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A Day with Anya

Anastasia suddenly finds herself in a strange new world. When she starts to enjoy the snowy scenery, Vyrn and Lyria take notice. She tells the crew about Russian, her mother tongue, and how she hopes to one day become a pop idol and shine like a star in the night sky. (Captain) and company support her dream and accept her as one of their own. Together they hope to make lots of fun memories and great strides forward in this world.

Anastasia, who suddenly finds herself in another world, begins working alongside (Captain) and company by chance.
Anastasia: Crunchy, crunchy, squeaky snow. Crunchy, crunchy, squeaky snow.
Anastasia walks the snowy path, clearly enjoying herself.
Anastasia: Tee hee... It feels good to walk through the snow.
Vyrn: Heh heh! You've sure been in a good mood lately, Anya!
Lyria: Yeah! Did something nice happen, Anya-san?
Anastasia: Sneg... Ah, I mean snow. I have been looking forward to the snow.
Vyrn: Ah ha! Do you not get to see the snow very often, Anya?
Anastasia: Nyet... But when I see the snow, it reminds me of where I grew up.
Lyria: Oh, I see! What kind of place was your hometown, Anya-san?
Anastasia: Hm... Well, you see...
Anastasia: I grew up in two places called Russia and Hokkaido.
Anastasia: They were both cold and had beautiful, snowy scenery.
Vyrn: Really? First I've heard of 'em!
Lyria: Um, do these places you grew up in have anything to do with the interesting words you use?
Anastasia: Da... I mean, yes. These words are from a language called Russian.
Anastasia: I am half-Russian. My mom is Japanese.
Anastasia: I lived in Russia until I was 10, though, so I feel more comfortable speaking Russian.
Vyrn: Wow! You don't say!
Vyrn: Heheh! Mind teaching us some Russian words then?
Anastasia: Um... Sure.
Anastasia: The perfect word for you, Vyrn... is yashcheritsa.
Vyrn: Say what? What's yashcheritsa mean?
Anastasia: It means lizard.
Vyrn: Hey, I ain't no yashcheritsa!
Lyria: There, there, Vyrn. Let's have her teach us some other words.
Anastasia: Hm... As for you, Lyria...
Anastasia: Misticheskiy seems right.
Lyria: U-um, what does misticheskiy mean?
Anastasia: It means mystical.
Lyria: Heheh... I'm mystical?
Anastasia: Yes, very much so!
Vyrn: Wait a sec! Why do I gotta be a lizard but Lyria gets to be mystical?
Lyria: Teach us all sorts of other words too, Anya-san!
Anastasia: Konechno! Of course!
And so in the time leading up to their arrival in the village, Anastasia teaches the crew a number of Russian words.
Anastasia: Yabloko.
Vyrn: Um, what's yabloko mean?
Anastasia: Something you love.
Vyrn: Oh! So it means apple?
Anastasia: Molodets! Correct!
Vyrn: Oh, so that's how you say apple!
Lyria: Heheh... Learning new words is fun!
Lyria: Um... What's your favorite word, Anya-san?
Anastasia responds to Lyria's question by muttering a certain word with great care.
Anastasia: Zvezda...
Vyrn: What's Zvezda mean?
Anastasia: It means star.
Lyria: Wow! Do you like stars, Anya-san?
Anastasia: Da. I love them.
Anastasia: Long ago, I would often watch the stars with my dad.
Anastasia: As a pop idol, I want to shine brighter than all others, like a star in the night sky.
Anastasia: Obeshchaniye... That's why I made a promise to my producer.
  1. I'm sure you can do it, Anya.
  2. I want to see you as Anya of the Stars.

Choose: I'm sure you can do it, Anya.

Anastasia: Spasibo. Thank you... (Captain).
Anastasia: I am overjoyed to be here.
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Choose: I want to see you as Anya of the Stars.

Anastasia: Anya of the Stars... Prelestnaya, it sounds lovely, doesn't it?
Anastasia: I think it sounds cute. I like it.

Continue 1

Anastasia: Talking to everyone here gives me energy and motivation.
Vyrn: Hey, glad to hear it!
Anastasia: I want to get back to my world soon and do the best job I can working alongside my producer.
Anastasia: But... I also want to enjoy this world and make lots of fun memories with everyone.
Lyria: Okay! We'll make sure you have lots of fun here, Anya-san!
And thus the friendship between Anastasia and (Captain)'s crew steadily grows deeper.
It seems Anastasia's positive and kindly personality will allow her to have lots of fun with her friends in this astonishing new world.