Scenario:Abby - With a Bear and a Battle Axe

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With a Bear and a Battle Axe

The crew meets Abby, a small woodcutter with a big axe, and Bobo, her bear buddy. They're quite the duo despite being on different wavelengths. (Captain) and company welcome the odd couple to their crew.

Abby: Hey! You need to eat up, Bobo! You'll never get all big and strong being picky like that!
Vyrn: What is that?
There's a whole lotta noise coming from over there.
Is someone around?
Lyria: Someone might be in trouble! We better go check it out, (Captain)!
Bobo: Bobo! Bo! Bo! (Come on! Cut it out! Give me a break for a change!)
Abby: Nummy nummy num!
You know you love how much this bug's squirming!
Just eat it already!
Bobo: Bobo! (I told you! I'm a vegetarian!)
Vyrn: Well this looks bad... I guess. Is that girl being attacked by a bear or what?
Lyria: It doesn't really look like it. It actually looks like the bear's the one that's about to cry.
Abby: Hey! Who are you? And how long have you been watching us?
Vyrn: Long enough. We came over 'cause we thought someone was in trouble.
Vyrn: What's with making all this noise all the way out here?
Abby: Not that I owe you any answers, but the name's Abby. And this here's my help Bobo.
Bobo: Bobo! (Who're you calling help?)
Abby: We were about to have some nice lunch, but Bobo here's one picky son of a gun...
Vyrn: Seriously?
You some kinda gourmet or what?
Pretty fancy for a bear.
Bobo: Bobo! (Who're you calling a bear? The name's Bobo, lizard!)
Abby: I gathered up a bunch of Bobo's favorite bugs, the liveliest ones I could find, but the stinker doesn't wanna eat 'em.
Abby: You feeling sick or something, Bobo? I'm worried about you...
Bobo: Bobo... (When are you gonna get a clue? There's just no way I can eat bugs.)
Lyria: You know... I might be way off course on this...
Lyria: But maybe Bobo just doesn't like bugs.
Vyrn: He doesn't? I guess that would explain why the big guy's freaking out!
Abby: Wow! You can speak Bobo, too?
Vyrn: Fluently! No... Eloquently! Right, bear? You'd never eat nasty creepy crawlies, would you?
Bobo: Bo... (You're a saint among lizards...)
Vyrn: Yep... I hear you, buddy.
You're more of a snail type!
You just needed someone to listen to what you've been gruntin'!
Abby: What? Bobo would never eat anything like that! He'd never give up crunchy exoskeletons for stony shells!
Vyrn: Really? Sounds like he's saying snails to me. What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. You're right.
  2. I'm with Abby on this one.

Choose: You're right.
Vyrn: As sharp as ever, captain! You hear that, Abby?
Abby: Really? Oh, Bobo...
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Choose: I'm with Abby on this one.
Abby: Yeah! There's nothing Bobo likes more than a fat, juicy bug!
Vyrn: And I say there's nothing he's more disgusted by! Right, big guy?
Continue 1
Bobo: Bobobobo! (You're the worst! Both of you!)
Abby: But that's pretty amazing! You must be some kinda genius to pick up on what ol' Bobo is saying, (Captain)!
Abby: So... You guys are travelers? How'd you like me and this big bug eater to come with you?
Lyria: Huh? But you should know that the Empire and all kinds of monsters are after us. It's not exactly a walk in the park...
Abby: But it sure sounds like fun!
Abby: And besides, no one can stand up to my axe or Bobo's punch. Fuzzy or not, we pack a wallop!
Bobo: Bobo! (We got this! We'll give 'em the old one-two!)
Vyrn: You definitely got style! I say come on! A spunky axe wielder and bear could definitely bring something new to the party! Right, (Captain)?
Abby: Oh wow! Thanks! Me and Bobo are glad to be part of the team!
Bobo: Bobo! (Just make sure you have lots of fresh veggies!)
Lyria: Um... I think maybe Bobo's a vegetarian. Or am I just hearing things?
The addition of a girl packing a giant axe and accompanied by an even bigger bear certainly makes (Captain)'s journey more interesting.