Scenario:Albert - Roiling Thunderswift Lord

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Roiling Thunderswift Lord

Albert and Mina are visiting Auguste to learn how the Kingdom of Levin can boost its tourism. After Albert tweaks his overwrought itinerary according to the crew's critiques, he invites them to test out the new and improved plan with him and Mina.

The sun shines brightly on another beautiful summer day. Albert soaks in the rays as he gazes at the sea. Its waters are so clear one can see straight to the bottom.
Albert: Aaah...
Albert: Who knew watching the tide could do wonders for stress relief?
Mina: You're so right.
Albert: It's no surprise this sea ranks number one among Auguste's tourist spots.
Some girls enter the water and start splashing each other with delight. Their shrieks of laughter reach the ears of Albert and Mina on the beach.
Albert: Look at them, Mina. They're having the time of their lives.
Mina: Yes.
Mina: I wish people who visit Levin could have just as much fun.
Albert: Yeah...
Albert: Auguste holds a wealth of information on tourism. I hope we pick up a few pointers during our time here.
Albert and Mina aren't visiting Auguste simply to relax and get a tan.
The Kingdom of Levin is still rebuilding, attempting to entice travelers with local offerings of grape liqueur and hot springs.
However, results have been mixed at best, and the tourism office is scrambling to find ways to bring in more visitors.
One idea put forth is to learn from the success of others, and there's no better success story than the resort isles of Auguste.
Albert and Mina plan to share what they learn in Auguste with the folks back in Levin.
Mina: We've pored over all the pamphlets and books written about Auguste before coming here.
Mina: But there are so many points of interest to investigate. How do we even start?
Albert: Have no fear, Mina. I know better than to dive headfirst into Auguste without a plan.
A victorious smile crosses Albert's face as he pulls out a thick stack of papers and hands it to Mina.
Mina: What's this?
Albert: A compilation of the action committee's thoughts and suggestions organized into a single itinerary that's guaranteed to generate a fun vacation.
Albert: I revised it last night.
Mina: It's so easy to follow...
Mina: Every landmark and establishment we should visit is sorted into specific categories like culture and history!
Albert: I wouldn't exactly say we're accustomed to taking vacations.
Albert: But if we stick to this itinerary, we'll become masters of all things Auguste by the time we leave.
Mina: I expected nothing less from our leader.
Albert: Let's not ease up, Mina. When travel time between islands is factored in, this schedule gets tight.
Albert: One could argue our stay in Auguste will be as challenging as a skyfarer's daily training regimen.
Albert: Vacations must be approached with utmost diligence.
Mina: Understood!
Lyria: Hi, Albert! Hi, Mina! Did you two come to enjoy the beach too?
Albert: Well, isn't this a surprise. We didn't know you guys were in town either.
Albert: We're here to enjoy everything Auguste has to offer in order to improve Levin.
Vyrn: Hehe, it's pretty rare to hear Mr. Serious talkin' about havin' fun.
Mina: How rude...
Lyria: What's that big stack of papers for?
Albert: Oh, this? It's a detailed itinerary designed to squeeze out every drop of entertainment in Auguste.
The crew flip through the pages with great interest, but they end up frowning as they read.
  1. This is supposed to be a vacation plan?
  2. It doesn't even have beach volleyball!

Choose: This is supposed to be a vacation plan?

Albert: That's right. It was formed with everyone's input. Pretty good, huh?
Lyria: Um, how should I say this...
Vyrn: Just give it to 'em straight, Lyria. They've got this Auguste vacation thing all wrong!
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Choose: It doesn't even have beach volleyball!

Vyrn: Uh, that's not the problem, buddy!
Lyria: Vyrn's right! Poor Kyuta and the other kappa will cry if you don't try their kappa rolls...
Albert: Beach volleyball and kappa rolls? Sounds like I need to rearrange the schedule to slot those two things in.
Vyrn: Wait, wait! That's not the point!
Vyrn: You don't get it! Your novel of a plan defeats the whole purpose of having fun in Auguste!

Continue 1

Mina: What! How dare you talk back to the leader like that!
Albert: Easy now, Mina. We're here to study Auguste after all.
Albert: Vyrn and the others are connoisseurs of Auguste. Why shouldn't we take advantage of their knowledge?
Mina: Yes, but...
Albert fetches a pen from his satchel and turns to (Captain) and company, ready to take notes.
Albert: You're saying the itinerary is flawed. Can you tell me specifically what's wrong with it?
Vyrn: Erm, well...
Vyrn: Just look at how you split up these activities. Culture, history, business...
Vyrn: It sounds more like a study plan to pass a test, not a list of fun things to do.
Albert & Mina: ...!
Vyrn: It's too by the numbers, y'know? When I think about havin' fun, I picture myself cuttin' loose.
Albert: So I should be more flexible.
Lyria: Mm-hm. For example...
Lyria: When Lancelot and the other knights are in Auguste, they go all out playing beach flags.
Vyrn: Somethin' tells me they're not thinking about history or whatever while they're grabbing for flags.
Lyria: As for Kolulu and her group...
Vyrn: They only had one goal: chowin' down on delicious sushi in an eating contest.
Lyria: Let's see, who else... Cailana spends all her time surfing.
Vyrn: And Elmott's mannin' the beach house like he always does.
Lyria: His new hellgrilled searoast is amazing!
Albert: Heh... I see. So that's what having fun in Auguste means to you.
Albert's pen flies across the paper as he listens to the crew's various experiences.
Eventually he stops writing.
Albert: Finished!
Albert: This time I'm sure I've come up with the perfect recipe for getting the most out of Auguste!
Mina: Yes! And once we put your new itinerary in motion, we'll have lots of examples to present to the action committee.
Albert: Say, (Captain). If you guys aren't busy, would you like to test this plan out with us?
  1. Sure!

Choose: Sure!

Albert: You will? Thanks!
Albert: Now that we've got everything settled, let's not waste any time.
Albert: We'll follow this plan accordingly and really cut loose!
Vyrn: Um, how do you cut loose when you're bound to a plan?
Albert: That's... That's a good point! But how am I supposed to be spontaneous?
When Lyria sees Albert furrow his brow and cross his arms, she has to speak up.
Lyria: I don't think you have to worry about it so much.
Lyria: Once you start having fun with everyone, everything will work out just fine!
Albert: I do see the logic in that. In that case I should focus on enjoying myself.
Albert: Vacation days are hard to come by, so the name of the game is to stop overthinking and just have fun!
All Three: Yeah!
Albert looks at the revised itinerary with excitement.
He's confident his time in Auguste will translate to a prosperous future for Levin.