Scenario:Amira - A Fateful Encounter

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A Fateful Encounter

Amira, (Captain), and the crew are searching for information about Helheim in a village deep in the mountains. They draw a complete blank, but just as they were about to give up, a lone knight strikes up a conversation with them. He explains that his name is Kaisar, and that he is searching for "a girl who dropped out of the sky." Realizing that this refers to Amira, the crew flees into the forest surrounding the village at great haste.

Amira: Hey… do you know anything about Helheim?
Tavern Regular 1: Nah… never `eard of it. What the heck is it anyhow. This "Helheim" thing.
Amira: It's a faraway place… My mother is there. I want to go and meet her.
Tavern Regular 1: I see… Well I don't think I'd be much help, but good luck anyway!
Amira: I'll need it…
Midway through their travels, (Captain) and the crew had stopped at a village deep in the mountains.
Amira had again resumed her search for anyone who knew of "Helheim" in this village, but the search turned up nothing.
Tavern Regular 2: Helheim… Helheim…. Yeah… I don't know no Helheim…
Amira: I see…
Vyrn: For goodness sake… Isn't there anyone in this village who's heard of Helheim?
Lyria: Well, maybe not. I mean it doesn't seem like it's that big a village.
Amira: Right, next! Quick, (Captain), let's move on to the next village.
Vyrn: Hey, what's the rush! Can't we at least have a meal before we move on? I'm famished!
Amira: Food! Let's eat!
Tavern Owner: Ah! Good Skyfarers! If it's food you need, then as it happens, this village's specialty is?
???: Excuse me… Did you just say skyfarers?
Walking toward (Captain) and the crew was the young man who had reacted to the word "skyfarer."
???: Looking at you, you seem a little young… Are you really skyfarers?
Lyria: Yes! We travel aboard an airship called the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: That's quite some bouffant that guy has. I've seen a hairdo like that before somewhere.
Amira: Let's eat already… what did you say this village's specialty was?
???: You all seem well traveled for your age… I'm impressed.
???: Seeing as you are indeed full-fledged skyfarers, do you mind if I ask you something?
Lyria: Sure, what is it?
???: This is going to sound really stupid but… Have you ever heard a rumor about a girl who dropped down out of the sky?
Lyria: What! Well, as it happens…
???: Huh? You've heard about this?
Vyrn: Hey (Captain)! This girl who dropped from the sky, I bet it's?
Tavern Owner: Your food is ready! The casserole that this village is famed for! My apologies for keeping you waiting.
Amira: Wow! That looks delicious!
Lyria: Oh, yes, so about your?
???: Mmm? I just realized that I haven't even introduced myself. How rude of me.
Kaisar: My name is Kaisar Lidfard. At present I'm affiliated with a certain order of knights…
Kaisar: I wish I could say I was a knight, but my affiliation with the Order is still provisional.
Lyria: You're… a knight?
Kaisar: Yes… The line of knights stretches back many generations in the House of Lidfard.
Kaisar: However, a scandal befell the glorious House of Lidfard, and our knighthoods were revoked…
Kaisar: We lost everything… And I pledged a vow to my dearly departed mother and father, that I would restore the House of Lidfard…
Kaisar: But the road ahead has many twists. After many tribulations, my lineage lies in tatters. Provisionally I'm a lieutenant in?
Kaisar: Huh? Those skyfarers who were here just now, where'd they go?
Tavern Owner: Oh them? For some reason they ran outside in a great rush…
Kaisar: What!
Caught up in his monologue, Kaisar failed to notice (Captain) and the others run out into the forest that encircled the village.
Amira: That casserole… We'd hardly eaten any of it… I'm still starving…
Vyrn: Are you serious? That "girl who dropped out of the sky" must be about you Amira, right?
Vyrn: Why would a knight from some order or other be searching for you?
Lyria: Er… Amira… Do you have any idea about why someone might be searching for you?
Amira: No idea. But more to the point, when are we going to eat?
Monster: Groooooorgh!
Vyrn: Argh! We were in such a hurry to get away from that knight, we didn't think there might be monsters in the forest!
Amira: I'm absolutely starving, so I'm not going to go easy on these monsters!

A Fateful Encounter: Scene 2

In the middle of the forest, (Captain) and the others consider what to do about the knights. Although the crew ran away from the tavern on impulse, they don't know the reason why Amira is being chased, and Lyria wonders aloud whether in fact the knights just want to tell Amira how to get to Helheim. As soon as Lyria says this, Amira runs straight toward the knights, and when they try to seize her, a battle breaks out.

