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Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Opening

As Bill the Bard nears the end of his days, he compares Romeo's life to a play, telling his young successor that there are many choices one can make within a narrative.

Bill the Bard: Condell, I am much in your debt.
Romeo: You are of no such thing!
Romeo: You have taught me more than I could ever ask for.
Bill the Bard: Haha. That certainly is high praise.
Romeo: My lord...
Bill the Bard: Heh. I've told you before... I am no lord. But I suppose I've grown accustomed to the title, as unfitting as it may be.
Bill the Bard: Never would I've imagined that this is how I'd spend the last of my days... Life certainly is full of surprises.
Romeo: And I, my lord. I never thought I'd come to write a play myself.
Bill the Bard: Haha, I'll bet.
Bill the Bard: It's thanks to you that my waning days have been filled with such joy. And still, you give me something to look forward to.
Romeo: Something to look forward to?
Bill the Bard: Yes.
Bill the Bard: Condell—no, Romeo.
Romeo: Yes, my lord.
Bill the Bard: Until now, I've taught you to write plays as Bill the Bard...
Romeo: Indeed. I am grateful for this new life you've given me.
Romeo: You gave me hope in my life, and a different way to serve our beloved land of Verona.
Romeo: Bill the Bard... Though I have much to learn, I swear I will uphold this name so that it can continue to shine its light and touch the hearts of many.
Bill the Bard: Heh. Truly, you have a heart of gold.
Romeo: My lord?
Bill the Bard: I know the words you speak are straight from the heart.
Bill the Bard: And I have no doubt that you will take it upon yourself to fulfill the role of Bard.
Bill the Bard: Still, you have the option of casting it away. And I wouldn't blame you in the least.
Romeo: What? But... why?
Bill the Bard: Ah, my boy... I am saying that you have the freedom to decide for yourself.
Bill the Bard: Whether you want to live as Bill the Bard, or choose to go down a new path in life.
Bill the Bard: I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of twists and turns you'll take from here on out.
Bill the Bard: After all, what fun is there in walking down a straight path?
Romeo: My lord...
Bill the Bard: Romeo, life is like a play. And every one of us is an actor in it.
Bill the Bard: Once the curtain opens and the show begins, no matter how painful or strenuous it becomes, we can only continue playing our roles.
Romeo: Yes.
Bill the Bard: It may feel almost unbearable, and our legs may refuse to move as we want them to.
Bill the Bard: Swept into a narrative against our will, there will be times when we find ourselves forced to our knees, collapsing onto the stage.
Bill the Bard: But we must not forget.
Bill the Bard: In the play called life, the power to overcome any turn of the story and move the show forward...
Bill the Bard: This power is present within us.
Romeo: Yes, my lord.
Bill the Bard: And we must remember that life is not a one-man play.
Bill the Bard: There are others we will meet. There are things we will give to them and, at times, receive from them. And something inside us will change, little by little.
Romeo: Just as I have changed since I met you, my lord.
Bill the Bard: Haha, indeed. So you understand.
Bill the Bard: Someday you, in turn, will touch and change someone. And you yourself will change into yet another person.
Bill the Bard: How will this play you are writing unfold? I'd like to see it very much...
Romeo: My... lord...
Bill the Bard: Heh... It seems my own play is reaching its end.
Bill the Bard: What say you? 'Tis a finale most suitable for Bill the Bard, don't you think?
Romeo: My lord!
Bill the Bard: I'll be watching, Romeo. As the story of your life unfolds from here...
Paris: Romeo... You entrusted Verona and Juliet to me. You told me to protect and guide them.
Paris: How can I bring myself to achieve anything less? I won't disappoint you... So I tell myself, day after day.
Lyria: Do you remember the time when we traveled together?
Lyria: So much has changed since then... but you'll always be Romeo, won't you?
Vyrn: I told you before, didn't I? We'll deal with anyone who tries to get between you and Juliet.
Vyrn: I meant that, y'know.
???: Forever bound by blood, name, status... Only to meet a tragic fate in the end.
???: Ah, how pitiful is the last lord of the Montagues!
???: You were kind, sensitive, wise, and honest. That is what I respected about you. But then...
???: You disappeared and left her all alone to suffer. And for that, I...
???: I wanted to be there at your side. I wanted the strength to support you. I wanted to lead our people to a brighter future together with you.
???: You gave meaning to my life. Even now, I'm chasing this light that was taken away from me so suddenly...
Juliet: A fragrant, gentle breeze... Dazzling rays of sunlight, dancing across a clear, blue sky.
Juliet: Without you, what once brought me joy seems dull and grey. Would you laugh if you saw me now?
Juliet: Oh, my love... You've gone to a place so faraway that not even my voice can reach you.
Juliet: Yet, I still...

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 1: Peace in Verona - Episode 1

Two years after the disappearance of Lord Montague, the crew arrive in Verona to visit Juliet. Before heading to the castle, however, they meet with Romeo at his home, who takes them to see a play at the newly established Rose Theater.

Vyrn: Hey, Romeo! We're here!
Lyria: Vyrn! We can't call him that, remember? People might hear us!
Lyria: Isn't that right, Condell?
Romeo: Haha. Don't worry about it too much—although I would ask you to refrain from shouting it out in the middle of town.
Romeo: In any case, thank you for coming to see me, (Captain).
(Captain) and company have come to the outskirts of Verona to visit Romeo at his home for the first time in a while.
Romeo: How have all of you been?
Vyrn: Still up and runnin' as always!
Lyria: What about you, Romeo? We received news that the bard had passed away...
Romeo: Yes... He passed peacefully. I'd prepared myself for it to a certain extent. Besides, I can't afford to remain dispirited.
Romeo: After all, there is still something that I must do.
Lyria: Oh, that's right. You're Bill the Bard now, aren't you?
Bill the Bard is the most esteemed playwright of the modern age.
Tickets to the bard's plays are sold out the moment they go on sale.
However, the existence of the Bard is shrouded in mystery. No details are publicly known about the famed writer—not even age or gender.
It is under such odds that Romeo came to meet Bill the Bard by coincidence.
Vyrn: Who woulda thought that you'd meet the old bard outta nowhere and end up inheritin' his name, huh?
Romeo: Indeed, it was a curious encounter.
Lyria: It must have been fate.
Romeo: I hope so.
Vyrn: So ya went from Romeo to Condell to Bill the Bard. You're one heck of a busy guy!
Romeo: Haha, can't deny that. But I hope to stay as Romeo at least when I'm with all of you.
Romeo: You are the only ones left who call me by this name...
A wistful smile playing on his lips, Romeo turns his gaze away to look into the distance.
A little over two years have passed since Lord Montague disappeared from the eyes of the public.
Romeo: So what brings you to Verona this time?
Lyria: We've been exchanging letters with Juliet, and we were saying how much we wanted to see each other again.
Romeo: Does that mean you've already gone to see her?
Vyrn: We're headin' to Juliet's castle after this. We decided to come see you first.
Romeo: I see. I'd ask you to send her my regards, but given the circumstances...
Lyria: I'll pass them on in my heart!
Romeo: Please do. I'm sorry for putting all of you in such a difficult situation. I'm truly grateful.
Romeo: I must do what I can as well.
Romeo glances at the stack of papers on his desk.
Vyrn: Is that a new play?
Romeo: Yes, the first one since the previous Bard passed away.
Vyrn: So it's your debut work as a solo writer, huh?
Romeo: That's right. I am feeling some pressure... As a result, it's not exactly going the way I'd like it to.
Lyria: Oh no, did we come at a bad time? I'm sorry we got in the way of your work...
Romeo: Not at all! It was about time I took a break anyway, so I'm glad you came to visit.
Romeo: Here's an idea. How would you like to go see a play with me?
Lyria: You mean... at the Rose Theater?
Romeo: Yes. I have tickets to a performance there.
The Rose Theater is a new theater built in the heart of Verona.
Juliet had it established after the war in hopes of rekindling the spirits of her people.
Romeo: It's a rerun of an older play, but a popular one among the previous Bard's works. A favorite of mine too.
Lyria: Wow! I'd love to go see it!
Romeo: Will you be all right with time? You have plans to go to the castle, don't you?
Vyrn: Yup, we've still got plenty of time before that!
(Captain) nods.
Romeo: Perfect. Then I'll get things ready and we can head out together.
Main Actor: 'Tis all been one most terrible mistake!

To think a love so true was upside-down;

Why, this ought to be a theater play!
At the Rose Theater, (Captain) and company enjoy a comedy.
Lyria: Hehehe.
Vyrn: Haha!
Main Actor: Now, my fairies—the end of night is nigh!

For it is time to cast your blessings quaint,

On all the young and tender lovers still!
The audience roars with laughter, and the curtains close on a happy ending.
Lyria: That was a wonderful performance!
Vyrn: Oh boy, I laughed so much my sides got all sore!
Lyria: It was our first time seeing it, but you already knew the story, didn't you, Romeo?
Romeo: Yes. In fact, it was the first play by Bill the Bard that I'd ever watched. I remember going to see it when I was little—though the cast was different, of course.
Romeo: The story left such a big impact on me that I couldn't sleep a wink that night.
Romeo: So I snuck out of the castle while everyone was asleep. I climbed up a tree in the back garden and recited lines I'd memorized from the play.
Romeo: Then I looked for wild pansies, hoping I'd be able to meet the fairies in the story.
Lyria: Hehe. So that's what you were like as a child.
Vyrn: Can't say you've changed much though!
Romeo: What! Of course I have!
Vyrn: I'm pretty sure I saw you reciting some lines on deck in the middle of the night, back when we were travelin' together.
Romeo: O-oh, well, that might have happened... But that was more poetry than lines...
Romeo: This is embarrassing... Do me a favor and forget about it.
Vyrn: Easier said than done. Besides, what's there to be embarrassed about?
Vyrn: Sure you had some lonely recitations on the Grandcypher, but now you're a full-fledged playwright, aren't ya?
Vyrn: I'd say that's pretty impressive.
Lyria: Vyrn's right! You should be proud of yourself!
Romeo: You think so? Well... thank you.
Breaking out into a smile, Romeo raises his arms above his head in a stretch.
Romeo: All right! I think I'm ready to write again.
Lyria: Are you feeling a little more refreshed?
Romeo: I am. I'm glad I came to see the play, and that I could talk with all of you. Truly, thank you.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 1: Peace in Verona - Episode 2

On their way to the castle, the crew notice how happy the people in town are. The citizens attribute the peace in Verona to Juliet and Paris while anticipating their marriage.

(Captain) and the crew part ways with Romeo and make their way down the main street toward the castle.
Little Girl: Come on, this way!
Little Boy: Wait for me!
Little Girl: Race you to the wall!
Little Boy: We don't have a wall anymore!
Little Girl: I know that! Race you to where the wall was!
The voices of children running about can be heard above the din of the city streets.
Vyrn: I guess the wall between the Montagues and the Capulets is all gone now, huh?
Lyria: Yeah, thanks to Juliet and Paris. They worked so hard to make it possible.
Vyrn: I remember them saying that demolishin' the wall was only the first step down a long road...
Townsman: Good day, ma'am. Out for a walk today?
Elderly Woman: Yes, since the weather is so nice. Just going for a stroll to the castle gates and back.
Townsman: Sounds great! Feel free to drop by on your way back. I'll have somethin' ready for ya, on the house.
Elderly Woman: Hehe. That would be lovely.
Lyria: Everyone here looks so cheerful.
Vyrn: Yeah, the town sure is thrivin'!
Theater Fanatic 1: Hey, I heard you went to the Rose Theater yesterday! How was it?
Theater Fanatic 2: Oh my gosh, it was so good! I laughed so hard my stomach started to hurt.
Theater Fanatic 1: I'm sooo jealous! I couldn't get a ticket to the show this time...
Theater Fanatic 2: That's Anthony for you... It's practically impossible to get a ticket with him in the main role. I was really lucky to have snagged one.
Theater Fanatic 1: Awww, I wanted to see him in a comedy so badly!
Theater Fanatic 2: I mean, I always liked Anthony when he played his serious characters, but he was really good at being funny too!
Theater Fanatic 1: I hear he was actually part of the old cast for a previous run of the play, back at the Globe Theater.
Theater Fanatic 2: Oh yeah, I heard something about that too. I think he played the tailor? I wish I'd gone to see it!
Theater Fanatic 1: I know, me too! So jelly of all the OGs who can brag about having seen his past stuff...
Lyria: Jelly? Oh-gee?
Lyria: I'm not sure I get it, but I think they're talking about an actor. Anthony, was it?
Vyrn: Isn't Anthony that guy playin' the main character in the show we just saw?
Lyria: Oh! He must be really popular!
Vyrn: I can't believe how excited these people are... It's just how Juliet wanted it to be!
Shop Owner: How about some fruit, young lady? All ripe and straight from the farm!
Customer: Oh, they do look nice and juicy. But I'm here to buy ingredients for tonight's dinner...
Shop Owner: Then maybe I can tempt you with some fresh vegetables. See how green these leaves are?
Customer: Oh my. And the prices seem reasonable too.
Shop Owner: Of course. Everything's pretty stable now, so we can put out all the good stuff for cheap.
Customer: That is wonderful. I'm so glad I can enjoy shopping like this every day.
Shop Owner: Yeah, it's good for business too. We've got Lady Juliet to thank for this.
Customer: It's nice not having to worry about all those disputes anymore. Verona's become such a peaceful place.
Lyria: Hehehe.
Vyrn: I-I don't see what's so funny, Lyria.
Lyria: You're smiling too, you know.
Vyrn: Haha! I can't help it. It's nice hearin' people say good things about Juliet!
Lyria: Juliet really is doing her best for the sake of Verona and its people.
Vyrn: Yeah! It's great to see everyone in town livin' their lives so happily. Juliet's work really paid off!
Lyria: Yes. But it's not just Juliet...
Lyria: Romeo too... Even though no one but us knows.
Vyrn: Don't forget Paris. He's workin' just as hard together with Juliet.
Infatuated Lady: Darling, have you heard the rumor about Lady Juliet?
Infatuated Man: What about Lady Juliet?
Infatuated Lady: Rumors say her wedding might be coming up.
Infatuated Man: Wedding? Lady Juliet's getting married? To whom?
Infatuated Lady: Who else is there other than Sir Paris?
Infatuated Man: Oh... That's true.
Infatuated Lady: Now that peace has been restored, people are saying it's about time the two tied the knot.
Infatuated Lady: Sigh... I think they're perfect for each other. I'm sure their wedding is going to be wonderful.
Infatuated Man: I can't wait to see Lady Juliet in her wedding dress... She's going to be so beautiful.
Infatuated Man: But Lady Juliet... Married... Sigh...
Infatuated Lady: Huh? Wait a minute! What are you implying?
Infatuated Man: My Lady Juliet...
Infatuated Lady: Excuse me? Your Lady Juliet?
Infatuated Man: Oh, come on. I'm just kidding!
Infatuated Lady: You know you're only half kidding.
Infatuated Man: Hahaha...
Lyria: V-Vyrn! Did you hear that?
Vyrn: Yeah... Juliet and Paris?
  1. They're a perfect match.
  2. No way.

Choose: They're a perfect match.
Lyria: Huh? Well, they do suit each other, but...
Lyria: What about Romeo?
Vyrn: Juliet doesn't know that Romeo is still alive.

Choose: No way.
Vyrn: I don't think Juliet and Paris are gonna get married either, but...
Vyrn: Juliet doesn't know that Romeo is still alive.
Continue 1
Vyrn: She thinks he died at the end of the war.
Lyria: Yeah... The only ones who know that Romeo is alive are us, and Paris.
Vyrn: So we don't know how Juliet feels about Romeo or Paris now.
Lyria: That's true... Paris is such a kind person, I'm sure he'd treasure Juliet.
Lyria: Marrying Paris might give Juliet the life of happiness that she deserves.
Lyria: But... still!
Lyria: When I think about how Romeo would feel about it, I just...
Seeing Lyria so distressed, (Captain) puts a reassuring hand on her shoulder.
Vyrn: Anyway, it's just a rumor! No use hanging around here. Let's go see 'em at the castle!
Lyria: You're right. Let's be on our way!
Infatuated Man: But you know, there's another rumor that's been going around.
Infatuated Lady: Another rumor? About what?
Infatuated Man: It's about the Rose Theater...

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 1: Peace in Verona - Episode 3

At the castle, (Captain) and company are reunited with Paris, who explains Verona's situation to them. With Juliet currently acting as ruler, Paris describes their efforts in reforming the council to include more diverse members in hopes of leading Verona down the right path.

The crew sit in the waiting room at Castle Capulet when they hear footsteps approaching.
Vyrn: Someone's coming!
Juliet: I'm sorry I kept you waiting!
Lyria: Juliet!
Vyrn: It's been a while!
Juliet: Please accept my apologies! The council session... ended up longer... than expected... I'm so glad to see you! Huff...
Vyrn: Haha! I can't believe you ran all the way here to see us. Better catch your breath first!
Juliet: You're right. I'm sorry. What was I thinking, greeting you in such a fashion...
Lyria: Hehe. It's fine, we weren't waiting for that long.
Juliet: Thank you. Whew... Hehe.
Juliet: I've been looking forward to seeing all of you again for so long.
Juliet collects herself and straightens up. She gives a bow.
Juliet: It's been a long time. Welcome to Verona—it's our pleasure to have you here with us again.
Vyrn: Yeah. Thanks for seein' us when you're so busy.
Juliet: But of course! Truly, I've been waiting in anticipation for your arrival.
Paris: Lady Juliet, if I may...
Juliet: Count Paris!
Paris: Please, take a seat, all of you.
Juliet: Oh, yes! I'm very sorry, I didn't even notice...
Juliet: Please, sit and make yourselves comfortable.
(Captain) and company follow their advice and seat themselves on the sofa.
Lyria: Hello, Paris! It's been a long time!
Vyrn: You're lookin' good as always!
Paris: Thank you. I'm glad to see that all of you are well.
Vyrn: You're involved with all the council business too, aren't ya? How's that comin' along?
Paris: The agenda is quite full, but council meetings with Lady Juliet have been going well for the most part.
Lyria: That's great! Just as we thought.
Paris: What do you mean?
Lyria: While we were in town, we noticed how peaceful it was, and the people seemed so happy.
Vyrn: Yeah! Everyone was talkin' about how great the both of you were.
Juliet: I must say, that is a little embarrassing... but I'm happy to hear that.
Juliet: It's all thanks to Count Paris and our many capable members in the council.
Juliet: It's wonderful to see that the people of Verona are moving forward slowly but surely.
Vyrn: Speaking of which, how's Lord Capulet doin' these days?
Juliet: Father has been...
???: Your time has come, Capulet scum!
Lord Capulet: What?
A man lunges out of the crowd at Lord Capulet as he climbs out of his carriage.
Juliet: Father!
Lord Capulet: Ergh... Auuugh!
Juliet: Ahhh! Father!
It was during the previous war.
One of the radicals had made a surprise attack on Lord Capulet, severely injuring him.
Juliet: Unfortunately, Father is still suffering from the aftereffects of the incident. It is difficult for him to be up for long periods of time.
Lyria: I see...
Juliet: Given the circumstances, he hasn't been able to show himself to the public or attend council sessions.
Paris: Although the throne itself still belongs to Lord Capulet...
Paris: Lady Juliet is the one who has been overseeing Verona as its ruler.
Vyrn: Juliet, you're amazing!
Juliet: Oh, no, I still have a long way to go. Everyone in the council has been helping me so much.
Paris: Lady Juliet, while setting your goals high is commendable, you need not be so humble.
Juliet: Count Paris...
Paris: Certainly, there were some who were in opposition when we first began implementing our current system.
Paris: But since then, you have gained the trust of many through your firm leadership. It is proof of your sincere and hard work.
Lyria: Hehe. We all know that Juliet is always doing her best for everyone!
Vyrn: That's why sometimes we worry whether you're pushin' yourself too hard.
Paris: I cannot deny that Lady Juliet tends to take an excessive amount of work upon herself.
Paris: However, now that there are others here to help, we'll make sure she gets the proper rest that she needs.
Juliet: Ah, you mean Rosalind. You're always making her watch me...
Paris: I don't see the harm—Rosalind doesn't mind either. I'm afraid protesting about this to me will make no difference, my lady.
Paris: If you are dissatisfied with the current arrangements, then I suggest you refrain from hiding your fatigue and rest when you should.
Juliet: Hehe. I know, I know. Besides, I haven't been pushing myself that much recently, have I?
Paris: Fortunately, you have not.
The two laugh good-naturedly. Lyria tilts her head quizically.
Lyria: Um, who's Rosalind?
Juliet: Oh, that's right! We never told you.
Juliet: Rosalind is a member of the council, and she's also a good friend of mine.
Paris: Rosalind is the daughter of a Montague noble. She has good judgment and is an active participant at our council sessions.
Juliet: There are several others who've expressed interest in meeting all of you. Let me introduce you to them later.
Lyria: I'm looking forward to it!
Paris: There's been an increase of young faces in the council. Rosalind is just one of them.
Juliet: I wanted to be free from a biased council where only royalty and high-ranked nobles have the right to speak and be in power.
Juliet: There are many talented people among the lower ranks and the younger generation who have not had the chance to speak up until now.
Paris: It is for this reason we're making an effort to recruit new talent in order to diversify and expand the council.
Paris: Our new members especially have great faith in Lady Juliet.
Vyrn: Looks like you're already one heck of a leader, Juliet!
Lyria: That reminds me... What happened to Verona's guardian spirit? You made a pact before, didn't you?
Juliet: Yes, with the spirit of the guardian queen. She hasn't shown herself since the end of the war.
Vyrn: What, really? Where'd she go?
Juliet: I'm not certain myself... but it's said that the guardian spirit is a great power that only manifests itself when Verona is in grave danger.
Juliet: Most likely, the guardian queen fulfilled her duty during the war and has returned to her slumber.
Vyrn: So no guardian spirit means no danger in Verona, huh? That makes sense.
Lyria: Then I guess it's better this way.
Paris: Regardless of how powerful the guardian spirit is, in the end, it is no more than the spirit of a past hero.
Paris: It's the people who are living now that can protect the land and move on to a better future.
Juliet: Indeed. We still have a long way to go from here.
Juliet: A long, long way...
Paris: Yes... my lady.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 1: Peace in Verona - Episode 4

Juliet's expression flickers at the mention of the Rose Theater. The crew is told of a rumor about the theater having illicit connections to certain members of the council. Just as Juliet asks for the crew's help, a knock sounds at the door.

