Scenario:Alanaan - An Unsevered Bond

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An Unsevered Bond

Several months after their battle with The Sun, (Captain) and the crew are reunited with Alanaan. The priest summons the primal and learns that she had been acting under the orders of another primal beast known as The World. Alanaan renews his pact with The Sun in order to defeat The World, deciding to join the crew on their journey along the way.

Several months have passed since the battle against the Arcarum primal beast.
On their way back from a mission, (Captain) and the crew encounter a traveler under attack by a monster.
Monster: Groooar!
Monster: Grrr...
Lyria: Are you all right?
Traveler: I sure am. You saved my life! Thanks to you, I don't have a single scratch on me.
Traveler: You're true heroes to be willing to fight a monster for the sake of a complete stranger like me!
Vyrn: Hehe. You can bet we'll always jump in to save somebody who's in trouble!
Traveler: Listen to you... You're a true saint!
Traveler: Are you by any chance members of the Church of Renatus?
Lyria: What?
Traveler: Oh, my apologies.
Traveler: You see, I was in the care of a priest of the Church of Renatus until just recently.
Lyria: A priest...
Vyrn: Hey, did that priest by any chance look really rough around the edges?
Traveler: Why yes, he certainly did!
Traveler: And it wasn't just his looks—it was his way of speaking as well!
Vyrn: Hehe. That could only mean one thing...
Lyria: Yes! That must have been Alanaan!
Traveler: What! You know Alanaan?
Traveler: I owe that man a deep debt of gratitude.
Traveler: It's all because of him that I was able to pay for my lodging and food.
Traveler: Alanaan's basically like a god to me. Ahaha!
Vyrn: Heh, sounds like the same guy. It sure would be great to see him again.
Traveler: You know, he might still be staying in a village on the other side of that mountain.
Traveler: He volunteered to be the mediator between two villages that are at odds with each other.
Lyria: Hehe. That sounds like something he would do!
And so (Captain) and the crew make their way toward the other side of the mountain to offer Alanaan their assistance.
But when (Captain) and company arrive in the village, they can't believe their eyes.
In place of the hostile environment they expected, they instead find a cheerful party in full swing.
Lyria: Everyone's getting along so well...
Vyrn: Yeah... What was all that about the villages fightin'?
Villager 1: Greetings, travelers! Today's a day to celebrate—the conflict between our villages has finally been settled.
Villager 1: Why don't you join the party? There's enough food for everybody!
Vyrn: Hehe. Really? You don't mind?
Lyria: Vyrn!
Vyrn: Oh, right... Guess I let my belly get the best of me.
Vyrn: Where the heck is that Preacher Man anyway?
Just as (Captain) and the crew begin to search for Alanaan, the card in Lyria's possession begins to glow faintly.
Lyria: Oh?
Vyrn: Huh? What's up?
Lyria: The card's been quiet this whole time... but it just started shining.
Vyrn: Whoa, hang on... We're not gonna get sucked into more dangerous memories, right?
(Captain) and the crew scan the area, bracing themselves for danger, but nothing seems out of the ordinary.
Lyria: Maybe it was just a false alarm...
???: Oh! What a surprise! I never dreamed I'd run into you lot around here.
Hearing a voice behind them, they turn to see Alanaan standing there, grinning from ear to ear.
Lyria: Alanaan!
Vyrn: Hey, Preacher Man! You scared us!
Alanaan: Ahahaha! Sorry about that.
Alanaan: The sun goddess has brought us together. Or... perhaps we're simply bound by fate.
Vyrn: We heard you were tryin' to stop a couple of villages from fightin', so we came to help...
Alanaan: Sorry to make ya come all this way for nothin', but the issue's already been resolved.
Vyrn: Hehe. Well, we get to go to a party anyway, so I'd say we lucked out!
Alanaan: Haha. Eat, drink, and be merry to yer heart's content.
Vyrn: Woohoo!
Lyria: I'm so glad to see you're doing well, Alanaan.
Alanaan: I've really put yer crew through a lot of grief.
Vyrn: That's all in the past now. Don't worry about it!
Lyria: Um... Have you been traveling this whole time?
Alanaan: Aye...
Lyria: I'm sure everyone is waiting at the church for you to return...
Alanaan: Yeah. I'll go back there one day... after I atone for all the sins I've committed.
Alanaan: Actually... it sounds like they're all more devout than I am now anyway.
Alanaan: I need to be more diligent in the pursuit of my faith, or I'll have no right to preach to anybody.
Lyria: I understand. I hope you'll be able to return to the church someday soon, Alanaan.
Alanaan: Thanks, little lady.
Alanaan: Anyway, enough gloomy talk. Let's go enjoy the party!
Alanaan introduces (Captain) and the crew to the villagers, and they kick the party up a notch.
That night Alanaan calls (Captain) and the crew to the outskirts of town.
Alanaan scratches his head apologetically as he turns to face them.
Alanaan: Y'know... I've been worryin' about that primal beast ever since I left on my journey.
Alanaan: And after bumpin' into you lot again, I'm even more concerned.
Lyria: Actually... There hadn't been any changes in the card since we last saw you.
Lyria: But it's been shining ever since we entered this village.
As Alanaan takes the card from Lyria, his brow creases in thought.
Alanaan: I wonder...
Alanaan: Maybe the bond between us wasn't completely severed.
Vyrn: The bond?
Alanaan: I thought my task was complete the moment I helped that primal beast manifest in this world.
Alanaan: But I guess unless both parties put an end to the connection, there's no escapin' it.
Alanaan: Hey, you cursed primal beast! Don't you think it's my turn to expose you for who you really are?
