Scenario:Alec and Jessica - Table Manners

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Table Manners

When Jessica scolds Alec for not eating his vegetables, Alec blows up and storms off. To make it up to him, Jessica learns how to cook vegetables so delicious that even Alec will eat them. Touched by how much she cares about him, Alec apologizes and thanks her.

Lyria: Nom nom...
Shopkeep: My apologies for the wait. I believe this is everything you ordered. Will that be all?
Vyrn: It's finally here! Time to chow down!
Alec: Whoa, hold up! That's mine!
Vyrn: Heh heh! First come, first served!
Alec: What? No way! Just hand it over!
Jessica: Haha... There's no fighting at the table. Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) and the crew are stopping over on an island.
They are gathered around a table at a local inn, enjoying a leisurely meal.
Lyria: That was so good! I could go for seconds! Tenths, even!
Shopkeep: Hehe... Thank you. It's a real treat to hear praise like that.
Jessica: Hmm? Alec, do you see something wrong with your plate?
Alec: Uh... Well, I...
Jessica: You, uh, what? I'm seeing a looot of vegetables on there...
Jessica: Being a picky eater isn't good for you, you know.
Alec: ...
Jessica: I wasn't too fond of veggies when I was your age either.
Jessica: But I'd eat them right up regardless. How do you think I got so big?
Jessica: If you don't eat a balanced diet, you'll never grow up big and—
Alec: Shut up! Just get the heck off my back!
Alec: What good is it worrying about when I grow up? My power's probably gonna kill me before I do! You ever think of that?
Alec: So leave me alone! I don't need your stupid advice!
Jessica: Oh!
Jessica: ...
Lyria: Oh, no... I know Alec was angry, but don't you think he looked a little sad too?
Vyrn: But c'mon! He took it a little far, didn't he?
Shopkeep: Well... You know how children are at that age...
Jessica: ...
Jessica: Excuse me... There's a favor I'd like to ask, if you can spare the time...
Shopkeep: Who, me?
Vyrn: Huh? Is Jessica still not back?
Lyria: Hm... I'm getting worried. It's so dark out...
Lyria: Why don't we go look for her? You too, Alec!
Alec: What? Why the heck d'you need me?
Lyria: Because, that's why! Come on, Alec, we're leaving!
Alec: Tsk... Fine. Let's go, (Captain).
Lyria: Hmm... The only place I can think of that she might be is the restaurant where we ate lunch...
Alec: Hmph... She's probably just spacing out somewhere...
Alec: Huh?
Shopkeep: Hehe... My, that's tasty! You've got a knack for this, Jessica.
Jessica: I'm glad to hear you say that! This ought to get Alec to eat his veggies...
Shopkeep: It ought to. You do seem quite fired up.
Jessica: Haha... Well. I know what it's like to hate eating your vegetables.
Jessica: But when I finally started eating them, I couldn't believe what I'd been missing out on...
Jessica: I... I really shouldn't have spoken to him like that earlier...
Shopkeep: Hehe. So you decided to say it with pots and pans?
Jessica: Haha... I just don't want him to miss out. There are all sorts of things he could be experiencing. The... The sooner he starts, the better...
Alec: Jessica...
Lyria: Ah! I knew you would be here!
Alec: ...
Lyria: Alec, wait! Where are you going?
Alec returns that evening, but doesn't seem to be in a very talkative mood.
The next day, Jessica treats the Grandcypher crew to a mouth-watering vegetable dish.
Jessica: What do you think? I learned a lot about cooking with vegetables from that restaurant owner!
Lyria: Wow! You're amazing, Jessica! This is delicious!
Vyrn: Munch...
Wow. I bet anyone would love this, even if they hated vegetables!
Jessica: Hehe... So what's the verdict, Alec?
Alec: It's, uh... It's good...
Jessica: Oho! I guess that takes care of your veggie problem!
Vyrn: Haha! You're pretty lucky to have a friend like Jessica who'll go that far outta her way just to keep you fed!
Alec: Can it, lizard lips!
Alec: Uh... Jessica? About what happened... Y'know, before?
Alec: I'm sorry. I should've just kept my big mouth shut...
Jessica: Hehe... I've already forgotten about it. Besides, there's something else I'd rather hear from you.
Alec: ...
Alec: Th-thanks... I can probably choke down a few vegetables if they taste as good as this.
Lyria: Hehe... I didn't know you could turn so red, Alec.
Alec: Sh-shut it! I'm coming down with something, that's why!
Jessica: Oh really? We'll have to watch your nutrition extra carefully then!
And so under the watchful eyes of Jessica and the rest of the crew, Alec begins his journey toward a healthy mind and body.
With Alec's hatred of vegetables conquered, Jessica sets her sights on his table manners.