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Granblue Fighter Ultra - Opening[edit]

Led by their fighting destinies, four warriors arrive in Phantagrande Skydom. They clench their fists and head to the place where their destinies will intertwine. The surging battle of blood and sweat begins now!

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Ships travel through the sky, carrying hopes and dreams along with them. When they meet, new encounters and adventures happen.
Now, a battle of destiny has brought four fighters together into this world. Their warrior spirit rages as they prepare to fight.
Ryu: The sky is limitless. There are powerful fighters here to test my strength against. I'm looking forward to it!
Chun-Li: My father's killer… I'll hunt him down here, and finish the fight!
Sagat: The Four Heavenly Kings must be avenged… Just you wait, Ryu… I'll pay you back for this scar on my chest!
Vega: The Knights of the Septennial… The Ten Heavenly Warriors… And the girl with the Astral Power. I, Vega, will take them all.
One warrior searches for strong opponents. One hunts his arch-nemesis. Their paths will all cross.
They clench their fists, and prepare for combat. The surging battle of blood and sweat begins now!

Granblue Fighter Ultra - Ryu: Deathless Challenger - Episode 1[edit]

After completing a quest, (Captain) and the crew witness an airship crash into the island. They meet the martial artist Ryu, who had been riding on the ship, and help him to evacuate the other passengers. It turns out that he had kicked the airship to prevent it from falling to the bottom of the sky, showing his immense power. The monsters who attacked the airship reappear and attack the crew!

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(Captain) and the crew had returned to Port Breeze on a quest from the Knickknack Shack.
They obtained the items that they needed for the quest, and prepared to leave for the Knickknack Shack on Lumacie to hand them in.
Vyrn: That's the lot! Let's get going!
Lyria: Okay, let's head back to the Grandcypher!
Vyrn: Yeah! Let's get this done!
Vyrn: By the way, do any of you keep hearing a strange sound?
The party suddenly looked skyward. Up there, high in the sky, was an airship, which was making a very odd noise.
Vyrn: What's going on? That ship looks like it's in trouble!
Lyria: It's falling fast! At this rate…
Vyrn: Oh no! If it falls like that, it's gonna miss the island and go straight to the bottom of the sky!
It is said that when something falls to the bottom of the sky, it will never be seen again in Sky World.
Vyrn: Darn it! We can't just sit here! Is there anything we can do?
The crew frantically searched for something to do. But there was nothing they could do but watch as the ship descended.
Lyria: No… Is there really nothing that we can do?
With gritted teeth, (Captain) cast around for a solution. The ship continued falling, but then…
The deafening cry was followed by a thunderous crash.
And the falling ship suddenly changed direction, crashing into the ground near the crew.
Vyrn: Wh-what happened?
Lyria: Quick, let's get those people off that ship!
Ryu: Quick! If we're quick we can get them all out!
Lyria: Aaaaaahhh!
Vyrn: Wh-who are you? Where did you appear from?
Ryu: We can talk afterward! Let's save those people!
(Captain) and the crew found the ship's distress flares and fired them to alert the town, then set to saving the passengers.
Ryu: Come on! Move, everyone off the ship!
Vyrn: Was Bandana Man really travelling on that ship? He's not shaken at all by the crash, running around like that!
Lyria: It's amazing! How is he carrying so many people out of there?
The strangely-dressed young man introduced himself as Ryu. The crew helped him with carrying the injured passengers off the ship.
With the help of the town guard, who arrived soon after, they were able to evacuate everyone safely.
Ryu: That looks like the last of them…
Vyrn: Seriously, that was a pretty crazy situation. Being on a ship when it's crashing, pretty extreme there, Bandana Man!
Ryu: Yes. It was a close call! The airplane I was travelling on was attacked by monsters just as it was approaching the island.
Vyrn: Huh? What's that? "Air… plain"?
Ryu: Huh? An airplane is an airplane, you know. Anyway, that's what happened!
Lyria: I'm so glad everyone's safe. And that the ship didn't fall to the bottom of the sky…
Vyrn: By the way, Bandana Man, did you do something to the ship as it was falling? We heard you yell super loud!
Ryu: Yes… It was a sink or swim situation, so I jumped out of the airplane and gave it a kick.
Vyrn: Wha-? You kicked an airship to stop it from crashing? That's insane!
Lyria: Wow, Ryu, that's amazing…
Ryu: No… I must continue to get stronger…
Vyrn: We met a real awesome dude this time, guys!
Lyria: Thanks to you, the ship didn't disappear, and the passengers are all safe!
Ryu: I suppose so…
Ryu: Wha?? You… What do you have contained within you?
Lyria: …me?
Ryu faced Lyria and looked at her intently. Then he closed his eyes as if he was searching for something with his mind…
Ryu: There!
Vyrn: Huh? What's going on, Bandana Man?
Ryu: Blue-haired girl, what immense power do you have contained within you?
Lyria: Wha-what do you mean?
Ryu: If you don't want to reveal your secret that's fine by me. I challenge you to a fight!
Lyria: Wh-wh-what? Me?
Ryu: Just now, I saw a vision of a gigantic black dragon… You're a martial artist too, aren't you?
Ryu: To be able to focus your chi into the form of a dragon… You are a powerful warrior indeed!
Lyria: Wha?? What do you mean, chi? And anyway, I'm…
Ryu: I see, you don't use the word "chi"… Earlier you didn't understand "airplane" either…
Ryu: It doesn't matter! Through battle, everything will become clear. Let's go!
Vyrn: Woah, wait a second, Bandana Man! Lyria's no fighter!
Ryu: Hmm? Oh, if that's the case, then?
Monster: Graaaaaagh!
Vyrn: Woah, monsters! When did they show up?
Ryu: Ah… It's the monsters that attacked the plane. They're circling like vultures!
Ryu: Blue-haired girl! There's still a lot I wish to ask you about, but it can wait until after we take care of these monsters!

