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Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Opening

Within the imperial army's research facility, Pommern makes plans to use a newly developed dark essence creation device to capture Lyria. But suddenly there is a powerful burst of light, and a mysterious man appears from within the tank. The man turns all the soldiers to stone and brainwashes Pommern, demanding more dark essence to ensure his complete revival.

In the midst of a vast realm completely devoid of light, particles of scattered darkness begin to coalesce.
As the fragments are drawn to each other one by one, the darkness gradually starts to take on a faint shape.
???: ...
???: (Why am I awake? I'm certain I had been cast back into the dark void...)
The figure continues to take form, searching for the reason behind its awakening.
???: (I sense something... A powerful energy...)
Pommern: So this new device enhances the production of dark essence?
Imperial Soldier: Yes, sir! It accelerates the crystals' growth rate fivefold!
Pommern: Hm... Splendid, I do say. Is it stable?
Imperial Soldier: There are still stability issues, but they're no worse than those we see with crystals produced using conventional methods.
Pommern: I see. It sounds like this device was well worth the time and money spent on its development, I do say.
Within the imperial army's research facility, Pommern grins to himself as he stands before the brand-new dark essence creation device.
Pommern: This time I will retrieve the test subject without fail...
Pommern: And then my reputation will be restored.
Pommern: Heh heh heh...
Pommern places his hand on the tank of dark essence. At that moment...
Pommern: Augh! What in the skies is that!
Imperial Soldier: Captain! Please step away from the tank! The incomplete dark essence is reacting to something!
Imperial Soldier: This can't be!
The imperial soldier frantically attempts to operate the control panel, but the abnormal readings on its gauge remain unchanged.
The light continues growing stronger until finally the tank shatters.
???: ...
Pommern: What! Wh-who in blazes are you?
???: What is this crystal? To think it possesses enough energy to have revived me. Fascinating...
Pommern: Men! Seize him!
???: Hmm...
Pommern: Everyone, atta—
Just as Pommern starts to issue a command, the mysterious man's eyes gleam, and the soldiers all turn to stone.
???: Answer me. What is this crystal?
Pommern: Ah... Th-that's dark essence... A mass of... energy...
???: Dark essence... So this is the energy responsible for reviving me.
???: Bring me more of these crystals. I will need them to ensure my complete revival.
Pommern: Of course... I do say...
???: Heh heh heh... With these crystals at my disposal, I'll be reborn even stronger than before.
???: Yes. I'll possess enough dark power to consume this entire world.
Following that fateful day, Pommern and his forces fall off the grid completely.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 1: The Garden of the Sky - Episode 1

Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro are legendary warriors known as Pretty Cure who battle monsters of darkness called Zakennas, using powers granted to them by Mepple and Mipple from the Garden of Light. One day Elder of the Garden of Light sends them to a world called the Garden of the Sky in order to defeat the Dotsuku Zone and save all worlds from the threat of darkness.

Nagisa: Sigh...
Nagisa Misumi is a second-year student at Verone Academy.
She breathes a deep sigh as she makes her way home from school.
Honoka: What's wrong, Nagisa? You've been acting gloomy all day.
Honoka Yukishiro is Nagisa's best friend and fellow classmate.
Nagisa: I'm just dreading that test tomorrow...
Mepple: That's because you haven't been studying every day, mepo. Knowledge is meant to be built up bit by bit, mepo.
Nagisa: Grrr...
Nagisa: Even when I do try to study...
Nagisa: You start going on and on about how much you miss Mipple, and I can't concentrate!
Mepple: I-I can explain, mepo...
Mipple: Now, now... Don't fight, you two, mipo.
Honoka: Hehe. Don't worry, Mipple. Just watch...
Mepple: How about I make it up to you by treating you to takoyaki sometime, mepo?
Nagisa: Ooh, takoyaki!
Mepple: So don't be mad, mepo.
Nagisa: F-fine...
Honoka: See? All better. They do this all the time.
Mipple: Hehe. I'm so relieved, mipo.
Honoka: But, Mepple... How exactly are you going to treat Nagisa to takoyaki?
Nagisa: Yeah, wait a sec. I've never seen you cook before, Mepple.
Mepple: Huh? W-well you see, mepo...
Nagisa: Surely you didn't lie just to get on my good side, right?
Mipple: Honoka... Here comes another fight, mipo.
Honoka: Ahaha... Looks like his plan backfired...
Today's trip home is much the same as any other day.
Nagisa: Ugh, I'll just have to cram all night. Mom's gonna flip if I fail another test.
But Nagisa's mind is preoccupied by the harsh reality awaiting her.
Nagisa: Listen up, Mepple. You'd better not distract me while I'm studying tonight!
Nagisa: Can't you at least try to keep it down once in a while? There's this thing called piracy you know!
Honoka: I don't think piracy applies here, Nagisa. Are you sure you don't you mean privacy?
Honoka: But, you know, you and I never would have met if it hadn't been for Mepple and Mipple.
Nagisa: Well... I guess you're right.
Nagisa: Our first meeting was pretty bizarre...
Nagisa is a talented athlete who hates studying, while Honoka is a gifted student and member of the science club.
An unforgettable turn of events led this unlikely pair to eventually become the best of friends.
Nagisa: One day Mepple suddenly came bursting into my room from a place called the Garden of Light...
Honoka: And I found Mipple asleep in my family's storehouse...
Nagisa: A villain from the world of darkness—the Dotsuku Zone—attacked, and Mepple and Mipple gave us the power to transform into Pretty Cure and fight.
Honoka: We battled dark monsters called Zakennas... It was really scary, and there were a lot of sad things that happened along the way...
Nagisa: And we argued a lot too. But all that was overshadowed by the fun and happy times we shared together.
Honoka: Hehe. Yeah.
Porun: Yawn...
Their conversation is interrupted as Nagisa's bag starts to wiggle.
Nagisa: Oh, guess Porun's awake.
Porun: Are you done with school, popo? Let's play, popo!
Nagisa: Hmm... Then how about we stop by the park?
Porun: Yay, popo! Let's play Red Light, Green Light, popo!
Mipple: Nagisa, what about studying, mipo?
Nagisa: I was thinking moving around might put me in a better mood.
Nagisa: Come on, Porun. Let's go to the park. You guys too.
Porun: ...
Honoka: Porun? Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?
Elder: Pretty Cula! We have an emergency!
Mepple: Elder's using Porun to contact us from the Garden of Light, mepo!
Nagisa: Elder!
Nagisa: And our name is Pretty Cure!
Honoka: What's the emergency?
Elder: It's terrible! The power of the Dotsuku Zone is increasing rapidly in another world!
Queen: The power of darkness is growing by feeding on the energy overflowing there.
Queen: If that world has all its energy consumed, it will fall to ruin... and then that massive dark power will start looking for its next prey.
Elder: And if that happens, I wouldn't be surprised if the destruction spreads to the Garden of Rainbows where you all live.
Elder: Before that comes to pass, you must go to the Garden of the Sky and stop the evil from strengthening!
Honoka: The Garden of the Sky?
Mepple: I've heard of that place, mepo! It's another world—like the Garden of Rainbows and the Garden of Light, mepo.
Mipple: It's a mysterious world where islands float among the clouds, right, mipo?
Mepple: Yeah, mepo. If the Dotsuku Zone has set its sights on that world, that definitely spells trouble, mepo.
Mepple: Nagisa, we need to head to the Garden of the Sky right away, mepo!
Nagisa: H-hang on a sec! I told you we have a test tomorrow!
Elder: No need to worry. Time flows differently in the Garden of the Sky.
Elder: An extended period of time there is equivalent to no more than a few minutes in the Garden of Rainbows.
Nagisa: That's not the issue here!
A flash of light erupts from Porun as if to cut off Nagisa's objections.
They are enveloped by the light and begin to float into the air.
Elder: We're counting on you, Pretty Cula. The fate of all worlds rests in your hands.
Nagisa: It's Pretty Cure!
Nagisa: Aw, man! I was planning to cram all night!
Nagisa: I can't believe this!
And so Nagisa, Honoka, and their companions are sent to an unknown world called the Garden of the Sky.
What sort of encounters await them?

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 1: The Garden of the Sky - Episode 2

Nagisa and Honoka are enthralled by the scenery and wildlife of the Garden of the Sky. While they are distracted, Porun—who possesses the ability to see the future—wanders off as though being guided by something. Nagisa and the others panic as they realize their friend has vanished.

Nagisa: Whoa!
Honoka: Aah!
Mepple: Mepo!
Mipple: Mipo!
Porun: Popo!
Honoka: Ow...
Nagisa: Geez! Couldn't Elder have given us a smoother ride?
Honoka: So this is the Garden of the Sky...
Porun: The islands are floating, popo.
Mepple: It really is a mysterious world, mepo. It's overflowing with an energy different from the Prism Stones, mepo.
Mipple: It's going to be bad if all that energy is consumed by the Dotsuku Zone, mipo...
Monster: ...!
Porun: A bird, popo! It's so big, popo!
Nagisa: Whoa! That's huge!
Honoka: I wonder if that's a griffin, like the ones you hear about in fantasy stories. Wow... I've never seen anything like it...
Porun: A lizard, popo... A lizard, popo...
Porun: A flying lizard, popo... Beardy goes boom, popo...
Porun has the ability to see the future. His eyes suddenly go blank, and he starts walking off as though being guided by something.
Honoka: How's it flying with such an enormous body?
Honoka: Actually, I wonder what a bird that big even eats?
Enthralled by the unfamiliar sights surrounding them, they fail to notice as Porun disappears from their midst.
Nagisa: Wait, I don't have time for bird-watching! I gotta get home and study for that test!
Honoka: Ahaha... Are you that worried about it?
Nagisa: My mom said she'll cut my allowance if I get another bad grade!
Nagisa: But first things first, I guess! Let's take care of that dark power and get back home!
Honoka: Yeah!
Mepple: That's the spirit, Nagisa, mepo!
Mipple: Honoka, be careful out there, okay, mipo?
Nagisa & Honoka: ...
Nagisa: Huh?
Getting the strange sense that something is missing, they scan the area to finally discover that a member of their party has vanished.
Nagisa & Honoka: Porun's gone!

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 1: The Garden of the Sky - Episode 3

Porun makes his way into a forest where he encounters Vyrn, Lyria, and (Captain) hiding from the empire. Vyrn is angered at being called a lizard and ends up scaring Porun, who bursts into tears. The imperial soldiers are alerted to the crew's location by Porun's crying, and the crew flees from the area.

Porun: Po, po, po...
Porun makes his way into a forest as though being led by a mysterious force.
Porun: A flying lizard, popo... Beardy goes boom, popo...
He mumbles to himself as he walks along, sunlight streaming through the trees above him.
Porun: Popo?
Suddenly Porun hears a rustling sound in some nearby bushes.
Vyrn: Gah! What the heck! Those imperial creeps are still on our tail?
Lyria: Huff... Huff... Th-the empire doesn't seem to want to give up today...
Porun: ...
Gran is the Main Character

Emerging from the bushes are a red lizard, a blue-haired girl, and a boy with a sword.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Emerging from the bushes are a red lizard, a blue-haired girl, and another girl with a sword.
Vyrn: At any rate, let's shake 'em off and get the heck off this island!
Lyria: Yeah... I don't think I can keep running much longer...
Vyrn: Argh! Yeah, those imperial dudes are extra stubborn today...
Vyrn: And they're usin' some freaky monsters to attack us. Somethin' ain't right!
Porun: A lizard, popo! A lizard, popo!
Vyrn: Huh? What's that little thing?
Lyria: I've never seen anything like it before. Maybe it's a baby monster?
Porun: A lizard, popo!
Vyrn: Wait, are you talkin' about me? I ain't no lizard!
Porun: ...!
Lyria: Oh no! Vyrn, you scared it!
Vyrn: Humph! That's what it gets for calling me a lizard.
Porun: Waaahh!
Porun: A lizard, popo! A lizard, popo! A flying lizard, popo!
Vyrn: Hey, quit cryin'! You're too loud! Those imperial creeps are gonna find us!
They desperately try to calm Porun down, but it's too late.
Imperial Soldier: Over there! Everyone, head in the direction of that voice!
Lyria: Th-they're going to find us! (Captain)!
Vyrn: Dang it! Let's make a run for it, (Captain)!
Porun: Popo...
Vyrn: Hey, little dude. You oughta hide before the empire spots you.
Porun: Popo?
Vyrn: Listen to me! The empire's comin'! They're gonna find you if—
Imperial Soldier: There they are!
Vyrn: Oh, gimme a break!
Just grab on to me!
As the soldiers' voices get closer, (Captain) and company flee the area with Porun in tow.
Porun: I'm flying, popo!
Vyrn: Not a care in the world...

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 1: The Garden of the Sky - Episode 4

Nagisa and Honoka hear shouting as they travel into a forest in search of Porun, and Mepple senses a dark aura. Meanwhile (Captain) and company find themselves cornered by the empire, and the captain stands to face mysterious monsters summoned by Pommern.

Nagisa: Poruuun!
Honoka: Where are you, Porun!
Mepple: He can be a real handful sometimes, mepo!
Nagisa and the others travel into a forest in search of their missing friend, when suddenly they hear a voice echoing through the trees.
Soldier's Voice: After them! Don't let them get away!
Nagisa: Huh? Is someone over there?
Honoka: Sounds like something serious...
Mepple: Careful, mepo! I sense an evil aura, mepo!
Mipple: Don't tell me the Dotsuku Zone is after Porun, mipo!
(Captain) and company find themselves cornered by the imperial soldiers.
Vyrn: Argh! Whaddya think, (Captain)? We're just gonna have to fight 'em off!
Pommern: Heh heh heh... There's nowhere for you to run, I do say.
Pommern: Unleash your ghostly anger, Zakenna! Today is the day! Capture that test subject!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Lyria: It's another one of those monsters!
Vyrn: No matter how many we take down, they just keep comin' after Lyria! I've had it with these things!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Vyrn: Here it comes, (Captain)! Watch out!