Lyria: Oh, guess what? We went to see a play at the Rose Theater earlier today.
Juliet: That sounds lovely! I hope you enjoyed it. It's unfortunate that I haven't been able to watch anything in a while.
Vyrn: It's that busy for you, huh... That's too bad, seein' you built the theater and all.
Juliet: Oh... It's not because I'm busy or anything. It's just that the Rose... Well...
Vyrn: Hm? Is there something goin' on with the theater?
Juliet: Yes, you see...
Juliet glances hesitantly at Paris, who nods.
Paris: Actually, there are some complications with the Rose Theater at the moment.
Lyria: Complications?
Paris: Lady Juliet may have established the theater, but currently, the citizens are the ones in charge of managing it. We haven't told you this, have we?
Lyria: No, this is our first time hearing about it.
Paris: I see... This is something that was decided when the issue of management was first discussed.
Paris: As of now, the theater's rights no longer belong to the Capulet royal family.
Vyrn: I see. Is that causin' some kinda problem now?
Paris: The citizens' management of the theater isn't the problem. In fact, it seems they've been quite successful in keeping it running. However...
Paris: There's been a rather unpleasant rumor circulating about the connection between nobility—including council members—and the Rose Theater.
Juliet: They say the upper classes have been exploiting the theater's interests.
Juliet: It seems they have an incredibly strong control over the Rose's program as well as its management policies.
Lyria: Um... That sounds like a difficult situation. The rumor isn't true, is it?
Paris: As much as I'd like to brush it off as a completely unfounded rumor, it appears things are not so simple.
Juliet: There's no smoke without fire, after all. We haven't figured it out yet, but there must be a reason for this rumor.
Paris: In any case, putting the public's opinion into consideration, we'd like to avoid any unnecessary friction for the time being.
Paris: That's why Lady Juliet hasn't been able to visit the theater as of late.
Lyria: So that's how it is... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to talk about enjoying a show there so carelessly...
Juliet: Please, don't worry about it! There's no need to apologize, Lyria.
Juliet: I established the Rose Theater in hopes that people can soothe their minds there.
Juliet: Nothing makes me happier than seeing people enjoy their time at the theater.
Juliet: The reason I granted management rights to our citizens is because I want the people of Verona to build their own culture and entertainment.
Juliet: I want them to enjoy it and find the power within themselves to move forward to a brighter future.
Juliet: These are the hopes I've instilled into the Rose...
Juliet: It would make me very sad to see it abused in any way.
Paris: Lady Juliet...
At Juliet's pained expression, Paris reaches out and gently puts a hand on her shoulder.
Juliet: Thank you, Count Paris. I'm all right. Besides, now's not the time to be in low spirits.
Juliet puts on a smile and turns back to (Captain) and the others.
Juliet: We're looking into the rumors, so hopefully everything can be resolved soon.
Vyrn: Yeah, I hope so. Then you can go see all the shows you want!
Juliet: Hehe. That's right.
Lyria: We'll do what we can too. If there's anything we can help with, please let us know.
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Juliet: Thank you, everyone. Your support is much appreciated.
Just then, they hear a knock at the door of the waiting room.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 2: Unforgettable Emotions - Episode 1

(Captain) and the others meet Benvolio, Romeo's cousin and a member of Verona's council, who takes them on a tour of the castle. When the crew mention how Romeo used to write his own plays, they are met with a curious reaction from their new acquaintance.

The sudden knock at the door takes everyone by surprise.
Paris: Who's there?
???: Count Paris? It's me, Benvolio.
Paris: Benvolio?
Juliet: I was the one who asked him for a favor. Please come in, Benvolio.
???: Pardon my intrusion.
Benvolio: Lady Juliet, I'm here to inform you that I have collected the documents as requested.
Benvolio: I understand you are in the middle of tending to your guests, but as the documents seemed an urgent matter...
Juliet: Yes, thank you.
Juliet reaches out to receive a stack of papers.
Juliet: That was quicker than I expected. You never fail to impress me, Benvolio.
Benvolio: Please, you flatter me. Then if you'll excuse me...
Juliet: Are there other pressing tasks at the moment?
Benvolio: No, not in particular...
Juliet: Then please allow me to introduce you.
Juliet turns to face the crew.
Juliet: Everyone, may I introduce to you a member of our council, Benvolio.
Benvolio: Pleasure to meet you.
Lyria: Hello! I'm Lyria.
Vyrn: I'm Vyrn!
Juliet: And this is (Captain).
Benvolio: It is an honor. I've heard much about you.
Vyrn: You have?
Juliet: Hehe. That's because I've talked quite a lot about all of you.
Benvolio: Yes. We're much indebted to you for what you did during the war, and before that.
Benvolio: And, um... I hear that Lord Romeo also traveled with you for some time...
Lyria: Oh... yes, he did. Um, did you and Romeo know each other?
Paris: Benvolio is Romeo's cousin.
Vyrn: Whoa, seriously? Wait, Mercutio was Romeo's cousin too, wasn't he?
Benvolio: Mercutio is from Lord Romeo's mother's side, whereas I am from his father's side.
Benvolio: I see you were acquainted with Mercutio as well...
Vyrn: Yeah. He was there when we first met Romeo.
Benvolio: I see. And, um... Actually...
Benvolio's words falter. Puzzled, the crew look at one another.
Lyria: Is something the matter?
Benvolio: Oh, er, no...
Benvolio: My apologies for interrupting your conversation. I better take my leave.
Juliet: Benvolio... It's not every day that we can have everyone here. Why don't you talk a little more with (Captain) and the others?
Benvolio: Huh? But...
Juliet: I'm afraid I'll need to step away and take a look at these documents as soon as possible.
Juliet: In the meantime, if you could keep everyone company, I would appreciate it very much.
Benvolio: If that's the case, it would be my pleasure.
Paris: Their rooms should be ready by now. Could I ask you to take them there?
Benvolio: Of course. But what about you, Count Paris?
Paris: I have something I'd like to take care of first.
Lyria: The both of you really are busy.
Juliet: Oh, no...
Juliet: If you wouldn't mind, let's have dinner together later.
Lyria: That would be wonderful!
Paris: Then if you'll excuse us. Lady Juliet, shall we?
Juliet: Yes. I'll leave our guests to you, Benvolio.
Benvolio: Rest assured, they are in good hands.
Juliet and Paris hurry off to their urgent matters. Benvolio cracks a small smile.
Benvolio: Well then, allow me to escort you to your rooms.
Vyrn: Sounds good!
Benvolio: Am I correct in assuming that all of you have been to this castle before?
Lyria: Yep! We always stay at the castle whenever we're in Verona.
Benvolio: Hm, then perhaps a tour of the castle would be unnecessary.
Vyrn: Well, I don't know about that.
Lyria: Heheh. The castle is so big that we get lost every time.
Benvolio: Haha, is that so? Then once I show you to your rooms, let me take you around the castle grounds.
Vyrn: Awesome! Thanks!
Benvolio: Not at all. Although, it's only been a short while since I came to stay at the castle, so there are still things I'm unaccustomed to.
Vyrn: Oh, that's right. I guess we never saw you around before.
Benvolio: I've been studying abroad since I was young and only returned to Verona not long ago.
Benvolio: Lord Romeo... I never got to see him again.
Lyria: ...
Benvolio: To be honest, I still can't bring myself to believe that he's gone. I know I'm simply in denial, yet...
Benvolio: Just now, Lady Juliet and Count Paris were being so considerate of me.
Vyrn: Considerate?
Benvolio: They knew I would be able to talk about Lord Romeo with you and created an opportunity for us to do so.
Vyrn: Ohh, so that's what that was all about.
Lyria: As long as you don't mind, we'd love to talk about Romeo!
Benvolio: Thank you very much.
Vyrn: So where should we start?
Vyrn: Feels like it's been ages since we first met Romeo, and then he decided to join us on our ship...
Benvolio: Reciting lines on the deck at night?
Lyria: He didn't notice us watching...
Lyria: Only Romeo was on the deck, but it really looked like he was having a conversation with someone there.
Vyrn: Eventually we got used to him doing that.
Benvolio: Haha, that does sound like Lord Romeo.
Benvolio: Back when I was living in Montague...
Benvolio: Lord Romeo was still very young, but there was a similar incident.
Vyrn: Oh yeah?
Benvolio: One sleepless night, I was absently looking out the window of my room when I saw it.
Benvolio: A small light moving toward the back of the castle.
Benvolio: Looking closely, I saw that it was Lord Romeo, so I hurried out to chase after him.
Vyrn: Haha, to catch the mischievous night prowler, huh?
Benvolio: The contrary! I thought it was my chance.
Lyria: Your chance?
Benvolio: Back then, even though I wanted to get to know Lord Romeo better, I couldn't bring myself to go up and talk to him.
Benvolio: As the heir of Montague, he was always busy during the day.
Benvolio: And whenever he had free time, Mercutio would be taking him around to different places.
Benvolio: I was slightly younger than the two of them, and I've always been on the timid side. I felt I was different from them.
Benvolio's eyes drift into a far-off look.
Benvolio: That's why that night was special. I'll never forget it.
Lyria: Were you able to talk to Romeo that night?
Benvolio: Haha, I was.
Benvolio: He was reciting lines from a play all by himself when I went up to talk to him.
Benvolio: He had climbed up a tree and was sitting on one of the branches, so I think I surprised him a little.
Vyrn: Hey, wait a minute!
Vyrn: Was that when he was lookin' for wild pansies?
Benvolio: ...!
Benvolio: Indeed. How did you...
Lyria: We heard about it from Romeo.
Benvolio: Lord Romeo talked about this?
Lyria: Hehe. So you were with him that night!
Benvolio: Lord Romeo... He remembered...
Benvolio's expression wavers. He closes his eyes as if holding back tears.
Lyria: Benvolio...
Benvolio: Would it be all right if I asked you a question?
Vyrn: What is it?
Benvolio: Did Lord Romeo only recite lines he'd memorized? Did he ever... write anything himself?
Vyrn: Yeah, he did! He'd read stuff that he wrote sometimes.
Lyria: Whenever we found him doing that, he'd act even more embarrassed than usual.
Benvolio: I see... So he did write...
Vyrn: Hm? Somethin' wrong?
Benvolio: No, it's nothing. Thank you.
Benvolio puts on an awkward smile. (Captain) watches quietly, bewildered by his somewhat strange reaction.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 2: Unforgettable Emotions - Episode 2

Rosalind, another member of council working closely with Juliet, visits the princess at her study. Juliet confesses to Rosalind that Paris proposed to her, but says that she is still unable to move forward and forget Romeo.

Juliet: Whew... That should be all of it.
Juliet: Benvolio truly is amazing. All of the documents were flawless.
Having finished with sorting through the papers, Juliet sinks back into her chair.
Juliet: Sigh...
She lets out a breath as she gazes up at the ceiling, her eyelids flickering slightly.
A knock sounds at the door with perfect timing.
Juliet: Yes?
???: It's Rosalind, my lady.
Juliet: Ah, Rosalind. Come in.
Rosalind: Have you finished with your work, my lady?
Juliet: Yes, just now. As usual, your timing is impeccable. One would almost think you were watching me the entire time.
Rosalind: Hehe. As your aide, I'll take that as a compliment.
Rosalind: Well, having completed your work is fine and all, but don't you want to keep your precious guests company?
Juliet: Oh... Benvolio is helping me look after them at the moment.
Rosalind: Sigh... I see what you're up to.
Rosalind: Juliet, you are simply too kind.
Juliet: W-what makes you think that?
Rosalind: Well, I'm sure Benvolio's realized already.
Juliet: Oh dear... I hope I didn't make him feel bad.
Rosalind: There's no way around it. He's always been sensitive to other people's feelings—much more than the average person.
Juliet: Yes, I'm sure he takes great care not to talk about Romeo in front of me. That's why it'll be better for him if I'm not there.
Rosalind: I suppose so. But Juliet...
Rosalind: That's not all, is it?
Juliet: ...
Juliet: You're right. The truth is, I don't want to hear about Romeo.
Rosalind: It still hurts, doesn't it?
Juliet: I don't know how I'll ever forget about him. I don't think I can...
Rosalind: It's okay.
Rosalind puts an arm around Juliet to comfort her.
Juliet: The time that we were together, in which I held his hand in mine... It was so short.
Juliet: But it felt as if the past, present, and future were compressed into that single point in time. Surely, that is what they call an eternity.
Juliet: And it was in that moment that I surrendered my heart to him, forever.
She clasps her hands together, her slender fingers digging into her chest.
Juliet: Without him, I've become but an empty shell. Ever since then...
Rosalind: The pain of having your other half torn away from you... I know.
Juliet: Oh... I'm sorry, Rosalind. I didn't mean to...
Rosalind: No need to apologize, Juliet.
Rosalind: You are too kind for your own good, wounding your own heart with the sadness of others.
Rosalind: Who, then, can take the sadness from you?
Rosalind: If only you'd give Count Paris a chance like the people in town are hoping.
Juliet: What!
Rosalind: I know what you're thinking. But I'd give my full support to you and Count Paris any day.
Juliet: Oh, um... I see.
Rosalind: Hm? Wait a minute. Something's fishy about your reaction.
Juliet: I-I'm sorry... It's nothing, really...
Rosalind: Did something happen between you and Count Paris? Come on, spill it, Juliet.
Juliet: Oh, Rosalind! You know I...
Rosalind: So there's something you can't tell me... I see. I suppose it can't be helped that you're hiding it from me, but it does make me a little sad...
Juliet: Wait, no! Rosalind, it's not that.
Juliet: I just thought... it wouldn't be very fair to Count Paris if I talked about it so carelessly...
Rosalind: So something did happen. You've said this much, so you might as well tell me the rest!
Juliet: Rosalind! Oh, you...
Rosalind: I'm sorry, Juliet. It's true that I want to know, but it's not because I want to make fun of you for it.
Rosalind: It's just that I know if you kept things to yourself, you'll overthink it and find yourself trapped in your own thoughts.
Rosalind: Talking about it might alleviate that. It's what I'm here for.
Rosalind peers over at Juliet, who hesitates for another moment before giving in.
Juliet: Well, the thing is...
Paris: I know I'm putting you in a difficult situation, but allow me to confess my feelings to you.
Paris looks straight at Juliet, his eyes clear and resolute.
Paris: Juliet, marry me.
Juliet: ...
Paris: You don't have to respond immediately. No matter what your answer may be... I'm prepared to wait for as long as it takes.
Rosalind: He proposed to you!
Juliet: I... guess he did, maybe?
Rosalind: He certainly did.
Juliet: Yes... he did.
Rosalind: And what was your answer?
Juliet: I haven't given him one yet...
Rosalind: I thought so... And Count Paris must have known that this would be a long battle...
Juliet: Don't call it that! I...
Rosalind: In any case, this is incredible.
Rosalind: The latest royal scoop that even the bakery lady, also known as the most well-informed person in town, doesn't have a clue about!
Juliet: Rosalind...
Rosalind: Oh, Juliet. I'm sorry, please don't make that face. I won't make fun of you anymore.
Rosalind: Being the angel that you are, I know you've thought a lot about it. You're doing your best.
Juliet: No...
Juliet shakes her head slowly. Her gaze drops down to her hands, now folded neatly on her knees.
Juliet: I'm the one at fault. I'm the only one who can't bring myself to move on...
Juliet: I want the people of Verona to move forward to a brighter future.
Juliet: That is what I dream of, and what I've been working for the sake of ever since the war ended.
Rosalind: Yes, I know.
Juliet: Thanks to you, Count Paris, Benvolio, the members of our council, and our citizens...
Juliet: Verona has been advancing in the right direction, little by little. That much is clear.
Juliet: Yet, I'm still here...
Rosalind: Juliet...
Juliet: In the end, I haven't moved a single step from where I was the day Romeo disappeared.
Juliet: That's why it feels as if I'm being left behind. Like I'm all on my own...
Juliet: I feel lonely and frustrated at myself for my lack of ability to move on.
Juliet: I know Count Paris is offering me the opportunity I need to take a step forward together with Verona and its people.
Juliet: If I take his hand, perhaps I can learn to walk again.
Juliet: I know this! Yet, still, I...
Rosalind can only look sympathetically at her friend as Juliet's desolate words linger in the air.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 2: Unforgettable Emotions - Episode 3

The next day, (Captain) and company go out into town to investigate the rumors surrounding the Rose Theater. They decide to stop for some food when they find themselves caught in a scuffle, which leads them to improvise in a play alongside Anthony, the Rose's most popular face. The friendly Anthony suggests a good place for lunch before parting with them.

The next day, the crew decides to step out of the castle and into the city.
Vyrn: Boy, all that news yesterday got me thinkin'...
Lyria: You mean about the Rose Theater? I can't believe something like that would happen, after all the hard work Juliet's put in...
Vyrn: Yeah, they spent so much time fixing all that Escalus business before.
Vyrn: That's all gonna go to waste if things get messy again.
Lyria: Yes... I hope the situation gets better before something really bad happens.
Vyrn: I'm pretty sure Paris is already keepin' a close watch on the council and stuff going on inside the castle.
Vyrn: So if we're gonna help, that leaves us with...
Lyria: The town!
Vyrn: Yup! Juliet said she hasn't been able to go to the theater for a while now.
Lyria: That's true. Why don't we start there?
Lyria: Ooh...
Vyrn: Are you serious... We came all the way here, just to find out all the tickets are sold out...
Lyria: And not just for today. Tickets for all upcoming shows are sold out too... Day-of tickets aren't available either.
Vyrn: Geez, just how popular is this show!
Lyria: We were really lucky that Romeo gave us tickets to see the show yesterday.
Vyrn: Well, he is the most famous playwright of all time now.
Lyria: Hehe, that's right. I wonder if his new play is going well.
Vyrn: He's probably furiously scribblin' away right now. We gotta do what we can too!
Vyrn: Let's see what we can find out around the theater.
Lyria: Yeah! Oh, but before that...
Vyrn: Was that noise your stomach rumblin' the whole time?
Lyria: Heheh... Would you mind if we had something to eat first?
Vyrn: I guess the more people there are, the more gossip we can hear. Let's find a place and get ourselves some food!
(Captain) nods, cheerfully pulling Lyria along down the city street.
Lyria: (Captain), what do you feel like having?
  1. Whatever you feel you like.
  2. Hmm...

Choose: Whatever you feel you like.
Lyria: Me? Oh, um... Hmm...

