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Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Opening

A mysterious creature first appeared in the forests of the Port Breeze Archipelago nearly five hundred years ago during the War. He is given the name Jade and becomes fast friends with Walder, often going on adventures together in the forest.

A bygone memory of the forest has much to reveal.
One creature in particular began to stir some five hundred years ago during the time of the War.
???: The mission.
He sweeps the forest in a cold, mechanical manner as if in search of something.
???: Mission. Mission. Mission.
???: Step one, skydwellers.
Step one, skydwellers.
???: Mission, mission, mis—
He trips on a tree root and tumbles down a slope.
???: Trouble, trouble, trouble—
???: Fah!
He crashes into another tree with a hard thump, and his behavior takes on a sudden change.
???: Pyuu?
???: Fah... aah?
???: ...
???: Faah!
In the year following his fall, the creature lives happily in the forest. He truly enjoys the company of the animals around him.
Squirrel: Chit-chit-chit!
???: Faah?
Bird: Chirrup-chirp-chirp?
???: Faaoh!
Raccoon: Squee, squee!
???: Faah!
???: Pyaah?
Sudden sounds of distant explosions reverberate through the forest. They seem to come and go at random, unsettling the animals greatly.
But the most troubling result is something else entirely.
Squirrel: Chit-chit?
???: Pyuui!
Bird: Chirpy-chirp!
???: Pyuui?
Raccoon: Squee... Squee!
???: Faaoh!
No one could ever fathom why, but by the time the noises had faded away, the creature would always fall into a deep slumber.
His hibernation would last for incredibly long periods of time—sometimes as long as decades.
???: Faa... aah...
Squirrel: Chit-chit...
Bird: Chirp...
Raccoon: Squee...
His perpetual cycle of sleep and revival continues for nearly five hundred years. The times may be different with each awakening, but the forest animals always welcome him.
And then one day something different happened.
Squirrel: Chit-chit-chit!
???: Faah?
Bird: Chirp! Chirp-chir-chirp!
???: Faah faaoh!
Raccoon: Squee... Squee?
Bandana Boy: Nngh... Owie ow...
???: F-faaoh?
The animals have guided him to a spot in the woods where a skydweller lies on the ground.
For some reason the sight of skydwellers always makes him uneasy, and he never approaches them.
Bandana Boy: Hic... I won't... I won't cry!
Bandana Boy: I'm a ranger! And rangers never cry!
Bandana Boy: Uurrgh...
???: Faaah?
Bandana Boy: Yowzers! Wh-who are you?
???: Faaah?
Bandana Boy: Huh? You don't look dangerous... Um, you're not an animal, and you're not a monster either...
Bandana Boy: Hmm...
Bandana Boy: Aha! I got it! You're a tree spirit that lives deep in the forest!
???: Pwah?
Bandana Boy: Ah-hah-hah! What a discovery! So they really do exist! That's one island myth busted!
???: Faaah!
Bandana Boy: Oops! No time for laughs now. I'm in the middle of a battle with hunters.
Bandana Boy: Could you lend me a hand, tree spirit? I wanna chase out these forest-trashing boneheads.
???: Faaoh!
Bandana Boy: Um... I'll take that as an okay?
???: Fweeah!
Walder: Ah-hah-hah! Thanks! My name's Walder! What's yours?
???: Faah?
Walder: Don't have one?
Walder: Oh, okay. Then I'll give you a ranger name!
???: Fah?
Walder: So what's a good ranger name for you?
Walder: How about I call you... Jade?
Jade: Jay... duh...
Walder: Yep. It's because your pretty eyes are the color of jade.
Jade: Jade! Jade!
Walder: Ah-hah-hah! All right, Jade, let's kick those hunters outta the forest!
Jade: Fweeah!
The duo protect the forest with utmost tenacity and come to spend their days together.
A curious bond forms between them over time, and the young boy creates many precious memories.
The friendship between the skydweller and the non-skydweller continues until the day of long slumber inevitably returns.

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 1: Return of the Forest Ranger - Episode 1

The crew stops by Walder's hometown on Treetop Isle to help him take care of a monstrosity terrorizing the island. After receiving a warm welcome from the islanders, (Captain) and company set out into the thick shrubbery of the forest.

Village Elder: Hmm... This is a troubling situation.
Guildmaster: I'm all out of ideas. The harvests are well below normal.
Village Elder: And what about that forest thing? Where did it appear this time?
Guildmaster: In the eastern grove, even though there's nothing to be gained from destroying that area.
Treetop Isle lies on the outskirts of the Port Breeze Archipelago.
Although it's a small, untamed island of no repute, it hosts a wealth of biodiverse woodland resources.
For the islanders, the forest is the foundation of their livelihood. Unfortunately that lifeline has been suffering through recent turmoil.
Village Elder: So we have an unidentified monstrosity on our hands. What do you think it's after? It's blocking us from servicing our irrigation systems.
Guildmaster: We've had to put our customers on hold as well. If the forest goes, so does our way of life.
Village Elder: I spoke with the government offices on the main island, but they said they couldn't spare the manpower.
Guildmaster: What about the skyfarers in the city? I don't know how much it'll set us back, but we have to do—
???: The wait is over!
Village Elder: Dear me, did you hear something?
Guildmaster: Hm? Hear what?
???: Phew!
???: Here I am, everyone! Forest Ranger Walder, brave and daring, making his triumphant
???: Whoa!
Village Elder: Oh my. Did something fall into the irrigation ditch?
Guildmaster: Hahaha. Probably just a fox or tanuki. Those things sure are scatterbrains.
Walder: Darn it... I thought I had it...
Village Elder: Returning to the matter at hand, I sent Walder a letter the other day asking about what we should do.
Guildmaster: Oh, that's using your head, Elder! When's he coming back?
Village Elder: Wait, wait. All I asked for was his advice. I don't want to interfere with his friends' journey.
Village Elder: Walder's been protecting the forest for so long for us old fogies since the previous elder's early passing. It's not fair to bind him to the countryside.
Guildmaster: Yeah, can't argue with that. He's already dealt with all the hunters, so we can't rely on him for everything.
Guildmaster: Everyone on the island has to pull together. I used to be an agent once. I'll beat that thing before it wrecks everything!
Walder: You guys...
Walder: I appreciate your sentiments, my dear fellows, but the brave forest ranger is here
Vyrn: Heyo! Are you the big cheese of this village?
Lyria: Hello! We read your letter and came as soon as we could!
Village Elder: Well, if it isn't the crew of skyfarers that Walder travels with! Thank you so much for coming all the way out here to the boonies...
Vyrn: Cities, boonies—doesn't matter to us! We know you didn't wanna mention it in the letter, but we heard something weird is roaming that forest of yours.
Lyria: We came to help! Walder's worried too, especially about Jade.
Guildmaster: Thank you all! Walder's got some great companions!
Guildmaster: Speaking of Walder, didn't he come back with you?
Vyrn: Walder? Uh, isn't he standing right behind you guys?
Walder: Uh...
Village Elder: W-Walder! When did you get behind us?
Guildmaster: And why are your clothes soaking wet? Were you swimming in the irrigation ditch?
Walder: N-no, this is, uh... Don't get the wrong idea now. My grand entrance has not been ruined, and I am not just standing here twiddling my thumbs!
Vyrn: Whoopsie! I think we just made him look bad.
Lyria: But isn't it a wonderful homecoming? Look, all the villagers have turned up!
The crew is aware of the trouble occurring in the forests of Walder's home island.
They've come to alleviate the anxiety of their crewmate and restore peace for the islanders.
Mill Mason: Welcome back, Walder! I see you've become more handsome since you left.
Proprietress: Did you come back to take care of that monstrosity? Thank you. I feel much better now.
Clerk's Daughter: Hey, it's Walder! The guy who's always doing weirdo stuff! Weirdo!
Walder: Heh. I know you're still in the middle of your welcome backs, but first things first.
Walder: I want to reassure everyone that together with (Captain)'s crew, we'll have things back to normal before the end of the day!
Vyrn: Woo! You tell 'em, Walder! The villagers love this guy!
Lyria: Heehee. You look really pleased yourself, Vyrn. I guess you're a fan of Walder's theatrics too!
Vyrn: What can I say? I've even kept him company on a few of his ranger training missions.
Lyria: Oh, you mean when he practices his poses... By the way, Elder, are there any other rangers besides Walder?
Village Elder: No, he's pretty much it these days. It's a... traditional occupation, if you will.
Village Elder: In the old days, communities that relied on the land for food needed specialized people to keep the natural balance.
Guildmaster: Once airships became increasingly common, people could just ask the government or skyfarers for assistance.
Guildmaster: But since we had Walder with us, we came to rely on him far too much. I'm such an ineffective guildmaster...
Vyrn: Don't sweat it! Walder loves to help out!
Lyria: That's right! Just leave this monstrosity business to us!
Walder: Hey, you guys! We've got pretty much all the info we need! Let's head out before the sun sets!
Village Elder: Leaving so soon? But you just got here...
Guildmaster: Do you have everything you need? No one's actually seen this thing, you know.
Walder: Fear not, good sirs. This crew is extremely resourceful.
Walder: Furthermore... Heheh! Who do you think I am?
Vyrn: Oooh, you feelin' it, Walder? Okay, let's go through a last-minute check!
Walder: The delivery has to be crisp and sharp. This is a once-in-a-lifetime commemoration speech.
Vyrn: Don't forget to keep it light, be funny, and try not to chew the scenery.
Lyria: Um... What are you two whispering about?
Walder: Gotcha. Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone.
Ahem. Now then. Who do you think I am?
Lyria: Who? Um... W-Walder, I guess?
Vyrn: Not yet, Lyria! This question's for (Captain)!
  1. You're Walder!
  2. Does it matter what I say?
  3. Wh-who the heck are you?

Choose: You're Walder!
Vyrn: Whoaaa! And just who exactly is this Walder?
Walder: Er... W-well, let me enlighten you!
Walder: Ranger Law #1: Never retreat!

Ranger Law #2: Always look forward!

Ranger Law #3: Stop and smell the roses!

Choose: Does it matter what I say?
Walder: Oh? Does that mean you don't know who I am?
Walder: Yep, thought so. Then let me enlighten you!
Walder: Ranger Law #1: Never retreat!

Ranger Law #2: Always look forward!

Ranger Law #3: Stop and smell the roses!

Choose: Wh-who the heck are you?
Walder: Heh. You really wanna know, huh? Then let me enlighten you!
Lyria: Oh, I see! That was the cue you were waiting for!
Walder: Ranger Law #1: Never retreat!

Ranger Law #2: Always look forward!

Ranger Law #3: Stop and smell the roses!
Continue 1
Walder: That's the creed of a brave warrior of the forest who has crossed sky, sea, and snow!
Walder: Hero...
Walder: Walder! Walder! Walder!
Village Elder: ...
Guildmaster: ...
Villagers: ...
Walder: Heh. Nailed it.
Clerk's Daughter: Bwahaha! You got weirder!
Vyrn: Eh... That reaction was pretty weak. Maybe they need to catch up with the times.
Lyria: Ahahaha... Maybe so...
With their salutations complete, the crew members venture into the thick, overgrown forest.
The trees sway in the wind while fate quietly watches on.
???: Grrr...

