Scenario:Alexiel - Time to Go Legit

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Time to Go Legit

When explosives planted in cargo on the Grandcypher go off, the airship crash-lands on a small island. Faint rumbling of the earth warns Alexiel of impending danger, made evident by the machina soldiers that show up soon after.

The crew have undertaken a transportation assignment and are currently en route to their destination.
When they come across a certain mountainous archipelago, however, the unthinkable happens.
Their cargo explodes. This damages the ship's wings and sends them spiraling into the island below.
Lyria: Oh no!
Rackam: Tsk. Not how I imagined today going!
Rackam: Hang on tight, guys! This is gonna get bumpy!
Rackam: Raaaaagh!
With his piloting expertise, Rackam eases the ship onto the face of a mountain and slides it down the rocky slope until they come to a stop at the mountain's foot.
Vyrn: Whew. Thought we were goners for a second there.
Rackam: Everyone! You okay?
Rackam: Sigh. And why the heck do we have cargo exploding?
The crew goes to the cargo bay to investigate what happened.
Bits of food lie scattered on the ground, along with the smell of gunpowder and what looks like a metal device used to track time.
Lyria: We... We were carrying bombs?
Alexiel: Not only that. I believe this was no mistake. Whoever did this, did so with murderous intent.
Lyria: That's awful... Who would do such a thing?
The crew wonders. They'd never seen the client who hired them before; what could he possibly have against them?
The sound of thunder in the distance reaches Alexiel's ears. She looks to the encompassing mountains and furrows her brows.
Alexiel: The elements of earth here are becoming roused...
Vyrn: Huh? Don't tell me the island's gonna fall like with the last calamity?
Alexiel: No, no. There's no need to worry about that. Right now the tetra-elements are still in balance.
Alexiel: However... Singularity, this island is dangerous. We must leave posthaste.
Rackam: Sorry, I'd love to get outta here myself, but I'm gonna need some time to fix the wings.
Rackam: Luckily we've got the materials and the hands needed. I'll try to get her up and flying as fast as I can.
The crew rushes to repair the ship.
However, machina soldiers appear from out of nowhere and surround them.
Rackam: What the! When did these guys get here?
Alexiel: You take care of the repairs. Leave them to us.
Rackam: All right. We're counting on you!
Alexiel: Singularity. Stay sharp.
Together, (Captain) and Alexiel battle the machina soldiers.

Time to Go Legit: Scene 2

When the machina soldiers are defeated, a group of arms dealers explain that they seek revenge against the crew—as (Captain) and company's peacekeeping efforts have been bad for business. (Captain) and Alexiel chase after the men when they suddenly run off.

