building?
Diola: Nope. Linaria's gone too.
Vyrn: Seriously? Why would they go outside? Don't they know what's going on!
Lyria: Oh no! The monsters are still out there! Let's go find them, (Captain)!
Monster: Groaar!
Vyrn: Whoa! The monsters have nests here now too?
Lyria: The people of this town are in danger! Let's go, (Captain)!

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 4: The Voracious Devourer - Episode 3[edit]

The primal beast that had leapt out of the statue is a most dangerous type hell-bent on destruction. Diantha blames herself for its release, but she casts her fears aside as she sets out to make things right.

Watch scene in game

Diantha: (What do I do? I thought I was done... I thought I wouldn't have to dance anymore...)
Diantha: (Maybe that's why I messed up... and set the primal beast free.)
Townsperson 1: Hey, that girl... Is she one of the maidens?
Townsperson 2: Yeah... But I don't know if I can even call them that anymore.
Diantha: ...!
Diantha: (If we don't do something, the island will... It's all my fault.)
Diantha: This text... It's about that primal beast, isn't it?
Head Priestess: The primal beast who dons a golden mask... a voracious devourer which brings destruction upon all things... Yes, I think you're right.
Diantha: It says here that this primal beast was consumed by a powerful rage and wreaked havoc wherever it went.
Diantha: Its rampage was as wild as the winds of the Grim Basin, and it devoured everything in its path.
Diantha: I'm scared, (Captain)... But I...
Diantha: I have to stop that primal beast!

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 4: The Voracious Devourer - Episode 3: Scene 2[edit]

Worried that the missing Diantha may be considering sacrificing herself for the greater good, the crew heads toward the neighboring town where the now monster-infested great altar lies.

Vyrn: Darn it! Where is she? Did she leave town?
Harie: Oh no... She must feel responsible for all this...
Vyrn: Do you know something?
Harie: She's always quick to blame herself, so... So I think she's going to try to stop the primal beast herself!
Head Priestess: It's consumed by rage... The only thing that can soothe the savage beast is... No! She wouldn't!
Harie: She might try to offer herself... as a sacrifice!
Vyrn: No way!
Canna: Maybe she's trying to do the ritual alone...
Lyria: We can't let that happen! We have to go after her!
Lyria: The anger I felt from that primal beast was tremendous, something beyond all hope—something that can't be controlled. And that means...
Vyrn: A maiden snack or two won't do diddly-squat to stop it!
Harie: And Linaria being Linaria, she's not going to let Diantha try to steal all the glory.
Diola: Maybe she's going to compete with her on the altar.
Vyrn: Either way we've gotta get to the next town to find them! If we let them go through with this, I don't know how I'll sleep at night—or ever again!
(Captain) and company hurry on to the next town in order to save Diantha.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 4: The Voracious Devourer - Episode 4[edit]

Linaria and Diantha spill their hearts out to each other. The caustic bluntness of their discourse causes an agitated Linaria to run off while Diantha continues for the great altar.

