Scenario:Albert - Trial By Lightning

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Trial By Lightning

(Captain) and company apologize to Albert for not being able to find information on the person he's searching for. Albert laughs and tells them not to worry, then suggests that they stay at an inn for the night.

As the party follows the rumors of primal beasts, they gather information on the person that Albert is searching for.
However, they fail to find any information regarding the man that was possessed by the power of primal crystals.
Vyrn: Man... It was just a monster again.
Lyria: Yeah... I didn't sense primal beasts nearby, but we couldn't just abandon the mission midway...
Vyrn: Albert... Sorry you had to help us with an unrelated mission.
Albert: Don't worry about it. It's a knight's duty to help those in need.
Lyria: Hehehe... Do you remember how you helped us when we first met, too?
Albert: Heh... Did I?
Albert: Ah... there's the town ahead. Let's rest at an inn for tonight.

Trial By Lightning: Scene 2

While looking for the tavern, they take on a quest from a town official. He says that several people had been spirited away. Albert and (Captain)’s party accept this quest and join the town night watch. During their patrol, they hear a woman’s scream. Rushing to the scene, they find the woman being attacked by a monster and hurry to go rescue her.

Once in town, Albert and the crew walk down the main street in search of an inn.
Vyrn: Where’s the inn, anyway...?
Albert: Hold on, Vryn. We should ask someone before we start wandering around aimlessly.
Townsgirl 1: Ooh... Won’t you take a look at him? He’s so... dreamy.
Townsgirl 2: Oh my. He’s so handsome. And that beautiful, fine hair. So pretty...
Townsgirl 1: He’s so classy. Just look at him. Perhaps he’s an heir of a noble house. Oh! He’s coming this way!
Albert: Excuse me. We’re looking for the inn. Would you happen to know where it might be?
Townsgirl 2: Oh! Y-yes, of course! The tavern, right? Yes, it’s right along this street. You’ll see it at the end of the block.
Albert: Thank you. Now, if you’ll excuse me.
Townsgirl 1: Ooooh! Even his voice is wonderful! I’m about to melt!
Vyrn: Oh, that Albert. He’s so good with the ladies, as always.
Lyria: Haha, yeah. He doesn’t seem to realize it though.
Albert: What are you doing there? Let’s get back to the inn.
Just then, a man who had been watching Albert from afar walks up to him.
???: Excuse me, sir. Could you perhaps be Albert the Courageous of the Order of Sky Knights?
Albert: That I am. And you are?
Town Official: I am a bureaucrat who works for this town. I’ve heard about your many deeds, Sir Albert. Would it be possible for me to discuss some matters with you?
Albert: Discuss? With me? Well, this is out of nowhere... Actually, you see, I am with these skyfarers right now and...
Vyrn: Oh, come on. We can listen to what he has to say, at least.
Lyria: That’s right! We would love to be of help!
Town Official: Thank you, kind sirs!
With a look of relief on his face, the town official begins to talk about the problems they are having. He has been receiving many reports of missing people.
Town Official: You see, we suddenly began receiving multiple reports in the past few days to search for missing persons.
Town Official: However, we’ve been unable to find even a hint of the cause. It’s been troubling us greatly...
The official looks pensive as he pleads to Albert to uncover the truth behind the spiriting away.
Town Official: Would it... be possible? Sir Albert. If you can be so kind as to lend us your strength...
Albert: I see now. We can’t ignore that. What say you, (Captain)?
  1. I’m with you on this one, Albert.
  2. Wait just a second...

Choose: I’m with you on this one, Albert.
Albert: Heh, a waste of time for me to ask, huh? I knew you’d feel the same. Thanks, (Captain).
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Wait just a second...
Albert: What’s wrong, (Captain)? Is there a problem?
  1. I’m just kidding.
  2. There’s something in my eye...