Choose: Hmm...
Vyrn: Since we're on the lookout for info, we might as well choose somewhere popular with tons of people around.
Lyria: If it's a popular place, then the food must be good too!
Lyria: Let's see, which restaurant looks like it has the most people...
Continue 1
Vyrn: Hey, pay attention to where you're going, Lyria!
Lyria: Okay...
Lyria: Eep!
Drunkard: Ouuuch! Watch where yer goin', will ya?
Lyria: I'm sorry!
Drunkard: Gimme a break, missy. I coulda gotten real hurt there. Whatcha gonna do 'bout that?
Vyrn: Yeesh, this guy reeks of alcohol... Isn't it kinda early to start drinkin'?
Drunkard: Wha? If ya got somethin' to say, say it to my face, punk! It's my money and I can do what I want!
Vyrn: Uh, doesn't matter whose money it is... Aren't you causin' a bit too much trouble for other people?
Drunkard: Shut up! The hell is with this lizard anyway? How 'bout I skin ya and make some money outta yer hide!
Vyrn: Eek! Back off! And I ain't no lizard!
Lyria: V-Vyrn!
Drunkard: Not so fast, lizard!
Elderly Woman: Ahh!
Lyria: Oh no! That lady!
The drunkard flails his arms as he staggers forward and hits an elderly woman, who collapses onto the side of the street. Lyria rushes over.
Elderly Woman: Agh...
Lyria: Are you all right, ma'am?
Elderly Woman: Y-yes, I'll be fine... Thank you, dear.
Drunkard: Shove off, lady! Yer in my way!
Lyria: Stop it!
Vyrn: Hey, stop that! People are gettin' hurt here!
Drunkard: Shut your damn trap! Y'all wanna see things get ugly here?
Vyrn: Geez... Hey (Captain), I don't wanna get rough, but we better stop that mister before it really gets outta hand.
(Captain) sighs and moves in front of Lyria, weapon at the ready.
Drunkard: Heh heh, here comes another one! I'll show ya who's—
???: There you are, Boss!
Drunkard: Huh?
Both the drunkard and the crew turn at the sudden sound of a man's voice.
???: Is this where you've been bumming around? Don't tell me you were helping us look for work...
Drunkard: What the? Anthony?
Anthony: Come on, you can be honest with me! You're the boss! Leave that kind of stuff to us.
Anthony: Okay?
Lyria: Huh?
Anthony: ...
Lyria: Oh!
Lyria: Vyrn! Vyrn! All of this is an act!
Vyrn: An act?
Lyria: Yeah, he's right! Just wait for us back at the hideout, Boss!
Anthony: I mean, I know we might not look it... But we'll show you that we can still do our jobs. Leave this one to us.
Drunkard: Eh?
Anthony: So the woman over there's the next target, huh? Thanks for finding her for us, Boss.
Elderly Woman: Um...
Anthony: No need to worry—we got this. We'll take the lady and squeeze what we need out of her.
Lyria: Come on, ma'am! You're coming with me!
Anthony: Give the girl a hand, will you? Bet that old lady's not going down without a fight.
  1. Uh, sure!
  2. ...?

Choose: Uh, sure!
Anthony: Relaaax. There's always a first for everything. You'll get used to this job in no time.

Choose: ...?
Anthony: Hah, is that a blush I see? Come on, let's not make things complicated in the team.
Continue 2
The mysterious man continues talking as Lyria and (Captain) lead the elderly woman away from the scene.
Anthony: All right. Come on, bro, let's get the boss back to our hideout.
Vyrn: Bro?
Vyrn: You mean me?
Vyrn: Uh, sure thing! Come on, mis—er, Boss!
Drunkard: Hey, lemme go! Anthony! Wait...
Anthony: Really, no need for you to bother, Boss. Just lay low and let the small fry collect the cash for you.
Drunkard: S-stop it! Stooop!
Caught between Vyrn and the man, the drunkard desperately attempts to wriggle out of their grasp.
Drunkard: I can go back by myself!
Anthony: Are you sure? Then I'll see you later...
Anthony: Wait for us, Boooss!
The mysterious man waves nonchalantly as the drunkard scrambles away from them as fast as his shaky legs can take him.
Shop Owner: Nice one, Anthony!
Little Boy: Was that a play? Cool!
Theater Fanatic 1: Hngh... Oh Anthony, that was absolutely amazing! Sooo glad I was here to see it!
Lyria: Wow! Everyone around us is cheering!
Vyrn: Whoa, when did all these people get here!
Anthony: Thank you! And that's it from Anthony of the Rose Theater, and these fantastic young actors here!
Vyrn: Er, hope you liked it!
Lyria: T-thank you for watching!
(Captain) follows Anthony and gives a clumsy bow to the audience.
Theater Fanatic 1: Anthony! I'm a huge fan of yours and I... I love you!
Anthony: Thanks for your support, my lady. I'll be waiting for you at the theater.
Theater Fanatic 1: O-okay! I'll definitely get a ticket and come see you!
Anthony: Haha, thank you! Don't push yourself too hard, all right?
Theater Fanatic 1: I-I won't!
Anthony: Well then...
The man named Anthony turns back to (Captain) and the crew.
Anthony: Sorry I got you involved. Thanks for the help back there—you guys did a great job ad-libbing. It was fun.
Lyria: Not at all. We...
Vyrn: Wait a second, I remember now!
Vyrn: You were in the play at the Rose yesterday!
Lyria: Oh! You're the main character!
Anthony: Hahaha! You realized that just now?
Anthony: So you came to see our play. Thank you.
Lyria: It was really fun to watch! I laughed so much.
Anthony: I'm glad to hear that!
Vyrn: Your acting's really somethin', huh? And not just on stage either. Guess you ain't a popular guy for nothin'.
Lyria: It's thanks to you that nobody got hurt back there, Anthony.
Lyria: Now everyone's smiling and having a great time!
Anthony: Nah, it wasn't just me. All of you showcased some spectacular acting skills as well.
Anthony: Ah, my apologies. You guys seem interesting so I would've loved to chat a bit longer, but I'm afraid it's time for me to get going.
Vyrn: Oh yeah, we still have to find ourselves some lunch.
Anthony: If lunch is what you're looking for, then I recommend that place in the corner there. Scrumptious meat pie and soup.
Lyria: Meat pie! That sounds delicious!
Anthony: As for dessert, may I suggest their chocolate mousse? Do give it a try. Well then, I'll take my leave here.
Vyrn: Thanks, mister!
Lyria: See you, Anthony!
Anthony: Goodbye. Let's hope we meet again.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 2: Unforgettable Emotions - Episode 4

As the crew reflect on their encounter in town, Rosalind suddenly appears at the mention of Anthony's name. After a short conversation with the young skyfarers, Rosalind notices Benvolio standing on a castle balcony and goes to keep him company. Seeing both Juliet and Benvolio tied down by the past, Rosalind can't help but think of their memories of Romeo as a curse.

Lyria: In the end, we didn't find anything that could be useful...
Vyrn: Can't be helped... It's not like we can go around makin' a big fuss.
Lyria: Hmm... Anthony is an actor at the Rose Theater, isn't he?
Lyria: If we ever see him again, maybe we can ask him a few things.
???: Did you say Anthony?
Lyria: Eep!
The crew jumps at the sudden voice.
Vyrn: Wh-wha?
???: I'm sorry, I...
Lyria: Um...
???: Ahem. Would you be (Captain), by any chance?
Vyrn: And who are you?
Rosalind: My name is Rosalind. I've heard much about you from Lady Juliet.
Rosalind: Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Rosalind bows gracefully and smiles.
Vyrn: The name Rosalind rings a bell...
Lyria: Are you the one who's friends with Juliet?
Rosalind: Oh my, to be introduced as a friend... It is an honor.
Vyrn: Oh, you're the person Juliet talked about being friends with in the council!
Lyria: I'd been looking forward to meeting you!
Rosalind: And I, you. I was hoping to introduce myself last night, but alas... I apologize for the late greeting.
Vyrn: Don't worry 'bout it! Nice to meetcha!
Rosalind: The pleasure is mine.
Lyria: Did you say something about Anthony just now?
Rosalind: Oh, well, yes... I'm sorry for intruding on your conversation like that.
Vyrn: You know the guy from the theater?
Rosalind: He is the most popular face at the Rose Theater. I doubt there is anyone in Verona who doesn't know his name...
Lyria: Wow, he's the most popular? I can't believe we were acting together with someone so famous...
Rosalind: A-acting together? What is that all about?
Vyrn: A lot happened today...
Benvolio: ...
Late into the night, Benvolio stands alone on a balcony, gazing up at the night sky.
Rosalind: There you are, Benvolio.
Benvolio: Rosalind.
Rosalind: You certainly like it here. Sneaking out of your room at night... You're just like a child.
Rosalind smiles playfully and goes to stand next to Benvolio, leaning on the railing.
Rosalind: It gets chilly at night. You have to be careful not to catch a cold.
Benvolio: You're always talking to me like you would to a child...
Benvolio: When are you going to start treating me like an adult? I'm not a boy anymore.
Rosalind: I know. But I can't help it.
Rosalind: We hadn't seen each other since we were little. In my mind, you're still the Benvolio from back then.
Benvolio: Well, I can't say I don't understand.
Benvolio: I did leave Verona when I was thirteen...
Rosalind: You were so young, yet you insisted on going to study abroad all on your own...
Rosalind: I was so worried about you. But you're surprisingly stubborn once you decide on something, despite being the quiet person that you are.
Benvolio: It was something I needed to do.
Benvolio: For the sake of Montague...
Rosalind: ...
Rosalind: You, too, are still tied to Lord Romeo...
Rosalind: Almost like a curse.
Benvolio: Rosalind?
Rosalind: It's nothing. Forget it.
Benvolio: I'm sorry.
Rosalind: Why are you apologizing?
Benvolio: I'm grateful to you for introducing me to Lady Juliet when I came back to Verona.
Benvolio: Thanks to that, I can now serve as a member of the council.
Benvolio: I'd like to do what I can for Verona, together with everyone... I truly think that.
Benvolio: But it's not easy to forget.
Benvolio's soft words melt into the night, carried away by the gentle breeze.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 3: Into the Night - Episode 1

A scene from Benvolio's childhood as he watches Romeo and Mercutio from afar resurfaces. Meanwhile, Romeo is at his house working on a new play when he is met with an unexpected visitor.

Castle Montague once saw peaceful days, its inhabitants still unaware of the terrible fate that awaited them.
Mercutio: Come on, Romeo! Hurry up!
Romeo: Mercutio, wait! You'll get scolded by Father if you run like that in the castle!
Mercutio: I know. That's why we have to hurry, so we don't get caught!
Romeo: What kind of logic is that!
Two boys run down the castle halls, their footsteps pattering on the marble floor.
Benvolio: Sigh...
Rosalind: Too bad. You didn't get invited this time either.
Benvolio: I-it's not like I was...
Rosalind: I can't believe Mercutio keeps making Lord Romeo run around with him like that... But then again, you're just as bad.
Rosalind: If you want to hang out with them, why don't you just say so? They won't realize it if you don't speak up, you know.
Benvolio: I'm fine, really. I wouldn't be able to keep up with Mercutio anyway...
Benvolio: I don't want to get in their way.
Rosalind: That's true. You are a bit on the clumsy side.
Benvolio: I'm well aware of that. Really, it's okay.
Benvolio hugs the books he's holding to his chest.
Benvolio: I'll just do what I need to do.
Rosalind: What you need to do, huh? Are those books you're holding about difficult things like politics and economics again?
Benvolio: Yes. I finished reading the ones before, so I borrowed some new books from the archive.
Rosalind: Impressive as always... Even adults don't read the kinds of things you do.
Rosalind: Hm? This one looks different though... It's so pretty.
Rosalind strokes the cover of a beautifully embellished book at the top of the stack.
Benvolio: It's a collection of plays written by Bill the Bard.
Rosalind: Bill the Bard?
Benvolio: A famous playwright. The performance put on by the theater ship that came by recently was written by the Bard too.
Rosalind: A theater ship, huh? I didn't know you liked watching plays.
Benvolio: I've only seen one so far... Hopefully I'll have the chance to see more in the future.
Benvolio: But it's going to be a while until the theater ship comes again, so in the meantime, I'm reading the plays we have here at the castle.
Rosalind: Huh, here I was thinking you were only into studying. I'm surprised watching a single play got you that interested in theater.
Benvolio: It's true I've only seen one so far, but that's not all there is to it...
Rosalind: No? Then what else is there?
Benvolio: Nothing... Nevermind.
Benvolio: That's a secret between just the two of us...
Impatient, eager, and full of dreams, the young boy puts his hopes into a brilliant future that he envisions.
Romeo: Hm... no. It's still too early in the story for this character...
Romeo's hand pauses after a flurry of scribbles, the tip of his pen hovering over the page.
Romeo: He hasn't realized his friend's intentions yet, so he should feel more rage...
Romeo: Sigh... Maybe I'll take a break.
He rests his pen on the table and leans back into a stretch.
Romeo: Hnnngh!
Romeo: I've sat here for so long, my body's getting stiff.
Romeo: Guess I'll go outside for some fresh air and brew another cup of tea.
Romeo: Whew... The night breeze sure feels nice.
Romeo closes his eyes, his hair brushing his eyelids as it sways to the wind. He stands under the night sky, allowing the faint smell of flowers to envelop him.
Romeo: Juliet...
On this lonely night, an image of his unforgettable love comes to mind.
Romeo: (Although I can no longer see you, there are still things that I can do.)
Romeo: I will put my heart into writing this play. For Verona's sake, and for yours.
Romeo: Surely it will keep us connected, forever and ever...
Just then, the low buzz of insects cuts off, and Romeo hears the sound of distant footsteps.
Romeo: Hm?
Romeo tenses as the footsteps grow louder.
???: ...
A shadow of a person approaches and stops several feet away.
The path outside Romeo's house is dark, evading even the light from the stars overhead.
Romeo narrows his eyes and peers cautiously at the figure.
Romeo: Who's there?
???: ...!
There is a sharp intake of breath before the figure moves forward with wavering steps.
???: ...
The person shifts to reveal his face as he looks straight at Romeo.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 3: Into the Night - Episode 2

(Captain) and company notice some suspicious men in the city and immediately notify Paris about them. Paris explains about the recent underground activity involving an anti-Capulet faction that may be linked to some members of the council. He swears that he will protect Juliet at all costs.

Council Member: Shall we discuss the re-opening of our southern port in our next session?
Paris: That would be for the best. I'd also like to review our customs policy once more.
Council Member: Yes, I believe Lady Juliet intends to address that next as well.
Vyrn: Paris!
Paris: Hm?
Paris turns at the sound of his name and widens his eyes in surprise.
Paris: Vyrn? (Captain)? You're all here. What's the matter?
Lyria: I'm sorry, Paris! Are we disturbing your work?
Council Member: We were just finishing up. I'll take my leave then, Count Paris.
Paris: Thank you.
Vyrn: Sorry to butt into your conversation. Guess we were a bit too hasty...
Paris: It's not a problem. You wanted to talk to me?
Vyrn: Yeah. We mighta found a major piece of information!
Paris: What do you mean by major?
Lyria: It may have something to do with what you told us about the rumors surrounding the Rose Theater.
Paris: Is that true?
Lyria: Yes, so we wanted to let you and Juliet know as soon as possible.
Paris: I understand. Let's move to another room and you can tell me more about it.
Lyria: I was hoping we could talk to Anthony again...
Vyrn: He's a pretty famous guy after all. Guess we won't be randomly findin' him on the street again, huh?
Lyria: Should we go back to the Rose Theater one more time?
Vyrn: Hmm. We still might not be able to see him, but it's worth a try.
Suspicious Man 1: ...
Suspicious Man 2: ...
Vyrn: Huh?
Out of the corner of their eye, (Captain) and Vyrn notice two men casting side-glances at them as the crew pass by an alley.
Lyria: Is something wrong?
Vyrn: Not really...
Suspicious Man 1: How're things... the Rose?
Lyria: Did he just say...
(Captain) nods and signals to Lyria to keep quiet.
Suspicious Man 2: We'd better... before the others... council...
Suspicious Man 1: No wor... They won't know... anti-Capulet...
Suspicious Man 2: At... next gathering...
Suspicious Man 1: Wait.
Suspicious Man 2: What?
Vyrn: Ack...
(Captain) and company tense as they feel the men's eyes on them.
Suspicious Man 2: Tch... Let's get going.
Suspicious Man 1: Yeah.
Paris: I see...
Paris contemplates the crew's recounting of their findings.
Vyrn: They kept going on about the Rose Theater and the council... Then that thing about being anti-Capulet really bothered us.
Lyria: That's why we came straight back to the castle.
Paris: Thank you. Did any of you get hurt? I hope this incident didn't put you in danger.
Lyria: We're fine! I was a little nervous at first, but we got back without a problem.
Vyrn: Those guys disappeared as soon as they saw us anyway.
Paris: Whatever they were talking about, it must have warranted extreme caution on their part...
Lyria: We couldn't hear everything, but they mentioned a gathering... Do you think it's something that all the bad people are going to go to?
Paris: Most likely, it's a meeting between members of the anti-Capulet faction.
Vyrn: Anti-Capulet faction?
Paris: Although it's still unclear, we've also been gathering information on our end.
Paris: There have been hints of anti-Capulet sentiments behind the issue with the rights to the theater.
Lyria: That's terrible...
Paris: We don't have any evidence yet of this being connected to anyone in the council.
Paris: But in any case, there's no mistaking that someone is plotting against the Capulets—or rather, Lady Juliet.
Lyria: Is Juliet in danger?
Vyrn: You sure you guys are gonna be okay? 'Cause that sounds pretty bad to me!
Paris: We'll have to be careful.
Paris: But Juliet herself has said that this is not the time to waver.
Vyrn: Then Juliet knows about this too?
Paris: Of course. The information you provided will also be passed on to the council immediately.
Vyrn: Wait a minute... Isn't that pretty risky?
Paris: ...
Vyrn: I mean, both Montagues and Capulets are in the council, right?
Paris: Correct.
Vyrn: The suspicious guys in the alley said somethin' about the council...
Vyrn: That means some council members might actually be anti-Capulet.
Vyrn: Won't it be kinda dangerous for Juliet?
Vyrn: This doesn't sound good at all...
Paris: You're right, it doesn't.
Vyrn: I know the guys in the council are your friends, so this isn't the nicest thing to say about them, but...
Paris: No, don't worry about it. I'm grateful for all your help, and I'm sure Juliet is as well.
Paris: But the fact remains that everything concerning Verona needs to be decided by the council. That is how the country currently runs.
Lyria: So you'll need to tell the council without hiding anything.
Paris: Yes. Verona may officially be a monarchy ruled by Lord Capulet...
Paris: But in general, all decisions are made through council sessions—in other words, we are essentially a parliament democracy.
Paris: Juliet has made the decision to treat this just as we do with any other issues and discuss with the council.
Vyrn: Well... If Juliet says so...
Paris: Juliet understands the danger present in the situation.
Paris: I believe this is her way of putting her trust in the Verona that she envisions.
Lyria: I guess this is more complicated than we thought...
Lyria: Still, I think you and Juliet are doing a great job looking after Verona.
Lyria: Though I am worried about the both of you...
Paris: Thank you, Lyria. We'll be fine. Juliet will be safe with me—I'll make sure of it.
Paris: I'll do whatever it takes to protect her.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 3: Into the Night - Episode 3

Paris decides to make his own investigations into the anti-Capulet faction. However, worried about Paris, Juliet persuades Rosalind to take her into the city under a disguise.

