Scenario:Alanaan - Menacing Memories

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Menacing Memories

Alanaan explains that a primal beast is conducting simulated battles within the world of memories in order to achieve victory over the skydwellers. (Captain) and the crew accept the priest's request to win simulation after simulation, hoping to foil the primal's plot to destroy the Sky Realm and create a new world in its place.

(Captain) and the crew emerge victorious from their battle within the memories of the primal beast.
They are once again enveloped by a bright light and find themselves back inside the chapel.
Vyrn: That felt like a dream... But it wasn't, right?
Alanaan: Right. That was neither dream nor illusion. I know it's hard to believe... but that was reality.
Alanaan: I'm sorry for pushin' that on ya all of a sudden. But if the skydwellers had been defeated, all would have been lost.
Alanaan: Now then... Allow me to explain what's happenin' within that world of memories.
Alanaan takes a deep breath and begins to speak.
Alanaan: It all began one fateful day—
Alanaan: I received a revelation from the sun goddess of the Church of Renatus.
Alanaan: The plot of the primal beast those memories belong to must be foiled.
Alanaan: Otherwise the Sky Realm will be destroyed.
Lyria: Th-the Sky Realm will be destroyed?
Vyrn: So that's why you were freakin' out back there.
Lyria: Wh-what is the primal plotting?
Alanaan: The creation of a new world... apparently.
Vyrn: A new world? What the heck does that mean?
Alanaan: Evidently the primal beast is collectin' memories from the creation of the world up until now.
Alanaan: And it determined that the turnin' point was the War.
Alanaan: I'm sure the primal deeply lamented the fact that the Astrals lost to the skydwellers.
Alanaan: The primal is desperate for the skydwellers to be defeated within that world of memories.
Lyria: But the War ended a long time ago.
Lyria: Even if the Astrals defeat the skydwellers inside those memories, it won't mean anything... right?
Alanaan: Normally yer thinkin' would be correct. But remember what I said earlier—that was neither dream nor illusion. It was reality.
Vyrn: I'm gettin' all confused...
Alanaan: The primal beast has repeated simulations like the one you saw over and over again.
Alanaan: Through trial and error, it's attemptin' to derive the formula for certain victory over the skydwellers.
Alanaan: The primal plans to destroy the Sky Realm and create a new world in its place.
Lyria: C-can it really do that?
Alanaan: Aye. Apparently the power that primal holds is pretty nasty.
Lyria: Oh no! We can't let the world be destroyed!
Vyrn: Yeah! We gotta stop that primal no matter what!
Vyrn: Or, well... That's easy for me to say and all, but what exactly are we supposed to do?
Alanaan: I'd like for you to return to the primal beast's memories and fight.
Alanaan: With yer skill, I imagine you'll be able to claim victory in each and every simulation.
Alanaan: Get in there and show that primal beast that the skydwellers aren't gonna go down so easily.
  1. We'll win as many times as it takes!
  2. Uh... Can you run that by me again?

Choose: We'll win as many times as it takes!

Vyrn: You said it! We'll put a stop to that primal's plan once and for all!
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Choose: Uh... Can you run that by me again?

Alanaan: Quick to admit when yer lost. How honorable.
Alanaan: All right then. I'd be happy to explain as many times as you need.
Alanaan: So when did my story stop making sense?
(Captain) thinks for a moment but ultimately is unsure of how to answer.
Lyria: Um... Basically we just have to win every simulation, right?
Vyrn: Yeah. I don't think we'll understand no matter how many times he explains it, so let's just get out there and start winnin'!

Continue 1

Alanaan: Ahahaha! Is yer crew always like this, (Captain)?
Alanaan: If only all the people in the Sky Realm were like you lot...
Lyria: Hm?
Alanaan: I'll let ya hold on to this card, little lady.
Alanaan: The primal beast's memories within that card should summon ya back to the battlefield.
(Captain) and the crew accept the strange card from Alanaan.
They brace themselves for battle, thinking of the countless simulations that lay before them.