Scenario:Ange - A Destined Encounter

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A Destined Encounter

Ange is concerned she'll never have what it takes to become a prince. The crew hears a scream coming from a young woman whose carriage is under attack and rushes off to save her.

One day (Captain) and company go with Ange to handle a local monster problem. Naturally they take care of it in no time.
But something seems to be troubling Ange as of late. On the way back, the crew decides to ask her what's on her mind.
Ange: Hmm? What seems to be the trouble?
Vyrn: Shouldn't we be asking you that? You've been lookin' kinda down in the dumps lately.
Ange: Really? But I feel the same as always...
Lyria: If something is bothering you, we're happy to talk to you about it.
Ange: I appreciate your concern, but I'm doing fine, m'lady. Really.
Ange: (Haha. Like I could ever tell anyone...)
Ange: (They can never know that I'm worried about whether I can ever become a prince.)
Ange is filled with doubt. Over time she has grown through her adventures with (Captain).
The insight from those experiences has her second-guessing whether she has what it takes to become a prince.
Vyrn: Well, if something is wrong, just tell us. We're here for ya.
But just as Vyrn finishes his sentence, the sound of destruction fills the air.
???: Aaah!
Ange: A damsel in distress!
(Captain) and Ange start running in the direction of the scream.
As they approach, an extravagant carriage under attack by bandits comes into view. Despite the guards valiant efforts, they are soon defeated.
Bandit 1: Kehehe... Well, what do we have here? A beautiful girl, I see.
Bandit 2: Bring her down here so we can take a closer look!
???: Gasp...
Ange: Stop right there!
Bandit 1: What the? Who the hell are you?
Ange: Hah. Just a prince passing through. That's all you need to know! Let's get 'em, (Captain)!

A Destined Encounter: Scene 2

The woman introduces herself as Littany, and (Captain) and company decide to escort her back to town. When the bandits from earlier return, Littany's fiance Rola appears to save the day.

With a swift swing of their blades, Ange and the crew send the bandits running.
Bandit: Urk! We'll get you next time, you pompous punk!
Ange: Making threats as they turn tail to run? How uncouth.
Concerned that the bandits might return, the crew decides to escort the carriage to its destination.
Guard: Thanks to you, we were able to protect Lady Littany. You have our deepest gratitude.
Vyrn: No worries! Just don't let your guard down. Those guys might come back.
Littany: How dreadful...
Ange: Hah. Not to worry, m'lady. I will be here to protect you.
Ange flashes a smile at Littany.
Ange: Huh?
But the moment she lock eyes with Littany, Ange stops dead in her tracks.
Littany: What is it?
Ange: You're so... beautiful! Would you happen to be a princess, by chance?
Littany: Uh, well, you see...
With a somewhat puzzled look, Littany admits that she does come from a noble family.
Ange: Heh heh, I thought as much.
Ange: It could very well be that you are the princess I've been searching for.
Vyrn: Haha, don't worry about her. She's just a little crazy. That's all.
Ange: C-crazy? I'm not crazy! I just want to be a prince.
Littany: A prince? You wish to become a prince?
Ange: I sure do! I'm going to be the very definition of charming! The very image of dashing! Which is to say...
Ange: I, Ange, will be your prince. Forever at your side, ever at your service.
Littany: Haha. What a curious adventurer you are. I must confess, however, that I already have a prince.
Ange: W-what?
Guard: Lady Littany is to be married to her fiance in a few short days.
Ange: Married? To her fiance?
Littany: Yes! Oh, he's ever so handsome, ever so strong...
Littany: He's the one destined to be my prince. I just know he'll always be there for me.
Littany: When my family was attacked by thieves, he was there to rescue us.
Vyrn: You were attacked?
Guard: It was quite the incident. They caught the thieves, but Lady Littany's parents were... well...
Ange: That... That's terrible...
Littany: I'll be okay! I know my prince will always be there for me!
Littany: Tee hee. If you hadn't been there, he may have rushed to my aid instead.
Ange: Hah hah hah. How could I ever compare to that?
Littany: But Ange... do you really wish to become a prince?
Ange: Yes. The very image of dashing.
Littany: But, are you not a lady?
Ange: Y-yeah, but that doesn't mean I can't be a prince!
Littany: I'm afraid I don't believe it's possible. Being dashing and strong is part of the job.
Ange: No!
Littany: And, besides, if you became a prince, you'd be wasting those adorable charms of yours!
Ange: Adorable? Me? Have you seen how dashing I am?
Littany: Is that what you think? Well, I think you're quite adorable. Enough to inspire envy, if I had to say!
Ange: Ugh... I said I'm not adorable!
Ange: I even have all sorts of cool hobbies that only princes have!
Ange: I like riding horses, and I've been training so I can ride double!
Littany: Oh, so you like riding horses, do you?
Ange: Yeah.
Littany: Really?
Ange: Really.
Littany: ...
Ange: Urgh... Actually, I... I spend most of my days off baking cakes and desserts, but...
Littany: Aww, I knew it! You really are adorable!
Littany: Ange, let's get you out of those stuffy clothes and into a nice dress! I bet you'd look even better than I would!
Ange: I don't wanna wear a dress. That's girly.
Littany: Don't you worry! It'll look great on you. I promise! Come along now!
Vyrn: We should probably step in here, (Captain).
With a forced chuckle, (Captain) attempts to throw Ange a lifeline.
That moment (Captain) hears the unsettling sound of hooves outside and orders the carriage to stop.
(Captain) exits the carriage, weapon at the ready.
Vyrn: What the? There's so many of them!
Guard: But... We're so close to the border!
Bandit 2: Kehehe! It's time for some payback! Get 'em, boys!
Vyrn: Let's turn the tables on 'em, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods firmly, then rushes out to battle the incoming bandits.
Despite the crew's efforts, the bandits have sheer numbers on their side. Things are starting to look bleak.
When suddenly...
???: Scoundrels! Get away from Littany!
A man on a white horse rides gallantly onto the battlefield.
Littany: That voice... It's Rola!
The young man named Rola scours the field for Littany. When he casts his eyes upon her, he flashes a bright smile, revealing his perfect white teeth.
Rola: I'm coming to save you! Just hold on!
Rola: Unnamed warrior, I beseech you! Help me defeat these scoundrels!
Ange: Uh, okay... Let's go, (Captain)!

