Scenario:Aliza - Paying It Forward

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Paying It Forward

Aliza breaks off from the others after finding the missing boy and indulges his wish to collect ten monster flower buds.

The crew make a pit stop and pick up an assignment while they're there.
The job is to find a missing person. A boy who wandered off into the forest early that morning has yet to return.
Boy's Mother: I'm sorry. Monsters lurk in the forest, so it would be dangerous for me to go searching for him alone...
Vyrn: No worries! We've got this in the bag!
Aliza: This has me worried too. The sun's setting after all.
Lyria: Yeah... Let's try to find him before it gets dark!
Vyrn: So you've no clue why he went off into the forest in the first place?
Boy's Mother: That's correct... He was always too afraid to even approach it.
Boy's Mother: Sigh... What could've gotten into him to not even come back for lunch?
Aliza: Okay, let's go look for the kid already! We'll have time to ask him why later.
Lyria: Agreed. Let's go, (Captain)!
(Captain) and company set out to search for the missing boy, Lanto.
Vyrn: Heeyoo, Lantooo! Give us a holler if you hear us!
Lyria: Hm... Maybe he's not here after all?
Aliza: There aren't that many monsters here by the entrance. How about we split up to look for him?
Vyrn: Sounds good to me.
Vyrn: I'll go down there. Can you check this area, Aliza?
Aliza: Yeah, I've got this!
Aliza: Ah!
???: Ngh!
Aliza: You must be Lanto.
Lanto: Um, I...
Vyrn: Huh? Everything okay there, Aliza?
Aliza: I fou—
Lanto: Shh! Please...
Aliza: (Wait, you don't want to be found? I don't know what's going on, but for now...)
Aliza: Erm... Whoa! I can totally use this tree trunk for training!
Vyrn: Sigh... Can we check out the tree trunks later and get to finding the kid? We need to focus if we're gonna come up with any leads.
Aliza: You're right, sorry. He doesn't seem to be in this area though. Let's go check in the other direction!
Aliza: I'll catch up later, so you guys go ahead and do your thing!
Vyrn: You're not gonna come with us, Aliza?
Aliza: ...!
I, um...
Aliza: I think a saw a monster! I'm gonna go take it out first!
Vyrn: So there are monsters! (Captain)'ll help you clean up—
Aliza: No, no, I'll be fine! It didn't seem that strong, and I'm looking to work up a sweat anyway!
Vyrn: Okay, if you say so...
Aliza: Yeah, I can handle it!
Realizing that her mind is set on the matter, the rest of the crew moves on.
Aliza: Whew... That should keep them away for the time being.
Lanto: Miss, you suck at lying.
Aliza: Hey, quiet, you! Can I really help it if fibbing's not in my nature?
Lanto: Sigh... You probably should've gone with them.
Aliza: No way. Our whole point in coming out here was to look for you.
Aliza: You don't seem to be hurt anywhere, so how about we head back to the village?
Lanto: No... I can't go back yet.
Aliza: Why not? Did something happen?
Lanto: ...
Aliza: Your silence isn't helping.
Aliza: We're here because your mom's looking for you. Do you have any idea how worried she is about you?
The mention of his mother stirs something in Lanto.
Lanto: I'm so sorry... I know she's worried, but...
Aliza: How about you tell me the real reason you won't go home?
Aliza: If it's a secret, I won't blab.
After giving it some thought, Lanto begins to speak in a soft voice.
Lanto: Um, I need to gather ten monster flower buds.
Lanto: But I'm having trouble even collecting a single one.
Aliza: Monster flower... buds? What do you need them for?
Lanto: That's... a secret.
Aliza: Yeah?
Monster: ...!
Lanto: Aaagh! Here they come!
Lanto hides behind a tree when the monsters suddenly appear.
Aliza: Are those the monster flowers?
Lanto: Uh-huh...
Aliza: I see... At the rate you're going, you're never gonna gather ten of those buds...
Aliza: Unless I give you a hand!
Lanto: But...
Aliza: It'll be fine! I always love a good battle anyway.
Aliza: I'll get you ten buds in a jiffy! Just stay back and watch!
Lanto: ...
Unaware of the gloom on Lanto's face, Aliza faces the horde of monster flowers alone.

Paying It Forward: Scene 2

Aliza cheers the boy on for defeating one of the monsters and decides to accompany him until he's collected ten buds. It turns out he is trying to prove his strength to a friend.

