Scenario:Aliza - Master Catoblepas

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Master Catoblepas

On Tarvi, Aliza diligently attempts to mimic a catoblepas, a native monster. The crew thinks back to how this all started: with Aliza attempting to create a fighting move.

Tarvi, a wasteland desolate and unforgiving, its landscape oft likened to a vision of the apocalypse.
Backdropped by this bereft land, Aliza and a catoblepas face off.
Catoblepas: Grrr...
Aliza: Grrr...
As the catoblepas raises its leg, so too does Aliza.
(Captain) and the crew, meanwhile, try to get a handle on this strange situation.
Vyrn: Uhh, Aliza, I can see you're pretty focused on the fight and all, but...
Vyrn: Watch out so you don't get any nasty bug bites or anything!
Aliza: Don't worry, I'll be careful!
Vyrn: Hoo boy... Hey, (Captain), what's she doing with a catoblepas anyway?
At a loss for an answer, (Captain) tries to think back to what happened that morning.
Aliza mutters to herself as she kicks the air again and again.
When asked what she's doing, Aliza responds very seriously that she's trying to create a new fighting technique.
Aliza: My grandfather told me something a long time ago.
Aliza: "The true successor must not only improve the techniques handed down from our ancestors."
Aliza: "They must create something new!"
Aliza: So I thought I'd come up with a move of my own.
Vyrn: Aren't you strong enough already though?
Aliza: No, I need to get stronger. Much stronger.
Aliza: Even he's been getting stronger, so...
Vyrn: He? You mean Stan?
Aliza: N-no... I mean, yes, but...
Aliza flushes red, and Vyrn realizes what she's trying to say.
Vyrn: Yeah, you're right. He's a lot stronger than he used to be.
Vyrn: It's because of Tarvi, I guess...
Vyrn: He's been improving in leaps and bounds since we were there.
Upon hearing this, something seems to click for Aliza.
Aliza: That's it... Tarvi! Let's go there and fight some of the local monsters!
Lyria: What? Fight monsters?
Aliza: Right! Catoblepas, the beast of Tarvi! Its body, and legs in particular...
Aliza: The kicking techniques it uses with those well-trained legs are sure to give me some inspiration!
The somewhat confused crew sets off for Tarvi with a newly energized Aliza.

Master Catoblepas: Scene 2

The crew arrives in Tarvi and encounters a catoblepas, who Aliza asks to train under. She studies its strange, languid movements in search of something to incorporate into her new move.

Thug: Argh! At this rate I'll never get that golden flower!
The crew hears some thugs' cries as soon as they arrive in Tarvi.
They rush over to find an angry catoblepas.
Catoblepas: Graaaghhh!
Thug: Eep! Waarrrghh!
Seeing the magnificent beast send the thugs flying confirms what Aliza suspected.
Aliza: I knew it... Those kicks are gonna make for a great reference point!
The catoblepas makes sure it's sent every last thug packing.
Catoblepas: ...
Satisfied that it has removed the intruders from its territory, the creature heads into Tarvi's interior.
Aliza: Wait!
Catoblepas: Graaah?
Faced with Aliza's sudden appearance, the catoblepas readies itself for a fight.
Aliza: I don't want to fight! Please, let me train with you!
Aliza: Wait... does this thing even understand what I'm saying?
Catoblepas: Grrr...
The catoblepas narrows its eyes and surveys Aliza and the crew.
It senses no ill will and realizes the crew poses no threat.
Catoblepas: Graaah!
The catoblepas carries on to Tarvi's interior, unconcerned with the group.
Aliza: I guess that means okay!
Vyrn: H-hey, are you sure this is all right?
The crew follows the catoblepas with caution, but it shows no sign of aggression.
Vyrn: I thought we were dealing with a ferocious monster, but it's actually pretty laid back.
Lyria: I guess Aliza got her intentions across.
Aliza sticks by the catoblepas, copying its movements.
Catoblepas: Grrrrr...
Aliza: I see... You use your legs like springs, and then... you leap.
Aliza thinks things over while muttering to herself and then casually begins speaking to the catoblepas.
Aliza: You're kinda strange for a monster.
Aliza: Well, I guess I'm kinda strange myself, asking a monster to train me.
Aliza gives a wry smile and resumes her careful observervation of the catoblepas's movements.
Catoblepas: Graaaghhh!
Aliza: Graaaghhh!
As if to answer Aliza's request, the catoblepas unleashes a kick.
Aliza: Oh! I could use this!
Something clicks for Aliza.
Catoblepas: Graaah?
Suddenly, as if sensing something, the catoblepas dashes off somewhere.
Aliza: Wait! Please! Just a little longer and I'll have it!
The crew chases after the catoblepas, but loses sight of the creature.
Chasing after the sound of shouting, they find the catoblepas staring down a thug.
Thug: Damn it, this guy again? Stay out of our way!
Catoblepas: Grrrrr...
Aliza: Hey, what are those jerks doing here again?
Aliza yells at the thugs without thinking.
Aliza: Hey, weren't you talking about the golden flower earlier?
Thug: Yeah, so what if we were? Ain't none of your business!
Aliza: What do you need it for so badly, anyway?
Thug: Are you stupid? To sell, of course! That thing's gonna make us rich!
Thug: Problem is, this butthead keeps getting in the way!
Catoblepas: Graaaghhh!
At the mention of the golden flowers, the catoblepas launches itself at the thug.
Vyrn: Don't tell me... You're trying to protect the golden flowers?
The crew realizes that it must be true. The catoblepas is protecting the flowers.
Ignoring the crew's conversation, the thugs prepare to attack.
Thug: Hah! Take a look at me now, monster! I'm not alone today!
Thug: I brought plenty of friends this time!
Catoblepas: Graaah?
A gang of thugs surrounds the catoblepas.
Outnumbered and cornered, the catoblepas bellows in distress.
Catoblepas: Grrrrr...
Thug: Heheh, take this!
Aliza: Oh, watch out!
Just as the thugs are about to strike the catoblepas from behind, Aliza leaps to shield it.
Aliza: Hahh!
Thug: H-hey, what are you doing?
Aliza strikes out with her signature kick, meeting the thugs' attacks with grace and beauty.
Catoblepas: Gragh!
Aliza: Don't worry! I have your back, Master!
Catoblepas: Grrr... Grah?
Aliza: Everyone, please! Lend us your strength!
Vyrn: S-sure! I don't know what's going on, but we'll help you out!
Lyria: Right! Aliza and her mentor need our help!
Thug: Pft, what a bunch of weirdos. Get 'em, boys!