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 1: The Garden of the Sky - Episode 4: Scene 2

(Captain) and company run into Nagisa and Honoka while fleeing from the army of dark monsters. The girls are relieved to find Porun safe and sound, but they soon notice the Zakennas and join the crew in running away as fast as their legs can carry them.

Zakenna: Z-Zakenna...
Gomenna: Gomenna... Gomenna...
Pommern: Hmm... You brats are as cunning as ever, I do say.
Pommern: However! I advise you not to underestimate the might of the imperial army!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Vyrn: You gotta be kiddin' me! There's too many of 'em!
Pommern: I do say, these monsters certainly are handy! All you need is some dark essence, and you can create an endless supply of them!
Several hundred monsters lie in wait behind Pommern as he gloats.
Pommern: You've reached the end of the line!
Finish them!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Lyria: Aah!
Vyrn: Whoa!
Porun: Popo!
Porun: Oh no, popo! Oh no, popo!
Vyrn: Geez, stop squirmin', Pipsqueak! We're gettin' outta here!
Vyrn tightens his grip on a wriggling Porun and takes off into the air.
Mepple: Nagisa! The evil aura is getting stronger, mepo!
Mipple: And Porun's presence is getting closer, mipo!
Honoka: I hope Porun's okay...
Nagisa: Running off and getting himself caught up in a bunch of trouble... I can't believe this!
Vyrn: Hurry, (Captain)! There's still tons of 'em left!
Lyria: Huff... Huff... You're still with us, right, little one?
Porun: Popo!
Nagisa & Honoka: Porun!
Vyrn: Huh? Do you gals know this little guy?
Honoka: Yes, we came to this world together.
Nagisa: Geez... What were you thinking, running off on your own like that! We were worried sick!
Nagisa: I'm Nagisa Misumi. Thanks for saving Porun.
Honoka: My name is Honoka Yukishiro. Thank you so much.
Lyria: U-um, I think we might want to save the introductions for later!
Nagisa & Honoka: Huh?
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Honoka: ...!
There are Zakennas here?
Nagisa: A-and...
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Nagisa: Th-there are so many of them!
Mepple: Nagisa! You need to transform, mepo!
Honoka: Wait!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Nagisa: They multiplied! It's like an army!
Vyrn: Let's get outta here!
Lyria: This way!
Nagisa: I...
Nagisa: I can't believe this!
Upon their arrival in the Garden of the Sky, Nagisa and the others come face to face with a very unfriendly welcome party of Zakennas.
As they run from the attacking swarm, they wonder what exactly they've gotten themselves into.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 2: Attack of the Evil Army - Episode 1

As the Zakennas continue their pursuit, they misunderstand Pommern's instructions and end up creating an opening. Nagisa and Honoka transform into the protectors of light known as Cure Black and Cure White, and Pommern responds by using dark essence to transform himself as well.

Zakenna: Zakenna!
Vyrn: You gals keepin' up okay?
Nagisa: Huff... Huff...
Honoka: Huff... Huff...
Mere moments after arriving in the Garden of the Sky, Nagisa and Honoka find themselves under attack by an army of Zakennas.
In the face of the overwhelming number of monsters, they can do nothing but run away.
Mipple: Honoka, you need to transform, mipo!
Nagisa: You can't be serious! How are we supposed to transform like this?
Lyria: What do we do now, (Captain)? They're going to catch up to us at this rate!
Pommern: Hm... You've done quite well cornering them, I do say. But we could use more forces on the right side. Circle around!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Pommern: Wait! Don't all of you go right!
Zakenna: Zake?
Pommern: I know I told you to fill the gaps, but it's pointless if you just end up leaving openings elsewhere!
Zakenna: Z-Zake...
Nagisa & Honoka: ...
Lyria & Vyrn: ...
Mepple: Now, mepo!
Nagisa & Honoka: Right!
Nagisa & Honoka: Dual Aurora Wave!
Vyrn: Wh-what the... What's goin' on?
Lyria: They're surrounded by light!
Cure Black: Protector of the Light, Cure Black!
Cure White: Protector of the Light, Cure White!
Cure Black & White: Together we are Pretty Cure!
Cure White: Servants of the power of darkness...
Cure Black: Go back to where you came from!
Pommern: Well, well... I do say, I wasn't expecting a transformation sequence. What a curious pair you two are.
Pommern: But I don't plan on being outdone!
Pommern: Hyaaah!
Mepple: Black, White! Be careful, mepo!
Mipple: His evil aura is growing, mipo!
Pommern: ...
Cure Black: What... What is that thing!
Vyrn: He used the dark essence to transform! This is gonna be tricky!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Vyrn: Some of those freaky monsters caught up to us! Look out, (Captain)!

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 2: Attack of the Evil Army - Episode 2

The girls are unable to find an opportunity to attack as Pommern pummels them with powerful blows. Lyria summons Colossus as a diversion, and Black and White send Pommern flying with their special attack—Pretty Cure Marble Screw.

Cure Black: Take this! And this!
Pommern: Urgh!
Cure White: Hyaaah!
Pommern: Urgh!
Pommern: You wretched little girls...
Pommern: The impudence! The impudeeence!
Cure Black & White: Whoa!
Lyria: Black! White!
Pommern: You two seem fairly capable, I do say... But you're no match for me in my ultimate form!
Cure Black: Ngh... He's strong!
Mepple: Join hands, you two, mepo!
Cure Black: Let's go, White!
Cure White: Right!
The girls exchange firm nods and join hands.
But their actions don't go unnoticed.
Pommern: I think not!
Cure Black & White: Whoa!
Pommern: Do you think me foolish enough to stand around and allow you to prepare a special attack? Hah!
Mipple: Oh no... If they could just find an opening, mipo...
Lyria: An opening? I have an idea!
The steel giant, Colossus, appears before them in response to Lyria's summons.
Colossus: ...!
Pommern: Gyah! Out of the way!
Colossus: ...!
Vyrn: Heh! Our giant buddy here won't go down without a fight!
Cure Black: White!
Cure White: Right! We've got it this time!
The two take each other's hands once again.
Cure Black: Black Thunder!
Cure White: White Thunder!
Cure White: The beautiful souls of Pretty Cure...
Cure Black: Will crush the sinister hearts!
Cure Black & White: Pretty Cure—
Cure Black & White: Marble—
Cure Black & White: Screw!
Pommern: Urgh! You'll... have to do better than that!
Cure Black & White: Ngh!
Pommern manages to withstand the attack, but the girls proceed to squeeze each other's hands even more tightly.
Cure Black & White: Hyaaah!
Pommern: Im—
Pommern: Impossible!
Cure Black: Huff... Huff... Where'd he go?
Mepple: That evil aura went off somewhere else, mepo!
Cure White: Thank goodness...
Mipple: Black, White! Great job, mipo!
Vyrn: Th-those gals really pack a punch...

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 2: Attack of the Evil Army - Episode 3

Mepple speculates that Pommern might be under the control of the Dotsuku Zone, and Nagisa and the others shudder at the possibility that they might have to battle an enemy the scale of which they've never encountered before. Suddenly cannonballs begin to rain down around them, and they bolt from the area.

Honoka: Um, let's try this again... Thank you for protecting Porun, everyone.
Vyrn: Hehe, no problem. It just kinda happened that way. But I'm glad it all worked out.
Lyria: I'm so happy you found your friends, Porun.
Porun: Popo!
Nagisa: Yeah, at least we found Porun. That takes care of one of our worries.
Mipple: So what do we do now, mipo?
Mepple: Looks like what Elder said was true, mepo. This world is definitely under attack by the Dotsuku Zone, mepo.
Vyrn: Hey, do you know what those freaky Zakenna things are?
Mepple: Of course, mepo! We came here to get rid of them, mepo.
Mipple: If we let the power of darkness continue growing, this world will be in big trouble, mipo.
Nagisa: Do you guys know where they're coming from? Or what they're up to?
Vyrn: We were wonderin' the same thing. We dunno how the empire got its hands on those monsters...
(Captain) thinks it might be a good idea for both sides to exchange information.
However, the captain also wagers that it wouldn't be wise to stick around for long, since the empire could attack again at any moment.
(Captain) proposes that they leave the area and discuss the situation en route.
The crew learns that Nagisa, Honoka, and the others are currently in conflict with the forces of darkness known as the Dotsuku Zone.
Vyrn: So you gals fight those Zakenna monsters on a daily basis? Whoa...
Nagisa: We don't usually have to fight so many at once though...
Lyria: We're lucky you all came to help.
Vyrn: Seriously. We'd never seen those monsters before, so they were givin' us a lot of trouble.
Porun: Vyrn! Vyrn!
Vyrn: What's up, Pipsqueak? We're talkin' about important stuff here.
Porun: Fly again, popo! Come on, popo!
Vyrn: This ain't the time for that...
Porun: Fly, popo! Fly, popo! I wanna fly, popo!
Vyrn: Geez, all right already! I give in...
Porun: I'm flying, popo!
Vyrn: Sheesh...
Honoka: Ahaha... Sorry, Vyrn.
Mepple: Let's get back on subject, mepo. Did the Zakennas appear just recently, mepo?
Lyria: Yes. As far as we can tell, the empire brought them here.
Mipple: Are there people in this world who have joined forces with the Dotsuku Zone, mipo?
Mepple: It's possible that Pommern guy might be acting under the influence of someone from the Dotsuku Zone, mepo.
Vyrn: I can't say one way or another... but that'd explain why Beardy was actin' so weird.
Lyria: They've never pursued us so relentlessly before.
Nagisa: Does that mean it's not your first time being chased by those guys?
Vyrn: Yeah. Lyria used to be imprisoned by the empire, but she escaped.
Vyrn: She has a special power that those imperials want, so they've been trying to get her back.
Honoka: Is that the power she used to summon that steel giant?
Vyrn: Yeah. We've been runnin' from those guys forever, but they just won't give up.
Mepple: In other words, that empire teamed up with the Dotsuku Zone in order to get Lyria's power, mepo?
Honoka: So on top of the Zakennas, we have to fight a bunch of people too?
Nagisa: Seriously? I can't believe this...
They shudder in fear, faced with the possibility they might have to battle an enemy the scale of which they've never encountered before.
Porun: Fwoo... Popo...
Lyria: Hm? Is something wrong, Porun?
Porun: Fwoo... Boom... Popo...
Nagisa: Boom?
Honoka: What's all that about?
Mipple: Did Porun have a vision of the future, mipo?
Mepple: Urgh... That evil aura's really faint now, but I still have a bad feeling, mepo...
At that moment they notice a high-pitched whistling slowly growing closer.
Lyria: (Captain)... I hope that's not what I think it is...
  1. Everybody, get down!

Choose: Everybody, get down!
Nagisa: Huh? What? What's happening?
A second later they see an explosion nearby.
Vyrn: Whoa! They're firin' cannonballs from their battleship!
Nagisa: C-cannonballs?
Honoka: We can't stay here!
Vyrn: Yeah! We gotta get off the island! This way!
Cannonballs continue to fall and explode around (Captain) and company, one after another.
They take off running as fast as their legs will carry them.
Nagisa: I... I...
Nagisa: I can't believe this!

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 2: Attack of the Evil Army - Episode 4

(Captain) and company manage to avoid the shower of cannonballs and take flight on the Grandcypher. The crew decides to join forces with the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure, to put a stop to the empire's scheme.

Vyrn: Run, you guys! This way!
Nagisa: That's your ship? It's huge!
Honoka: The wings and head make it look like a medieval dragon...
Lyria: Eek! H-here they come again!
Mepple: Nagisa! You can be impressed later, mepo!
Mipple: Hurry and climb aboard, mipo!
(Captain) and company scurry onto the ship and power up the engine.
Having escaped under the cover of the forest, they wager the enemy shouldn't be able to pinpoint their location in time.
The escapees take off into the air, all the while praying that the Grandcypher won't get caught in the shower of cannonballs.
Nagisa: That was close...
Honoka: Did we lose them?
Vyrn: Yeah. We flew into the clouds to hide, so I don't think they'll be comin' after us.
Vyrn: Hey, so can I put you down now, Pipsqueak?
Porun: No, popo! I'm still flying, popo!
Vyrn: I thought you were gonna be reasonable for once, but it was just this again...
Vyrn: Well, whatever. So what're you gals gonna do now? You gonna come with us?
Nagisa: Good question. We just got here, so we don't know anything about this world...
Honoka: Since you all seem to have a link to the Dotsuku Zone, it would probably be best if we could travel with you... Would that be all right?
Lyria: Of course. Right, (Captain)?
After fighting the enemy together, the crew already considers the girls friends. It would be unthinkable to leave them behind.
And considering (Captain) and the crew had been struggling against the Zakennas, they are thankful to have allies who know how to defeat them.
(Captain) nods in response to the girls' request and welcomes them aboard.
Nagisa: Thanks, (Captain)! I'm Nagisa Misumi.
Honoka: And I'm Honoka Yukishiro. Thank you for letting us travel with you.
Mepple: I'm Mepple, the Chosen Guardian of the Garden of Light, mepo
Mipple: And I'm Mipple, the Princess of Hope, mipo
Porun: I'm Porun, the Prince of Light and guide to the future, popo!
Nagisa: Nice to officially meet you, (Captain)!
(Captain) and the crew have gained a pair of powerful allies in the fight against a brand-new threat from the empire.
What adventures await the crew and the legendary warriors known as Pretty Cure?