Watch scene in game

Diantha stands at the outskirts of town. She is about to step outside, determined to accomplish her goal.
Diantha: (I'm scared... But I have to fix this.)
Linaria: What are you doing?
Diantha: Li... Linaria!
Linaria: Let's have a quick chat.
Diantha: Um... Yeah, sure.
Perhaps the loss of her maiden powers has softened Linaria's attitude—her usual hostility has vanished without a trace.
Linaria: What do you think's going to happen to us? I finally get to be a maiden, but now this.
Diantha: Yeah...
Linaria: Do you think it's my fault? Maybe I shouldn't have tried to go solo.
Diantha: It's not your fault. It's because I messed up.
Linaria: Yeah, no kidding.
Diantha: Er...
Linaria: I can't believe you tripped at the last step. You're such a loser.
Diantha: Haha... Only a loser calls people losers.
Linaria: Heh heh... That's the first time you ever talked back to me.
Linaria has always held a one-sided rivalry against Diantha.
But perhaps the crisis touched something in both of their hearts, and the two of them continue their conversation.
Diantha: Hey, Linaria. Why did you want to go solo?
Linaria: I have this dream of making a bunch of fans. Like people from outside the island, you know? People other than the ichnia.
Diantha: Oh.
Linaria: I wanted more and more people to like me and tell me I'm adorable.
Diantha: I envy you, Linaria. You chose to be a maiden.
Linaria: It's not that I wanted to so much. I just always knew I would be chosen, ever since I was a little girl.
Diantha: You're amazing, Linaria. I always hated getting in front of people.
Linaria: I know. That's why I couldn't stand you being the most popular.
Linaria: You're such a baby scaredy-cat, but you sing better than me. What's the deal?
Diantha: Haha... That's harsh.
Linaria: I keep practicing and practicing, but I can't catch up to you. It makes me so mad.
Diantha: ...
Linaria: I was sure I'd be ahead of you before your last concert.
Diantha: Don't worry. You still have two more years. I'm sure you'll be way more popular than me by then.
Linaria: ...
Diantha: You know, Linaria. Everyone hits a wall from time to time. But if you keep trying, I'm sure you can...
Linaria: It's not a wall. I know I'll get better.
Linaria: Besides, I don't have two more years! If I don't beat you with the best I can be right now, then there's no point!
Diantha: I'm sorry...
Linaria: What are you apologizing for! Don't talk down to me just because you're more popular!
Diantha: I-I'm not, Linaria! It's not about who's better than who! Believe me—I know how hard you're trying!
Linaria: Shut up! I'm not looking for your approval!
Linaria: You're so ugly! Look at those freckles! And your eyes are too big! You and your stupid face and ideas all suck! Urgh!
Diantha watches sadly as Linaria runs off, hurling insults behind her.
Diantha: No... That's not what I meant... What should I have said?
Diantha: I'm sorry, Linaria... I'm going to put a stop to this.
Diantha: It would have been nice... to have one last showdown.
Her resolve firmly in place, Diantha steps outside town.
She heads for the great altar—the center of the miasma.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 5: A Fractured Friendship - Episode 1[edit]

Linaria finds herself in an unfamiliar village where an old woman passing by calls a statue Xolotl. A chat between the two sparks an epiphany in Linaria, prompting her to make her way toward the town everyone has evacuated to.

Watch scene in game

Linaria: ...
Where is this place?
After running from Diantha, Linaria suddenly finds herself outside of town.
She makes her way hesitantly through the unfamiliar scenery, watching carefully for signs of monsters.
Linaria: Wow. I had no idea there was a village here.
Linaria: Hm? This statue...
Small Statue: ...
Linaria: It looks like the statue from the altar... except this one's smaller.
Old Woman: Oh, those clothes... Miss, are you a maiden?
Linaria: Um... Yes, I am.
Old Woman: Oh my, how wonderful. We haven't seen a maiden around here in decades.
Linaria: They used to do tours around here too?
Old Woman: Yes, indeed. Those were the days. Of course, that all stopped when outsiders started attending the concerts.
Linaria: I didn't know that. I suppose that's why the maidens stopped coming here?
Old Woman: Uh-huh, I suppose they wanted outsiders to see the concerts too. And this place is so small and out of the way.
Old Woman: See now? Even Xolotl looks happy to see a maiden again.
Small Statue: ...
Linaria: Xolotl? The statue's name is Xolotl?
Old Woman: Yes. It's the statue of the god Xolotl. He's an ancient god, so maybe you young folk haven't heard of him.
Linaria: Xolotl...
Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl... It's the same as the show-opening chant...
Old Woman: Oh my. I didn't know there were people who still know that chant. Isn't that nice to know, Xolotl?
Linaria: Granny! Can you tell me more about Xolotl?
Old Woman: What an enthusiastic young lady. Well then, would you like to hear about the old days? I should warn you: it's going to be a long story.
Linaria: I never knew any of this...
Linaria: Thanks, granny!
Linaria runs off as soon as the old woman finishes her story. She heads for the town where everyone has taken refuge.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 5: A Fractured Friendship - Episode 2[edit]

As Diantha continues toward the great altar, battling the same immense dread and anticipation she feels before any performance, a monster suddenly appears before her.

