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Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Fistful of Befuddled Fun

Feather: Happy Halloween, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Gyaaah!
Don't surprise me like that!
Lyria: F-Feather! Happy Halloween.
Feather: Check this out! I've got candy and everything!
Lyria: Whoa! That's quite the stash!
Feather: You know it! Here, have some!
Vyrn: You're gonna give it to us?
Feather: Of course! That's what it's for!
Lyria: Thank you!
Vyrn: Sweet! We lucked out, huh, (Captain)?
(Captain) eagerly reaches out to grab a jawbreaker from Feather's pumpkin bucket.
Feather: All right, (Captain)! It's on! Time for a good old fist-to-fist conversation!
Lyria: Huh?
Vyrn: What's that now?
Feather: It's Halloween, after all!
Lyria: Uuummm...
Fif: Trick or treat, (Captain)!
Lyria: Yeek!
Fif: Hope you got treats, or you're in for a doozy of a trick!
Vyrn: First Feather and now Fif?
Vyrn: Geez, this holiday is bad for my blood pressure.
Fif: Oooh! Look at all that candy!
Feather: Hm? You wanna challenge me too?
Fif: Challenge? Do I get candy if I fight you?
Fif: I'm in, I'm in!
Fif: Get ready to see my A game!
Feather: I was born ready! Bring it!
Feather: This is the best Halloween ever!
Vyrn: Hold it. Wait up. Time out!
Fif: Whyyy?
Feather: What's the deal?
Vyrn: I think you guys have the wrong end of the pixie stick. Do you even know what Halloween is?
Fif: Yeah! I'm trick-or-treating! If he doesn't give me candy, I get to prank him, right?
Feather: Each candy is like a written challenge, right? The trick means a no-holds-barred battle to the bitter end!
Feather: In other words...
Feather: Halloween is all-out war! Battle after battle! A festival of flying fists!
Lyria: Um... Fif got it right anyway...
Vyrn: The problem is Feather...
  1. That's pure Feather right there.
  2. This guy is a real handful.

Choose: That's pure Feather right there.
Lyria: Haha... True. It has that authentic Feather flavor.

Choose: This guy is a real handful.
Vyrn: Yeah... I'm startin' to get used to it though.
Continue 1
Feather: Too much talking with mouths, not enough talking with fists, (Captain)!
Feather: Oh, wait. Fif, d'you wanna go first?
Fif: As long as I get candy, either way's fine!
Fif: I'm game to watch a good fight too!
Fif: Now who should I cheer for?
Vyrn: Shouldn't we explain to him what Halloween actually is first?
Lyria: You're right. Feather, Halloween is...
Vyrn: Halloween's all about...
Lyria & Vyrn: ...
Fif: What's wrong, guys?
Lyria: I know it's a celebration where you dress up in costumes and trick-or-treat...
Vyrn: And you comfort Lost Jack... I think?
Lyria: I seem to remember something like that... But I'm kinda fuzzy on the details.
Lady Grey: Dear me. Why all the furrowed brows?
Lyria: Oh, Miss Grey!
Vyrn: We were just realizing none of us is all that clear on Halloween traditions.
Lady Grey: Are you talking about the holiday's origins? There are a lot of theories on the subject.
Lady Grey: But I'm fairly sure it was originally a harvest celebration.
Feather: Never heard that before.
Feather: But it makes sense to give thanks for the harvest!
Fif: What does candy gotta do with the harvest?
Lyria: And what do the costumes mean then?
Lady Grey: These kinds of customs change so much over the years that it's difficult to guess their original forms.
Lady Grey: But they also say that on Halloween day, this world comes the closest to the next...
Lady Grey: So we may be visited by the dead and creatures who don't quite belong to either world.
Lyria: H-how about that!
Lyria: Whimper...
Creatures from neither world...
Lady Grey: Haha... Did I frighten you? But I think there are a lot of people who would like to see their lost loved ones again.
Vyrn: ...
Yeah. Maybe so.
Lady Grey: Hehehe. It doesn't make a difference to me, since my loved ones are always with me.
Fif: You must be happy all the time, having them with you!
Fif: But... I feel like I understand Halloween even less now...
Lady Grey: Sometimes it's fine not to overthink things.
Lady Grey: This holiday only comes once a year. Celebrate it in whatever way pleases you best!
Feather: That's right! That's how you get the most out of a holiday!
Fif: You said it! Now back to the important stuff! (Captain)! Candy!
Lyria: Whoa! Wait a minute, Fif!
Feather: That's the spirit, Fif! And after her candy, we'll talk with our fists, (Captain)!
Vyrn: There's nothing festive about that, Feather. It's just what you always do!
Lady Grey: Haha, what fun. Make sure you grant both their wishes, (Captain).
Lyria: Huh? Where are you going, Miss Grey?
Lady Grey: The family and I are going out to enjoy the festivities.
Lady Grey: Tonight we'll blend right in with the crowd.
Vyrn: Sounds like a good time! Stay safe and enjoy yourselves!
Lady Grey: Haha, thank you.
Fif: Caaaptaiiin... If you don't hurry with that candy, you're gonna get praaanked...
Feather: C'mon, (Captain)! My heart's on fire and my fists are raring to go! This'll be the battle of the century!
Lyria: W-wait your turn! There's only one (Captain), you know!
Halloween night is off to a boisterous start with (Captain) thronged by excited crew members.