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 1: Return of the Forest Ranger - Episode 2

Walder waxes nostalgic about the good old days spent with Jade as the crew walks through the forest. They meet up with the herbalist Jasmine on the way and continue to delve further.

Walder: This tree has one... And this tree too... Hahaha! They're still there!
Vyrn: What's up with you? You seem pretty happy right now.
Walder: Yep. Take a look at this tree trunk. See that mark carved into the bark?
Lyria: Ooh, it looks like some sort of strange symbol.
Walder: That's a ranger sign. You mark it on an easy to see spot to tell other rangers information quickly.
Walder: Ah, memories... This is how Jade and I kept the forest safe every day.
The crew had just stepped foot into the forest and were about to look for any signs of the monstrosity, but a certain someone keeps reminiscing.
Vyrn: Every day, huh? That's just like me and (Captain). Right, buddy?
Lyria: Friend, buddy, partner... Whatever you call it, our group shares things in common with Walder and Jade.
Walder: Yep. Jade and I are bound to travel the world together, just like you guys.
Walder: Someday I'd like to show him the same big blue sky that I get to see.
Vyrn: Walder...
Lyria: I just know it'll happen someday—
Walder: Hold it!
Something's coming!
Vyrn: Um, why are you listening to the ground?
Walder: There's no official name for a basic skill like this. I simply call it ranger danger radar.
Walder: I'm hearing footsteps... Judging from the gait, it's like a young girl with a light step... It's as if it's completely at home in the forest...
Walder: I can't tell what it is exactly, but we shouldn't rule out that this could be the monstrosity!
???: Oh my! Hello there, everyone! I'm glad I ran into you all again.
Lyria: Jasmine!
Lyria: How are you?
Jasmine: I'm fine, thanks. I just came from the herbalist temple to the north. No signs of the monstrosity there.
Vyrn: Glad to hear it! Why don't you go home for a bit since you haven't been back in a while?
Jasmine: Absolutely not! I have to do my part as a Treetop Isle herbalist, right?
Any version of Jasmine is a crew member

Jasmine, who is from the same island as Walder, flashes a smile at the crew, but then a look of puzzlement crosses her face.
Any version of Jasmine is a crew member

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No version of Jasmine in crew

Jasmine is an herbalist hailing from the same island as Walder. She loves nature and animals.
She had traveled with the crew at one point in order to further her medicinal studies, but she returned home as soon as she heard about the monstrosity.
Continue 1
Jasmine: Um, do you know where Walder is?
Lyria: He's over there doing his ranger danger... raider thing?
Walder: The footsteps stopped? Where is it? Where'd it go?
Jasmine: Why didn't you say so! I'll lend an ear too!
Jasmine: Um... Walder? Why are we doing this exactly?
Walder: Oh! Hey, Jasmine! I had a read on that thing's footsteps just now.
Jasmine: That thing? Well, whatever it is, I don't hear anything...
Walder: It could already be within our range... That means it's right in front of our eyes and underneath our noses!
Vyrn: Get a load of this. Two people with their heads stuck to the ground gabbing like they're at a cafe or something.
Lyria: Ahahaha... Those were Jasmine's footsteps you just heard. You can stop with the ranger danger disaster now.
Walder: Is that so. Well, it matched up with the reports I got about the monstrosity's mannerisms. Let me help you up, Jasmine.
Jasmine: Wait... This sounds like... I can hear Bunny's hoppity-hops!
Walder: Hoppity-hops? I wanna hear this too!
Vyrn: Stop, stop, stop! Go back to what you said before! I didn't hear anything about the monstrosity's mannerisms.
Walder: Oh, right. Take a look at this map. The villagers have gathered intel about the areas where it keeps showing up.
Walder unfurls a map of the entire island with circles and notes written all over it.
Lyria: Wow... It's been all over the place...
Jasmine: Here at the lake to the south and even the grove to the east... Is it gathering food or maybe marking its territory?
Walder: They said it's quick and nimble. It could be a new type of monster.
Walder: We may be resourceful, but we could always get ambushed at any time.
Vyrn: Right. We can't let our guard down for a second if we wanna make it out of here in one piece.
Lyria: Now that Jasmine's with us, let's refocus, everyone!
Jasmine: Okay! I've prepared lots of medicine for us.
Walder: Heh. My ranger blood is pounding. I need to come up with some ranger names for you guys!
Vyrn: Bahaha! Ranger names. Sure.
Vyrn: All right, deeper into the forest we go!
???: Tch... Where are you...

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 1: Return of the Forest Ranger - Episode 3

As (Captain) and company continue on while defeating monsters, they come across a giant crag smashed to pieces—perhaps the work of the rumored monstrosity. They head for the shrine where Jade hibernates to check up on him, only to bump into Fenrir.

Monster: Groooar!
Walder: You're outta luck today! Ranger powers, activate!
Walder: Wolf and Swallow!
Monster: Gurgh...
Walder: Heh. That was a good fight, but there's no creature alive that can withstand a single hit from my ranger powers—
Monster: Groooar!
Walder: What the!
Walder: Swallow, Swallow, Swallow!
Monster: Bleugh...
The crew encounter monsters as they push deeper into the brush. Luckily Walder is there to fend them off one by one.
Walder: Phew. The way forward has been secured, friends—
Walder: Don't touch that ivy, Ruby! It'll send shocks throughout your entire body!
Lyria: O-okay! Um, but which ivy are you talking about?
Vyrn: This one right here. Ruby's my name, by the way.
Lyria: Oh yeah... Sigh, remembering all these ranger names isn't easy.
Lyria: But I'll do my best!
Walder: It's all right, Sapphire. We're making good time! Onwards!
Jasmine: ...
Walder: What's wrong, Turquoise? Feeling blue?
Jasmine: Humph.
Vyrn: Pfft... She humphed at you! Yeah, I don't think girls like being called turkeys or anything sounding like it.
Walder: Really? Sorry, I don't know much about the female mind—
Jasmine: Urgh, that's not it. I told you I wanted to be called Tiger's Eye!
Vyrn: What? I thought you were joking!
Walder: Hmm... But does tiger match your—
Jasmine: It doesn't matter. It's a really pretty gemstone with deep brown hues. Just like this stone here.
Lyria: Hm? There sure are a lot of them scattered about. It's like they came raining down from the sky.
Lyria: Gasp!
Vyrn: Ack! This crag's been smashed to smithereens!
The crew members turn their attention to what once was a giant crag. Its broken fragments lay strewn on the ground.
Walder: This isn't natural at all...
Jasmine: Which means it must be the handiwork of the monstrosity.
But why would it bother smashing this crag?
Vyrn: The old guys back at the village didn't know what it was after either.
Vyrn: I bet it's showing off its power. Sorta like saying: back off—I'm dangerous!
Walder: Mm. But at least we have a lead now. It accidently left a trail in the grass. If we follow it, it leads to—
Walder: Oh no!
Jasmine: That's the way to the shrine!
Walder: Jaaade!
Vyrn: S-slow down, Walder!
Vyrn: Let's go, you guys!
???: Humph. These are Astral ruins.
???: Disgusting... I'll erase it for good.
???: Hm? What's this small pedestal?
Walder: Stop!
???: Huh?
Walder: Huff... Huff... Get away from Jade, you monstrosity!
???: ...
Walder: Did you hear me? I said: Get. Away. From the pedestal!
Vyrn: Bleagh... Puff... Did you find it? The monstrosity?
Jasmine: Is it that figure in the darkness? But that looks like...
???: Monstrosity? That's rich coming from—
???: Huh? Why are all of you here?
Lyria: Fenrir?

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 1: Return of the Forest Ranger - Episode 4

Jade's absence from his shrine pedestal sends Walder into a violent rage against Fenrir. The volatile situation is shaken up when a wall comes crashing down, and the true monstrosity makes its appearance. Walder is dumbstruck at the sight of it all and is caught in the collapsing rubble.

Following a trail left behind by the supposed monstrosity leads directly to the shrine where Jade slumbers.
Bursting from the brush, the crew finds the primal beast Fenrir, servant to the imperial emperor, Loki, standing among the ruins. Both parties glare at each other.
Vyrn: What are you up to this time, Fenrir?
Fenrir: ...
Vyrn: H-hey, I'm talking to you! Answer me!
Fenrir: Shut up. I'd like to ask you the same thing.
Lyria: We heard the islanders were in trouble... Are you the monstrosity they've been talking about, Fenrir?
Fenrir: Huh? I don't know what you're getting at.
Fenrir: Whatever. Beat it. I don't have time to deal with you.
Lyria: We can't! We have important business to take care of.
Fenrir: You have ten seconds to scram. If Loki finds you here, I don't think you're going to like it.
Vyrn: L-Loki's here too? You're definitely up to no good...
Fenrir: Tch. You don't have the luxury of prying into—
Walder: Hiyaaah!
Fenrir: Wha?
Missed me.
Walder: Darn you! What did you do with Jade?
Fenrir: Who's this scrub? That attack was pathetic.
Vyrn: Hey, Walder, what does this have to do with Jade?
Walder: Jade was on the pedestal! Now he's gone!
Lyria: Gasp! Jade disappeared?
Jasmine: It's true! He's not here anymore!
Fenrir: So? Does that make Jade the monstrosity then?
Walder: Graaah!
Fenrir: Humph. Get out of my face, scrub!
Walder: Bwaaagh!
Jasmine: Walder!
Fenrir: Sigh... What other options do I have? We're mutual enemies after all.
Fenrir: I'm going to crush you into dust!
Vyrn: Here she comes, (Captain)! We're stuck in this deep!
Fenrir: Raaah!
Fenrir: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa! Earthquake?
Lyria: I'm sensing something... The outer wall has been broken and now something is...
Lyria: Coming our way!
Monstrosity: Gwoooan!
Walder: What?
Vyrn: Whoa! Is that who I think it is?
Monstrosity: Gwoooan!
Fenrir: What's going on here. He's tearing up everything in sight...
Fenrir: Hey! You're not a loose canon! What the heck do you think you're doing?
Jasmine: This isn't looking good, (Captain)! The shrine is going to crumble around us!
(Captain) nods, and the crew stumbles across the trembling ground toward the exit.
Vyrn happens to glance back over his shoulder, and what he sees causes him to yell out in distress.
Vyrn: What the heck, Walder! Get your head out of the clouds!
Walder: ...
Lyria: Walder, this way!
Walder: This is wrong...
Jasmine: Walder! You have to hurry!
Walder: I know it is, because it's you...
Monstrosity: Gwoooan!
Walder: Jade—
Vyrn: Waldeeer!
Rubble from the collapsing shrine drowns out Vyrn's cries. Only the roar of the beast rises over the din.
As the situation devolves into more chaos, Walder's world suddenly goes dark.