Watch scene in game

Diantha: ...
Diantha arrives at the town housing the great altar. Though unnerved by the miasma and the monsters all around her, she musters up the courage to continue onward.
Diantha: I'm so scared... But it's okay...
Diantha: I pray that the future...
Diantha: Will be full of great things...
Diantha: (Why am I singing?)
Diantha: (Of course... This feeling... It's exactly what I feel before a concert.)
Diantha: (Heh heh... It's true. When I'd get on an altar for a concert... I really was scared to death.)
Diantha: (But now... I'm not scared... I'm not scared! I have to do this—for everyone!)
Monster: Grrr...
Diantha: ...!
Monster: Graaargh!
Diantha: I have to get out of here! I can't die before I get to the altar!

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 5: A Fractured Friendship - Episode 2: Scene 2[edit]

With no one else around, Diantha desperately scurries away from the monster. Just as she as resigns to her fate, (Captain) and company show up to save the day.

Diantha: Huff... Puff...
Monster: Grrr!
Diantha runs desperately, the creature hot on her heels. With nobody around to protect her, she knows she is on her own.
Diantha: I can't... run another step!
Monster: Graaah!
Diantha: ...!
(Captain)? And everyone else...
Vyrn: Sheesh. You didn't have to come out here alone, you know!
Canna: Even I thought this was a crazy idea. Don't ever do anything like this again, okay?
Diantha: I'm sorry... I was really scared, but... I wanted to make up for my mistake...
Harie: Stop being so hard on yourself!
Diantha: But this is all because I messed up at the concert...
Harie: Nobody cares about that! Look at Diola.
Diola: Bwuuh... I wonder what's for dinner today...
Diantha: Wow... Even in a crisis like this, she's still in her own little world.
Vyrn: Hey, there's no time to talk! We've got company!
Monster: Groaar!
Lyria: Everyone, stand back! Let's go, (Captain)!

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 5: A Fractured Friendship - Episode 3[edit]

As (Captain) and company continue toward the altar, the maidens suddenly feel a faint light about them; apparently, someone somewhere is still cheering for them.

Watch scene in game

(Captain) and the crew defend the four maidens from the monsters that swarm the main street as they make their way to the altar.
Harie: Were you seriously considering trying to stop the primal beast all by yourself?
Diantha: No. I was going to let you girls handle it.
Harie: Let us handle it?
Diantha: Yeah. I thought if the ichnia found out I sacrificed myself, it would restore their faith in the maidens... and you would get your powers back.
Harie: What the... Tell me you're kidding!
Diola: Dummy.
Diantha: Yeah, I really was a dummy. But I changed my mind after I saw you girls.
Canna: But it'll be okay now that there are four of us again. I just wish Linaria was here too.
Harie: But what do we do? We still don't have our powers. We can't summon that sparkle.
Diola: I feel like eating pickles...
Canna: I'm sure it'll be fine! We just go to the altar and sing and dance! Same as always! Haha!
Harie: Canna! This is serious!
Vyrn: Whatever happens, we've gotta make sure you girls get your powers back. Or else we're just sitting ducks here.
Canna: Should we go say sorry to the ichnia? Maybe then they'll...
Diantha: Hey... This feeling!
Diola: I feel it too. Our powers are back, but not by much.
Harie: Someone... is helping us. It may be just a few of them, but the ichnia are still rooting for us.
Canna: Hee hee... All righty! Now we just need to sing and dance!
Diantha: Yeah! Let's do it!

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 5: A Fractured Friendship - Episode 4[edit]

Linaria tumbles into the town sheltering the ichnia. She pleads for them to stop their bickering and to work together as one. Overwhelmed by her unusually headstrong attitude, the ichnia listen.