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 3: Our Friend the Grandcypher - Episode 1

As Nagisa and Honoka admire the scenery from the deck of the Grandcypher, they renew their resolve to protect the world from the threat of the Dotsuku Zone. Meanwhile Pisard learns from Pommern that Pretty Cure has appeared and thwarted his attempts to capture Lyria, and he vows to have his revenge.

Nagisa: Wow... This view is amazing...
(Captain) and company have managed to escape the clutches of the empire and depart from the island.
Now that things have settled down, Nagisa and Honoka stand on the deck of the Grandcypher, admiring the scenery around them.
Honoka: I can't believe we're actually flying through the sky on a ship. Feels like I'm dreaming...
Nagisa: But pretty as it may be, it's still being targeted by the Dotsuku Zone.
Honoka: Now that we're here, we won't let them have their way!
Vyrn: Whoa... What's with the scary faces?
Nagisa: We were just thinking we want to do whatever it takes to help you guys.
Vyrn: That so? Glad to hear it.
By the way, what exactly are those Zakenna things?
Nagisa: We're actually not sure. We just know they're evil and violent.
Honoka: But isn't it kind of strange that the Zakennas earlier were attacking directly instead of possessing something?
Nagisa: Yeah, it is.
Vyrn: Huh? Possessin' somethin'?
Honoka: Zakennas usually attack by possessing something—like a roller coaster or vacuum cleaner—and turning it into a horrible monster.
Nagisa: They even possessed paintings in an art gallery once.
Nagisa: Knights and mammoths and stuff came out of the paintings—it was insane!
Honoka: Maybe that man with the beard doesn't understand how to use the Zakennas yet.
Nagisa: Yeah, he was having trouble controlling them back in the forest. If the Zakennas were showing their true colors, you'd know it.
Vyrn: It's hard to picture all that, but I at least get that they're dangerous.
Vyrn: Oh! We've still got a ways to go, but you can see where we're headin' now. We were thinkin' we'd rest over there.
Nagisa: Really? Great, I'm totally worn out from all that running in the forest...
Honoka: Hehe. It would be nice to take it easy for a bit.
Vyrn: All right! We're countin' on you, Grandcypher!
Vyrn gently pats the railing, and the Grandcypher's engine roars as if in response.
Meanwhile Pisard sits in a room on one of the empire's ships wearing a murderous expression.
Pisard: ...
Pommern: Lord Pisard. We've located the girl in blue.
Pisard: I see. So then why isn't she here?
Pommern: W-well, you see... We ran into some unexpected interference, I do say...
Pisard: Tch! You had the Zakennas at your disposal, and you still managed to fail? What happened?
Pisard: What went wrong?
Pommern: Well...
Pommern: We used the Zakennas as our trump card, but they were easily thwarted by a pair of girls calling themselves Pretty Cure.
Pisard: Pretty Cure?
Pisard: Did you say Pretty Cure?
The news causes Pisard to raise his voice in anger.
Pisard: I never expected to hear that name here... Those irritating brats!
He pounds his pale fist on the table as he thinks back on a certain infuriating memory.
Pisard: We must secure the blue-haired girl by any means necessary.
Pisard: I have a feeling that colossal power of hers will prove useful when the time comes to resurrect the Dark King.
Pisard: The complete revival of the Dark King... Do you understand what that means?
Pommern: Y-yes, sir...
Pisard: Light will be swallowed by darkness, worlds will crumble, and all will fall under the control of the Dotsuku Zone!
Pisard: If the Dark King lives eternally, the Dotsuku Zone will live eternally. And if the Dotsuku Zone lives eternally, so will I.
The corners of Pisard's mouth curl into a smile, his eyes glinting with boundless ambition.
Pisard: I shall accomplish my mission and live forever!
Pisard: But it seems I have some pests to exterminate first.
Pisard: From now on I will handle them personally.
Pisard: Warriors of legend, Pretty Cure... The time has come for me to have my revenge for being cast into the void.
His eyes narrow to glare at the tiny outline of a ship in the distance.
Pisard: Just you wait... I will show you what true darkness looks like!
Pisard: Heh heh heh... Muahahahaha!

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 3: Our Friend the Grandcypher - Episode 2

As (Captain) and the crew give their new friends a tour of the ship, Lyria and Vyrn tell the story of their first encounter with the Grandcypher. Nagisa and Honoka are touched by how much the captain and crew seem to care about their beloved ship.

Mepple: Mipple!
Mipple: Mepple!
Vyrn: What the heck are they doin'?
Vyrn watches in bewilderment as Mepple and Mipple skip around the deck together.
Honoka: Ahaha... Those two are always all lovey-dovey like that.
Lyria: Hehe. Look at them holding hands. They seem like they're having fun.
Nagisa: Geez. We're out of danger for one second, and those two are already all over each other.
Mepple: Leave us alone, mepo! We're enjoying our date on this sky cruise, mepo!
Mipple: Everything's so white and pretty, mipo.
Nagisa: Whoa, you can't even see the ground!
Vyrn: The only thing down there is the bottom of the skies. There's nothin' to land on.
Nagisa: The skies have a bottom?
Vyrn: That's just what we call it. Nobody really knows what's down there.
Honoka: This really is a mysterious world. It's completely different from ours!
Honoka: This ship has a large air balloon like a blimp, but aside from that it's totally different. It really shows we're in a whole other world!
Lyria: Hehe. Honoka's like a kid in a candy shop!
Vyrn: If you think the outside's cool, why don't you take a look inside? That'd be okay, right, (Captain)?
  1. Sure!
  2. Maaaybe.

Choose: Sure!
Honoka: Yay! Thank you, (Captain)!
Nagisa: Can I look too?
Vyrn: Sure! We'll give you the grand tour!

Choose: Maaaybe.
Honoka: Oh... That's all right. We're in the middle of flying right now, and we wouldn't want to cause any problems...
Lyria: (Captain)! Why are you teasing her!
Vyrn: The captain just likes to do stuff like that sometimes.
Nagisa: I thought (Captain) was super serious, but I guess the captain's got a playful side.
Vyrn: When we get a new crew member, we always give 'em a grand tour. So we'd be happy to show you gals around too!
Honoka: Yay! Thank you!
Continue 1
Porun: An adventure, popo! An adventure, popo!
Nagisa: Behave yourself, okay? We don't want to disturb the rest of the crew.
Vyrn: We'll give you the full tour, but where do you wanna start?
Honoka: Let's see... Oh, I know!
The place Honoka wants to see turns out to be the power room.
Vyrn: It's dangerous in the back, but we can poke our heads in.
Honoka: Wow! So this is where the ship gets its power from!
Honoka: Is that the engine? How does it work?
Porun: Popo! Popo!
Nagisa: Porun! Don't get too close, okay? You could get hurt!
Vyrn: Why'd she wanna see the power room first when she's not an engineer? I thought she'd wanna see the bridge or somethin'.
Nagisa: All it takes is a tiny question to get the gears in Honoka's mind turning.
Nagisa: She'll try to find the answer no matter how hard the subject is. It's really impressive.
Mepple: A lot more impressive than a certain glutton who wanted to see the kitchen first, that's for sure, mepo!
Nagisa: Excuse you! I was just wondering what their meals were like here.
Lyria: Whenever I visit a new place, I'm always curious what the food is like!
Nagisa: Yeah! I wanna try all kinds of tasty foods!
Honoka: Say, what type of fuel does this engine run on?
Lyria: Umm... I think there's magic involved, but aside from that I'm not sure.
Vyrn: Airships only fly thanks to Astral engineering, but we don't really know how any of it works.
(Captain) explains about the Astrals and their advanced technology.
Nagisa: It's pretty cool that you're able to use the technology even though you don't know how it works.
Lyria: There's a lot we don't understand. The Grandcypher flies perfectly now, but it didn't use to be that way.
Lyria: Apparently this ship was grounded for a long time before we came along, even though there was nothing wrong with it.
Vyrn: Maybe the ship picked up on Rackam's feelings while he was spendin' all that time repairin' it.
Vyrn: Rackam had already given up on the ship flyin', but the second he put his hands on the wheel believin' it could fly, it started right up.
Lyria: It's like the Grandcypher was happy Rackam believed in it!
Nagisa: Huh. Kinda sounds like the Grandcypher has a heart of its own.
Honoka: Where we're from, people say that if something is cherished enough, it develops its own soul. Maybe this ship has a soul of its own too.
Lyria: I think it might! I can't hear its voice or anything no matter how hard I listen though.
Lyria: But the Grandcypher is one of our precious friends! We love this ship!
Lyria: And I bet the Grandcypher loves us back... Hehe. That's what I believe!
Lyria: Don't you think so too, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods firmly, declaring that their journey wouldn't be the same without the Grandcypher by their side.
Nagisa: What a lucky ship, being loved so much.
Honoka: Yeah.
It warms the girls' hearts to see how much (Captain) and the crew care about the Grandcypher.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 3: Our Friend the Grandcypher - Episode 3

Nagisa and Honoka are relieved by the crew's warm reception. After heading to their room, they think back on Lyria's story and introduce themselves to the Grandcypher, resolving to make the most of the limited time they have with their new friends.

Night falls on the Grandcypher as (Captain) and the crew continue showing their new friends around.
After dinner Nagisa and Honoka head to their newly assigned room to make their beds.
Nagisa: That was so good! I'm stuffed!
Honoka: It really was delicious. I think I ate a little too much.
Mepple: Omp went all out today, mepo. That really hit the spot, mepo!
Mipple: He can perfectly recreate dishes from the Garden of the Sky—he's amazing, mipo!
Porun: Zzz... Popo...
Nagisa: Looks like Porun wore himself out. He's sound asleep.
Honoka: He was really popular with the crew!
Nagisa: Some of the kids thought he was a plushie moving with magic. Can't say I blame them for being confused.
Mepple: Humph. We're not plushies, mepo!
Honoka: Mepple and Mipple were in their Commune forms, so the gadget fans on the crew really took an interest in them.
Mipple: It was a lot of work trying to explain to them that we weren't machines, mipo.
Mipple: But I was really happy when someone said my heart mark was cute, mipo!
Honoka: When I first heard about the crew, I wondered what the members would be like.
Honoka: There were so many different types of people, but everyone was so kind. I felt right at home.
Nagisa: Everyone was so quick to accept us even though we came from another world. They sure are an open-minded bunch.
Honoka: As long as we're with (Captain)'s crew, I know we'll enjoy our time here in the Garden of the Sky!
Nagisa: Yeah!
Nagisa spreads out her sheets and flops onto the bed.
Listening carefully, she can hear the faint, comforting sound of propellers in the distance.
Nagisa: What a nice sound... It's really soothing.
Honoka: ...
Following suit, Honoka lies down on her own bed.
Honoka: Yes. It's a very gentle sound.
Nagisa: The Grandcypher's soul, huh...
Nagisa: It's all thanks to the Grandcypher that everyone's able to journey together like this.
Lyria: But the Grandcypher is one of our precious friends! We love this ship!
Lyria: And I bet the Grandcypher loves us back... Hehe. That's what I believe!
Honoka: This ship is filled with the crew's thoughts and memories.
Honoka: Even though it's only for a little while, we're lucky we get to spend time in a place filled with so much warmth.
Thinking of the journey that lies ahead of them, Nagisa addresses the large wall behind her.
Nagisa: Nice to meet you, Grandcypher.
Honoka: Yes, thank you for having us aboard.
Mepple and Mipple transform into their original forms and lie down on their beds.
Mepple: Looking forward to our journey together, mepo!
Mipple: Let's be friends, mipo!
The sound of the Grandcypher's propellers echoes in the stillness, as if in response to their introductions.
Lyria's Voice: Nagisa, Honoka, can I talk to you?
Honoka: Lyria! Sure, come in.
Lyria: Oh, I'm sorry... Were you going to bed?
Nagisa: Nope, we were just lying down. What's up?
Lyria: Um... The night sky outside is really pretty right now. Would you like to go on deck with me to see it?
Nagisa: Really? Yeah, let's do it!
Honoka: Thanks for inviting us, Lyria!
Lyria: Hehe... Then let's get going!
Their days together with (Captain) and the crew are limited.
But the girls resolve to make the most of the time they have with their new friends.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 3: Our Friend the Grandcypher - Episode 4

A few days later, (Captain) and company make their way to an island free from the empire's influence to pick up supplies. Aware of their plans, Pisard heads to the island ahead of them and turns all the villagers there to stone, setting the stage for battle with his arch-enemies, Pretty Cure.

Several days have passed since Nagisa and Honoka set sail on the Grandcypher.
Nagisa: Whew... I'm pooped... Washing clothes without a machine is a lot of work.
Lyria: There certainly was a lot of laundry today. You really helped us out!
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain). I think we're gonna need to stock up on supplies soon. Think we oughta start headin' toward an island?
Honoka: Didn't someone mention that a lot of this area belongs to the empire? Will we be okay?
(Captain) opens a map and studies it, trying to decide the best place to land.
Vyrn: We don't really know much about this area either honestly...
Honoka: Then why don't we ask the other crew members if they know anything?
Nagisa: That's a good idea. They come from all sorts of islands, so one of them might know a safe place to go.
(Captain) agrees with Honoka's proposal, and the group splits up to ask around for information.
Lyria: I'm sorry... It's all my fault we have to move so carefully, since I'm being targeted by the empire...
Vyrn: Hey, don't worry about it. You got nothin' to be sorry about.
Nagisa: Yeah! We might've met by accident, but now we're riding on the same ship together. I'd say that makes us friends!
Honoka: And when one of your friends is in trouble, you want to do what you can to help them, right?
Lyria: Nagisa... Honoka...
Lyria: I'll do my best to help find a safe place to land!
Lyria makes her declaration and heads off to speak with the other crew members.
  1. Thanks for that.