Aliza: Haaagh!
Monster: ...
Monster: ...!
Just when they thought all the monsters were dealt with, another pack emerges from between the trees.
Lanto: Waaah!
Aliza: Lanto, run!
Lanto: Aiiee! Get away from me!
Monster: ...!
Aliza: Huh?
Lanto: Huff... Huff...
Aliza: I'm impressed! I didn't know you could hold your own.
Lanto: That was just luck...
Aliza: Are you okay?
Lanto plops down on the ground, completely dazed.
Lanto: Sigh... I'm hopeless. I've been practicing with a sword, but I haven't gotten any stronger at all.
Aliza: Now that you mention it, the stance you used just now definitely wasn't something you see from a novice.
Aliza: I can tell you have the basics down. You're not as weak as you might think.
Lanto: But I have trouble getting stronger... I'm such a scaredy-cat that I can't help it.
Lanto: Even the other kid who uses those training grounds was face-palming at me.
Aliza: Let me guess... You're gathering those buds as a means of proving your bravery?
Lanto: That's right.
Aliza: Ooh. I get it now.
Aliza: That means there's no point if I'm the one collecting them for you.
Aliza: But!
Aliza places in Lanto's hand a bud from the monster he defeated.
Aliza: This one's your catch. You're on the right track.
Lanto: Okay... Thanks.
Lanto: Phew... Only nine more to go.
Aliza: I'm sure you'll pull it off in no time at all!
Aliza: I know it can be a bit frightening, but...
Aliza: You came into the forest and defeated a monster all by yourself. You've more than proven your bravery!
Lanto: Y-you think so?
Aliza: Absolutely! You have some ways to go, but I definitely see the potential in you.
Lanto: But I've already reached my limits...
Aliza: Sigh...
Aliza: Stop pouting already! There's no such thing as a limit to bravery!
Lanto: !
Aliza: Hey, I just said something really cool, didn't I? Though I was only going with the flow really.
Aliza proudly puffs out her chest.
Aliza: Bravery's got nothing to do with your strength or stamina—it's all in the mind.
Aliza: It's only when you start setting boundaries on yourself that you stop growing. And what a shame that always is.
Lanto: Yeah... I see what you're getting at.
Aliza: Good! I'll stay by your side until you've gathered ten of the thingamajigs!
Lanto: Really, miss? But...
Aliza: It'll be fine! Our mission's supposed to be to bring you home anyway.
Aliza: And there's a part of me that can't just leave you alone. I know you could use the support!
Lanto: Looks like I really have to pull myself together now, even if just for your sake...
Lanto: Unh, it's about time I did if I want that other kid to acknowledge me.
Firm in his resolve, the boy clenches his fists and comes to his feet.
Lanto: I'll do my best!
Aliza: Well said!
Monster: ...!
Lanto: Waah! Again?
Aliza: No running away anymore! Don't forget how brave you can be!
Lanto: Right... I just need to show some guts... I can do this...
His sword raised, Lanto stares right at the monster as its vines wildly lash about like a hunter's whip.
The boy musters strength into his trembling legs, grits his chattering teeth, and waits for an opening.
Monster: ...!
Aliza: Now! Go for it!
Lanto: Take this!
Monster: ...
Aliza: Good job! Keep it up!
Lanto: Heheh... Thanks!
Monster: ...!
Aliza: Here comes the next one! You can do it!
Aliza: Take out enough of these monsters, and you'll be having so much fun you won't even remember what fear tastes like!
Lanto: Okay... I just have to find the thrill in this...
The dread he feels is evident from his stiff, nervous posture. Yet Lanto continues to give it his best.
Aliza, realizing how close Lanto is to giving up, doubles her efforts in encouraging him.
Aliza: C'mon! You've almost got this!
Aliza: Ooh, all this cheering has got me itching to get in on the action myself!
Monster: ...!
Lanto: Miss?
Aliza: Don't mind me! I'll be doing my own thing!
Aliza: Heh, might as well turn this into a training session while I'm at it! I'll take you all on!

Paying It Forward: Scene 3

The monster horde is taken care of by the time (Captain) and company catch up. Spurred on by Aliza's encouragement, the boy promises to become a stalwart warrior one day. Through helping someone else, Aliza too experiences a sense of growth.

Aliza teams up with Lanto to pacify the monsters.
The boy successfully acquires ten monster flower buds.
Aliza: There! You're all set now!
Lanto: Thank you, miss! I managed to get them all thanks to your help!
Vyrn's Voice: Hey, Aliza! Everything okay?
Vyrn: Wait! What just happened here?
Lyria: Ah! Aliza, could that boy be Lanto?
Aliza: That's right. Listen, there's a good reason for this...
Aliza explains everything that's transpired from the moment she bumped into Lanto.
Vyrn: So that's why you were acting all funny before.
Lyria: I'm glad you were able to gather all the flower buds, Lanto!
Lanto: Hehe... With her cheering me on, I actually found myself having fun in battle before I knew it!
Lyria: Haha, encouragement can really work wonders!
Vyrn: Especially coming from Aliza! I mean, she's always having a blast no matter if it's training or actual battle. Just watching her is pure entertainment!
Aliza: Hm? You think so?
Lyria: Yeah! We really love how your positivity rubs off on everyone!
Lyria: Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods in agreement, praising Aliza's penchant for remaining cheerful and upbeat at all times.
Aliza: I didn't know you thought of me that way. Hehe, happy to hear it.
Aliza: This is just who I am really, but I'm glad to know I've been bringing a smile to everyone's faces!
Aliza: Haha, I never really put much thought into it. I guess hanging out with all sorts of people really helps me put things in perspective!
Lyria: It's been like that with me too. There are so many things I never realized until people pointed them out to me.
Aliza: My optimism is my strength... And that's why I should really make better use of it.
Aliza: Then again, it kind of wouldn't be me if I weren't so sprightly!
Lyria: I hope you'll continue to be as chipper as ever, Aliza!
Aliza: All right, back to training! There's always room for improvement!
Vyrn: Wait up! We're still in the middle of an assignment!
Aliza: Heheh, I know. I meant "back to training" after the assignment!
Aliza: Lanto, you haven't had breakfast yet, right? You must be starving.
Lanto: Huh?
Lanto: Aah!
Aliza: I knew it!
Aliza: Better get back and chow down on Mama's cooking!
Lanto: Heheh, I'll do that.
Lanto straightens his posture as he takes another look at the flower buds in his palm.
Lanto: I'm still a milksop in many ways, but I'll become so strong one day that even that other kid will have to acknowledge me!
Aliza: Hang in there, Lanto! You can do it!
A confident smile brightening his face, the boy leaves the forest with the crew.
Seeing Lanto mature so quickly over such a short amount of time fills Aliza with a great sense of satisfaction.