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 1

Mimlemel: Toot! Tootle-too!
Pun-Kin: (Rantattaran! Tantattaran!)
Mimlemel: Mm, this is where it's at for Halloween.
Feather: Mimlemel! That really you, Mimlemel?
Mimlemel: Feather. Noisy as ever.
Feather: Happy Halloween, Mimlemel!
Feather: You want some candy?
Mimlemel: Candy?
Mimlemel: You're a loudmouth, but at least you're considerate.
Feather: Aww, gimme a break! Here, eat up!
Feather: Then we're gonna fight it out once you're ready!
Mimlemel: What? We are?
Feather: It's Halloween! We've gotta let our fists do the talking out in the open!
Pun-Kin: Yeeow! What's with this guy? Whatever his deal is, he's giving me the creeps! Oh, but that's what Halloween's all about, right?
Mimlemel: You're making no sense, Feather.
Feather: Your stump and horn are just too cool to pass up! I've been wanting a round with you for a while now!
Pun-Kin: Wha? Stumpeye and Hornby?
Mimlemel: They're on vacation for Halloween, so give it up.
Mimlemel: Just gimme the candy and shoo.
Pun-Kin: Wait, Princess! I can hold my own in a brawl too!
Pun-Kin: C'mon, I'm ready to go all pumpkin on him! Please, please, pretty please?

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 2

Ferry: Hm... It's just like I thought... This outfit's a bit too fancy for me...
Ferry: But it is Halloween after all... Not to mention I still have to get the candy—
Fif: Ferry!
Ferry: Aaaah!
Fif: Trick or treat!
Ferry: Oh, it's you, Fif... You sure startled me.
Fif: Trick or treat, Ferry! Quick!
Ferry: Um, give me a second!
Fif: Teehee! Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!
Ferry: I still need to get the candy ready.
Ferry: So—
Fif: Here comes the trick!
Fif: Poof!
Ferry: Eek! Stop, stop! This is too high for me, Fif!
Fif: Uh-oh! Watch out! You're supposed to stay still if you don't want to fall!
Ferry: How about you just let me down!
Fif: Ooh, look, look! The town's the color of Halloween!
Ferry: Aah...
Ferry: You're right... It's so beautiful... in its own mystical way.
Fif: So how did you like my trick? Wasn't it so much fun?
Ferry: Mm-mh!
Ferry: It was wonderful, Fif.