Choose: Thanks for that.
Honoka: You don't have to thank us.
Vyrn: Well, Lyria can be pretty hard on herself sometimes.
Vyrn: Thanks for lookin' out for her even though you've already got a ton on your plate.
Nagisa: Oh, stop. We didn't do anything special...
Nagisa: But hearing that makes me happy.
Honoka: Come on, let's go talk to the crew!
After exchanging information, they are able to identify an island free from the empire's influence and set sail in that direction.
Little do (Captain) and company know that they are being watched by a solitary figure high in the sky.
Pisard: There you are, Pretty Cure.
Pisard: I see what you're up to. If you flee to that island, the empire won't be able to lay a finger on you.
Pisard: But I've got bad news for you! The rules and boundaries of this world mean nothing to me!
Pisard: This must be the island they were discussing.
Pisard touches down on a high rooftop and turns his attention to the people walking to and fro in the village below.
Pisard: Heh... I'll do you the honor of setting the perfect stage for an even showdown!
Pisard: ...!
The moment Pisard opens his eyes, an ominous ripple spreads throughout the village, turning all of the residents to stone.
Pisard: I'll be waiting, Pretty Cure!
Pisard: Heh heh heh... Muahahahaha!
Pisard looks up into the sky, a sinister smile stretching across his face.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 4: Pisard's Shocking Revival - Episode 1

(Captain) and company land on the island to discover a deserted village full of unsettling statues. Pisard appears and transforms the Grandcypher into a monster for the sake of capturing Lyria and having his revenge against Pretty Cure. Enraged, Nagisa and Honoka transform to save the crew's precious friend.

Unaware of the trap awaiting them, (Captain) and the crew land on a remote island to restock their supplies.
Nagisa: We haven't been on land in forever! It feels like the ground's moving beneath me.
Honoka: Your body must have gotten used to the ship. Everything should go back to normal if you just give it some time.
Vyrn: There are s'posed to be lots of restaurants on this island. Whaddya say we grab somethin' to eat before we shop?
Nagisa: Yeah, let's go!
Lyria: Is there anything specific you feel like, Nagisa?
Nagisa: Takoyaki!
Well, you probably don't have that here, but I could go for anything with flour in it!
Porun: No flowers here, popo. Just rocks, popo.
Honoka: She's talking about food, Porun. You can't eat rocks.
Nagisa: Rocks, huh? You think they have stone-grilled bibimbap here? I could go for some of that!
Vyrn: Anything grilled sounds good. Let's find a place to eat!
Honoka: You know, it sure is quiet... Are you sure there are people living here?
Lyria: Huh?
Lyria's gaze falls on something standing in the middle of the road.
Lyria: It looks like a statue... But something about it feels off...
Porun: A dragon, popo... It's flying, popo...
Nagisa: What are you talking about, Porun? They're all statues of people! And they're not flying!
Honoka: Hey, Nagisa... Doesn't this seem familiar?
Nagisa: Huh? Familiar?
Honoka: Remember when we went to that art museum on a field trip for social studies?
Nagisa: What! But the villain we fought there was—
Mepple: I sense an evil aura, mepo!
Mipple: It's really close, mipo!
Porun: A dragon... I'm scared, popo!
Sensing danger, Porun leaps into Nagisa's arms.
???: Muahahaha!
(Captain) and company stand frozen in shock as evil laughter echoes above them.
Pisard: We meet again, Pretty Cure!
Nagisa: Whaaat! What are you doing here!
Vyrn: Who's that super pasty guy?
Honoka: That's Pisard, an assassin from the Dotsuku Zone! But I thought he returned to the dark void!
Pisard: Listen and be amazed! Thanks to the dark essence being researched by the empire, my power has been fully restored!
Nagisa: Fully restored? I can't believe this!
Honoka: So you're the reason why the empire's been using Zakennas!
Honoka: I bet you've been manipulating that bearded man too!
Pisard: Hahaha, correct! But there's no point figuring it out after you've already fallen into my trap!
Pisard: Hand over the girl in blue!
Actually, first things first...
Pisard: I'll have my revenge on you, Pretty Cure, and then I'll capture her myself!
Nagisa: Don't be so sure! We won't let Lyria be taken away by the likes of you!
Pisard: Is that so? We'll see about that.
Pisard: Unleash your ghostly anger, Zakenna! Show them the terror of your sinister heart and the power of darkness!
Pisard raises his hands into the air, and the area is plunged into darkness.
Zakenna: Zakenna!
A shadowy figure appears out of nowhere, howling its battle cry as though taunting (Captain) and the others.
Vyrn: Huh? Where's that Zakenna thing goin'?
The Zakenna ignores the crew and soars into the sky toward its true target.
Honoka: The Grandcypher!
The dark apparition approaches the docked Grandcypher and streams inside of it.
The ship shakes violently as it begins to transform, a cross-shaped mark appearing on the forehead of the dragon on its bow.
Grand Zakenna: Zakenna!
Nagisa: I can't believe this!
Honoka: So this is what Porun meant by a dragon!
Lyria: Oh no... The Grandcypher...
Seeing their beloved ship mutated into a horrible monster, (Captain)'s hands ball into tight fists.
Pisard: Heh heh heh...
Nagisa: That ship is their friend!
Honoka: How dare you!
Nagisa: Honoka!
Honoka: Right!
Nagisa: Lyria, watch Porun for us!
Lyria: Of course!
Nagisa & Honoka: Dual Aura Wave!
Cure Black: Protector of the Light, Cure Black!
Cure White: Protector of the Light, Cure White!
Cure Black & White: Together we are Pretty Cure!
Cure White: Servants of the power of darkness...
Cure Black: Go back to where you came from!
With a flash of rainbow-colored light, Nagisa and Honoka transform into the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure.
Pisard: Heh... Looks like you're finally getting serious. I wouldn't have it any other way!
Pisard: Zakenna! Attack!
Grand Zakenna: Zakenna!

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 4: Pisard's Shocking Revival - Episode 2

The girls dodge the possessed Grandcypher's attacks one after another, refusing to fight back in fear of damaging the ship. Pisard commands the Grandcypher to finish them off, but Lyria steps forward to protect them and Pisard calls off the attack. (Captain) and company seize the opening to escape into the village.

Grand Zakenna: Zakenna!
Cure Black: Hup!
Grand Zakenna: Zakenna!
Cure White: Hyah!
Lyria: This is awful... The poor Grandcypher...
Porun: I'm scared, popo...
The girls continue to dodge the Grandcypher as the Zakenna forces it to charge at them over and over.
Pisard: Why won't you attack? Did you lose your nerve since the last time we faced off?
Cure White: You can't expect us to attack our dear friend!
Pisard: Friend? It's nothing more than a vehicle!
Cure Black: Maybe it's a vehicle in your eyes, but to us it's our precious friend!
Pisard: Too bad that ship doesn't seem to feel the same way!
Get them, Zakenna!
The Grandcypher's decorative wings start to flap, creating a whirlwind.
Cure Black: Gyaaah!
Cure White: Aaahh!
Mepple: Black!
Mipple: White!
The girls are sucked into the whirlwind and sent flying into the sky.
Vyrn: The Grandcypher's ropes! Look out!
Cure Black: Aah!
Cure White: Oh no!
The ropes ensnare the duo, binding them tightly.
Cure Black: I-I can't breathe...
Cure White: Urgh!
Mepple: Are you okay, mepo?
Mipple: Hang in there, mipo!
Pisard: Hahahaha! That's what you get for refusing to fight back! Muahahahaha!
Cure White: How could you... The Grandcypher doesn't deserve to be treated this way!
Pisard: Hah! Your foolishness for thinking of a mere ship as a friend has led to your downfall!
  1. It's not foolish!

Choose: It's not foolish!
Pisard: What!
Sword brandished, (Captain) kicks off a nearby wall and leaps into the air to slash through the ropes binding the girls.
Cure Black: Thanks, (Captain)!
Pisard: Such impudence! Crush them!
Grand Zakenna: Zakenna!
Cure White: Aah!
The Grandcypher speeds toward Pretty Cure and (Captain) below.
Lyria: ...!
Lyria: Grandcypher, please! Please stop!
Cure White: Lyria!
Pisard: That girl...
Pisard: Stop, Zakenna!
Grand Zakenna: Z-Zakenna?
Not wanting to injure Lyria, Pisard issues a command, and the Zakenna comes to a stop.
  1. This way! Run!

Choose: This way! Run!
Cure White: Right!
(Captain) and company seize the opening to turn and run into the village.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 4: Pisard's Shocking Revival - Episode 3

(Captain) and company reach a dead end in the midst of their escape from the Zakennas. The Grandcypher charges at Pretty Cure, but they leap out of the way, and the ship gets stuck between two buildings. While the Grandcypher is unable to move, the girls successfully free the ship from its dark curse.

(Captain) and company sprint away from the possessed Grandcypher, but it's no use.
Grand Zakenna: ...!
Mepple: It's gaining on us, mepo!
Mipple: This is looking bad, mipo!
They have no means of halting the Grandcypher's rampage, and their numbers are far inferior.
Pisard: There's no point in trying to escape! I have turned this entire island into the perfect stage for our battle!
Lyria: What should we do? The Grandcypher can't take much more...
Cure White: If we can just get the ship to stop moving, we might be able to drive out the Zakenna...
Cure Black: But we're doing all we can not to get hit! How are we supposed to stop it?
The group turns a corner to see a large building blocking their path.
Vyrn: Crud! A dead end!
Cure Black: I can't believe this!
Pisard: Muahahaha! This is as far as you go!
Pisard gloats as he approaches (Captain) and company from behind, grinning wickedly.
Pisard: I'll give you one last chance... Hand over the girl in blue and I'll spare your lives!
Cure Black & White: Never!
Pisard: Let's see how long it takes to break that resolve!
Pisard: Hyaaah!
Cure Black & White: Aaahh!
The girls are launched into the air from the intense force of Pisard's kick.
Vyrn: Watch out!
Thanks to their heightened agility as Pretty Cure, they manage to somersault and land safely on a nearby roof.
Cure Black: Oh, come on!
Cure White: Black! In front of you!
Grand Zakenna: Zakenna!
Cure Black: Eeek!
The Zakenna speeds violently toward the rooftop where the pair landed.
Just before impact, the girls vault over the back of the Grandcypher and land gracefully on the ground below.
Grand Zakenna: Zakenna...
The dragon head on the front of the Grandcypher gets stuck between two buildings, and the Zakenna is unable to move.
Cure White: Black, now's our chance!
Cure Black: Let's do this!
Nagisa and Honoka nod at each other and clasp their hands together.
Cure Black: Black Pulsar!
Cure White: White Pulsar!
A black-and-white orb surrounds the girls and begins to give off a rainbow-colored gleam.
Cure White: You who have been taken prisoner by the spell of darkness...
Cure Black: Sever that chain now!
Cure Black & White: Pretty Cure Rainbow Therapy!
The rainbow-colored orb surrounding the girls disperses and envelops the Grandcypher.
Zakenna: Zakenna...
Gomenna: Gomenna... Gomenna...
Gomenna... Gomenna...
Unable to withstand Pretty Cure's power, the Zakenna is forced to abandon the Grandcypher and scatter into pieces.
Lyria: Look! The Grandcypher's back to normal!
Vyrn: All right! Those two are awesome!
Cure Black & White: ...
Thanks to the power of Pretty Cure, the Grandcypher has been freed from its dark curse.
Pisard: Heh... If that was all it took to defeat you, there would be no point in exacting my revenge.
Pisard: The real battle starts now! Prepare yourselves, Pretty Cure!
A cold wind begins to blow through the petrified village as the face-to-face showdown with Pisard approaches.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 4: Pisard's Shocking Revival - Episode 4

(Captain) and the others confront Pisard, trembling with fury at his treatment of the Grandcypher. Black and White rebuke Pisard for making light of the crew's memories, and he challenges them to prove him wrong. (Captain)'s eyes burn with conviction as they prepare for battle.

Vyrn: All right! Looks like she can still fly!
The rest of the crew returns the Grandcypher to the dock following its involuntary trip into the village.
Lyria grips the hem of her skirt tightly as she watches the ship soar off.
Lyria: Let's help them fight, (Captain).
Lyria: It was so frustrating and painful seeing the Grandcypher in that state... I have to do something!
(Captain) nods in agreement and steps forward to stand beside Pretty Cure, weapon at the ready.
  1. You'll pay for that!

Choose: You'll pay for that!
Cure Black: (Captain)...
Cure Black: It must have hurt you guys the most seeing the Grandcypher like that!
A fire burns within the captain's eyes.
Pisard: Oh, what's this? I was planning to deal with Pretty Cure first...
Pisard: But no matter! One more child won't change the fact that your demise is imminent!
Pisard: I'll take you all on at once! Do your worst!
Cure Black & White: Hyaaah!
Cure Black & White: Take that! And that!
Cure Black unleashes a flurry of furious punches.
Cure White: Hyaaah!
Cure White follows up with a powerful roundhouse kick.
Pisard: Hyah!
Cure White: Aah!
Pisard demonstrates his exceptional physical prowess by deflecting each of their attacks.
  1. Hyaaah!