Choose: I’m just kidding.
Albert: Oh, you’re such a jokester. But remember, I’m counting on you, (Captain).
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: There’s something in my eye...
Albert: What? Are you okay? Here, let me take a look.
Albert seems worried for (Captain).
He then brings his face very close and peers into (Captain)’s eye.
Albert: Oh. It looks like you had an eyelash in your eye. There, that should make you feel better.
With the source of discomfort removed, (Captain) expresses full cooperation to resolve this missing persons case.
Albert: Haha... You’re so silly sometimes, (Captain).
Continue 1
Town Official: So then, would you be so kind to accept this quest?
Albert: Yeah. Fill me in on the details.
After receiving more details about the case, they decide to join the members of the town’s night watch.
It is a dark night without any moonlight. (Captain)’s party take up their positions to patrol the town.
Lyria: It’s pretty dark around here. Kinda scary to be walking alone...
Albert: Hey, Lyria. Don’t stray too far away from us.
Vyrn: So this whole spiriting away deal... How are we supposed to find any clues about it anyway?
Albert: It seems many of the victims are girls in this part of town.
Albert: Make sure to keep an eye out, especially for any ladies walking around alone.
Just then, a woman screams from somewhere in the alley.
Lyria: Over there!
Albert: C'mon, we'd better hurry! (Captain)!
When they rush to the scene, they find a lady being attacked by a monster.
Lady: The guy... The monster, he...
The panicked lady mutters a few words and then faints.
Monster: Grrrr! Get... Out of... My way...
Albert: (Captain)! We have to rescue the young lady first!

Trial By Lightning: Scene 3

They were able to rescue the lady but the monster had escaped. When the lady woke, she explained to them that the monster they just saw came up to her as a human man. With that information, the town official narrowed the suspect down to three people. Albert begins his interrogation with sword in hand. After some questioning, he figures out which man was actually the monster. The crew fights the monster alongside Albert.

The monster defeated by (Captain)’s party disappears into the darkness.
Vyrn: Damn it! He’s quick to run! (Captain)! We have to go after him!
Albert: Don’t go too far! We have to take care of this lady first!
(Captain) and company stay back to tend to the lady’s wounds.
The lady calms down and begins to explain that the monster had taken on a form of a human man.
The next day, the injured suspects were gathered in the town courtyard under the town official’s orders.
Town Official: Miss, do you recognize any of these men? One of them might be the man who attacked you last night.
Lady: I’m very sorry. It was dark and so sudden... I don’t remember his face.
Not knowing what else to do, the town official proposes a suggestion.
Town Official: Although I do feel kind of bad, perhaps we’ll put them all the cells for now to prove their innocence.
Town Official: We can see if the spiriting away stops.
Injured Man 1: What?! You better be joking! That shouldn’t ever be considered humane!
Injured Man 2: B-b-but I...! I didn’t do it! I-I-I swear!
Injured Man 3: Excuse me, gentlemen. I still have work to do. Can you please let me go? If you detain me any longer, I’m going to have to press charges.
The suspects, now gathered in the courtyard, each begin to complain.
The town official doesn’t know what to do. Just then, Albert steps towards the suspects.
Town Official: S-sir Albert?
Albert: There’s no need to put these men into any cells. Leave this to me.
Albert points his sword straight up towards the sky. Suddenly, a shadow casts down on the town courtyard and dark clouds begin to form above.
Albert: Listen. I’m going to ask you a question. I just want you to answer truthfully.
Albert: First, you.
With a cold look on his face, Albert points his sword at the man.
Injured Man 1: What the? What’s with you being all bossy!
Albert: Don’t make me repeat myself. If you want to live, just answer my question.
Uneasy tension falls upon the suspects as Albert stands there sternly.
Injured Man 1: F-fine, what is it?
Albert: Last night... Did you attack this young lady?
Injured Man 1: It wasn’t me! I didn’t do it. I’m telling the truth!
Albert stares into the man’s eyes. Without changing his expression, he then points his sword at the next man.
Albert: Next...
Injured Man 2: Ah...!
Albert: Were you the one who attacked this lady last night?
Injured Man 2: I-I-I said...! I-I-I don’t know anything!
Albert stares straight into the panicked man’s eyes and without saying a thing, turns his sword to the next man.
Albert: Next.
Injured Man 3: Hmph. You really ought to step off that high horse. Who do you think you are?
Albert: Look, there’s still more to do. I can’t waste my time chatting with you.
Albert: Was it you who attacked this woman last night?
Injured Man 3: How many times do I have to say it? I didn’t do it.
As soon as the man finishes speaking, Albert jumps high into the air.
At the same time, a blinding lightning strikes his sword he had pointed straight up.
Albert: Did I not tell you... to answer truthfully?
With the lightning of judgment sparking around his blade, Albert slides through the air and swings his blade.
Injured Man 3: Gaaahhhhh!!!
Hit by the strike of the Sky Knight, the man’s transformation is undone.
Monster: Grrrr! You... You dare...
Lady: Ahhhh!
Albert: Now, all we have to do is to put him away!
Albert: Ready? (Captain)!
Vyrn: Oh... Right! Follow Albert’s lead!