A Destined Encounter: Scene 3

Ange challenges Rola to a duel but suffers a humiliating defeat. She later discovers that Rola is plotting to steal Littany's wealth. Ange enlists (Captain) and company to save her before it's too late.

After combining forces, Rola and the crew are miraculously able to fend off the bandits.
Littany: Rola! You really have come to save me!
Rola: Of course! For you, my darling, I would go to the ends of the sky.
Rola: Oh, and who are all of you?
The crew introduce themselves and explain what has been happening.
Rola: Oh, I see. You've been protecting Littany this whole time? I thank you for your efforts.
Ange: No need to thank us. We were just helping a person in need. Of course that's all in a day's work for a prince.
Rola: Hmm? A prince you say?
Ange: Uh... Yeah. I'm trying to be a prince. Is there something wrong with that?
Rola: No, not really. I just think the life of a prince wouldn't suit a lovely girl like yourself.
Ange: ...
Ange: From what I've heard, it seems you're Littany's prince.
Rola: Well, yes. That's because I am her prince. Hah hah.
Ange: I see... Rola, I apologize for the abrupt request, but how about a duel?
Vyrn: A duel? Don't people die in those?
Ange: I want to fight you to determine which of us is better suited to be her prince.
Rola: Very well. If you believe me to be an acceptable opponent, then by all means.
Littany: I can't believe this! There's no reason for you to fight! Please stop!
Rola: Littany, she seems to have her reasons. I can't very well refuse her.
Rola: All right, then. Have at it, you adorable prince.
Ange: Much obliged. And I'm not adorable!
Ange draws her sword and takes a swing at Rola.
After a grueling fight, the duel ends with Rola victorious
Ange: Ack... Damnit...
Rola: Don't speak such foul words. They don't suit you. And neither does that sword.
Ange: !
Rola: Well, Littany. It seems it's time for us to go.
Littany: O-okay, but... Ange, are you going to be okay? You're hurt.
Ange: I'm fine. Sorry to worry you.
Littany: Oh... Very well, then.
Littany: Everyone, I must thank you for all your help. Please come and visit our kingdom.
Littany: You may lodge there free of charge. It's the least I can do, considering everything you've done for me.
Vyrn: Really? Wow, that'd be great!
Littany: Think nothing of it! And if you ever need anything, please visit us at our estate.
With a respectful curtsy, Littany takes her leave. Her carriage gradually disappears into the distance.
After Littany is no longer in sight, Ange heaves a defeated sigh.
Ange: What... what am I doing?
Ange: Sorry. I was only thinking of myself. And to top it all off, I couldn't even win when it mattered most.
Vyrn: Hey, don't sweat it.
Vyrn: Anyway it's getting late. Let's head into town.
Ange: Sorry. I'll catch up with you guys later. I just need some time to be alone.
Lyria: Are you okay, Ange? You want me to—
Ange: Thanks. But I just want to be alone.
(Captain) watches as Ange leaves in search of solitude.
Ange saunters aimlessly around the town, a dejected look on her face.
Ange: Sigh...
Littany: I'm afraid I don't believe it's possible. Being dashing and strong is part of the job.
Rola: Don't speak such foul words. They don't suit you. And neither does that sword.
Ange: Maybe they're right. Maybe I can never be a prince...
As she mutters woefully to herself, Ange recalls the face of the prince who once saved her life.
Ange: (Oh, my dear prince... Could I ever really be like you?)
Ange: Huh?
Ange tries to remember the words that the prince told her that day.
Ange: That prince... What did he say to me?
In mid-thought, Ange sees something move out of the corner of her eye.
As she turns, she sees the bandit from earlier going down a nearby alleyway.
Ange: Huh? What's he doing here?
Surprised but intrigued, Ange decides to follow the bandit.
There, at the end of the alley, she sees something she never would have imagined.
Rola: ...
Ange: (R-Rola?)
Ange watches as Rola hands the bandit some gold.