Choose: Hyaaah!
Pisard: Hup!
He then deftly evades (Captain)'s attack and flies lightly into the air.
Pisard: Hyaaah!
He raises his arms above his head, and the statues around them begin to float and swirl about in the air.
Vyrn: Uh-oh! Those statue people are gonna get smashed!
Lyria: Please help us, Tiamat!
Tiamat: ...!
Cure Black: She's huge!
Pisard: Is that a primal beast?
Pretty Cure and Pisard freeze upon seeing the enormous figure that suddenly appears in the sky above them.
Tiamat: ...
Tiamat creates a gust of wind, bringing the statues to a halt and lowering them safely to the ground.
Tiamat: ...
Pisard: Urgh... This wind!
Pisard loses his balance in the force of Tiamat's wind.
Cure Black & White: Hyah!
The girls take that opportunity to each aim a powerful kick directly at Pisard's chest.
Pisard: Ngh!
Pisard: Hyah!
Pisard is blown backward, but he soon climbs back to his feet and resumes his attacks.
Pisard: Did you actually think that was enough to defeat me?
Cure Black: We'll never lose to someone who has no problem trampling on things that people care about!
Cure White: The Grandcypher is filled with the crew's memories...
Cure White: We'll make you pay for trying to wreck their beloved friend!
Pisard: Filled with their memories? Hah!
Pisard: Memories are useless! No matter what you say, that thing is nothing more than a vehicle!
Cure Black & White: You're wrong!
Cure Black: The Grandcypher can only fly because it cherishes the crew and their precious memories!
Cure Black: Person or ship—it doesn't matter! They believe in each other. They care about each other! That's why they can continue their journey!
Cure White: You're wrong for dismissing their thoughts and memories and trying to destroy them!
Lyria: Black... White...
Lyria is touched by the girls' passionate words.
Pisard: Then prove it! Show me the power of those memories of yours!
Cure Black & White: You asked for it!

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Relentless Ambition

As Black and White unleash their Pretty Cure Marble Screw, Pisard realizes his defeat and speeds away into the sky. The villagers return to their original forms, and (Captain) and company head to a restaurant to eat. However, Pisard is still alive and well, plotting his revenge.

Pisard: Urgh!
After being pummeled by (Captain) and company, Pisard takes to the sky.
Cure Black: Now!
Cure White: Right!
The girls grip each other's hands tightly and cry out with fierce determination.
Cure Black: Black Thunder!
Cure White: White Thunder!
Black and white streaks of lightning appear in the sky and strike their hands.
Cure White: The beautiful souls of Pretty Cure...
Cure Black: Will crush the sinister hearts!
Cure Black & White: Pretty Cure—
Cure Black & White: Marble—
Cure Black & White: Screw!
Flashes of black and white light burst from their hands, swirling together as they speed through the air and encompass Pisard.
Pisard: Aaaaargh!
Realizing his defeat, Pisard flies high into the sky and speeds away.
Vyrn: The statues turned back into people!
Cure White: What a relief...
Cure Black: Yeah...
Cure Black: Man... I'm starving.
Lyria: We didn't have lunch yet after all. It looks like the village is going to be okay now, so let's go eat!
Cure Black: Sounds good to me!
(Captain) and company visit a restaurant in the area and proceed to devour every dish the waiters send their way.
Lyria: Munch, munch... This is delicious!
Honoka: Yeah! The seasoning they use on this island reminds me of Italian cuisine—it's so good!
Mepple: What did you order, Nagisa, mepo?
Nagisa: It's supposed to be an island specialty made with local vegetables! Don't you think it looks like takoyaki?
On Nagisa's plate lie a number of round, white vegetables with brown sauce drizzled on top.
Mipple: The vegetables are so tiny and cute, mipo! I wonder what they taste like, mipo!
Nagisa: Only one way to find out... Munch!
Nagisa: Ugh... Bleh...
Porun: Nagisa? You're making a funny face, popo.
Nagisa: This thing... tastes like an onion...
Honoka: The sauce makes it hard to tell, but if you look closely, they look exactly like small onions...
Nagisa: Since when do onions look like tiny tomatoes!
Vyrn: What's up? Not a fan of onions, Nagisa?
Nagisa: Well... That's not the only thing...
Nagisa: I just wanted to eat something that reminded me of takoyaki... I can't believe this!
Pretty Cure may be the saviors of worlds, but that doesn't change the fact that they're just ordinary girls at heart.
But as they live their lives to the fullest, they receive power from the memories they make day by day.
A few days have passed since the battle between Pretty Cure and Pisard.
In an imperial army base on a certain island, Pisard peruses a mountain of documents, deep in thought.
Pisard: (The girl who controls the power of the primal crystals... And that other child they called (Captain)...)
Pisard: (Now I have even more nuisances to deal with.)
Pisard: (But they must have their own weaknesses.)
Pisard: (Like Pretty Cure—those two can't transform without joining hands...)
Pisard pores over research documents concerning Lyria, looking for anything that might give him a clue.
Pisard: (Hm? This report seems unrelated to her power to control the primal crystals...)
Pisard: ...!
This is it!
His mouth twists into a sinister grin as he reads a particular sentence in the report.
Pisard: I've done it... I've discovered their weakness!
Pisard: Heh heh heh... Your end is near, (Captain)!
Pisard's shoulders shake as twisted laughter escapes his lips.
The gleam in his eyes signifies the birth of a new threat to the skies.
To be continued.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 5: Lyria's Beloved Journal - Episode 1

While searching for (Captain), Nagisa and Honoka visit the lobby of the inn to find Lyria and Porun drawing in Lyria's notebook. They stare at Porun in wonder as they notice he has somehow managed to draw primal beasts he's never encountered before.

Lyria: Hum, hum, huuum...
Lyria sits in the lobby of the inn, writing in her beloved notebook.
Porun: Lyria, whatcha doing, popo?
Lyria: Oh, hello, Porun. I'm writing in my journal.
Porun: There are lots of drawings, popo.
Lyria: I wanted to include pictures of all the adventures we've had and people we've met on our journey.
Porun: ...
Porun: I wanna draw too, popo!
Lyria: Hehe. Then why don't we draw together?
Nagisa: I can't believe that guy is back again and up to no good.
Honoka: So he was the one plotting to consume all the energy from the Garden of the Sky.
Nagisa: I never dreamed we'd run into the first enemy we ever fought—and here of all places.
Mepple: Consuming this world's energy has made him a lot more powerful than he was before, mepo.
Mipple: But I know it'll turn out okay, mipo! (Captain) and the crew are here to help, mipo.
Honoka: You're right. We have more friends on our side this time, so I'm sure everything will be all right.
Honoka: Oh, speaking of (Captain)...
Nagisa: What's up, Honoka?
Honoka: The person on cleaning duty has an upset stomach, so the captain was looking for a replacement.
Nagisa: What! Does that mean they can't eat anything?
Mepple: Leave it to Nagisa to be worried about food, mepo.
Nagisa: Hey, Honoka. Wanna see if we can help?
Honoka: Sure.
Porun: Draw, popo! Draw, popo! Vyrn, come draw with us, popo!
Vyrn: Okay, okay! I heard you! I'll draw, so chill out already!
Lyria: Ahaha... Porun's really taken a liking to you.
Vyrn: Sheesh... I've never had anybody push me around like this before.
Nagisa: (Captain)! We heard you were looking for someone to help clean!
Honoka: Where did the captain go?
Vyrn: Oh, I think (Captain)'s down at the docks. The captain's probably lookin' at the Sky Map tryin' to figure out where we oughta go next.
Porun: Come on, let's draw, popo! Play with me, popo!
Nagisa: Huh? What are you doing?
Lyria: We're all drawing together! Porun's very artistic.
Porun: Nagisa, Honoka! Look, popo!
Glowing with happiness at Lyria's praise, Porun excitedly opens the notebook to show them.
Nagisa: Let's see... It's a picture of a girl, a person wearing armor, a snake... and another girl?
Lyria: I think it's supposed to be Tiamat, Colossus, Leviathan, and Yggdrasil.
Honoka: Tiamat and Colossus... Those are the primal beasts that helped us the other day, right?
Lyria: And Leviathan and Yggdrasil are just as kind and dependable as they are!
Nagisa: Wow... There are more primal beasts? Leviathan and Yggdrasil, huh...
Vyrn: Wait, how'd you know about them, Pipsqueak?
Porun: Whoosh, rattle-rattle... Splish-splash, ding... Popo...
The others stare at Porun in wonder as he innocently continues his doodling.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 5: Lyria's Beloved Journal - Episode 2

Inspired by Lyria's journal, (Captain) and the crew begin to reminisce about their journey. The subject turns to (Captain) and Lyria's first meeting, but Nagisa and Honoka change the subject when they sense Lyria's hesitation to go into detail. Meanwhile a Zakenna approaches Porun as he lies fast asleep clutching Lyria's notebook.

Porun: Drawing, popo... Drawing, popo...
Lyria: Oh, I know. You must have learned about Leviathan and Yggdrasil from my journal, right, Porun?
Vyrn: Man, it feels like forever since we fought them.
Honoka: Your journey sounds like it's been pretty rough.
Vyrn: I guess you could say that. We had to fight primal beasts on some of the islands we visited.
Lyria: Hehe. We've definitely had our struggles, but overall it's been a lot of fun.
Lyria's journal inspires the crew to reminisce about their journey together.
They tell their friends about the Grandcypher's triumphant return to the skies, as well as the time they fought against Tiamat.
The conversation then turns to their battle with Colossus, a primal beast crafted by the Draphs of Valtz Duchy for the sake of revenge.
As Nagisa and the others listen to the crew's grand tale, their expressions bounce between excitement and sadness.
Mepple: Wow, mepo... That's as big of an adventure as ours, mepo!
Mipple: I've been wondering, Lyria... How did you and (Captain) meet?
Lyria: Oh, well...
Lyria: That's a secret.
Nagisa: Whaaat! That just makes me wanna know even more!
Vyrn: Well, it ended with us having to escape from our home island...
Honoka: That sounds like quite an ordeal...
Honoka: (Hey, Nagisa. I don't think they want to talk about it.)
Lyria: ...
Nagisa: (I got that vibe too.)
Seeing Lyria's expression, Nagisa and Honoka decide to change the subject.
Honoka: Oh, I almost forgot. We heard the person on cleaning duty is sick. Want us to help?
Nagisa: You guys are letting us travel with you and everything, so just let us know if there's anything we can do.
Nagisa: I've got stamina for days, so keep the chores coming!
After practically forcing the crew to give them cleaning duty, Nagisa and Honoka immediately set to work.
Nagisa: La-di-da...
Mipple: Nagisa, you seem to be in a good mood, mipo.
Honoka: I bet it has to do with the crew promising us snacks in exchange for cleaning.
Nagisa: Yeah! When we came to this world, I never thought I'd get to eat sweets here.
Mepple: It doesn't take much to win you over, mepo.
Nagisa: Humph! I'm a glutton, remember?
The group continues chatting as they clean the cabins. Suddenly Nagisa notices something.
Nagisa: Wow, we sure got a lot of cleaning done.
Mepple: That's because Porun wasn't interrupting us, mepo.
Honoka: Come to think of it, where is he?
Mipple: He fell asleep while he was drawing with Lyria and Vyrn, mipo.
Mepple: We won't be able to clean with Porun around, so let's just let him sleep, mepo.
Mipple: He's still a child after all, mipo. Growing boys need their rest, mipo.
Porun: Zzz... Zzz... Popo...
Porun snores softly as he sleeps, clutching Lyria's notebook tightly in his arms.
Zakenna: Zakenna... Zakenna...
Zakenna: Zakenna...
Porun lies defenseless as a Zakenna reaches out toward his sleeping figure.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 5: Lyria's Beloved Journal - Episode 3

Hearing Porun shout, Nagisa and the others hurry to the docks in the direction of his voice. There they find Porun cornered by a small Zakenna that has stolen Lyria's journal. Nagisa and Honoka transform into Pretty Cure to retrieve the notebook, but Pommern captures Porun, and (Captain) and company must fight to save him.

Porun's Voice: Popo!
Nagisa: Huh?
Honoka: I wonder what happened?
Lyria: Stop! Please wait!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Vyrn: There you are, Zakenna! Quit runnin' all over the place!
Porun: My drawing, popo! Give it back, popo!
Nagisa: Huh? What's going on?
Honoka: Did that little Zakenna steal Lyria's notebook?
Nagisa: Hey, Mepple! Why didn't you sense an evil aura like you always do?
Mepple: We were focusing so hard on cleaning that I didn't notice, mepo.
Mipple: This is no time for arguing, mipo! Hurry and transform, mipo!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Nagisa & Honoka: Dual Aura Wave!
Cure Black: Protector of the Light, Cure Black!
Cure White: Protector of the Light, Cure White!
Cure Black & White: Together we are Pretty Cure!
Cure White: Servants of the power of darkness...
Cure Black: Go back to where you came from!
Cure Black & White: ...
Vyrn: Huh? Where'd that Zakenna go?
Lyria: Do you think it ran away?
Cure Black: Aw, man! Why'd we even bother transforming if it's just gonna run away!
Cure White: Let's go after it, Black!
Mepple: I sense an evil aura, mepo! It must have gone that way, mepo!
Mipple: Be careful, mipo! There's more than one evil aura, mipo!
Zakenna: Zakenna! Zakenna!
Porun: Wait, popo! Give back that notebook, popo!
Porun: Popo!
Pommern: Well, well... Not only were we able to retrieve our target, but it appears we won a bonus prize along with it.
Porun: That belongs to Lyria and me, popo! Give it back, popo!
Pommern: I think not! This is crucial to our plan, I do say!
Pommern: It will undoubtedly be a critical factor in dealing with those meddlesome brats.
Porun: Po!
Pommern: Don't worry. We'll make sure to let you witness the moment they're brutally defeated.
Pommern: Heh heh heh...
Porun: Stop, popo! Let go, popo!
Cure Black: Hold it right there!
Pommern: Well, well... Speak of the devil.
Vyrn: Hey, beard-face! Where do you think you're takin' that little guy!
Pommern: We've taken an interest in these beings from the Garden of Light, I do say.
Pommern: Considering they operate alongside Pretty Cure, I can't help but suspect they possess some sort of special power.
Pommern: Well, I suppose we'll find out once we use the empire's technology to study this one... thoroughly.
Lyria: ...!
Horrible memories of the imperial army's research lab flash through Lyria's mind.
Lyria: No! You can't do that to Porun!
  1. You won't get away with this!