Watch scene in game

Putting their faith in the light that has returned to them, the maidens continue onward through the miasma-infested town to the great altar.
Meanwhile Linaria stumbles into the refuge town, completely out of breath.
Linaria: Pant... Wheeze... Someone, please...
Linaria's only hope is the ichnia. She looks around, sweat dripping from her forehead, and the sound of jeering cries reaches her ears.
Linaria Fan 1: Say that again! You know this is all because your maiden screwed up!
Diantha Fan 1: No way! It's because Linaria decided to leave before turning sixteen!
Linaria Fan 1: Heh... Admit it—you guys think it's Diantha's fault too!
Linaria Fan 1: The fact that she lost her light proves it! Nobody believes in her anymore!
Diantha Fan 1: No! That's not true!
Linaria: Cut it out!
Linaria Fan 1: Linaria!
Linaria: Huff... Huff... Where... are Diantha and the the others?
Diantha Fan 1: Well... I guess she headed for the great altar to offer another song...
Linaria Fan 1: The other maidens heard about it and went after her.
Linaria: No... Please! We need your help! Or else...
Linaria: They—they're all gonna die!
Sweating and desperate, Linaria looks nothing like her usual self.
Overwhelmed by her passionate pleas, the ichnia agree to listen to what she has to say.

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 6: Soar High, Maidens - Episode 1[edit]

In order to gain the support of the ichnia, Linaria relays to the ichnia the touching story of Xolotl as explained to her by the old lady. It turns out the maiden tradition of the island actually exists to console Xolotl's sorrow.

Watch scene in game

Some time before the divine light of the maidens had returned to Diantha and the others...
Linaria desperately addresses a crowd of ichnia at the town where they had taken refuge.
Linaria: I heard all about it... About what that statue on the altar really is, and why maidens sing there!
Diantha Fan 1: Why maidens sing?
Linaria Fan 1: Because the ichnia's faith gives power to the maidens, and they use that power to bring prosperity to the island... Right?
Linaria: No, that wasn't it! It was never the maidens' power that made the island prosper!
Diantha Fan 1: It wasn't? Then who's power was it?
Linaria: The primal beast, Xolotl... The primal beast that became the model for that statue.
Linaria: The chant we've been reciting—Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl... It really meant something!
Linaria Fan 1: It did? What?
Linaria: Well, you see... It happened during the War.
Old Woman: A long time ago, back during the War, there was one particularly big dog that fought alongside the skydwellers.
Old Woman: He was a fine canine... So strong and so clever that he could compete with dragons.
Old Woman: The dog's best friend was a skydweller warrior, and together they fought bravely and even defeated primal beasts.
Old Woman: But the dog's strength made him a target for the Astrals... and they turned him into a primal beast.
Old Woman: The dog became the Astrals' pawn, and under their control he ended up fighting the skydwellers who were once his friends.
Old Woman: But dogs are loyal to their packs, and he was no exception. He longed to go back home.
Old Woman: So the dog used his own power to twist fate and escape the Astrals' clutches. He finally made it home to his best friend, but...
Old Woman: His friend was frightened by the dog's new form, and he drew his sword on his loyal companion.
Old Woman: The dog, Xolotl... ran from his friend in a fury. He cried and howled at the top of his lungs.
Old Woman: The destruction he wrought was so great that some mistook him for a stray wind, escaped from the Grim Basin.
Old Woman: Exhausted from his rage and tears, he eventually fell into a deep, deep sleep.
Old Woman: The War ended during his sleep, and he awoke to a pleasant sound. It was the voice of a singer at a festival somewhere.
Old Woman: Before he knew it, Xolotl had jumped into the festival to join them. The people were surprised to see him, but nobody was afraid.
Old Woman: These people, too, had suffered in the War. They understood his pain and accepted Xolotl as a friend—as family.
Old Woman: They said to him in an ancient tongue...
Old Woman: Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl. It means, "Friends forever, Xolotl."
Old Woman: As Xolotl joined the people in listening to the festival song, he felt that he was a part of a pack again.
Old Woman: Xolotl has lived on the island with our people ever since.
Old Woman: Now a welcome member of the pack, the dog used his power to distort fate and bring prosperity to the island.
Old Woman: From then on we've kept up the tradition of choosing five girls from the ages of fourteen to sixteen to become maidens and offer him their songs.
Linaria: So that's what the chant means...
Old Woman: In addition to the chant, a song was later written for Xolotl as well.
Old Woman: But nobody remembers it now. I suspect our villagers are the only ones who know it anymore.
Small Statue: ...
Linaria: ...!
The statue's crying!
Old Woman: There, there. I know I reminded you of your sad past, but it's all right now.
Linaria: Granny, why is the statue crying?
Old Woman: Each of these statues is actually a part of Xolotl himself. We built them all around the island so that someone could always be with him.
Old Woman: In the past people only had to look at the statue to believe in Xolotl, but now... Well, times change.
Old Woman: People reason these mysterious phenomena away, saying they're some kind of a trick... And I suppose that can't be helped.
Linaria: So that's why they forgot about him... And why Xolotl is so sad.
Linaria: So the very first ichnia... was Xolotl.
Linaria: Did we lose our powers because we let Xolotl down?
Linaria Fan 1: Xolotl... Hm... So that's what the statues meant.
Linaria: Yes. And our singing and dancing were meant to comfort him.
Linaria: So please... Help us! We can't stop Xolotl by ourselves!
Linaria Fan 1: ...
Diantha Fan 1: ...

