Scenario:Amira - The Raging Storm

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The Raging Storm

After Amira joins (Captain) and the crew, they hear about a man who knows a shortcut to Helheim. They track him to a town of outlaws and go to visit the town boss, but the way is blocked by a gatekeeper.

After Amira joins the crew, they hear about a man who apparently knows a shortcut to Helheim.
They eventually trace him to a certain island.
The town they follow him to, however, is full of outlaws.
Outlaw 1: ...
Outlaw 2: ...
Outlaw 3: ...
Vyrn: Guys... Whatever you do, don't get separated from the group. I got a bad feeling about this place.
Lyria: Nnn... Everyone's giving us really scary stares.
Katalina: It's okay, Lyria. (Captain) and I are right by your side.
Rackam: Say, Amira. Where is this guy who supposedly knows the shortcut to Helheim?
Amira: Over there.
Amira points to one of the largest buildings in the city. Rackam is left speechless at the sight of it.
The people living there are clearly not the sort to get involved with, but Amira heads for the manor gates before anyone can say a word.
As she approaches the building, more and more outlaws start to surround her.
Outlaw 1: ...
Outlaw 2: ...
Rackam: Wait! Don't just wander off alone like that!
Amira: Hurry up. You're all so slow.
Rackam: Hey, do you even know what this city is about? Whoever's living in there is bad news—no doubt about it.
Katalina: Yes, from what I've heard, he seems to have quite a bit of infamy. It seems he's the boss of this outlaw infested town. I doubt it'll be easy to meet him in person.
Katalina: And we'd be better off not stirring up any trouble. We wouldn't gain anything from it.
Amira: What do you mean? I heard the top boss in this city knows the shortcut to Helheim.
Amira: And the top dog will be in the biggest house, right? So let's go already.
Vyrn: Hmm... I don't think there's any use in trying to stop her.
Lyria: Hmm... I guess we could go see what the place looks like up close and then decide what to do.
Lyria: It seems better than standing here doing nothing. We should start with the hints we have.
Katalina: I suppose you have a point.
Katalina: Just make sure to be very careful. I wouldn't be surprised if they suddenly came out and attacked us.
Rackam: Sigh... Why can't anything ever be easy?
Surrounded by the glaring outlaws, (Captain) and company arrive at the manor gates. A gatekeeper stands in their way.
Gatekeeper: ...
Amira: Hey. Are you the old man who knows the shortcut to Helheim?
Gatekeeper: What was that? Who you callin' an old man, pinkie?
Amira: Do you know about Helheim or not?
Gatekeeper: Quit your squawkin'! Got no clue what you're talkin' about! Now get lost while your face is still intact!
Amira: Let me through. I need to talk to your boss inside.
Gatekeeper: What? Keep on squawkin' and see who gets a busted wing, little birdie!
Rackam: Oh well, I should've known this would happen.
Katalina: Can't help it now. Let's do this!

The Raging Storm: Scene 2

(Captain) and company defeat the gatekeeper and head inside to confront the boss. Amira tries to force the boss to tell her about the bounty hunter who knows a shortcut to Helheim, but the boss responds by summoning a powerful monster.

(Captain) and company defeat the gatekeeper and enter the manor. Many men who heard the commotion have gathered to block them.
Katalina: Well, how do you suppose we take care of this?
Amira: Get out of my way! I just want to meet with your boss!
???: Oh? You mean me?
The horde of outlaws parts to reveal a large Draph man.
Sure enough, those around him call him boss, clearly identifying him as the lord of the manor and most powerful man in town.
Amira: So you run this town?
Boss: You've got guts messing around with my guys. I should waste you right here and now to make an example.
Katalina: ...!
Rackam: ...!
Boss: Oho! Looks like that might be easier said than done. Who are you guys?
  1. Just a group of skyfarers.
  2. Like we'd ever tell you.