Granblue Fighter Ultra - Ryu: Deathless Challenger - Episode 1: Scene 2[edit]

Ryu is intrigued by (Captain), as he is looking for strong opponents to fight on his journey. Ryu challenges (Captain) to a fight, but remembers that he lost his luggage when he jumped out of the airship, and now has nothing. (Captain) and the crew agree to take Ryu to the Knickknack Shack to help him get back on his feet. Ryu is less interested in getting work, and more interested in meeting strong opponents through the quests offered at the Knickknack Shack.

Ryu: Okay, that's them taken care of.
Ryu: Haha, you're quite the fighter, (Captain). How about a friendly match?
Vyrn: Huh? What are you talking about, Bandana Man?
Ryu: Actually, where's my luggage? I'm not sure where it went…
Lyria: Uh oh, it's not still in the ship, is it?
Ryu: No… I remember holding it as I jumped out of the ship… but then…
Vyrn: Hmm… But when you landed in front of us you weren't holding anything!
Ryu: … I must have dropped it.
Lyria: Dropped it? Where?
Ryu: The bottom of the sky, probably…
Vyrn: Seriously? Man, it keeps getting worse for you, huh, Bandana Man?
Vyrn: Hey man, you don't know where everything is around here, do you? Need any help?
Ryu: What kind of help?
Vyrn: I thought maybe we could introduce you at the Knickknack Shack! You seem to be good at fighting, and you also seem broke…
Ryu: There are jobs for fighters around here?
Vyrn: Yeah! Getting rid of monsters and stuff. With your skill you could make some good money!
Vyrn: Although the monsters from the Knickknack Shack requests are always a pain to deal with…
Ryu: I see. If I can find other strong warriors to fight, I'd be happy to go to this "Knickknack Shack"!
Vyrn: Okay! We'll take you to see our good friend Sierokarte then!
And so, the party took Ryu on their ship as they went to the Knickknack Shack on the Lumacie Archipelago.
What the crew didn't know is that this meeting would lead to unforeseen strife further down the line…

Granblue Fighter Ultra - Ryu: Deathless Challenger - Episode 2[edit]

The crew takes Ryu to the Knickknack Shack and introduces him to Sierokarte. An assignment with a gigantic reward catches the crew’s attention when Ryu decides to accept it. However, some ruffians who are acting strangely overhear the conversation, and want to keep the assignment for themselves. They draw weapons and attack the crew!