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 2: Tell Me I'm Dreaming - Episode 1

It's a close call for Walder as the crew saves him from the collapsing shrine, but he now wonders how Jade could possibly be the monstrosity. With so much still shrouded in mystery, they have little recourse but to return to the village and rethink their plan.

Walder: Great job, Jade! We sent those hunters home crying again!
Jade: Faaah!
Walder: Ah-hah-hah! We make a dynamic duo! Soon our names will echo throughout the skies!
Walder: We rangers will make the headlines, and our ranks will flourish once again!
Jade: Faah?
Walder: Yeah, I know fame comes second. The most important thing is to protect the forest and maintain peace for everyone.
Walder: It's just that I'd hate to see the traditional ranger ways die out, you know?
Jade: Faaoh...
Walder: Okay! Time for today's training! Truth is there's a new technique I wanna try out.
Walder: See this? According to this ranger scroll... Um, foot here and then hand like this...
Walder: I'm the brave warrior of the forest! Forest Ranger Walder!
Jade: Fwaaah?
Walder: What do you think of my very first ranger pose?
Walder: It started off as a ranger sign but morphed into a signal that you could recognize even off in the distance.
Walder: I've never seen it in action though. Just so I know, you don't think it's dumb, do you?
Jade: Faah!
Walder: Erm... Was that a...
Walder: Were you complimenting me? Like it was cool?
Jade: Faaah!
Walder: Y-yeah! I know, right?
Walder: Hah-hah-hah! Yeah, yeah! It was spectacular!
Walder: Nice! Now that we got that covered, we can start training like nobody's business! Last one to the secret base is the rotten hunter!
Jade: Fweeah!
Walder: Wha... Ungh...
Vyrn: He's up! You all right? Where does it hurt?
Walder struggles to sort out his thoughts having just regained consciousness. He looks from one relieved face to another.
Walder: Vyrn, (Captain)... Yeah, I think I'm okay.
Walder: Looks like everyone else is okay too. What happened to me?
Jasmine: You hit your head on some rubble and blacked out. It could've been worse if it weren't for (Captain) though...
Walder: Rubble from what? Oh, right... The monstrosity...
Walder: So this isn't a dream.
Lyria: Walder...
Walder: Sorry, (Captain). I made things worse by charging at Fenrir.
  1. Don't worry about it.
  2. Anyone would be confused.
  3. Let's reassess the situation.

Choose: Don't worry about it.
Walder: Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Choose: Anyone would be confused.
Walder: Yeah, I guess so. But it doesn't look good coming from a ranger.

Choose: Let's reassess the situation.
Walder: The situation? Yeah. Affirmative.
Continue 1
Vyrn: So by the time we rescued you, we noticed that Fenrir had run off.
Vyrn: And then there was this other creature. It didn't even care that we were there. It busted up the shrine and went back into the forest.
Vyrn: Um, do you think that creature could be... You got a peek at it before blacking out, so...
Walder: ...
Walder: I don't know when he woke up. No idea why he looks different either.
Walder: I just don't know anymore! But it certainly—
Jasmine: Calm down, okay? You're making the wound on your head worse.
Jasmine: We can think about it more back at the village. How does that sound? You'll only get worse if we don't get you fixed up.
Walder: Fine, I get it. But there's one thing I gotta know first.
Walder: Lyria. I know you can sense primal beasts.
Lyria: Yes...
Walder: What about that creature—I mean, that monstrosity you just saw back there?
Lyria: Ah, well... It was so confusing with everything happening at once, and—
Walder: Please, Lyria. I don't want to give the villagers a false impression and add to their worries.
Lyria: ...
Lyria: Yes, I sensed a primal beast in that monstrosity.
Lyria: It's probably tied to this island. It smelled exactly like the forest.
Walder: ...
Vyrn: Walder... Say something.
Walder: Huh?
Walder: Ahem, ahem.
Walder: Phew. Thank you, friends! Your hard work has painted an accurate picture of the situation.
Walder: Now, in accordance with Jasm—er, Turquoise's judgment, we shall regroup at the village to come up with a new plan of action!
Vyrn: Roger that! We've got Fenrir to deal with too after all!
Walder: We'll fight any monsters if we have to, but I'd prefer to avoid confrontation. Turquoise, how does the trail look?
Jasmine: Humph.
Lyria: Psst, Walder! Tiger's Eye, Tiger's Eye!
Walder: Oh crud!
Vyrn: Ahaha! You still fuming over that? Wow, Tiger's Eye doesn't play games with Walder!
Jasmine: Teehee. This way please. We'll take the shortcut the rabbits use.
Walder: Failed again...

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 2: Tell Me I'm Dreaming - Episode 2

Fenrir and Jade were corralled into the same captivity sector five hundred years ago, and it was Fenrir's idea to come to Treetop Isle after hearing of Jade's survival. When Loki lets slip something about a Five-Century Curse, Fenrir lashes out at him, demanding to know what the Astrals did to Jade all those years ago.

Fenrir: Gyaaah!
Fenrir: Ungh!
Fenrir: Ugh... Damn it...
Fenrir: Accursed Astrals and your sinister machines...
Fenrir: Screw your research lab... We're just waiting to die here!
Fenrir: Once I get out, and I will get out, I'll rip you all to shreds!
Fenrir: Gyaaah!
Fenrir: Gah! Nngh...
Fenrir: Aaah!
Fenrir: Haaa!
Fenrir: Gyaaah!
Fenrir: Unngh...
Fenrir: Huff... I can't... move...
Fenrir: Damn it... Not like this...
Jade: ...
Fenrir: Huh? Who... are you?
Loki: Mm, that's a nice breeze. It's been too long since I got a vacation to myself.
Loki stands atop a cape on the west end of Treetop Isle.
The sound of leaves crunching underfoot grows louder and louder.
Fenrir: ...
Loki: Welcome back. I knew you'd be late.
Fenrir: Yeah...
Loki: Well? How'd everything go?
Fenrir: It was him.
Loki: I see. And what are you going to do next?
Fenrir: ...
Loki: Hm, you don't seem well. Ah, I know. You must be hungry.
Fenrir: Sh-shut up! I'm thinking, okay? Don't bother me with small talk!
Loki: Haha. Sorry, sorry. It's only natural that I'd want to know what happened, seeing as how I'm the one who brought you along, yes?
Loki: I'd heard about this old primal beast friend of yours with deep green eyes, but I never thought you'd actually want to reunite with him.
Fenrir: Humph. You some kind of twisted voyeur?
Loki: I'll admit I'm a bit jealous. After all, you were friends with him long before I took you under my wing.
Fenrir: Cut it out! I'm not interested in your stupid crap!
Loki: Aah, nothing gets you going like a bit of chatter.
Loki: You're free to think what you want, but when the master talks, he provides pearls of wisdom.
Fenrir: You little—
Loki: Yes?
Fenrir: ...
Fenrir: Sigh... He and I aren't friends.
Fenrir: We were two failed primals corralled into the same captivity sector with other failures waiting to be destroyed.
Fenrir: I thought they got him. But when I found out he was still alive...
Fenrir: Judging from what I saw earlier, I get the feeling he didn't escape from the lab though...
Loki: Mm-hm. You only managed to escape because I brought you with me.
Loki: A normal primal beast would never stand a chance at escaping from the captivity sector.
Fenrir: I already knew that. So how did he wind up here?
Loki: Who knows. I don't think there's anyone alive anymore who does.
Loki: When the expected and the unexpected begin to accumulate, the Five-Century Curse will rear its head.
Fenrir: Loki... You know something, don't you?
Fenrir: Tell me. That other primal in the captivity sector with me—the Defect—what happened to him?
Loki: ...
Fenrir: Loki!

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 2: Tell Me I'm Dreaming - Episode 3

Having returned to the village, Walder reveals to the village council that the monstrosity is actually Jade—a fact that comes as a shock to all. Vyrn suggests pacifying Jade so that Lyria can absorb his power as with other primal beasts, but Lyria explains that Jade's case is different.

Village Elder: Wh-what is that! Did you just bring an evil spirit into the village?
Jade: Pyuu?
Walder: His ranger name is Jade. I don't know if he's a spirit or whatever, but he helped me fight off all the hunters!
Guildmaster: You drove them off? Hmm, maybe he's not such an evil spirit after all.
Jade: Fah fah faah!
Chief Herbalist: And hello to you too! He must be a primal beast, wouldn't you say?
Walder: A primal beast? Do you know what he's saying?
Chief Herbalist: More or less. The way he communicates is similar to that of the animals. In terms of his kind, he appears to be a child.
Jade: Faah!
Village Elder: Hm... Since he protected the forest with Walder, I declare him to be this village's champion.
Guildmaster: Hahaha! What a strange beast. I wonder if all primals are like this.
Back at the village hall, the crew confirms the sighting of the monstrosity to the village representatives.
Village Elder: That's unthinkable. The monstrosity is actually Jade?
Guildmaster: I can't believe it. How could he have changed so much?
Chief Herbalist: I'm glad it was you folks who came to help us sort this out. I can't imagine how painful it would have been if another crew came and put him down for good...
Walder: We'll keep looking into the cause of this. Do you think you could give us a little more time?
Village Elder: Of course we can. Let's solve this without bloodshed.
Guildmaster: Agreed. I'll be the one to break the news to the others. How long do you think you'll need?
Vyrn: Hmm... Primal beasts have tons of quirks to them. It's kinda hard to say really.
Vyrn: I'm guessing you're worried about when he'll go crazy. They tend to flip out sometimes.
Lyria: Um...
Chief Herbalist: Yes, so I've read. They become extremely ferocious and powerful, and Jade seems to exhibit the same symptoms.
Vyrn: We've seen it too in other primals! And when they get too carried away, we smack 'em around to calm 'em down.
Vyrn: I know it sucks, but we might have to get a bit rough this time too...
Walder: ...
Jasmine: Um... Perhaps we shouldn't press it too much right now—
Walder: It's fine. I'm ready too.
Walder: I've got my apologies ready for afterwards!
Village Elder: Hm, so that's how it is. If a little force is the way to return him to normal, then we'll devise a strategy around that.
Guildmaster: Phew, that puts my mind at ease. The next big question is how do we track him down?
Chief Herbalist: Hang on. Plans are one thing, but an actual fight? We can't simply let you waltz into death's arms.
Vyrn: Aw shucks! We've gone toe-to-toe with primals before and won.
Vyrn: I mean, sure, there's some danger involved, but we've got Lyria! She'll find him lickety-split.
Lyria: Um, about that...
Jasmine: Lyria?
Village Elder: Good, good. We'll do our part too. Shall we have the villagers set up a perimeter in case he decides to flee?
Guildmaster: Yes, great idea! I'll round up the strongest, toughest chaps we have!
Chief Herbalist: My herbalists will handle the medicine then. Our salves will erase any nasty scars!
Vyrn: Cool. That concludes this—
Jasmine: Um, can I interrupt real quick? I think Lyria has something to add.
Vyrn: What's up, Lyria?
Lyria: I'm sorry. I don't really know how to say this...
Lyria: I have no idea why, but Jade is a little different from the other primals I've felt.
Lyria: I sensed no signs of loss of control from him.
Walder: What?
Vyrn: Are you sure? You saw how crazy he was acting, didn't you?
Lyria: Whenever I sense a primal who's lost control, it's like being in a raging storm.
Lyria: But Jade was different. It didn't seem like I could absorb his power. It felt... chilling. Like ice.
Jasmine: Like ice?