Choose: Just a group of skyfarers.
Boss: Oh? And what a bundle of skyfarers want from me?
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Like we'd ever tell you.
Boss: What? Do you have any idea who you're talking to, you little maggot?
Boss: Heh. Just kidding. You've got guts. I like guts.
Continue 1
Katalina: I'm sorry. We didn't mean to cause any trouble.
Katalina: It's just that this girl wants to ask you a few things. Could you spare her a bit of your time?
Boss: Sure, I'll listen. But that's all.
Amira: Tell me the shortcut to Helheim. You know it, right? If you do, I need you to tell me.
Amira: My mother... I need to go see her!
Boss: Huh? Helheim? Ah, Helheim...
Amira: So you know?
Boss: Sure do. Quite well.
Amira: Really? So is there a shortcut?
Boss: Could be, but I can't just tell you for free, if you catch my drift.
Amira: Free? So you want money? But I thought you had more than enough of that.
Boss: Not money. Why don't you start by giving me that necklace? We'll make a little trade.
Boss: Heh-heh... And then I'll tell you all about it—in bed. Hee-hee!
The man grabs Amira's necklace with one hand and reaches out to caress her face with the other.
Amira: ...!
Don't you dare touch this!
Boss: Whoooa!
Amira grabs the man by his collar and lifts him like he weighs nothing. No one can believe their eyes.
Boss: Ugh... You've made your point! Let me go!
Vyrn: Hey! That's enough! Put him down!
Lyria: Please stay calm! Amira!
Amira lets go of the man, who falls to his knees, coughing. She closes in on him.
Amira: Tell me now!
Boss: Ugh... H-Helheim, right?
Boss: That bounty hunter... He was talking about some shortcut or something. I just overheard it.
Boss: It was at the town tavern. I don't know any of the details.
Amira: A bounty hunter? So you don't know? Then where's the bounty hunter?
Boss: Heh-heh... Save your breath.
Amira: Huh? Why?
Boss: Because you guys aren't walkin' out of here alive!
Boss: You honestly thought you could come into my home and disrespect me? I'll bury every last one of you!
The man strikes his palm against the floor, and a multilayered magic circle twinkles into existence there.
Vyrn: Aahh! What's all this light?
Katalina: Oh no... Is that a monster-summoning circle? Everyone, watch out!
Monster: Groar!
Boss: Heh-heh... Go forth! Beat those insolent little fools to a pulp!
Lyria: Katalina! I'm sensing strong magical power from that monster!
Katalina: Argh... Who would have thought we'd get into this much trouble?
Rackam: Well, me for one.
Katalina: Nothing for it now. Amira! Feel free to unload! We'll fight our way out!
Amira: Got it!

The Raging Storm: Scene 3

(Captain) and company defeat the monster, but the boss summons some more. Amira transforms into a half-demon and trounces them, but the boss still refuses to talk, so she continues her journey with the crew in search of the bounty hunter.

Monster: Grargh...
Boss: Ugh... You're a little tougher than you look. But I've got many more cards up my sleeve!
Katalina: What? This is... There's no way!
Rackam: That coward... The last monster was bad enough, but now he's adding three more to hide behind?
Though covered in wounds, (Captain) and company dig deep for the strength to ready their weapons again, but Amira stops them and steps forward.
Amira: Relax. I've got this!
A black rift gapes open before Amira, and she wastes not a moment walking through it.
Amira: ...
Lyria: Wha?
Katalina: What is that?
Monster: Graaargh!
Amira: ...
Amira: You still want to fight?
Boss: Aahh! I don't have any magic power left! Please have mercy!
Amira: ...
Amira: Tell me where the bounty hunter is, and I'll think about it.
Boss: Eek! I really don't know! He made some dumb comment about the future and left for another island!
Amira: Okay. Thanks, old man!
Boss: Damn you! Just go already!
Amira: That little workout tired me out! Hey, can I eat the meat on that table over there?
Rackam: Sigh... Sorry, can we take that?
Boss: Sure! Take it! Take whatever you want!
The confused outlaws get out of the crew's way as they make their way back to the Grandcypher, continuing to watch for signs of trouble.
Rackam: Amira scares me sometimes with that craziness of hers.
Katalina: Yeah, and we still have no good clues. I'm starting to feel sorry for her.
Lyria: I hope we can reunite her with her mother soon.
Vyrn: Still, she might be odd, but she sure seems happy when she's eating.
Amira: This meat is so good! I should've taken more!
Katalina: Yeah... Anyway. I guess our next course of action would be to find this bounty hunter.
The crew has learned one thing as a result of the detour: there's apparently a bounty hunter who knows the shortcut to Helheim.
Amira seems simple and innocent enough, but it might be a while before the crew learns who she really is.