Scenario:Andira - Andira's Journey to the Sky II

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Andira's Journey to the Sky II

While delighting in a mouthful of cotton candy, Andira tells (Captain) and Lyria of her ancestor Goku. When they bump into a woman under attack by a monster, they are quick to jump in to rescue her.

Some time has passed since Andira joined the crew.
They follow along the path that the great monk Tripitaka and Andira's ancestors once trod, hopeful for any clues leading to the land of Tianzhu.
Andira: Mmm! Yummy, fluffy, in my tummy!
Hanging from (Captain) by her tail, a delighted Andira tucks into the yummy treat they purchased at the cotton candy stand earlier.
Andira: Nom, nom...
Andira: Mm, I just can't get enough of this sweet, fluffy taste!
Lyria: She looks like she's in paradise the way she eats it.
Vyrn: Yep, I'm surprised she's not just gobbling it all up considering how much she loves the stuff.
Andira: I've gotta savor it! There's no telling when we'll be able to buy more cotton candy after all!
Andira and (Captain) lock eyes before she is able to take her next mouthful.
Andira: Hm? Did you want some too, (Captain)?
  1. Sure do!
  2. N-not really...

Choose: Sure do!

Andira: Oof, sorry for not noticing! Here—as an apology, I'll feed you myself!
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Choose: N-not really...

Andira: You sure about that? There's no need to hold back.
Andira: Come on, (Captain)! Join me in the Cotton Candy Lovers Club!

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Vyrn: Those two get along so well...
Lyria: Haha... I wonder if Andira's ancestors had this much fun in their travels.
Andira: Ahaha, how neat it'd be if Tripitaka and Goku were big fans of cotton candy too...
Vyrn: Huh? Goku? Who's that?
Andira: Haven't I ever brought up my great ancestor Goku?
Lyria: This might be the first time I've heard his name!
Vyrn: Come to think of it, we don't really know much about your ancestors.
Andira: Okay then, it's storytelling time!
She climbs on top of (Captain) and straightens her posture before continuing.
Andira: It all began several hundred years ago. Lady Guanyin was distressed over the state of the world during the time of the War.
Andira: Hoping to instill hope in the future of the world, she ordered the monk Tripitaka, along with Goku, Pigsy, and Sandy...
Andira: To travel to the sacred land of Tianzhu in the far west—to retrieve a very special set of holy scriptures.
Vyrn: Sounds like one heck of a journey!
Lyria: It was nice to learn a little more about your ancestors, Andira!
Andira: Hehe, really?
Andira: It's great having friends who are so interested!
The lighthearted banter resumes as they cross a bridge and enter rocky terrain.
A thick mist suddenly fills the surroundings as they encroach on the mountainous area.
Andira: Looks like a case of bad weather.
Lyria: This makes me feel uneasy.
Vyrn: Yeah, I'm getting creeped out already.
Woman: Eep!
A woman from deeper in the mist comes out screaming.
Lyria: What's wrong!
Woman: M-monster...
The glow of the monster' eyes can be seen in the direction she came from.
Vyrn: Here it comes!
Andira: No prob, we've got this. C'mon, (Captain)!

Andira's Journey to the Sky II: Scene 2

With the monster routed, the woman invites the crew to her home for dinner, during which she explains that Tripitaka's entourage previously defeated the mist-controlling demon that once terrorized this land. Having learned that a strange mist has begun to take root in the vicinity lately, the crew goes out to investigate it.