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 2: Tell Me I'm Dreaming - Episode 4

Lyria and Jasmine remain in the village while (Captain), Walder, and the others go into the forest to check on the animals. It's a quiet moment for the two girls as Jasmine talks about how Walder has always been so dependable for the village, when suddenly Jade's roar shakes the village.

During a meeting with the village reps, Lyria thinks the rampaging Jade may still be conscious of his actions.
The reps deliberate with the rest of the islanders while the crew takes a break.
Village Elder: This is quite the dilemma. Jade is one of us as far as this village is concerned. We have to come up with a proper plan.
Proprietress: Yes, for Walder's sake as much as ours. Should we try contacting the main island for more information?
Village Elder: Yes, it's worth a shot. Meanwhile there are some old documents in the cellar that I'll try to decipher. Maybe there's something about Jade written in them.
Proprietress: Okay, but don't overdo it. I'll send for the youngsters.
Guildmaster: Look, I get what you're saying, but we've still got a little leeway here. Why rush things when we don't have to?
Mill Mason: I know, but I'm worried all the same. My sister's wedding is coming up. I'd hate to have any accidents before then.
Guildmaster: Yeah... If anything happens, then the village comes first...
Mill Mason: Guildmaster...
Chief Herbalist: Do you understand? Until this business is settled, I want you to stay inside the house for me.
Clerk's Daughter: Why? Everything'll work out since Walder's back.
Chief Herbalist: Yes, but this time it's a bit much, okay? I feel bad putting everything on his shoulders.
Clerk's Daughter: Huh?
Jasmine: All done. Does the medicine sting at all?
Lyria: Nope, thank you!
Lyria: First a free room and now free medicine... It's a bit much...
Jasmine: Heehee, that's just how we do things here. Put your mind at ease and relax.
Jasmine: Actually I feel like I should be the one apologizing for putting you on the spot during the meeting.
Lyria: No, it's all right. It's my job to know about primal beasts.
Lyria: By the way, have you seen Walder, (Captain), or Vyrn?
Jasmine: They went into the forest to check on the animals for me.
Jasmine: Walder said it was dangerous for a girl like me, like he's always done since we were kids.
Lyria: Heehee. Even back then, huh? Were you childhood friends?
Jasmine: No, not as such. Sure, we met for the first time as kids, but by then he was already completely absorbed with his ranger work.
Jasmine: I'm younger than him, so I guess he acts more like a guardian than a close friend? We never played together or anything.
Lyria: I see. And he's been like this ever since he was young?
Jasmine: I think he was always running here or there. He was so desperate to reassure everyone.
Jasmine: The entire island already knows what he's truly capable of.
Jasmine: But before that the village elder had left the forest that we depend on entirely in Walder's care.
Jasmine: Of course Walder would see his work to the end. No, to the end of the end in fact.
Jasmine: If you ever leave an important task for someone to carry out, Walder is the person you'd eventually end up with.
Lyria: You're right about that. Even as a skyfarer, Walder treats everything seriously!
Jasmine: Teehee. Is it wrong to worry just a little over someone who always goes all out?
???: Gwoooan!
Lyria: Eeek! I know this roar!
Jasmine: Let's go, Lyria!
The islanders and the crew have been taking their time to find a solution, seeing as how no casualties have occurred.
But the roar that shakes the village to its very core signals that the period of calm is about to expire.

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 3: At a Crossroads - Episode 1

Walder agonizes over the inner struggle within him in wanting to protect Jade while also keeping the villagers safe. He vows to make it all work somehow when the forest suddenly shakes against the force of Jade's thunderous roar.

While Lyria and the others are resting at the village, Walder, (Captain), and Vyrn are in a section of the forest.
They visit the dens, nests, and other animal dwellings to check on their well-being.
Squirrel: Chit-chit-chit!
Vyrn: It's all good here too. None of the animals have been hurt so far.
Walder: Yeah, that's a relief. Jasmine'll be glad to hear about this.
Walder: Come on, you two. Pick up as many acorns as you can carry so that we have some souvenirs to take back.
Vyrn: Okay! How 'bout a contest to see which of the three of us is the Acorn Champ?
Walder: ...
Vyrn: Uh, Walder? Are you listening?
Walder: Wha? Yeah, I heard you, Sapphire.
Vyrn: Um, I'm Ruby, remember? You're still in shock from what you heard at the meeting...
Walder: Pssh. I'd already accounted for the fact that he might still be in control. It's not a big deal.
  1. Did you really account for this?
  2. Wanna take a break?
  3. It's not not a big deal.

Choose: Did you really account for this?
Walder: Ulp... Guess I can't fool you, huh...

Choose: Wanna take a break?
Walder: Hm... Are you actually tired, or are you just worried about me?

Choose: It's not not a big deal.
Walder: Don't you worry about it. It's not not not a big deal, okay?
Continue 1
Vyrn: I feel the same way you do. In times like this, the heart needs time to adjust.
Vyrn: If it were my best buddy, I don't think I could stand it either.
Walder: (Captain)... Vyrn...
Walder: ...
Walder: What should I do?
Walder: I want to cure Jade even if it takes me an entire lifetime.
Walder: But then I think about the livelihood of the islanders, and obviously I can't allow the forest to be destroyed.
Walder: I know it's perfectly okay to be troubled by all this. And I know what has to be done.
Walder: But my heart's heavy. Heavy like lead. My hands are heavy, and my legs are heavy...
Walder: How can I call myself a ranger? I want to protect Jade! I want to protect everyone! But I...
Vyrn: Walder...
Walder: That was, um... Sorry you had to hear that crybaby rant.
  1. Feel any better?
  2. We'll get through this together.
  3. Did you say something?

Choose: Feel any better?
Walder: Hehe. Since the first time we met, you've always been the epitome of a sky ranger.

Choose: We'll get through this together.
Walder: I owe you one! You're the epitome of a sky ranger.

Choose: Did you say something?
Walder: Hah... Hahaha! I guess even sky rangers can be weirdos.
Continue 2
Vyrn: I don't know what just happened.
Vyrn: But I think you got some of your pep back!
Walder: Heh. This isn't mopey time! Jade and the islanders are waiting to be rescued!
Walder: Anything's possible for a hero ranger!
Vyrn: Preach it, Walder!
???: Gwoooan!
Walder: ...!

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 3: At a Crossroads - Episode 2

With deep regret in their hearts, the islanders point their weapons at Jade as he rampages through the village. When Walder calls out to him, he stops in his tracks as if in great pain. Fenrir then makes a sudden appearance and kicks Walder into the forest.

Jade: Gwoooan!
Mill Mason: Holy Auguste! The mill wheel is flying through the sky!
Proprietress: What an insane amount of brute force!
Jasmine: Hurry, you two! Please follow Lyria!
Lyria: Over here, everyone!
Sudden calamity strikes the forest village. Lyria and the others frantically help the villagers evacuate from the approaching terror.
Village Elder: You and Jasmine need to run too! You'll be in grave danger if you don't leave now!
Jasmine: Just a little longer! Please go on ahead, Elder, and urge everyone to keep a brave face!
Jade: Gwoooan!
Guildmaster: Damn it!
Hey, ugly! I'm over here! Come and get me!
Guildmaster: Someone gather the shooters! We'll concentrate fire on it until all the women and children have been evacuated!
Lyria: But that's you-know-who you'll be shooting at, Guildmaster!
Guildmaster: I know that!
Guildmaster: You don't have to remind me!
Guildmaster: But look around you! Our village is being destroyed! Our very lives hang in the balance!
Mill Mason: Guildmaster! The shooters are assembled and ready!
Jade: Gwoooan!
Guildmaster: I'm sorry... Hate me if you must.
Guildmaster: Ready! Aim! Fiii—
Walder: Waaait!
Guildmaster: Walder!
Walder: Guildmaster! I beg of you! Please don't hurt Jade!
Guildmaster: We've got no choice! This is the only way to save the village!
Walder: I'll... think of something! Just give me a chance to—
Guildmaster: I trust you, Walder; I really do. But this forest, this village, the people—the very island itself will be dead by the time you can do anything!
Walder: ...!
Guildmaster: I won't ask you to accept what I'm saying, but you won't stop the destruction in time!
Walder: B-but!
Vyrn: Huff... Huff... Finally caught up to you! Walder, what's the sit—
Walder: Aaargh!
Vyrn: Ack! Where's he going?
Lyria: Oh no! He's going to stand in front of Jade!
Jasmine: Oh my goodness... What does he think he's doing?
Jade: Gwoooan!
Walder: Jade! It's me, Walder!
Jade: Grrr...
Walder: Try to remember the fun days we spent in the forest! Try to remember all the training we did!
Walder: Remember what binds us together!
Jade: Grr... Gwoooan...
Vyrn: Look out! Dodge it!
Walder: Wha?
Jade: ...
Jade stops just before her attack connects. Everything grows still and silent.
Vyrn: What just happened?
Lyria: I-I don't know... It's like everything's frozen in place...
Jasmine: Maybe he reacted to what Walder said?
Walder: Jade! Can you understand me?
Jade: Grr...
Jade: Grrroooar!
Guildmaster: I've never heard this roar before, but it's almost as if...
Mill Mason: Mm, as if it's an animal in agony...
Walder: What's wrong, Jade? Are you in pain?
Walder: Just hang in there! I'll be right—
Fenrir: Don't touch him!
Walder: Bleaugh!
Jasmine: Walder! Oh, this is terrible! He's been kicked into the forest!
Fenrir: Get lost. Flee from this island, you lowly mortals.
Fenrir: I'll bite your heads off if you don't!
Lyria: Fenrir! Why are you doing this?

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 3: At a Crossroads - Episode 3

Fenrir declares the island to be Jade's and anyone who gets in the way of that must die. After Jade runs off, Walder returns, pressing Fenrir for answers.

