Scenario:Amira - His Chivalry

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His Chivalry

In the village deep in the mountains, (Captain) and the crew encounter an order of knights who are chasing Amira. Giving them the slip, the crew eventually reach a town in the foothills, where they stop to eat. Amira is ordering everything on the menu that catches her eye when, once again, the knights who are chasing her burst in.

In the village deep in the mountains, (Captain) and the crew encounter an order of knights who are chasing Amira.
Although getting caught up in a strange phenomena, the crew manage to get through the forest to a town in the foothills.
Amira: That was delicious… So was that! This one was good, too…
Vyrn: Bless my apples… You wouldn't think that up until a moment ago we were being chased. That feeling of suspense has completely gone…
Lyria: Well… it's good to slow down and enjoy your food, isn't it?
Amira: Hey (Captain), let's order this one! More food! Foooood!
Vyrn: Oh! Has something on the menu caught you eye, Amira?
Knight: Ha, I've caught you! Not so quick at escaping now, huh!
Lyria: Those knights from before?
Vyrn: Not again… Looks like we'll have to postpone our meal a little while longer…
Amira: (Grrrr)… Who dares interrupt my meal! You won't like me when I'm hungry!
Knight: By the gods, I've had enough tomfoolery from you brats… You're surrounded!

His Chivalry: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew are fighting the order of knights, when their leader Kaisar appears. The chivalrous Kaisar explains how dangerous the "Key of the Gods" that dwells within Amira is, but she refuses to be taken into custody, and Kaisar agonizes over the best course of action. Just then however, one of Kaisar's subordinates appears together with some Imperial Soldiers, and battle commences.

Knight: Drat! How come this rag-tag band are so good at fighting!
Amira: (Grrrr)…
Kaisar: Halt! What are you doing! Men, sheath your weapons!
Lyria: Oh, isn't that what's-his-name, Kaisar?
Knight: That’s Lieutenant Kaisar to you, girl!
Kaisar: Such insubordinance… I told you to go and find them, not go and fight them!
Kaisar: (Whispers… And besides, we musn't over-stimulate the Key of the Gods, now that it is reawakening. Have you got that?)
Knight: (Sir yessir!)
The young Lieutenant whispers in his subordinate's ear, and then turns to face (Captain) and the others.
Kaisar: Please forgive my mens' transgressions… We simply have a request of the girl who is said to have dropped from the sky.
Vyrn: A request?
Kaisar: Yes that's right. Once we're all calm and composed, will you talk with us?
On saying that, Kaisar indicates to a tavern in one corner of the square.
Amira: Nom nom nom nom…
Lyria: Munch munch munch munch…
Kaisar: So you're the captain of this crew, (Captain)? You're young, but you're really quite something.
Kaisar: I've heard it said that the life of a skyfarer is a proud one.
Kaisar: It's something I'm very curious about, but I couldn't take to the skies and leave my trusty steed Barina Chall Lidfard behind.
Vyrn: Cut to the chase: why were you guys searching for Amira?
Kaisar: Oh yes… the girl who is said to have dropped from the sky, who is known as Miss Amira?
Amira: That'd be me.
Kaisar: Huh?
Amira: Huh?
Kaisar: Wha- what do you mean?
Vyrn: Hey, Kaisar, cat got your tongue?
Kaisar: Wha-? No, no, it's just that… I see, so you are…
Kaisar: You see, it's just that… and you might think that this is unbelievable but…
Kaisar: An enormously dangerous power dwells within Miss Amira.
The noble knight Kaisar explains that this power is contained within the "Key of the Gods."
The "Key of the Gods" is spoken of in the myths handed down in Kaisar's world.
Kaisar: It is said that when the key awakens, a terrible cataclysm will be unleashed.
Lyria: A terrible cataclysm…
Kaisar: We don't want to do you any harm…
Kaisar: But in order to safeguard this world, we ask you to give us custody of Miss Amira.
Amira: You can forget it. I'm going to Helheim.
Lyria: ………
Vyrn: We have to answer right away?
Kaisar: Let's see… If, somehow, you could…
Whilst Kaisar agonizes over what to do, a great commotion suddenly occurs at the entrance to the tavern.
Gathered at the entrance is Kaisar's subordinate, and a regiment of the Erste Imperial Soldiers.
Insubordinate Knight: This ain't your problem no more, Lieutenant. You're coming with us, whether you want to or not!
Kaisar: Why you! What do you think you're doing!
Vyrn: Hey! How come he's brought Imperial Soldiers with him?
Insubordinate Knight: Enough! Sieze that girl!

