Scenario:Andira and Mahira - Girls of a Feather

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Girls of a Feather

Andira visits the Rooster Temple to bequeath her responsibilities to Mahira, who reveals that she's built a tiny airship to make her dreams of flight a reality. Before taking over the burden of year spirit, Mahira enjoys a fun day of carefree flying with Andira.

Andira pays a visit to the Rooster Temple. Her reason for being here is to pass on the role of year spirit to Mahira, her successor.
Andira: Oh, there you are, Mahi!
Mahira: It's been a while, Andie. Grown a little taller since last time?
Andira: Hee hee... I've done quite a bit of growing on my end! What about you, Mahi?
Mahira: Mm. About a millimeter this year.
Andira: Whoa, nice! Just a little bit more to your goal!
Mahira: Just a little bit more. So what brings you here? Oh! Are you here to pass on your responsibilities?
Andira: Yeah! But first...
Andira: Infinite diversity in infinite combinations... Transform!
Andira: Quiz time! Which one's the real me?
Mahira: Another one of your monkey quizzes? You can't fool me!
Andira: Hee hee... We'll see about that!
Mahira: You haven't fooled me yet, so... Hm?
Andira: Mahi's sweating bullets! Will she be able to pull it together?
Mahira: ...
Mahira: The one on the right? Made you look! Left!
Andira: Woah!
Andira: You got me! But how could you tell?
Mahira: Tough to say. The one on the left just seemed extra Andira-ful.
Andira: Huh? Just a hunch? And after I spent all that time training too...
Mahira: It was definitely tougher than last time though! You've improved a lot during your time as year spirit!
Mahira: You deserve an extra round of applause for all your efforts this past year.
Andira: Oh, Mahi... You don't have to give me any extra applause.
Mahira: Anyway. This is the year of the West. My turn, right?
Andira: Yup! I'm rooting for you! Ready to get your head in the game?
Mahira: Hm... More or less?
Andira: Haha! A very Mahi reaction. Anila's been worried about you too, you know!
Andira: Your lack of enthusiasm isn't very reassuring.
Mahira: I guess. I'll do my job, okay? I'm not about to let everyone at the Rooster Temple down.
Andira: How's Grandma Rooster been doing? She seemed to be in high spirits when she paid me a visit!
Andira: Oh, that's right! This is like a dream come true for you, right, Mahi?
Mahira: My dream? Oh right. We talked about this before, didn't we?
Andira: You want to soar across the skies, right? I bet you'll be able to ride my cloud this time!
Mahira: Hm... I wonder. Don't you need to be part of a special bloodline for that?
Andira: It should be able to give you a freebie! Go ahead. Hop on!
Mahira: Thanks, but... I'm okay. Really.
Mahira: I've got plenty of growing ahead of me this year, Andie.
Mahira: Cock-a-doodle-dum. Wing-a-doodle-fly!
Mahira: Ba-bam.
Andira: Wow, that was amazing! You made your own personal airship?
Mahira: Yep. It's named Clucky.
Andira: Haha! Nice to meet you, Clucky!
Andira: Oh, I know! How about we go flying around a bit? Before you take over for me, I mean.
Mahira: Okay. I'm gonna leave you in the dust!
Andira: Hee hee! Not if I can help it!
The two girls soar off into the sky with smiles on their faces.
A rare privilege afforded only to the Twelve Divine Generals.
Unburdened by their usual responsibilities, Andira and Mahira enjoy a rare chance to act their age... For the time being anyway.