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Innocent Airi

Unaware that the mysterious treasure chest had transported her to another world, Airi simply assumes (Captain) and company to be actors. She searches the airship's room for an air conditioner to cool down a bit, but decides to strip down instead, causing major panic for Lyria. The crew is more than surprised at the naivete of their new ally.

Airi is returning to the Grandcypher with (Captain) and the crew after completing an errand.
Airi looks impressed and asks (Captain) and the crew a question…
Airi: ...(Captain), everybody, you are, like, super good at action!
Lyria: …Errrm… Action?
Airi: Yeah! This is the first time I've seen such intense acting without a stuntman!
Airi: By the way, which agency do you guys belong to?
Vyrn: What do you mean, "agency"?
Vyrn: Well… We belong to (Captain)'s crew!
Airi: I see! The "(Captain)'s Crew Agency"!
Airi: It's super amazing that somebody so young is managing so many stunt people!
Vyrn: Yeah! (Captain) is pretty cool!
Airi: Ooooooh! I need to work even harder on my acting and singing and stuff!
Airi: …While we're shooting, I'm gonna stick to (Captain) like glue! Then I'll pick up load of super good tips!
  1. What are you good at, Airi?
  2. Why not join us?

Choose: What are you good at, Airi?
Airi: Oh… Erm, what am I good at? I… Well I haven't done many action scenes, but…
Airi: Aha! I'm good at improvised performance, I think!
Airi: Teehee, like the presenter of a variety show! I'm not just a pretty face, you know!
Lyria: A presenter, you say?
Airi: If I could get (Captain)-san to come on as a guest, then maybe…
Airi: I could make super funny jokes with perfect timing!
Vyrn: I see! Maybe you should tell (Captain) about this!
Airi: I will! I'll tell them all about it! Every little detail!
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Choose: Why not join us?
Airi: Huh! M-me?
Airi: I… Err, I'm super happy you asked me but… I'm sooo sorry!
Airi: I want to become a best-selling pop idol with Producer-san! My heart's set on it!
Vyrn: I see, so you know this "Producer" guy as well!
Airi: Yep! So, I appreciate your offer, but, no thank you!
Lyria: Heehee, Producer-san sounds like a really great guy.
Airi: I'll have to introduce you all to him!
Continue 1
Airi's whole face breaks into a smile.
Just then, she notices something and starts fanning her face with her hand.
Airi: Phew, it's kinda hot in this dressing room though…
Airi: Is there no air con?
Airi starts looking around the room for something
Lyria: Erm, Airi-san… What are you looking for?
Airi: The remote for the air con… Do you know where it could be?
Vyrn: Huh? The air-cone? What even is that? Do you know, (Captain)?
(Captain) looks confused at Vyrn's question.
Airi: Air con… It stand for air conditioning, you know?
Airi: It's the machine that blows out cool air or a nice warm breeze…
Vyrn: Wow! That sounds like an amazing machine!
Airi: Yep! Recently the new air con systems are super great!
Lyria: Err, Airi-san, I'm sorry but… We don't have an air-cone in here.
With a shrug, Lyria tells Airi downheartedly that they don’t have an air con system.
Airi: Oh! Well, if there isn't one, then there isn't one! It's not a problem!
Suddenly Airi grabs her outfit.
Airi: Just lemme undo this… wiggle out of this…
Airi: There, now I'll be a bit cooler!
Airi then starts to pull her outfit down even further.
Lyria: EEEK! Airi-san! What are you doing!
Airi: Hmm?
Lyria: Y-you can't just undress here!
Airi: Huh! O-oh, Sorry!
Airi: I'm quite sensitive to heat, so I just do it without thinking!
Vyrn: W-well, once you are in your own room, you're free to do what you want…
Airi: I see! So when I'm on my own, I can be as free from clothes as the day I were born!
Airi: So, everybody, thanks for today!
Airi: Let's make sure we work hard tomorrow, too!
The crew waves off Airi as she disappears back to her room.
Vyrn: Y'know, I didn’t realize she would be that much of an airhead!
Lyria: Heeheehee, but, I have a feeling Airi-san is gonna fit in here much better than most other people!
And so, Airi Totoki decides to stick around with (Captain) and the crew.