The mist clears up just as the monster is sent packing.
Lyria: Are you okay?
Woman: Y-yes... Thank you.
Vyrn: Glad to hear it!
Woman: I really appreciate you saving me just now.
Andira: Hmm...
Andira narrows her eyes at the woman, as if sizing her up.
Andira: What were you doing out here all alone?
Woman: I went to pump some water from the well behind our house to use for dinner.
Woman: But the mist was so thick that I just ended up getting lost...
Andira: Oh... That so?
(Captain)'s, Vyrn's, and Lyria's stomachs growl out in hunger.
Lyria: Ahaha... How embarrassing.
Vyrn: My tummy's rumbling...
Woman: Um... I'd be glad to have you all over for dinner if you'd like...
Lyria: Are you sure that'd be okay?
Woman: Of course! Consider it a token of my appreciation!
Vyrn: You hear that, (Captain)? No more empty stomachs!
Andira, however, has her reservations.
Andira: Well, if you guys wanna go that bad, I guess I can tag along.
Andira reluctantly follows the rest of the crew.
Girl: Welcome back, Sis! You're a little late... I was getting worried!
A little girl appears to greet the crew as they arrive at the house.
Woman: Sorry about that... I had a bit of a run-in with a monster, but these very nice people saved me.
Girl: Thank you so much for saving my sister, everyone!
Girl: It can get kind of cramped in here, but please make yourselves at home!
Lyria: Thanks for having us!
Vyrn: Time to chill!
Andira: Oookay.
Girl: Hm?
The girl expresses concern over Andira's dispirited response.
Girl: Hiya! What's your name?
Andira: ...?
It's Andira.
Girl: Andira! Let's play together!
Andira: Um, sure... What do you have in mind?
Girl: We can play house! Let's go over there!
Andira: Okay...
The girl grabs Andira's hand and takes her to a corner of the room.
Vyrn: Looks like the kid is too much for Andira to handle.
Andira: N-no she's not! This is nothing!
Lyria: You can do it, Andira!
  1. Why not give her some cotton candy?
  2. I wanna play too.

Choose: Why not give her some cotton candy?

Girl: Hm? You have cotton candy for me?
Andira: B-b-buh? No—why would you say that?
Girl: You... won't give me cotton candy?
Andira: No... Ngh... I mean... I'll make a special exception... just for you... (This is my last bit...)
Girl: Yaaay! Thank you so much, Andira!
Andira: (Rgh... Andira, you dumb chimpanzee! You were supposed to save this for you and (Captain) later!)
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Choose: I wanna play too.

Girl: Sure! Let's see... I'll be the daughter, and you two can be my mom and dad!
Andira: Okay. I'm fine with either role. How about you, (Captain)? Have a preference?

Continue 1

After a brief game of house, a fragrant aroma wafts into the room.
(Captain) and company sit around the dining table.
Woman: Dig in, everyone.
All Four: Yum!
Even as everyone else chows down on the delicious morsels, Andira still hasn't touched her fork.
Woman: You're not going to eat, Andira?
Andira: Nope. I'm just not hungry right now.
Woman: I'll leave some for you in case you get hungry later.
Andira: Thank you.
Andira: You two live alone in such a large house...
Woman: W-well... Our parents live here too.
Andira: Where are they right now?
Woman: ...
They're working far away from home.
Woman: Um... Can I ask a question too?
Andira: Sure.
Woman: Was that a special type of magic you used when fighting the monsters earlier?
Andira: That's right... You know about it?
Woman: Yes, it greatly resembled the many feats that the legendary Goku is known for.
Andira: Hm? You know about Goku?
Woman: Indeed. Tripitaka and his companions visited this village a long time ago actually.
Andira: No way! Tell me more! What were they like?
Woman: Well, I was just thinking that the way you and (Captain) interact is so similar to what I've heard of Tripitaka and Goku's relationship.
Andira: Wow! Hearing that just puts me on cloud nine!
Andira: Hey, what else can you tell me about them?
Woman: Plenty more.
The woman begins to describe a crisis that befell the village long ago.
Woman: A great demon used the power of mist to control monsters and terrorize this entire region.
Woman: It was Tripitaka and his companions who came and rescued our village from its plight.
Andira: The power of mist?
The crew members raise their eyebrows at hearing of mist.
Sensing their concern, the woman continues.
Woman: Regarding that, a very similar mist has been covering the town lately, making the monsters much more savage than they usually are.
Lyria: So that's what happened...
Woman: I hope it's not some sort of omen...
A hint of resolve is readily visible in Andira's expression.
Andira: We'd be glad to look into it.
Andira: Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) offers a resolute nod.
Woman: But I couldn't possibly bother you all with—
Vyrn: You saw how we kicked monster butt back there, right? Clearing up some nasty mist is all in a day's work for skyfarers like us!
Lyria: Consider it our way of repaying you for such a delicious dinner!
Woman: Thank you so much, everyone...
Girl: Good luck, Andira!
Andira: We've got this!
And thus the crew begin their investigation of the mysterious mist.