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Ryu: Hmm, the forests on this island are very thick. Ideal for training…
Vyrn: Man, you're always going on about training this and training that. What about money? You're flat broke, remember?
Ryu: Hmm… Yes. I certainly don't have enough money for an airplane ticket, so I won't be able to look for other warriors to fight…
Lyria: Heehee… You're so strong-willed, Ryu.
Vyrn: Hearing Bandana Man talking about training all the time reminds me of (Captain) in the past…
Vyrn: (Captain) has been swinging a sword since they learned to walk! Always chasing after their old man.
Ryu: I see… So (Captain) has always been training too…
Ryu: And not just martial arts, but sword fighting too… I'm jealous, (Captain)!
Ryu had lost his luggage after the incident at Port Breeze, and with it all his possessions. The crew felt sorry for him…
So they decided to take Ryu to the Knickknack Shack, where they were headed to hand in their quest items.
Sierokarte: Well done, everybody! I've got all the items for that assignment now!
Sierokarte: Hmm? Is this strong-looking man a new crew member?
Vyrn: It's a long story. We wanted to introduce Bandana Man to you, Siero!
Sierokarte: I see! Well, mister, if you ever have any problems, don't hesitate to come and see your best friend Siero!
Ryu: Thank you. Do you have any jobs where I could really test my strength?
Sierokarte: Oho! Just what I was looking for! I was about to put up a notice for this job here…
Vyrn: Oh, you were looking for someone strong to do a job right now?
Sierokarte: Indeed! A bodyguard job has just come up! This area isn't too safe, so someone wants a guard!
Ryu: A bodyguard? Not bad, I'll take it!
Vyrn: Woah, you didn't ask about the reward or anything. Why so hasty, Bandana Man?
Sierokarte: Heeheehee! It seems that the client is rather wealthy! The reward for this job is indeed very high!
Sierokarte told the crew the reward amount, and their jaws hit the floor.
Lyria: Ooohhh, that's a lot of money!
Ruffian: Hehe. That sounds like a fair amount of dough.
Vyrn: What? You're interested in the job too, mister?
Vyrn: Hey Siero, how many people do they want for this job? Maybe this guy can come along too!
Ruffian: No, we're takin' all of it! All the job, and all the money! Even if we have to go through you to get it!
Vyrn: Woah! Calm down, bro! Why are you acting so rude?
Lyria: …I have a bad feeling about these people…
Ryu: They don't seem to be in control of their actions…
Lyria: Yeah, they're all weird. It feels similar to the power of those magic crystals…
Vyrn: Hey, stop with the chatting! They're grabbing weapons! Let's get 'em, (Captain)!
Ryu: …Interesting. Bring it on!

Granblue Fighter Ultra - Ryu: Deathless Challenger - Episode 3[edit]

The crew arrive in Valtz to meet the client who requested bodyguards. The millionaire who requested their services asks them to participate in a fight to prove their skills. The opponent? Ryu’s mortal enemy, Sagat! Ryu feels something strange about Sagat as he attacks. Sagat has been mind-controlled, and Lyria can feel the strange power of the magical crystals at work again.

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The crew defeated the mind-controlled ruffians and handed them over to the guards. They then flew onward to Valtz.
Deciding to investigate the bodyguard job with the extraordinary reward, the crew had travelled there with Ryu.
Ryu: Hmmm… All the men here look very burly and strong, don't they?
Vyrn: Yeah, they're all Draphs, big and tough! You never seen a Draph before?
Ryu: No… I've seen plenty of heavily built men before, but never with horns on their heads…
The crew chatted as they walked toward the mansion, where the client awaited them.
The man who had requested their services introduced himself, and mentioned that he wanted to test the party before hiring them.
The crew and Ryu accepted, but then, their opponent emerged from the shadows…
Sagat: You actually came…
Ryu: Sagat!
Vyrn: Woah, that guy's massive! He's even big for a Draph!
Ryu: No… He's not a Draph. Though I suppose you could mistake him for one.
Sagat: I haven't forgotten this scar you gave me, Ryu.
Ryu: …!
Sagat: I will end you… Right now, with these hands. Prepare to fight!
Ryu: Sagat! Why do you let hatred control you like this?
Lyria: Ryu! I feel that strange power again! Just like the magical crystals… It's no use talking to him!
Sagat: She is correct, there is no need to talk. Fight me!

Granblue Fighter Ultra - Ryu: Deathless Challenger - Episode 4[edit]

The crew defeats Sagat. He begins to regain consciousness and shake off the dark force that was controlling his actions. The true mastermind, Vega, emerges from the shadows! He wants to take over Ryu’s body and control the power of the Primals that Lyria holds, all to increase his own Psycho Power. Ryu explains that power gained through hatred cannot lead to true strength, and faces off against Vega.