Choose: You won't get away with this!
Cure Black: Let's go, White!
Cure White: Right behind you, Black!
Pommern: Heh heh heh... It seems you haven't realized you've fallen right into our trap.
Pommern: Zakennas! Get them!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Mepple: Oh no, mepo! We're completely surrounded, mepo!
Pommern: I never would have thought worn-out suits of armor would be so useful in battle. These monsters truly are convenient, I do say.
Pommern: If you wish to save this creature, you'll have to pay a visit to our research facility.
Pommern: Heh heh heh...
(Captain) and company can do nothing but watch as Pommern turns on his heel to leave.
Porun: Let go, popo!
Vyrn: Pipsqueak!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Vyrn: Argh!
Vyrn: Now you've done it!
Cure Black: Vyrn, leave this to us!
Cure White: We won't let you take Porun!

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 5: Lyria's Beloved Journal - Episode 4

While (Captain) and company are busy fighting a mob of Zakennas, Pommern returns to the empire's research facility to hand Lyria's journal over to Pisard. Pisard decides to use Porun as bait for Pretty Cure and begins flipping through the notebook, looking for a clue to defeating (Captain) and capturing Lyria.

Zakenna: Zakenna!
Cure Black: Hyaaah!
Cure White: Yaaah!
(Captain) and company continue mowing down the army of Zakennas in their path, when suddenly they hear the sound of an engine.
Pommern: I suppose I shouldn't be surprised you managed to defeat all those Zakennas.
Pommern: What a pity you weren't fast enough.
The imperial battleship takes off with a roar.
Porun: Popo!
Cure Black & White: Porun!
(Captain) and company watch helplessly as the ship vanishes into the distance.
Cure Black: ...
Cure White: ...
Mipple: They took Porun, mipo...
Vyrn: Sorry... If only I could've grabbed him...
Mepple: It's not your fault, mepo. And that Zakenna hit you pretty hard... Are you okay, mepo?
Vyrn: That doesn't matter right now.
Lyria: Vyrn...
Vyrn: Dang it...
Cure Black: We need to go after Pommern.
Cure White: He said they were taking Porun to the imperial army's research facility.
Vyrn: Yeah. We gotta track 'em down and save Pipsqueak.
Pommern: Lord Pisard, I have the item you requested.
Pisard: Oh? Well done. I'm impressed you managed to outwit them.
Pisard takes Lyria's notebook with a sinister chuckle.
Pommern: What should we do with this creature from the Garden of Light?
Porun: P-popo...
Pisard: He's valuable bait for luring those do-gooders. We must stow him carefully.
Pisard: In a cage teeming with the power of dark crystals, that is.
Pommern: Yes, sir. Understood.
Porun: Stop, popo! Let go, popo!
Pisard: Now then...
Pisard opens Lyria's notebook.
Pisard: As long as I have this...
Pisard: I should have no trouble getting rid of (Captain) and securing the power of the blue-haired girl.
Pisard: Heh heh heh...
He flips to the first page and begins reading.
There he finds the story of Lyria and (Captain)'s first meeting—the beginning of their journey from Zinkenstill.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 6: Believe in the Light - Episode 1

(Captain) and company touch down on the island where Porun is being held and make their way toward the imperial testing facility to rescue him. While en route, (Captain) senses enemies nearby and manages to foil a surprise attack by Pommern, who emerges with a team of machina soldiers to challenge them to battle.

Cure Black: ...
Cure White: ...
(Captain) and company sail through the skies on their way to save Porun.
Vyrn: That pasty creep's got a lot of nerve... He won't get away with this.
Lyria: Please let Porun be okay...
Mipple: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn... Thank you for helping us rescue Porun, mipo.
Vyrn: You oughta save your thanks until after we get him back.
Lyria: Yeah. Let's get him back so he can forget all those scary and painful memories as soon as possible.
Mepple: Thanks, everybody, mepo.
Lyria: I really love Porun.
Lyria: Don't you think that innocent air about him is wonderful?
Vyrn: Yeah. We've run into other kids that hold back and don't let themselves be kids.
Lyria: If Porun ends up scarred by painful memories, he might lose that spark of his. Just thinking about it makes my heart hurt...
Vyrn: So we gotta save him before that happens...
Cure Black: Thanks, you guys...
Before long they spot a solitary island in the distance.
Cure White: That must be the island where the imperial army's testing facility is located.
Vyrn: That's what it said in the letter Beardy sent us.
Cure Black: Porun's there—I just know it. Come on, White! (Captain)!
The Grandcypher lowers its speed and touches down on the island.
(Captain) and company disembark from the ship and begin their search for Porun.
Vyrn: So this is where they're keepin' Pipsqueak.
Mepple: It's eerily quiet, mepo.
Mipple: Black, White... Be careful, mipo.
Cure Black: Those imperial guys sure are crazy.
Lyria: We don't know what they might have in store for us... Be careful, everyone.
Cure White: Don't worry, Lyria. We're up against cowards who use dirty tricks to get what they want.
Cure Black: There's no way we'll lose to the likes of them!
(Captain) and company continue making their way through the ominous silence of the forest.
Suddenly the captain comes to an abrupt halt.
Mipple: (Captain), what's wrong, mipo?
Mepple: We need to keep moving, mepo!
(Captain) pretends to adjust something while keeping a close eye on a nearby cluster of bushes.
Judging from the smell of freshly disturbed grass permeating the air, the captain suspects imperial soldiers could be lurking nearby.
It seems they put too much faith in Mepple and Mipple's ability to sense the Zakennas. A surprise attack could come at any moment.
Imperial Soldier 1: Urgh!
Hoping to make the first move, (Captain) dashes over and directs a kick toward the area where the presence of an intruder is strongest.
Cure Black: (Captain)?
Cure White: ...!
Black, over there!
Pommern: So you managed to see our ambush coming thanks to that keen nose of yours. Impressive, I do say.
Pommern: But this is as far as you go!
Annihilate them, my soldier friend!
Machina Soldier: ...
Cure Black: Wh-what is that thing!
Cure White: A mechanical soldier?
Mepple: It's just one thing after another, mepo!
Cure Black: Let's go, White!
Cure White: Sure thing, Black!

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 6: Believe in the Light - Episode 2

Pisard makes his appearance and commands his Zakennas to possess the memories inscribed in Lyria's journal, creating duplicates of the primal beasts (Captain) and the crew have fought during their journey. After separating Black and White, he summons a copy of the hydra that once killed (Captain).

Pommern: Heh heh heh... You fools...
Pommern: You failed to realize I was merely a decoy...
Pisard: It's time to end this.
Cure Black: So you decided to show yourself!
Cure White: Give Porun back!
Pisard: Very well. If you can defeat me, that is.
Porun: Popo...
Vyrn: Pipsqueak!
With a flourish, Pisard reveals a violet container. Inside is Porun, wearing a hollow expression.
Pisard: As of now, he's still alive. However, if he remains in this cage, I'm afraid that will cease to be the case.
Cure White: You monster! You'll pay for this!
Cure Black: Get ready for a serious beatdown!
Pisard: Heh heh heh... Don't assume it will be so simple! See for yourselves...
Pisard: I'll be playing my trump card now.
Vyrn: What! Where'd those primal beasts come from!
Lyria: N-no! They're not primal beasts!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Cure Black: Wh-what the heck is that! A primal beast Zakenna?
Mepple: They're as tough as they look, mepo! The amount of evil power I'm sensing is off the charts, mepo!
Pisard: Correct. These beings possess the same strength as actual primal beasts.
Cure White: But how! Don't tell me you had Zakennas possess real primal beasts!
Pisard: There was no need thanks to this notebook.
As he says this, (Captain) and company notice a certain object in his hands.
Lyria: My journal!
Pisard: The Zakennas possessed the memories inscribed within this book.
Pisard: I'll have you relive each and every one of your battles against those fearsome beasts.
Pisard: The time has come, Zakennas! Begin by consigning Pretty Cure to their oblivion!
Lyria: No... Please, stop! They would never do a thing like that!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
The possessed Leviathan clone shoots a jet of water from its mouth.
Cure Black: Whoa!
Vyrn: Look out, (Captain)!
Cure White: Black! (Captain)!
Vyrn: Uh-oh! Black and White got separated!
Pisard: Hahaha! Don't even think about teaming up!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Cure White: ...!
Vyrn: This is bad! Those two can't fire their big attack without joinin' hands!
Lyria: Then I'll—
Pommern: Not on... my watch!
Lyria: ...!
While (Captain) and company are distracted by the Zakennas, Pommern manages to sneak around and tap Lyria with a crystal of dark essence.
Lyria: Aah!
The interference from the dark essence causes Lyria to lose her concentration.
Pommern: Be a good girl and watch quietly.
Pisard: And finally it's your turn, (Captain).
Pisard: Considering you are capable of slaying the Zakennas without transforming, I knew I needed to come up with a special scheme to deal with a nuisance like you.
Zakenna: Zakennaaa!
(Captain) gasps instinctively as the five-headed hydra approaches.
Despite having battled countless hydras in the past, the captain's heart is gripped with fear.
All it takes is one glance for (Captain) to understand the truth.
Zakenna: Zakennaaa!
The Zakenna's attacks are far more deadly than any of the hydras (Captain) has ever encountered.
Vyrn: What the heck! That thing's way stronger than the hydras we're used to!
Pisard: Obviously. (Captain) was no match for this creature when you lot first encountered it.
Pisard: This was written in the journal: We departed from the island of Zinkenstill after being saved by (Captain).
Lyria: Stop... Please don't say any more!
Pisard: I read through the army's reports, and it seems your journal was missing a crucial piece of information: (Captain) was killed by a hydra.
Lyria: ...!
Cure Black: What!
Cure White: (Captain) died?
Pisard: Yes—in order to protect the blue-haired girl. Considering she chose not to make a record of the event, it must have been a particularly... special memory.
Pisard: So I decided to make use of the darkness dwelling in the margins of these pages.
Vyrn: You jerk! Why'd you have to go and dig that up!
Pisard: (Captain). No matter how strong you may become, nothing will change the fact that you once lost your life to this hydra.
Pisard: The Zakennas born from your darkness will continue to evolve endlessly until (Captain) is eliminated!
Pisard: This ends now!
Zakenna: Zakennaaa!
Frightened and confused, (Captain) nevertheless stands to face the beast.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 6: Believe in the Light - Episode 3

(Captain) and Pretty Cure find themselves overpowered by the endlessly regenerating hydra and the fake primal beasts. Vyrn stands alone to face Pisard and save his friends, but just as he is on the verge of losing consciousness from Pisard's brutal attacks, he sees a flash of light and hears the voice of Queen from the Garden of Light.

