Scenario:Altair - No Road Is Long with Company

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No Road Is Long with Company

The crew runs into the Silver Strategist Altair while trying to decipher a rare book. After explaining that the Dainsleif sword is the key, Altair decides to join (Captain)'s crew, who may help in his search for rare books.

Having acquired an ancient book on primal crystals, (Captain) and company waste no time in getting back to their waiting companions.
Vyrn: We risked our tails to get this book, and we can't even read it!
Vyrn: Before we learn any more about primal crystals, we've gotta figure out how to decode this thing.
Lyria: I know! Hey, (Captain). Do you think we have any cipher decoders amongst our crew?
Vyrn: Nah... We can't hang our hopes on them for something like this.
???: In one corner of the turbulent skies, there appeared a blue beacon...
Vyrn: Oof!
Lyria: Vyrn! Are you all right?
Vyrn: That sure smarts... What was that?
???: Ow, ow, ow... Pardon me.
???: Heavens... Look at me walking and reading. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now.
Lyria: Reading? Then this must be your book! Hm... There appeared a blue beacon of hope...
???: Ah, it would seem I dropped it in our collision. I must offer my thanks, though I don't know your name.
???: I do hope you haven't suffered any injuries.
Vyrn: I'm fine, but what about you? You've been talking to a statue this whole time!
???: Oops... When my vision gets this bad, it must mean that I've dropped my glasses.
Lyria: Goodness! Now he's talking to a marble column!
Sir, are these your glasses?
???: Ah! Sorry for troubling you. I'm glad to see you unhurt though.
Vyrn: Same here! We weren't exactly paying attention either, so let's both be more careful!
Lyria: You sure do seem to like your books, mister.
???: The more you read, the clearer things become. The knowledge I've gained from not only reading but also life itself is of great importance to me.
???: And here you have a book of your own...
Vyrn: Huh? Oh, you mean this thing? We heard it's an ancient book about primal crystals.
???: Is that so? Then it seems I'm a bit too late...
Lyria: Oh? Were you looking for this book too?
Vyrn: Really? You're trying to find out more about the crystals, Specs?
Altair: My name isn't Specs. It's Altair, the Silver Strategist.
Altair: It's not the crystals themselves that interest me. I consider myself more a connoisseur of world lore.
Altair: And that tome you hold is quite to my tastes.
Vyrn: I've never met a strategist who was into reading!
Altair: Well, books are wonderful things. You can find all sorts of useful tidbits in any subject.
Vyrn: Is that right? So, uh, can you read this, Specs?
Altair: My name is Altair. Not Specs.
Altair: And if you wish to understand what's inside, you'll need the Dainsleif sword as a key.
Altair: Though I must say, that's a difficult object to obtain...
Vyrn: Dainsleif? I'm pretty sure (Captain) has a sword with a name like that.
Altair: What! You possess the sword?
Altair: You not only have the book, but you've managed to lay hands on the Dainsleif itself?
Altair: Stars alive... Just who are you folks?
Vyrn: We're a crew! And skyfaring's our game! (Captain) here is our captain!
Altair: A crew, you say?
Altair: If I joined you, getting ahold of any manner of legendary books doesn't seem so far-fetched...
Altair: No road is long with company, they say...
How about it? Would you mind if I join you on your journey?
Altair: And I do believe I'd be quite handy in deciphering that book of yours.
  1. Welcome aboard!
  2. Huh? No road is what now?

Choose: Welcome aboard!

Vyrn: A strategist, eh? Not too shabby! We'd love to have you come along, Specs!
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Choose: Huh? No road is what now?

Vyrn: I don't get it either, but a strategist, eh? We'd love to have you come along, Specs!

Continue 1

Altair: Ahem... My name is Altair. Not Specs.
Altair: Avarice knows no bounds. As soon as I satisfy one desire, I'll crave something greater.
Altair: My hunger for books is, shall we say, insatiable.
Altair: Traveling with you will be quite advantageous, I think. I'm quite looking forward to it!
Vyrn: S-sure! All right, Specs... I mean, Altair! Welcome to the crew!
And so, with Altair by their side, they head back to the Grandcypher.
How far (Captain) and the crew advance with the Silver Strategist as their ally would soon come to light.