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Sagat: Ungh…
Ryu: ……
Sagat: Y-you swine… I'll… get you!
Sagat's face was filled with anguish as he tried to stand. Ryu looked at him with pity.
Sagat: (pant) (pant) Ryu… I?
Ryu: No!
Lyria: It's the magic crystal power again! Be careful, (Captain)!
Vega: Hah!
Sagat: What?
Vega: Mwahahaha! Who would've thought baiting fighters with money would work so deliciously?
Ryu: Vega!
Vega: Both Ryu… and the blue girl who holds the power of the Primals.
Vega: I will make you all into my puppets, just as I have this man! Witness my Psycho Power!
Vega: You should think of this as an honor! Maybe one day I'll use one of you as my new body!
Ryu: Impossible! You couldn't overpower Sagat with Psycho Power!
Vega: Mwahahaha! You know nothing, Ryu!
Vega: Science… Magic… Alchemy… Through mastering all of them, my Psycho Power has increased far beyond its previous limits!
Vega: Sagat is a simple man, ruled by his emotions. Controlling him was easy! You will fall just as easily, Ryu!
Vega: Come! Both of you, surrender control of your bodies!
Vyrn: You dastard! We're not gonna let you take Lyria away without a fight!
Vyrn: We've tangled with the Empire! You don't scare us!
Lyria: Yeah! We're not scared!
Vega: Hahahaha! Defying the mighty Vega is not bravery, but stupidity! I will show you your mistake.
Vega: If you and the lizard want to get in my way, I will crush you as well! Witness my power!
Ryu: You still don't understand, Vega. Turning hatred and evil into power… does not make you truly strong.
Ryu: You need to train, and always seek to better yourself. (Captain) knows that better than anyone!
Ryu: You won't defeat us, Vega! Let's go, (Captain)!

Granblue Fighter Ultra - Ryu: Deathless Challenger - Episode 4: Scene 2[edit]

The defeated Vega looks at (Captain) and disappears, an unnerving smile on his face. The party are disappointed; now that the client has disappeared, there is no longer a bodyguard job for them to earn money. However, Ryu seems pleased, happy that he got the chance to fight. Ryu boards the Grandcypher again, excited at the chance to travel and meet more opponents.

Vega: Ungh… Impossible!
Ryu: Nngh…
Vega: Ungh…
Vega collapsed in pain, struggling for breath after Ryu's unstoppable assault.
Ryu: I told you. If you obtain your power through hatred and evil, you can never win against us.
Vega: Hehehehe… Interesting! Very interesting! This is… a most interesting result…
Vega: It seems Shadaloo has one more thing to do in this "Skydom"!
Vega: Mwahahaha! Hahahaha!
Vyrn: Huh? Butt Chin disappeared!
Lyria: I can't feel the magic crystal power anymore… Where did he go?
Ryu: ……
All traces of magic had disappeared from the building completely. It was as if no one had ever been there…
Vyrn: I really have no idea what happened back there… Who was that? What was he doing?
Lyria: I didn't know that he was just using money as bait to attract strong fighters…
Vyrn: Wait a sec! What about the body-guarding job? And that reward…
Lyria: Heh… well, we can't do a job that doesn't exist, I guess.
Vyrn: Aww, man… I suppose we should go back to the Knickknack Shack and tell them what happened.
Vyrn: Sorry you ended up involved in that mess, Bandana Man.
Ryu: It's okay, I'm glad I got to travel around and see the world with you guys.
Ryu: And I'm glad I got to meet you, (Captain), and fight alongside you. It's been fun.
Ryu: You'll keep getting stronger, and then maybe one day, we can fight! For real this time.
While Ryu spoke, his eyes were fixed on (Captain). (Captain) met his gaze, smiled and nodded in agreement.
Vyrn: Well, we're on our way back to Lumacie now to moan at the Knickknack Shack. You coming, Bandana Man?
Ryu: Of course! I wonder what kind of opponent I'll face next… I'm having a great time!
Vyrn: Man… Even though there was no reward, he's just so pumped up about fighting!
Ryu boarded the Grandcypher once more. He had forged a friendship with (Captain), one which would lead to many more battles.
Ryu was always looking to fight stronger opponents, and so it seemed that he wanted to travel with (Captain) for a while longer…

Granblue Fighter Ultra - Chun-Li: Righteous Beauty - Episode 1[edit]

The Auguste Isles have been having many problems with rampaging monsters, disappearances and other strange phenomena. The government of the islands asks (Captain) and the crew to patrol the coastline and protect the citizens from monsters. They find a man under attack, and a mysterious woman jumps in and unleashes a flurry of kicks at the monsters. The party join forces with her and engage the beasts!

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One day, the crew were on a mission to patrol the coastline of the Auguste Isles.
Because of recent monster attacks and skyfarer disappearances, the isles had requested extra security.
Vyrn: Watch out, everyone… This is the area that was hit hardest by the attacks and stuff…
Lyria: There's no one around… It feels so deserted.
The crew scanned the shoreline for anything out of the ordinary. Suddenly they heard a man's piercing scream!
Terrified Man: Aaaaaaaaah!
Kraken: Graaaaaagh!
Crab-of-War: Klik-klak!
Vyrn: This is bad! We've gotta save them!
Terrified Man: Aaah! Get away from me, monsters!
???: Haya!
Crab-of-War: Graagh!
Someone dived in, kicking the monsters with unbelievable speed.
???: Get up! Run!
Terrified Man: O-o-o-OK!
Lyria: (Captain)! Quick, she needs help!

