Scenario:Alexiel - An Earnest Disciple

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An Earnest Disciple

The primarch Uriel asks (Captain) to let his disciple Alexiel join the crew. Though amused by how this master and disciple are polar opposites in so many ways, the crew gladly accepts.

The stars twinkle bright, and the crew of the Grandcypher has hunkered down for another peaceful night of rest.
Or so they thought.
When the ship shakes with the sound of thunder, (Captain) jumps out of bed.
???: Hahaha! Singularity. Are you awake?
(Captain)'s eyes open wide at the sight of the bulky man leaning against the wall.
  1. Uriel?

Choose: Uriel?
Uriel: Haha. I'd like to thank you again for your help from before.
Uriel: Never dreamed I'd be saved by the likes of a mortal.
(Captain) blinks and stares at the figure, then goes back to sleep—must be another dream.
Uriel: Hey! Don't ignore me!
  1. This isn't a dream?
  2. Y-you're real?

Choose: This isn't a dream?
Uriel: Hahaha! Do you like my trial that much?
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Choose: Y-you're real?
Uriel: Of course! Or would you like a battle to prove it? That ought to wake you up.
Continue 1
(Captain) realizes this is not dream, but reality.
At the same time, (Captain) fears that the primarch's visit could only mean a new calamity threatens the skies.
Uriel: Don't worry. I'm not here with ill tidings or whatnot.
Uriel: The supreme primarch says we need to learn more of your ways.
Uriel: By working with your allies and strengthening your bonds, you gained power unobtainable on your own.
Uriel: So today I've come with a request.
  1. Do you want to join our crew?

Choose: Do you want to join our crew?
Uriel: Hahaha! Not a bad idea.
Uriel: But I've got my own duties to attend to. So in my stead—
The ship rocks with another thunderous sound. Uriel winces at (Captain) apologetically.
Uriel: Sigh...
Uriel: I'm sorry. Could we step out for a minute?
Uriel leads (Captain) outside, where a large cloud of dust greets them.
Uriel: Get out here already. And lose the dust!
The dust cloud settles, and from it emerges the figure of a familiar young woman.
  1. Alexiel!

Choose: Alexiel!
Alexiel: Singularity. It's been a while.
Uriel: Hey, I told you I'll do the talking.
Alexiel: But, Master Uriel, you needn't have deigned yourself to come here. I could have—
Uriel: It's better if I'm the one who asks for this sorta thing.
Just then, a flustered Lyria and Vyrn come out to see what's happened.
Vyrn: The heck's goin' on here?
Lyria: (Captain), are you all right?
Lyria: Wha! It's Uriel!
Vyrn: Hm? Who's the other one?
Amused by the confusion on their faces, Uriel lets out a chortle.
Uriel: Hahaha! Look! You woke them up!
Alexiel: The blue-haired girl and the red dragon...
Uriel: C'mon and join us. I'll explain.
Uriel beckons the two over and begins to speak.
Uriel: I came today to ask if you would let this one join you on your travels.
Alexiel: I am called Alexiel, disciple of the benevolent primarch Uriel.
Lyria: Disciple?
Uriel: Basically she follows me around and tries to be like me.
Vyrn: Didn't know you primarchs took disciples.
Uriel: Well, it all began on my search for a countermeasure in case of a new threat.
Uriel: I scoured the world for one who could be worthy of the role.
Uriel: It was no easy task. Far and wide I searched, but there were none fit for the task.
Uriel: That is... until I found her. A resilient primal whose powers perfectly compliment mine.
Uriel: Heh heh. Her body's bursting with the power of earth.
Alexiel: When we chanced upon each other, I was made known of the existence of the primarchs.
Alexiel: Finally the connection between the primarchs, primals, and our Astral creators became clear to me.
Alexiel: And I was fool enough to wonder if my power could rival that of theirs.
Alexiel: However...
Alexiel: I was no match for Master Uriel.
Lyria: Oh my...
Uriel: After that, she bent the knee and asked to be my disciple.
Alexiel: One must be strong to protect the weak.
Alexiel: And I believed more than anything that Master Uriel could guide me to the realization of that ambition.
Vyrn: Whoa... Primarchs sure are something.
Uriel: And how could I refuse?
Uriel: After all, I found what I was looking for, and what was the harm?
Uriel: So ever since, I've been training and preparing her in case another threat to the world comes along.
Vyrn: Hm, but if that's the case...
Vyrn: Wouldn't it be better if she stayed with you, not us?
Uriel: Well, I've gotten a little more busy lately.
Uriel: So I'll have to leave her under your care, if only for a while.
Alexiel: Master Uriel has spoken of your great deeds during the last calamity.
Vyrn: A real nail-biter, that one was...
Alexiel: Please, I wish to grow under your guidance that I may be of greater use to Master Uriel.
Alexiel: What do you say? Will you grant our request?
  1. Of course!

Choose: Of course!
Alexiel: You have my utmost gratitude.
Uriel: That's the singularity for you. Quick on the uptake.
Uriel: She can be a little... stiff sometimes... but she's got a good heart, just like you guys.
Uriel: Hope she might get a little more flexible after spending some time with you though.
Alexiel: ...
Uriel: But I'd best not get my hopes up.
Uriel: Well, good luck! I'm off!
A gust of wind blows and Uriel disappears in a cloud of dust.
With Uriel gone, Alexia turns to face the crew with a smile.
Alexiel: Companions, as I have been entrusted by Master Uriel, I hereby swear to safeguard you through all manner of trial and tribulation.
Vyrn: Pfft! Ahahaha!
Lyria: Vyrn?
Alexiel: Red dragon. Why do you laugh?
Vyrn: Sorry! Just that he really wasn't kidding about you being all stiff!
Vyrn: I mean, for a disciple of Uriel, you sure sound nothing like him.
Lyria: Hehe. I see your point.
Alexiel: Master Uriel is great in battle and fervent in loyalty, so it is only natural that his actions are at times guided by emotion.
Alexiel: So I wish to support him—compliment his disposition—by always remaining composed and reserved.
Vyrn: Ooh. You're really taking this disciple thing to a whole new level.
Lyria: You and Uriel are like elements balancing each other out! You compliment each other perfectly!
Alexiel: Haha. I wonder how true that is.
Alexiel: At any rate I am in your care.
Lyria: Welcome aboard!
And so the crew gains a new member, Alexiel.
The crew is in a jubilant mood as the seeds of chaos are silently sown.