Scenario:Amira - Searching for Mother

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Searching for Mother

While walking through town for info on a route to Helheim, Amira gets separated from the crew in a crowd. She then comes across a lost little girl who is also searching for her mother. The pair of them get hungry and enter an eating competition.

It's been quite some time since Amira joined the crew to continue searching for her mother in Helheim.
But now they're heading toward a certain city to investigate rumors of a bounty hunter who knows a shortcut to that fabled place.
Lyria: Wow, there are so many people here.
Vyrn: Yep. Let's try not to get separated.
Lyria: Right. It would be terrible to get lost in crowds like this.
Lyria: So, Amira...
Lyria: Huh! Amira's gone!
Vyrn: What! Well, speak of the devil!
Lyria: We have to hurry and find her!
(Captain) and the others head into the masses to begin their search for Amira.
Amira: Where did (Captain) go?
Amira looks all around for the crew and its captain.
But no matter where she turns, she sees neither hide nor hair of anyone she recognizes.
Amira: I must get back to (Captain) and the others.
Little Girl: Sob... Sniff... Mommy. Mommy, where are you?
Amira: Mommy?
A plaintive cry rings out, drawing Amira's attention to its owner, a distressed girl walking through the street alone.
Amira: Hey, you. Are you searching for your mother too?
Little Girl: Yeah... I am...
Amira: Is that so. We're the same.
Little Girl: You're looking for your mommy too?
Amira: Yeah. That's right.
Hey, do you know of Helheim?
Little Girl: No. What's that?
Amira: It's the place where my mother is waiting for me. I want to go there to meet her.
Amira: So if you know of a way to get there, tell me.
Little Girl: Sorry, I don't know.
Amira: I see...
Amira: I'm hungry... I need meat...
Seeing that her chat with the little girl can go no further, Amira turns to walk away.
Little Girl: H-hey! Wait, miss!
The little girl clings desperately to Amira.
Amira: What?
Little Girl: Um...
Amira: Don't tell me. You're hungry too?
Little Girl: Yeah...
Amira: Then... Want to come with me?
Little Girl: Yes, I do!
Amira: Fine. Let's go.
The pair heads off down the street.
They circle the city, looking for (Captain) and the others, but to no avail.
Amira: Where did they go?
Eventually they walk past a store with a rather alluring smell.
As soon as Amira and the young girl get a whiff, their stomachs growl in unison.
Amira: That smells so good... And I'm so hungry...
Little Girl: Yeah...
Restaurateur: Got what it takes? Step right up! Come take on our hefty eater throw down!
Restaurateur: What do you say? Finish everything and it's on the house—and what's more, there's even prize money attached!
Restaurateur: But if you can't finish it, you'll have to cough up extra!
Restaurateur: Hah-hah-hah! Does anyone have what it takes? Just talk to me to enter!
Amira: Free food!
Amira: I want to join!
Restaurateur: A young lady? Sure, but uh, you have money on you, right?
Amira: I do!
Restaurateur: Heh-heh-heh. Good to hear, good to hear. Right this way, please.
With their tummies rumbling like thunder, Amira and the young girl enter the restaurant.

Searching for Mother: Scene 2

Amira and the girl conquer the eating competition and then reunite with the crew. (Captain) decides that they should help the little girl find her mother. But the proprietor of the restaurant from earlier shows up and demands that Amira return the prize money she won fair and square.

Restaurateur: I'll explain this one last time just so we're clear. If you can finish everything, you'll get prize money equal to the amount of food you eat.
Restaurateur: But if you don't, then you'll have to pay double.
Amira: I understand.
Little Girl: I don't think I can eat that much.
Restaurateur: Since you're still little, you can participate with your older sister.
Little Girl: Okay.
Restaurateur: Now then, let's bring out the food!
Soon piles of food, much more than any regular person could handle, are stacked in front of Amira and the little girl.
Little Girl: It's a mountain of food.
Little Girl: Can you really eat all of this?
Amira: I can. I'm that hungry.
Restaurateur: You sure are confident. Well, go ahead. Get started!
Amira: Thank you.
Amira: More!
Amira: More!
Amira: More!
Little Girl: You're amazing...
Spectator 1: That girl's going wild.
Spectator 2: Aye. Wonder where she's putting it all.
Amira continues eating in silence.
Before long a crowd forms around her. These spectators watch her in half-shocked fascination.
Amira: Munch, munch... Gulp.
Amira: Delicious. That hit the spot.
Restaurateur: How...
Amira: I've eaten everything! Do I get my money now?
Restaurateur: A-aye... Here. This is the money.
With a trembling hand and a face gone pale, the shopkeeper hands Amira her prize money.
Amira: Thanks.
Young Man: Um... Boss, if you really give away that much money...
Restaurateur: Shh. Not in front of the customers!
Restaurateur: Damn it!
Restaurateur: I'll do whatever it takes—whatever I have to—to get that money back!
Amira: I'm stuffed. I better find (Captain) and the others.
Lyria: Ah, Amira! We finally found you!
Amira: Lyria?
Amira turns on her heel to see Lyria, (Captain), and Vyrn approaching her.
Lyria: We were so worried about you. You were suddenly gone and—
Lyria: Hey, who's this girl?
Amira: We met in town. She said she's looking for her mother.
Amira: I asked her if she wanted to come with me. She said she would, and so now we're searching together.
Lyria: Eh, um, so you mean you just picked up a lost child?
Amira: Yeah. Maybe.
Vyrn: Hey now...
Lyria: Uh-oh... Um... What do we do, (Captain)?
  1. Let's search for her mom.
  2. What do you want to do, Amira?