Alanaan calls out provokingly to the card in his hand and tosses it into the air.
Suddenly there is a flash.
The Sun appears before (Captain) and the crew, clad in a bright light.
But her intimidating aura is gone. Instead her very existence seems fleeting, as though she could disappear at any moment.
The Sun: ...
Lyria: She looks like she's in pain...
Alanaan: Ahahaha!
Alanaan: Yer evil deeds have come back to bite you. So this is what divine retribution looks like!
Alanaan: Well, it's not exactly like I wasn't involved...
Alanaan: Hey, you all right? You're not just gonna up and disappear on us, are ya?
The Sun: ...
Alanaan: Actually, it looks like ya might do just that. But... there's somethin' ya wanna say before ya disappear, right?
The Sun: You helped me manifest in this world in accordance with the pact we formed.
The Sun: If you had lost your life, I would have simply searched for a new pactbearer.
The Sun: But... you are still in this world.
Alanaan: Heh. I guess things didn't go accordin' to plan, eh? If you've got a problem with me bein' alive, you can take it up with that crew right there.
The Sun: Because you remain in this world, the connection between us has become distorted.
Alanaan: Oh? So we really are stuck together.
The Sun: ...
Alanaan: Hey, yer the one who deceived me. Knock off the attitude.
The Sun: I am unable to remain here without a vessel. That is an absolute fact.
Alanaan: You deceivin' me is a fact too, y'know.
The Sun: ...
Alanaan: But what we believe and what is fact aren't always the same.
Alanaan: Considerin' you appeared before me, you must have somethin' to say.
Alanaan: Why don't ya try explainin' things from yer point of view? Maybe we'll be able to reach an understanding.
The Sun: My... point of view...
The Sun gleams brightly, bathing the area in a white light.
When the light finally fades, they find themselves back on the simulated battlefield they've experienced countless times.
Vyrn: Why'd you bring us back here?
Vyrn: Don't tell me you want us to fight again.
Lyria: I don't think that's it. I think she's trying to tell us something...
Alanaan: All right. Let's hear it.
The Sun stares at Alanaan and begins speaking in a faint voice.
The Sun: I am The Sun. I am a primal beast who was originally killed in the War and left to rot.
The Sun: But another primal beast called The World retrieved the core from my decayed body and reconstructed me.
The Sun: The World—also known as The Inchoate World—is the founder of the Arcarum.
Lyria: A primal beast creating a primal beast? I've never heard of such a thing...
Vyrn: So that primal we met in Amalthea was the cause of all this...
The Sun: Everything we Arcarum do is for the creation of the new paradise that The World desires.
The Sun: We are unable to defy The World under any circumstances. That is how we were created.
The Sun: Everything I did was at The World's command.
The Sun: I repeated that simulation time and time again, seeking to derive the equation for complete victory over the skydwellers.
Alanaan: And what did ya think about that?
The Sun: Did I think it was a righteous deed or an evil deed, you mean?
The Sun: To me, it was neither.
The Sun: I exist to shine upon the beloved people of this world and bless them with success.
The Sun: That is everything to me. I have no interest in anything else.
Alanaan: (So we have to cut this off at the source, or it will never be over...)
Alanaan: I honestly couldn't care less if you vanished from this world.
Alanaan: I thought that if you disappeared, all the worry that's been eatin' away at me would disappear along with ya.
Alanaan: But... After learning the truth, I know what I must do.
Alanaan: What do ya say we form a proper pact this time, free from all the lies and deception?
The Sun: I am the light that shines upon all things.
The Sun: I exist to shine upon the beloved people of this world and bless them with success.
Alanaan: We'll join forces to purge the evil at its source. And I'll destroy the shackles placed upon ya.
Alanaan: We'll live side by side as we atone for our sins. How about it, Sun?
The Sun: ...
The Sun: I shall bathe you in my light.
The pact between Alanaan and the Arcarum primal beast known as The Sun is reforged, and the young woman begins to shine brightly once again.
She has resolved to fulfill her original mission to bless the people of the world with success in their lives.
Lyria: Alanaan...
Alanaan: What is it, little lady?
Lyria: I'm just... really happy that The Sun was able to be saved.
Alanaan: Ahahaha! That's all thanks to yer crew. You lot saved the day once again.
Alanaan: I don't know how I can ever repay you.
Lyria and (Captain) look at each other and immediately burst into laughter, realizing they're both thinking the same thing.
Vyrn: Huh? What's goin' on?
Lyria: Alanaan, why don't you come with us?
Alanaan: What? Well...
  1. Let's team up to defeat The World!

Choose: Let's team up to defeat The World!

Vyrn: Yeah! We gotta take that World jerk down!
Vyrn: So we might as well work together, right?
Lyria: What do you think, Alanaan?
Alanaan: Heh. Ahaha! Ahahaha!
Alanaan: Y'know... Travelin' with a pure-hearted crew like yerselves might be just what I need to cleanse myself of my own corruption.
Alanaan: I'll take ya up on that offer. I look forward to our journey together.
Lyria: Me too!
The Sun: I... I will see to it that you succeed.
And so Alanaan joins forces with the crew in pursuit of a single goal.
They will work together in order to put a stop to The World's foul ambitions.
(Captain) and the crew hope that one day the rough yet kind-hearted priest will be able to return to the church where his family waits for him.