Scenario:Aliza - Pursuit of Strength

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Pursuit of Strength

By joining the Grandsky Rumble, Aliza was able to experience firsthand just how vast the world can be. Now determined to become stronger than ever, Aliza sets a new goal for herself—to help those in need.

It was one rollercoaster ride after another before the excitement finally died down at the Albion martial arts tournament.
Aliza and the crew are helping to get the colosseum back in order after all the damage it sustained during the tournament.
Aliza: (Captain), should I leave this debris right here?
  1. That should be fine!

Choose: That should be fine!
Aliza: Okay, got it!
Aliza: Phew!
Lyria: Wow! We've definitely made some headway!
Vyrn: Heheh, see what we can do when we put our backs into it?
Aliza: It's all thanks to (Captain) being so good at dishing out instructions!
Vyrn: The tournament sponsors sent us some goodies to snack on. How 'bout we take a breather?
Aliza: Sounds good to me! My stomach just started rumbling!
Lyria: Teehee, the food's over here. Come on!
Mouth full, with snacks in each hand, Aliza shoots the breeze with the others.
Aliza: Say, (Captain), why did you join Grandsky Rumble to begin with?
Aliza: Ah, right. You came here looking for Sierokarte.
Vyrn: Yep, that about sums it up.
Lyria: Hehe, Aliza can't help but want to know everyone's reason for joining!
Aliza: Well, everyone's got a different mindset about it, you know!
Lyria: I know exactly what you mean, Aliza!
Lyria: Those days when I first got out of the empire, I was super thrilled every time we bumped into someone new!
Aliza: I'm so glad to have someone who can relate! Don't you just love that excitement?
Aliza: It almost makes me shout out in joy over how vast the world can be!
Vyrn: Haha, I'd say you're already shouting.
Aliza: Hehe, good point.
Aliza breaks into hearty laughter.
Aliza: I joined up to test my strength, but look at everything I've discovered.
Aliza: I definitely wasn't expecting that whole incident to go down, but there's no doubt I made the right choice in coming today!
Lyria: That's great! You've got an infectious smile, Aliza!
Aliza: I've got a feeling I can get even stronger. Nah, I can definitely get stronger!
Aliza: That's why I'm thinking of setting another goal for myself. I mean, the more of 'em you've got, the stronger you feel.
Vyrn: You think so?
Vyrn: Anyhoo, I know what you're getting at.
Lyria: Me too! So what kind of goal do you have in mind?
Aliza: Still thinking it over.
Aliza: I don't have any crazy aspirations like Soriz or Claudia do...
Aliza: Hey, why don't you guys think of a new goal for me?
Vyrn: C'mon now... You say that like you're asking us what's on the menu for dinner.
Aliza: That's an interesting metaphor... All I really want is everyone's opinion.
Sierokarte: (Captain), there's something I've been meaning to ask.
Sierokarte shows up with relief supplies.
Siero's list of assignments has really piled up in her absence, so she is searching for skyfarers who can tackle a few right this instant.
Vyrn: Sounds like something we can lend a hand with. Whaddya say, (Captain)?
(Captain) responds with a smile, asking for further details.
Sierokarte: Why, thank you.
Sierokarte: Well that's settled. See you later!
Sierokarte walks off in search of other skyfarers who might be able to offer their services.
Aliza: An assignment, huh...
Aliza: Becoming stronger for someone else is one way to go about it!
Lyria: Hm? Are you referring to the goal you mentioned earlier?
Aliza: Mm-hm!
Aliza: I've been focused entirely on myself up to this point. Too often, I simply don't want to lose to Stan.
Aliza: It's about time that changed. I can start by thinking of how to pay it forward.
Vyrn: Sounds great to me! Sure feels nice to have people thanking you—I can tell you that much!
Aliza: Yeah, I can imagine... All right... I know what my new goal is!
Any version of Aliza is a crew member

Aliza: So let me tag along on this assignment!
Aliza: This is the perfect opportunity for me to pay it forward. Please, (Captain)!
Overwhelmed by Aliza's enthusiasm, (Captain) readily nods.
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No version of Aliza in crew

Aliza: So give me a spot in your crew!
Vyrn: Whoa! Isn't that asking a bit much?
Aliza: I mean, you guys take up assignments all the time, right?
Aliza: I feel like I can do so much good in your crew. What do you say?
Lyria: I see... It's definitely true that you'll get more chances to take on missions if you're part of a crew.
Lyria: Hey, (Captain). Is it okay if Aliza comes with us?
Moved by the fiery martial artist's enthusiasm, (Captain) readily consents.
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Aliza: Yay! You just made my day!
Aliza: I'll do anything that the mission calls for—from putting the hurt on all manner of monsters and villains to protecting VIPs!
Vyrn: Hey now... There's more to the assignments than just duking it out, you know!
Aliza: I know that!
Aliza: I've had enough of a break! I'll go clean up the rubble on the other side!
Aliza: All righty! This is all part of my training!
Lyria: Haha, she's really looking forward to this!
Vyrn: I just hope she doesn't push herself too hard...
(Captain) and company watch as Aliza carries debris across the ring, a skip in her step.