Granblue Fighter Ultra - Chun-Li: Righteous Beauty - Episode 1: Scene 2[edit]

A strange woman appears on the beach and fights off the monsters with a fighting style that no one in the crew had ever seen before. Her name is Chun-Li, and she claims to have information regarding the strange phenomena happening in the Auguste Isles. The sole cause for all the calamities appears to be a secret society known as Shadaloo. The crew decide that they can't let Chun-Li to go alone to try and take down this shady organization, and resolve to help her in her cause.

???: Wow, this crab's pretty tough!
Crab-of-War: Klik-klak!
???: I think…I'm going to have to…
???: Kikoken!
Crab-of-War: Klik-klak?
The glowing ball of energy that the girl released broke apart the tough carapace of the Crab-of-War.
Kraken: Graaaaaagh!
Vyrn: Bun-head, behind you!
???: Huh?
The Kraken crept up behind the girl, and struck her with hit after hit of its tentacles.
???: Hya, hya, hya, hya, hya, hya!
???: Hyakuretsukyaku!
In a magnificent yet controlled display of legwork, the girl successfully countered each tentacle strike.
She just stood there, holding back the monsters with a flurry of hundreds of kicks.
Kraken: Gragh?
The girl successfully fended off the monsters and saved the man.
On the now calm beach, the crew talked once more to the girl.
Vyrn: Bun-head, that was awesome!
Chun-Li: Teehee. The name's Chun-Li. Thanks for your help back there.
Chun-Li: You guys were pretty impressive? Wait, you're just kids! That makes it even more incredible! Who are you?
Lyria: We're skyfarers! We took on a quest to protect this area.
Lyria: But those monsters took us by surprise, I dare say we were in a bit of trouble before you came along.
Chun-Li: I see… So it's happening here, too…
Chun-Li seemed to be affected by what Lyria had said.
Chun-Li: Humph, I need to find the Shadaloo hideout, quick, before anyone else gets hurt.
Vyrn: Hey Bun-head, what's this "Shadaloo"?
Chun-Li: Er…Umm… It's nothing. Forget I said anything.
Lyria: Are you OK? If you tell us what's wrong, we might be able to help.
Vyrn: After all, we're pretty famous skyfarers!
Chun-Li: (…These "skyfarers" offered help without once thinking about the risk. Maybe they can help me…)
Chun-Li: Shadaloo are a secret society that I'm trying to hunt down.
Chun-Li: They are behind almost every bad thing that happens in the world. Even what's going on here on this island.
Lyria: A secret society, sounds terrifying.
The sight of Lyria's worried face made Chun-Li break into a smile.
Chun-Li: There's no need to worry. I'll make sure they never hurt another soul.
Chun-Li: Well, I should be on my way. See you around.
As Chun-Li turned to leave, (Captain) called after her.
Chun-Li: Hmm? Is everything all right? Did you want to say something?
  1. Let us come with you!
  2. Chun-Li, wait!

Choose: Let us come with you!
Chun-Li: What? You know where I'm going, don't you? This isn't just some monster hunt I'm going on!
Vyrn: Heheh! Don't underestimate us just 'cause we're little, Bun-head!
Lyria: Please, Miss Chun-Li! We can't just leave this place as it is, over-run with monsters!
(Captain) just stared at Chun-Li, not budging an inch.

Choose: Chun-Li, wait!
Chun-Li: …Don't you mean Miss Chun-Li?
Chun-Li: I don't mind, but you should treat your elders with a little respect.
(Captain) suddenly drew in toward Chun-Li.
Chun-Li: What!
In the next moment, a most epic sparring session broke out between (Captain) and Chun-Li.
Both combatants retook their starting positions, with neither willing to give up.
Chun-Li: …Phew… What was that!
The now recovered (Captain) prepared for another round?
Chun-Li: OK, OK! I get it! You're not just some helpless kids!
(Captain) stood down, and started laughing maniacally.
Chun-Li: You put your point across quite forcefully.
Chun-Li: Teehee, you're finally speaking my language.
Chun-Li started chuckling back at (Captain).
Continue 1
Chun-Li: Well, if you feel that strongly, who am I to stop you from coming along.
Chun-Li: I can see you'll all be a great help to me, so let's take down Shadaloo, together.
Vyrn: Don't worry, Bun-head, just leave it to us!
Lyria: If we all work together, there's nothing we can't do!
Chun-Li: Just…don't do anything too dangerous, OK?
Chun-Li: I want you to promise me that if you ever feel in real danger, you'll run away.
And so (Captain) and the crew joined Chun-Li on her hunt for Shadaloo.