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 6: Soar High, Maidens - Episode 2[edit]

Linaria wishes for the ichnia to welcome Xolotl together with the maidens. As if in response to her earnest pleas, one by one they quickly regain their faith.

Watch scene in game

Linaria: I'm begging you! Please help the maidens! Help Xolotl!
Linaria: Our song isn't enough! We need the ichnia to join us, to welcome Xolotl again!
Linaria Fan 1: ...
Linaria: I know this is all our fault. I know it won't be easy to forgive us, but please...
Linaria Fan 1: No... It's our fault too. We thought the only way to show you our faith was to fight over who had the best moves.
Diantha Fan 1: We had a part in causing all this... by forgetting all about Xolotl.
Linaria Fan 1: And more importantly there's one more reason we can't ignore Xolotl!
Linaria Fan 2: That's right! We... Everyone on this island is absolutely in love with the maidens! We would never leave this island!
Linaria Fan 1: Right on! And we want people from other islands to know how awesome you are too!
Linaria Fan 2: That's why I hated myself for ever doubting you, Linaria... Our precious Linaria!
Linaria Fan 1: I know, right! I knew something felt off! I'm sure you felt it too, Diantha fanboy!
Diantha Fan 1: O-of course!
Diantha Fan 1: How could we have ever doubted our maidens! The peer pressure made me doubt too, but I couldn't stand it!
Linaria Fan 1: We can't just let this ichnia tradition die off after upholding it for so many centuries!
Diantha Fan 1: The longer you love something, the more painful it is when you leave it.
Linaria Fan 2: Exactly. That's what happened to us... So there's a misstep or two—so what!
Diantha Fan 1: We have to make amends for everything we did. To each other, and to the maidens.
Linaria: Then you're willing to...
Diantha Fan 1: I'll go tell all the ichnia. Let's go to the great altar!
Linaria: ...!
My power... It's back?
Linaria: I'm on my way, girls! I'm bringing the ichnia to the altar! Please be safe until we get there!
Linaria: Diantha... my rival. My very first rival! I promise I won't let you die now!
With the broken bond between the ichnia and the maidens restored, the maidens regain their powers.
Diantha: Hey... This feeling!
Diola: I feel it too. Our powers are back, but not by much.
Harie: Someone... is helping us. It may be just a few of them, but the ichnia are still rooting for us.
Canna: Hee hee... All righty! Now we just need to sing and dance!
Diantha: Yeah! Let's do it!

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 6: Soar High, Maidens - Episode 3[edit]

Having arrived at the altar, the maidens raise the curtains with the sacred chant, causing Xolotl to make his appearance. (Captain) and company hold him off while the maidens continue to sing.