Choose: Let's search for her mom.
Lyria: You're right! Let's help!
Vyrn: Yep, you're right. We can't just leave her alone.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: What do you want to do, Amira?
Amira: Me? I want her to find her mother.
Amira: Because I understand how lonely it is to be away from your mother...
Lyria: Hehe. Then that settles it.
Vyrn: Yep! We're gonna find your mom in no time flat!
(Captain) enthusiastically nods in agreement.
Continue 1
Little Girl: Are you sure?
Lyria: Of course!
Little Girl: Thank you, everybody!
The little girl beams with satisfaction.
(Captain) and the crew walk through the city, looking for any sign of the girl's mother.
Lyria: Hmm... We can't seem to find her.
Amira: Munch, munch...
Vyrn: Hey now! This is no time to be snackin'!
Amira: What? I got hungry, so I went to that shop over there.
Lyria: Amira... Do you even carry money?
Vyrn: Don't tell me...
Amira: Yes. I have money.
Amira opens up her bag, revealing a large amount of rupies.
Vyrn: Where'd you get that much money?
Amira: I got it from eating.
Vyrn: Huh... You lost me...
Little Girl: Um, well what happened was...
The little girl explains the restaurant's promotion to (Captain) and the others.
Lyria: I see. So that's what happened.
Vyrn: And you mean to tell me you're hungry now? After doin' nothin' but eat all day?
Amira: Yeah.
Amira reaches into her shopping bag, pulls out a fresh piece of bread, and bites into it.
Little Girl: I'm hungry too.
Amira: Munch, munch...
Amira: Right. Here.
Amira pulls out another piece of bread and hands it to the girl.
Little Girl: Thank you.
Amira: Munch, munch... Make sure you chew well before you swallow.
Little Girl: I know!
Vyrn: Whoa... Amira makes a pretty good big sister.
Amira: Munch, munch... Big sister?
Vyrn: Yeah, you always—
Restaurateur: Hello there. Mind if I have a word?
Amira turns to face the voice and sees the man who was promoting the eating competition from before.
Amira: Munch, munch... Mrfrmfr...
Vyrn: No idea what you just said. How about you finish what's in your mouth first?
Amira: Munch, munch.
Vyrn: Gah, there you go taking another giant bite!
Amira: ...?
Restaurateur: Eh, um, excuse me. I just wanted to have a little chat.
Amira: ...?
Restaurateur: That money you won from our store. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving it back?
Amira: Munch, munch.
Restaurateur: Sigh... We want to end things peacefully. So I suggest you listen to my request.
The man snaps his fingers. A surly gang of men appear from the shadows and surround (Captain) and the crew.
Vyrn: What's the big idea?
Restaurateur: Hehehe... I don't suppose you'll return the money now?
Amira: I used some of it already. And besides, if I don't have money, how am I supposed to eat?
Restaurateur: I guess this is how it has to be. We'll have to take it back by force.
The men begin closing in on the crew.
Little Girl: Eek!
Amira: Munch, munch.
It's all right. They don't stand a chance.
Amira holds her bread in her mouth, winds her body around, and launches a powerful kick.
Young Man: Guh!
Amira: Munch, munch...
Vyrn: Hey! Finish eating after we take 'em out! More are comin'!
Amira: Munch!

Searching for Mother: Scene 3

With the proprietor's hired muscle dealt with, the little girl's mother comes running over—only to be snatched away by the restaurant owner before the mother and daughter can reunite. Amira rushes in to the rescue and sends the proprietor packing.

Restaurateur: Damn it... What in the skies are you people?
(Captain) and the crew stand victorious against the restaurateur's thugs.
But during the commotion, a crowd has apparently formed around them.
???: ...!
From the spectators, a single woman emerges and dashes toward the crew.
Little Girl: M-Mommy!
Lyria: So that's your mother!
In one swift motion the restaurateur stands up, grabs the woman, and brings a dagger to her throat.
Little Girl's Mom: Ah!
Restaurateur: Hehehe. Don't struggle now.
Restaurateur: If you want this woman to live, give me back my money.
Restaurateur: No, give me all the money you've got.
Amira: Munch, munch... I won't let you...
Amira: Harm someone's mother!
Clasping her bread between her teeth, Amira makes a lightning quick movement to knock the restaurateur away from the woman.
Then, twisting her momentum, she launches a powerful kick in his direction.
Restaurateur: Guh!
Amira: Munch, munch... That should do it.
Vyrn: Yeah, but when do you ever stop eating?
Amira: This bread's too big. It takes more than a couple of bites to finish.
Lyria: Haha... Amira, you're so funny.
Little Girl's Mom: Thank you for saving me.
Little Girl: Thank you, guys!
Lyria: We were happy to help. I'm just glad you were able to find your mother.
Little Girl: Yeah!
Little Girl: I hope you get to find your mommy too!
Amira: Not hope. I will find her. Definitely!
Little Girl: Good luck!
The little girl smiles at Amira before leaving hand in hand with her mother.
Amira: I can't wait to see my mother...
Lyria: Don't worry! We'll help you until you can see her again, Amira!
Vyrn: Yep! That's a promise!
Amira: I'm holding you to it, (Captain)!
As Amira looks at the crew, her heart begins to swell with confidence. She grins, content to be surrounded by friends.