Granblue Fighter Ultra - Chun-Li: Righteous Beauty - Episode 2[edit]

Chun-Li, along with the crew, has successfully infiltrated the Shadaloo secret base. Inside they find a scientist conducting experiments with the intent of weaponizing a live monster. The experiment causes the monster unbearable pain, and in the end proves too much for the poor creature. The sight of this torture sends Chun-Li, and the others into an inconsolable rage, and they challenge the scientist to a fight.

Watch scene in game

Chun-Li, with the help of (Captain) and the Grandcypher crew, had located the Shadaloo base of operations.
The crew managed to sneak in without alerting any of the guards to their presence.
Vyrn: I had no idea there was a place like this here in Auguste.
Lyria: We would never have gotten here without Miss Chun-Li's help.
Chun-Li: Shh! We have to be very quiet. I can hear someone up ahead.
Where Chun-Li pointed to there was the outline of a man, engrossed in his research.
Shadaloo Agent: Heh heh heh, shut up!
The man was poking at a monster stuck in a cage with a large needle.
Shadaloo Agent: This time…
Shadaloo Agent: …Listen to me when I'm talking to you!
The monster flailed about wildly, then stopped moving completely.
Shadaloo Agent: Blast! Another failure!
Shadaloo Agent: Ugh, where's my next subject?
Chun-Li: Stop what you're doing, right now!
Before the crew had time to react, Chun-Li had jumped out from her hiding place.
Shadaloo Agent: Who're you! Where did you…
Chun-Li: Monsters are not just playthings for you to use and abuse!
Shadaloo Agent: What are you blithering on about? Monsters are just…monsters. Who cares what we do to them?
Shadaloo Agent: Hey, you know, now that I've had a proper look at you, you're pretty cute.
Vyrn: Hey! Don't forget about us!
Lyria: So this, this is what you've been up to? This is inexcusable!
Shadaloo Agent: Mwahaha! Don't make me laugh! I'm going to enjoy putting you all in your place.
Shadaloo Agent: Starting with you, the cute young woman.
Chun-Li: Think you can take me? Underestimate me at your own peril!
Chun-Li: Come on, (Captain)! Let's go!

Granblue Fighter Ultra - Chun-Li: Righteous Beauty - Episode 3[edit]

The crew venture deeper into the experimentation facility of the secret organization, Shadaloo. They come across some skyfarers who have been imprisoned in a cage. They seem to be terrified of something, a horrific beast created through terrible experiments, which approaches the crew menacingly. Chun-Li jumps into battle without hesitating, and faces down the terrifying Psycho Chimera!

Watch scene in game

The party defeated the Shadaloo scientists, and continued moving deeper into the base.
Chun-Li: Where… are we?
They emerged into an open area. In front of them they could see a cage, with multiple prisoners trapped inside.
???: Huh? …Who's there?
Chun-Li: We're here to destroy this base. But first I need to ask you some questions.
???: There's no time, hurry up and let us out!
Chun-Li: Hang on a minute! Who are you people?
Captive Skyfarer: We're skyfarers! Quick, before they notice us!
Captive Skyfarer: If you don't hurry… that thing is gonna come back!
Vyrn: Hey, what "thing"?
Lyria: Oh no, someone's coming!
???: Graaaaagh!
Vyrn: Wha-? What in Sky World is that?
Captive Skyfarer: Monsters that have been combined… a Chimera.
Captive Skyfarer: It's over… Now that he's seen us, we're all doomed!
Chun-Li: …That beast… It's terrifying.
Chimera: Grrrr….
Lyria: There's something strange about this monster…
Chun-Li: Ungh! What is this power?
Captive Skyfarer: Quick, get out of here!
Captive Skyfarer: You'll need to bring more soldiers to defeat that thing! There's no way you can fight it alone!
Chun-Li: No! I'm going to defeat it… right here, right now.
Chun-Li charged at the abnormal monster without hesitating.
Vyrn: Chun-Li! Don't forget about us! We're fighting too!

Granblue Fighter Ultra - Chun-Li: Righteous Beauty - Episode 4[edit]

A man cloaked in purple light appears in front of the crew after they have defeated the abnormal monster. It is the man Chun-Li has been chasing all this time, the leader of Shadaloo, Vega! Chun-Li erupts in rage after seeing her father’s killer, but Vega converts her hatred into more Psycho Power, making him an even more fearsome opponent. Chun-Li is nearly consumed by her own hatred, but thanks to Lyria she is able to calm down and face off against Vega, not with hatred, but instead using her camaraderie with the crew as her shield.

