Scenario:Airi Totoki - Dependable Flakey Fighter

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Dependable Flakey Fighter

Having grown accustomed to the way of life in the skies, Airi undertakes a job as support for a demo sale and heads out to town.

Airi: Gooooood morning, (Captain)! What are we doing today?
Airi now fits into the Sky Realm just like she had been there all along.
As if she were a fully-fledged skyfarer, Airi is ready to accept requests, an essential part of day-to-day life in the sky.
Vyrn: Heehee, you're looking cheerful, Airi! It seems like today's request is to help with a sales demonstration.
Lyria: And, it looks like we will be helping with the construction of a stage in town.
Airi: I see! But, when you say sales demonstration, what are we selling?
Vyrn: I'm not sure… For the time being, maybe we should just head over there?
Airi: OK! Let's try our hardest today, and have lots of fun too!
Lyria: Yeah! We should head into town right away! C'mon, (Captain)!
Felling monsters on the way, (Captain) and the crew head into town to meet the person who gave them the request.

Dependable Flakey Fighter: Scene 2

Airi helps to set up the venue for the demo sale and watches the proceedings, but sales are abysmal. Out of frustration, the dismayed salesperson kicks the cage housing the myconid used during the demonstration, thereby inadvertently letting it out and causing mass panic.

Novice Salesman: Oh, hello, welcome! You must be the people who are helping me out today!
Airi: Yep yep! We can help with anything you want, so don’t be afraid to ask!
Novice Salesman: Right! Well then, can you help with the construction of my stage now?
When the party finishes the construction, they report back to the salesperson.
Novice Salesman: Wow, that was fast! Next time I need help with something, I'll be sure to ask you guys!
Airi: Please do! Erm, can we please see how you sell your items?
Novice Salesman: Hehehe, of course! If somebody as cute as you is watching me, I'm sure to do even better than normal!
Novice Salesman: Hahahahaha! If I do well, I might even add a little to your reward! I'm looking forward to this!
Airi: Thank you so much! We will wait in the wings, please call if you need anything!
Vyrn: Wow, that Airi is really good at doing business isn't she!
Lyria: Heehee, that's typical Airi-san!
And so, the man starts selling. With a extremely sharp knife, he performs a demonstration of slicing a myconid into pieces.
The man also demonstrates non-stick frying pans, all-purpose cleaner, and other fancy kitchen gadgets.
However, due to his bungled demonstration, the townsfolk walk by without even a glance.
Novice Salesman: Blazing crockpots! Stupid, stupid, stupid! It's not supposed to go like this!
The novice salesman hangs his head in shame at his own ineptitude.
Airi: H-hey! I—
Airi starts to call out to the novice salesman, but…
In desperation or maybe despair, the salesman kicks the cage of myconids beside him.
Myconid: !
The force of the kick jars the cage, knocking off the lock, and the myconids the salesman had caught are released into the town.
Myconid: Blobble-obble!
Townsman: Aaaahhh!
Myconid: Blobble-obble! Obble, obble, obble!
Young Woman: Eeeeeeeeeeeek!
A sudden chaos grips the city.
Novice Salesman: Nooooooooooooooo!
Airi: It's OK! Calm down!
Airi: Quick, lend me that fancy knife you had earlier!
Grasping the extremely sharp knife, Airi heads toward the pack of myconids.
Vyrn: Hey, we should go and support Airi, (Captain)!

Dependable Flakey Fighter: Scene 3

Airi is quick on her feet to convince the showgoers that the Myconid's escape was merely part of the kitchen knife demonstration. Thanks to her wondrous performance, sales skyrocket and the ecstatic salesperson gives her much more than the promised reward.

Myconid: Blobble-obble?
Airi: Everybody! Look this way!
Airi: If you want to slice your myconid as thin as a dragon's scale, this extremely sharp kitchen knife is definitely for you!
Townsman: Huh? O-oh! It's a cookware demonstration!
Calmness gradually returns to the townspeople.
Airi: Also, feast your eyes on this luxurious frying pan.
Airi: Using the best non-stick technology, even the thickest slice of myconid can be cooked without oil!
Young Woman: Ooooooh, how handy!
Airi: Last but definitely not least, we have this multi-purpose cleaner! Just tip a little on a cloth and… Kapow, the stain is slain!
Airi: Just watch how fast it removes these ground-in myconid spores!
Townsman: Oho! The convenience is astounding!
Airi: Ergh, my outfit has shifted, and it's all uncomfortable now…
Townsman: (Did that stain really just disappear? I must get closer and see for myself!)
Due to the charm of Airi's demonstration, person after person gathers at the stage.
Airi: Thank you for watching!
Airi: Usually a set containing all three items would be 10000 rupies but…
Airi: But, if you buy right now, I can offer you the whole set at a special limited-time discount price!
Young Woman: Even so, won't it still be expensive?
Novice Salesman: ……
The novice salesman whispers a price to Airi.
Airi: Whoa! The price is that low?
Airi: …I've just heard, we can let you take away this whole kitchen set for the low, low price of just 8000 rupies!
Young Woman: It's so cheap, I just have to buy it! One set for me, please!
Townsman: And me! Three sets for me!
(Captain) and the crew look back at Airi, who is laughing and smiling happily.
Due to Airi's innovation and charm, the sales demonstration is a great success.
Novice Salesman: Hurray! You did it! You know, this is the first time I have sold so many things!
Airi: Heehee, isn't it great!
Novice Salesman: So, in addition to your generous reward, I wanted to give you a present….
As he says this, the salesman hands over a whole heap of the kitchen utensils they were selling earlier.
Airi: Are… Are these for me?
Novice Salesman: Hahaha! Take them! As a commemoration gift!
Airi: Thank you so much!
And so, (Captain) and the crew receive a selection of demonstration goods from the novice salesman.
On the way back, the crew praises Airi on her salesmanship.
Lyria: You were great, Airi-san!
Vyrn: Yeah! You showed courage I didn't even know you had back there!
Airi: Heehee! I just improvised everything… But it went surprisingly well!
Airi: And thanks to my sales pitch, I got to see so many happy faces! It was so great!
Vyrn: By they way, what did you get from the sales guy?
Airi: Erm… it seems like it's a super convenient kitchen utensil set…
Lyria: Wow, are you gonna cook something with it, Airi-san?
Airi: Hmm, I often burn normal food, but…
Airi: On the flip side, I'm great at making cakes!
Lyria: Ooooooh! I want to try one of your cakes, Airi-san!
Airi: Really? OK!
Airi: I'll have to make you all one of my super special chocolate cakes!
Vyrn: Heehee! Thanks! I'm already looking forward to it!
That day, (Captain) and the crew see a surprising new side to Airi.
Their stomachs grumbling in anticipation for Airi's special cake, the crew heads back to the Grandcypher in high spirits.