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 3

Cagliostro: Oooh, hit me up with another compliment and I won't know what to do with myself!
Skirt-Chaser: You're looking way too hot in that outfit to be alone tonight!
Cagliostro: But, but... I already have plans...
Skirt-Chaser: Hey, just let loose and relax! We can enjoy Halloween together!
Cagliostro: Tch, you disgusting pig.
Skirt-Chaser: Huh? Wha?
???: Heya, hope I didn't keep you waiting too long.
Lady Grey: Sorry if I did.
Cagliostro: Really now, Sis, could you be any slower?
Lady Grey: Hehe, sorry again.
Skirt-Chaser: Whoo! So you're the big sister! Mm, you're a looker yourself! You ought to join us for the playdate!
Lady Grey: Oh, so I'm invited too? Sounds fun.
Lady Grey: But I'll have to refuse. My husband's going to keep me occupied tonight.
Skirt-Chaser: Ah. So you're taken, eh?
Cagliostro: Her hubby can be reeaally scary. You'd best watch out if you plan on going home whole!
Skirt-Chaser: S-scary?
Lady Grey: Teehee.
Skirt-Chaser: Erm, sorry if I got in the way of your plans! I've gotta go!
Lady Grey: Whew. What a relief, huh?
Cagliostro: Humph, maybe I should've fed him to Ouroboros.
Lady Grey: Haha, sorry you had to go through that.
Cagliostro: I'm the one who should be apologizing. I saw you were enjoying your family get-together.
Lady Grey: Yeah, today's the perfect day since passersby wouldn't suspect anything.
Cagliostro: Aah...
Lady Grey: Would you like to join us?
Cagliostro: Ahaha, thanks for asking!
Cagliostro: But I'd never do something so boorish.
Lady Grey: Oh?
Cagliostro: There's a lot I want to ask about your arcane skills...
Cagliostro: But I'll lay off for today. Now get back there and enjoy your family time.
Lady Grey: Hehe. You're too kind, Cagliostro, but thanks.

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 4

Eustace: Sigh...
Fif: Boo!
Eustace: ...!
Fif: Ahaha! Surprised?
Eustace: It's you, Fif...
Fif: Mm-hm! It's me!
Fif: Eustace, trick or treat!
Eustace: So you want my candy, huh...
Eustace: There you have it.
Fif: Oh, you actually had some! That's a surprise!
Eustace: More like it was given to me...
Fif: Hm?
Fif: You're alone, Eustace? What were you doing?
Eustace: I was looking for someone.
Fif: Oh. Can I help?
Eustace: Nah, I'm good.
Fif: Okie dokie! Just remember: it's supposed to be a happy Halloween, so no more grumpy face or sighing!
Eustace: ...
Fif: Too much of that takes the happy out of Halloween!

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 5

Charlotta: Sigh... It's that time of the year again when I must keep up my guard.
Charlotta: I won't allow anyone to mistake me for a child and shower me with treats.
Feather: Hey, Charlotte! I've got some candy for—
Charlotta: Like I was saying!
An adult like me doesn't need any treats!
Feather: Aw, my bad.
Charlotta: Ah! Feather, I didn't realize it was you.
Charlotta: But you treated me as if I were a child just now! Can't you see how grown up I am?
Feather: Me? Treated you like you're a child?
Charlotta: Hm? Isn't that why you offered me candy?
Feather: Nuh-uh, far from it! I just wanna have a round with you!
Feather: It's Halloween after all! So take my candy and put up your dukes!
Charlotta: Erm, I don't know what Halloween even means anymore...
Charlotta: But if it's a match you want, you've got it!
Charlotta: En garde!

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 6

Lady Grey: What a beautiful town for a spooky day... Look at all those people.
Lady Grey: Haha, I suppose this is nice every once in a while.
Lady Grey: Wasn't that...
Lady Grey: Ange!
Ange: Hm?
Ange: Hey, Lady Grey. Happy Halloween!
Lady Grey: Happy Halloween.
Lady Grey: From the looks of that outfit, you must really be enjoying Halloween too.
Ange: Haha, the only thing I seem to be missing is a princess to call my own.
Ange: Speaking of, you seem to be alone yourself...
Ange: Or maybe not.
Lady Grey: Haha, you catch on quick.
Ange: I see you have your own prince already.
Lady Grey: You mean him?
Ange: Mm-mh... He may not be whispering sweet nothings into your ear or outfitted in fancy attire, but I can tell...
Ange: Your prince belongs to you and you only.
Lady Grey: I'm glad you noticed, but you're making me blush.
Ange: Oh, there's nothing to be embarassed about! It's a wonderful thing!
Lady Grey: Haha. Thank you.

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 7

Fif: Hm? Who's that over there?
Danua: Live...
Hansel: Hm, hmm... Seems like Danua's saying that the town's really lively for Halloween.
Gretel: No problem with having fun! Just don't get lost!
Fif: Danua!
Danua: Waah!
Gretel: Why's Fif comin' down here to scare the daylights outta us?
Fif: Ah! You're dressed for Halloween too, Danua!
Danua: Tri...
Hansel: Trick or treat, she says.
Fif: Grr! You beat me to it!
Fif: But it's okay!
Fif: Here's your candy!
Danua: Than...
Hansel: Thanks, she says.
Fif: There's a lot more where that came from!
Danua: Togeth...
Hansel: She wants to eat the candy together.
Fif: Sure! It's a lot tastier that way!
Danua: Fun...
Gretel: Hahaha! Danua's having a blast!
Fif: Ehehe! Me too!