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After defeating the Chimera, the crew freed the skyfarers from the cage.
But, at that moment, the air in front of them began to distort, and in a flash of purple light, a man appeared in front of them.
???: Mwahahaha! Well done on defeating my Psycho Chimera!
???: Not bad… not bad at all. Your power pleases me.
Vyrn: Wha-? Who's this macho-looking dude!
Lyria: Huh? His power feels the same as the monster's!
Chun-Li: …Vega! I've finally found you!
Chun-Li and (Captain) stared angrily at the massive man who had just appeared in front of them.
Vega: The girl who can control the Primal Beasts… and the one who has defeated Primal Beasts in battle… This is most interesting.
Vega: I, the mighty Vega, will use your bodies as my own!
Chun-Li: Wait! I'm your opponent, not them!
Vega: Humph… Well look who it is!
Vega: Well, thank you for bringing these fools here with you, Chun-Li.
Vega: With this, I am one step closer to world domination!
Chun-Li: Vega… I need to ask you something. What did you do with my father?
Vega: Hah! You mean, what happened to your father.
Vega: You should ask him… when you get to the next world!
Chun-Li: What?
Chun-Li's anger flared at seeing Vega's cruel grin.
Chun-Li: Unforgivable… I'll get you!
Vega: Hehehehe… Yes… more hatred! It's delicious!
Vega: Murder… Hatred… These are the base human actions from which is born… Psycho Power!
Vega's purple aura became brighter as he readied himself to fight, facing Chun-Li.
Lyria: No, Miss Chun-Li! Calm yourself down!
Chun-Li: Don't try to stop me…
Lyria: I can't… He's taking your hatred and converting it into his own power!
Lyria: So we need to cool down and try and think of a way to beat him!
Chun-Li: Wha-?
Chun-Li, hearing Lyria's words, managed to pull herself together.
Chun-Li: (She's right… I'm not fighting alone!)
Chun-Li: Thank you, Lyria. I'm sorry for putting you all in danger…
Lyria: Don't worry, Miss Chun-Li! We've got your back!
Chun-Li: Heh. We've got to stay calm and fight carefully!
Vyrn: Alright! We're not holding back!
Chun-Li: Vega… You don't know how long I've waited for this day…
Chun-Li: Prepare yourself! You'll live to regret this!
Vega: My Psycho Power knows no limits! You have a simple choice before you.
Vega: You will kneel before me… Or you will die!

Granblue Fighter Ultra - Chun-Li: Righteous Beauty - Episode 4: Scene 2[edit]

A shockwave from the powerful collision of Chun-Li and Vega’s moves destroys the Shadaloo base. Vega disappears with an evil laugh, and the crew successfully escape the crumbling base. Chun-Li is unhappy about letting Vega escape, but she is also able to gain a new determination to avenge her father, and continues enjoying her time with the crew in Sky World.