Juliet: Sigh...
Rosalind: Was that another sigh, my lady?
Juliet: I know... I'm sorry.
Rosalind: Oh, please don't make that face. Come now, the tea Deborah made you will get cold.
Juliet: All right...
Juliet reaches out for the cup in front of her and slowly puts it to her lips. Rosalind watches with a somewhat exasperated smile.
Rosalind: You must take Count Paris's feelings into consideration.
Soon after the crew's encounter with the suspicious men in town...
Paris shared a brief report with the council and has since begun to make his own investigations into the matter.
Juliet: Yes, I'm well aware that he is doing all of this because he's worried for me.
Juliet: Yet, it pains me to be protected by others when I should be the one putting in the most effort for our country.
It is clear that Paris's actions are intended to keep Juliet as far away from the tumult as possible.
Juliet: I have complete faith in Count Paris. I know that his decisions are correct, even more so than mine.
Juliet: Given our current situation, I, too, believe that it would be most efficient to move with discretion, as Count Paris is doing.
Juliet: It just pains me to hide in the castle, unknowing of the circumstances outside...
Rosalind: You've always had a strong sense of responsibility...
Rosalind: But it's not just that, is it? Not this time.
Juliet: Huh?
Rosalind: It's about the Rose Theater this time. That's why you're feeling so restless.
Juliet: Yes... In my mind, I know I should be more calm about this.
Juliet: But the Rose holds a special place in my heart...
Juliet: Please, Rosalind.
Juliet looks toward her friend with pleading eyes.
Juliet: Tell me what you know.
Juliet: I can't sit here and do nothing... I just can't.
Rosalind: I'm afraid there isn't much I can do...
Rosalind: After all, I'm supposed to be watching you to make sure you don't get into any trouble.
Rosalind: Believe me when I say that all the information I have, you already know.
Rosalind: I did hear that Count Paris is using his personal soldiers to investigate... But that's all I can say.
Juliet: Do they know where the underground faction is meeting yet? Have they been able to narrow it down?
Juliet: I have a suspicion that they're meeting in the rougher parts of what once belonged to the Montague district...
Rosalind: But that's—
Juliet: See?
Seeing Rosalind wriggle uncomfortably under her gaze, Juliet frowns slightly.
Juliet: So you do know.
Rosalind: Juliet! You said that on purpose.
Juliet: Of course.
Juliet: Sitting and sighing in this room isn't all I've been doing. I've been thinking.
Juliet: Count Paris should have been able to make decent progress in his investigation—perhaps even enough to pin it down to one place.
Juliet: He also places a lot of trust in you. In fact, more than you think.
Juliet: That's why I'm certain he has been confiding in you on matters surrounding Montague.
Juliet: Well? Am I wrong?
Rosalind: Oh, Juliet... You certainly make a formidable opponent.
Thwarted, Rosalind lets out a sigh and pinches her brow.
Juliet: Are you angry with me?
Rosalind: No... I am simply reflecting on my own naivety.
Rosalind: I thought I knew you well, but it appears I took you too lightly.
Juliet: I'm sorry, Rosalind...
Juliet: But to be honest, as much as I want to know about the current situation, I also want to make sure Count Paris is safe.
Juliet: I know he's doing a lot more than he lets on...
Juliet: He must intend to take full responsibility for his actions if anything happens, all by himself.
Juliet: I can't allow that to happen.
Rosalind: No...
Rosalind: But what are you going to do after finding out Count Paris's plans?
Rosalind: Will you be satisfied with just knowing, and stay put like you're being asked to?
Juliet: No... I can't promise that.
Rosalind: All right. Then will you promise me on something else?
Juliet: I'm listening.
Rosalind: First, you must not act on your own. When you do something, promise me you'll allow me to come with you.
Juliet: I promise.
Rosalind: Second, you must follow what I say.
Juliet: Follow... what you say?
Rosalind: You'll understand soon enough.
???: ...
Rosalind: Hehe. It suits you more than I expected.
???: Do you really think so? But Rosalind...
Rosalind: That won't do. Right now you're not the princess, but my younger brother. You'll have to act the part.
Juliet: Oh, that's right...
Juliet: Fine, Sis.
Rosalind: Oh my. So far, so good.
Juliet: It may be rather imprudent of me, but this could be fun. It's like a play.
Juliet: Acting as someone else feels so exciting.
Juliet: You like plays too, don'tcha?
Rosalind: Hm. I suppose so...
Juliet: Oh, come on, Sis. I know you're a huge fan of Anthony.
Rosalind: Wha! H-how?
Juliet: You buy his portraits by the stack every time he's in a new play.
Rosalind: W-wait, how do you know that? Why would you... Juliet!
Juliet: Heh. You got my name wrong, Sis.
Rosalind: Ugh... This isn't fair at all! Cesario!
Juliet: Huh? Cesario?
Rosalind: That's... your name, isn't it? My brother Cesario!
Juliet: Oh... Er, yeah.
Juliet: Can I ask you a question, Sis?
Rosalind: What is it?
Juliet: Why did you agree to take me out?
Juliet: Honestly, I was expecting you to give me a bit of info and ending it there. I never thought you'd actually bring me with you.
Rosalind: Hm... I suppose it's because I can understand how you feel.
Rosalind: I know it is a very difficult thing to be trapped in the castle while the situation outside continues to spiral out of control.
Rosalind: And if those you hold dear to your heart were to perish in the midst of that...
Rosalind: I don't want you to experience that kind of unbearable regret.
Juliet: Oh, Rosalind...
Rosalind: At the same time, we can't afford to expose you to any danger.
Rosalind: We must not let your true identity be revealed, no matter the cost.
Rosalind: Promise me you won't draw attention to yourself, and that you'll think of your own safety first.
Juliet: I swear on my life.
Rosalind: Very well. Then let's get going, Cesario.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 3: Into the Night - Episode 4

Juliet and Rosalind infiltrate the anti-Capulet faction's underground gathering. While listening to a speech, Juliet notices a man enter the venue and recognizes him to be Romeo. She leaves the pub in a hurry with Rosalind close behind her. Underground rebels who had followed them out corner the two in an alley, but Paris and the crew come to their rescue.

Juliet: It's really dark in here...
Rosalind: Yes. Be careful where you're going.
Juliet: Okay, Sis.
The two reach a rough part of what was once the Montague district.
They make their way to an underground pub, tucked away in an alley without even a sign to announce its existence.
Rosalind: There. In the corner.
Juliet: O-okay.
They hurry to a shaded corner away from the pub's entrance and huddle close to the wall.
Rosalind: It's too dark to make out everything, but we should be able to see the entrance and have a view of the entire place from here.
Juliet: Right. There sure are a lot of people.
Rosalind: Yes... More than one would expect.
Regardless of their true identities, the pub is clearly not a place for a young girl and her brother to be wandering around at this time of night.
The two stand close to the wall, nervous and tense. Luckily, the dim atmosphere masks their presence well.
Juliet: I can't even tell the difference between staff and customer.
Rosalind: Yes, they're definitely not conducting normal business here.
Juliet: Bull's-eye?
Rosalind: Most likely. Take a look over there.
Rosalind nods toward the back of the pub.
Juliet: Is that... a podium of some sort?
Rosalind: Someone's heading up there.
A single man strides to the podium and steps up to stand slightly elevated over the crowd.
???: Friends.
At the sound of his voice, the din subsides.
???: Dear friends, I salute and give my blessings to you as we mourn and endure the dismal times that have overtaken our beloved Verona.
Juliet: A speech?
Rosalind: ...
Rosalind doesn't respond.
Juliet feels her friend's shoulders quiver ever so slightly.
???: The Capulets have shamelessly seized control of Verona. Should we as citizens accept this as the fate of our homeland?
???: Indeed, the abolition of dictatorship and institution of a parliamentary government may seem glorious and just at first glance.
???: But I ask you, brothers and sisters—is this really just?
???: We cannot turn a blind eye toward the actions of Lord Capulet and Princess Juliet, for they are not as blameless as they present themselves to be.
The man's speech clearly urges the audience to denounce Juliet's right to power.
Juliet: (So this is what an anti-Capulet faction is like...)
The words pierce Juliet like an arrow to the heart.
But she keeps her head up and continues to listen earnestly.
Juliet: (I can't just put my hands to my ears and refuse to listen, just because it's not something I want to hear.)
Juliet: (I need to be attentive to each and every word spoken. That's why I'm here.)
Juliet: (Besides... they're right to criticize me.)
???: Many have yielded to this deceptive peace and forgotten how to question what is right or wrong. It is up to us to raise our voices in their stead.
Juliet: (This man is exceptionally talented at speaking and touching the hearts of people with his words.)
Juliet: (His voice is so pleasant to the ears... It almost feels as if I can listen to him all day.)
Juliet: (He draws in his audience in a single moment and continues to keep their attention.)
Juliet: (Though I suppose now's not the time to be thinking about this...)
???: Behind the honor of the Capulets and the blanket of tranquility that Verona now rests under, there is something we have been deprived of...
???: Something that was wrenched away from us.
???: We must not forget the sacrifice of Lord Montague.
Juliet: ...!
???: In war, the victor decides the outcome of the loser. The defeated cannot decide for themselves.
???: Romeo Montague alone was overthrown and made into a criminal. The Capulets stripped him of everything.
The arrow digs deeper into Juliet's heart, twisting itself with every word spoken.
Juliet: (Yes... He's right. I stripped Romeo of everything he had...)
Juliet: (Count Paris said it was Romeo's wish for Verona to come together as one.)
Juliet: (Still, what happened as a result remains unchanged.)
Juliet: Romeo...
Rosalind: ...
When Juliet comes back to her senses, she realizes Rosalind is frantically clinging to her arm.
Juliet: Rosa—Sis?
Rosalind: No... It can't be. It can't... Why?
Dazed, Rosalind murmurs to herself, her eyes fixed on the podium.
Juliet: What's the matter?
???: ...
Juliet: ...?
As Juliet peers worriedly at her companion, the figure of someone entering the pub catches her eye.
???: ...
The new visitor's face remains concealed under the dim lights.
Yet Juliet finds herself unable to tear her eyes away from the figure.
Juliet: (Who is that?)
Juliet: ...!
???: ...
Juliet: It... can't be...
Juliet: (No, it's not possible. But... there's no way I would mistake someone for...)
Juliet: Hngh...
Juliet's knees buckle beneath her.
Rosalind: Cesario?
Rosalind struggles to keep Juliet from falling, pulling her up by the arm.
Juliet: I...
Rosalind: What's wrong?
Juliet: I'm sorry!
Rosalind: Wait!
Rosalind's sharp hiss proves futile as Juliet pushes her way through the crowd and out of the pub.
Juliet: Huff, huff...
Rosalind: Wait, Cesario!
Juliet frantically runs through the street, Rosalind close behind her.
Their hurried footsteps and ragged breaths echo in the gloomy alleyway.
Rosalind: Juliet!
Juliet: Pant... Pant...
Rosalind: What's gotten into you all of a sudden?
Juliet: They told me he'd... died...
Rosalind: What's that?
Juliet: I thought he was... gone forever... That's why I...
Rosalind: Juliet, you need to calm down. What happened? Look at me and tell me.
Juliet: Hngh... Rosalind...
Juliet raises her head to meet her companion's eyes, her gaze quivering.
Juliet: He's... He's...
Rosalind: ...!
Rosalind tenses as the sound of running footsteps grows louder.
???: ...
Rosalind: Stand back... Cesario.
Rosalind pushes Juliet behind her, turning to face the men in front of them.
Rosalind: Um... Can I help you?
???: You were there at the pub just now, weren't you?
Rosalind: The pub?
???: Don't play dumb with us. We saw you runnin' out.
???: You wouldn't mind if we had a little chat, would you? Being the sort of faction we are, it's our job to keep an eye out for suspicious folks.
???: You understand what I'm saying?
Rosalind: Oh, yes... Of course.
???: Is that your little brother behind you?
Rosalind: Yes. If you want to talk, I can...
Lyria: Over there!
Paris: Rosalind!
Rosalind: Count Paris?
The strained conversation is interrupted by the arrival of several familiar faces.
Juliet: (Captain)?
Lyria: Huh? Is that you, Juliet?
???: Juliet? You're a girl?
Rosalind: No—
???: I smell somethin' fishy here... I'm afraid we can't just let you go.
Vyrn: What the!
Paris: This leaves us no choice. Come on, (Captain). Let's finish this quickly.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 4: Truths Revealed - Episode 1

Romeo runs into Benvolio at the underground gathering. Dedicated to serving the lord of Montague since he was young, Benvolio asks Romeo to return to Verona, but Romeo says he cannot if the peace in Verona is to be maintained.

Romeo: Hm?
Romeo makes his way toward the back of the dimly lit pub when he hears a flurry of footsteps behind him. He turns.
???: I'm sorry!
???: Wait!
Romeo: Was that...
Staring at the shut door, he frowns and immediately shakes his head.
Romeo: (Don't be ridiculous. There's no way she would be here of all places.)
Romeo: Sigh...
Exhaling, Romeo looks up again and scans the room.
The podium is already empty, with the man that had occupied it just a moment ago nowhere in sight.
???: Why... are you here?
Romeo swivels around at a familiar, wavering voice.
Romeo: I could ask the same of you... Benvolio.
Benvolio: I... Um...
Romeo: Why would you be... Let's talk outside.
With a shake of his head, Romeo proceeds to exit the pub with Benvolio behind him.
Benvolio: While I was trying to locate Bill the Bard, I came across some unsettling rumors about the Rose Theater...
Benvolio: Which led me here.
Benvolio: That's all there is to it...
Romeo: Can you swear that you harbor no ill intentions?
Benvolio: I-I swear!
Benvolio: I would never wish for any harm to befall the Capulets or Lady Juliet!
Benvolio: All I want is... your...
Romeo: ...
Benvolio: Forgive me. I should take my leave.
Benvolio hurries off into the night without turning back.
Romeo sighs, thinking back to their conversation a few nights ago.
He recalls the jolt of surprise he felt at the sight of his old acquaintance, whom he hadn't seen in seven years.
Romeo: Who's there?
Benvolio: ...!
Benvolio: ...
Romeo tenses as the hooded figure moves into the light.
Romeo: What business do you have with—
Benvolio: Lord Romeo.
Romeo: Huh?
Benvolio: You're... alive...
Romeo: Are you...
Benvolio: All this time... I've wanted to see you. Lord Romeo, I...
Romeo: Benvolio, wait. We might be seen out here. Come inside.
Benvolio: Is this where you live now?
Romeo: It is. Sorry it's not the neatest place...
Benvolio: By yourself? But why...
Romeo: ...
Romeo: Tell me why you're here first.
Romeo: There shouldn't be anyone in Verona who knows of this location. How did you find out?
Benvolio: I looked...
Romeo: But there should be no reason for you to search in the first place.
Romeo: Romeo Montague is already dead.
Benvolio: Please don't say that!
Romeo: It is simply a fact.
Benvolio: ...
Romeo: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make our reunion like this.
Romeo: So you're back in Verona. What have you been doing here?
Benvolio: Since coming back, I have been a part of the council under Rosalind's recommendation.
Benvolio: Count Paris has been gracious enough to assign me the role of managing books and documents brought in from Castle Montague.
Romeo: I see. Thank you for...
Romeo: No, I suppose it'd be strange for me to offer my thanks.
Benvolio: Approximately half a year ago, I happened to find a small notebook in the vault.
Benvolio reaches into his pocket and places a journal on the desk.
Romeo: This notebook...
Benvolio: This belongs to you, doesn't it? It has the same handwriting as what is on the official documents, so I was able to tell right away.
Romeo: So you read it.
Benvolio: Please forgive me... But it is thanks to this notebook that I was able to make the connection between you and Bill the Bard.
Benvolio: There were short poems and play lines scrawled inside...
Benvolio: And one of those lines was used in a new play written by Bill the Bard.
Benvolio: A play that was released after the... death of Lord Romeo.
Romeo: I see... That's how you managed to piece everything together. Impressive as always, Benvolio.
Romeo: Even before you left Verona, you knew and understood so much at a young age, and I respected you for that.
Romeo: You haven't changed at all... No, that's not right. You've honed yourself even more since.
Benvolio: I hardly deserve such praise. Um, Lord Romeo...
Benvolio: Won't you consider returning to us?
Romeo: Benvolio, I'm afraid that's...
Benvolio: Please, I am not asking for you to confront the Capulets again as Lord Montague.
Benvolio: I wish nothing more than for you to stand with Lady Juliet and Count Paris, as leader of Verona, to guide our people once more.
Benvolio: Verona is finally at peace. Would it not be possible now for you and Lady Juliet to work together?
Romeo: If only I had chosen to do so at the time...
Benvolio: Huh?
Romeo: No... It's nothing.
Romeo: You are too kind, Benvolio, and for that I am grateful. But I cannot go back.
Benvolio: Why...?
Romeo: You already know, don't you?
Romeo: My death was the price for the end of the war. If the fact that I survived became known...
Romeo: The foundation on which the peace in Verona is built would crumble.
Benvolio: But... Lord Romeo...
Romeo: Thank you, Benvolio. I'm happy you came to see me. I'm glad we were able to meet again.
Romeo: But you must not come again. I need you to forget about me.
Benvolio: Lord Romeo!
Romeo: For the sake of Verona... That is my wish.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 4: Truths Revealed - Episode 2

Arriving back at the castle, Juliet asks Paris and the crew for the truth about Romeo. Upon learning that Romeo is indeed alive, Juliet requests for some time alone.

After their encounter with the rebels from the underground faction, (Captain) and company return to the castle.
Rosalind: Count Paris, (Captain), everyone... Thank you very much for your help.
Rosalind: It wouldn't have been possible for me to handle the men alone. I can't express how relieved I was to see all of you running to our side.
Lyria: Paris was the one who realized that the two of you weren't in the castle. He figured that's where you'd be.
Rosalind: Admirable judgment as always...
Paris: All is well as we managed to make it in time... But it was thoughtless of you.
Rosalind: I'm terribly sorry. Please forgive me.
Juliet: Please don't blame Rosalind for it. She was only doing it because that is what I wished.
Juliet: Count Paris... I have something I'd like to ask.
Paris: What is it?
Juliet: ...
Juliet takes a deep breath before looking Paris straight in the eye.
Juliet: Is Romeo alive?
Paris: What?
At Juliet's question, the room goes silent.
Juliet: Just now, I saw Romeo at the anti-Capulet gathering.
Rosalind: Lady Juliet! What are you...
Juliet: I know what I saw. Romeo is alive...
Juliet: If that's the case, then Count Paris must know about it.
Juliet: As well as (Captain) and the others.
Lyria: U-um...
Vyrn: We, uh...
Juliet: I am not blaming you for anything. I just want you to tell me the truth.
Juliet: Please.
Paris: Very well. Then allow me to explain everything.
Just before the conclusion of the war between the Montagues and the Capulets.
Romeo offers up his own life to Paris in order to end the conflict once and for all.
Paris: Haaah!
Lyria: Gasp!
Lord Montague: Huh?
His sword glances off Lord Montague's shoulder.
The ornamental sash hanging over his shoulder flutters gently to the ground.
Paris: With this Lord Montague is dead.
Romeo: What are you playing at?
Paris: As the leader of the Capulet forces, I can't overlook your deeds, Lord Montague.
Paris: But I just can't bring myself to strike you down, Romeo.
Romeo: You're too soft, Paris...
Paris: No.
Paris: You must live on in this world as a dead man none the wiser to your past.
Paris: I think this path will be worse than death.
Paris: You won't be able to be with Juliet ever again.
Romeo: ...
Vyrn: We knew the whole time too... and didn't tell you.
Lyria: I'm sorry...
Paris: No, the one responsible for everything is me. (Captain) and the others were only doing what I asked.
Juliet: No... It was Romeo who asked, wasn't it?
Juliet: Romeo asked you to keep the truth from me. Isn't that right?
Paris: I...
Paris grits his teeth, unable to affirm nor deny Juliet's deduction.
Juliet: I'm sorry. I'd like some time alone.
Paris: Yes, my lady. If you'll excuse me.
Lyria: Good night, Juliet...
Juliet: Good night, everyone.
Following Juliet's request, they withdraw from the room and move out into the hallway.
Paris: Rosalind, if I may ask...
Rosalind: I understand. I shall speak of this to no one.
Paris: Thank you...
Rosalind: It certainly isn't a matter one would commit to simple gossip. I, too, am responsible in part for tonight's events.
Rosalind: There is no need for you to apologize, Count Paris.
Paris: Very well.
Lyria: Um...
Lyria: Rosalind, you had a long day... And Paris, you don't look so well. I'm sure everyone is exhausted...
Lyria: Why don't we all rest for now and think about this again tomorrow?
Vyrn: Lyria's right. It's gettin' late anyway, so let's call it a day.
Rosalind: Yes, I should get changed...
Rosalind smiles, lifting the plain skirt that had been part of her disguise and sinking into a curtsy.
Rosalind: Good night, everyone.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 4: Truths Revealed - Episode 3

Rosalind and Paris talk late into the night. Rosalind tells Paris that the man speaking at the underground gathering was none other than Anthony of the Rose Theater. As Paris shares his conflicted feelings about Juliet and Romeo, Rosalind offers words of consolation.

