Scenario:Alec - Flames of Friendship

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Flames of Friendship

As (Captain) and party head back to the airship, they notice a man following them. They confront the man, but suddenly monsters interfere.

In the quiet corner of the town, the party finishes resting and heads back to the airship. However, they sense an ominous presence.
Alec: Hey, (Captain). Did you notice? There’s someone following us.
Alec: My mana is tingling... I don’t like this feeling.
Rackam: Yeah, I don’t like people snooping around, either. Let’s ask this guy what he's up to.
Rackam: Hey! What do you want? What are you snooping around for...?
Suspicious Man: Eek!
Rackam: Wait! Get back here!
Alec: ...! He’s...
Rackam: Whoa!
Rackam: Hey... Why are there monsters here?! How can they be here?!
Katalina: Let’s go! We’ll think about this later! We need to deal with this first!

Flames of Friendship: Scene 2

The suspicious man is a researcher of magic who used to tag behind Alec, wanting to research his mana. Learning how to manipulate monsters, the man sends monsters at (Captain) and company.

Rackam: Hm... Assuming that man did release the monsters... He didn’t seem all that strong.
Alec: He’s... a researcher of magic.
Katalina: You know him, Alec?
Alec: Yes. In the past, he came to me wanting to research my powers.
Alec: I've chased him away multiple times, but he keeps coming back...
Katalina: Hmph... Monsters being controlled by magic... This is bad... We should leave this place...
Suspicious Man: Heh heh heh... I’m not going to let my test subject escape that easily!
Suspicious Man: And I’ve succeeded in controlling the monsters! All to obtain your powers!
Vyrn: Wow... He’s a persistent one...
Alec: It’s the same no matter how many times you chase after me! I will never do as you say!

Flames of Friendship: Scene 3

The man taunts Alec to make him release his mana. Taking advantage of Alec’s opening, the man takes Lyria and (Captain) hostage. However, this only angers Alec more. The man receives a painful punishment from (Captain) and party.

Alec: Hmph... You got that? Just give it up!
Suspicious Man: Geez... What happened...? When did you start fighting like that?
Alec: What?!
Suspicious Man: Back then, you emitted so much mana, but now it's obvious how much weaker you have become... You are like a shadow...
Suspicious Man: It seems that you playing around with your little friends have made your weaker. How pitiful...
Alec: What did you say...?!
Katalina: Alec, don’t! Don’t let him taunt you!
Suspicious Man: Oh, this is so unfortunate... Just kidding!
Lyria: Ahh!
Vyrn: Lyria! (Captain)!
Suspicious Man: Heh heh heh... Come any closer and these two will be attacked by the monsters.
Suspicious Man: Hm. You are very interesting, but these two are also...
Alec: Why, you...! Take your dirty hands off of Lyria and (Captain)! Or else...!
Katalina: Stop it, Alec! Calm down!
Suspicious Man: Hahaha! That’s the spirit! More anger! Show me your mana...! The power that shortens your life...!
  1. Snap out of it, Alec!
  2. Don’t worry!

Choose: Snap out of it, Alec!
Choose: Don’t worry!
Alec: ...!
Katalina: That’s right. It’s just as (Captain) said.
Rackam: Geez. Don’t overdo it. You’re not the only one mad at having your friends made fun of!
Suspicious Man: Wha...?! W-Wait! I have hostages!
Suspicious Man: Damnit... Even hurting the girl won’t... Huh? Where’s the girl?
Lyria: (Haha... Right in front of you. )
Suspicious Man: Whoa! W-What’s going on?!
Katalina: Hmph... Of all people, you took those two as hostages? You have such bad luck...
Rackam: Come on, Alec! You don’t need to shorten your life for this idiot!
Alec: Hmph! I’ll go easy on you and make sure you’re only half dead!
Suspicious Man: Eek! W-Wait... No...
Alec: Shut up! Let’s go, (Captain)!

Flames of Friendship: Scene 4

Alec forces the man to promise to never come close to his friends ever again. The kind boy releases his mana at the risk of his life not for himself, but for his friends. The airship with Alec flies to the skies and to new adventures.

Suspicious Man: Eek! I-I’m sorry! S-Spare me!
Alec: Don’t you ever follow us again! You got that?!
Suspicious Man: Eek! I-I’ll never come near you again!
Lyria: Thank you! Alec!
Alec: Huh?
Lyria: Haha. You got so mad when me and (Captain) were caught. I knew you were really kind.
Alec: I-I only did what was right...
  1. You saved us. Thank you.
  2. You looked really cool back there.

Choose: You saved us. Thank you.
Choose: You looked really cool back there.
Alec: ...!
Vyrn: Haha! Hey, bro! Your face is still red...
Alec: S-Shut up! You stupid lizard! Stop looking at me!
Vyrn: What did you say?! I'm not a damn lizard!
Katalina: W-Wait, you two! The airship is this way!
The kindhearted boy with a special power, Alec, unleashes his power to protect his friends.
He heads off to a new adventure in this vast world. The party heads out to the sky once more...