Scenario:Aletheia - The Veteran Sage

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The Veteran Sage

One by one, the challengers fell before (Captain).

A wizened old man had been watching. He found himself interested in the path (Captain) would take.

The man revealed himself to be Aletheia, the Sage of the Sword.

Vyrn: Yeesh. Another many is that now?
Vyrn: Seems like ever since (Captain) got that sword, no challenger’s been good enough...
Challenger: You there! Yeah, the rubes! How ‘bout I fight you for that sword!
Vyrn: They just keep coming...why do they want that sword so bad?
Challenger: What?! You seriously don’t know what that sword is worth?!
Vyrn: What? This? I mean, it’s pretty old. It can’t be that much, right?
Challenger: That sword was carried by Aletheia, the Sage of the Sword! And you don’t even know it!
Challenger: Every person worth their salt is after that sword! They wanna prove that they have what it takes to be a hero!
Challenger: Now, fight!
Vyrn: Wow! So it’s really something, eh!

You want a fight? You got it!

Eh, (Captain)?!
And so (Captain) took on the challengers with the sage’s own sword in hand.
Seeing someone wield his own sword with such ease was the icing on the cake. (Captain) had Aletheia’s attention.
Old Timer: Gwahaha!

You put on quite the show.

Such a spirit bunch of whippersnappers...
Vyrn: Wait, wait. Are you next...we’re supposed to fight a geezer?!
Old Timer: Oh, good grief. Quite the excitable lizard, aren’t you?
Old Timer: I meant no offense. Besides, there’s little challenge in cutting down the tree when it’s barely a sapling.
Vyrn: Hrm...but you aren’t exactly normal are you, old dude?
Old Timer: Gwahaha!

That’s no way to talk to an old man!

And I’m quite sure I don’t feel like fighting.
Old Timer: I must handle that sword quite well. Well done, indeed!
Vyrn: Glad to hear it. Sounds to me like there’s a thing or two you know about it?
Old Timer: Of course. What you don’t know about that sword could fill a warehouse.
Vyrn: For real?! The guys coming after it kept saying something about having what it takes to be a hero.
Old Timer: The sword has itself one ringer of a name, there’s no doubt about that...
Old Timer: But how time turns the smallest of guppies into the most monstrous of whales.
Speaking softly, the old man began his tale. He spoke of a time long past, when the sword had been his own.
The wisdom and strength he’d acquired over his long journey served to save countless people from monsters of all sorts.
His deeds spanned the ages, tales of him spreading like wildfire. In what seemed to be no time at all, Aletheia came to be praised as the Sage of the Sword.
Vyrn: I got it now! The sword of the sage himself, eh...damn!
Old Timer: And now it travels with you. That’s an interesting tale in and of itself, I’d bet.
Vyrn: Hm? W-wait just a second?! You kind of look like a sage... wait?! Seriously?!
Aletheia: Gwahaha!

My dear lizard.

Seems you’ve got yourself some brains in that tiny head of yours.
Vyrn: Dude! Really?! You’re the sage?!
Aletheia: Hrm...some have called me that, certainly.
Aletheia: (Captain)...I’m most interested in seeing the path you take as the holder of the sword.
Vyrn: Wow, that's amazing! What’re you gonna do, (Captain)?
  1. I’m not worthy!
  2. I hope you’re ready!

Choose: I’m not worthy!
Aletheia: Oh, spare me the false modesty. You’ve quite the shoes to fill!
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Choose: I hope you’re ready!
Aletheia: Gwahaha!

I like that spirit!

I’m sure I’ll see great things.
Continue 1
Aletheia: Now, we can't waste time.
Aletheia: I’ll be glad to see where that sword takes you lot.
Vyrn: Ok! The sage is probably on his last legs anyway. Show him what you can do, (Captain)!
Aletheia: You! Lizard! Mind your manners! I haven’t lost to you spritelings yet!
Aletheia: So. Would you care to wager that sword?
The old man found himself smiling at the sight of the sword in (Captain)’s hand. He was reminded of himself.
The old man joined our heroes, curious to see whether (Captain)’s legend would stand the test of time.