Zakenna: Zakennaaa!
(Captain) slashes relentlessly at the hydra, but each time one of the heads is sliced off, another one immediately grows to take its place.
And all the while the hydra continues to increase in size, as though feeding off of the captain's fear.
(Captain) slowly begins to realize that there is no chance of victory.
Pisard: Heh heh heh... And that's that.
The next moment, the hydra's wildly swinging tail catches (Captain) squarely in the chest.
Vyrn: (Captain)!
The captain is blown backwards and sent rolling across the ground.
Cure Black: Huff... Huff... Are you okay, (Captain)?
Cure Black: You have to get up! Otherwise it's all over!
Nagisa struggles to pull (Captain) up by the hand.
Cure White: Ngh! I have to get to Black right away! Everyone's in trouble!
Cure White: Please... Get out of my way!
Cure White: Hyaaah!
Honoka spins around and aims a swift kick at the Zakennas.
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Cure White: Whoa!
However, she is thrown to the ground by the force of the enemy's counterattack.
Cure White: Huff... Huff...
Lyria: (Captain)... Black... White...
(Captain) and company no longer have the strength left to fight.
Mepple: This is looking bad, mepo!
Mipple: Is this how it ends, mipo?
Lyria: My precious memories... Why is this happening?
Pisard: Memories are worthless. Just look at Pommern. Those blinded by their past harbor hatred, sow discord, and seek out revenge.
Lyria: B-but I've made so many wonderful memories on our journey!
Pisard: Take a good look around. Your friends are in pain because of those memories of yours—and yours alone.
Pisard: Do you think being chased by the empire and having to battle violent primal beasts was fun for them?
Lyria: I...
Pisard: Behold the darkness your memories have given birth to. There's your answer.
Lyria: Should... Should I have just stayed locked up forever?
Vyrn: I've heard enough, you sun-starved creep! We don't feel that way at all!
Pisard: There's no use trying to sugarcoat it. Those memories will be your downfall, and eventually they will consume this entire world.
Cure Black: Now I'm angry! How dare you use someone's memories like that!
Cure White: Bad things happen for a reason, but that reason isn't to hurt others!
The girls lock eyes through the Zakennas blocking their paths.
If they can just combine their powers, surely they'll be able to find a way out of this.
Pisard: Heh... And what exactly do you plan to do? You're so weak you can't even stand.
Pisard: Say your prayers!
Crush them, Zakennas!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
All Three: ...!
???: Hold it!
Pisard: ...?
Vyrn: I'm still alive and kickin' over here... I'll take you on!
All Three: Vyrn!
Pisard: Heh... That's awfully big talk for such a tiny creature.
Vyrn: I'm not gonna just sit around while you hurt and make fun of my friends, you pasty bully!
Pisard: Heh.
Vyrn: Urgh!
Pisard: Give it up. You're no match for me.
Vyrn: Argh... Don't be so sure!
Vyrn: Ngh!
Cure Black: Vyrn, stop!
Vyrn: B-but somebody's gotta stop him...
Vyrn: Urgh!
Cure White: Please! Save yourself!
Pisard: You really ought to listen to them.
Vyrn: Ngh!
Vyrn: Put a sock in it! I've got pride too, y'know! I'm not gonna abandon my friends!
Pisard: Very well.
Pisard tosses the capsule containing Porun aside.
Porun: Vyrn...
Vyrn: Sit tight, Pipsqueak! I'll save you!
Pisard: Your persistence is intriguing. As long as you manage to cling to that pride of yours, I won't lay a hand on your friends.
Vyrn: Sounds good to me!
Pisard: Hyaaah!
Vyrn: ...!
Vyrn courageously continues to fight, but he is all but powerless against Pisard's might.
Vyrn: Huff... Puff...
The little dragon's strength finally fails him as he is blown backwards.
Porun: Vyrn... Hang in there... popo...
Vyrn: Pipsqueak... You're not hurt, are ya?
Porun: Don't worry about me, popo... I'm fine, popo... So please stop, popo...
Vyrn: I gotta do somethin'...
Porun: Vyrn... You're hurt, popo... You have to stop, popo!
Vyrn: I-I can't go through that again...
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)! Stop kidding around! Say something! Anything!
Vyrn: I never want to have to watch one of my friends die ever again!
Pisard: You truly are a fool. You choose to be a slave to your memories, even though they cause you nothing but agony.
Vyrn: Just shut it already, you pasty jerk!
Pisard: You still choose to stand? Your bravery is commendable.
Pisard: As a sign of respect, I'll use my full power to obliterate you!
Pisard: Hyaaah!
Pisard begins to gather the power of darkness within his hands.
Porun: Vyrn, run, popo!
Vyrn: Dang it... I wish I could...
Vyrn: (My eyes won't even open...)
Pisard: Take this!
Porun: Stop hurting Vyrn, popo!
Porun: You... You musn't pick on Vyrn, popo!
As Porun cries out, there is a sudden flash of light next to Vyrn.
Vyrn: (Huh? What's that? Something's... shinin'...)
???: Can you hear me, Vyrn?
Vyrn: (Who are you?)
Queen: I am Queen, ruler of the Garden of Light.
Queen: We have been connected for a short time thanks to Porun's powerful feelings, along with your own.
Queen: Do you see that light, Vyrn?
Vyrn: (I see somethin' shinin'... but I can't tell what it is...)
Queen: Porun truly loves you. If something were to happen to you, I have no doubt he would be devastated.
Queen: And it is clear you care about Porun as well.
Queen: In response to your feelings, I shall bestow upon you as much power as I am able.
Queen: Stand and fight once more. For your friends. For (Captain). And for Porun and his companions!
Vyrn: (Yeah... You got it... If you're tellin' me there's still a chance, I won't give up!)
But the wave of darkness generated by Pisard is already closing in on him.
Vyrn: ...!
Lyria: Vyrn?
Cure White: No... What have you done!
Cure Black: Vyrn!
Cure Black: Vyyyrn!

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Chapter 6: Believe in the Light - Episode 4

After defeating Vyrn, Pisard turns to deliver the finishing blow to (Captain) and Pretty Cure, but his Zakennas are suddenly blown away by a wall of rainbow-colored light. As (Captain) and company are healed by Queen's power, Vyrn appears wearing a legendary device known as the Rainbow Bangle and corners Pisard. Pretty Cure, (Captain), and the crew prepare for the final battle.

Pisard: That Vyrn creature had a lot of guts to take me on.
Pisard turns his attention back to (Captain).
As he swings his arms downward, the Zakennas prepare for another attack.
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Pisard: Playtime is over!
Do it!
Body weak and trembling, (Captain) somehow manages to stand, weapon at the ready.
The captain wants to get at least one strike in—for the sake of Vyrn who was cruelly swallowed by the darkness.
Zakenna: Zakennaaa!
(Captain) watches in a daze as the hydra's massive claws draw near, intent on ripping the captain to shreds.
Suddenly there is a flash of bright light.
Pisard: What is that light!
Porun: Popo!
Zakenna: Zake...
An enormous wall of rainbow-colored light slams into the Zakennas and sends them flying.
Cure Black: The Zakennas were blown away... What happened!
Cure White: All my pain is disappearing!
Mepple: I sense the power of light, mepo!
Mipple: Queen! She saved us, mipo!
Mepple: Black! Now's your chance, mepo!
Mipple: Join your powers, mipo!
Pisard: Ngh! I won't... let you!
Pisard braces himself against the wall of light.
Pisard: I will end you... here and now!
???: I don't think so!
Pisard: Urgh!
(Captain) stares in disbelief as a tiny silhouette bathed in light appears before their eyes.
Porun: Vyrn!
Vyrn: Heh! Don't write me off just yet!
Pisard: Ngh! What is this power!
The bangle on Vyrn's fist emits a powerful rainbow-colored glow.
Vyrn: Some lady let me borrow her power!
Mepple: That's one of the legendary devices passed down in the Garden of Light—the Rainbow Bangle, mepo!
Mipple: I've never seen it before, mipo! It’s the legendary bangle, mipo!
Vyrn: You're gonna pay for hurtin' my friends!
Vyrn: I won't let you lay another finger on 'em!
Pisard: Ngh... Urgh!
Pisard: I have consumed the energy of the Garden of the Sky... Are you truly foolish enough to believe you can defeat me?
Cure Black & White: Hyaaah!
Pisard: What!
Cure Black: Forget someone?
Cure White: Thank you, Vyrn. We're all better now.
Lyria: It's our turn to protect Vyrn!
(Captain) nods vehemently and prepares for battle.
Pisard: Tch! What do you think you're doing, Zakennas? Get back here and surround them!
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Lyria: Black, White! Leave the primal imposters to us!
Lyria: How could you do such a thing to my precious memories! You've made me very angry!
Cure Black: We'll take it from here!
Let's go, White!
Cure White: Right with you, Black!
Cure Black & White: Hyaaah!

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Ending

Lyria and (Captain) call upon Bahamut to wipe out the Zakennas with its flames, while Black and White hit Pisard with their ultimate attack, defeating him for good. Having completed their mission of saving the Garden of the Sky, the time comes for Nagisa and Honoka to return to their world. And so the girls continue moving forward toward the future, hand in hand.

Pisard: Aaaugh!
Cure Black: Everybody! Now!
Cure White: Right!
Porun: Pretty Cure... Pretty Cure... Don't give up, popo!
Porun: I give you the power of light, popo!
As Porun shouts, his body radiates a golden light that collides with Pretty Cure.
Cure Black: Ngh... Urgh!
Cure White: Argh!
Cure Black & White: Yeah!
The light wraps around the girls' wrists and transforms into a pair of bracelets.
They are the Pretty Cure Rainbow Bracelets—accessories that greatly enhance the power of Pretty Cure.
Cure Black: White!
Cure White: Let's go!
The girls' eyes burn with determination as they grip each other's hands tightly.
  1. Lyria!

Choose: Lyria!
Lyria: Right!
Following suit, (Captain) and Lyria join hands.
Lyria: Primeval dragon...
Lyria: Child of flames and darkness...
Zakenna: Zakenna!
Cure White: Power of hope... Take the will of light...
Cure Black: And fight your way toward the future!
Pisard: I... won't... let you!
Lyria: Thy name is...
Lyria: Bahamut!
Bahamut: Roooar!
Zakenna: Za... Zakenna!
Cure Black & White: Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm!
Cure Black & White: Hyah!
Pisard: Ngh!
Pisard: How is this possible? Why are you still able to fight after being confronted with memories of terror and defeat?
Cure Black: Everyone faces tough times... and sad times...
Cure White: But it's through all the pain and fighting that our bonds become stronger!
Cure Black: We all have things we don't want to remember... But that doesn't mean we can't learn from them!
Cure White: There's no way we'll lose to someone like you who can't understand that!
The power flowing from their joined hands grows stronger, causing the force of the Rainbow Storm to increase further.
Pisard: I will not be defeated!
Cure Black: That's our line!
Cure White: You'll never defeat us!
Pisard: Urgh...
Pisard: Aaaaaugh!
Cure Black: W-we did it...
Porun: Popo!
Cure White: Porun!
Porun: I'm so happy, popo! Everybody's back together, popo!
Vyrn: You okay, Pipsqueak?
Porun: Vyrn, you were so cool, popo!
Vyrn: Come on, quit clingin' to me... I'm dead tired...
Mepple: Vyrn, how did you get a device from the Garden of Light, mepo?
Vyrn: Who knows... Porun yelled somethin', and then I heard a lady's voice. I think she said her name was Queen?
Porun: Queen, popo! Queen, popo!
Mipple: Queen's power is incredible as always, mipo.
Elder's Voice: Well done, Pretty Cula. And well done, skyfarers from the Garden of the Sky.
They hear the voice of Elder speaking from the Garden of Light through Porun.
Cure Black: Elder! And our name is Pretty Cure!
Queen: You have saved the Garden of the Sky from the threat of annihilation. I have faith that intruder won't be threatening any other worlds.
Queen: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn. Thank you for lending Pretty Cure your assistance.
Queen: It is because of your deep bonds and love for one another that everyone was saved.
Cure Black: Huh? What's this light?
Cure White: My body feels lighter all of a sudden...
Mepple: We defeated Pisard, so our work in this world is done, mepo.
Mipple: It's time for us to return to the Garden of Rainbows, mipo.
Cure Black: Oh... I guess this is goodbye, (Captain).
Cure White: Thank you so much for helping us, everyone.
Lyria: And thank you for protecting us from the Zakennas. Have a safe trip home, okay?
Vyrn: I didn't get a chance to say it myself, so would ya mind tellin' that Queen lady thanks for me?
Porun: No, popo.
Vyrn: Huh?
Porun: You guys can come with us to the Garden of Light to thank her in person, popo! I'll show you the way, popo!
Cure Black: Porun, don't be selfish.
Cure White: (Captain) and the rest of the crew have their own lives here.
Porun: No, popo! No, popo! I want them to come with us, popo!
Lyria: Ahaha... I don't think he's in the mood to listen. What should we do, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Sheesh... Must be a pain to have to deal with this all the time, huh.
Mepple: You said it, mepo. It's exhausting putting up with his demands day after day, mepo.
Mipple: But we're happy just to have him back safe and sound, mipo.
Mipple: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn... Thank you so much for helping us, mipo.
Mepple: We're incredibly grateful, mepo.
Even though Porun can be a hassle at times, they are all overjoyed by his safe return.
The light surrounding Nagisa and the others grows stronger, and they begin to float above the heads of (Captain) and the crew.
Cure Black: Bye, everybody.
Cure White: I'm so glad we got to meet you all.
Porun: Vyrn! Come visit me someday, popo! Or I can come back here, popo! Promise!
Vyrn: Sure thing. See ya later, Pipsqueak.
And so, as the curtain falls on their adventure in the Garden of the Sky, Nagisa and the others return to their world.
Nagisa: Ngh...
Honoka: Good morning, Nagisa. You okay? You don't look so great.
Nagisa: Morning... Man... I was gonna pull an all-nighter and study after we got back yesterday...
Nagisa: But I was so worn out from our battle in the Garden of the Sky that I passed out as soon as I got home.
Honoka: You had all the time in the world while we were in the Garden of the Sky. Maybe you should've studied some then...
Nagisa: Oh... I didn't think of that...
Nagisa: Oh yeah! Time flows differently in the Garden of the Sky, right? If I just go back there...
Mipple: We can't use Elder's power for something like that, mipo...
Mepple: If you'd just start taking your classes seriously, you wouldn't have to worry about tests, and your teacher wouldn't yell at you, mepo.
Nagisa: I guess you're right...
Nagisa: Aw, man! I can't believe this!
Having completed their mission, Nagisa and her friends return to their everyday lives.
Nagisa: Ugh... Tests are so depressing...
Honoka: Hmm... We're getting to school a bit early, so how about we study for the test together?
Nagisa: Really? You're the best, Honoka!
As long as Nagisa and Honoka have each other's support, they will be able to overcome any hardships that come their way.
They continue moving forward toward the future, hand in hand.
The End

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Day 1

Nagisa: Check it out! This island is totally floating in the sky! I can't believe this!
Mepple: Don't get so close to the edge or you'll fall off, mepo! Make sure to watch your step, mepo.
Honoka: Here comes another one of those flying ships. They seem to come in all shapes and sizes. Fascinating!
Mipple: The Garden of the Sky is a lovely world, mipo. That breeze feels so nice, mipo.
Porun: A big bug, popo!
Nagisa: Wait, Porun! That's a cliff!
Nagisa: Whew...
Nagisa: That was way too close! You could've fallen off the island!
Porun: Po, po, po! I caught a bug, popo!
Nagisa: Whoa! What're you thinking, catching it with your bare hands?
Nagisa: Get that thing away from me!
Honoka: Oh! I guess the insects in the Garden of the Sky are a little different from the ones in our world. This one's so round and cute!
Nagisa: Don't just stand there inspecting it! Get rid of it, quick! I beg you!
Honoka: Fine... But it's so cute...