Watch scene in game

Diantha: We're almost there... Be brave, Diantha...
Diantha: (It doesn't feel any different than usual! I can do this... I know I can!)
Harie: ...
Harie: Diantha.
Diantha: Wh-what is it, Harie?
Harie: We're here with you. You don't need to take it all on yourself.
Diantha: What...
Harie: I know stage fright's always been an issue for you.
Diantha: Yeah. The thought of messing up in front of everyone terrified me... That's why I worked so hard.
Diantha: I was afraid that if I messed up, the ichnia would figure out how scared I was and end up leaving us.
Diantha: And then we'd lose our powers to protect the island...
Harie: I always thought it was your talent, Diantha, and I pretended I didn't notice.
Harie: But now... now that there's so much at stake here, I finally understand how you've felt.
Diantha: ...
Harie: I'm really scared. I'm shaking so hard—I don't know how I could do a dance routine. This is how you always felt, isn't it?
Harie: Sorry for pretending not to notice your feelings. I should've said something a lot sooner.
Diantha: Don't worry about it.
Diantha: Hey, if this works out, we should do something. Together.
Harie: Sure. That's a promise!
Harie: We're almost at the altar...
Diantha: We'll do everything we can till the very end!
Diola: I'm in the mood for sandwiches...
Canna: Ooh! Me too! I love the head priestess's sandwiches!
Diola: Put some marinated fish in it and chomp...
Diantha: When this is over, we can all have sandwiches together.
Harie: Hee hee. Sure!
Diantha: ...
Harie: ...
Diantha: I pray that the future...
Harie: Will be full of great things...
Diola: We sing this song...
Canna: With a prayer in our hearts...
Eventually the chatter fades, but the silence is broken when the girls begin to sing.
They push their fear and anxiety aside as they ascend the altar steps.
Lyria: Everyone. The primal beast is very close to us. You may not be able to see it, but it's right there.
Harie: Okay, let's get started.
Diantha: Yeah. It's okay. There's nothing to be afraid of.
Maidens: Ready, okay!
Maidens: Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl!
A faint light radiates from the four as the chant rings out.
Xolotl: Grrr!
Vyrn: We'll hold the primal beast back! You girls just finish your song!
Lyria: Let's go, (Captain)!

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 6: Soar High, Maidens - Episode 3: Scene 2[edit]

Being no match for Xolotl's overwhelming power, (Captain) is unable to stop his advance toward Diantha.

Xolotl: Grrrowl!
Vyrn: Argh! I don't think we can hold this thing off for the whole song!
The primal beast bares its fangs at (Captain), who stands in its way.
Lyria: Ahhh! (Captain)!
(Captain) falls to the ground, gripped by the beast's reality-distorting powers.
Vyrn: This ain't good! Get up, (Captain)!
Xolotl: Awooo!
Without a second glance at (Captain), the primal beast goes straight for the maidens.
Diantha: ...!
Lyria: Diantha!
Xolotl: Grrr!
Diantha: (I guess this is it for me...)
Diantha: (I'm sorry, everyone... I'm sorry, ichnia... I'm sorry, (Captain)...)

Five Flowers of Fate - Chapter 6: Soar High, Maidens - Episode 4[edit]

The cheers of the ichnia stop Xolotl in his tracks. Linaria rushes into the scene—filling everyone in on the situation—and joins the other maidens in musical chorus to remind Xolotl of their everlasting friendship.