Vega: Scream in pain! Nightmare Booster! This place shall become your grave!
Chun-Li: Try and dodge this! Hya, hya, hya, hya! Hosenka!
The two powerful moves collided, sending a shockwave across the room.
Vyrn: Woahhh!
Lyria: Aahh!
(Captain) shielded Lyria and Vyrn from the shockwave.
Vega: Mwahahaha! Not bad!
Vega: Why not join me? If you enter Shadaloo as my subordinates, I will spare your pathetic lives!
Chun-Li: Never!
Vega: Hehe… Interesting. Maybe you'll become even stronger…
Vega floated into the air, darkness slowly gathering around him.
Vega: We will meet again some day… And when that day comes… I will crush you.
Chun-Li: Stop! I won't let you escape!
At that moment, there was a huge tremor, shaking the ground as the ceiling began to collapse.
Captive Skyfarer: H-help! Please get us out of here!
Vyrn: Hey, Chun-Li! Help us with these guys!
Lyria: If we don't get out of here soon, we'll be buried alive!
After the furious battle between Vega and the crew, Shadaloo's secret base was crumbling around them.
Chun-Li: Mhm… Okay! Let's go!
Together with (Captain) and the crew, Chun-Li was able to get all of the prisoners out of the base before it collapsed.
The crew had barely been able to escape the Shadaloo base with their lives…
Vyrn: Phew… Somehow we made it out of there in one piece!
Lyria: Yeah… If Miss Chun-Li hadn't been there to kick down that wall it might have been over for us!
Chun-Li: (Father… I'm sorry that I wasn't able to avenge you…)
The crew were talking to Chun-Li, but she was miles away.
Lyria: Erm, Miss Chun-Li?
Chun-Li: Hmm?
Vyrn: That Vega dude managed to escape in the end, huh?
The rescued skyfarers saw the crew and Chun-Li, and started applauding in thanks.
Captive Skyfarer: Thank you! Thank you so much…
Chun-Li: It's nothing…
Captive Skyfarer: If you hadn't come to save us… we'd be toast! Thank you… so much…
Chun-Li: No, seriously… I didn't…
Captive Skyfarer: I know! We'll find a way to repay you! You saved our lives, after all!
Vyrn: Yeah, Chun-Li! You can't deny them that!
Chun-Li: I don't need your repayment or anything…
Lyria: Hehe, are you saying there's nothing in the whole world that you want?
Chun-Li thought to herself for a bit, then spoke up hesitantly.
Chun-Li: Well… I suppose I'm quite hungry… you could buy us dinner?
Captive Skyfarer: Sure thing! We know a great little place!
Chun-Li: Oh… Will there be enough to take some as a souvenir for someone?
Captive Skyfarer: We'll show you all the wonderful local cuisine you can eat!
Captive Skyfarer: If it's food you want, we'll show you where to go!
Vyrn: Oh yeah… take us somewhere that serves tasty apples as well!
Captive Skyfarer: Sure thing, little guy! Leave it to us!
Lyria: Woohoo! Let's go, (Captain)!
The excited skyfarers led the way as the crew walked on.
Chun-Li looked up at the blueness of Sky World, where (Captain) and the crew went on their adventures.
Chun-Li: (Vega… Just you wait.)
Chun-Li: (Next time… I'll defeat you… for sure.)
Chun-Li: (Then I'll finally be able to approach my father's grave… with honor.)
Chun-Li had tracked down her mortal enemy, Vega, but she had let him slip…
Lyria: Hey, Chun-Li! Come on, everyone's waiting!
Chun-Li: Coming!
With a new determination in her heart, Chun-Li ran after the crew.

Granblue Fighter Ultra - Ending[edit]

After a fierce battle, Vega has disappeared, living to fight another day. The crew ask Ryu and Chun-Li about their plans. Ryu wishes to search for more strong fighters to train against, Chun-Li wishes to continue searching for Vega. In the end, they both join (Captain) and the crew on their journey. The crew are happy to have the two fighters on board. Meanwhile, Vega begins plotting against his new nemesis, (Captain)…

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(Captain) and the crew have triumphed over Vega after a long and arduous battle.
Vega had managed to slip away like smoke after being cornered by the crew.
Chun-Li: Hmm… It's a shame. Any trace of Vega and Sagat has disappeared… We have no idea where they went…
Vyrn: Where do you think Butt Chin went?
Ryu: Who knows… He'll definitely show his face again soon, that's for sure.
Chun-Li: Indeed… At least he should be gone from this world for now.
Vyrn: (Sigh…) What a pain. It's good to hear that he's gone now.
Chun-Li: I think it'll be safe for a while. Vega is always very careful with his plans.
Lyria: We'll be fine. If he shows up again, we'll fight him again with all our power!
Vyrn: Well, now that everything's settled down, what are you gonna do, Bandana Man and Bun-head?
Ryu: I… I think I'll stay in the Skydom a while longer. To continue my training.
Ryu: There are so many strong fighters here. I want to see how powerful I can get by fighting them!
Chun-Li: I'm going after Vega again.
Chun-Li: I need to make sure that no one else is hurt by Shadaloo. For Lyria's sake.
Vyrn: I see! Well, that means that you're gonna be hanging around in Sky World, right?
Vyrn: Wanna come with us to the next island?
Ryu: Good idea… It seems like I'll be able to meet lots of strong warriors if I travel with you, (Captain).
Chun-Li: Agreed. If Vega is after (Captain) and Lyria, then the best place to look for him is by their side!
Ryu: So where are we going next? Are there strong people to fight there?
Lyria: Good question… where to next?
One seeks to become ever stronger as a fighter. One seeks to avenge her father.
The strangers from another world continued on their journey through Phantagrande Skydom, each with their own goals and hopes.
The bonds between them, formed through battle, would lead to new and exciting fights ahead…
Vega: Hehehe… So their name is (Captain)…
Vega: I can't ignore their impressive power… Some day, I will take it by force… To add to my Psycho Power!
Vega: Hehehehehe….
Vega: Mwahahaha!
"Ultra Granblue Fighter"
The End