Machina Soldier: ...
The crew fends off the machina soldiers but stays alert for any more attacks.
Alexiel: No more hiding! Show yourself!
Rough-Hewn Voice: Humph. Expected as much from the guys who quelled the calamity.
A rough-hewn man hollers from the shadows, and as if on cue, lackeys step out from behind the scraggly trees.
They look at the relatively undamaged ship and give a sour expression.
Rackam: ...
Wouldn't happen to know 'bout what happened to us, would you?
Rackam: See... There was some scrap metal scattered around the explosion that took out our ship...
Rackam: Metal that looks an awful lot like the kind those machina soldiers were made of.
Heavyset Man: Heh heh. Not a clue, bud.
Rackam: ...
Oh? That so?
From the way the men laugh, it's obvious to the crew that they've found the culprits.
Rackam: Heh. So that means the client was in on it too. We've been had.
Lyria: No... But he seemed like such a nice person...
Alexiel: Why did you conspire to bring us here? Talk.
Heavyset Man: You guys are just the best, ain't ya. Saving the world, ending wars, real heroes... Man, you make me sick.
Heavyset Man: How about you mind your own business and stop ruining ours!
Vyrn: Ruining their business? What're they talking about?
Rackam: Hmm...
Alexiel: You know something of this?
Rackam: Think so... Siero might've mentioned them before.
Rackam: There's a group of traders who sell machina soldiers and weapons to islands across the sky.
Sierokarte: That's right! They've got very good technology, but they never seem to use it for the right reasons.
Sierokarte: They're always spreading rumors about kings and the wars they're planning, regardless of how true those rumors are.
Rackam: So they tell people that rival kingdoms are preparing for war just to get them to buy weapons.
Sierokarte: That's right! But I simply can't approve of methods like that myself.
Rackam tells the crew what he knows of the arms dealers, information that leaves a very bad taste in the group's mouths.
Alexiel: I understand that trading can at times be competitive.
Alexiel: But to cause wars between nations while you sit idly by and enjoy the horrors you have wrought...
Alexiel: It would be another story if you did what you did to protect others, but it is plain to see you have strayed from the path of righteousness.
Rackam: Yeah. What she said.
Lyria: Selling weapons for war...
Lyria: How could you do something so awful!
Heavyset Man: Hah! Hey, people want something and we happen to sell it! That's just business, kids!
With the sound of thunder, smoke rises from a mountain in the distance.
Vyrn: Wh-whoa. This doesn't look good.
Alexiel: Ngh... No doubt that volcano is soon to erupt.
Men: Heh heh heh.
Vyrn: What the? Do these guys think lava's a joke?
Lyria: It does seem very strange... If the volcano erupts, they're in as much trouble as we are.
Heavyset Man: Hahaha! We brought you all the way out to this island. Didn't think the soldiers were all we had planned, did ya?
Heavyset Man: You ain't seen nothing yet!
With those ominous words, the man retreats into the woods.
Vyrn: What? I thought he was gonna do something, not run away.
Lyria: (Captain), I've got a bad feeling about this...
  1. After them!

Choose: After them!

Alexiel: Wait, Singularity. Right now we're fighting against time, not them.
Alexiel: As captain of this crew, your priority is to get the ship off this island.
But (Captain) remains adamant.
Adamant that the fiends need to be brought to justice.
(Captain) gives the order for all members to return to the ship and aid in its repair, while the captain goes after the men alone.
Alexiel: Haha... Your sheer pluck reminds me of Master Uriel.
Alexiel: If you're going after those evildoers, then I'm coming with you.
And so as Rackam and the crew repair the ship, (Captain) and Alexiel go after the men.

Time to Go Legit: Scene 3

The knaves about-face and use a mechanical monstrosity to blast (Captain) away. Alexiel saves the captain in the nick of time. And after confirming that the Grandcypher is fully repaired and in the air, she shows the men the full force of her mirror-blades.

(Captain) and Alexiel have decided to split up in search of the men.
And (Captain) is the one to find them.
Heavyset Man: Oh, just you, eh? I'm guessing everyone else is busy repairing the ship.
Heavyset Man: Perfect! We just have to take the captain out and the whole crew falls apart!
Heavyset Man: Behold! My ultimate creation!
???: ...
Trees collapse to make way for a giant mechanical monstrosity. (Captain) stands at the ready, sword in hand.
But just before (Captain) takes the first strike, the man interjects.
Heavyset Man: Oho! Not so fast there, Captain! I'll have you know this baby's core is chock-full of explosives.
Heavyset Man: And the ground we're standing on is right above a lava vein!
Heavyset Man: You know what that means, don'tcha? Hahaha!
The men laugh as if they've won.
But (Captain) refuses to be provoked. The captain gives a sigh and lets the sword fall to the ground.
But (Captain) has not given up. In those eyes, the flames of justice still burn bright.
Heavyset Man: Hahaha! I'm glad we're on the same page! Let's see how much pounding you can take!
Heavyset Man: Get 'em!
???: ...
Meanwhile Rackam and the crew race to fix the ship.
Rackam: All right, keep the wing steady. Reattaching now!
Vyrn: Say, Lyria. Is it just me, or is that volcano getting even smokier?
Lyria: Oh no! What're we going to do!
Rackam: No use thinking about it. We just gotta do what we can, as fast as we can.
Rackam: We gotta get this ship fixed and get to (Captain)!
Lyria: Right!
Lyria: (Please be all right, (Captain)...)
But (Captain) is far from all right.
The captain has been able to fend off the machine's attacks for a time, but fatigue soon sets in, and (Captain) starts to succumb to the enemy's blows.
???: ...
Heavyset Man: Aww, where's your ship? Still ain't up and flying?
Heavyset Man: Too bad, looks like your death will be in vain.
Heavyset Man: Whoops... Guess it's almost time.
Heavyset Man: All right, guys! Let's get outta here!
  1. You're not getting away that easy!