Knight 1: Those shifty skyfarers fled into the forest! Leave no stone unturned!
Kaisar: …………
Deep in the forest, (Captain) and the others considered what to do about the knights who were searching for Amira.
Vyrn: Woah… things suddenly got serious back there…
Vyrn: Amira, are you sure you don't remember anything about being hunted by someone?
Amira: I don't know anything about that. I just want to get to Helheim.
Lyria: What if they're searching for you with good intentions and they mean you no harm?
Amira: Good intentions? What would those be?
Lyria: Like, for example… they want to tell you how to get to Helheim, or something like that!
Amira: Helheim? Really?
Vyrn: She just meant that as an example…
Hey! Amira! Where're you going?
Knight 2: Hmmm… there's no trace of them around here…
Amira: You guys know the way to Helheim? Tell me!
Knight 2: Huh? Who's this girl?
Knight 3: Hey, wait! That girl's one of the skyfarers who were in the bar just now!
Amira: You don't know where Helheim is?
Knight 2: There she goes with that Helheim stuff again… what's she talking about?
Knight 3: No matter! Seize her!
Amira: You won't capture me… If I'm taken, I won't be able to meet my mother!
Vyrn: Didn't we tell you that you were being hunted! (Captain) and the crew to the rescue!

A Fateful Encounter: Scene 3

(Captain) and the crew fight against the knights, but are eventually driven back owing to the knights' greater numbers. The crew let down their guard for a moment, and one of the knights takes Vyrn hostage. The injustice of this drives Amira into a rage, which transforms their surroundings, and the crew and the knights find themselves sucked into an alternate dimension. In the midst of this maelstrom, a giant dragon suddenly appears and assails the crew.

(Captain) and the crew fought against the knights, but eventually found themselves in trouble due to the knights' numbers.
Amira: You mean you guys aren't going to tell me about Helheim?
Amira: Tell me! And why are you guys trying to capture me?
Knight 1: You don't need to know that!
Knight 1: Call Lieutenant Kaisar. This is definitely the crew that took the girl who bears the Key of the Gods.
Knight 2: Yessir!
Vyrn: Darn it… As we expected, there's loads of these knights, and they seem like a tough battalion…
Amira: Don't sweat it… I'll make short work of these guys…
Vyrn: Waargh!
Lyria: Vyrn!
One of the knights grabbed Vyrn from behind and yelled out in triumph.
Knight 3: No use fighting, lizard.
Hey, you lot! If you value this pet of yours, then you'll do as we say and put down your weapons!
Vyrn: Why you…! I'm not a pet!
Knight 3: Silence, lizard! Listen up, you're all coming with us…
Amira: Get your hands off him!
Knight 3: Or what!
Amira: That lizard belongs to me!
Amira: (Captain) and the crew promised to take me to Helheim! So don't touch any of them!
Amira: I have to meet my mother! So I have to get to Helheim, together with (Captain) and the others!
Knight 3: …?
Knight 3: What's happening! What is this?
Vyrn: Woah woah woah, what is this! What's happening to us!
Lyria: I can… I can feel a tremendous energy here…
Amira: It's coming!
Lyria: …?
What is that?
???: ………
Knight 3: Aaaargh! What is that beast!
Lyria: What is that?
Is it… no…
Vyrn: Hey! I don't know what that thing is, but it's coming this way!
Amira: It is of no concern… I am going to meet my mother. And nothing will stand in my way!

A Fateful Encounter: Scene 4

Having overcome the giant dragon, (Captain) and the crew are returned to their own world. The knights are shocked to find that the "Key of the Gods" has awoken, and flee. Having temporarily escaped danger, the crew head for the town in the foothills. Meanwhile Kaisar, the Lieutenant of the battalion, receives a report from his subordinate. He scolds his subordinate, not for allowing Amira and the others to escape, but for taking a small creature hostage, in breach of the chivalric code.

In the alternate dimension, (Captain) and the crew managed to overcome the giant dragon.
No sooner had they done this than once again everything turned white, and the crew found themselves back in the forest.
Knight 3: Wha… darn it!
Make no mistake… the Key of the Gods is awoken!
Knight 3: We must report this at once! If a dragon like that were to… cross over into this world…
Vyrn: We're all back… So just what is this Key of the Gods?
Lyria: And that dragon just now… It was similar to Bahamut, but something was different…
Amira: Who cares… We've got a bigger fish to fry, (Captain).
Vyrn: What? Those knights are coming for us again!
Amira: I'm still starving… I'm at my limit…
Knight 1: …But after hostilities concluded, I'm afraid they got away from us, sir…
Kaisar: That's not what concerns me!
Kaisar: To think that a knight of all people would take a small creature hostage and use that to try to compel people to surrender!
Knight 2: Er, well, a knight should… a knight is…
Kaisar: No matter…
You say that the Key of the Gods has finally awoken…
Knight 3: Yes… Of that there can be no doubt, sir.
Kaisar: I see…
With a severe expression, the young lieutenant gazed at the sky beyond the forest.
(Captain) and the crew meanwhile, in search of a meal, headed back through the forest, to the town they had just left.