Andira's Journey to the Sky II: Scene 3

On the following day, the crew visits the mansion of Hakuya, feudal lord of the region. Together with her expedition squad, they enter a mountain cave from which mist is leaking. Deep inside they find a shrine that attracts monsters.

The woman guides the crew to the estate of Hakuya, feudal lord of the region.
Hakuya: My goodness... You all must be the living reincarnations of Tripitaka and friends!
Andira: Nah, I wouldn't go that far.
Hakuya: No need for modesty! Rumor has it that you can use the same magic that Goku could!
Andira: Heh... I mean, I suppose you could say that.
Vyrn: (For someone she's just met, Andira sure is being a lot nicer than usual.)
Lyria: (She must be really happy about that Goku compliment.)
Hakuya: So I take it you'll be looking into this misty problem of ours?
Andira: That's right. Do you happen to have any leads for us?
Hakuya: Not yet, but I'll do everything I can to assist with the investigation.
Hakuya: We can set out as soon as I gather my expedition squad.
All Three: Sounds good!
The crew and expedition squad depart from the mansion.
In their investigation, they come across a cave at the summit of a mountain.
Soldier: There was never a cave here before...
Hakuya: A massive landfall must've cleared the path recently.
Andira: Hm... There's mist from inside the cave.
Vyrn: Guess we'd better check inside!
Lyria: Mm-hm! Let's head in!
They enter the mysterious cave and find a small shrine deep inside.
Lyria: Look at all those monsters around the shrine!
Monster: Groaaarrr...
Vyrn: Uh-oh, they're looking our way!
Andira: Not a problem! Me and (Captain) can drive 'em away easy enough!
Without further hesitation, the crew engages the monsters in battle.

Andira's Journey to the Sky II: Scene 4

The barrier surrounding the shrine reacts to Andira's power. She responds by striking it with her staff, unleashing a raging wind that destroys the shrine. The crew rejoices at the disappearing mist, unaware that they have triggered something far more sinister.

With the monsters bested, the crew approaches the shrine to get a better look.
However, a barrier wards off anyone who attempts to get close.
Andira: Why would there be a barrier here...
Hakuya: Local folklore speaks of a shrine that a great demon used to attract monsters.
Vyrn: Yeah, you can definitely see mist leaking from the shrine.
Lyria: I wish we could take a closer look, but we can't even get near it.
Hakuya: If only there were something we could do about the shrine...
Andira: Hm...
Andira appears particularly suspicious about the situation.
Andira: Hakuya... Is there anyone who's more familiar with the folklore?
Hakuya: Well, I suppose I would be the most knowledgeable. Why do you ask?
Andira: No reason, really... I was just hoping to get as much information as I could in advance.
Andira: Guess I'll just have to go ahead with this... That's if you don't mind, Hakuya.
Hakuya: Not at all! Please do what you must!
Hakuya and the crew tiptoe around the shrine, seeing if there's anything they can do.
Vyrn: Nope, can't get any closer...
Lyria: Same here...
Andira: Me too... Wait—gimme a sec!
As Andira musters some of her magical energy, the barrier reacts faintly.
Andira: Hm? I think it just responded.
Mist begins to spew forth from the shrine.
Hakuya: Not good! More monsters are gonna come pouring in at this rate!
Lyria: What do we do, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Andira! It's dangerous—get back here!
Andira: Screw it... I'm going all out!
Andira: Absolute freedom in endless skies!
Andira: Go, Nyoi Bo!
Andira exerts every last ounce of strength to strike the shrine with her magical pole.
In the next instant, a raging wind engulfs the surroundings as if a massive burst of energy had just been released.
Andira: Aaagh!
The force of the gale sends her flying, but thankfully (Captain) is there to cushion the landing.
Andira: Th-thank you, (Captain).
Vyrn: That was one crazy explosion...
Lyria: Everyone okay?
Hakuya: Haha, would you look at that! The shrine is gone!
Vyrn: Guess that means we can say goodbye to the monsters too!
Lyria: That was really impressive, Andira!
Andira: Hahaha... I'm just glad it worked.
(Captain) and company share in the delight of a wrecked monster-attracting shrine.
With no trace of the mist remaining, a calm serenity fills the surroundings.
No one in the crew could imagine that the shrine's destruction would actually worsen matters for them.