Paris: Hm?
At the sound of a knock, Paris looks at the time.
Paris: Who could it be at this hour?
Already well into the night, the sudden visitor catches Paris by surprise.
Paris: Did something happen?
Apprehensive, Paris stands and slowly opens the door of his room.
Rosalind: Good evening, Count Paris.
Paris: Rosalind? It's quite late—is something wrong?
Rosalind: I saw light from your window, so I thought that perhaps you were unable to sleep, as I was.
Paris: Ah. Yes.
Rosalind: Yes. So I was wondering...
Rosalind holds up a tray.
Rosalind: Would you care to join me for some tea on the balcony?
Paris: I'd be glad to.
Rosalind: Be careful. It's still quite hot.
Paris: Thank you.
Paris takes a sip of the freshly brewed tea and exhales.
Paris: This night breeze...
Rosalind: Yes, it feels rather nice.
Rosalind: Not bad at all for a late-night tea party.
Paris: Do you often have late-night tea parties with Juliet as well?
Rosalind: I wouldn't say often...
Rosalind: Sometimes. It's not easy getting past Deborah, after all.
Paris: Don't go causing too much trouble.
Rosalind: Hehe.
Rosalind lifts her own cup to her lips. Her smile fades into a serious expression.
Rosalind: There is something I failed to report to you earlier.
Paris: What is it?
Sensing something in Rosalind's voice, Paris turns to look at her.
Rosalind: There was a man making a speech at the underground gathering.
Rosalind: It was Anthony of the Rose Theater.
Paris: Anthony? You're certain of this?
Rosalind: Yes, unfortunately.
Paris: I see... Then perhaps we should assume the faction has already taken control of the Rose.
Rosalind: I'm... not sure.
Paris: In any case, I'll look into it and stay alert. Thanks for the report.
Rosalind: Not at all. I apolgize for not mentioning this earlier.
Paris: It's not a problem. We had... other matters at hand.
Rosalind: Indeed.
Rosalind: To think Lord Romeo is still alive...
Paris: Did that surprise you as well?
Rosalind: Yes... Of course it did.
Rosalind: I was meant to serve under Lord Romeo, after all.
Paris: Ah, that's right. You were a Montague noble.
Rosalind: I've looked up to Lord Romeo ever since I was a little girl. It never once crossed my mind to step off the path of serving him together with my father and my brother...
Rosalind: But then he disappeared. Everything was gone.
Rosalind: Certainly, I was sad that he was no longer with us.
Rosalind: But no matter how much we cry or grieve, we cannot bring the dead back to life.
Rosalind: That's why seeing Juliet as she was, unable to forget about him, pained me so much.
Rosalind: It was a pitiful sight...
Rosalind: So much that I began to hate Lord Romeo for tying my lady to him in such a cruel way.
Rosalind: But... he's alive.
Paris: Romeo is alive... But just because Juliet is now aware of this fact, it doesn't mean he can come back to life.
Rosalind: Alive, yet unable to come back to life?
Paris: Verona now exists because Romeo, lord of the Montagues, died.
Paris: In the two years that have since passed, everything's been built upon Romeo's death.
Paris: Which means all of it would be uprooted if he were to come back alive.
Paris states this as if he were reading out a document at a council session. But then, his cool expression distorts into a grimace.
Paris: But all of this is just for show.
Paris: To Juliet, Romeo is simply Romeo.
Paris: Regardless of the fact that he is the heir of Montague, Romeo remains a precious and irreplaceable existence in her life.
Paris: I knew that. I knew that, yet I...
Rosalind: Count Paris...
Paris: At any rate, the cat is out of the bag.
Paris's lips curve into a self-deprecating smile.
Paris: 'Tis a grave crime I've committed, to conceal the truth from her while standing nonchalantly by her side.
Paris: I doubt Juliet will ever forgive me... She will never trust me again.
Rosalind: Count Paris... You look down on Juliet too much.
Paris: No! I would never look down on—
Rosalind: No doubt you went to great lengths to conceal such a substantial secret. Surely it pained you beyond imagination.
Rosalind: Yet in the midst of this pain that knew no end, you did everything in your power for the sake of both Juliet and Verona.
Rosalind: This much is clear to me. I believe it would be that much clearer to Juliet as well.
Paris: ...
Rosalind: Besides... it is to my knowledge that you and Lord Romeo were friends, Count Paris.
Paris: Yes, we were... although I do not know if that still holds, as I am but a man who cannot keep even a single promise.
Paris: I promised him that I would keep it a secret from Juliet.
Rosalind: It is a difficult position to be in.
Rosalind: You are too kind. You love both of them, and suffer because of it.
Paris: I only wanted the two of them to be happy.
Paris: Never would I have imagined that such a simple wish would become a matter so complex...
Rosalind: Ah, that's right. You proposed to Juliet, didn't you?
Paris: ...!
She told you?
Rosalind: I must admit I forced it out of her. Please don't blame her for having told me.
Paris: I would never blame her. It is not to be anyhow.
Rosalind: Are you certain about that?
Paris: Do you take me for a fool? Juliet now knows that Romeo is alive...
Rosalind: Does that make a difference?
Rosalind: You said it yourself. Though alive, Romeo will not come back to life here.
Paris: I did say that, but—
Rosalind: Then Juliet's partner has yet to be decided.
Paris: Wha! Nonsense! How could that...
Rosalind: Hehe. No need to get so flustered.
Rosalind: If it were me, I'd definitely choose you, Count Paris.
Paris: Sigh... It was unseemly of me for making you listen to my grumbling—I apologize. Just don't... tease me like that.
Rosalind: It wasn't unseemly at all.
Rosalind: I always thought you to be an upright and righteous man with a strong sense of justice. Of course, that hasn't changed in the least.
Rosalind: But tonight, I was able to see another side of you. A more personal side that I feel I can relate to...
Rosalind: It's nothing to be ashamed of.
Paris: Is that so.
Paris's expression softens. He picks up his cup of tea once more and holds it to his nose, taking in its fragrance.
Paris: It smells wonderful.
Rosalind: An herbal tea made from linden and orange blossom. It will help you sleep.
Paris: Is that so.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 4: Truths Revealed - Episode 4

Juliet suggests asking Romeo for his help in investigating the anti-Capulet faction. (Captain) and company tell Romeo it is a request from Paris, but Romeo immediately knows that it is a lie. Nevertheless, he promises to help and asks the crew to take care of Juliet in his stead.

The next day, Juliet gathers everyone together in a room.
Rosalind: Lady Juliet, you don't look so well... Were you unable to sleep last night?
Juliet: Yes, I had a little trouble falling asleep... but I'm fine. Thank you, Rosalind.
Juliet gives her friend a reassuring smile before turning to the others.
Juliet: First, there is something I would like to ask all of you.
Vyrn: Ask away! We're all ears.
Juliet: Do you think that he... that Romeo willingly joined the anti-Capulet faction?
Paris: No, that's impossible.
  1. Yeah, no way he'd do that.
  2. You sound pretty confident, Paris.

Choose: Yeah, no way he'd do that.
Lyria: I don't think he would either. Romeo would never be anti-Capulet.

Choose: You sound pretty confident, Paris.
Vyrn: No doubt about it, huh?
Paris: Although I, too, have not seen Romeo in over two years...
Paris: I still consider him a good friend of mine.
Paris: Regardless of what he thinks of me now.
Vyrn: Come on, I'm sure he thinks the same of ya.
Lyria: Even now, Romeo considers you his friend too!
Continue 1
Vyrn: We see him from time to time, and I'd say he hasn't changed much at all.
Juliet: I see...
Paris: My guess is that Romeo also found the recent activity unsettling and went to investigate on his own.
Rosalind: Just like Lady Juliet.
Juliet: So it seems. Then why don't we ask him for his help?
Paris: Ask... Romeo?
Juliet: Yes. I don't know how he came to find out about the underground gatherings...
Juliet: But it's clear that he has ways different from ours that are just as effective.
Juliet: If we work together, surely we can resolve the situation sooner.
Lyria: That's true! Juliet's right!
Vyrn: Should we tell Romeo to come here then?
Juliet: No...
Juliet looks down at the ground.
Juliet: I cannot meet with Romeo. We can't let his existence be known to the public...
Juliet: Could I ask all of you for a favor instead?
Vyrn: W-what is it?
Juliet: Since you've been seeing him, you must know where he is staying.
Lyria: Yes, we usually go to his house...
Juliet: Excellent. I'd like you to pass on a message for me.
Juliet: Could you request his help on my behalf in resolving the issue with the anti-Capulet faction?
Vyrn: Sure, that's easy enough.
Juliet: Thank you.
Count Paris, Rosalind.
Juliet: The council must not be notified of this matter.
Paris: Of course not.
Rosalind: We cannot afford to reveal anything about Lord Romeo, after all.
Juliet: I'm sorry.
Juliet: We reformed our government system so that everyone can have a voice in our country's politics.
Juliet: I feel as if I'm betraying the very system we worked so hard to build...
Paris: No. Your decision is most admirable.
Paris: Conviction is important, but becoming fixated on it alone will cause you to lose sight of your surroundings.
Paris: The choices that must be made are not always the most correct.
Paris: It is just as necessary to possess a broad mind and be open to the options available. Enduring this and being firm in your own beliefs...
Paris: You have become a strong woman.
Juliet: I do not deserve such words, Count Paris...
Juliet: Nonetheless, I appreciate it.
Juliet: I have one more request. Will you keep it a secret from Romeo that it is me asking for his help?
Juliet: It would only add to his worries if he were to know...
Lyria: Um, I guess we could, but...
Paris: Tell him that I am the one asking him.
Vyrn: All right. We'll tell him that.
Soon after, the crew departs for Romeo's house.
Lyria: I wonder if Juliet is going to be okay...
Vyrn: I don't know... She looked okay on the outside, but who knows how she's really feelin' about everything.
Lyria: It must hurt to have to endure this... I'm worried about her.
Vyrn: There's somethin' I realized just now...
Vyrn: We never told Juliet that Romeo's been writin' plays as Bill the Bard.
Lyria: You're right! I guess it wasn't the appropriate time, and we missed our chance to say it.
Vyrn: We haven't even told Paris about this.
Vyrn: Well, I'm not sure if Romeo would want us telling 'em anyway.
Vyrn: First, we better pass on the message to Romeo!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's hurry!
Vyrn: So that's the deal.
Romeo: I see...
Romeo: I have no objections to offering my help... You said Paris is the one who asked you to pass on the message?
Lyria: Y-yes. Paris asked us... to ask you...
Vyrn: You know, since we're the only ones who have a clue where your house is! Who else could he ask, right?
Romeo: All right. That's fine and all, but how did you end up talking about this with Paris?
Romeo: And how did you guys know that I was going after the anti-Capulet faction?
Lyria: Um, well...
Vyrn: That's, uh... you know. (Captain)?
  1. We had... a feeling.
  2. Hm, good question...
  3. It's Juliet...

Choose: We had... a feeling.
Romeo: (Captain), you know you're terrible at lying.

Choose: Hm, good question...
Romeo: Here's a suggestion. How about telling me the truth, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Yeah... This isn't gonna work out, is it?

Choose: It's Juliet...
Romeo: Juliet?
Vyrn: Well, that didn't last long...
Continue 2
Lyria: The thing is... Juliet is the one who wanted to ask for your help.
The crew ends up telling Romeo about the previous day's happenings, and how Juliet found out that Romeo is, in fact, alive.
Romeo: So that's what happened. Juliet...
Lyria: I'm sorry we lied to you...
Romeo: No, you were only doing what you were asked to. I'm the one who should apologize.
Romeo: I had all of you lie for me over and over again for the past two years.
Romeo: No words can express how sorry I am.
Vyrn: Come on, don't say stuff like that! You and Juliet really are two peas in a pod.
Lyria: They really are. Always putting other people first and keeping the difficult things to themselves...
Romeo: Haha, I see your point.
Romeo gives a small laugh, his expression somewhat relieved.
Romeo: I'd be glad to help resolve the issues involving the underground faction.
Romeo: Actually, it'd probably be easier for me to move around compared to everyone at the castle. How about you leave things to me for now?
Romeo: Tell the others that I'll let you know if I find any new leads.
Lyria: Okay!
Vyrn: You look kinda happy, Romeo.
Romeo: I guess I am happy. I'm glad all of you decided to put your faith in me. Besides...
Romeo: Finally, we can work together again, toward the same goal.
Lyria: Hehe. As long as we do this together, I'm sure things will be all right in no time!
Vyrn: Yeah! We'll do our best too!
Romeo: That's very reassuring.
Romeo: Oh, and one more thing. I'd hate to ask you for yet another favor, but if you wouldn't mind...
Lyria: What is it?
Romeo: It might be presumptuous of me to say this, but...
Romeo: Could you look out for Juliet for me? I don't want her to push herself too hard...
Romeo: If she looks like she's having trouble, I'd be grateful if you could lend her an ear.
Lyria: Of course. Leave it to us!
Vyrn: That goes without sayin'!

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 5: Dreams and Illusions - Episode 1

Rosalind and Benvolio are summoned by Juliet, who tells them about her plans to reform Verona into a republic. Although both council members give their assent, Benvolio worries to himself whether Romeo's existence will eventually be completely erased.

Paris: Romeo said that?
Vyrn: Yeah, he was sayin' how he's happy we're puttin' our faith in him.
Juliet: ...
Lyria: But, um... I'm sorry.
Lyria: We ended up telling Romeo how you found out he's still alive...
Juliet: Oh, please, don't worry about it! The fact that he knows won't hinder our plans anyhow.
Juliet: I should be the one apologizing for having all of you come up with a lie for me.
Juliet smiles sheepishly.
Paris: In any case, let's wait for news from Romeo.
Paris: It's best if we bide our time for now, in case we draw unwanted attention to Romeo's investigations.
Juliet: Yes. In the meantime, we'll prepare ourselves so we can take action at any given moment.
Juliet: And... Rosalind.
Rosalind: Yes, my lady.
Rosalind takes a step forward from where she had been standing in wait.
Juliet: Do you think you could find Benvolio and ask him to come see me?
Rosalind: Benvolio?
Rosalind: As you wish...
Despite the look of hesitation on her face, Rosalind immediately leaves the room to search for Benvolio.
Lyria: Um... Will you be telling Benvolio about Romeo too?
Juliet: No, not yet... Although I know Benvolio would be more than overjoyed at the news.
Vyrn: Then whaddya need him for?
Juliet: I have something else I need to tell him and Rosalind about. Something very important to Verona...
Paris: Lady Juliet, you mean...
Juliet: Yes. I believe we should tell them about it.
Juliet: We will need both of their help if we are to move forward together.
After a few minutes, Rosalind returns with Benvolio.
Benvolio: Pardon me, my lady. Was there... something you wanted to talk to me about?
Juliet: I'm sorry for calling you here all of a sudden. I have something I would like to tell the two of you.
Rosalind: To the both of us?
Rosalind and Benvolio exchange looks of confusion.
Juliet: Yes. It's about the future of Verona.
At Juliet's serious expression, Rosalind and Benvolio straighten up nervously.
Lyria: A-are you sure you don't want us to give you some privacy?
Juliet: It's fine, although I'd like to ask you to refrain from speaking about this to anyone.
Juliet: I'm sure all of you already know that.
Vyrn: Our lips are sealed.
The crew awaits Juliet's next words in earnest.
Juliet: In the near future... I am thinking of reforming Verona into a republic.
Benvolio: A republic?
Rosalind: You mean... a government without a monarch?
Juliet: Yes. I wish to abolish the monarchy.
Rosalind: What will happen to you then, Lady Juliet?
Juliet: I will no longer be ruler of this country. After relinquishing the authority that I hold, I will be but a normal citizen of Verona.
Rosalind: So that's why...
Rosalind: I see... This is the reason you've put so much effort into reconstructing the council up until now.
Paris: In addition to a fair distribution of rights and freedom of speech, we have specifically worked to add a diversity of members to the council, regardless of age or pedigree.
Rosalind: Indeed, it is because of this that both Benvolio and I have been allowed to participate in the council.
Rosalind: The previous system would have never permitted us to join at our age.
Paris: There will continue to be further changes to the country to mold it into a new Verona. No doubt there will be resistance—much of it.
Rosalind: Oh yes, I can picture the old, crinkled faces of those old-fashioned nobles already...
Juliet: Until now, this plan to reform Verona into a republic was only shared between Count Paris and myself.
Juliet: But we will need your help to move our plans forward from here on.
Juliet: That is, if both of you are in favor of my proposal...
Rosalind: I have no reason to object. If there is something I can do to help, you have only to say the word.
Benvolio: ...
Juliet: Benvolio? Are you all right?
Benvolio: O-oh, yes! I'm sorry.
Juliet: No, I'm sorry. It seems I've startled you.
Benvolio: No, not at all...
Juliet: We need you, Benvolio.
Benvolio: But... I'm not sure there is anything I could possibly...
Rosalind: I agree with Lady Juliet. This is your time to shine, Benvolio.
Paris: You've visited countless countries to study their politics and diplomacy—some of which are also republics, I hear.
Benvolio: Th-that is correct...
Paris: I, too, have committed myself to the study of politics to some extent. Rest assured that you will not be alone in your responsibilities.
Paris: But you are the only one who has seen such systems at work up close. Your opinions will be of incredible value to us.
Benvolio: Very well... As inexperienced as I am, I swear I will do what I can to be of assistance.
Benvolio: ...
Benvolio: Verona... A republic...
Benvolio: (If Verona becomes a republic, then Montague will truly be gone forever. And he will...)
Benvolio: (What am I to do?)
Benvolio: Lord Romeo...
The words fall from Benvolio's lips, pure and gentle as first winter's snow.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 5: Dreams and Illusions - Episode 2

(Captain) and company invite Juliet out for a walk around town when they bump into Benvolio. They decide to visit the new city plaza, where they come across Anthony and end up participating in another impromptu play.

Several days pass.
Lyria: It's been so long since we walked around the city with you, Juliet!
Juliet: Hehe, it has. Thank you for inviting me today.
Vyrn: Given how busy you've been, we figured you probably haven't come outside much.
Juliet: I do come out to observe sometimes. I want to make sure everyone is living comfortably.
Vyrn: Yeah, but that's basically work, right?
Juliet: Well, yes...
Vyrn: No work today! You're all changed and stuff anyway, so let's enjoy the day off!
Juliet: You're right.
Juliet: It has been a while since I've gone outside like this... It feels nice.
Lyria: Hehe. This reminds me of when we first met you.
Vyrn: You introduced yourself as Julia back then. Who woulda thought that you'd actually be the princess of the Capulets?
Vyrn: And Romeo...
Juliet: ...
Vyrn: Hey, you sure you're okay? You're not just hidin' it from us, are ya?
Juliet: Huh?
Vyrn: I mean, you did find out about Romeo, but you don't look that surprised. And all you talk about is work...
Lyria: V-Vyrn! Let's not...
Vyrn: You're too nice, Lyria. You know Juliet doesn't wanna talk about it, so you've been keepin' quiet.
Vyrn: But it feels weird to me.
Vyrn: We can't do anythin' to help if you don't tell us when you're feelin' sad.
Vyrn: Come on. Can't you open up to us a bit more? We're friends, right?
Juliet: Vyrn...
Juliet: Thank you. I'm sorry to have worried you...
Juliet: I just don't think my own feelings have caught up with the situation yet.
Clenching her skirt, Juliet looks into the distance.
Juliet: I'm surprised, and relieved, but also more than that...
Juliet: Two entire years have passed since then. I don't know where I should begin to think about it from.
Lyria: I'm sorry... I don't know what to say...
Juliet: Please, don't apologize. I understand that you and Count Paris are only thinking in my best interest.
Juliet: But I think it's going to take me some time to grasp this change of events.
Juliet: I might have been avoiding things by focusing on my work...
Juliet: Just as I have over these past two years.
Lyria: I don't think you're avoiding anything.
Vyrn: Yeah! Romeo was happy about it, ya know!
Vyrn: He was sayin' how we can finally work together again toward the same goal.
Juliet: That's a good point. This may be the very moment I've been waiting for all along.
Juliet: The dream I've been seeing since two years ago has come true.
Juliet: Thank you, all of you, for talking over this with me.
Vyrn: That's what friends are for!
Juliet: Yes. Nothing good comes out of keeping things to yourself, after all.
Juliet: That's what Count Paris and Rosalind always tell me. They must be exasperated with me.
Vyrn: Haha! Don't worry, we'll keep what we talked about today a secret from them.
Juliet: Hehe, thank you.
Juliet: Oh!
Juliet looks over to the other side of the street.
Juliet: Isn't that Benvolio?
Benvolio: ...
Lyria: You're right. Maybe he has something to do in the city as well.
Vyrn: Hey! Benvolio!
Benvolio: Hm?
Benvolio turns at the sound of Vyrn's voice and runs across the street toward them.
Benvolio: Good afternoon.
Benvolio: Lady... Juliet? What brings you to the city?
Juliet: Good afternoon, Benvolio. (Captain) and the others kindly invited me out for a walk.
Lyria: Would you like to join us, Benvolio?
Benvolio: If you don't mind... it would be my pleasure.
Benvolio: Is there a particular place you're headed for?
Vyrn: Nope, didn't think about that at all. We were just walkin' around.
Benvolio: Haha, I see. Then why don't we take a look at the plaza?
Juliet: Ah, the new plaza. That sounds like a good idea.
Vyrn: New plaza?
Juliet: Yes, it was built after the wall was demolished.
Lyria: Oh, we haven't seen it yet. Let's go!
Juliet: There should be plenty of shops open at this time. I imagine it'll be quite festive.
Benvolio: And if we're lucky, an actor from the Rose might be there as well.
Vyrn: The Rose?
Benvolio: Yes. Actors from the Rose Theater sometimes visit the plaza and put on improvisations to entertain the crowd.
Vyrn: Oh, so that's what was goin' on!
Lyria: I guess it's basically like the one we were in a few days ago!
Benvolio: You were in an improvisation?
Lyria: Yes, we met someone named Anthony from the Rose Theater the other day...
Benvolio: You met Anthony? That's amazing...
Vyrn: Yeah, there were so many people watchin'.
Juliet: Oh my! I certainly would have liked to see that.
???: Then why don't we put on another one?
Anthony: Care to join me?
Vyrn: Whoa! It's the theater mister!
Anthony: Hello, friends. I'm glad we could meet again.
Lyria: Hello! You surprised me.
Anthony: I heard my name being mentioned and flew here all the way from the Rose.
Vyrn: You're kidding, right?
Anthony: Not at all! My ears are quite sharp, you see. I can't help but hear everything about me, both the good and the bad.
Anthony: Putting that aside...
Anthony: 'Tis an honor to meet you, Princess Juliet.
Straightening up, Anthony turns to Juliet and gives a deep bow.
Anthony: Pardon my rudeness. I didn't mean to interrupt your conversation so suddenly.
Juliet: Oh, no, it wasn't rude at all. I'm happy to be able to meet you, Anthony.
Vyrn: Whoops... Guess we didn't hide that very well.
Anthony: Haha. I suppose the clothes are different...
Anthony: But I've seen Lady Juliet before at one of our shows at the Rose Theater, and I never forget a face.
Anthony: Especially not one of such extraordinary beauty.
Juliet: Hehe. As expected, you're quite the sweet talker.
Lyria: Are you going to the plaza too, Anthony? Could it be... to put on another play?
Anthony: Oh, no. I simply came to do some shopping, but since all of you are here...
Anthony: Would you like to put on a show together?
Lyria: Yay! That sounds fun!
Anthony: If it isn't too much trouble for you, would you like to join us as well, Princess?
Juliet: Huh? Me? You mean not watching... but acting?
Anthony: Why, of course.
Juliet: Are you certain I won't be a hindrance to the show?
Anthony: Rest assured, I'll be here to help you.
Anthony: You too, my noble friend.
Benvolio: Excuse me?
Anthony: Wouldn't you like to be a part of our cast?