First the sudden appearance of an anguished Jade, and now the return of Fenrir.
What once was a tenuous situation has become clearer for the islanders and the crew; their true enemy has appeared.
Fenrir: Are you deaf? I told you to get off this rock.
Vyrn: Wait a minute. This is all too sudden!
Vyrn: You said you didn't feel like fighting when we were back at the shrine! And now you've changed your tune?
Fenrir: Humph. I don't need a reason to do what I want.
Fenrir: This island belongs to him. I'm just getting rid of the skydweller garbage that litters the ground!
Vyrn: Him? You know something about Jade that we don't?
Fenrir: Shut up! Pack up your stuff quick if you know what's good for you.
Guildmaster: Run, skyfarers! We'll deal with this one!
Lyria: It's too dangerous! Fenrir's also a powerful primal beast!
Fenrir: Sigh... Fine, I'll start with you pests!
Mill Mason: Aaah!
Fenrir dashes at the mason, kicking up dust in her wake. Her claws fly at the mason's throat in an instant.
But before she can land the fatal blow, (Captain) redirects her fury with a swift strike.
Fenrir: Tch... You're always a thorn in my side.
Vyrn: Nice one, (Captain)! You old guys escape first!
Guildmaster: Ugh, even we can't do anything now. Forgive us!
Fenrir: Tell the other mortals I expect them all to leave this island!
Vyrn: Hey, Fenrir! Seriously, what's this all about? You ain't got a reason to fight us!
Fenrir: Yes, I do. As long as you're still here, I've got some cleaning to do!
Lyria: Oh dear. This is over my head, but let's try to—
Jade: Gwoo... aah...
Jade: Gwoooan!
Vyrn: Jade! He went back into the forest!
Fenrir: Tch. He's not making this easy for me.
Fenrir: For the last time, leave this island. All of you.
Lyria: Fenrir, please wait. Is it possible that you—
Fenrir: ...!
Fenrir's back is turned to the crew members, but they can see her shoulders trembling as she glares at the figure of a lone man.
Walder: Stop. Tell me what you know!
Fenrir: This scrub... Would you try dying for real this time?

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 3: At a Crossroads - Episode 4

Fenrir is enraged at Vyrn's quip that Walder and Jade are best buds. She condemns the skydwellers for causing him, Jade, and other primals so much suffering. A battle between the two sides ensues.

Jade disappears into the forest after causing a scene in the village, and Fenrir tries to give chase.
Though the effectiveness of Jasmine's emergency treatment is yet to be seen, the wounded Walder stands in Fenrir's way.
Walder: There are things I have to know.
Walder: Why was he sleeping for so long, and why did he wake up now?
Walder: Why has his appearance changed? If he hasn't lost control, then why is he doing this?
Fenrir: Tch. Why this, why that...
Fenrir: What does it have to do with you? Why do you care so much about him?
Vyrn: Because they're best buds!
Fenrir: Best buds?
Lyria: That's right! They have a strong bond with each other!
Jasmine: Yes. So won't you please help us understand how it all came to this? Perhaps we can help you out in return.
Fenrir: Bonds... Cooperation...
Fenrir: Hah... Hahahaha! Okay, now I get it.
Fenrir: Piss off!
Walder: Gulp!
Fenrir: What's this about skydwellers and Jade living together? That's the crappiest joke I've ever heard.
Fenrir: Because of people like you—because of the War—we're reduced to struggling for everything!
Fenrir: I've been trying reeeal hard not to break Loki's toys...
Fenrir: But I've had it. I'm going to chew you up now!
Lyria: But why? You're the same as he is!
Vyrn: She's serious, (Captain)! You good to fight, Walder?
Walder: Yeah! We'll make you spit out the truth, Fenrir!

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 4: You've Lost It - Episode 1

Although Fenrir continues to bare her fangs after the battle, a heartfelt talk from Lyria convinces her to ease up. She then divulges Jade's past as told to her by Loki.

Fenrir: Gyah!
Skydweller versus primal beast. Steel versus fang. The forest shudders with each clash.
Amidst the chaos (Captain) lands the final strike that stops Fenrir.
Vyrn: Huff... Huff... Had enough yet? There's more where that came from!
Fenrir: Shut up! If it weren't for these chains...
Walder: So you still have some fight left in you. How deep does your hatred for people go?
Fenrir: Oh, it's very deep. And it's not limited to you either. I hate all those mortals who are driving him mad!
Jasmine: Wh-what do you mean by driving him mad?
Fenrir: Hah. I'll tell you if you beat me.
Fenrir: My stomach's been growling this whole time. I could sure go for a skydweller snack to fill up my belly!
Lyria: That's a lie!
Fenrir: ...!
Lyria: You're lying about being hungry. I don't sense that from you at all.
Lyria: You're really sad about Jade and his past. It brings you so much pain!
Lyria: Walder feels the same way you do, so won't you please stop this? We're not your enemies!
Fenrir: You... can sense my emotions?
Walder: Lyria... That's right, she can read stuff like that.
Walder: It was my fault for misunderstanding you back there. I shouldn't have attacked you out of the blue.
Walder: I'm sorry.
Fenrir: Huh? But you didn't hit me. Who cares...
Jasmine: We'd like to ask you once more: won't you please tell us what's happening?
Fenrir: ...
Vyrn: Please, Fenrir? We're all worried about Jade too, you know.
Fenrir: Ugh, damn it... Don't look at me with those eyes.
Fenrir: Whatever. Once you know about his condition, that should shake you out of your stubbornness.
Lyria: R-really?
Lyria: Thank you!
Fenrir: Loki told me a story after the shrine was destroyed.
Fenrir: It sucks, but now I know the truth. It's about the Five-Century Curse. Even a "hero" like you will despair.
Walder: A curse, you say?
Fenrir: Yeah... It's his fate...

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 4: You've Lost It - Episode 2

According to Loki, the Astrals invented eternalirium—a condition in which a primal loses all sense of self and embarks on a never-ending rampage. Jade was meant to be one of those primals to be used during the War, but his eternalirium never activated until now. Unfortunately a primal can never return to normal once in eternalirium.

Fenrir: Tell me, Loki! What did they do to him in the lab?
Loki: I'm not entirely sure, since I had nothing to do with the research team.
Loki: I happened to hear something in passing. The researchers ran repeated experiments on the Defect.
Fenrir: Experiments?
Loki: The original concept behind the primal beasts was to let them go crazy and utilize their frenzied state.
Loki: If the Astrals could control the frenzied primals—a state in which their powers exceeded their natural limits—then they could comfortably win the War in one stroke.
Loki: Well, that was the official statement anyway. The lab researchers weren't interested in the War's outcome. They were a fickle bunch, even by Astral standards.
Fenrir: This is dragging on, Loki. You're as fickle as they were.
Loki: Ahaha. Oh, you're terrible. Don't lump me in with those goons.
Fenrir: Fine. Just answer my question already.
Loki: They created a condition called eternalirium.
Loki: They installed a special device into the primal's core to cut off its consciousness.
Loki: That way even a weakling Defect could prove incredibly potent when forced into a frenzied state with the flip of a switch.
Fenrir: So this eternalirium thing is what happens when they force a primal beast into a frenzy?
Loki: Close. Either state is equally destructive, but a primal who enters eternalirium can't be suppressed.
Loki: Theoretically they could rampage forever—a being is born knowing only the ways of destruction.
Fenrir: ...!
Loki: Honestly it was stupid. They meant to weaponize a primal beast's frenzy.
Loki: But a weapon that simply rages forever can also be a detriment to military tactics. You can't call that a war asset.
Loki: And so the device in this lab rat was given a simple trigger and released into the wild for the skydwellers to find.
Loki: Set on an unassuming island where people would unwittingly discover it, biding its time until it goes on a destruction spree.
Loki: A ticking time bomb if you will. Or is it more of a genuine curio? A sloppy by-product of a stagnated war—
Fenrir: Stop it!
Fenrir: Just... stop it. Enough with the sarcasm.
Loki: ...
Fenrir: So how did he survive for all this time?
Fenrir: If what you're saying is true, then he should've leveled the island by now. It's weird that nothing's happened until now.
Loki: Now that I can't explain. I don't have the whole picture, but here's my guess.
Loki: Somewhere along the line there was an accident. For better or worse the device didn't go off.
Loki: Primal beasts have the ability to automatically regenerate themselves to a certain degree.
Loki: And now at last his regeneration is complete. Does my line of reasoning make sense?
Fenrir: What about resetting him?
Loki: Hm?
Fenrir: Is there a way to return him back to how he used to be? I'll bring him whatever he needs.
Loki: It's impossible. Didn't I just explain every—
Fenrir: It has to be possible! You're an Astral!
Loki: It's... not. It was uncontrollable.
Fenrir: Liar! Try to think of something!
Loki: So I guess I'm supposed to find an Astral researcher that's still alive and have him take us to his not-so-secret lab or something?
Loki: This is what your friend has become. There's no turning back now. Even if you dug deep and pulled out his core, which shouldn't even be there anymore—
Fenrir: Shush! I'm not asking about technicalities.
Loki: There are two options for him here. Either be destroyed, or destroy everything else.
Loki: Time is running out, Fenrir. Nothing you do can help after this point.
Fenrir: Shut up, stupid!
Fenrir: If it's obvious to you, then it's painfully obvious to me!
Fenrir: Just when I finally...
Fenrir: There's something else I can do for him!
Loki: ...?

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 4: You've Lost It - Episode 3

Shocked at hearing about Jade's condition, Walder is unable to believe that Jade's completely lost himself. Fenrir expresses disgust at the crew's concern for Jade, warning them to back away from all this. The crew returns to the village in silence.

Jade is stuck in a state of irreversible frenzy due to Astral experimentation performed on him from long ago.
The crew is shocked by this revelation, but none more so than Walder.
Walder: Eternalirium...
Vyrn: That's awful... I mean, like, super awful. There's nothing normal about rampaging forever...
Fenrir: ...
Jasmine: This regeneration thing primal beasts have—is it related to his hibernation?
Fenrir: It could be for a few years or a few decades, but he always sleeps and awakens in a loop.
Fenrir: That's also just Loki's guess. No one knows for sure.
Lyria: But what did Loki mean by destroy or be destroyed?
Fenrir: Like I know. I can't see into the heads of crazies.
Fenrir: Jade was driven mad. His soul, his fate, and his existence are tied to that.
Walder: Stop it! Jade is not mad!
Fenrir: Watch your mouth. I answered your questions.
Walder: Something changed back there when I stood in front of him! He looked right at me, heard every word I—
Fenrir: Enough! How can one man be so annoying!
Fenrir: Listen, there's no such thing as a bond between mortals and primal beasts!
Walder: ...!
Vyrn: Wait, I think Walder's right! Something did change back there!
Vyrn: And how can you blame Walder and the islanders for causing the War?
Fenrir: Tch. His soul is gone. Kaput. The only question left is what to do with him now.
Fenrir: No one's gonna kill him on my watch. I'm going to make this island a safe place that he can have all to himself.
Jasmine: But the lives of the islanders are entwined with the forest! Our forestry skills are all we have! If we have to move to a new island so suddenly...
Fenrir: Yes?
Jasmine: We're not going to make it on the main island.
Fenrir: Then I'll put them out of their misery by eating them right now. As many as it takes to wipe the island bare!
Jasmine: ...
Fenrir: Humph. Anyway, this matter has nothing to do with Loki or the empire.
Fenrir: Get lost. The best way to end this is without any spilled blood.
Lyria: ...
Fenrir: Sigh... I'm not going to warn you again...
Vyrn: Where are you going now?
Fenrir: I'm done talking. If you try anything on him again, I'll make you pay dearly.
Lyria: Even though we finally had a chance to talk directly with Fenrir...
Jasmine: It's too bad we can't see eye to eye.
Vyrn: I wish she was lying to us, but sadly I don't think that's the case this time...
Walder: It is a lie.
Lyria: Walder...
Walder: His soul's still in there. There's a way to get him back.
Walder: We'll return to the way we used to be, just like the old days!
No one utters a single word as they walk silently back to the village to check on its condition.
A man drops from the treetops to the ground without making a sound. He stands up and watches the crew leave.
Loki: I see. Fenrir is hesitating.
Loki: What should I do? I have to go back soon.
Loki: Hmm, but I've never seen Fenrir so talkative before.
Loki: Hehehe... There's no such thing as a bond between mortals and primal beasts, was it?
Loki: Hehehehe...

