Scenario:Alec - Goodbyes Aren't Allowed

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Goodbyes Aren't Allowed

Katalina arranges for Alec to attend a school, where most of his classmates are full of admiration for the "skyfarer" transfer student. One of the other students, however, takes a disliking to him, mocking him for his poor grades. Sulking, Alec runs out of school. Soon after he returns to the ship, a child's scream rings out from below. One of Alec's friends, who has come to return something to him, is being attacked by monsters.

Due to an unexpected fault with the Grandcypher, (Captain)'s crew have anchored at a nearby island…
Rackam: Sorry 'bout this, everyone. Looks like it's gonna take some time to fix.
Katalina: Don't worry, Rackam. It can't be helped.
Katalina: Well then, while Rackam is working on repairing it, why don't we have Eugen go with (Captain) to gather some supplies?
Eugen: Sure, no problem.
Katalina: And… Let's see… Lyria, Vyrn, and Io… Could you three do some shopping for us?
Io: Roger! Leave it to us.
Katalina: I'll head to town to take care of a few things, then.
Eugen: Hold on, that'd leave Alec by himself. Why don't ya let him join the shoppin' group or somethin'?
Katalina: No, there's no need for that. I've already made preparations.
Eugen: Hm? Preparations? For what?
Katalina: Hehe… For school.
Eugen: Uh? School? Why that again?
Katalina: Well, you see… I saw a poster at the town hall, and had the idea: why don't we enroll him in one? Just for a short term.
Katalina: What do you think? That way, he'll come to understand what it is to work as a team.
Eugen: Haha, good for you, Alec! I did think he was gettin' a touch too mischevous lately. Let's give 'im a taste of discipline, gahahar!
Alec: Th-this isn't funny, you two! There's no way I'm going to school, you hear me? No way!
Teacher: Well, class, I'd like you all to welcome our new member, Alec, who will be joining us for a short time. Get along, now!
Kids: OK!
Alec: Jeez, why do I have to go through with this…
Boy: Hey, Alec, is it true you're really a skyfarer?
Alec: Well, yeah, I am, but…
Girl: Um… Are you maybe one of the people from that ship on the coast… what was it again?
Alec: Yeah, I am. It's called the Grandcypher.
Girl: Wow, cool! Can you show me sometime?
Alec: Huh? Well, I guess I could can ask them to let you on deck, at least.
Boy: Awesome! Really?
Cynical Youth: Hah! Who's he, calling himself a skyfarer? I'll unmask him soon enough…
However, lessons in the town's school have a steep learning curve, and Alec soon falls behind in class.
Cynical Youth: Heh, not so cool now, are you, "Mr. Skyfarer!" Look at him, he can't do anything!
Alec: Shut up! What's your problem?
Cynical Youth: Hey, wimp. All that stuff about being a skyfarer was just a big lie. Admit it!
Cynical Youth: Right? As if a kid who can't even eat his veggies can fight monsters and stuff.
Boy: Huh? Alec, you were making it all up?
Girl: Why'd you lie to us? I'm so disappointed… And I thought you were so cool…
Teacher: Wait! Alec, where are you going? Wait this instant!
Rackam: Oh! Back already, Alec? That was fast.
Rackam: So, how was it? You make lots of friends?
Alec: Forget school. I'm not going there again.
Rackam: Hey. What's wrong, Alec? Did something happen? Tell me.
Monster: Graaaghhh!
Boy: Ahh! Someone… Help!
The scream comes from below the ship: one of the kids, coming to return something Alec had forgotten, is being attacked by monsters.
Alec: Huh? What's he doing here?
Rackam: Hey! What are you waiting for? Let's go!

Goodbyes Aren't Allowed: Scene 2

The next day, Alec is once again the center of attention, and even the youth who had mocked him before seems to have acknowledged him. After school, the youth calls Alec over and beckons him to teach him magic. When Alec explains that his abilities are a double-edged sword that endanger his life, the youth doesn't believe him, and runs away into a cave. To save him from the dangerous situation that develops, Alec, (Captain) and the others chase after him.