Trial By Lightning: Scene 4

Although the townspeople praise Albert for defeating the monster, he slips through the crowd with a clouded look on his face. Once (Captain) and company catch up to him, Albert simply smiles and says that he’ll tell you about it eventually. Just then, a child appears and calls Albert “Uncle Sparky” to which Albert flusters like you’ve never seen before.

Albert reveals the monster’s true form in front of the town crowd and strikes it down.
Albert is cheered on by the town crowd.
Lyria: Ooh, look at that Albert. You’re so popular!
Vyrn: Oh! I meant to ask. How did Albert know that guy was lying?
Albert: Heh... No one can lie when I ask the question. That’s all.
Vyrn: Boo. But we want to know more in detail! Right, Lyria?
Lyria: Well, speaking of which... There was that time Albert pointed his sword at me and believed in what I said.
Lady: Ah, Sir Albert... I can’t thank you enough.
Albert: I’m glad your injuries weren’t serious.
Town Official: Sir Albert! If I may... Please allow me to express my gratitude for this ordeal. I would like to welcome you to my home...
Albert: No, um... I... I need to get going.
With that, Albert slips through the crowd.
Vyrn: Hey, wait! Albert! I said wait!
Lyria: (Captain)! We have to go after him!
Once everyone is caught up to Albert, they ask him why he doesn’t seem happy.
Albert: I’m not worthy of it... I shouldn’t be receiving such words of praise.
Lyria: But you saved the people of this town! You’re like a hero to them!
Vyrn: She’s right. No matter what anyone else says, I think you were amazing out there!
Albert: Haha... Thanks. I’ll tell you about it eventually. When the time comes...
Albert then looks at (Captain).
Albert: (Captain)... You have to promise me. Don’t ever lie to me, please...
There must be some meaning behind those words but Albert just smiles.
As (Captain) is thinking of a response, a child appears in front of them.
Child: Um...
It seems the child wants to tell Albert something.
In an effort to ease the child’s timidness, Albert squats down to talk to the child.
Albert: What is it?
Child: Um! Thank you! For beating the bad monster...
Child: Uncle Sparky!!!
Albert: Wha?! Uncle...? Sparky...?
Child: Yeah! Your sparky thingies were really cool, mister!
Albert: I-I’m not anyone’s uncle! I’m not that old! You can’t-... Don’t call me that, please!
Vyrn: Oh, come on. You can’t get all upset with a kid. Let him call you Uncle Sparky.
Lyria: I mean, now that you mention it... You are pretty formal and mature. I could see you being an uncle type of guy!
Albert: W-what?! Wait, what do you mean?! No, no... You can’t! Just, no!
Albert: I can’t let anyone bring my title of Sky Knight down to a nickname like “Uncle Sparky!”
Albert seems quite panicked. It’s a rare sight to see him flustered at all.
Albert: Please! Can you change that name to something else?
Vyrn: Come on, calm down a little. The kid’s gone already.
Lyria: You know, “Uncle Sparky” isn’t that bad. Slips off the tongue, you know?
Albert: Can we drop that already? I’m making my stand. I will not go by that name!
Albert can’t seem to calm down as he begins walking away, trying to get away from the group.
After seeing Albert’s rare moment of anxiety, the excited group quickly rushes after him.