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Small Debater

The crew meets a student named Alistair at the Hall of Knowledge. His provocative arrogance gets him into trouble with a group of ruffians, but (Captain) saves him. When Alistair discovers the crew's destination to be Estalucia, he pleads to come along in order to prove the hypothesis his father never could.

According to rumor, there is a building where one can find information on Estalucia.
(Captain) and the crew are visiting the Hall of Knowledge, which houses the biggest library in all the skies.
Arusha not in crew

Arusha: Welcome to the Hall of Knowledge. I'm Arusha, the librarian here. Which tome do you wish to find?
Vyrn: Really appreciate the gesture. We weren't sure how we'd get through the mountains upon mountains of books before us.
Lyria: Erm, we want to find books about Estalucia...
Arusha: Hmmm, I see. Estalucia, is it... Yes, that won't be easy...
Arusha: We've been trying to secure tomes pertaining to that island for quite some time now without much luck...
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Arusha is a crew member

Arusha: Ooooh my, isn't this wonderful. After being away so long, the smell of pages... It's like I'm home!
Vyrn: Hey, hey! We came here looking for books, remember! There's no time to be soaking up the atmosphere—you've gotta help us!
Arusha: Heehee, indeed. Please wait here a moment. I'll go and have a quick look.
Arusha: I'm sorry to say that our luck in acquiring books on Estalucia hasn't changed a bit.

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Vyrn: Aww, that sucks, (Captain).
Lyria: Oh well... I guess we'll just have to find the Sky Map pieces and get there the hard way.
Lyria: Huh, what's that? There's so much buzz coming from that direction...
Arusha: It's one of the students here... This library is also an academy that nurtures talented students. They all have brilliant minds.
Arusha: Erm, right now they are having what's called an open debate. This academy is well known for its discussions.
Vyrn: An open debate? What are those? Why hasn't anybody closed it already?
Arusha: Hmmm, how do I explain... They pose arguments and answers to an academic question. Kind of like a battle of wits.
Arusha: Heehee, it seems they're reaching a conclusion.
Alistair: Hmm? Is that all you have to say? I wonder, is it embarrassing for a senior to lose to a freshman like me...
Older Student: You... You might be clever, but you sure are cheeky for a freshman...
Alistair: That's just wrong. Do you not understand? I am Alistair Alethea, and you'll never find a mind more brilliant than mine in the sky!
Katalina: E-excuse me, did you say Alethea? Could you be a son of the noble house of Alethea?
Lyria: Katalina? Do you know something?
Katalina: No, not really... Just that the house of Alethea has produced many great scholars...
Alistair: Heh, glad to know there's at least someone out there with an intellect. Hey, why don't you try and learn from her, "senior"?
Katalina: But rumors speak of how the Alethea family has fallen to ruin...
Alistair: H-how dare you! Who even are you! Are you one of the participants in this debate? If so, I accept your challenge!
Katalina: W-wait, I didn't come here to debate...
Alistair: Ergh, how boring... I never wanted to come to this stupid place... I hate this library...
Alistair grumbles under his breath and walks off, pouting all the while.
The crew gives up on finding books about Estalucia and leave the Hall of Knowledge.
They wander around town, using the time to stock up on foodstuffs. The time to return to the Grandcypher approaches.
Lyria: Huh, that voice... It's Alistair. Is he having another debate?
Vyrn: Maybe, but it sounds kinda weird...
Older Student: Hehehe, you've got some real nerve to embarrass me in front of everyone... A lowly commoner like yourself should know your place.
Alistair: That is unjustified resentment through misunderstanding. It's okay—I'm sure you'll understand if you study a little bit, "senior."
Older Student: Why you... You're sassing me again! Maybe I can fix your cheekiness with a little pain...
Ruffian 1: Gehehe, 'bout time. You're gonna pay us good if we rough him up a bit, right?
Ruffian 2: Gahaha, easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. We could do this all day, every day.
Older Student: I'm willing to forgive and forget if you apologize. Come on now, freshman, speak up. Admit you were at fault.
Alistair: Do you really want to do this? I mean, even if I apologize, it doesn't prove you were right about anything.
Older Student: W-why you! That's besides the point! I just need to best you in something!
Vyrn: Something bad's about to go down... Let's go help out, (Captain)!
(Captain) and company rush over to stand in front of Alistair, each ready to brandish their weapons.
The extraordinary show of fighting spirit strikes fear into the ruffians.
Ruffian 1: W-what! Is this a joke? Nobody told us about any skyfarers!
Ruffian 2: Blast it! This isn't worth getting hurt for! I'm outta here!
Older Student: H-hey! Where are you going, cowards! You can't just change your tune like that! Wait!
Alistair: Pant... Wheeze...
Katalina: Are you okay? You may have overstepped... You know, even if you're correct, being so critical and one-sided will never end well.
Katalina: Haha, but perhaps you can think of it as a lesson learned. It pays to keep an open mind and consider the other party's feelings.
However, Alistair does away with meekness and goes straight on the defensive.
Alistair: I understand, but you are wrong. The way I am is normal in my world.
Alistair: "Always be strong, always be correct, then you will have no problems." That's why my father—
Lyria: Huh? Your father? What does he have to do with this?
Alistair gasps, surprised, then falls silent. But then, his eyes widen with resolve, and he begins to speak from his heart.
Alistair: My father was a brilliant scholar. But at an academic conference, his thesis was met with animosity and complete condemnation.
Alistair: But Father never gave up! He tried to prove his hypothesis by himself, throwing all his funds away, gathering airships and skyfarers.
Alistair: Then he left. He set off for an island. It was his grand experiment, the one that would finally prove his hypothesis correct.
Lyria: (An island? Could he mean...)
Alistair: But, his grand experiment was a huge disaster. He lost not only his fortune and zeal, but the trust of the academic congress too.
Alistair: So the house of Alethea has big hopes for me. I dream of restoring my family, and I'll risk everything to achieve that.
Alistair: I have to find the answer! No matter how much I am resented, or how strong the objections. I will prove the hypothesis correct!
Katalina: So I see now... It explains why you've been working so hard. I'm sorry I admonished you so carelessly.
Lyria: Erm, just one thing! When you mentioned an island... were you talking about Estalucia?
Alistair: Huh? What? No! That's not it! Why do you know about that place! Why!
Vyrn: We're kinda clueless about the place actually, even if we are on a journey to get there. Right, (Captain)?
Alistair: You're kidding? Really? I can't believe my luck! Hey, take me with you!
Vyrn: Huh, I dunno about that... Whaddya say, (Captain)?
  1. Sure, come along!
  2. We can't take you. You're still a student.

Choose: Sure, come along!

Alistair: Of course you'd understand me! You're way too cool!
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Choose: We can't take you. You're still a student.

Alistair: That shouldn't matter in the least! I can submit a leave of absence form right this second!

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Vyrn: Heh... You really do have an answer for everything, don't you.
And so the somewhat impertinent student, Alistair Alethea, joins the crew.