Doing her best to stay hidden, Ange leans in and listens to their conversation.
Bandit: Three... Four... Five... Yeah, I know what you mean. But this time was kinda rough. That crew shouldn'ta been there.
Rola: Seriously. We didn't need all that fighting.
Bandit: That girl sure is dumb, Rola. She has no idea she's being taken for all she's worth!
Rola: Haha, the dreamers are always such easy prey. This one included.
Ange: (Who are they talking about?)
As she listens, Ange learns that Rola has been working with the bandits to get his hands on Littany's wealth and status.
The bandits appear out of nowhere to capture Littany, and Rola rushes in to save her.
Repeating this sinister plot has gradually brought Rola and Littany closer together, and she now trusts him completely.
All of this stirs up rage in Ange's heart. But hearing Rola describe this as only the latest in a long line of similar plots makes her reluctant to take immediate action.
Ange: (Man, these guys are crooked. But if I tried to stop them here, they might get away.)
Ange: (I better get (Captain) to help me. We'll need to work together to find out more about Rola.)
With a plan in mind, Ange carefully sneaks away, leaving the scene without a trace.
Working together, Ange and (Captain) gather information on Rola and find out who he really is.
As it turns out, Rola is infamous for deceiving wealthy bachelorettes and their families. He creates a false identity, then after he marries into the family, he steals their money.
As if that wasn't bad enough, his previous victims and their families all lost their lives to his bandit friends.
Vyrn: That's messed up. It sounds like Rola's a total monster...
Ange: If this is true, Rola might have told the bandits to get rid of Littany's parents.
Vyrn: Yeah, maybe. And if he's made it this far, then...
Ange: (Captain)! We have to go save Littany!
With a nod, (Captain) leaves with Ange and heads toward Littany's estate.
Once there, they burst through the front door.
Ange: Littany! I've come to save you!
Rola: What's wrong with you? Charging in here like that.
Littany: Ange! Why, whatever is the matter?
Vyrn: That guy Rola is a total fiend!
Rola: What! How dare you say such a thing!
Littany: Yes! How could you tarnish Rola's name so? Even after everything you've done, I... I cannot easily forgive such vile words!
Rola: Guards! What are you waiting for? Seize these scoundrels!
Guard: Yes, sir!
Vyrn: Crud, here they come! Get ready, (Captain)!

A Destined Encounter: Scene 4

(Captain) and crew accuse Rola of attempting to steal Littany's fortune, but she refuses to believe it and runs away with Rola. Guards block the crew's pursuit, leaving Ange helpless as Littany departs.

Rola: Ugh. Pathetic guards. You're so useless!
Littany: R-Rola?
Rola: Littany, let's get out of here! This way!
Ange: Hold on, Littany!
Ange: That man is a criminal of the highest order! He's been lying to you this whole time!
Rola: Don't listen to them! Come with me, quickly!
Ange: He might be the one who murdered your parents!
Littany: ...!
Ange: He's known for tricking wealthy bachelorettes and their families. He's done it before, and he'll do it again!
Littany: That... That couldn't be...
Rola: Such wild accusations! Just what are you hoping to accomplish?
Ange: There's only one thing I want! I want to save you, Littany!
Littany: I can't believe anything you're saying! Rola, he's... He's my prince!
Ange: No! No, he's not, Littany! He's no prince at all!
Littany: Ooo...
Littany stands there, frightened and confused. Rola gently takes her quivering hand.
Rola: Trust in me, Littany.
Littany nods, and the two run off together.
Ange: Wait, Littany!
Guard: Master Rola! Leave them to us! You must get out of here!
Rola: Thank you! Let's go, Littany!
Vyrn: Crud, we'll never catch them now!
Ange: Littany, wait! I'm begging you!
Ange: Littany!
Ange's cries echo throughout the manor.
Holding Rola's hand, Littany runs out of sight. She never looks back.