Watch scene in game

The beast's fangs snap at Diantha, ready to tear her slender frame to pieces.
???: One, two! One, two! One, two! Ayayayayay!
Xolotl: ...!
Suddenly a chorus of male voices rings out, repelling the primal beast and forcing it to leave the altar.
Diantha: Wha...
Harie: This light!
Canna: Uh, is our power back?
Diola: Oh, it's Linaria.
Linaria: Huff... Huff... I made it...
Linaria Fan 1: Heh. Don't forget us.
Diantha Fan 1: Looks like it's time to settle which one of us has the best moves, once and for all.
Linaria Fan 1: Yeah. And find out which maiden Xolotl will follow... But I guess that's not important.
Diantha Fan 1: That's right. We're doing this to welcome Xolotl back into the ichnia fold.
Linaria: Listen, girls! That primal beast... Xolotl! He's sad!
Linaria: Because we maidens and the ichnia all forgot that we were friends with him! He's really, really sad!
Linaria: So please! Let's all welcome Xolotl back—as our friend!
Diantha: Friend? Sad? Linaria, what do you mean?
Linaria: Xolotl lost his best friend in a war!
Diantha: ...!
Old Woman: A long time ago, back during the War...
Everything Linaria heard about Xolotl's tragic past flows into the minds of Diantha and the other maidens.
They learn that Xolotl was a dog turned into a primal beast by the Astrals, and that he wandered for years after losing his best friend—until he found peace on this island.
Xolotl: ...!
Diantha: What... was that?
Diola: I guess Linaria did something. So Xolotl was angry because he felt so lonely.
Diola: I wouldn't be too happy either if someone tried to chant "Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl" while the ichnia are fighting amongst each other.
Harie: So... How do we calm him down?
Diola: I guess we sing. If Xolotl hears his favorite song, I think he'll remember we're his friends.
Lyria: But Xolotl is really angry. I don't think he's in the mood to listen to any music.
Diola: That's why we need the ichnia's power.
Diola: If the ichnia cheer and scream louder than ever, our powers will grow even stronger. Then Xolotl will have to pay attention.
Diola: And he'll want to come back to his pack. But only if we're all super excited. That's important.
Canna: So all we've gotta do is sing, dance, and make this place sizzle! Like always! Right?
Harie: Hee hee... Now that you mention it, yeah.
Vyrn: That means we just gotta hold him off 'til the ichnia are fired up!
Linaria: Hee hee. I'm gonna make sure Xolotl knows I'm the cutest one of all!
Linaria: I'm gonna be the best I can be. I'm gonna beat you this time, Diantha.
Diantha: Hee hee. No way.
Linaria: Yes, I am! I'm gonna be number one today!
Xolotl: Rrrr!
Diola: Oh... Here he comes.
Vyrn: All right! Leave the primal beast to us!
Lyria: We'll hold him back until your song fills the whole town with energy!
Harie: Let's go, girls!
All: Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl!
Friends forever, Xolotl!

Five Flowers of Fate - Ending[edit]

Touched by the maidens' singing, Xolotl's sadness and despair gradually fade away—along with the miasma. Wherever she goes next, Diantha makes it her mission to continue to tell others the tale of Xolotl. And thus the once-forgotten deity becomes the friend of skydwellers again.

Watch scene in game

Maidens: We really don't mean to hurt you—

You're so sensitive!
You can try to hide it—

But we know the kindness in your eyes!
Maidens: Hey, you know I can see right through you!

We're the medium!
I lay my hand on yours and here I go:

Polar Star Advent!
Diantha Fan 1: Woooo! Yeah! Woooo! Yeah!
Linaria Fan 1: Woooo! Yeah! Woooo! Yeah!
Canna Fan 1: Woooo! Yeah! Woooo! Yeah!
Harie Fan 1: Woooo! Yeah! Woooo! Yeah!
Diola Fan 1: Woooo! Yeah! Woooo! Yeah!
Maidens: A flower shining in five colors—

Let it be the beacon to cast out darkness!
No matter what the future brings—
It will be okay!

We will always be here by your side!
The maidens' song and the ichnia's moves create a spark of uncertainty in Xolotl's raging heart.
Soon the miasma that filled the air—the distortion of space—begins to clear.
Xolotl: Grrr... rrr...
Maidens: Let me, let me, let me hear your voice!

Echo into tomorrow!