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 4: You've Lost It - Episode 4

While physical injuries are minimal, the emotional heartbreak of having to task the crew with destroying Jade takes a toll on the entire village. When the village reps take it up with Walder, he bitterly gives his answer.

Clerk's Daughter: Please patch everyone up...
Chief Herbalist: Don't worry. We'll do everything we can.
Mill Mason: The mill wheel and irrigation systems are done for. All the houses and the village hall are beyond repair.
Proprietress: This is a disaster. Our way of life is gone...
The crew returns to the village, and the scene of despair stings the crew members in their chests.
The once idyllic landscape of peaceful countryside has been replaced with dread and fear.
Walder: ...
Vyrn: Geez... I can't believe how bad it's gotten.
Lyria: I hope everyone's okay...
Jasmine: All the buildings have suffered irreparable damage. Luckily none of the villagers have life-threatening injuries.
Jasmine: The emotional pain, however, is obvious. Their hearts ache.
Walder: They're terrified of Jade.
Jasmine: Yeah.
Oh, hello, Elder and Guildmaster.
Village Elder: Thank goodness you all made it back safely! We wanted to thank you for your efforts from earlier.
Walder: Elder, I have new information that I want you to hear.
Guildmaster: Wait, Walder. As guildmaster, there's something I'd like to say as well.
Guildmaster: This is a request! We all saw how it stopped when it saw you! If anyone can subdue that monstrosity without getting hurt, it's you!
Walder: Huh?
Guildmaster: I know this is tough to hear, but we might as well be gnats going up against that thing! You're the only hope we have for saving this village!
Guildmaster: I'm sorry... I truly am sorry... Please get rid of that monstrosity!
Walder: Wait, what monstrosity?
Walder: Jade's not a monstrosity! Stop calling him that!
Village Elder: Saying that name only brings back the pain. You know it hurts the guildmaster to have to refer to him in that way.
Walder: So are you telling me you agree with what the guildmaster wants me to do?
Village Elder: I neither agree nor disagree. We're in a situation where we don't get to make that choice.
Village Elder: And we've also got that wolf beast breathing down our necks. We can't wait and see anymore; something must be done.
Village Elder: Walder, know that whatever choice you make, the villagers will accept it. But you have to decide now.
Walder: ...
Jasmine: You're asking too much of him!
Vyrn: Hey, don't count us out yet! We haven't given up!
Lyria: That's right! There has to be another way!
  1. This is heavy...
  2. Are we really out of time?
  3. Let's think some more.

Choose: This is heavy...
Choose: Are we really out of time?
Choose: Let's think some more.
Walder: (Captain)...
Walder, with quivering arms, quietly addresses the crew.
Walder: I...
The life of one close friend versus the lives of many.
Two choices deviating from an unbroken line of fate riddled with misfortune presents itself to Walder. He bitterly gives his answer.

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 5: A World You'll Never Know - Episode 1

Walder finds Jade in their old secret base and tells him all about the fun he's had in the skies. Back at the ruins of the shrine, Loki discovers a strangely glowing lithograph and comes to a revelation.

Walder: Huff... Puff... Finally made it...
Jade: Pyuui!
Walder: How you holding up? Would you look at how far we've dug this tunnel? We're on the home stretch!
Jade: Faaoh! Faaaoh!
Walder: Hahaha. Yeah, I know. Come on, I'll carry you the rest of the way.
Jade: Pyui, pyuiii!
Walder: ...
Walder trudges up a hill in complete silence. He stops halfway by a wall.
Walder: Finally made it, huh... Yeah, it was around here somewhere...
Walder brushes away the creeping ivy to reveal a small tunnel.
Walder: Hahaha. I wonder if I can still fit...
Walder: Oof... Nngh...
Walder: Nothing's changed. Here's the ranger sign chart, and here's the training schedule. It's just like we left it.
Walder: Our secret base. Haven't been here since Jade went into hibernation.
Walder: You can come on out now. I know you're in here.
Jade: Gwon?
Walder: Heh. Yeah, this place is nice and strong, isn't it?
Walder: I snuck away from the others. It's our little secret after all.
Walder: So can I come over there?
Jade: Gwooan!
Walder takes a step forward, and the air grows tense.
He takes a seat next to Jade, who is still on edge. The room remains silent.
Walder: Jade... Come on. It's me.
Jade: Gwooan...
Walder: What's wrong? Is it hard to tell?
Walder: Heh, yeah, you're probably right. I just grew up so fast. Nothing to hide—I took to adventuring in the skies!
Walder: I did it so that I'd have tons of stories to tell you!
Walder: Come on, wanna hear a tale?
Jade: ...
Loki: Hehe. Well, well, well...
Loki surveys the secret underground room that was uncovered after the shrine was destroyed.
He notices a strangely glowing lithograph.
Loki: There's still some research material left over. The skydwellers must have been preserving it without knowing this was hidden here.
Loki: If my intuition is correct, then that faulty experiment is probably...
Loki: Just as I thought. This lab was up to no good.
Loki: What a reckless procedure it is, placing such stress on what should be indestructible primals.
Loki: What kind of energy gate would this result in? Was warping space-time also a part of the experiment?
Loki: Now on to the next order of business.
Loki: Hehehe... Oh, Fenrir. I'm going to have to punish you for this.

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 5: A World You'll Never Know - Episode 2

Jade's ears are perked the entire time Walder tells his adventures, showing no surprise when Walder suddenly pulls a knife on him. Meanwhile an unexpected visitor pays a visit to the crew as they wait for Walder at the village inn.

Walder: Mmm... Tasty! You always catch the best fish!
Jade: Faah!
Walder: And another legend is born. Tomorrow we'll climb the tallest tree on the island!
Jade: Faah?
Walder: Worried about taking a tumble? All right, I got you covered. I'll make a really strong rope for you!
Walder: Then we'll tie it to each other before climbing up. We'll literally be connected as one!
Jade: Faaaoh!
Walder: And then—Bam! Colossal phantasm fish outta nowhere!
Walder: I couldn't stop rubbing my eyes. I mean, how could this thing be bigger than our lake back home? The depths of the seas hide many secrets indeed.
Walder: But I wasn't shell-shocked for long. No, no! Not I, Ocean Ranger Walder! With my trusty companions beside me, we tracked that sucker down!
Walder's tales of grandeur fill the void of the secret base.
From windy skies to vast seas, with a little snow sprinkled in between, the stories from Walder's mouth come out exactly as he had rehearsed them in his head.
Jade: ...
Jade is strangely quiet the entire time.
But his hollow eyes are clearly transfixed on Walder.
Walder: Hey, have I told you about Vyrn yet? He's a brave crewmate of mine—very respectable fellow.
Walder: He and (Captain) are the best of friends. They never leave each other's side.
Walder: Heh. Remind you of any other pair you know?
Jade: ...
Walder: Everytime I see those two together, I can't help but wonder...
Walder: Could you be proud of me the way Vyrn is proud of (Captain)?
Walder: If you did, I guess that would mean that I've finally made it as a great man.
Jade: ...
Walder: Well, getting back to the stories... Have you ever seen snow before?
Walder: One time on my journey I was called into action as a ghillie ranger.
As Walder continues his tales, he tightens his grip on the dagger held tightly against the side of his body.
He struggles to keep his body from shaking as he concentrates on speaking calmly while deciding on which vital spot to pierce.
Walder: Snow conceals everything. It's pure white for as far as the eye can see.
Walder: The beauty of it takes away all your
sorrows—all your unhappiness—and leaves you refreshed.
Walder: I wanted to show it to you... I wanted us to go together!
Jade: Gwoan.
Walder: ...!
Walder: So you already knew... Why didn't you run?
Jade: ...
Walder: I'm sorry...
Walder: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Walder: Aaargh!
Vyrn: ...
Back at the village inn, the crew waits for Walder to return.
Lyria: Do you think Walder will be okay? He said he'd go meet him alone, but...
Jasmine: Hmm... It seemed like he had some kind of plan.
Lyria: But it's not fair. No one wanted this.
Jasmine: It really hurts me too. That stupid experiment from five hundred years ago is the worst...
Vyrn: Yeah, no joke...
Vyrn: You know, the only reason Walder left the island and joined us in the first place was for Jade.
Vyrn: And now he's got to tear up those bonds by putting down his dear friend!
Vyrn: Screw that! This ain't anyone's fault—not Walder's or the islanders! Why do we gotta do this?
Lyria: Vyrn... Um, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods and pulls Vyrn in close, the dragon's tears staining (Captain)'s shirt.
Vyrn: (Captain)... It was Walder's dream to talk with Jade again.
Vyrn: I at least want them to have that much...
Jasmine: Sob... Yes... Somehow...
Jasmine: Huh, a visitor at this hour?
Jasmine: Coming!

Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 5: A World You'll Never Know - Episode 3

Walder points the dagger at Jade for what feels like an eternity, but he is unable to do the deed; Jade's demeanor shifts and he runs off. Back in the village, the unexpected visitor, Loki, comes bearing old Astral notes containing valuable info.

Walder: Huff... Huff...
Walder: Hahaha...
Walder: This is impossible...
Walder: There's no way I can do this!
Jade: Gwooan...
For a long time the tip of Walder's dagger hovers close to Jade's vital point.
Sweat drips from his forehead and stings his eyes. His arm cramps from holding the dagger.
Eventually his grip loosens, and the deed goes unfulfilled.
Walder: Damn it! Who do those Astrals think they are!
Walder: With their dumb experiments and their dumb War!
Walder: How can I call myself a ranger?
Walder: I can't even save my dearest friend or the people of the island!
Walder: Why can't I do anything!
Walder: Damn it all!
Jade: Fah...
Walder: ...!
Walder: Jade? Did you just...
Walder: That was the real you, wasn't it? Your soul hasn't disappeared yet!
Jade: Gwoooan!
Jade unleashes a roar of anguish.
He thrashes wildly, smashing things in his vicinity.
Walder: Jade! I knew you were in pain! What's happening to you?
Jade: Gwoooan!
Walder: Wait, Jade!
Jade breaks through the cave's wall and flees into the night.
Walder is left speechless in the wreckage of the secret base.
Walder: What was that? It was like he lost control all of a sudden...
Walder: Wait a minute!
Walder drops to the ground and wipes away the dirt to reveal the ranger sign chart.
Walder: That's it! That's gotta be it!
Walder: Jade's true heart is still beating!