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 8

Beatrix: Pant... Wheeze...
Beatrix: All right! I've found the perfect hiding spot!
Beatrix: Heheh! There's no way I'm spending my precious Halloween anywhere around that sulky face!
Beatrix: Well then! Where to next...
Beatrix: Ouch!
Feather: Whoa!
Feather: My bad...
Feather: Shoot. Beatrix, that you?
Beatrix: Feather!
Beatrix: You're all decked out for Halloween too!
Feather: That makes two of us! Should speed things up!
Beatrix: Hm? Speed what up?
Feather: Take my candy, then take me for a ride!
Beatrix: Wha? Is that your way of saying trick or treat?
Feather: Nah, the candy's a dare!
Feather: Halloween's the night for us to rock it out hard!
Beatrix: What the?
Oh, I see! You're looking for a fight!
Beatrix: You are so on!
Feather: Whoooo! That's what I like to hear!

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 9

Seofon: There, all preparations complete.
Seofon: I'm ready to dish out candy like nobody's business!
Fif: Hm-hm-hmm...
Seofon: Huh?
Seofon: ...
Seofon: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold it right there, Fif!
Fif: Hm?
Fif: Seofon! What's up?
Seofon: "What's up"? Hoo boy, took the words right out of my mouth.
Fif: Bwuh? Seofon, are you in a bad way? Please tell me you're okay...
Seofon: Oh, I'm fine as can be.
Fif: Oh, really?
Fif: Okay. See you later!
Seofon: Wha! Wait, wait, wait!
Seofon: Hey, wait for me!
Fif: Hm? What is it? I'm super busy right now! I have tricks to play.
Seofon: Right, so you know today's Halloween... Don't you have something to tell me?
Seofon: Big brother Seofon went out of his way to get everything ready, you know?
Fif: Yeah? Then you have to trick the night away with everything you have!
Seofon: Wha? Trick?
Fif: I was actually making a quick trip back to put my treats away!
Fif: See! Look at all the candy I got!
Seofon: Ooh. You've got 'em by the bucketloads!
Fif: Mm-hm! And when I come back out again, I'm going to trick the funnies out of everyone!
Seofon: Erm, I guess you don't need any more candy then?
Fif: Uh-huh!
Fif: Ah, did you want some, Seofon? Here you go!
Seofon: Gee, thanks... I think I'll have enough to last me a while. Hahahaha...

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 10

Sierokarte: Hello, Lady Grey!
Lady Grey: Good day to you too, Sierokarte. Or should I say, Happy Halloween?
Sierokarte: Haha. Happy Halloween! You're looking just marvelous today.
Lady Grey: Why, thank you.
Lady Grey: This costume is my husband's recommendation actually. I was embarrassed about putting it on, so I appreciate the compliment.
Sierokarte: Oh, you look gorgeous in it!
Sierokarte: I hope you're enjoying the festivities with your family?
Lady Grey: Of course. Opportunities like this don't come up often enough. I wouldn't miss it for anything.
Sierokarte: Glad to hear that!
Sierokarte: Speaking of... Can I recommend a lovely Halloween dinner to round out the evening?
Sierokarte: I know some great places I'm sure your family would love!
Lady Grey: Yes, I'd like that! Your recommendations are always spot-on, Siero.
Sierokarte: Hahaha. Glad to be of service.

