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Andira Gets Dozy

(Captain) has plans to go shopping with Andira, but Andira oversleeps and makes (Captain) mad. That night Andira explains that she has been staying up late working on a scarf for (Captain), prompting (Captain) to apologize, and the two soon make up.

During their adventures, (Captain) and company met Andira, Queen of Monkeys and Guardian of the West-Southwest.
A while has passed since she joined their crew.
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During their adventures, (Captain) and company met Andira, Queen of Monkeys and Guardian of the West-Southwest.
People come to the monkey temple to pray for health, peace, and prosperity every year.
However, the temple was actually built after the War to watch over the border between the Sky Realm and the Astral Realm.
The twelve cardinal points are governed by the Twelve Divine Generals, who take turns acting as the year spirit.
This year is the year of the Monkey Temple in the West-Southwest, so Andira has been chosen as the year spirit.
Andira: I know this is a huge favor to ask, but it's something I've wanted to do my entire life.
Andira: Would it be okay if I joined you on your journey, (Captain)?
And so a strange confluence of circumstances led Andira to join the crew as they continue their journey across the sky.
A while has passed since then.
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One day near the end of the year, (Captain) and the others have plans with Andira to do some New Year's shopping.
But when it comes time to meet, Andira is nowhere in sight. The rest of the crew begins to worry and goes to her room to check on her.
Vyrn: What's goin' on? (Captain) told her we're goin' on that shopping trip today, right?
Lyria: Yeah... But Andira's been staying up late, so she's probably still asleep.
Vyrn: Ugh... Again? Hey! We're comin' in!
The crew opens the door to find Andira sleeping soundly in her bed.
Andira: Hehe... More grapes? You're too kind...
Lyria: Huh? Andira's in full-on sleep mode!
Andira: But Lyria, I couldn't possibly eat another bite... Tee hee hee...
Lyria: Hehe! Andira's so adorable when she's asleep!
Vyrn: I can't believe this! Andira, wake up already! Help me out here, Lyria!
Andira: Hehe... The sky's filled with cotton candy! It's like a fluffy sugar paradise!
With no sign of Andira waking up, (Captain) starts to lose patience and decides to take more drastic measures.
  1. Tickle her.
  2. Pinch her.

Choose: Tickle her.
Andira: Mm... Mmm... Ah... Haha... C-cut it out!
Andira: Huh? I said cut it out, you naughty cloud!
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Choose: Pinch her.
Andira: Ah... Ow! Ow?
Andira: Was that a bug? A bee? It stung me! Something just stung me!
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(Captain)'s monkey trick wakes Andira up in a panic.
Andira: Huh? (Captain)! And Vyrn... and Lyria.
Andira: I'm sorry. I'll get ready right away!
Andira lies in bed for a moment longer, but then she notices (Captain)'s face reddening with annoyance.
Andira: You don't need to get so mad, Captain! You're such a grump!
Andira: Fine! I'm gonna get ready! Now get out of my room!
Despite the brief kerfuffle, Andira hurries and gets ready to leave. The crew then heads into town to go shopping.
Amid the hustle and bustle of the town, the crew manages to buy everything they need for their New Year's festivities.
Andira: Mmm.
Andira: Humph.
Lyria: Umm... Andira, are you still mad?
Andira: Hmm? Why would I be mad, Lyria? I'm not mad.
Lyria: Okay...
(She's still pretty mad. I better be as nice as I can.)
Andira: Anyway. Why don't you go ahead and put your bags on my cloud? I think it can carry a little more.
Although friendly to Lyria, Andira keeps her distance from (Captain), staying a few steps away at all times.
Vyrn: Hmm... They were always so chummy before, but all it took was one little tiff to make things tense...
Lyria: Yeah. I sure hope they make up soon.
Just then Andira spots an adorable little outfit in a nearby storefront. She rushes up to it in excitement.
Andira: Aww! This is so cute!
Andira: Gee, I sure wish I could try it on...
(Captain) glances over at Andira and sees the starry look in her eyes. But Andira soon notices the scrutiny and turns away.
Andira: Oh... But I don't really... Never mind.
Andira: If you get up close, it's not really that cute, I guess...
Andira: It's not like I really want it or anything...
But everyone can tell Andira's only feigning disinterest. Silence soon sets in, causing Andira to walk off alone and frustrated.
Lyria: Wait, Andira! You're getting too far ahead!
Vyrn: H-hey! (Captain), she's walking off by herself!
(Captain) nods in acknowledgement, but then goes back to looking at the outfit that had captured Andira's attention.
The tension between Andira and (Captain) lingers even after they return to the ship.
That night (Captain) drops by Andira's room for a visit.
Andira: Sip-sip... Num-num...
Andira: You want some too, (Captain)?
(Captain) can't help but chuckle in response.
Andira: Hmm? What are you doing over there?
(Captain) presents the sleepy-eyed Andira with the outfit she had spotted in town.
Andira: Huh? What's... this?
Andira: What? It's... it's that outfit from before! You bought it for me?
Andira: I'll go try it on right now! Just wait there!
Andira gets up and excitedly throws on the outfit.
Andira: Wow! It really is cute!
Andira: Hehehe. Thank you, (Captain)! You really are the best!
Andira: So... What do you think? How do I look?
  1. You look adorable!
  2. You look lovely.

Choose: You look adorable!
Andira: Wow, really? Yay! Yay, yay!
Andira: Hehehe... (Captain) said I look adorable!
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Choose: You look lovely.
Andira: I look lovely?
Andira: Umm... Well, I... I've never heard anyone say that about me.
Andira: That makes me so happy. I'll try extra, extra hard to look cute for you, (Captain).
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Seeing the delighted look on Andira's face, (Captain) gives her a nod and a smile.
Andira: Oh! Which reminds me...
With a bashful look on her face, Andira brings out a slightly misshapen scarf.
Andira: I... knitted this for you.
(Captain) is surprised at the sudden and thoughtful gift.
Andira: But... it didn't turn out very good. And that's why I've been staying up so late. I'm sorry!
After finally learning what had been going on, (Captain) apologizes for getting mad.
(Captain) thanks Andira again for the nice gift she made.
Andira: Yay! Now I'm really happy!
Andira: Hehehe! So I guess we're all made up, then!
Andira slides off her cloud, swinging by her tail and beaming at (Captain).
With the quarrel between them settled, Andira and (Captain) share a stronger bond than ever before.