            Vyrn: Yikes! What are you doing here?
            Loki: Haha, don't act so shocked. You already knew I was in the area.
            Lyria: Well, we did, but we weren't expecting to actually run into you.
            Loki: That's a perfectly reasonable expectation. Honestly I had my reservations about coming out here too.
            Loki: Considering that we're enemies through and through, I'd prefer to keep things tense between us.
            Loki: But let's call a truce for now. A brief intermission in our play if you will.
            Jasmine: I can't see where you're going with this, but okay. Would you like some tea?
            Loki: Thanks. I doubt we have much time to gossip though. Not for me, you guys, or Fenrir's friend.
            Vyrn: Fenrir's friend?
            Vyrn: You talkin' about Jade?
            Lyria: What do you know about him? What do you mean there's no time?
            Jasmine: Ahem! I'm going to put on some herbal tea now! Let's calmly listen to what he has to say.
            Loki: That would be wise. I've deciphered some old Astral notes I found at the shrine, and what I've found is a doozy.

            Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 5: A World You'll Never Know - Episode 4

            Following a ranger sign left by Jade, Walder makes his way toward a cape and runs into Fenrir again. Walder is adamant that Jade hasn't lost himself entirely, but Fenrir goes on the offensive, incensed that Walder ignored her earlier warning.

            Walder: Huff... Huff...
            Walder: I can see it... It should be the cape just ahead...
            Walder: That's where the ranger sign Jade left me is telling me to go!
            Walder dashes down the road, his face brimming with determination. However, someone has already beaten him there.
            Fenrir: Hey, scrub. What's the rush?
            Walder: Fenrir!
            Fenrir: What did I say before? Keep bugging him, and I'll make you pay? Something like that.
            Walder: Wait, I've figured it out! Jade's soul is still intact!
            Walder: His body won't listen to him anymore, but his heart is still trying to stop it!
            Fenrir: Huh?
            Walder: Look, this map has all the places Jade damaged.
            Walder: When you connect those points together, it forms a ranger sign!
            Walder: It means "This place is dangerous!"
            Fenrir: ...
            Walder: Something's about to happen at this cape. Jade's fighting back against the curse!
            Walder: So I came to help him. Please, Fenrir, let me through—
            Fenrir: I warned you. Oh well. I'm sure Loki wouldn't miss one lousy scrub.
            Walder: Fenrir?
            Fenrir: Die!

            Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 6: Connecting the Dots - Episode 1

            Walder frantically tries to push forward despite Fenrir knocking him down repeatedly. Meanwhile the crew is now equipped with info about the only way to stop eternalirium—a self-destruct mechanism that destroys the primal beast's core.

            Walder: Bleaugh!
            Fenrir: Humph.
            The wolf blocks the entrance to the cape with a look of cold satisfaction.
            Walder: Ungh...
            Fenrir: Stay down and rot. Unless you think you can beat me one-on-one.
            Walder: Huff... Huff...
            Walder: I have to go to him... He showed me the sign... He's waiting for me!
            Fenrir: Are you really that stupid?
            Fenrir: His soul remains? You connect some dots on a map and it makes a sign? You're just seeing what you want to see.
            Walder: Says you... You don't know a thing about us!
            Fenrir: Oh? And what do you know about us?
            Fenrir: Enemies are enemies! Mortals and primals!
            Vyrn: Heeey, Waaaldeeer! Anything over there, Lyria?
            Lyria: No footprints. Nothing. Where did he go after climbing the hill...
            Jasmine: I have to let my eyes get used to the nighttime forest. Let's trust the islanders and wait.
            Thanks to new information shared by Loki, the crew's situation has taken another drastic turn.
            They relay the information to the villagers out of concern for Walder, and the islanders fan out to look for him.
            Vyrn: What's Loki up to anyway? Why'd he give us info about the Astral experiments?
            Lyria: Yes... He told us the only method for stopping the eternalirium...
            Lyria: It's as if the Astrals thought of Jade as a mere object...
            Jasmine: Mm-hm... It's so heartbreaking.
            Jasmine: They equipped the device with a self-destruct mechanism capable of destroying Jade's core, in case he ever became a liability to the Astrals.
            Vyrn: Those guys are unbelievable. We've gotta get word to Walder.
            Vyrn: It's been nothing but bad news. Based on the new info we got, we should know where Jade's headed, right?
            Jasmine: Uh-huh. The villagers have a guess.
            Jasmine: Jade's erratic movements are similar to when an animal is trying to warn others.
            Jasmine: It's as if he's creating a spot where no one will get caught in her blast.
            Lyria: That proves that Jade's original, caring self is still there, doesn't it?
            Vyrn: I'm gonna say yes to that! His frenzy-induced body is the one trying to manipulate him!
            Vyrn: It's like trying to maneuver an airship with busted brakes. If only there was some way to recombine the two—
            Village Elder: Hey, everyone! We've found out where Walder is!
            Guildmaster: He's at the cape to the west! This road'll take you straight to it!
            Vyrn: Thanks! Leave the rest to us!
            Village Elder: Please do whatever you can, no matter how trivial it may seem!
            Lyria: We will! I don't know what that is yet, but we'll work with Walder to find a solution!
            Guildmaster: Thank you all! A difficult choice is coming your way! We'll find a way to deal with any loose monsters so you can stay focused ahead!
            Jasmine: Okay! Let's head for the cape!

            Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 6: Connecting the Dots - Episode 2

            The violent tete-a-tete between Fenrir and Walder continues. By the time (Captain) and company arrive, the two are still going at it.

            Walder: Nngh...
            Walder: I have... to go...
            Fenrir: There's something wrong with your brain.
            The overwhelming difference in power is obvious. Walder has been knocked down numerous times.
            Nevertheless he always gets to his feet. Once, twice, thrice—again and again until he's lost count.
            His vision is hazy, but still he can see it: the ray of hope poking out from the darkness.
            Walder: Move, Fenrir... My friend... is waiting...
            Fenrir: Tch. You're insufferable.
            Fenrir: What are you going to do? You're delusional. You don't have a plan.
            Fenrir: What can you do when you meet him?
            Walder: I can be... by his side...
            Fenrir: Huh?
            Walder: You're right. I'm out of plans.
            Walder: But his heart's still there, and he's suffering in his current state!
            Walder: That's why I've got to get to his!
            Walder: When a friend is hurting, you gotta be there for them!
            Fenrir: That's nonsense! It means nothing!
            Walder: It makes total sense!
            Walder: Connect some dots, and you get a ranger sign.
            Walder: Connect two hearts, and you get strength!
            Walder: That has meaning, Fenrir!
            Fenrir: Shut! Up!
            Fenrir: I've changed my mind. I'm going to devour you! Not even your bones will remain!
            Fenrir: Raaah!
            Vyrn: I can see the cape up ahead!
            Lyria: Great!
            Lyria: Gasp! This feeling... Something's already started...
            Jasmine: Eeek! What a huge shockwave!
            Vyrn: It was from Fenrir! Then the one fighting her has to be—
            Lyria: Walder!

            Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 6: Connecting the Dots - Episode 3

            Walder is on the verge of death, but he defiantly gets back up again. Shaken by Walder's indomitable resolve, Fenrir finally backs off and lets him through. The crew continues toward the cape, with Jasmine tending to Walder's wounds along the way.

            Fenrir: Huff...
            Vyrn: There they are! Stop this, Fenrir!
            Lyria: There's something you need to hear! Please stop fighting—
            Jasmine: Oh... no... This can't be real...
            Walder: ...
            Walder lies limp at Fenrir's feet, the ground sticky with blood.
            Fenrir: You're too late. He's gone to a better place.
            Vyrn: Wha? No... You're joking...
            Fenrir: Take him and go. Maybe he'll wake up. Maybe he won't.
            Fenrir: Or what? You want to have a go at me too?
            Lyria: We're not here to fight you! Jade's heart is still—
            Fenrir: Shush! This scrub was also prattling on about signs or some such. It won't change a damn thing.
            Fenrir: This is the only way Jade can be saved—
            Walder: Nngh...
            Fenrir: ...!
            Jasmine: Walder! How can you stand with those wounds?
            Walder: Ja... de... I'm coming...
            Vyrn: Walder... Your legs are like jelly...
            Lyria: I think his body's moving on instinct alone.
            Fenrir: What the hell is this? Why does he keep getting back up?
            Fenrir: He's just some no-name skydweller... What is this idiot thinking?
            Walder: I have to be... by his side...
            Fenrir: Get away from me... Don't get any closer!
            Fenrir: Why aren't you stopping your crewmate? He's going to die!
            1. Stop Walder.
            2. Don't stop Walder.
            3. Keep watching.

            Choose: Stop Walder.
            (Captain) instinctively walks up to Walder.
            Walder: (Captain)? Fear not... I'm fine...
            Walder: I can't leave yet... Fenrir and I are still talking...

            Choose: Don't stop Walder.
            (Captain)'s clenched fists turn white, suppressing the urge to intervene.
            Walder: Thanks, (Captain)...
            Walder: I won't surrender yet...

            Choose: Keep watching.
            (Captain) stares at Walder, trying to grab his attention.
            Walder catches (Captain)'s gaze and flashes a smile in return.
            Walder: Don't worry, (Captain). I won't surrender yet...
            Continue 1
            Fenrir: What are you skyfarers doing?
            Vyrn: You still don't get it, do you, Fenrir? Mortals and primal beasts don't have bonds? Come off it!
            Vyrn: I've often wondered about who I am and stuff. I suck at thinking about complicated things.
            Vyrn: But I totally get what Walder's going through! He's doing this for his buddy, and nothing anyone says is gonna stop him!
            Fenrir: You're in no place to talk! You didn't know about the research lab! Jade's fate has already been sealed!
            1. We'll try to change it anyway.
            2. Who cares about fate?
            3. Why do you deny a chance at redemption?

            Choose: We'll try to change it anyway.
            Fenrir: Change fate? You say that so easily.

            Choose: Who cares about fate?
            Fenrir: ...!

