Scenario:Amira - The Bounty Hunter

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The Bounty Hunter

The crew continue to search for any information on Helheim, a place where Amira hopes to find her mother, however they are have little luck. That is, until a tavern owner tells them of a rich young man who had been in his establishment just the night before. He tells them that the man might be at a ruined church outside of town, and so the crew make their way there.

Amira: Hey, do you know where Helheim is?
Tavern Owner: Hel…heim? I'm sorry, I've never heard of it.
Amira: Oh…
(Captain) and the crew had joined Amira in her hunt for information on Helheim, which had led them to a nearby town.
It seems that no one had even heard of "Helheim," much less have any clue about where it might be.
Vyrn: Hmm… I guess if no one in this town has even heard of Helheim, then it can't be anywhere around here.
Lyria: Don't give up! I'm sure someone in the next town will have?
Tavern Owner: Wait a sec… Helheim, I think it does ring a bell. Yes, someone was in here yesterday talking about it.
Amira: Really? Tell me more!
Tavern Owner: Yesterday, there was a young man who was throwing cash around like it was seed in a field.
Tavern Owner: He had mentioned that he'd been to Helheim, or something like that.
Tavern Owner: He might well have simply been rich and eccentric however...
Amira: Where is this man now? Tell me!
Tavern Owner: I'm not sure. He left sometime last night for his hotel.
Amira: Humph! So where's this hotel then!
Tavern Owner: W-well, there are a lot of hotels around here…
Amira: Argh…
Tavern Owner: All I can tell you is that he's here because the mayor hired him to deal with our monster problem.
Tavern Owner: You see, a huge monster seems to have moved into the ruined church outside of town.
Tavern Owner: So, there's a chance he'll be there today dealing with it.
Amira: A ruined church… (Captain)! We have to go and find this place right now!

The Bounty Hunter: Scene 2

The crew find the ruined church that the mysterious man is supposed to be clearing. Once there, Amira senses that someone is watching them. As they are discussing who it might be, a monster appears from nowhere. Who could be watching the crew? And for what reason?

The crew arrived at the ruined church where they had been told a powerful monster had taken up residence.
However, the young man they had been told about was nowhere to be found.
Lyria: I wonder if the man is still on his way?
Vyrn: Either that, or he's dealt with the monster in the church and has already left.
Vyrn: If that's the case, he must be quite the warrior.
Amira: Shush…
Vyrn: What? Why are you shushing me?
Amira: I thought… I think someone's watching us.
Lyria: Do you think it could be… the man we're looking for?
Amira: I can't say. But there's definitely someone else here.
Vyrn: Why would they hide? They must know that we've found them out by now. They should just?
Vyrn: Wah! What's that! Amira! I don't suppose this is what you sensed?
Amira: No, it wasn't a monster I was feeling…
Amira: There's still someone watching us. Why won't they come out?
Lyria: Amira…
Vyrn: Well, whether somebody's there or not, we need to deal with this monster first. Come on, (Captain), let's do this!

The Bounty Hunter: Scene 3

(Captain) and crew are having trouble defeating the monster from the church. Amira however can think of nothing but finding the man who supposedly knows about the location of Helheim. Just as things seem to be taking a turn for the worse, a mysterious figure appears and fills the ruins with smoke, giving the crew a chance to take down the monster.

Monster: Grrrrrrr…
(Captain) and crew faced off against the monster, but were unable to defeat it.
Vyrn: Man, this thing is tougher than it looks!
The situation wasn't helped by the fact that Amira was ignoring the monster, and just calling out into the church.
Amira: Come on! I know you know about Helheim! Why won't you come out and we can talk!
Lyria: A-Amira… Just calm down.
Amira: But I’m so close! Sooo close to finding Helheim…
Amira: So close to finding my mother! I can't stop now! I won't stop now!
Amira: Where are you! Come on out moneybags!
Vyrn: I think you're more likely to scare him off than get him to come out, going on like that.
Lyria: Amira, look out!
Amira: Huh!
The monster lunged viciously, but missed its mark.
Then, from out of nowhere, came the noise of somebody tutting, and the ruins filled with smoke.
Amira: Are you helping us?
Vyrn: I don't know what's happening, but this our chance!
Vyrn: Amira, let's take out this monster, then we can look for the man, OK?
Amira: …OK.
Amira: Nothing and no one is going to get in my way!

The Bounty Hunter: Scene 4

The crew hurry to the mayor to collect the bounty for the monster they had just defeated. Once there, the mayor reveals that the man they were looking for has already collected the reward. The crew are no closer to finding him or the location of Helheim. Amira tries to visualize this man who has been to Helheim as the crew continue on their quest to find her mother.

Monster: Grrrrrrr…
The crew had successfully dealt with the monster in the church ruins.
However, the man they were looking for never showed himself, and even the presence Amira had felt had disappeared.
Vyrn: The monster didn't eat him, did it?
Amira: I don't think so. The presence I felt was too strong to be taken out so easily.
Lyria: Aha! I have an idea, we should go to the mayor!
Lyria: He might tell us more about this man he hired!
Amira: You think? Then what're we waiting for? Let's go!
Vyrn: And while we're there, we can pick up the bounty for this monster!
Vyrn: After all, we were the ones who finished the job, we deserve the reward!
The crew headed back to the town, and found the mayor. However…
Town Mayor: What? You're saying that you took down the monster in the church?
Vyrn: That's right! And it wasn't easy, let me tell you!
Town Mayor: Really… Well this does put me in a bit of a bind...
Town Mayor: You see, the man that I hired for the job has just been here tell me he had done it.
Amira: He was here? Where did he go! Tell me!
Town Mayor: Well, he didn't say much, just that he'd got the monster.
Town Mayor: After I gave him the bounty he left without saying a word.
Amira: What!
Amira dashed out to the front of the mayor's house, but there was nobody there.
Town Mayor: I'm sorry if he's taken credit for your work…
Town Mayor: But he seemed to know so much about what had happened. He even asked for me to pay for his smoke bomb.
Town Mayor: So it really seemed as though it was him who had taken out the monster.
Lyria: So that smoke was the doing of man we were looking for…
Amira: The smoke was… the man?
Vyrn: Heheh, so it seems this man that we're looking for is no ordinary guy.
(Captain) wondered who this man was who could hide themselves so well.
Amira looked off into the distance as she tried to imagine the kind of man who could disappear in a puff of smoke.