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 11

Beatrix: Huff... Huff...
Beatrix: You're pretty good at this!
Feather: You're not half bad yourself, Beatrix!
Feather: Whoo, that was hot...
Feather: Boy am I glad I ran into you today!
Beatrix: Hey, stop talking like the bout's already over!
Beatrix: I'm just getting started!
Feather: Heh, that's more like it! You haven't seen what I can really do yet!
Feather: We could keep going all night! My fists will rock your world!
Onlooker 1: Oh shoot, check out that fight.
Onlooker 2: Nah, that ain't no fight. It's a Halloween costume battle. To liven things up, you know?
Onlooker 1: Sounds like a ton of fun!
Beatrix: Hm? Looks like a crowd's here to get a free show.
Feather: How 'bout you keep your eyes focused on the action?
Beatrix: Heh! Let's see how well you handle this!
???: Wait.
Beatrix: Ah!
Eustace: What are you doing?
Beatrix: Uh-oh...
Feather: Sorry, Eustace, but I'm in the middle of something with Beatrix.
Feather: If you've got something to say, you'll have to wait till we're done!
Eustace: Sigh...
Beatrix: Hey, can you stop glaring at me already? I already handed out candy with you!
Eustace: So?
Beatrix: I mean... It is Halloween, you know...
Eustace: That's no excuse for acting alone.
Beatrix: Well...
Eustace: ...
Beatrix: Sorry, Feather! I'll catch you later!
Feather: Hey, Beatrix? You're bailing already? We're not done here yet!
Feather: Urgh!
Feather: I'll make it so hot next time that she'll stay till the end!

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 12

Fif: Grampy! Grampy!
Eahta: I see you're relishing in the festivities, Fif.
Fif: Mm-hm! We take candy, give candy, and play tricks!
Fif: Halloween's so much fun!
Eahta: It gladdens me to see the delight on your face.
Fif: Hm...
Fif: But I haven't gotten a chance to play with you yet, Grampy!
Eahta: Indeed. How shall we frolic together then?
Fif: Ehehe! Grampy! Trick or treat!
Eahta: I've prepared the treats. But you must seek them out.
Fif: So we're playing a game! Okay, here I go!
Fif: Come out, come out, wherever you are!
Maybe here?
Eahta: ...
Fif: Ahaha! Found one, Grampy!
Eahta: Nice work.
Fif: Ah! There's more here!
Fif: And over here!
Fif: Wooow! There's so much candy coming out of your pockets, Grampy!
Eahta: You make for a splendid treasure hunter.
Fif: Ehehe! Halloween's the best!

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 13

Feather: Haaagh!
Feather: Booyah! I'm ready to carve myself out a Hallowiiinnnn!
Randall: Shut the hell up!
Randall: Geez, don't you have anything better to do?
Feather: Randall! Good timing!
Randall: Good timing my foot. Urgh, you never listen, do you!
Feather: Who needs to listen when I've got my fists and you've got your feet.
Feather: Take my candy and smack me!
Randall: Cripes, what the hell is your problem? Is this how you celebrate Halloween?
Feather: Heck yeah! That's what a party's all about! Now put up those feet and come at me!
Randall: You realize you never make any sense?
Randall: Whoa, hold on a sec...
Randall: Is this how you've been going about challenging everyone else?
Feather: Mm-hm. You wouldn't believe how many fights I've gotten into today!
Randall: Man, stop dragging people into your bullcrap!
Feather: But they get a treat in return!
Randall: That's not the damn problem!
Feather: Sure you don't want my candy, Randall? You don't have anything against sweets, do you?
Randall: Holy crapola...
Randall: You just don't know when to stop pissing people off, do ya!
Randall: Screw this—I'm gonna take out my anger on you. Bring it, Feather! I'm gonna kick your ass sideways and into next week!
Feather: That's more like it, Randall! Ready or not, here I come!

Halloween Night: Fistful of Befuddled Fun - Day 14

Vyrn: Yawn... The z's are catching up to me.
Lyria: Well... It's getting late after all.
Vyrn: Guess we got caught up in the Halloween excitement.
Lyria: Hehe... It was definitely a lot of fun.
Vyrn: No argument there!
Vyrn: The guys who went out should be back soon.
Lyria: I hope they enjoyed themselves too!
Vyrn: I bet they did! I'm sure they'll have Halloween stories coming out of their ears.
Lyria: Haha, that's for sure.
Lyria: Were you and (Captain) okay with not dressing up though?
Vyrn: Hey, you're not dressed up either, Lyria.
Lyria: Yeah. I just couldn't muster up the courage...
Lyria: But seeing how much fun everyone had, I'm thinking I should've had an outfit too.
Vyrn: I'm sure we'll get the chance again somewhere down the line!
Lyria: Mm-hm! I hope we get to continue adventuring together...
Lyria: So that we get to enjoy many, many more Halloweens and other fun events for a long time to come!