Scenario:Alec - The Fated Child

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The Fated Child

They flew down the alley to find a boy, his hands wreathed in crimson flame and crackling with lightning of the deepest blue.Alec was sick and tired of being used by adults.(Captain) and company’s warm welcome helped to bring him into the fold.

On a mid-journey sojourn to a certain town. As our heroes passed by a back alley, a scream pierced the air.
Ruffian 1: Gaaah!
Ruffian 2: Urk?!
Ruffian: Wah! He’s a m-m-monster! Run for it!
Katalina: What? Is it monsters?!
Vyrn: Say what?! I've got a bad feeling...let’s go, (Captain)!
???: Hah...hah...
Katalina: Are you ok-whoa! You... you’re...
Vyrn: Geez!

What’s up with you, kid?

Your hands...they’re on fire and...uh...lightning?
Strange Boy: Damnit...still more, huh?! C’mon! Keep on trying to ice skate uphill!
Strange Boy: I’m tired of following your stupid orders! Eat this!
Katalina: Wait! Wait! Calm down! We’re here to help!
Strange Boy: Shutup! How stupid do you think I am?! I...I?owch!
Katalina: Hrm? Now look at what you done. Quit being silly and come here.
Strange Boy: What?!’re not scared of me?
Katalina: Hehe...maybe a little surprised. But there’s nothing to be scared of.
Strange Boy: Sorry about that. I shouldn’t have tried to attack you.
Vyrn: So, uh...what’s the deal with the power? If you wanna talk, we’ll listen.
Alec: I’m Alec. The power...I dunno. I’ve had it ever since I was a baby...
The power Alec possessed was supremely powerful and all his own. He had no need for spells and incantations.
Despite their fear, the adults in Alec’s life had tried to turn him towards their own purposes. They clashed, and he chose a life of solitude instead.
Alec’s power was no small burden. But in it, he said, he’d found a reason to live.
Alec: This is why I live. No grownup’s ever gonna tell me what to do.
Alec: It’s my way or the highway. And if I do down, I’m gonna go down fighting!
Lyria: Wait! Wait just a minute! Are you really okay with that?
Alec: What did you say?!
Alec: Wait. Where did you come from?
Lyria: Wha? Where... from (Captain), of course?
Alec: ...?! Wha...what is going on?!
Vyrn: Haha! You let a thing like that scare you? You got a way to go, kid.
Alec: What was that?!
Lyria: Vyrn’s’s a big world. There’s probably a lot of stuff out there you have no idea about.
Lyria: So...why would you want to end it here when there’s so much left to see?
Alec: ...! I...I...
  1. It’s a big world. Wanna see it?
  2. We could use that fire

Choose: It’s a big world. Wanna see it?
Alec: The world, eh...
Alec: Heh. This town’s too small to hold me, anyway.
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Choose: We could use that fire
Alec: You mean my power? You think it’ll be useful?
Katalina: Why wouldn’t it? You’ll probably stop hurting yourself once you learn how to control it better.
Alec: Heh... There’s no one left for me here, anyway.
Continue 1
Alec: All right. I’m with you guys.
Lyria: That’s great! That power of yours sure is strong. But it’s honest...and warm.
Lyria: Hehe...I’m so happy you’re coming with us!
Alec: Hm?
Katalina: It is great isn’t it, Lyria?

And Alec?

You promise you’ll be more careful?
Alec: ...
Vyrn: What’s with you? You’re all red...are you blush?
Alec: Gah! Shutup!

I’m not blushing, damnit!

Stop staring at me! Geez!
Katalina: H-Hey! You’re going the wrong way!
And so Alec, a boy of fire and lightning, joined (Captain) and company.
Nothing melts loneliness better than a power strong, honest, and warm, and now it would have a purpose in the service of friends.