Never ending fantasy—
Xolotl: Arrf...
Harie: We're so sorry, Xolotl... We had forgotten it was you who brought prosperity to our island.
Diantha: You might not understand the language of our time, but we want you to know...
Linaria: Everyone here is your maiden, your ichnia, and your friend!
Canna: So please come back...
Diola: And live with us—here on this island!
Xolotl: Rrr...
The maidens perfectly express what the ichnia are feeling. Xolotl's glowing eyes gradually soften under the golden mask.
Perhaps it is a sudden recollection that causes Xolotl to stop and sit. He takes a deep breath before lying down.
Xolotl: ...
Eventually his body slowly dissolves into the air of the island.
Diantha: So... is it over?
Diola: Looks like it.
Vyrn: You girls sure that Xolotl is gonna be chill now?
Lyria: I'm sure he is. I felt his sorrow fade and disappear.
Vyrn: Sheesh. If he was lonely, he should've just said so!
Linaria: People can't always say what's on their mind. Right, Diantha?
Diantha: I wonder what it felt like... to be forgotten for so long by the people you love.
Linaria: I don't know. I'd probably throw up if the ichnia ever forgot about me. Like, blegh.
Diantha: Haha... That's so you.
Linaria: Tee hee! I know, right?
And so the miasma that covered Xochitl Island is blown away by the powers of the maidens and the ichnia.
Her final concert complete, Diantha heads back to her room feeling a sense of both accomplishment and relief.
Diantha Fan 1: Diantha!
Diantha: Yes, ichnia?
Diantha Fan 1: Thank you... for everything!
Diantha Fan 2: I'll never forget your determination to always be the best! You've inspired me to aim for better every time!
Diantha: Huh? But the truth is... I'm always terrified to go on the altar.
Diantha Fan 1: Yes, we know. That's exactly why it's so motivational!
Diantha Fan 2: Watching you dance your best and improve despite your fears has instilled us all with courage!
Linaria Fan 1: Heh! Says the guy whose faith wav—Nah, never mind.
Diantha: So you all knew how I really felt...
Diantha: That's why you cheered me on... That's why you chose to believe in me.
Diantha Fan 1: Yeah. Even the other maidens' followers talked you up. Lots of them.
Diantha: Thank you, everyone...
Diantha: Thank you for everything!
Having learned a valuable lesson, Diantha lowers her head as a gesture of thanks.
Diantha: (There were actually a lot of people who accepted me for who I am...)
Diantha: (I thought me being the most popular was a fluke... But I was wrong.)
Diantha: (I see now. All these people have been cheering me on.)
Linaria: What's this? Reluctant to give up the maiden gig? Then you wanna go solo with me?
Diantha: Hm, I don't know about that.
Linaria: Why not? It's not fair to quit while you're ahead! Boo! Shame on you!
Head Priestess: Diantha. If you would still like to be a part of the concerts, maybe you should think about becoming a head priestess.
Vyrn: Hm? There's no age limit on being a head priestess?
Head Priestess: Right. Once a maiden's career finishes, some girls choose to continue performing as musicians... before eventually becoming a head priestess.
Head Priestess: I once followed the same path. How does that sound, Diantha?
Diantha: Me? A head priestess?
Linaria: Ooh! I like it! Then we can race to see who gets to be a head priestess first!
Diantha: Umm... I think I need a little more time to think it over.
Diantha: I'm thinking about writing a book. I want to share the story of Xolotl with everyone.
Diantha: And not only that one. There are more stories about Xolotl all over the island.
Diantha: But they've changed over time, like the one that became a ghost story about a statue that cries blood.
Diantha: I want people to know the real story, so that no one will forget about the first ichnia ever again.
Head Priestess: Indeed. That is a very important task.
Diantha: Would it be okay to make my decision after that?
Linaria: Hey, excuse me! Are you scared to compete against me?
Diantha: Mostly... I just want to take a break. Heh heh.
Linaria: What! You can't do that! By the time you get back, you'll be eating my dust!
The two go off somewhere while Linaria continues to pout.
Lyria: Off they went...
Canna: Heh heh, they left without us.
Diola: Looks like Diantha is Linaria's favorite now.
Harie: Anyway... Let's get ready for Diantha's farewell party.
Canna: Let's see... We're having sandwiches, right?
Diola: I want one with a lot of pickles.
Harie: All right! I know we're all tired, but we don't want Xolotl getting mad at us for not showing any love to our friend.
Canna: Hee hee... So we just buy the ingredients, cook the food, and serve it all on a nice plate. That's it! Piece of cake!
Head Priestess: I'll take care of that. You girls just finished an unscheduled concert. Go get some rest.
Head Priestess: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn. Would you like to join us?
Lyria: Ooh, may we?
Head Priestess: Of course. We couldn't have saved the island without your help.
Vyrn: Heh heh! Then don't mind if we do!
Thus the once forgotten god renews his friendship with his people and resumes his life with them.
It is said on this day, the statues of Xolotl all around the island smiled peacefully.
Five Flowers of Fate
The End