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 5: Dreams and Illusions - Episode 3

After the crew and Juliet leave to go back to the castle, Anthony stops Benvolio and tells him that he, too, has been concerned with the anti-Capulet faction and had infiltrated their gathering. Upon being asked his reason for attending the gathering, Benvolio says there is someone he'd like Anthony to meet.

Anthony: It seems we have enough people, so why don't we split up into two groups? The bad guys and the good guys.
And so the improvisation begins.
Anthony: There they are! Don't let 'em get away!
Juliet: Eek!
At Anthony's cue, (Captain) wraps an arm around Juliet and pulls her closer.
Anthony: Now that you know our secret, 'fraid we can't let you out of our sight.
Juliet: No... Let me go!
Benvolio: Princess!
Benvolio: Why you... What do you plan to do with the princess?
Anthony: Well, well. Look who's finally here. You sure bark loud for a dog who can't even protect its master.
Anthony: What if I told you we were just gonna go for some lunch, hm?
Juliet: Stay back! We can't let them catch you too!
Benvolio: Fear not, Princess. That won't happen.
Benvolio slowly walks up to them. He slides past Juliet to stand next to Anthony.
Benvolio: I've been waiting for this moment for so long... You can have the princess. Do what you want with her.
Juliet: What... Why?
Anthony: Hahaha! This is a masterpiece!
Infatuated Lady: Huh? Wait, what just happened?
Infatuated Man: He's handing the princess over to the enemy. He betrayed her.
The crowds of people that have gathered at the plaza hold their breaths as they watch.
Benvolio: My brother sacrificed himself to protect you. Ever since then, I've never been able to forgive you...
Juliet: Very well. All things considered, you have the right to take your revenge on me.
Anthony: All right then, you guys switch. Avenge your brother with your own hands.
(Captain) follows Anthony's words and hands over the ropes binding Juliet to Benvolio.
Anthony: Now, exact your revenge... and let the world be your witness!
Lyria: Father? What are you doing?
Anthony: No, don't come here!
Lyria: But...
Anthony: Damn it...
Anthony: Hey, take her away!
Vyrn: Stop it!
Benvolio: Y-you're...
Vyrn: I'm not dead! Who said anythin' about a sacrifice?
Benvolio: W-what? But I saw it... You were...
Vyrn: I'm right here! Come on, you're my brother, aren't ya? So stop doin' stupid things!
Benvolio: I'm... I'm...
Lyria: Father, what's the matter with those people?
Anthony: It doesn't concern you. Run along now.
Lyria: Oh! I know that lady! Did she come to see me?
Anthony: Stop it! That woman knows your secret. You can't go near her!
Lyria: Secret?
Lyria: I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm hungry!
Lyria: Come on, Father! You too, Miss! Let's eat together!
Anthony: No... At this rate, my child's secret is going to be exposed...
Anthony: They'll know her secret... The secret that she's an insatiable glutton!
Putting his hands to his head, Anthony falls to his knees, dissipating the tension in the plaza within a single moment.
Regular Guy: So that was the secret? Give me a break!
Infatuated Man: You can't tell me that was his actual brother. What's up with the cast?
Infatuated Lady: Who'd have thought his brother would be a lizard? Too funny!
Vyrn: Hey! I ain't no lizard!
Infatuated Lady: Ahahaha!
The cast stand in a line and bow in unison to the cheering crowd.
Anthony: Thank you very much!
Theater Fanatic: Anthony! You're so beautiful even when you're evil and pathetic!
Shopping Lady: The girl was pretty cute, wasn't she?
Infatuated Lady: I actually like the lizard, you know.
Vyrn: Wha... I'm tellin' ya, I ain't no lizard!
Anthony: Well, looks like most of the people are gone...
Anthony: My apologies, Princess Juliet. More people gathered than I expected... Are you all right?
Juliet: Hehe, I'm fine. It was so exciting! I had a lot of fun.
Anthony: To think you'd enjoy improvising in front of such a large crowd... I must say I am impressed.
Anthony: No matter your disguise, you are truly one fit to be the ruler of Verona.
Juliet: Now I'm a little embarrassed...
Vyrn: Haha, don't tell me you're blushin' just from a few compliments.
Lyria: It doesn't seem like anyone realized you were the princess either!
Anthony: No one would suspect the princess of our country to be in a play at the town plaza.
Anthony: Most likely, they just assumed you were new actors from the Rose Theater.
Lyria: Do you really think we looked like actors?
Anthony: Even actors get nervous and have trouble with improvisations when they're just starting off. But all of you dived right in.
Lyria: Heheh, we're skyfarers, after all! It's our job to be brave!
Anthony: Skyfarers, huh? And what about you?
Benvolio: Huh?
Anthony turns to Benvolio, who had been standing quietly beside them.
Anthony: Might you be a member of a theater troupe?
Benvolio: No, definitely not.
Anthony: Then you must enjoy plays very much, or aspire to be an actor someday.
Benvolio: I do like theater, and I go to plays every so often. I've gone to see a few of yours as well.
Anthony: I'm honored.
Juliet: Benvolio is a member of Verona's council.
Anthony: I see! Then I suppose I wouldn't be able to tempt you with an offer to join the Rose...
Juliet: Hehe. Benvolio is a valued council member. I'm afraid we can't afford to lose him.
Juliet looks at the time as if reminded of something.
Juliet: I would love to talk more, but I'm afraid I must be getting back to the castle.
Lyria: Oh, it is getting late, isn't it?
Vyrn: If we steal you away for too long, Paris and Rosalind are gonna nag at us for the rest of the night.
Juliet: Let's think of a good excuse together. Although I'm sure Deborah has already realized my absence...
Juliet: What will you do, Benvolio?
Benvolio: I'm planning to visit the book shop after this.
Juliet: Very well, then I'll see you back at the castle.
Juliet: Thank you very much for today, Anthony. I had a most enjoyable time.
Anthony: No, it was an honor to spend time with you, Princess. Please visit us at the Rose again sometime.
Juliet: Yes... I hope I can, someday.
After seeing Juliet and the others off, Benvolio bows to Anthony.
Benvolio: Then I'll take my leave here.
Anthony: Who would've thought that you're actually a council member?
Benvolio: I beg your pardon?
Anthony: Did you have a particular reason for visiting the underground pub a few days ago?
Benvolio: Underground... pub?
Anthony: A nobleman... or rather, a council member like you would hardly end up at a place like that by coincidence.
Benvolio: Who exactly are you...
Benvolio takes a step back, eyeing Anthony warily. Anthony raises his arms and gives a careless shrug.
Anthony: No need to get so uptight—I was there as well, you see. Just thought I'd say hello to a friend.
Anthony: I could have called you out in front of Lady Juliet, but I didn't, did I?
Benvolio: Are you a member of the anti-Capulet faction? Approaching Lady Juliet like that today... What are you plotting?
Anthony: Just as I thought.
Anthony: You weren't there for the same reason as everyone else, were you?
Benvolio: Are you saying you weren't either? Then why?
Anthony: It came to my attention that there are rumors about the Rose Theater being used for some rather problematic purposes.
Benvolio: The Rose Theater isn't yours.
Anthony: Hm, you have a point—but I was in the middle of my lines. I'd appreciate it if you'd let me finish what I have to say.
Anthony gives a playful wink.
Benvolio: ...
Anthony: Let's see, what was I saying... Oh yes. There were some tasteless rumors going around, so I looked into them and ended up at that place a few days ago.
Anthony: While I was there I pretended to be a member of their faction, but before I knew it, they had me up on stage for a speech. Bit of a bind, that was.
Benvolio: So the man making the speech back there was you... Come to think of it, your voice does sound familiar.
Anthony: I'm sure quite a few people noticed. That's probably why they decided to throw me on stage in the first place.
Benvolio: True. Someone as famous as you would be a convenient resource for the faction.
Anthony: Indeed. Although I hardly plan to let them use me like that.
Anthony: In the end, I'll be the one to use them.
Anthony: While I was up on the stage, I observed the faces of the audience closely. That's how I recognized you today.
Benvolio: Your speech was quite plausible. Are you certain you're an actor and not a swindler?
Anthony: I'll take that as a compliment. But not everything was a lie, you know.
Anthony: I really do think Lord Romeo was used as a sacrifice for Verona.
Benvolio: Do you now?
Anthony: But just that won't turn me into an anti-Capulet rebel.
Benvolio: Are you sure about that?
Anthony: I don't expect you to believe everything I'm saying. However...
Anthony: In the end, I am an actor. There is nothing I value more than the talent I possess, and theater.
Anthony: Honestly, I couldn't care less about Verona or the conflict between Montague and Capulet.
Anthony: I do feel bad saying this to you, seeing how you're involved with running this country and all.
Anthony: But I won't tolerate anyone using the Rose Theater for their own trivial reasons.
Anthony: And that concludes my near-soliloquy. Next is your turn.
Anthony: Why were you there at the gathering, Benvolio?
Benvolio: ...
Benvolio: Anthony, if I recall, you're a fan of Bill the Bard's plays, are you not?
Anthony: Very much so. I've always stated this publicly, so it's not exactly a secret...
Anthony: Does that have something to do with what we're talking about right now?
Benvolio: Yes. There's someone I'd like you to meet.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 5: Dreams and Illusions - Episode 4

Seeing that Anthony is a fan of Bill the Bard and also agrees that Romeo had been used as a sacrifice, Benvolio takes Anthony to Romeo's house, expecting him to help persuade Romeo to return to Verona. But on the contrary, Anthony ends up promising to do what he can for the country and begins to work with Romeo on a plan to stop the anti-Capulet faction.

Anthony: Benvolio... Do you mean to tell me that the person you wanted me to meet is...
Romeo: ...
Benvolio: May I introduce...
Anthony: Lord Romeo?
Benvolio: How did you know?
Anthony: Lord Romeo... It was before you became lord of the Montagues, but I've seen you from afar just once... and I never forget a face.
Romeo: You're Anthony from the Rose Theater, aren't you?
Anthony: You know of me? But I joined the Rose—or rather, the Rose was built after your death...
Anthony: Wait. You're alive? What is the meaning of this?
Anthony: Sigh. My apologies... It seems I have yet to completely collect my thoughts.
Romeo: No, that's only to be expected.
Romeo: Benvolio, don't tell me you brought Anthony here without explaining anything. Why did you bring him here in the first place?
Benvolio: ...
Hesitant, Benvolio turns to Anthony instead.
Benvolio: Lord Romeo is Bill the Bard.
Anthony: Wha!
Romeo: Sigh...
Romeo: Anthony, swear you'll speak of this to no one.
Despite his confusion, Anthony nods solemnly at Romeo, whose shoulders sag in relief.
Romeo: Two years ago, after my supposed death at the end of the war...
Anthony: And then you inherited the name of the Bard...
Romeo: Yes, though I'm well aware of my inexperience compared to my predecessor.
Anthony: The play that served as the opening show for the new Rose Theater was written by you, wasn't it?
Romeo: Indeed. The previous Bard was still alive at the time and gave me much advice on it.
Anthony: It all makes sense now.
Anthony: I felt that Bill the Bard's literary style had shifted, although only slightly.
Anthony: The humor in the comedies had softened, with a hint of tenderness to their stories...
Anthony: Whereas the tragedies had an air of loneliness to them, rather than cruelty.
Romeo: Is that so?
Anthony: Yes. As someone who has read the plays until the words wore off the pages, acting them out on stage over and over... I am confident about this.
Anthony: It makes sense to me now. The plays felt different because it was Lord Romeo who wrote them.
Anthony: You, the last lord of the Montagues, whose history ended in tragedy.
Anthony: You, who shed countless tears and exchanged everything you had for the hope that Verona now sees.
Anthony: Forgive me... That was impertinent of me.
Romeo: I don't mind. It is as you say.
Romeo: My own experiences and feelings influence the plays I write. I can't help it.
Romeo: But it's not only sadness that I feel inside.
Romeo: It's true that it was because I lacked competency as lord that Montague fell.
Romeo: It was my irreversible mistake that caused it to end the way it did.
Romeo: But it wasn't only a tale of loss.
Romeo: Since then, Verona has risen from the ashes at an incredible pace and is now walking down a new path.
Romeo: As for me, I have found a new way to soothe the souls of our people.
Romeo: This is thanks to my dear friend, who spared my life, and the Bard, who showed me a new way to live... as well as many others.
Romeo: In this regard, I am unbelievably fortunate.
Anthony: I see... So you do not think of yourself as the tragic hero in the story at all.
Romeo: Of course not.
Anthony: Do you not wish to take back what you've lost?
Romeo: No. I want to do what I can from where I am now.
Benvolio: ...
Anthony quickly glances at Benvolio before addressing Romeo.
Anthony: Then I assume you wish to put a stop to the anti-Capulet faction as well.
Romeo: Yes. I cannot turn a blind eye to something that can possibly harm Verona and its people. That's why I decided to investigate.
Romeo: You know about the underground faction as well?
Anthony: Yes, I couldn't bring myself to sit and do nothing either. In any case, I think I understand now.
Anthony: Lord Romeo, you wish to stop the anti-Capulet faction for the sake of Verona.
Anthony: But you do not intend to reveal yourself and have no plans to restore your previous position in Verona. Is that correct?
Romeo: Yes.
Benvolio: ...
Anthony: Very well. I will lend you my help.
Benvolio: ...!
Romeo: While I appreciate the sentiment, may I ask why?
Anthony: I am an actor through and through. I've never had much interest in politics or how our country ran. However... I like Verona the way it is now, very much.
Anthony: Thanks to Lady Juliet who established the Rose Theater, I can now act to my heart's content.
Anthony: And you, Lord Romeo, are the very person producing these spectacular plays for the people of Verona as Bill the Bard.
Anthony: That's why I'd like to offer my help to you—for the sake of your work and this nation that I love.
Anthony: That's how motives usually are, right? In the end, they're selfish.
Romeo: I see... Thank you.
Benvolio: ...
Teeth clenched, Benvolio stands up from his seat.
Romeo: Benvolio?
Benvolio: My apologies. There is something I must tend to.
Romeo and Anthony watch, confused, as Benvolio makes his way out the door.
Benvolio: (This isn't how it's supposed to be...)
Benvolio: (I thought that as someone who can respect both Lord Romeo and Bill the Bard...)
Benvolio: (He could help persuade Lord Romeo to return to his rightful position in Verona.)
Benvolio: Now that I think about it, I should have anticipated something like this.
Benvolio: I was a fool...
Benvolio: (Ah... Is there truly no other way?)
Anthony: About the anti-Capulet faction...
Anthony: They're so rough on the edges that I don't know if we can actually call them a faction.
Anthony shares the information he obtained through his own methods with Romeo.
Anthony: The group's ideology isn't uniform, and their objectives are vague. Not to mention, they're not very good at organizing their information. There's no one to oversee things.
Anthony: In fact, they're trying to push me up there just for the sake of having someone in the spot.
Romeo: That makes sense. Having a popular actor like you talk for them could garner more sympathy from the people.
Anthony: Indeed, which worked conveniently for me as that helped me see what they were doing on the inside.
Anthony: So far, it's hard to imagine that they'll be much of a threat. However...
Anthony: It seems the rumors about the faction being connected to the council are true.
Romeo: I didn't hear anything about that from Paris.
Anthony: A select few from the council are working behind the scenes.
Anthony: They've been funneling a part of the Rose's revenue to the underground faction for its operation funds.
Anthony: Among the council members, perhaps you know of...
Romeo cocks his head at the name.
Romeo: I don't remember anyone going by that name. He may not be from Montague.
Anthony: A Capulet noble then.
Romeo: You mean to say that a noble from what was once Capulet is working with the anti-Capulet faction?
Anthony: He may not necessarily be anti-Capulet, but anti-Juliet.
Anthony: I hear Lady Juliet has been appointing more young people to be members of the council, and has also been redistributing the authority and rights of existing nobility.
Anthony: I wouldn't be surprised if some nobles weren't happy about not being able to lounge around and twiddle their thumbs anymore.
Romeo: I see...
Anthony: Aside from that, the so-called "anti-Capulet" opinions are rather scattered.
Anthony: There are people who still respect you and wish for the restoration of House Montague, while there are others who are specifically against Lady Juliet and Count Paris.
Anthony: There are also those who simply aren't in favor of the country's current system. The people's sentiments are quite divided.
Anthony: The way I see it, the faction shouldn't be too hard to dissolve.
Romeo: Right. I'll pass on what you said about the council to Paris and have him look into it.
Anthony: It wasn't difficult for me to find out this much. The culprits in the council should become obvious sooner or later.
Anthony: It's Count Paris we're talking about, after all.
Anthony: As for what else we can do in the meantime...
Romeo: I have an idea, if you'll hear me out.
Anthony: Heh, I must say you've caught my interest What do you have in mind?
Romeo: You know about the upcoming festival, right?
Romeo: I'm in the middle of writing a play for a special outdoor show the Rose is supposed to put on.
Anthony: I see where this is going. You want me to distract the members of the faction with the show.
Romeo: Bingo. Can you do that?
Anthony: Leave it to me. Holding the audience's attention is what I'm here for.
Romeo: Theater... It has the power to change people's hearts.
Anthony: Yes. And that is why I choose to stand on stage.
Anthony: A play by Bill the Bard with Anthony as the actor... No man or woman in all of Verona will leave with their hearts untouched.
Anthony: Let's live up to these words, shall we?
Romeo: That's quite some pressure.
Anthony: I'm looking forward to receiving the script.
Romeo: It makes me wonder—are you really just an actor, Anthony?
Anthony: What do you mean, my lord?
Romeo: Infiltrating an underground faction and gathering information single-handedly, not to mention being so familiar with the country's politics and council. That's quite the feat.
Anthony: Hahaha. I am an actor, after all.
Anthony: An actor constantly performs on stage as different people from various walks of life.
Anthony: I've had plenty of experience leading up to this. Now I only need to apply it to reality.
Romeo: Thank you. I'm glad you're here.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 6: Unspoken Devotion - Episode 1

Benvolio comes back that night after Romeo's talk with Anthony. Bringing the figure of the guardian king with him, he tries to convince Romeo again to return, and shares his frustration in not being able to use what he has learned in his many years of study for the lord of Montague. However, Romeo tells him that he should instead use the knowledge he has acquired to better the future of Verona.

That same night.
At the sound of a knock on his door, Romeo puts down his pen.
Romeo: Who is it?
Benvolio: ...
Romeo: Benvolio...
Benvolio: Lord Romeo... I apologize for intruding at such a late hour.
Romeo: It's all right. Have a seat—I'll brew us some tea.
Benvolio quietly gazes toward the kitchen where Romeo is preparing their tea.
Benvolio: ...
Benvolio: I thought.... you'd turn me away and tell me not to come back.
Romeo: I'm sorry I sounded so cold the other day.
Benvolio: Not at all...
Their conversation trails off with only the whistle of the kettle to accompany the stillness of the night.
Once the water is boiled, Romeo makes a fresh cup of tea and puts it in front of Benvolio.
Romeo: Be careful. It's hot.
Benvolio: Thank you.
Benvolio slowly reaches for the cup on the table, but stops midway.
Benvolio: I'm sorry I'm so persistent.
Romeo: It's fine.
Benvolio: I have one more question I wanted to ask you, if I may.
Benvolio: It's about this.
Benvolio places an exquisite figure of a man wielding a sword on the desk. Romeo's eyes widen.
Romeo: The figure of the king... Why do you have this?
Benvolio: I found it while I was organizing some old Montague documents.
Benvolio: It was in a box along with various other items.
Benvolio: I knew what it was from what was written in the notebook.
Romeo: I see... It's been a while since I laid eyes on it.
Romeo's tone is bittersweet.
Benvolio: You were chosen by the guardian spirit that resides in this figure... Am I right, my lord?
Romeo: Indeed.
Benvolio: Then you were not wrong in the choice you made.
Benvolio: You are a hero... One chosen by the guardian spirit that protects the land of Verona!
Romeo: No, Benvolio.
Romeo: It's true that I thought about what I could do for Verona and tried my best to make the right choices.
Romeo: I was prepared to sacrifice myself.
Romeo: That's why the guardian king chose me at the time.
Romeo: But in the end, I failed in my duty.
Benvolio: No! You...
Benvolio begins to protest, but Romeo shakes his head.
Romeo: I told Anthony that what happened wasn't a tragedy, and I meant it.
Romeo: But I don't think it was necessarily the best choice.
Romeo: I felt cornered, and in the midst of that, I lost sight of what was around me. I ended up shutting out the other options that might have been there.
Romeo: And the fact that I was chosen by the guardian king, in a sense, made me unable to turn back and make another choice.
Romeo: Though, these are all nothing but excuses.
Benvolio: I wasn't there at the time... So I just don't understand.
Benvolio: I only wish that you wouldn't say you failed in your duty.
Benvolio: In your time of suffering... A time of such trouble...
Benvolio: Why did you not ask me to come back?
Romeo: ...
Benvolio: All of my studies were for your sake. I wanted to be useful to you.
Benvolio: I wanted to live for Verona, and for you...
Benvolio: But I wasn't there at the most crucial moment.
Benvolio: And it pains me so, so much...
Benvolio: That I wasn't the dependable person I wanted to be... That you didn't depend on me....
Benvolio: There was nothing I could do...
Romeo: You're right, Benvolio.
Romeo: Back then, I didn't think to depend on anyone else. I believed that I was alone... when there were other ways that I gave up on too easily.
Romeo: It's because of this that I failed.
Benvolio: ...
Romeo: Benvolio...
Romeo drops down to his knees and looks up to meet Benvolio's downcast eyes.
Romeo: The strong sentiment behind your words... You must use this power for the future of Verona.
Romeo: It may be reckless of me to ask... but that is my wish.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 6: Unspoken Devotion - Episode 2

Juliet disguises herself as a boy once again and goes with Rosalind and the crew to the festival in town. While (Captain) and the others are off buying food, Juliet and Rosalind are approached by the underground rebels from before. They are saved by Romeo, and the three of them escape to safety.

