Scenario:Altair - Read It and Sleep

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Read It and Sleep

Altair, (Captain), and the crew accept a request from the Hall of Knowledge to retrieve a rare book inside a cave.

One day Altair approaches (Captain) about a request he'd like the crew to take.
Vyrn: Huh? Specs has a request for us?
Altair: No, the actual request is from the Hall of Knowledge. I received it from my connection there.
Lyria: The Hall of Knowledge is that big library with almost all the books ever written, right?
Altair: Indeed it is.
Vyrn: That means the request is about a book, huh?
Altair: Yes. They would like us to retrieve a book housed in a certain cave, I've heard.
Altair: The cave is strewn with snares and monsters. Only a capable crew can be trusted to handle the journey.
Altair: Hoo-hoo... With that many obstacles in the way, just imagine the kind of book that's waiting there!
Altair: A veritable treasure tome, no doubt. My chest is pounding with excitement already!
Vyrn: Oh boy. We don't have the heart to say no to him now!
(Captain) nods at Vyrn as the Grandcypher makes its way to their cavernous destination.

Read It and Sleep: Scene 2

Altair shows the crew sheets of paper that give clues to finding and deciphering the book. Lyria seems to recognize the symbols on one sheet of paper but can't recall their meaning.

Altair: ...
Lyria: Altair? Is that sheaf of papers some sort of book?
Altair: ...
Vyrn: Hello? Answer us, Specs! Is that a book or what?
Altair: Hm? Oh, my apologies. Indeed you could say that this is part of a book.
Altair: From these papers, the Hall of Knowledge became aware of the book inside the cave.
Lyria: It's not a map, right? Just words?
Altair: That's right. Do you remember the Dainsleif sword?
Vyrn: Oh, of course! That sword's the reason you joined our crew, Specs.
Altair: The words engraved in the sword's design was a clue to deciphering the book that day.
Altair: In a similar way, the book in this cave doesn't make sense as a standalone.
Altair: By cross-referencing the writing on these papers, we'll be able to read that book for the first time.
Lyria: Oh really? That must be a very special book, then!
Altair: Exactly, Lyria! It's quite fascinating indeed.
Altair: Especially the last piece of paper in this sheaf... What could the symbols next to these letters mean?
Altair: Honestly, I haven't a clue. We likely won't know until the book is found.
Altair speaks excitedly as he shows (Captain) and the others the curious sheet of paper.
Vyrn: Hm... What could it be? The lines look like a wiggly earthworm... or maybe ocean waves?
Lyria: Wait a sec. I think we've seen something like this before...
Altair: Really, Lyria? Where? You must do your best to remember!
Lyria: Eep! I'm sorry. I might be mistaken...
Altair: It might lead to a hint, so I'd be grateful for your ideas. If you remember anything, please share it!
Lyria: R-roger!
Altair tosses his calm demeanor aside in the excitement. While Lyria tries to remember more details, the airship lands.
Altair: Now then, let's make our way through the cave. Tread carefully and beware of monsters, but don't fall out of line!
Lyria: Roger! Be sure to watch your step, (Captain)!
With Altair leading the way, the crew sets foot into the cave.

Read It and Sleep: Scene 3

The crew reaches a locked door inside the cave. Lyria realizes that the symbols resemble notes and tries singing them aloud. Her song opens the door, but a golem guards the interior.

(Captain) and the crew fight monsters and sidestep snares as they move deeper into the cave.
Lyria: Uh-oh... What was that sound? Could it be a g-ghost?
Altair: Worry not, Lyria. Merely the sound of the wind passing through the cave.
Lyria: Oh r-really?
Eep! There it is again!
(Captain) gently takes Lyria's hand as they continue through the cave.
Soon they find a giant door in their path.
Vyrn: What's this?
Altair: It would seem the book is housed beyond this door.
Altair: (Captain), could you help me open it?
Altair and (Captain) try pulling and pushing the door, but it won't budge.
Altair: It appears to be locked. But I don't see a keyhole anywhere.
Altair: There must be some special way of opening this door.
Vyrn: Were there any clues in those papers?
Altair: A clue? I didn't see anything about it. But then again there's still this one leaflet...
Lyria: Oh! I remembered something!
Lyria: That page looks like sheet music a bard once wrote for us.
Altair: Sheet music you say?
Lyria: Yes. I couldn't read real sheet music...
Lyria: So the bard drew lines along the letters to show how high the notes were.
Altair: I see. So the lines here indicate the high and low notes. But if it's really music...
Altair studies the paper, deciphering the writing.
Altair: I see now. If we answer the wind in the cave with this song written here, then the door will open!
Vyrn: Really? That's one crazy door opener!
Altair: It's like using a musket to shoot a fly... Could the book possibly be valuable enough to warrant this?
Altair: Ahem... Now then. Let me try to sing this.
(Captain) and the others watch as Altair begins to sing.
Altair: ...
Lyria: Um... Don't tell me...
Vyrn: Specs is totally tone deaf?
Altair: ...
Altair: It's not opening...
Vyrn: Not after a wacky song like that, anyway.
Altair: Hm...
Altair seems puzzled, so (Captain) suggests that Lyria give it a try.
Vyrn: Oh! Oh yeah! Lyria loves to sing! Right?
Lyria: Huh? I sure do!
Altair: It's worth a try, as it may only respond to a female voice. I'll show you the notes.
Altair explains how to read the paper before Lyria takes it in her hands.
Lyria: ...
Lyria's voice rings through the cave as the wind echoes along in song. The door slowly begins to open before them.
Lyria: Whew!
Altair: Excellent job, Lyria. The book is very nearly within our grasp!
Altair is in high spirits as he rushes through the entrance, but soon stops in his tracks.
Golem: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa... Does he look mad or what?
Altair: It's either upset from being awakened after so long... or from being unsealed.
Altair: Whatever the case may be, it's all that stands between us and that book. So let's hurry and take it down!

Read It and Sleep: Scene 4

The crew defeats the golem and hurries back to the airship with the book. Before they hand it over to the Hall of Knowledge, Altair reads the entire book and collapses from exhaustion.

Altair: Haaah!
Golem: ...!
Altair: Whew... Is everyone all right?
Lyria: Yes, we're fine! (Captain) doesn't seem to be hurt either.
Altair: That's good to hear... That object on the pedestal should be the book we're looking for.
Altair smiles happily as he takes the tome in his hands.
Altair: Now let's hurry back to the airship! I want to get my fill before we return it to the Hall of Knowledge!
Vyrn: Look at you all excited over a book!
You heard him. Let's get going, (Captain)!
(Captain) and the crew tug Altair, whose nose is already in the book, back to the airship.
A few days later...
Lyria: Hm... Altair hasn't left his room for days. Do you think he's all right?
Vyrn: I'm worried too. He's drinking water, but he hasn't eaten anything at all.
(Captain) and the others talk outside Altair's room. Soon enough... the door opens.
Altair: I d-did it...
I read through it all...
Every last letter in the book...
Lyria: Yikes! Altair! Altair, wake up!
Altair: Snore...
Vyrn: Ahhh... What a scare! He's only asleep!
Lyria: Oh dear... Not only did he skip meals, he skipped resting as well.
Vyrn: And he has a smile on his face too! Oh well. Let's get him to his bed, (Captain).
Altair: Hoo-hoo...
The grin on Altair's face belies his exhaustion.
Though this strategist's thirst for rare books may sometimes prove to be a tactical liability, his quest for knowledge continues with a crew of friends by his side.