The next day, Alec tries going to school again, where the class has been waiting expectantly for him after the hearsay.
Girl: Hey, Alec I heard the story. They said you defeated a monster! How cool is that!
Boy: Yeah, that’s right! He was super cool!
Girl: Wow… I guess you really are a real skyfarer, then!
Alec: I-it wasn't all that impressive…
From a little ways away, someone is watching the attention centered on Alec with a keen gaze.
Approaching discreetly from the side, he whispers something over Alec's shoulder.
Cynical Youth: Hey, Alec. Hang with me on the way back, OK?
The youth leads Alec to a deserted cave on the outskirts of the forest.
Alec, expecting some kind of fight, is caught unprepared at the youth's next words.
Cynical Youth: Well, you see… This place is my secret base. I only tell friends I think are cool about it.
Cynical Youth: OK, I told you about the secret I was hiding. Now you tell me about the seret of your magic.
Alec: Huh? What are you gonna do with that?
Cynical Youth: I wanna get strong, no matter what.
Cynical Youth: Just tell me, too. C'mon, please!
Alec: I can't.
Cynical Youth: Ugh! Why?
Alec: You told me one of your secrets, so I'll tell you one of mine…
Alec: My abilities aren't the amazing things you seem to think they are.
Alec: Thanks to these powers, I've gone through some really hard times.
Alec: If I just use them thoughtlessly, I'll even shorten my lifespan.
Alec: I don't think you want to learn such a dangerous ability.
Cynical Youth: Argh! Don't make fun of me… I'm not scared of your threats.
Alec: It's not a threat, and it's not a lie. It's just the truth.
Cynical Youth: Hey! Just hurry up and teach me! I'm gonna destroy some monsters!
Alec: No, I won't. There's no way I'm teaching you.
Cynical Youth: You… Don't be so full of yourself! You think you're so hot?
Alec: I would never teach these powers to someone who called me a friend!
Cynical Youth: Wha?
Cynical Youth: Unbelievable… Alec, you…
Cynical Youth: Dang it… Whatever. You're just a cheapskate… A traitor!
With these parting words, the youth runs off into the cave…
…at which point, another set of footsteps suddenly draws near, as if having awaited this opportunity…
Katalina: Well, well. I saw you come here with your friend in the middle of my shopping. I was concerned, so I came to check…
Katalina: What's wrong, Alec? Did you quarrel with your friend or something?
Alec: It's nothing… I'm fine…
Katalina: But… Alec?
Monster's voice: Graaaghhh!
Katalina: This presence… It's from inside the cave!
Alec: Oh no… That's where he went!
Katalina: Wait, Alec!

Goodbyes Aren't Allowed: Scene 3

Alec asks the youth why he wishes to learn magic. The boy replies that a school camp everyone enjoys has been cancelled this year due to some monsters inhabiting the site. Not wanting everyone to miss out, he had determined to take care of the creature himself through learning magic. Listening to the circumstances, Alec sets out to defeat the monster.