The night of the festival arrives.
Juliet: Hehe.
Looking out the window of her room, Juliet smiles.
Juliet: The lights are so beautiful... I can almost hear the voices of everyone enjoying the festival.
Juliet: Sigh...
A knock at her door cuts her breath short.
Vyrn: Hey, Juliet!
Lyria: We're here!
Juliet's smile widens at the sight of (Captain) and the others.
Juliet: You're all here! What's the matter?
Lyria: We're planning to head out to the festival.
Juliet: That's lovely! I hope you enjoy yourselves.
Lyria: Oh, um...
Vyrn: You're not gonna go check it out?
Juliet: No... It's best if I don't.
Vyrn: I thought you were pretty much done lookin' into who's the bad egg in the council. You just need to catch 'em and problem solved, right?
Vyrn: A little break wouldn't kill ya...
Lyria: Besides, there's the outdoor play that Romeo and Anthony organized together.
Lyria: Don't you want to see it?
Juliet: Yes, I was surprised to hear that Romeo is now writing the plays as Bill the Bard...
Juliet: I do want to see it, but I don't want to cause any unnecessary trouble there.
Juliet: Please go in my stead. I'll be looking forward to hearing about it from you.
Lyria: But...
Vyrn: You used to slip past Deborah and Tybalt and disguise yourself for the festival, didn't ya?
Lyria: Come to think of it, the festival was where we first met you.
Juliet: It was, wasn't it? That brings back memories.
Juliet: Still, I'm afraid I won't be going today.
Juliet: Even if I change into something different, there might be someone who'll see through the disguise, just like how Anthony did the other day.
Juliet: Hehe. And I wouldn't want to get scolded by Rosalind again.
Rosalind: Dear me. I wish you wouldn't push the fault on me like that.
Juliet: Rosalind! I'm sorry, that's not what I mean...
Rosalind: Well, whatever you mean, I'm coming with you today.
Juliet: Coming with me?
Rosalind: After all, I wouldn't want to be left behind and miss another chance to see Anthony...
Juliet: Huh?
Rosalind: I-in any case, you needn't pretend to be the good princess you're supposed to be, my lady.
Rosalind: If it's the disguise you're worried about, you simply need to make sure you won't be found out.
Rosalind holds out an outfit. Juliet stares at it in astonishment.
Juliet: Do you mean...
Rosalind: What's a festival or two now, considering all the other things you've done?
Rosalind: Why, this is almost nothing compared to sneaking into the underground gathering.
Juliet: I suppose so, but...
Rosalind: Come, my lady. Let's get you changed.
Vyrn: Whew! There sure are a ton of people at the festival every single time!
Lyria: So many shops and restaurants too... That food stall over there looks amazing!
Rosalind: Lyria! Be careful not to crash into anyone!
Lyria: Okay! Um... Cesario? Why don't we go together?
Juliet: Sure, let's go!
Juliet: What do you want to have, Sis?
Rosalind: Hmm... Maybe a nice cold drink, and something sweet...
Vyrn: Whoooa!
The crew look up at the night sky, fixated on the beautiful lights blossoming in front of their eyes.
Lyria: Fireworks!
Rosalind: How lovely!
Juliet: Indeed...
Tybalt: Juliet! Don't go too far!
Juliet: Don't worry, I won't!
The band strikes up their liveliest jig yet, and that's when fate decides to intervene.
Juliet: How do you do?
Romeo: Good... evening...
Juliet: Good evening...
Moonbeams fall softly over the young pair, as if directed by matchmakers in the heavens.
The night sky from four years ago comes to mind as Juliet thinks back to her first encounter with Romeo.
Juliet: (Romeo...)
Juliet: (You're alive... Perhaps you, too, are somewhere here among this festivity...)
Juliet: (I wonder why... I can almost feel you close to me.)
Rosalind: Cesario.
Rosalind gently touches Juliet on the shoulder.
Rosalind: There's a place where we can sit over there. Come on.
Juliet: Oh... Right. Okay.
Lyria: Then we'll get us all something to eat!
Vyrn: Save us a spot, will ya? Get ready for a feast!
Rosalind: That sounds wonderful. Thank you.
Lyria: See you later!
Rosalind and Juliet watch as the crew dashes off toward the food stalls.
The two turn and begin to walk in the opposite direction.
???: Hey, you.
A stranger emerges and grabs Juliet by the shoulder.
Juliet: Huh?
Underground Reb 1: Hah, I knew it. You're the two rats that got away the other day.
Rosalind: ...!
Underground Reb 2: You won't be gettin' off so easily today.
Juliet: Ahh!
Rosalind: Take your hands off of us! You won't get away with this!
Underground Reb 2: I wouldn't get so chatty if I were you.
Rosalind: Eek!
The man holds a knife to Rosalind's throat, the cold steel hard against her skin.
Juliet: Rosalind!
Underground Reb 1: You stay put. Don't talk.
Juliet: Hngh...
Underground Reb 1: All right. There're too many people here. Let's move somewhere else.
Underground Reb 1: This area's nice and quiet.
The men drag Juliet and Rosalind to a deserted alley.
Underground Reb 1: We'll start from where we left off. And you're gonna answer our questions honestly this time.
Juliet: Eek!
Rosalind: Ju... Cesario!
Juliet: Hngh...
Underground Reb 2: Annoying brat...
The man walks over to where Juliet lays crumpled against the wall and hoists her up by the collar.
Underground Reb 2: Are you deaf, kid? Hurry up and answer me!
Underground Reb 2: Huh?
Peering at Juliet's face, he rips her hat off.
Underground Reb 2: Wait a second... This one's a girl!
Juliet: Ugh!
Underground Reb 2: Now that I think about it, the other one called her by some girl's name.
Underground Reb 1: Who exactly are you? People don't just walk around in disguises every day, you know.
Underground Reb 2: Are you listenin'? C'mon, out with it!
Juliet: Eek!
Rosalind: Stop it! She's... my...
Underground Reb 2: All this yapping's gettin' on my nerves... Whaddya say we just finish 'em off?
Underground Reb 1: Right here? I don't know...
Underground Reb 2: This is a complete waste of time! We've got a ton more important stuff to do.
Underground Reb 1: I know that, but we can't be too reckless. Maybe we should take them with us and report back to...
Underground Reb 2: You mean we gotta carry these two with us the whole time? Gimme a break! Finishing 'em off here would be a lot—
Underground Reb 2: Argh!
Underground Reb 1: Who the hell are you!
Underground Reb 1: Urk!
Rosalind: What...?
Juliet: ...
Romeo: Run!
Rosalind: O-okay!
Juliet: ...!
At Romeo's words, Rosalind grabs Juliet's hand and the two make an escape.
Romeo: ...
Romeo takes a quick look at the fallen men before turning to run after the two.

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 6: Unspoken Devotion - Episode 3

Despite their long-awaited reunion, Romeo and Juliet find themselves unable to put their feelings into words and soon part again. After joining Juliet and the crew, Paris tells Juliet that she, too, has the right to happiness as a citizen of Verona. Meanwhile, Anthony and Benvolio are conversing about the fate of Romeo when a light suddenly emits from the figure of the guardian king.

Rosalind: Pant... Pant...
After running for some time, the three slow to a stop.
Rosalind: Thank you for saving us... Lord Romeo.
Romeo: Don't mention it. It's been a while, Rosalind.
Rosalind: Indeed.
Romeo: How did you end up being there? That was a close call.
Rosalind: I'm terribly sorry. It was...
Juliet: It's not Rosalind's fault! I wanted to see... the festival...
Juliet: That's why we...
Their eyes meet.
Romeo: ...
Juliet: ...
Juliet: (Romeo is alive... He's here, right in front of my eyes...)
Dazed, Juliet staggers.
Romeo immediately steps forward and reaches out to catch her.
Juliet: ...!
But before the two can touch, Juliet steadies herself and instinctively pulls back.
Juliet: (No... If he held me now, I know I wouldn't be able to leave him again...)
Romeo: ...
Juliet: (Romeo...)
Lost as to what to do, Juliet balls her fists when a sudden pain shoots through her.
Juliet: Ugh...
Romeo: Juliet!
Juliet: My hand...
She opens her hand to reveal a bleeding wound from when she was thrown against the wall.
Romeo: Let me see.
Juliet: O-okay...
Juliet slowly stretches out her hand. Romeo gently takes it and wraps a handkerchief around the wound.
Juliet: Thank you...
Romeo: Does it hurt?
Juliet: No...
Juliet: (His fingers feel so hot on my hand...)
Romeo: Hopefully it won't scar...
The two stay that way, Juliet's hand in Romeo's tender grasp.
Romeo: I'm sorry I couldn't tell you... that I was alive.
Juliet: No... There's nothing for you to apologize for. I'm the one who...
Juliet: I...
???: In war, the victor decides the outcome of the loser. The defeated cannot decide for themselves.
???: Romeo Montague alone was overthrown and made into a criminal. The Capulets stripped him of everything.
Juliet: I stole everything from you...
Romeo: No! That's not true, Juliet.
Romeo: I'd rather you say I ran away and left Verona and all of its responsiblities to you.
Romeo: Now I can't even be by your side to support you, to protect you...
Juliet: No...
Juliet: I'm sorry, Romeo. I didn't mean to make you say that.
Juliet: It's just... I was so lonely without you. The days felt so painful and suffocating... I couldn't bear it.
Juliet: My tears ran until they dried, and loneliness froze my heart... But in the end, you're alive. I should be happy with just that.
Juliet: Oh, Romeo, I'm sorry...
Juliet pulls her arm back, and the two let go of one another.
Romeo: ...
Juliet: (I can't let myself fly to him like my heart wills. I'm not worthy.)
Juliet: (My legs are frozen. Romeo's expression is so sad... It's my fault.)
Tears well up in Juliet's eyes.
Juliet: (You're so close to me, yet my vision is blurring... I can't see you anymore.)
Juliet: ...
Juliet sniffs as she tries to hold back her tears.
Suddenly, familiar voices break the silence.
Vyrn: Hey, there they are!
Lyria: Oh, good! We finally found you!
(Captain) and the others call out to Juliet and Rosalind from down the street.
Romeo: Sorry. I should go.
Rosalind: Wait!
Vyrn: Where were you guys? You got us lookin' all over the place for ya!
As the crew runs toward them, Romeo quietly slips into a side street and disappears.
Lyria: Huh? Who was that just now?
Paris: Did something happen?
Juliet: Count Paris...
Vyrn: After we lost you, we met up with Paris and looked for you guys together.
Juliet: My apologies, I...
Paris: Lady Juliet!
Paris catches Juliet in time and steadies her.
Juliet: I'm... sorry...
Paris: Tell me. What happened?
Juliet: ...
Rosalind: We saw Lord Romeo.
Paris: Wha...
Rosalind: I leave Lady Juliet in your hands.
Rosalind breaks into a run, ducking into the street where Romeo was last seen.
Lyria: I-I'm not sure I understand...
Juliet: It's nothing. Everything's fine now...
Paris: Are you certain? Why did Romeo leave by himself?
Juliet: Because... I hurt him.
Juliet: Even if he's alive, to me, he's still a faraway existence... Someone I'm not worthy to reach out to.
Juliet looks down at the handkerchief wrapped around her hand.
Paris: Then, will you marry me?
Juliet: Huh?
Paris: I've been waiting for your reply. May I have your answer now?
Juliet: I...
Paris: Lady Juliet... I know. It's impossible.
Paris withdraws his hand that had been supporting Juliet.
Paris: Lady Juliet, you've become a fine woman. You put your heart and soul into leading Verona and its citizens.
Paris: But you forget that you also are a citizen of Verona. You have the right to be happy.
Paris: You say Romeo is far away, but both of you are individuals living here in the same country.
Paris: To be able to live freely regardless of social standing or status... Is that not what we wish for Verona and have worked so hard to achieve?
Juliet: A new Verona...
Paris: Yes.
Paris: You must remember, my lady. You of all people must not forget this.
At these words, Juliet grows calm and closes her eyes. When she opens them again, they are filled with renewed determination. Paris gazes at her and smiles, his eyes quiet and gentle.
Meanwhile, a slight ways away from the festival...
Anthony: Benvolio.
Benvolio: Shouldn't the most popular face of the Rose be occupied with the festivities tonight?
Anthony: To a certain extent, yes. But there's still some time before the show starts.
Benvolio: Is that so. Then if you'll excuse me.
Anthony: Benvolio!
Just as Benvolio is about to leave, Anthony calls out to him.
Benvolio: What is it?
Anthony: In truth, I wanted to apologize to you...
Benvolio: That won't be necessary.
Anthony: I thought that's what you'd say, so I won't.
Anthony: But Lord Romeo is worried about you.
Anthony: He understands how you feel. That's why he—
Benvolio: I know that! I don't need you to tell me!
Benvolio: I know... You and Lord Romeo are right.
Benvolio: What I hope for is nothing but a selfish dream—one I want very dearly to become reality.
Benvolio: I understand that. But everything I've done up until now... was for this dream.
Benvolio: Before I was even ten, I wanted to be someone who could be of help to Lord Romeo.
Benvolio: For this reason, I traveled far and wide. Even when I was homesick for Verona, I endured it so that I could grow to be the person I wanted to be.
Benvolio: When I heard the news of his death, I lost all hope... I thought it was the end.
Benvolio: But Lord Romeo is alive.
Benvolio: And when I finally saw him again, he was just as I'd remembered—the kind person who never fails to prioritize the country over himself.
Benvolio: Seeing this, I was overcome with hope once more—that I might be able to fulfill my dream after all.
Anthony: It's not like you have to be working under Lord Romeo in order to put the skills you've acquired to use, right?
Anthony: Lady Juliet said it herself. You play a vital part in running Verona in its current state.
Benvolio: That may be so...
Benvolio: And I'm happy to be of use to Lady Juliet and the people of this country.
Benvolio: I want to live up to their expectations.
Benvolio: That is what Lord Romeo wishes as well.
Benvolio: But...
Benvolio: No matter how many steps forward Verona may take from here on, at this rate, Lord Romeo will continue to be left behind...
Benvolio: I can't bring myself to accept this fact. It's too sad.
Benvolio hangs his head, like a child who's lost his way home.
Anthony: You...
Anthony: You're truly a person who can put someone else over yourself, aren't you?
Benvolio: ...
Anthony reaches out to put a hand on Benvolio's arm. Benvolio's shoulders begin to quiver.
Benvolio: Why did I tell you all this...
Anthony: Who knows? Only you know how you really feel. There's no point in me trying to guess.
Anthony: That said...
Anthony: I no longer think that your feelings are wasteful or wrong.
Benvolio: Hngh...
Anthony: Benvolio, there may be a different way through which you can be of help to Lord Romeo.
Anthony: You—
Anthony: What's happening?
Light suddenly begins to emit from Benvolio. Caught by surprise, Anthony pulls his hand back.
Benvolio: Something's glowing...
Benvolio: It's from the figure of the king.
Benvolio pulls out the glowing figure.
Anthony: The figure of the king? Why do you have that?
Benvolio: Huh?
Anthony: Ahhh!

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Chapter 6: Unspoken Devotion - Episode 4

Rosalind chases after Romeo and asks him how he really feels about Juliet. Romeo tells her he cannot bring Juliet happiness. They are interrupted by the spirit of the guardian king, and together with the crew, they realize that the rampage is an error in the guardian king's mechanism for protecting Verona. They hurry to separate Benvolio from the guardian king.