Choose: You're not getting away that easy!

Heavyset Man: Speak for yourself, kid.
???: ...
(Captain) takes a direct hit from the giant machine and is thrown into the air from the impact.
Heavyset Man: Don't let that brat get in your way.
???: ...
Heavyset Man: You've done good up till now.
Heavyset Man: But this is goodbye.
Men: Gahaha!
The men leave with the sound of their vile laughter hanging in the air.
???: ...
The giant machine grabs (Captain), preventing any movement.
And begins to count down to its explosion.
???: ...
  1. I can't give up now!

Choose: I can't give up now!

???: ...
And right when all seems lost...
Alexiel: Mirror-blades!
Alexiel: Hrraaagh!
???: ...
Alexiel: Goodbye.
???: ...!
Alexiel appears with the swiftness of a flash of light, unleashing her mirror-blades.
The barrier they create is able to contain the explosion around the machine alone, saving (Captain).
Alexiel: Singularity, are you all right?
  1. Heh. What took you so long?

Choose: Heh. What took you so long?

Alexiel: Haha. My apologies.
The Grandcypher then appears above them.
Alexiel: Excellent, there's no need to worry about the crew anymore.
Alexiel: Now come, let's get those men.
Together they give chase.
Underling: B-Boss! They're on our tail!
Heavyset Man: What? How're they still alive!
Alexiel: Don't think you can get away from us.
Alexiel: Mirror-blade Eruption!

Time to Go Legit: Scene 4

(Captain) convinces Alexiel to spare the lives of the crooked arms dealers on the condition that they turn over a new leaf. This whole incident has no doubt allowed the primal beast to strengthen her bonds with the captain.

Heavyset Man: Graaagh!
Having captured the men, (Captain) and Alexiel smile at each other as they watch the Grandcypher draw closer.
Alexiel: Working with your allies, strengthening your bonds, gaining power unobtainable on your own... I think I'm starting to see what Master Uriel sees in you.
Alexiel: Now, back to the matter at hand...
Heavyset Man: W-wait!
Heavyset Man: P-please. Spare us!
Alexiel: ...
Heavyset Man: We won't make any more weapons! Or sell them!
Heavyset Man: We know what we did was wrong! We'll turn from our ways! Promise! Just please...
Alexiel: Oh? So you admit your deeds were evil.
Alexiel: Then you understand you must be punished.
Alexiel: Face your judgment. Face my mirror-blades.
Men: Nooo!
With a look of indifference, Alexiel raises her giant sword.
  1. Spare them.

Choose: Spare them.

Alexiel: The benevolence of my captain demands your lives be spared.
Men: Y-yes...
Alexiel: And so I must.
Slowly, Alexiel lowers her sword. She faces the men with a severe gaze.
Alexiel: Waste not the lives you've been given. From henceforth, you shall walk the path of righteousness.
Alexiel: Or else...
Men: W-we'll walk the path of righteousness!
Alexiel: Humph. I look forward to it.
Alexiel: Quickly now, Singularity. There's no more time.
Alexiel: You lot as well. Hurry! We need to go!
Heavyset Man: Yes, ma'am!
They meet up with Rackam and the crew and leave the island as fast as they can.
From behind the Grandcypher, the volcano erupts and consumes the island.
Vyrn: Whew... Made it out just in the nick of time.
Lyria: I don't want to think about what would have happened if we didn't fix the ship fast enough...
Lyria: Alexiel! Thank you so much!
Alexiel: No thanks is needed. This was only possible because we all worked together.
Alexiel: Isn't that right, Singularity... No, (Captain).
The airship carries them into the horizon.
Whatever the future may hold, they will face it together—as one.