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Day 2

Nagisa: I can't believe Pisard is back...
Honoka: Yeah... It feels like forever since we first fought him.
Nagisa: Our heads were still spinning back then from getting our Pretty Cure powers.
Honoka: And we didn't know each other well yet since we hadn't been in the same class for long.
Nagisa: Yeah! Hard to believe it now.
Mepple: You two had a big falling out back then too, mepo.
Mipple: I was really worried when Honoka said she was quitting Pretty Cure, mipo. I didn't know what was going to happen, mipo.
Honoka: I'm really sorry about that. It was all a little overwhelming...
Nagisa: Sure, Pretty Cure almost split up, but I think that fight is what ended up bringing us closer together.
Nagisa: Well, you know what they say: the air will clear a storm.
Honoka: Isn't it "a storm will clear the air"?
Nagisa: Ahahaha! I almost had it!
Honoka: Oh, Nagisa... Hehehe.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Day 3

Porun: Popo! Popopopopo!
???: Porun! Hello? Can you hear me?
Porun: It's Elder, popo! He's contacting us from the Garden of Light, popo!
Vyrn: Whoa, I heard another voice coming out of Porun!
Elder's Voice: Oho! That voice must belong to one of the residents of the Garden of the Sky... Er...
Vyrn: I'm Vyrn! Nice to meetcha!
Lyria: My name is Lyria. It's nice to meet you, Elder!
Elder's Voice: Likewise... Thank you for looking after Mepple, Mipple, and the others.
Nagisa: So what's up, Elder?
Elder's Voice: Oh, I hear Pretty Cula! Hello, Youko! Keiko!
Vyrn: Those names aren't even close!
Vyrn: And did he say Pretty Cula? Is this guy off his rocker?
Mipple: Elder, did you have something important to tell us, mipo?
Elder: Oh, I almost forgot! I have a message from Queen for the skyfarers of the Garden of the Sky.
Elder: The spirits of light you skyfarers possess will one day become Pretty Cula's strength.
Elder: You must join forces with Pretty Cula to thwart the enemy's evil scheme and save the world!
Elder: What say you, Erica? Carl?
Vyrn: Are you talkin' to us? Our names are Lyria and Vyrn!
Vyrn: And we're s'posed to save the world? That's a pretty tall order...
Porun: Popopopo...
Porun: Elder! Talk to us more about the Garden of Light, popo!
Mepple: It takes a lot of power to hold the connection, mepo. So there's a limit to how long it can last, mepo.
Nagisa: But wasn't that shorter than usual? Maybe it's because we're in the Garden of the Sky.
Honoka: I'm not sure... Looks like we need to get back home quickly for Porun's sake too.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Day 4

Mepple: I'm starving! Nagisa, feed me, mepo!
Nagisa: Okay, okay. Geez, I'm not your mom!
Honoka: You must be hungry too, Mipple. Would you like to join him?
Mipple: Sure, mipo! Thank you, mipo!
Nagisa and Honoka each pull out a card from their commune pouches and swipe them through the grooves in the communes.
A bubble appears in the air as Mepple and Mipple close their eyes, and the pair can be seen inside enjoying their meal.
Vyrn: What the! What just happened?
Honoka: That's how Omp makes their meals. He's a cook from the Garden of Light.
Mepple: Munch, munch... The food in the Garden of the Sky is fantastic, mepo! Omp's cooking is always top-notch, mepo!
Mipple: The fruit is nice and sweet... It's delicious, mipo!
Nagisa: We have to feed them like this every day.
Mepple: But Nagisa forgets all the time, mepo.
Nagisa: Hush, you! Keep talking like that, and I'll swipe the sleep card next!
Mepple: Nooo... I don't want to sleep yet, mepo!
Mepple: Nagisa, you're so pretty, mepo! You get more beautiful by the day, mepo! You're simply radiant, mepo!
Nagisa: Oh reeeally? Fine, I guess you're excused from naptime!
Vyrn: Man, she's a real pushover...

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Day 5

Mepple: Mipple, look around, mepo... The blue sky, the white clouds—everything you see belongs to just the two of us, mepo.
Mipple: Wow, mipo. It's clear and blue as far as the eye can see... How beautiful, mipo.
Mepple: Not as beautiful as you are, Mipple, mepo.
Mipple: Oh, Mepple. There you go again.
Mepple: I love you, Mipple!
Mipple: And I love you, Mepple!
Vyrn: Gyah!
Porun: Popo!
Mepple & Mipple: Mepo!
Mepple: What was that for, mepo! Things were just getting good, mepo!
Vyrn: Oh, sorry for interruptin' your little flirtin' session...
Vyrn: Gyaaah! Quit grabbin' my tail!
Porun: Play with me, popo! Let's fly together, popo!
Vyrn: We just flew a ton! Gimme a break already!
Porun: Fly with me, popo. Over there, popo!
Vyrn: Come on, let go of me!
Porun: Popo! Popopopo!
Popopopopopopo... Popo!
Vyrn: Popo! Knock it off, popo!
Mepple: Vyrn caught Porun's speech quirk, mepo...
Mipple: Mipo...

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Day 6

Queen: The Dark King... Ruler of the world of darkness.
Elder: He was defeated in the past, but he's currently regaining power thanks to the help of his warrior of darkness.
Elder: Is the situation in the Garden of the Sky a result of that increase in power?
Queen: I'm afraid I can't say for sure. But I have a feeling it must be connected.
Queen: The Power of Destruction and the Power of Creation transcend world lines.
Queen: If darkness exists in that world, I wouldn't be surprised if it resonated with the Dark King's power.
Elder: I had a feeling that was the case. How dreadful...
Elder: Legendary warriors—Pretty Cula! You are the only ones who can stand against the force of this encroaching darkness.
Queen: You have your own beautiful souls and your new friends' spirits of light to guide you.
Queen: I have faith that you will be able to put a stop to the Dark King's evil ambitions.
Queen: Pretty Cure, Mepple, Mipple, Porun... and our skyfaring friends—we believe in you all.
Elder: Indeed. Best of luck to you, everyone!

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Day 7

Nagisa: Huh? Where's Honoka?
Vyrn: She asked if she could use the kitchen earlier, so maybe she's cookin' something.
Nagisa: Whoa, we're in a whole other world, and she wants to cook? She never fails to surprise me.
Porun: Crackle, crackle, popo...
Nagisa: Huh? Porun?
Porun: Crackle, crackle... Fshhh... Boom! Popo...
Nagisa: Are you having a vision? See anything else?
Porun: Here it comes, popo... It's getting bigger, popo! It's overflowing, popo!
Porun: Yummy, popo!
Nagisa: Whaaat? Yummy?
Honoka: It's done!
Nagisa: What's this? Popcorn?
Honoka: Yeah! I found some grains that looked like corn kernels, so I tried drying them and heating them in oil. Look how great they came out!
Lyria: The kernels were bouncing all over the place! It was so fun to watch!
Honoka: By heating the moisture inside the kernels, you can create tiny steam explosions which make them pop. In the past they used to do it by tossing them directly into the fire!
Porun: Popopopo! Let's eat together, popo!
Nagisa: So all those predictions were just about popcorn. I'm glad it wasn't anything serious.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Day 8

Lyria: Nagisa, Honoka, I see you two have matching journals!
Nagisa: Yeah! They're our Pretty Cure Diaries.
Honoka: They're special journals given to us by the Stone Keeper. You need the Garden of Light's power to read anything written inside.
Lyria: Wow! They're real-life secret diaries!
Lyria: Is the Stone Keeper another one of your friends?
Nagisa: I guess you could call him that. He wears a flowy robe thing with a hood like this...
Mepple: Pfft... Nagisa, what's that supposed to be, mepo? A scarecrow, mepo?
Nagisa: Excuse me! I didn't ask for your opinion!
Mipple: Nagisa's drawing really captures his handsomeness, mipo. I like it, mipo!
Mepple: He's not handsome in the least, mepo! Let Honoka draw—then you'll see, mepo.
Honoka: You want me to draw him? Well, I don't mind...
Nagisa: Looks exactly like him! Yeah, he has a peaceful-looking face just like that!
Lyria: So this is the Stone Keeper. He certainly is handsome!
Mipple: I knew you'd understand, mipo! He's even more handsome in real life, mipo!
Mepple: I can't believe Lyria's on your side, mepo!
Mepple: Humph. I don't get your taste at all, mepo!

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Day 9

Vyrn: R... R...
Vyrn: Ring!
Porun: G... G...
Porun: Game, popo!
Lyria: P... P...
Lyria: Pocket!
Vyrn: No, that "popo" doesn't count!
Vyrn: He said "game," so you need a word that starts with "M" or "E"!
Porun: Keep going, popo. Next is "T," popo.
Vyrn: F-fine then... T...
Vyrn: Toad!
Porun: Dolphin, popo!
Lyria: Oh! "P" again?
Porun: "O" works too, popo.
Lyria: O... O...
Lyria: Honoka!
Lyria: Oops... That doesn't start with "O."
Vyrn: You could've just used Porun instead, y'know...
Porun: Yay, I win, popo! Let's play again, popo!
Lyria: Let's go in the other direction this time! Here I go...
Lyria: Squirrel!
Porun: Lemon, popo!
Vyrn: N... Wait, no—P...
Vyrn: Port Breeze!
Lyria: Zoom!
Porun: Milk, popo!
Vyrn: P... P... Pommer—ew, no... Um...
Vyrn: Hey... Can we please ignore that "popo" of his?

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Day 10

Honoka: So... Pisard returned from the darkness, right?
Honoka: Does that mean other denizens of the Dotsuku Zone might be revived too?
Nagisa: Are you thinking about Kiriya?
Honoka: Well... Yeah, I am.
Honoka: I was thinking... If he did come back, maybe he could be an ordinary boy this time.
Honoka: Or, well... I'd hate for him to be revived by the power of darkness... But even so...
Nagisa: Yeah...
Nagisa: I wonder if Kiriya's still out there somewhere? Maybe we just can't see him...
Honoka: Could be. There's a lot we don't understand about the world of darkness.
Honoka: If he is still out there, I wonder what's going through his mind right now...
Nagisa: Yeah, I wonder...
Honoka: ...

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Day 11

Nagisa: Wow! This looks delicious!
Vyrn: This restaurant's really popular around here. And this is the only time of year you can get freshwater fish—
Nagisa: Time to dig in!
Vyrn: Hey, I'm talkin' to you!
Honoka: As soon as Nagisa's nose catches a whiff of good food, she can't think about anything else.
Nagisa: Yuuum! Here, lemme try a bite of yours too, Honoka!
Vyrn: She sure is inhalin' that food. I can't seem to look away.
Lyria: Munch, munch... Yum!
Honoka: Lyria's quite an impressive eater herself. I wouldn't have expected that.
Nagisa: Chomp, chomp!
Lyria: Munch, munch!
Honoka: ...
Nagisa & Lyria: All done!
Nagisa: Hey, do they serve dessert here?
Lyria: It looks like they have cake! Still hungry?
Nagisa: Sure, bring it on! It'll be a piece of cake!
Vyrn: You've still got room for more? And was that supposed to be a pun?
Honoka: Lyria can keep up with Nagisa's iron stomach? I-I can't believe this...

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Day 12

Mepple: Green light...
Mepple: Red light, mepo!
All Four: ...
Mepple: Grrr...
Mepple: Green light... Red light, mepo!
Porun: Po, po, po...
Mepple: Porun, mepo!
Porun: Popo? I didn't move, popo! I didn't move, popo!
Vyrn: Hey, quit freakin' out! You just bumped me!
Mepple: Vyrn moved too, mepo!
Vyrn: What! 'Cause I got bumped!
Lyria: Y-yeah! Porun just nudged him a little bit!
Mepple: Lyria's out too, mepo!
Lyria: Whaaat! Did I move?
Mipple: Mepple, you're being too strict, mipo. Porun's the only one who should have been out this time, mipo...
Mepple: If I go easy on them, it won't be Red Light, Green Light anymore, mepo! I'm just following the rules, mepo!
Porun: I didn't move, popo! I didn't move, popo!
I didn't move, popo! I didn't move, popo!
Vyrn: I didn't move either! I swear I didn't move!
Lyria: I know I didn't move! I'm one-hundred-percent sure I didn't!
Mepple: Heeey! Pipe down, you three, mepo!
Mipple: Sigh... Let's just start over, mipo.

Pretty Cure: Memories of the Sky - Day 13

Nagisa: Well, we made it back to our world. Feels like ages since the last time we walked home from school.
Honoka: The Garden of the Sky was a wonderful place. I'm glad we got to make friends with (Captain), Lyria, and the rest of the crew.
Porun: Popopopo... I didn't want to say goodbye, popo...
Mipple: Don't cry, mipo. Even though we're back in the Garden of Rainbows, we're still friends with everyone back in the Garden of the Sky, mipo.
Mepple: She's right, mepo! Vyrn's going to tease you if he catches you crying, mepo!
Porun: I'm not crying, popo! I'm not crying, popo!
Honoka: I understand how Porun feels though. The trip was tough, but it was still a lot of fun.
Nagisa: Yeah. It stinks we can't visit whenever we want...
Nagisa: But we had a lot of great times together. The memories we made with (Captain) and the crew are our priceless treasures now!
Honoka: Yeah! We wrote all about our adventures in our Pretty Cure Diaries, so those memories are here to stay!
Mepple: I won't forget, mepo!
Mipple: Neither will I, mipo!
Porun: Me neither, popo... I'll take good care of my memories, popo!
Nagisa & Honoka: Yeah!
They look up at the clear sky above them, the vast stretch continuing endlessly into the distance.
Though they may be worlds apart, the memories of their time spent in the Garden of the Sky will shine in their hearts forever.