Some time before that, Rosalind leaves Juliet and the others and runs after Romeo.
Rosalind: Please, wait!
Romeo: Rosalind.
At Rosalind's ragged voice, Romeo slows to a stop and turns around.
Romeo: Shouldn't you be with Juliet?
Rosalind: Count Paris, (Captain), and the others are with her at the moment.
Rosalind: I chose to run after you because there is something I must ask.
Romeo: Ask me?
Rosalind: Lord Romeo... How do you truly feel about Lady Juliet?
Romeo: ...
Rosalind: I have witnessed Lady Juliet's loyalty and bond to you while serving close beside her.
Rosalind: Behind the facade of a strong ruler... she could not bring herself to forget about you. Her feelings were unbreakable.
Rosalind: Verona may be on its way to a better future, but Lady Juliet will always remain the same, never to find the happiness that she desires. It is too cruel of a fate.
Rosalind: I wish with all my heart for Lady Juliet to be happy.
Romeo: Yes. Me too.
Rosalind: How... How can you talk like that? As if it is of no concern to you...
Rosalind: You love her still, do you not?
Rosalind: You are the only one who can give her what she desires!
Romeo: ...
Romeo: There's nothing I can do. You know that!
Romeo: I'm here, yet I am dead.
Romeo: How can a dead man like me bring the princess of Verona happiness?
Rosalind: That's not true! Think about it!
Rosalind: You are alive...
Rosalind: If you were truly dead, you would not be able to come back, no matter how much she called or cried for you... But you are not dead.
Rosalind: That's why you must think of a way to bring happiness to Juliet.
Rosalind: Only you can do this!
Romeo: ...
Rosalind: Lord Romeo, I beg you.
Rosalind: What is that!
A blinding flash lights up the night sky.
Guardian King: ...!
Romeo: That's...
Romeo pales at the sight of the silhouette rising above them.
Romeo: The spirit of the guardian king? But why...
Guardian King: ...!
Rosalind: It's from that direction.
A deafening sound and the cries of many people can be heard in the distance.
Rosalind: With this many people at the festival tonight...
Romeo: We have to stop it!
Romeo: "Yet marked I where the bolt of Cupid fell! It fell upon a little western flower."
Romeo: "Before milk-white, now purple with love's wound..."
Romeo: "The maidens call it love-in-idleness."
Romeo: Let's see... What came after that again...
???: Um... "Fetch me that flower... The herb I showed you once."
Romeo: ...!
A murmur from under the tree startles Romeo.
Romeo: Benvolio?
Benvolio: M-my apologies, Lord Romeo. I, um...
Romeo: So you were at the theater ship today too.
Benvolio: Y-yes...
Romeo nimbly climbs down the tree and lands in front of a wide-eyed Benvolio.
Romeo: That's amazing! You remembered the line. Do you have anything else memorized?
Benvolio: I'm not sure... But I might.
Romeo: How about this then?
Romeo: "Ill met by fair moonlight, proud Titania!"
Benvolio: "What, jealous Oberon! Skip hence, for I have forsworn your company."
Romeo: "Tarry, Titania! Am I not your lord?"
Benvolio: "Yes, and I must be your lady. But I know..."
Benvolio: "When you stole away from fairy land, in the shape of a shepherd you sat all day, versing love to amorous Phillida."
Benvolio: "And not only so. But that, forsooth, your warrior love..."
Romeo: "Stop, Titania! Have you no shame? To speak like so..."
Romeo: I'm sorry, Benvolio. I made you play the lady's role without asking.
Benvolio: Please, I don't mind. I'm enjoying this very much.
Romeo: Haha, so am I.
Romeo: It was an incredibly entertaining play. The characters' encounters with one another and their disagreements... But in the end, they all laugh and forget.
Romeo: The song and dance of the fairies were fun to watch as well.
Benvolio: Indeed, they were.
Romeo: I don't know much about love or anything of the sort, but I'd like to see the fairies for myself.
Romeo: That's what the play made me think.
Romeo: You can laugh at me if you want, you know?
Benvolio: N-never! I thought the same thing as well!
Romeo: Haha. Thank you.
Benvolio: Um, maybe if you find some wild pansies...
Romeo: Wild pansies?
Benvolio: Yes, that's the love-in-idleness. If you know where they grow, perhaps you'll encounter a fairy looking for them.
Romeo: That's true! Excellent idea. Will you search with me?
Benvolio: Certainly, my lord!
Romeo: By the way, Benvolio.
Romeo: You're really good at reciting lines.
Benvolio: Is that so? Perhaps it's influence from having just seen a play today...
Romeo: Even so, that was spectacular. You should consider being an actor!
Benvolio: Oh, no... I could never...
Romeo: I'm sorry, you're right. I shouldn't have suggested it so carelessly.
Benvolio: But you, Lord Romeo...
Romeo: Me?
Benvolio: It seems to me that you like theater very much... Could it be that you wanted to become an actor?
Romeo: Not at all. But if I were to be involved with theater, it wouldn't be as an actor, but as...
Benvolio: ...?
Romeo: Never mind.
Romeo: All right, let's start looking for pansies!
Romeo: The night may be long, but if we linger too long, someone might find us.
Romeo: Come on, Benvolio. This is our little secret, okay?
At the same time, (Captain) and the others look up at the guardian spirit hovering over them in the sky.
Guardian King: ...!
Lyria: I-isn't that Romeo's...
Juliet: It's the spirit of the guardian king! But why?
Paris: Could Romeo have summoned it?
Juliet: But it's not in the direction Romeo ran off to earlier...
Vyrn: Besides, I don't remember it being this big before! What's goin' on here?
Romeo: Juliet! Paris!
Rosalind: Lady Juliet! Are you all right?
Lyria: Romeo! Rosalind!
Romeo: (Captain)... Good, you're all here.
Paris: Romeo. What is the meaning of this?
Romeo: I don't know. The figure of the king hasn't been in my possession for years.
Juliet: Then how...
Romeo: Benvolio has it.
Juliet: What? Then that must mean...
Juliet: ...!
Guardian Queen: Hear my words, princess of Verona.
Paris: The guardian queen!
Guardian Queen: There is no time. You must put a stop to the guardian king.
Vyrn: Whaddya mean stop him? That came outta nowhere!
Guardian Queen: Many years have passed since we became the guardians of this land.
Guardian Queen: Our conscience as people long forgotten, we can only obey the path that has already been decided.
Guardian Queen: However, the path has since become misshapen from the erosion of time.
Guardian Queen: At this rate, the one appointed protector of this land will, instead, become its enemy.
Guardian Queen: And the life of the child of Verona serving as the soil for the king will be consumed and perish.
Guardian Queen: Please, the fate of Verona lies with...
Juliet: Oh!
Lyria: It disappeared...
Vyrn: What was that all about?
Paris: Lady Juliet. In the past, you mentioned that the guardian spirits are something of a mechanism that protects Verona.
Juliet: Yes, that is how I understood it to be when I made a pact with the spirit of the guardian queen.
Paris: I believe that is what the guardian spirit was referring to earlier.
Juliet: Do you mean that the mechanism has gone awry with the passing of time?
Paris: Most likely. The rampage of the guardian king has to be a mistake of some sort.
Romeo: So this is happening because of something irregular that occurred. That must mean that Benvolio...
Juliet: The child of Verona serving as the soil...
Rosalind: Could it be... Benvolio?
Vyrn: Wait, you mean Benvolio's life is in danger now that he's summoned this thing?
???: His life?
Anthony: Is it true?
Romeo: Anthony! Why are you here?
Anthony: Lord Romeo, I've been looking for you.
Juliet: You're injured!
Anthony: I'm fine, my lady. More importantly, Benvolio...
Anthony: When the spirit of the guardian king manifested itself, I was there with him.
Romeo: What?
Anthony: Please don't blame Benvolio for this. It was not his intention to summon the guardian king.
Anthony: I suspect that I played a part in making this happen...
Vyrn: Huh? Why would you say that?
Paris: How do you know about the guardian spirit in the first place?
Anthony: I've heard about the guardian spirits from my parents ever since I was little. Though I'd always believed them to be nothing but a fairy tale...
Juliet: How... Even I only knew about them when I received the figure of the queen from my father two years ago...
Anthony: I... am a descendant of Escalus. I belong to Verona's previous royal bloodline.
Paris: Escalus!
Anthony: I'll give you all the details and apologies you want later. But for now, we have something more important that needs our attention!
Romeo: He's right. We need to stop the guardian king and save both Benvolio and all the people here tonight.
Vyrn: But how're we gonna do that?
Romeo: The queen mentioned soil. Which means that the guardian spirit should not be able to thrive without it.
Paris: So we need to separate Benvolio from the guardian king.
Romeo: Exactly. That's the only thing I can think of.
Vyrn: So you're saying we should do somethin' about that raging old king and find Benvolio.
Romeo: It also depends on what sort of state Benvolio is in right now...
Anthony: I was immediately blown away by the impact when the guardian spirit manifested itself, so I can't say for sure...
Anthony: But it didn't seem to me like Benvolio was in his usual state of mind.
Romeo: If we can find some way to bring him back...
Anthony: Lord Romeo, I am certain that your words can do just that.
Rosalind: I agree. He's loved and respected you since he was a child.
Romeo: I don't know if he will listen to me now... but it's worth a try.
Vyrn: Then we'll leave that to ya. The rest of us will focus on holdin' back the guardian king.
(Captain) nods.
Paris: (Captain), allow me to lend you my assistance.
Juliet: I'll go as well.
Romeo: Juliet! But...
Juliet: Please don't stop me, Romeo. I can do this.
Romeo: All right... Then I'll leave it to you.
Juliet: Anthony, Rosalind. Can I ask the two of you to gather the people and take them to a safe location?
Anthony: Understood.
Rosalind: Yes, my lady.
Romeo: We're running out of time. Let's go!

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Ending - Episode 1

Romeo finds Benvolio and separates him from the guardian king, putting an end to the rampage. Romeo and Juliet reaffirm their feelings toward each other before parting once more, with a promise to meet again. The anti-Capulet faction is eventually dissolved, and Benvolio begins a new life as a council member as well as an actor at the Rose Theater.

Romeo: We've had a bit too much rain this year... A few of our grain storages have been ruined.
Mercutio: Yeah. We'll need to relocate and fortify the storehouses to prevent this from happening again.
Romeo: That's going to require a lot of people. It'd be optimal if we could utilize the military...
Mercutio: That doesn't seem feasible with the current military regulations.
Mercutio: We need to turn the Montague forces into something not for picking fights with the Capulets or other countries, but for assisting with domestic affairs.
Romeo: I'll be counting on you then, Commander Mercutio.
Mercutio: What an honor.
Romeo: But before that, securing enough food for the people is the more pressing matter. How should we tackle that issue?
Mercutio: For that, you should be asking... Benvolio!
Benvolio: Huh?
Mercutio: You weren't listening, were you?
Romeo: What's the matter? Are you feeling unwell?
Benvolio: Not at all! My apologies! I'm very well, thank you!
Mercutio: Hahaha! What's up with you? Don't tell me you were falling asleep on your feet.
Benvolio: I'm sorry... Um, may I ask you to repeat that...
Romeo: We were talking about the flooding at our grain storehouses. A lot of our emergency stock has been wiped out.
Benvolio: Ah, the storehouses. At this point, I think we have no choice but to increase the amount we import for the time being.
Benvolio: I can select which country to do business with and negotiate with them.
Benvolio: The market price will be a little high as a result... Still, I'll try to keep it the lowest I can.
Romeo: All right. Then once you have the general plan ready, make a proposal to the council. I'll give it my support.
Benvolio: Thank you very much!
Mercutio: Well, if it's a proposal from you, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.
Romeo: Yes. I trust your judgment.
Benvolio: Lord Romeo...
Mercutio: As long as Benvolio and I are here, Montague's future is secure.
Romeo: Hey! What about me?
Benvolio: Lord Romeo, that goes without saying. You're the pillar at the center that holds everything up!
Mercutio: Hahaha! Exactly. Nothing to pout about!
Romeo: I am not pouting!
Benvolio: (This is a dream...)
Benvolio: (Mercutio is dead. Montague and its forces are no more. And Lord Romeo is no longer the lord of Montague...)
Benvolio: (This is a scene I've imagined many times to soothe my own aching heart...)
Benvolio: (A future that was never to be.)
Benvolio: (It's nothing but a lingering dream...)
Benvolio: It'll never come true...
Romeo: Benvolio... Benvolio!
Romeo: Please, listen to me... I know I've hurt you, but I need you to listen.
Benvolio: (I hear Lord Romeo's voice... Is this a dream too?)
Romeo: Don't give up, Benvolio. Listen to me!
Benvolio: (If this is a dream, then I might as well say it.)
Benvolio: Lord Romeo, I'm sorry. I'm sorry...
Romeo: Why are you apologizing? You don't need to, Benvolio.
Benvolio: I forced my own, selfish dreams on you.
Benvolio: I only wanted to be of help to you. Yet this is how it ended up...
Romeo: Benvolio. I want to thank you.
Benvolio: Thank me? But... for what?
Romeo: Benvolio, you said everything was for my sake.
Romeo: I always thought that I was a useless prince, a useless king—that I couldn't do anything for Montague.
Romeo: But you... You were the only one who saw me as Romeo Montague.
Romeo: We can't change the past. The times we had have come and gone. They won't come back.
Romeo: But thanks to you, I feel that I can move forward now into the future with more than just regret.
Benvolio: Lord Romeo, I...
Romeo: Come back, Benvolio. The one to create this future is...
Guardian King: ...
Lyria: Oh, the guardian king!
Vyrn: Yeah! It's gone!
Romeo: Phew... Benvolio...
Benvolio: Hngh...
Juliet: Thank goodness... He's breathing.
Romeo: He's still unconscious, but he should be fine now.
Benvolio: ...
Romeo touches the sleeping Benvolio on the cheek, and his shoulders sag with relief.
Paris: We should check the damage to the city.
Juliet: Yes, you're right. Thanks to Rosalind and Anthony, it doesn't seem like anyone is injured.
Paris: Some buildings have collapsed. I'll send out our forces and make sure no one is trapped under the rubble.
Juliet: Thank you. I will return to the castle as well and make the appropriate preparations.
Juliet: We should move Benvolio somewhere else and let him rest...
Lyria: We can do that!
Vyrn: Yeah! We're here to help with anythin' you need!
Juliet: I appreciate it. Thank you.
Juliet: Also...
Juliet glances hesitantly at Romeo.
Romeo: I'll take my leave before people start gathering here.
Juliet: ...
Juliet: Thank you, Romeo. It's because of you that we could save Benvolio.
Romeo: It's nothing...
The two stand unmoving, their gazes fixed on each other.
Romeo: Juliet... Am I still worthy of taking your hand in mine? Can I still dream of a future...
Romeo: A future with you...
Juliet: ...
Juliet's shoulders quiver ever so slightly. Her eyes soften, and she smiles.
Juliet: Yes. I'll be waiting... No.
Juliet: Wait for me, Romeo.
With these words, Juliet turns to face the other direction.
Romeo: Yes... I'll be waiting, Juliet.
Several seasons come and go.
Anthony: The battle is over... You ended it all.
The Rose Theater is seeing its first performance of Bill the Bard's newest play.
Anthony: We were so foolish. Yet we were able to come this far, safe and sound.
Anthony: Before it turned to ash, the world was restored to its order...
Anthony: Because of you.
Anthony: Thanks to you, the beautiful, white flowers will come to bloom once more.
Anthony: Ah, my dear friend... If only you were here!
???: You won't be able to see the peaceful, blue sky if you don't dry your tears.
Anthony: This voice...
Benvolio: You called for me, so I've come back to this world.
Anthony: Ah, my friend! To think that I can see you once again...
Benvolio: I wanted to see you as well, dear friend. To witness the white flowers blooming together.
Anthony: Yes, and we shall. I know that as long as you are here, this land is safe.
Benvolio: No, my friend.
Benvolio: It is not the king or the hero that creates the future of a country. It is the people living in it.
Benvolio: The people who've suffered and lost much... yet are still able to recognize their mistakes and have the strength to stand up again—they are the ones who will take us forward.
Anthony: Indeed. It is the people's feelings and efforts that will lead us to a brighter future...
The theater is met with a thunder of applause from the audience as the curtain drops, putting an end to the performance.
After the curtain call, the two actors return to the back of the theater.
Anthony: Congratulations on your first show, Benvolio.
Benvolio: Thanks... I'm not sure how well I did on stage. I was so focused that I hardly remember anything...
Anthony: That's unfortunate. After all the work I put in to make sure you didn't outshine me.
Benvolio: Not that again...
Anthony: I'm serious. I don't settle for anything when it comes to theater.
Anthony: And I chose you to star in this show despite this being your very first play.
Anthony: That's because I already knew that you were going to be a success.
Benvolio: You exaggerate...
Anthony: I do not. You handled both your job as a council member of the republic of Verona as well as the strenuous rehearsals at the Rose simultaneously.
Anthony: Your stubbornness and willpower are truly admirable.
Benvolio: Then I'll take your word for it.
Despite the fatigue from his first performance, Benvolio smiles, his expression unclouded and genuine.
Anthony: My family belongs to the royal house of Escalus, whose blood runs in our veins.
Anthony: That said, we're a branch family that has lived away from the castle since before the struggle for the throne over ten years ago.
Anthony: But after Iago was slain and Verona divided into Capulet and Montague...
Anthony: There was constant underground activity from fundamentalists in Verona that called themselves Escalus supporters.
Anthony: I believe you're aware of this as well.
Anthony receives a nod from the others.
Anthony: These Escalus supporters knew of my family too, of course.
Anthony: And because of this, as part of the Escalus family line, I almost got caught up in the war.
Anthony: But I didn't want that.
Anthony: I wanted to be an individual who could live freely without being used for the country or its politics.
Anthony: So I ran away... from my family, and from Verona.
Anthony: After that, I traveled from place to place and gained experience as an actor.
Anthony: I finally came back to Verona when the Rose Theater was established.
Anthony: Thanks to Lady Juliet's efforts, most of the Escalus supporters had already been identified and dealt with.
Juliet: I see...
Paris: Then on that night, when the spirit of the guardian king manifested itself...
Anthony: I'm not certain about the details as to how and when the guardian spirit manifests itself.
Anthony: However, I do know that one of the requirements is the presence of someone belonging to Verona's royal bloodline.
Benvolio: The night, I had the figure of the king with me, and both you and I are considered a part of the royal family...
Anthony: Yes. You were sharing your feelings with me in our conversation, and I encouraged them.
Paris: You mean to say that these strong emotions were amplified, which triggered a kind of switch.
Anthony: Yes, and one more thing. I believe that the proposal for Verona to be reformed as a republic was also part of it.
Juliet: The proposal for republicanism? Why is that?
Anthony: To abolish the monarchy means Verona itself will change completely.
Anthony: So Verona was recognized to be on the brink of destruction, fulfilling another requirement for the manifestation of the guardian spirit.
Juliet: No...
Anthony: You are not at fault, Lady Juliet.
Paris: He's right. It is the misjudgment of an eroded mechanism that could no longer tell between ill intentions and good ones.
Anthony: Exactly.
Anthony: In any case, we have successfully escaped the crisis!
Anthony: The issue with the anti-Capulet faction seems to have settled down as well.
Paris: Yes, we've already exposed the council members responsible.
Anthony: Splendid! With this, I can continue my life as the Rose's most popular face without worry.
Benvolio: Anthony, about the Rose Theater... There's something I'd like to ask of you. Will you...
Anthony: You have a talent for developing and establishing a bond with the character you play on stage—one that's different from mine.
Anthony: Although we have our own styles, I knew you had the potential as an actor and would catch up to me in no time.
Benvolio: What are you really thinking? Hearing so many compliments from you is giving me even more pressure...
Anthony: Hahaha! Well, I don't plan on letting you get ahead of me just yet.
Anthony: Besides, the credit for the success of this play should go to its writer first. The script is spectacular.
Benvolio: Of course. Just who do you think wrote it?
Anthony: Hahaha. Still a Lord Romeo freak, I see.
Anthony: This play was supposed to be performed on the night of the festival.
Benvolio: So I've heard. But it seems the ending now is different from what was originally planned.
Anthony: The play was written to be a tragedy at first. A story of two countries that fight until neither is left standing...
Anthony: In the end, white flowers bloom on a ravaged land with no one left to admire them.
Anthony: It was a tale depicting the foolishness of people and the consquences that follow.
Anthony: That was what Lord Romeo and I had planned.
Benvolio: I like the way it is now.
Anthony: Me too.
Anthony: This world is filled with unjust and irrational tragedies.
Anthony: Portraying the sadness and anger within these tragedies through theater is a good thing.
Anthony: But... I prefer happy endings after all.
Benvolio: And so do they...
Anthony: Oh yes, it's today, isn't it? I know I've asked you several times already, but are you sure you don't want to be there?
Benvolio: It's fine. I've already told them what I wanted to say.
Anthony: I see...
Anthony: Benvolio, you're an actor now.
Anthony: From here on, you can continue expressing what you want to express—to a far greater number of people.
Anthony: On stage, through theater.
Anthony: What could be more wonderful than that?

Good Night Till It Be Morrow - Ending - Episode 2

After Verona is reformed into a republic, Romeo and Juliet decide to hold a wedding by themselves. However, they are surprised to find Paris, Rosalind, Lord Capulet, and the crew outside waiting to give their blessings. The two lovers take each other's hand and swear never to be separated ever again.

At a quiet church, lit by gentle beams of sunlight shining through the windows.
Romeo: ...
Romeo: This is more nerve-racking than I thought.
Juliet: Romeo.
Romeo: Juliet!
The two silently stare at each other for a moment, taking in the other's attire on this special occasion.
Juliet: Hehe. Sorry I kept you waiting.
Romeo: Not at all... You look beautiful, Juliet.
Juliet: Thank you. You look stunning as well.
They take each other's hand and stand in front of the altar.
Juliet: Finally... this day has come.
Romeo: Yes. It's been a long way here.
One after another, the many events that have happened since they met each other flash across their minds.
Romeo: I've made so many mistakes up until now.
Juliet: It's not only you. So have I...
Romeo: We can stand here in this very moment because of all the sacrifices that have been made.
Juliet: Yes...
Romeo: Verona may be a republic now, but you're still a valued member of the council.
Romeo: On the other hand, I'm no one...
Juliet: Romeo, that's not true. You're Bill the Bard, whose plays continue to touch the hearts of many.
Romeo: Yes... Thank you, Juliet.
Juliet: And right now, you are only Romeo, and I'm just Juliet. That's all that matters.
Romeo: You're right.
Romeo: In these desolate skies in which we live, you came into my world and brought light into my life. To me, there is no miracle greater than that.
Romeo: Even if there is no one to give us their blessings, I will never let go of your hand ever again.
Romeo: I swear it.
Juliet: Romeo...
Juliet closes her eyes and pushes back her tears.
She opens them again, determined not to let anything hinder the sight of her beloved.
Juliet: Me too... No matter how many lonely nights passed, despite the pain, I couldn't bring myself to forget you...
Juliet: My feelings for you will never change, even from here on. My heart will always be yours.
Juliet: I swear it.
Their words echo in the stillness of the chapel.
Romeo: I love you, Juliet.
Juliet: I love you, Romeo.
Their lips meet, filling them with an emotion that no words can express.
Vyrn: There they are!
Lyria: Wow! Both of you look wonderful!
Juliet: Huh?
Romeo: Why...
When the two emerge from the church, they are met with the sight of their friends waiting for them.
Romeo: We planned to hold our wedding ceremony with just the two of us, so we didn't tell anyone...
Paris: Do you take me for a man who can't even run to congratulate his two dearest friends on their wedding?
Romeo: Paris...
Rosalind: How could I miss being a part of your special day, Juliet?
Lord Capulet: Oh, Juliet... You are the loveliest, most beautiful daughter I could ever wish for.
Juliet: Rosalind! Father!
Vyrn: I told you! We'll deal with anyone who tries to get between you guys. We're just here to make sure that doesn't happen.
Lyria: Heehee. I don't think it will!
  1. Congratulations!

Choose: Congratulations!
Juliet: Vyrn, Lyria, (Captain)...
Romeo: Thanks, everyone.
Paris: Romeo, Juliet. Congratulations.
Rosalind: Please promise me you'll live happily ever after.
Lord Capulet: Sniff... My precious daughter... You have my blessings.
Vyrn: Congrats!
Lyria: Congratulations!
  1. Best wishes to the both of you.

Choose: Best wishes to the both of you.
Among the showers of blessings and white flower petals, Romeo and Juliet look at each other and smile.
Juliet: Romeo... I'm so happy.
Romeo: Me too. To have so many friends celebrating together with us...
Romeo: We're truly blessed.
Juliet: Yes, we are.
A sweet, lingering fragrance. A flurry of flower petals. The cheerful sound of laughter. And dazzling rays of sunlight, dancing across a clear, blue sky...
Together, they announce a new beginning for the young lovers of Verona.
The End