            Choose: Why do you deny a chance at redemption?
            Fenrir: Huh? Th-that's not what I'm trying to...
            Continue 2
            Fenrir: Damn it.
            Fenrir: Shut up, shut up, shut up!
            Fenrir: Shut up!
            Vyrn: Walder! Get outta there, buddy!
            Walder: ...!
            Walder: Wha?
            Vyrn: Fenrir... You...
            Walder doesn't stand a chance at dodging Fenrir's pent-up rage.
            But her attack blows by Walder's cheek and cuts into the sky instead.
            Fenrir: I'm tired... Do whatever you want.
            Lyria: She missed on purpose!
            Jasmine: He needs medical attention! I've got medicine!
            Walder: Jasmine... I'm... sorry...
            Walder: Fenrir, just now you—
            Fenrir: Shut it and die. You realize how hopeless this is, don't you?
            Walder: Heh. Yeah, thanks...
            As the crew tends to Walder, Fenrir walks off alone.
            Before long she hears the approach of soft footsteps.
            Loki: ...
            Fenrir: Loki...
            Loki: Are you done?
            Fenrir: ...
            Fenrir: I couldn't do it.
            Fenrir: When I escaped, I promised I would come back for him.
            Fenrir: But I couldn't do anything. Attacking the lab would be a fool's errand.
            Fenrir: At least that's what I kept telling myself. Some part of me decided I'd never be a match for the Astrals...
            Loki: Mm. Ready to head back home? It's a shame because I'm quite interested to see what happens next.
            Loki: The skydwellers' struggle against the adversity wrought by the Astrals continues to unfold. How's that sound?
            Fenrir: Humph.

            Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Chapter 6: Connecting the Dots - Episode 4

            At the time of (Captain) and company's arrival, Jade has already begun his self-destruct sequence. He communicates with Walder through Lyria, telling Walder to stop him before it's too late.

            Walder: Jade!
            Jade: Gwoooan!
            The crew finally reaches the cape. Jade's body is frozen stiff, and he growls with exasperation.
            Vyrn: What is he—is this the self-destruct process Loki was talking about?
            Lyria: It feels like he's trying to arm it himself.
            Jasmine: What are you sensing from him, Lyria?
            Lyria: It's... different from that time at the shrine. It's complicated and conflicting...
            Lyria: But if he's in this state, then I can do something!
            Lyria: Jade! The real you is in there somewhere!
            Jade: No more!
            Jade: No more rampaging!
            Jade: Jade will take the bad body away!
            Vyrn: Huh? Jade's thoughts are coming through Lyria?
            Jasmine: Their powers are resonating in unison... The one speaking now is the original—
            Walder: Jade!
            Jade: Walldur? Is that Walldur?
            Walder: Yes, it's me! Can you understand what we're saying?
            Jade: I can understand! I hear Walldur!
            Walder: That's great! You are the real—
            Jade: Gwoooan!
            Jade: Waah! No! Stop moving!
            Walder: Tell us what's wrong! I figured out the ranger sign you left me, and I'm here to help!
            Jade: Walldur! Please stop Jade's body!
            Jade: I don't know why, but it will hurt many people!
            Jade: So please—
            Walder: Got it! I'll answer your call!
            Walder: I'll stop it! I'll rescue you and your heart!
            Vyrn: Well said! (Captain)'s ready to go too!
            Jade: Gwoooan!
            Walder: Remember my name well, Astrals, for I am the man who will right all your injustices!
            Walder: I am an ally of the courageous Jade!
            I am Hero Ranger Walder!

            Ranger Sign: Bravo! - Ending

            As a result of stopping the eternalirium, Jade's body is wrapped in a green vortex. Walder leaps into the vortex to save Jade, but when he comes out, Jade's body is no more, and only a fragment of his core remains. The crew recalls Loki saying that it may be possible to resurrect Jade through his core if they can find a working Astral lab. Walder continues his journey with (Captain) in hopes of one day reuniting with Jade again.

            Jade's eternalirium body writhes in death throes aimed at the crew.
            A green pillar of light emits from Jade and swirls upward toward the sky.
            Walder: Huff... Huff... What is this glowing pillar?
            Vyrn: It's like a tornado... Lyria, do you know anything about this?
            Lyria: No! I can't sense Jade anymore!
            Jasmine: I believe Loki mentioned this would happen when the core is broken!
            Jade: Thank you, Walldur. I'm sorry, everyone...
            Jade: Bye-bye...
            Vyrn: This is dangerous, (Captain)! We have to get away from here!
            (Captain) nods and begins to step away while still trying to assess the situation.
            A silhouette of a man appears against the bright glare of the pillar.
            Walder: ...
            Lyria: Walder! Why aren't you coming with us?
            Jasmine: You're in danger, Walder! It's going to suck you in!
            Walder: (Captain)... Vyrn... Everyone...
            Walder: Thanks for everything, you guys! I'll never forget the fun we had blasting through the clouds!
            Vyrn: H-hey... Come on, how can you joke at a time like this?
            Walder: Heh. I can't allow a dear friend to travel alone.
            Walder: Farewell!
            Vyrn: Waldeeer!
            Walder: We did it, Jade! We finally conquered the mightiest tree on the island!
            Jade: Faah! You're amazing, Walldur!
            Walder: Nope, we're both amazing. Your suggestion was the key to solving this problem, you know.
            Jade: Jade is... amazing? Yay! We're amazing!
            Walder: Yep, we make the best duo out there! A leaf from this tree will make the perfect trophy for our secret base.
            Jade: Fweeah! Trophy!
            Walder: Heh. And another legend is in the books. It'll be the talk of the skies.
            Walder: Well, let's call it a day, huh? Tomorrow we'll hook that giant fish in the lake!
            Jade: Mm...
            Walder: What's up, Jade? Did you have something else in mind?
            Walder: The fish can wait. Let's do what you wanna do!
            Jade: No, I did what I wanted. Time for Walldur to go.
            Walder: Time to... go? Go where?
            Jade: There. Walldur has to go back.
            Walder: What's gotten into you all of a sudden?
            Jade: There's no past or present in this world. No future either.
            Jade: Walldur's future is waiting for him. Everyone's waiting for him to come back.
            Walder: W-wait... I don't understand.
            Walder: Um, but if you say so, then let's go back together. We just have to go over there, right?
            Jade: Oh, Jade can't go with you. This is where I say bye-bye to Walldur.
            Walder: Wh-what?
            Walder: Then I'm staying! I don't get this at all... I ain't going back!
            Jade: You can't do that. Everyone is waiting, remember?
            Walder: No way! Friends stick together!
            Jade: Walldur...
            Walder: Did I do something you didn't like? Are you saying we aren't friends anymore?
            Jade: ...
            Walder: We're making legends! From now on we've got all the time in the—
            Jade: Jade wants to go with you too!
            Jade: But I'm your friend!
            Jade: That's why I have to say bye-bye!
            Walder: Jade...
            Walder: Huh? Everything's getting distorted...
            Jade: Hurry, Walldur! This world is disappearing!
            Walder: Disappearing? Then what about you?
            Jade: I'm okay. I wanted to see you one last time, so I made the ranger sign.
            Jade: And then Walldur really came! That's good enough for me.
            Jade: I had so much fun!
            Walder: ...!
            Jade: Go, Walldur!
            Walder: How can you say bye-bye? Are you saying you've had enough?
            Jade: Walldur!
            Walder: I still have so much to show you! The world is out there, a vast swath of blue!
            Jade: B-but!
            Walder: Who do you think I am?
            Walder: I'm Hero Ranger Walder!
            Jade: Fweeah!
            Walder: Heh. I'm not letting you go!
            Jade: Walldur! Jade can't go there anymore! My body is gone!
            Walder: Never fear! Nothing is impossible for a ranger!
            Jade: Faah! The world is closing!
            Walder: Where's the exit? We keep running and running, but I can't find anything in this darkness!
            Jade: Walldur... I...
            Walder: Huh?
            Fenrir: You're late! Get over here, scrub!
            Walder: You guys!
            Vyrn: Yeah, yeah. Move it, you pain-in-the-butt!
            Lyria: Hurry, Walder! This energy gate is reaching its limit!
            Jasmine: Grab (Captain)'s hand!
            Walder: Got it! We're gonna see the world, Jade!
            Jade: Okay! Thank you... Thank you, everyone!
            Walder: Whooaa!
            Several days have passed. Village life damaged in the turmoil of the days before is gradually returning to normal.
            Village Elder: So it's time for you all to leave, eh? It's been an absolute pleasure.
            Lyria: For us too! Thanks for throwing those fun banquets every day!
            Guildmaster: I take it your next journey's going to be a long one. We'll have this place whipped back into shape in no time!
            Jasmine: I hope you will. Maybe your acorn dishes will improve in time for my next homecoming.
            Village Elder: Hahaha, that'll be fun. Finally, I have a request regarding Walder.
            Guildmaster: He's always been our savior! Please do what you can to save him!
            Lyria: Of course! He's saved us too, more times than we can count!
            Jasmine: Heehee, yep. Well, shall we head back to the airship?
            Meanwhile Loki has resumed his duties as the emperor, and Fenrir is with him as always.
            Loki: Sigh. This is boring. I wish I could take another stroll far from here.
            Fenrir: Hey, are you listening to me? Answer my question.
            Loki: Hm? Sorry, what were you asking?
            Fenrir: I said why did you blab everything to those skyfarers? About the self-destruction stuff.
            Loki: Oh, that. I know you can't see it on the outside, but you hurt me too, you know.
            Fenrir: Huh?
            Loki: "There's no such thing as a bond between mortals and primal beasts." That's what you said, right? If that's true, then what relationship do we have?
            Fenrir: Wha? What the hell are you talking about?
            Loki: I'm going to have to punish you. That'll give you time to reflect.
            Fenrir: Huh? I don't get it. You call yourself the master! My master!
            Loki: Yes, I do. But even that kind of relationship has meaning to it. It's a fine bond, if I do say so myself.
            Fenrir: Grr... You're an unappetizing man as usual...
            Loki: Hehehe... In any case that one skyfarer fellow was quite interesting.
            Loki: He defied the research lab's logic and produced an anomalous outcome.
            Loki: It'll be fun to see what he does from here on out, wouldn't you say, Fenrir?
            Fenrir: Humph...
            The Grandcypher is preparing for liftoff.
            Vyrn: Hey, Walder! The general store sent you a pouch!
            Walder: I'm Hero Ranger Walder!
            Vyrn: I put the order in for you! Wanna see if it fits in there?
            Walder: Good idea. Can you hold the pouch open for me, (Captain)?
            Walder carefully places a crystal of deep green hue into the pouch. It emanates warmth much like a living body would.
            When Walder was rescued from the void in the days past, he came out clutching a fragment of Jade's core close to his chest.
            Vyrn: It fits like a dream! Now it'd be great if we can reconstruct her body.
            Walder: Yeah. Let's assume Loki is telling the truth.
            Walder: Somewhere out there is a working Astral laboratory waiting for us to find.
            Walder: And if we bring her core to the lab, we should be able to revive Jade!
            Vyrn: Yeah! Let's go for it! Although we still don't know the right procedures, and we're missing people to run the lab equipment.
            Walder: Nah, we're in good shape. We're bound to find some people with the right know-how on our way to Estalucia.
            Walder: And so I'll be joining up with you guys again!
            Walder grips (Captain)'s hand tightly and gives it a hearty shake.
            That handshake is a sign of resolve—an unbreakable bond—to run to the end of the end for a wish yet granted.
            The Grandcypher rises on an updraft, riding the winds to new heights and adventures.
            This would be the forest's newest memory.
            Ranger Sign: Bravo!
            The End