His Chivalry: Scene 3

Kaisar is enraged that one of his knights disregarded his orders and summoned Erste Imperial Soldiers. The insubordinate knight wants to make money by selling Amira to the Erste Empire, and scorns Kaisar's chivalry. Amira makes it clear that she "won't allow anyone to obstruct my journey to meet my mother". Kaisar, deeply struck by her heartfelt love for her mother, pledges to help her, and leads the attack against the Imperial Soldiers and the insubordinate knight.

Even while he is bewildered at the sudden shift in the situation, Kaisar questions his underling.
Kaisar: Just what is the meaning of this! I told you that we musn't provoke the Key of the… we musn't provoke Amira!
Insubordinate Knight: It's time you got off your high horse…
Kaisar: How dare you!
Insubordinate Knight: We just have to show them that we mean business, and our problems will all be solved.
Insubordinate Knight: Besides, I've never been able to stomach all your sanctimonious standing-on-ceremony.
Insubordinate Knight: The Erste Empire will pay a very handsome price for the "Key of the Gods"… Why not give them what they want, Lieutenant?
Kaisar: Traitor to the Order! Scum like you bring disgrace on all who call themselves knights!
Insubordinate Knight: That's rich, coming from someone who isn't a full-fledged knight yet! You're still a provisional, ain't cha?
Kaisar: Why you!
Vyrn: Cool your jets you two… None of us are looking for trouble…
Amira: ………
Kaisar: Miss Amira! Flee this place! If they get ahold of you…
Amira: No-one is laying a finger on me. I'm going to meet my mother.
Kaisar: Your mother?
Amira: I'm going to Helheim. I'm going to Helheim to meet my mother.
Amira: Don't even think about trying to stop me!
Amira: Imperial soldiers…? Or knights?
S'pose it doesn't really matter which group I dispatch first.
Kaisar: Miss Amira… What I spoke to you of earlier…
Vyrn: This Amira dude really sticks to her guns, I'll give her that.
Lyria: But I think we all understand that feeling of just wanting to see your mother…
Kaisar: To want to see your mother, the one who bore you into this world, is indeed an entirely noble sentiment…
Kaisar: No-one would endure anyone blocking their path on that journey!
Amira: …?
Kaisar: Miss Amira! Just now I made a harsh demand of you, knowing nothing of your circumstances…
Kaisar: Now, permit me to make ammends for this imposition, by reinforcing your blades with my own!
Amira: Not really sure what you're talking about, but…
OK, whatever dude.
Insubordinate Knight: So after all that, you're joining forces with these low-lifes. Some knight you are!
Kaisar: What is your point? Anyone would understand the desire to be reunited with their mother!
Kaisar: To get close to and protect a yearning as pure as that is precisely what a knight should do!
Kaisar: En garde! Steel yourselves, for your opponent is I, Kaisar Lidfarde!
Lyria: Wow! I guess this is our fight too, right (Captain)!

His Chivalry: Scene 4

Fighting alongside Kaisar, (Captain) and the crew take care of the Imperial Soldiers and the traitorous knight. As Amira and the crew are about to leave the town, Kaisar offers them some kind words. Afterwards, one of the loyal knights raises doubts about letting Amira and the "Key of the Gods" slip away, but Kaisar maintains they did the honorable thing. He would always see the cheerful faces of his friends whenever he raised his eyes to the sky.

Fighting alongside Kaisar, the crew manage to capture the Imperial Soldiers and the traitorous knight.
Entrusting their opponents to the remaining loyal knights, the crew get on with their preparations to leave the town.
Vyrn: Thanks for that, Kaisar! You were a real boon to us back there!
Lyria: Yes! You're so tough Kaisar!
Kaisar: Haha…
It was the least I could do.
Kaisar: Miss Amira, the sooner you find your mother, the better.
Amira: Yes… thank you.
With a few brief words of parting, (Captain) and the crew leave the town.
One of the remaining knights whispers in Kaisar's ear.
Knight: (Pssst… What will happen now that we've let the Key of the Gods slip through our fingers? We could be dismissed from our order.)
Kaisar: Mmmm… you could be right. But I would rather be able to face my departed mother and father with pride.
Kaisar: Well, if I do lose my job again, then once more I shall don the guise of a bounty hunter…
Kaisar: Not so very different from those skyfarers after all…
Come hell or high water, blue skies shall always remind the proud knight of the faces of his newfound friends.