Master Catoblepas: Scene 3

As Aliza defeats thug after thug, she notices a marked improvement in her abilities. Seeing this, the catoblepas challenges her to a final sparring match between teacher and student.

Catoblepas: Roaargh!
Thug: Guhh...
Aliza: Roaargh!
Thug: Gah!
As she defeats thug after thug, Aliza notices a marked improvement in the power of her kicks.
Thug: Sh-she's inhuman! How is she so powerful?
Realizing they're outmatched, the thugs turn tail and run.
Catoblepas: Roarrrrgh!
Aliza: We did it!
Catoblepas: Grrrrr...
With the thugs defeated, the catoblepas faces the party and lowers its head as if in gratitude.
Aliza: No, I'm the one who should be thanking you.
Aliza: Thanks to your teachings, I seem to have discovered something.
However, Aliza begins muttering to herself as if distraught.
Aliza: I'm still a long way from perfecting it, though... Just a little more...
The catoblepas considers Aliza for a moment before suddenly adopting a combat stance.
Catoblepas: Roarooaaargh!
Aliza: Master? Why are you doing this?
At that moment, Aliza senses something from the catoblepas's gaze.
Aliza: Hee hee... Got it. Now you're talking!
Aliza: If it's a sparring match you want, I gladly accept. I'm sure I'll learn a lot!
Aliza: Hee hee... Just what I'd expect from my master!
Vyrn: W-wait, Aliza seems to understand this thing, but I have no idea what's going on!
Lyria: I'm not sure, myself... But it seems like they understand one another!
Aliza: Right, then. Master, I humbly request a match!
Catoblepas: Grrrrr!

Master Catoblepas: Scene 4

Aliza defeats the catoblepas, perfecting a new move in the process. Seeing her joy at this new discovery, the beast begins to leave. When Aliza says her final words of thanks, the catoblepas offers up a happy roar that thunders through Tarvi.

Catoblepas: Roargh!
Aliza: Guah!
The catoblepas unleashes a mighty kick at Aliza.
Aliza: I knew this was going to be tough. That one almost hurt!
Aliza: But now it's my turn!
Aliza: Let's dance!
Catoblepas: Roargh?
Aliza: (If I time my kick just right...)
Aliza instinctively prepares to launch her new attack based on the catoblepas's movements.
Aliza: Now! Haaah!
Aliza: Phoenix style! Flaming Beast Kick!
Her leg glows crimson, sending the catoblepas flying with inhuman speed and ferocity.
Catoblepas: Roagh?
The beast is thrown into the air and then falls to the ground with a mighty thud.
Aliza: I... I did it. I actually did it!
Aliza: You see that just now, (Captain)? Awesome, huh?
The catoblepas shakily gets back on its feet.
Catoblepas: Roagh...
Aliza: M-Master, are... are you okay?
Although ecstatic about her new technique, Aliza immediately apologizes to the catoblepas.
Aliza: I'm so sorry, Master. Are you hurt?
Catoblepas: Roooargh...
With a passing glance at Aliza, the catoblepas vanishes into Tarvi's interior as if nothing happened.
Aliza: Oh, Master...
Aliza: I can't thank you enough for what you've done, Master!
Catoblepas: Roargh!
As if in response to Aliza's thanks, the catoblepas lets out a piercing roar just as it disappears into Tarvi.
Catoblepas: Roaaaargh!
The crew is speechless and astonished at the spectacle that has unfolded before them.
Vyrn: Wh-what the heck was that all about?
Lyria: Hee hee... What a nice monster!
Aliza: Got that right!
Aliza: Thanks to Master Catoblepas, I was able to get even stronger!
Aliza: Hee hee... Good luck trying to keep up with me now, Stan!
Aliza, looking quite pleased with herself, begins kicking the air.
Aliza: Aw man, all this exercise is making me hungry!
Aliza: Let's get Mama to make us something tasty!
Vyrn: Ooh, now that's the best idea I've heard all day!
Vyrn: We can tell her all about making friends with the monsters here too!
Lyria: She's going to be so surprised when she hears about it!
Aliza: All right, let's head on home!
(Captain), the crew, and Aliza are all overjoyed about the day's events.
Leaving Tarvi behind, their mouths water in expectation of the feast to come.