The youth is attacked by monsters, but Alec and the crew managed to extricate him just in time.
Witnessing the ferocity of the battle, the youth appears to reconsider his desires.
Cynical Youth: I think I underestimated magic…
Cynical Youth: Um… Alec. Sorry I was so persistent… I won't go thinking about defeating monsters and stuff again.
Alec: Yeah… I think that's a good idea, too.
Cynical Youth: But, wow… you're really something. You didn't even flinch when you took on that dangerous monster.
Alec: That's not true. Even I get scared sometimes…
Alec: I-it's only because my companions from the Grandcypher were here that I had courage.
Cynical Youth: Wow… You skyfarers are amazing. You're strong 'cos you all look out for each other, huh?
Alec: Heh heh, guess you could say that.
Cynical Youth: Hey Alec, I've been thinking, there's this favor I'd like to ask of your skyfarers…
Alec: You… You're not after someone's abilities again? I told you to quit that!
Cynical Youth: Yeah yeah, don't worry, I've given up on that. This is a different request.
Alec: Jeez, you don't have many reservations, do you? Well, spit it out, then.
Cynical Youth: Well… There's some monsters I'd like you guys to take down.
Alec: Huh, monsters?
Cynical Youth: Basically… There's a school camp we go to every year…
Cynical Youth: But because some monsters started showing up in the area, they've decided to cancel it, see.
Cynical Youth: But, everyone's been looking forward to it so much, I just can't stand to see it get scrapped like that…
Alec: Sigh… So that's why you were thinking to learn magic, was it?
Cynical Youth: Hey! What do you mean by that? We've all been waiting so long to enjoy camp!
Alec: I'm saying that if that's the issue, we'd be happy to help you out.
Cynical Youth: Huh? What?
Alec: Well… It's a request from a friend, after all.
Cynical Youth: Alec… you…
Alec: OK, guys. I'm counting on you to help us out, then!
Eugen: Oho… Alec's startin' to sound like the young'un he is, at last.
Eugen: I'm glad… I fell like he's gettin' to express his real self, now.
Eugen: Just a minute… Katalina! Was this… was this your plan from the beginnin'?
Katalina: Yes. It looks like sending him to school was the right choice after all.
Alec: Katalina! Eugen! What're you guys doing? C'mon, we have monsters to defeat!

Goodbyes Aren't Allowed: Scene 4

It's the day of the camp, and Alec hasn't shown up at school. The youth fears that Alec has up and left without saying goodbye, but when he finally arrives, it turns out that he had been waiting for packed lunch to be prepared. When he hands out one of Katalina's carefully prepared sandwiches as an apology to the youth, he nearly passes out from the flavor, causing Alec to laugh. Spending time and laughing with his mischievous new friend, Alec is able to experience one of the innocent pleasures of childhood he had missed out on.

Teacher: OK, everyone. Lunchtime!
Boy: Sigh… Alec's late today…
Girl: Yeah… What's taking him? Did something happen?
Cynical Youth: (Ugh! Could it be… He's just gonna go off like that without saying goodbye?)
Cynical Youth: (He can't do that… I still haven't said anything to him…)
???: Hey!
Boy: Hm? Did you hear a voice just now?
Girl: Huh? Could it be?
Alec: Hey, you guys!
Kids: Oh! It's Alec!
Everyone runs up to Alec.
However, the fastest is his new friend, the youth.
Pleased to see Alec, he playfully pins his arms behind his back.
Cynical Youth: Took your sweet time, didn't you? What are you doing oversleeping, huh?
Alec: Ouch, cut it out! That hurts! And I didn't oversleep!
Alec: When I said we were going to the camp today, Katalina got set on making sandwiches for everyone, and I couldn't stop her…
Cynical Youth: Sandwiches? I love sandwiches!
Alec: Yeah, sorry. I'll give you one if you let me go.
Cynical Youth: Oh! Well, guess I'll let ya off the hook this time. Jeez.
This youth plucks a sandwich from the basket Alec had been carrying, munching it slowly.
Cynical Youth: Heh heh… Y'know, camp without you would be such a bore, I… I…
Cynical Youth: Ugh? Arrgggghhhh!
Cynical Youth: What? What is this… flavor?
Cynical Youth: Wha? Do you skyfarers seriously eat this stuff every day?
Alec: Huh? That's strange, now… Just who was it that was saying people who don't eat their food are wimps the other day? Hmm?
Cynical Youth: What are you trying to say? O'course I'm gonna eat it all. Heh, just watch!
Cynical Youth: Ugh… I'm no… wimp… Bleh!
Cynical Youth: Why you… Ugh! (Shudder). Raarrgh… (gulp).
Cynical Youth: I ate it! Wahahaha! Check it out. It's gone!
Alec: Hahahahaha…
Kids: Hahahahaha…
Cynical Youth: Heh heh… (cough! cough!)… Ha, hahaha…
Alec is surrounded by happy laughter.
He joins in himself, and can't help but feel as though he was slowly regaining something he had lost a long time ago…